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February 7, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – February 7, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and it is  February 7, 2007.


What a time it's been indeed, for me anyway, these last few days, beginning Saturday morning.  It appears as though someone didn't like the last blurb, and Yahoo pulled the .net site on Saturday morning.  The .com site, I couldn't even get it up, until you went through the whole procedure of punching in the http et cetera, which normally you don't have to do. Calls to Yahoo took me in circles, getting passed from one person to the next, and no solutions found.  Of course, the guy at Yahoo told me he could punch up the site fine there, even though I got about 100 emails from other people, proved to the contrary. 


Someone obviously put a "word in."  That's what the Masons word is. They put a "word in" to Yahoo, probably from the "seeing eye of America," because of the last blurb, which was to do with how the drugs come in, and the quantities acquired to supply all the created addicts in North America.  A period in the '90’s that they'd all rather forget, when it was exposed the CIA, using Special Forces and a whole slew of special agencies, were involved in bringing the drugs in and selling them on the streets of America, for money which they used for arms and different other nefarious black budget purposes.


The whole weekend was spent with Yahoo, right up into Monday, and it appears that both sites are working now. I had asked for mirror sites, for those who could help.  I haven't even caught up with the emails, because the computer here was bombarded with downloaders and spyware of all kinds, over the weekend.  I had to reset the computer from scratch, and what a job that is—getting rid of all these viruses and everything.  It takes a lot of disinfectant, but, “by God, that computer sparks like crazy when you use a couple of gallons of good stuff!”  Don't anybody else try it, unless you're well prepared.


However, this is what you expect when you're not "toeing the line," as the Brotherhood says, and you're saying something that still matters, and is touchy.  There is no such thing as a free society, and there's no such thing as free speech.  You'll pay for it, in one way or the other.  These are little warning signs of this total emergency management, which we're one-third of the way into, worldwide.  An event triggered it, even though Brzezinski and others had planned it and written about it, in their own books, their necessity of taking over certain countries.  They wrote about that back in the '90’s. The "New American Century" club had in their own website, the countries in the order they'd like to take over in the Middle East, and why it must be done, and the fact that they said “there's always been an empire,” and they were taking over the next phase.


They were quite right, because that's designed that way. That's what the U.S. was designed to do, to bring in the New World Order, from the New World, the Americas—NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.   People who have been brainwashed into the patriot business, and listen to the modern myths, and watch the old black and white Hollywood movies, will never understand their country was created to do exactly as it's doing today.  Conditioning does that to you.  You can't see the truth.  You can't see the forest for the trees, even though the Royal Institute of International Affairs, with its American branch, The Council on Foreign Relations, discussed all of this, the U.S. taking the lead. Taking over to bring in the world system from Britain.  Britain was exhausted, financially, at least the people were, with one war after another. 


In fact, in the late 1980’s, it was admitted from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that they hadn't even paid off the debt incurred from World War I, nor could it ever be paid off, in fact. That's what perpetual slavery is all about.  You get people into perpetual slavery by creating usury (interest) and then you compound the interest that's owed. 


The Rule Book is the Old Testament.  The rules are in there, of a system much, much older than what we're told—not run by those that people would like to blame.  It's far, far older.  It was a complete system over two-and-a-half thousand years ago, and even older than that.  The understanding of how to create and take over nations and create slavery with compounding interest was understood a long, long time ago, even before they coined money.  We're all going through it now, the consequences of this part of it, this New World Order as compared to the Old World Order.  The Old World Order was a basic feudalism, in Europe, with very thinly disguised forms of government called "democracies," which paid allegiance to kings and queens and "the establishment," as it's called.


The New World was to give the semblance of the champion of a different system—a system that was going to be a champion for the peoples of the world, the poor peoples.  It certainly is a champion, in a sense, but it's not for those who support it.  It's a totalitarian system.  Even to colonize the Americas, it took the creation of wars in Europe to drive the people out.  It took depressions to drive the people out to the Americas.  It took clearances, like the Highland clearances of Scotland, which again, interestingly enough, were promulgated, initiated, by a rebellion when they sent Charles Stuart back over to the Highlands.  With a few clans, not the whole of Scotland, just a handful of clans, he went all the way down into England and almost took over the Parliament, and changed his mind for some reason, even when London was being evacuated.


He came all the way back up to Scotland, and took them up to the most remote area you could possibly imagine, had them exhausted, and they simply stood there and waited for the British Army coming in, with all their cannons, to wipe them out.  They used that as an excuse to clear ALL of the Highlands out.  That was the 9/11 of the day.  Terrorism within, you see, the oldest trick in the book.  That's why George Orwell could write about it in "1984," where everything is terrorism.  Even your thoughts could be terroristic.  So they cleared the Highlands, and different places, to get “the Americas,” as it was called then, occupied, staffed by the workers—the ones who were rugged enough to clear the swamps and get farms established.



"Dance Called America"

By Runrig

The landlords came
The peasant trials
To sacrifice of men
Through the past and that quite darkly
The presence once again
In the name of capital
Improvers, its a name
The hidden truths
The hidden lies
That once nailed you
To the pain

They did a dance
Called America
They danced it round
And waited at the turns
For America
They danced their ladies round

To the candles
Of enlightenment
Once lit they say don't burn
To turn the darkest room of suffering
To a greater state of pain
Don't tell me that's behind you now
Don't greet me
Don't meet your dying blind
It's our very last stand together
So lets sever
No regrets


There were days
That once held confidence
Strength of will and mind
The camouflage that once washed your fathers
Your sons and daughters time

Another Tongue
My love, my island
You've gone international
With all the praying men of God
Who stood
And watched it all go on





As it is right now, I'm so far behind with mail.  I'm being very careful with the email now, because of this attack with the spyware, et cetera, that I'm not going to be accepting attachments.  Here's the problem today as well.  It's part of the problem.  So many people with the blogs simply pass all this stuff around, and virus pools on top of virus, until you end up receiving it. It's like multiplying itself each time people pass these blogs around.   It's not just the blogs.  People create the spyware.  Those who create the spyware must have the same kind of knowledge as those who give you out the programs to combat it. That's the knowledge it takes to create it.


We also have the government agencies with the ability to crash our computers at anytime they wish, as people have found out in the past. The computer is similar to the way we live our lives today. We can walk from here to there. We can take the bus, drive the car and usually we can get to where we're going without a hassle, by any authority.  Really, you're living in a cage. You're being watched. They have cameras everywhere. We're in the Orwellian age. It's here. The computer is the same, because you can go surfing all over the place, and I don't. I don't look all over the Internet for anything. In fact, I really don't have any interest in it. The only reason I use a computer is to do what I've decided to do, rather than teach people in small groups or individually.


I knew the time was closing in, where there were people throughout the world scattered, who were isolated and had broken through this matrix, and it was time to get in touch with them, before this system crashes. Otherwise, I wouldn't be using a computer at all.  Whatever is given to us is for an alternative purpose.


When Bell was authorized with the patent for the telephone systems, they were listening into conversations from the very beginning of telephone.  It's no different even with your written mail. There's nothing new in opening letters, resealing them in new envelopes, shoving stamps on them and passing them back to you.  We've never lived in a free society. A powerful system doesn't even allow the chance of that happening –any sort of breakthrough. They do their best to cover all bases.


Brzezinski said himself, in one of his books, that shortly a system would be given to the public, of communication, that would unite the whole world and create a common understanding.  He's talking about common indoctrination.  That's why the mandate is that every child must have a computer, worldwide, just like the television was a fantastic tool for conditioning people. The computer takes over.  In its present form it's only here for a short time. It's a step-by-step program to train us to go along to the next step, to the next step and the next step. 


You have the “iPods.” They've already told you that they have the ability to make things smaller. Small isn't the problem. The problem is, literally, in making it small and still keeping it utilitarian, when it's so small you need pins to punch buttons, the obvious step is an implant, that's the next step.  They had this all planned many, many years ago, because the sciences are so far ahead of your Popular Science magazine on the shelves, or Popular Mechanics, or any talking head they bring on television to make you believe you're on the cutting edge of everything.


I will be getting back to those who offered assistance with mirror sites, because it's imperative, obviously, after this last show, how easy it is to “switch off the lights,” you might say, and pull the plugs. That's how easy this free society is to be shut down. It’s nothing you could ever prove in any court of law, because apart from being their system anyway—in those courts of law, those Masonic temples—you can never pin them down on any actual nefarious intentions, even though you know it. 


Thanks to all those, and I've had so much pouring in from so many people with offers to assist, in some way or another, with mirror sites, even with the knowledge of how its all done. I'll be getting back to different people, see what we can do.  It is tremendous to see that there are people out there who put themselves forward, in these times. That in itself is encouraging, at a time when people are living in fear and most people won't even admit to that. They simply live it. They want to be accepted by all those who are also pretending that everything's quite normal, but it's only pretense. They sense something coming. They sense what's happening.


I talked on the phone to a fellow yesterday. He's down in [Missouri]. They had the ice storm. They were out of power for over a week and he takes care of his wife. They're both very elderly. His wife is in bed (bedridden).  The military were going door-to-door, often on the advice of neighbors, who drew up lists of the elderly, thinking they'll get the military to help them. “Good intentions,” because they believe in the system.  This fellow, who's elderly, has been on radio before, talking about this very system that's coming in now, so that would be a great opportunity for them to whisk him off somewhere, and state that he wasn't capable of looking after himself or his wife.  You know when the military come to your door, in full combat gear, armed to the teeth, and we think that's normal and they say "we're here to help you," something's happened to the people who accept that as normal.


The history of Europe was one of the military being feared, because every so often it was turned upon their own people. That was tradition. That's why the United States, to get the people "onboard" as the pirates say, told them that they wouldn’t have a standing army. It was a big, big argument of point to have a standing army. They knew what standing armies did. They were turned on their own people.  Therefore, they claimed, “we would not have that, that people would have their militias et cetera, to keep the public safe, the citizenry safe.” However, what they used to get in that standing army was with the Second Convention.  They used the excuse that American ships and sailors were being kidnapped, off the Bahrain Coast—read your history—and so they would need to get some kind of Navy together.  With the Navy, they would need some kind of soldiers onboard, too, like the British Marines, and so they created the regiment of marines, the Marine Corps. 


They side-stepped their previous constitution by the changing of terminology.  That's how they got the start of a standing army. Now those armies come around your doors with machine guns when the lights go off, or you get a bit of a freeze that shouldn't have caused any problems and they say that they want to “help you.” “Is there anything we can do?” and the people are being trained with this as the "new norm."  Most of them, you know, don't think twice about it.  That's odd to me. That's very odd to me.


The times we're living in are changing rapidly to a goal, a predetermined goal, worldwide. It's happening in every country now, to the end of even a conversation with someone you know, expressing your ideas or opinions will be thought crimes. They already are, actually. The entire Sovietized system of experimentation is implemented worldwide now.  In the Soviet Union they used psychiatry and created terminology and diagnosis to lock people up who were dissenting, in one way or another, to the system they lived within.  One of the greatest terms they slapped on them was "inflexibility of opinion."  That was a diagnosis, an official psychiatric diagnosis, to lock you up for life, if need be.


We know that B.B. (you know, the little B.B.) wanted to put a bill through. I don't know if he did.  It would have every child, adolescent and teenager evaluated by psychologists, every year, and eventually it would spread into the adult population, and people think it's all still normal. What do you think all of that trend is? 


We've gone so far in a short space of time, because those who control society and update society (like a program being updated) were well aware through all the studies and the continuous daily ongoing poll taking that the minds of the public have been taken over effectively. They're programmed from school through adult life by media, television, and the computer today.  Therefore, they were well aware they could bring all this forward, without any probable backlash of any kind. All, supposedly, because of a guy in a cave, a “cave-man” supposedly brought on the collapse of Jachin and Boaz, the Twin Towers, all by himself. His little brain did it all (and a little help from his friends).  All the farce we go through with the stories we're told of how it was done.  Why even go that route and even discuss that?  It was so ridiculous, all this stuff they've told us about that particular day.


All I have to remember is they wrote about their agenda in the '90’s. We're simply watching it happen.  Carroll Quigley, the Professor, who wrote "Tragedy & Hope" and an even better book in some ways, "The Anglo-American Establishment," talked about how wars take over the distribution of goods. It was called "rationing" in previous wars.  The creation of new bureaucracies to deal with and manage the public, even the public opinion, that's called "propaganda departments."  Their social services and so on could literally advance their agendas. They could get 50 years crammed into 5 years of war.  Fifty years of peace, it would take to do it any other way, through massive propaganda. They could do all that in five years of war.  That's the primary purpose of war.


War on terror—it's a pity it's phonetically the same as my name, W-O-T.  Or is that another coincidence or synchronicity?  But really, what's it all about, eh?  We know what it’s all about. It's to change society and bring in this utopia of theirs, a utopia that will get rid of all those who dreamed of the utopia. The ones down below, who helped them, because they will no longer be necessary, and they'll never really be included in the grand final act. You don't need all these people anymore. This world will be run on efficiency.


We won't need entertainment. We won't need even training for work. You'll be programmed so easily and quickly, and even altering your programs, whenever it suits your masters. You'll be more like an insect. If you watch ants or bees, you know an ant is just a wingless bee. One lives in a colony; one lives in the hive. The ant is programmed, in its genes, for its task. It doesn't have to watch mommy and daddy, even if it could find either. Even it could think to look for either, and it's terribly efficient.  We can look around us at all of nature, all these wonderful nature programs they show us all time, into the mammals and the higher mammals, to realize that it seems our goal is to work all the way to where we are now—to have the ability of communication, language, memory, abstract thought, emotions, all of those higher things, just to get rid of it all—and become a worker bee.  What a goal, eh?  What a goal.


The rest of them started that way, programmed through their genes. No, we work towards it, into a stage of "non-think," "non-me," "non-you," just numbers, like Seven-of-Nine (from Star Trek). What a goal to work towards!  They call it progress.  When the brain chip is offered and marketed to the public, we'll be all under such stress of, “oh my goodness, impending terrors, fears, plagues, earthquakes, wars, famines,” all the old recycled stuff—fear of poverty, the economy, terrible relationships.  We’ll be offered this thing that is going to make everything “just nice.” “All the pain will go away.”  That will be the pressure that's built up to bring that point around.


I've had it from people, working in the inside, who have told me they've had think tanks working on this for quite a few years, how to even market “snob appeal” into the chip.  “What type do you have?  What class of chip do you have?”  Platinum, gold, silver, bronze or copper maybe. At least, copper's up these days, the price of it. They've already trained the public to be walking billboards, to advertise the makes of whatever they've bought. You buy the item, whether it's a running shirt, pants, a cap or whatever, and you advertise the company that made it; but you buy it. They used to hire people, to wear billboards on the street, to do this kind of thing.


Now they’ve given it snob appeal. People are terrified to go out, within their own peer group, without wearing it. They might be looked down upon. That's how bad it's become. They are totally conditioned, totally trained—no individuality there.  Everyone is terrified of being an individual. What a sad way to be. That's not living. That's following your program, the one that's been authorized as acceptable, by the establishment above you.


I was on the Vyzygoth Radio this morning, The Grassy Knoll, and I don't know if he's got it up yet on his site, because I just got word that he's now being slammed with viruses and problems with his computer. It seems like, as I start going around, they're trying to scare the people off, who are in contact, or the other shows that will put me on as a guest. Maybe that's because I never got my flu shot; I'm passing it everywhere. However, this is the whole thing though, they terrify those and try to isolate people through fear and intimidation.


In the mid-'90’s, BILLS were passed in both Canada and the U.S., and I'm sure in every other country, which stated that EVERY COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE, from telephone, fax, computers, MUST HAVE A BUILT-IN CHIP which ALLOWS ACCESS by ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY.  THAT'S LAW.


I've often said, “Since they want us so desperately to have the computer”—and I've said this, even with the television set, long, long ago—“they should give us it for free. Just hand it out for free,” but if they did that it would be kind of suspicious. When we buy things, we think it's ours. That's why they gave it the name "personal."  It's your personal “whatever.” This is the conditioning process that everyone's gone through.


We're given obsolete technology, always, because power could never maintain power and share the latest of anything, with anyone else, and still retain power. Whatever you’re given is obsolete and made as a tool, which is a two-way street, for them to use on you.  However, it still shouldn't scare people off, when at least they're still using standard methods of intimidation, as opposed to what’s coming down or compared to what's coming down the road.


I have no doubt you will, like the Soviet system, have a whole slew of diagnosis for every politically incorrect opinion you might have, which will probably warrant lobotomy or a special chip or something.  Generation-by-generation we've been conditioned to do all this, but we've also accepted it. We've ACQUIESCED by our SILENCE, as specialized NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) supposedly championed different rights, for the silent masses, which were intended to dehumanize us all. They put the value of life down, beginning with abortion.


You can't knock the pillars away that hold up your roof, because the first one weakens all the rest. Now they've got the extra burden, until after a few pillars, the whole lot comes down anyway. You cannot allow yourself, but most have done it—through nature programs, science, Darwinism, all the massive propaganda—you've been dehumanized into just a “higher animal.” Once you accept that, then they can do with you as they please; and they have been.


In Ontario, in Canada (I'm sure it's similar in many other places), they fly in teams if you happen to end up in hospital, with what they say is a particular slim chance of pulling through.  They're after your organs. They fly in a team of specially trained negotiators to talk to the relatives, who make the decisions then, whether to let them harvest you while you're still alive. You see, when everything's dead and the blood stops flowing, there's always a little bit of necrosis, et cetera, death, tissue which causes problems.  When they start, it's always the same story, innocently, in a sense, or “for good reasons.”  “It's helped so-and-so” or “this saved their life,” and we all say, “Oh isn't that nice. A life that was gone saved another.” Now they're not waiting until you're dead. They want you to still be breathing when they remove the organs.


We've watched what once was sacred being trashed. Many people have participated in it. Many people adopted those opinions, because they parrot the propaganda, and they can't think through things critically, with logic, for themselves, until we're at the stage where we're at today, where they want to chip you in the head with a little injection.  The injection itself, no matter how little it is, is going to destroy tissue. The old saying is that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." 


We always see the most tragic cases, flashed across the television at news time, with someone who needs an organ here or there. You have the emotional story, and the mother is always there and very concerned, and there's a nice little child. Who would have thought that a good part of this is a dehumanization process, where we're cannibalizing each other for body parts?   Some guys will relate to this, with what I'm about to say. Those who have put together their own engines and kept them going, their old cars or old vehicles, when men used to do that sort of stuff, went to the scrap heap for parts, where you'd cannibalize them. Well, we've all been turned into the human scrap heap.  Now when you end up in certain hospitals, and certain places like Ontario, you're put down as a “potential donor,” should anything happen.


If you're lying there in the bed, do you now trust that doctor or that surgeon?  Is he going help you or kill you?  Think about it. Where does his profit lay? —His personal profit?  Where does your value, to society, come into play here?  In the United Kingdom, and I'm sure it's in many other European countries, too, with the National Health Service for many years they had a system of categorization of your worth to society, for resuscitative purposes. So if a couple of guys had repetitive heart attacks (coronaries) in the hospital ward, you'd go for this particular person first, not the other, according to their status.  Literally, it was a written system.


If we're all born equal, I'll tell you, it doesn't last long, not in this system.  Certainly, certain topics are taboo completely, for almost verbatim, today. At one time we heard the term, although it didn't really mean much, and they said that they were “public servants.”  Which ANTS do they serve?  They don't tend to use that term anymore. They're “officials.” 


Policemen are not "peace officers" or "peace men" anymore. They're "enforcement officers,"  “EN,” which comes from the French, a play on "ON." ON is a symbol of the obelisk and the Ben-Ben (“the big one” as the Egyptians called it), in the City of ON, Heliopolis, where they had thousands of them—the force of ON.  Every cop knows to become a Mason, if he wants to "be covered."  That's an extra insurance policy, should any lawsuits come in for wrongdoing.


This is the real world we live in. There are levels of secrecy upon levels of secrecy, compartmentalized, right down to the social level, where the public are supposed to think trivia and go through their abnormal lives, with all of its chaos, because it's not a normal life. That's why you have the chaos. That's why you have the faulty relationships, the dysfunctional systems, the dysfunctional societies and families. It's all part of this dysfunctional created and planned system we live in.


The individuals who go through it must stop blaming themselves when everything seems to fall apart. The ideal, that's been marketed to them, is that the best citizen is a good hard working citizen, living in a standardized home, wearing the standardized clothes and saying the standardized things. That's the ideal they sell you, a complete fiction. Those who have been programmed to accept that are the last ones to admit it, until they have troubles and really try and confide, for the first time, in others.  Most people put a show on, all the time, and couples do the same thing.


The system, in fact, doesn’t allow you to have peace. It's not meant to give you peace. PEACE MEANS THAT THOSE WHO CONTROL THE SYSTEM LOSE CONTROL. When you have peace it's hard to make you do something.  When you're used to grazing in the same area, it's hard to get you moving into a new direction.  When you're kept stampeded throughout your life, then stampeding cattle don't see where they are going; they just follow those in front.  We know they're lead by the front, by the nose, as they say.


To those who follow conspiracy theories as a hobby, I tell them to go to the other sites that deal with theories, and they can let their imagination roam forever, like some strange little quirk you're into that excites you. THE ELITE GAVE OUT THE TERM "CONSPIRACY THEORY." Many of them involved in checking out the truth have adopted the term quite naturally, thinking it's natural. Well they've just signed themselves out, to be taken with any form of credulity.


To those who have broken through, individually, and come to the realization they're living in a mental prison, a social prison, I tell them, “Don't panic. I know it's difficult to find people who understand, but they are out there.” They are definitely scattered all across the whole planet, and so you're never really alone.


The war isn't really on the general public.  Those who have never thought for themselves are of no problem to the elite—the general public. It's always the thinking ones who are the problem, in the present era and past eras.  It's always the same thing. The energy that can be put out by a single thinking person is phenomenal.  I'm sure, those who have woken up, and broken through the different layers, have experienced the synchronicities that begin to happen in life.  There's a process that people go through, and you cannot do it for others. You don't get tied up with all the theories anymore, and all the stuff that's put out to distract you, and make it a new kind of hobby, like looking for reptiles under your bed, or Big-Foot, or any of that kind of stuff.  There are realities behind and beyond the realities we're given.


Once again, before I sign out tonight, I'd like to thank all of those people who've emailed, showing their concern at getting yanked from Yahoo.  Yahoo—the term used by Jonathan Swift in his novel, "Gulliver's Travels."  The “yahoos,” of course, were the basest form of human. I wonder if that's what the message is, to all those who subscribe. However, if you choose any competitor, a major one, you'll find the same thing.


We're living in a fixed system of occult control, and it is occult. It's a hidden control, which manifests itself through symbols, all around you. You've been brought up with them. The symbology is very important, because the symbols are a language.  In every era of totalitarianism, symbols accompany the dictator.  The face of the dictator and the symbols (and badges are just symbols, remember), are meant to intimidate and cause fear. They're all related. They're all the same. They're all one, eventually. They're all variations of the same system, and we respond to those symbols, because it is a language, which our subconscious and definitely the unconscious mind [understands].  The unconscious is where you keep all knowledge, stuff that doesn't even come into your conscious head, except perhaps through dreams. However, it definitely understands the symbology and you can be programmed through the symbols, which you think are natural, simply because they're all around you. An occultic religion above all the other authorized religions is running the show, above what's known at Freemasonry, much higher, which runs everything beneath it.


Thanks for listening tonight. Thanks for the concern, and I will get back to those people who have mailed me and expressed their concern. For myself and Hamish the dog (who's doing just dandy), it's good night and may your god go with you.



"They Call it Democracy"

By Bruce Cockburn

(Tribute to the International Monetary Fund)


Padded with power here they come
International loan sharks backed by the guns
Of market hungry military profiteers
Whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared
With the blood of the poor

Who rob life of its quality
Who render rage a necessity
By turning countries into labor camps
Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

Sinister cynical instrument
Who makes the gun into a sacrament --
The only response to the deification
Of tyranny by so-called "developed" nations'
Idolatry of ideology

North South East West
Kill the best and buy the rest
It's just spend a buck to make a buck
You don't really give a flying fuck
About the people in misery

IMF dirty MF
Takes away everything it can get
Always making certain that there's one thing left
Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

See the paid-off local bottom feeders
Passing themselves off as leaders
Kiss the ladies, shake hands with the fellows
Open for business like a cheap bordello

And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy

See the loaded eyes of the children too
Trying to make the best of it the way kids do
One day you're going to rise from your habitual feast
To find yourself staring down the throat of the beast
They call the revolution

IMF dirty MF
Takes away everything it can get
Always making certain that there's one thing left
Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt


And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy