Feb. 28, 2012 (#1032)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 28, 2012:

Bio-Ethics, Cunning Polemics:

"The Price of Life Now Goes for a Song,
Thanks Bio-Ethicists for New Right and Wrong,
For Thousands of Years We Thought Life Special,
Till Ethicists Came with a Mind-Warp Devil,
Apparently it's Important to Kill Off Our Species,
Now Obsolete Thanks to Exogenesis,
It's Not Enough Just to Kill Us, You See,
We Must First Be Trained So as to Agree,
So When Your Turn Comes to Be Euthanized,
You'll Not Argue, Time's Up, Not Surprised,
It's Contractual, Legal, If You Consent,
After You're Taxed to Death, Energy's Spent,
Before Dying, Sign Your House Over to Bankers
So They can Sell it to New Naive Wankers"
© Alan Watt Feb. 28, 2012


Poem and Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 28, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 28th of February, 2012. For newcomers, make sure you use the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and there's hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download there. Where hopefully, once you have racked your way through them you'll understand the system you've been born into, this system that does so much, through media and entertainment, to distract you from the reality of the actual system, the big system that's global and runs the whole world. 


I go into the histories of the organizations that all came together a long time ago to form this New World Order, as they like to call it, with themselves, naturally, to always be in charge of it and their offspring to be in charge of it forever, basically; and how they'd use the public and science.  Today they call it neuroscience, the psychology, there is all that stuff involved in it. Where they basically design for every generation a particular culture for them, and train them literally from kindergarten onwards for the society that they'll grow up and live in. So, they’re already prepared for it; it's that exact. That exact, between the generations for their training program.


So, help yourself with that.  Remember too, you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  I don’t have shares or ownership of anything at all that’s being sold; except for the books and discs I’ve got at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  From the US to Canada you can purchase using a personal check and you can use an international postal money order from your post office.  You can use PayPal and some people just send cash.  And across the world you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.


What I do is try to chronicle the events as we go through them because literally we’re so well managed, there’s no real opposition to the scientific system.  I think Orwell called it, and Huxley too, basically a sort of scientific dictatorship, of the mind.  There’s no real opposition to it.  Lots of opposition, which arises, is actually started up by the ones who run the whole system.  Why wait for real ones to start up when you can put your own guys there first?  And they’ll say all the right things and lead you in circles and your generation passes, nothing happens.  That’s the Pied Piper syndrome that they often give us.  They’ve done this for centuries too.  This has come out so much in union movements, labor movements, where they had the top union officials eventually work for the big bosses and still said all the right things to the people, all the right things, that they wanted to hear; and of course nothing ever changed. The technique of always making sure that they supply the leaders for the public is well done, it's more well done than ever before. It's incredible actually.


That's the world you live in. I’ve often likened waking up to, as I say, coming out of a tunnel into a field and you see the trees on the other side of the field. You want to get into those trees but on your way there you’ve got all these different signs saying,” Come here, here’s the truth, it's over here”. And there’s another one over there saying the same thing and there’s a minefield to go through, all designed to blow your head up, basically, with nonsense, or diversions, or ‘aliens are doing it’ and all that kind of stuff. It works awfully well with a lot of people, especially the younger ones.


So, you’ve got to beware of all that kind of stuff because the elite have been at ruling the world for an awful long time, an awful awful long time. You go into even ancient history, it's no different than today. Kings had their top advisors, to advise them on how to handle the general public, how to get more taxes out of the general public, how to make the public work harder for them, etc. These are old old sciences that have never been lost; they're better than ever before, today. I'll touch on that tonight when I come back from this break.


Hi folks. I'm back Cutting Through the Matrix. We have it in our heads basically that men who lived a hundred, two hundred years ago, even a thousand years ago, were somehow simple and rather stupid compared to us. After all, we’re on the cutting edge you know, we know all about science and all that kind of stuff, so we think they’re kind of simple, but we’re really dumber than they were.


We really truly are dumber and the IQ is dropping. Lots of other bodily changes are happening in males and females too, mind you. We’re being bioengineered, very quickly too. We still have this in our head that we’re somehow on the cutting edge of progress.  This strange word “progress” that no one ever defines.  It's just an agenda basically.


We also think, every generation is taught to think that they’re special; they're better than the ones before them, even by a few years. Simply because if your ego gets so pumped up you really start to believe it and you won't listen to anyone who’s 2 or 3 or even 5 years older than yourself. That was all intentional, according to the Communist manifesto; the separation of the generations was essential. Also the separation of even the children from the parent’s generation, so they would never listen to their parents.


Once again we have Lord Bertrand Russell talking about this in detail, how they would do that. Scientific indoctrination, even at kindergarten, would override any input of morality that the parents, who were contaminated, he said, contaminated with old-fashioned ideas and morals, it would have no effect on the children, as long as they could get them for 3 or 4 hours per day.  They even thought at one point – and Russell goes through this too, along with Julian Huxley; they all knew each other, these guys – about the necessity, perhaps, they were tossing between should we remove all children from the parents when they were born and that way they definitely won’t get contaminated and the state would bring them up, but they found out with scientific indoctrination, as I say, that the children would be taught to completely ignore their parents and that’s what we’ve had for many years.  They don’t listen at all to the parents.  And then they put other little things in too, so that the parents couldn’t even bond closer with their children doing homework, especially in the area of mathematics.  They would change methods of arriving to the same conclusions and same answers on things.  Of course, the child would say, “Well, that’s not how we do it, we’ve got to do it this way” and then the parent would feel rather useless and the child would scowl at the parent. 


It’s worked awfully, awfully well and John Taylor Gatto in his books went through a lot of this stuff, the deliberate dumbing down of children, really, and so did Charlotte Iserbyt.  They both put out great books on this process.  It was all deliberate to separate the generations.  And then the state, you understand, the state was always to give the new morality to the children, which it’s been awfully successful with too. 


You get books, if you go into old, old books, to do with this topic on morality and of course you go into that area in, say, the 18th century and 19th century of religion because, whether you like it or not, the fact is, most of the morality you were given and everyone knew was from religion.  You didn’t need all the cops you have today because everybody in an area knew the basic rules.  It was all quite simple, really. 


The new morality had to change all that and disrupt all that to bring in a Brave New World type of system.  So, what you’ve got is the state taking over from the parents.  As I say, the parents having contaminated ideas.  That is the term they actually use, still today.  It came from the Soviet system and communism. 


You find they now have bioethics teachers in schools.  Now, bioethics teachers are simply the same old people dressed up as something else, but it’s eugenics, plain and simple.  Because now, you see, as this world goes into its true new world order where you’re an economic unit with so much of a lifespan and so much production and so much taxes to pay – that’s the only function you have, according to those at the top – eugenics comes into play very, very heavily with it. 


The next step after this one is of course transhumanism, where they want to bring in all kinds of new workers.  Very much like Brave New World, eventually leading to exogenesis where they can literally alter the genes of the sperm and the ovum outside the bodies and have an artificial womb and give birth to a child that way.  So they’ll reengineer children.  They talk widely about this in all the scientific circles at the top.  It’s the big “in thing” right now.  That’s where they’re heading with it.


At the moment you have to get very confused, so none of you object to it, you see.  So, they bring in these guys that call themselves bioethicists; and ethics of course is just morality.  Morality, according to the big boys, is plastic, it’s elastic, you can twist it, turn it, stretch it.  In other words, you can do anything you want with the public, and you can train them to do so.  Unfortunately, by looking around you, it’s actually true, you can, you can do that; especially if you get the children very young and simply feed the desires of a child at a certain age. 


It’s like saying to a child who’s 5 walking past a checkout counter, “It’s okay to grab all the candies you want” and that’s what they’ll go for.  When they’re a bit older, after puberty, they’re even getting them before puberty now into this, but after puberty you tell them to go and have as much sex as they want.  It’s state mandated, “Don’t worry, we’ll supply all the condoms, we’ll take care of the problems through medicine, just have a good time”, and that’s what they do at that age too, you see.


So, morality can be really skewed to serve the masters of the world and we’ve never had a natural system probably for thousands of years.  Certainly not since money came into it.  Although, coin money is only about 800BC; that’s when it really made its mark.


Here’s an article today and it’s from Australia, New South Wales, for those who don’t know where that is.  You probably don’t know that because we haven’t bombed them yet.  That’s the only time we learn places, is when we bomb places now.  It says:


A PARLIAMENTARY inquiry into school ethics classes took a bizarre turn yesterday, as touchy topics such as having sex with animals, euthanasing disabled children and cannibalism were discussed.

(Alan:  You see this is the new morality for the children.  They get moral relativity rather than have the old-fashioned ideas from their parents, like you take care of your own and you don’t let anybody die.  You’ll even spend your own life trying to save one of them, if it comes to that.  That’s the old-fashioned morality.)


Conservative NSW Liberal MP David Clarke asked Parents4Ethics volunteer and

(A:  Everything is “4”, number 4, ethics now.  They can’t say “for” anymore, eh.  That’s the 4 pillars, of course, four square, you know, of the lodge.)


ethics program co-ordinator at Sydney's Randwick Public School, Catherine Suttle, whether she approved of the views of bio-ethicist Peter Singer's philosophy.

(A:  Peter Singer goes around trying to get notoriety wherever he goes, to get the agenda forward.  This is all the stuff that we condemned the Nazis for doing, you understand.  They called it “racial hygiene” when they would bump off all the children declared as “unfit”.  Anyway, they asked her whether she approved of the views of the bioethicist Peter Singer’s philosophy, because he was talking to the children.)


When she said she did not know much about Professor Singer, Mr Clarke then asked: "You are aware that he has justified sexual relations between humans and animals?"


Ms Suttle, who appeared startled by the question, replied: "No."

(A:  She should go into politics.)


Mr Clarke then asked if Ms Suttle was aware of Professor Singer's views about the euthanasia of disabled children.


"Is that really relevant?" Ms Suttle responded. (A:  Not too subtly.)


"You would understand that in a course on ethics, these sort of matters may be raised by your volunteers," Mr Clarke said. Ms Suttle replied: "I don't think those sorts of issues are raised."


Cannibalism was also brought up to challenge how ethics teachers deal with the question and whether it is right or wrong when discussing it with children.


So, you see, these are fairly common articles now because we’re well into this whole idea of moral relativity.  It’s all relative, you see.  It’s how you view the particular situation at the time.  Again, it’s a new type of what they pretend is philosophy but it’s not philosophy because philosophy is almost an exercise in logic and it must always come to the same answer if you have the same problem given to you if you worked through philosophy. 


That’s how children are brought up today, you know, if there’s 3 or 4 of you in a boat and one dies, are you going to eat the other one, and so on.  Nobody thinks about fishing or anything.   This is how they’re taught to view humanity.  You see, we must be trained that human life isn’t worth very much and this is how they get it through your heads.  That’s the idea of it.  That’s why every government across the planet now is bringing in euthanasia.  It’s far cheaper for them to give you a pill than give you treatment, if you’re elderly or they claim you’ve got an incurable disease, or something like that.  It’s to do with economics, it’s cheap.  That’s all you are.  Your only job on this planet is to work and pay lots of taxes and they’ve got lots of more taxes lined up for you over the next 20 years or so.  That’s basically it. 


Anyway, these bioethicists or eugenicists, is the proper term for them, just like David Suzuki who said all people are just maggots, he says, but there’s different kinds of maggots. There’s four classes of them. He says the ones at the top are the important ones and what they poop out basically comes down and the ones below them feed on their poop and then there’s two classes at the bottom that feed on nothing but poop.  That was the great David Suzuki, the geneticist himself who does all the furry animal happy shows on television and tells you to, you know, freeze to death in the winter to save the world.  They’re all eugenicists under all their different guises and never ever forget it.  And they’re going for your children’s brains and they’ve done an awfully good job of it too.


Now, you bring that into this article here.  This comes out every year too, the same kind of article, it’s trial balloons partially.  They do their polls right away, to see how the people take the story.  Then of course they reorganize it for the next year and go a bit further with it too and it trains you that it’s coming.  Subconsciously you’re getting trained that it’s coming, so that you’re familiar with the idea. 


It says “Ethicists argue for post-birth abortions”.  I’ve got 3 different articles on that and I’ll put them all up tonight, but it isn’t the first time, they’ve come out again with these ethics professionals, supposedly.  Talking about, well, you’re not a person until you’re 3 years old.  That’s from the Talmud, by the way.  I don’t know why they bring that into it.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about eugenicists and their new terminology of course.  They call themselves ethicists, “ethicists”, you see.  Anybody could claim to be an ethicist.  It says here:


Ethicists Argue for Post Birth Abortions

In the Journal of Medical Ethics, two ethicists argue plainly for the killing of babies post birth. They’re not hedging their bets. They’re saying it plain and simple. And I, for one, thank them for it.

Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva,

(A:  Where’d she get a name like Minerva, Francesca Minerva, who’s kidding who?)


associated respectively with Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia, and with the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, in the UK, wrote a piece called “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?”

(A:  That’s infanticide, you understand.)


So, in the “abstract” that’s available for free at the site, it says:

Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus’ health. By showing that (1) both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and (3) adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people, the authors argue that what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.


Here’s the thing - they’re right. If you accept their premises, they’re absolutely right.

The second we allow ourselves to become the arbiters of who is human and who isn’t, this is the calamitous yet inevitable end. Once you say all human life is not sacred, the rest is just drawing random lines in the sand.

(A:  And that’s a fact. I said when they pushed abortion through, I says the next ones will be the elderly and that’s happened since then too; because you’ve taken one pillar down it’s easier to knock the rest down.  You’ve weakened the whole structure and they keep going on from there.  It’s always the same system whether you want to call it Nazi or whatever you want to call it, it’s the same system.  It’s socialism, which is run by the bankers, actually.  It’s all profit and loss and they want to get rid of what they call “the dead loss”.)


An ethicist’s job is like a magician’s. The main job of both is to distract you from the obvious. The magician uses sleight of hand to pretend to make people disappear. But when ethicists do it, people disappear for real.

(A:  Now, I’ve told you before that in hospitals, and they’re copying the British system everywhere, you go in and they’re sizing you up immediately for your status in the community, “Are you important to your community?”  You see.  And “How old are you?” is another thing too.  And “How much have you got left to contribute to society?”  That’s how they weigh up whether they’re going to treat you or not.  And what kind of treatment you’re going to get, if any at all, or just hand you the euthanasia pill.  And I’m not kidding.  He says:)


These two “ethicists” seem to draw the distinction I’ve seen elsewhere of “self awareness.” But isn’t that a sliding scale? Isn’t that a bit of a judgement call? Doesn’t this also put the crosshairs on the mentally disabled or those who have suffered brain injuries?

(A:  Well of course it does.)


They throw around this term “potential person” like it’s a real thing. As if it’s science. But there’s no such thing as potential persons. It’s anti-science. There’s defenseless people. Maybe that’s what they mean. In fact, isn’t that really the point. There’s defenseless people and indefensible ethicists.


That’s one of the articles on it.  Another one on the Journal of Medical Ethics is pretty much the same and it says:


So, if a woman has a mixed racial affair,

(A:  This is a reply to it.)


she and her same race husband should be able to prevent gossip and embarrassment by killing the baby?....


As just one other example of many I could give, the Journal of Medical Ethics also published an article claiming that scientists should be able to remove the kidneys from people diagnosed with PVS–denigrated as merely “living cadavers”

(A:  And that’s how they term folk now, you’re a “living cadaver”.)


–and transplant in pig organs in the place of their own organs to test the safety of pig-to-human xenotransplantation.  And it isn’t “just” the Journal of Medical Ethics.  Look at all the “respectable” bioethics journals that have published outright advocacy to allow doctors to kill for organs.


Now to children who have been through school, being taught by these “ethicists”, these bioethicists or eugenicists, none of this will faze them because they’ve been through it all before with their moral relativity classes, you see.  Moral relativity is a simple way of taking a normal human being with innate natural responses to life in general and warping it until they’ve created the creature that they want.  Someone who says, “Yeah, I guess you can kill them to save this other one over here”, and all that stuff, and before you know it humanity itself has been denigrated down to a very low position.  That’s the point of it all.  That’s THE point of it all, no doubt about it.  We’re way into this now.  We’re way into that. 


You understand, when they said that the parents should not pass on their old morality to their children and they called them “contaminated people”.  Your old morality, that’s “contamination”.  They have now contaminated your children and your children are the ones who are going to euthanize you, without a thought.  Do you understand that?  There’s a mind behind all this.  This isn’t evolution of some farcical science.  It’s definitely farcical but it’s very clever too, it knows where it’s heading and it knows how to get there.  And there’s a very big purpose for it too. 


The United Nations will be overjoyed with any positive responses to these articles that they get in, “Well, there’s too many of you”.  What they mean is there’s too many of the “wrong kind” of you, that’s what they mean.  And we’re right into this system, it’s terrible; we’re right, right into it, disgusting.


Now, as we’re doing all this, weird things are happening.  We’re being poisoned with sprays from the skies, we’ve got a dumbed down population with the poisoned food that we’ve been given.  That’s all you’ve been given and all the inoculations you’re given too.  Our IQs have dropped officially, from the United Nations’ statistics, and it’s easier to push us into the next phase.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about bioethics, this new farce of a cover and it truly is a farce of a cover.  It sounds so wonderful, bio-ethics, like bio-morality.  Basically it’s just eugenicism, that’s all it is.  You must have a strange mind that would go and want to be that kind of thing, a bioethics consultant.  What are you but a personal judge over life and death?


They’ve been at this for an awful long time.  It goes back again to all the elite with their front men who’ve appeared down through history to the public.  Like Julian Huxley when he was head of the UNESCO, the United Nations organization, to do with bringing down populations and making sure children get their injections to really really bring down the sperm count in the male, for instance.  I just watched a little video from Horizon on the bisphenol-A and the different xenoestrogens that are in your food and water and everything else.  They compared the sperm from guys at 50 with the ones who were born in the late 1970s onwards.  The guy at 50 is going great guns, his sperm are all healthy and swimming around like tadpoles, and the ones from pretty well all the young guys, about 25 years of age, they’re down to about 1/10th.  There’s about one-tenth of them swimming about; and they’re all deformed, two tails, they’re all deformed, literally.  And by the time they hit 28 they’re pretty well sterile, these guys.


It’s incredible and they’ve known what they’ve been doing for an awful long time because they had these massive meetings before the 50’s to do with bringing down the population.  And as I’ve always said, they don’t have world meetings and then ask for volunteers.  They just go ahead and do it.  “How can we bring it down?  Here’s the technique we shall use.”


Julian Huxley, when he was head of UNESCO, said the same thing.  He says, we’ve got to knock man off his pedestal as being the supreme creature on the planet.  In other words, we have to bring ourselves down to think of ourselves to just a lesser animal, basically.  But you must let your betters decide if this lesser animal should live or die.  Do they need you or not? 


Remember George Bernard Shaw, that video I put up years ago.  You actually hear him and see him talking about this Fabian socialism.  How when they rule the world you’ll have to come to them and ask them why they should let you live, because you must serve the greater good, etc. 


This is all real.  It’s all here today.  Only they wear banking suits, they’re all businessmen at the top, you see.  This article here, and this is going right into Brave New World, and an article I read a few weeks ago, exogenesis, it says:


EVERY woman has an unlimited source of human eggs, say US scientists whose research will turn the prevailing view of female reproductive biology on its head.

It has long been thought a woman was born with all the eggs she would have. Scientists now have discovered stem cells in women of reproductive age that can produce eggs, providing a new avenue of treatment for female infertility.

(A:  The fastest growing business really, outside of being a banker and scamming the public, is infertility clinics.)


In 2004, a study found stem cells in the ovaries of adult mice could give rise to viable eggs, but the authors faced a backlash from other scientists and people who countered that "humans are not big mice, only if you're in Disneyland".

The work has been repeated by others and mouse stem cell-derived eggs have been shown to give rise to embryos after in-vitro fertilisation.

Professor Jonathan Tilly, from Harvard Medical School, has now found similar cells in the ovaries of adult women. He injected some into immune-deficient mice, to show the human stem cells would turn into viable eggs. They also could be made to mature outside of the body, in vitro.

The frozen ovary tissue came from Japanese women having a sex change,

(A:  I didn’t know the Japanese were gone down that bad.)


but it was not ethically nor legally feasible to put the new eggs back into a human.

Professor Tilly said the research opened up the possibility that "sometime in the future, we might get to the point of actually having an unlimited source of human eggs".

(A:  Now, they want to literally create Brave New World with the classes that’ll be bred into you. They’ll breed it into your genes by taking certain ones out and replacing them with other ones.  And little manual laboring types and they’ll have their alpha pluses and their betas and so on.)


Whenever you read articles like this, you know they haven’t stopped in animals; on higher levels, especially in the military level, they’ve done all this stuff that you can’t do anywhere else.  They’ve done all this.  They can make it go on and on and on.  That’s where they are with this all, this Brave New World scenario.  Quite something; we’re living through amazing history and yet most people don’t really notice it.  If they notice it at all they scrub it from their minds when the next bit of info comes in, they delete it.  It’s just something else.


The elite have never been so elite as they are today because they’re so incredibly rich.  I think for about 30-odd years the UN is always saying the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, until it’s this vast chasm.  They’re still raking in the cash because we live in a corrupt society.  From the bottom you’ll say it’s corrupt; from the top they say it’s a natural society, where psychopaths should rule, being the top predators, they should rule it.  They actually say that, so they can rationalize psychopathy amongst themselves, quite easily, thanks to Darwin, you see.


You find the public, really we’ve been financing corporations for well over a hundred years, with our tax money.  Big corporations.  When they have big projects they get cash grants from the government.  Or they’ll say, “Oh, we’re broke” and another cash bailout for them and they run ahead again, suddenly they’re back in the black and they’re doing well.  You find it too with all the politicians, who are natural psychopaths because they come from the same elite ruling group, you see.


In the ancient days, or old days, or medieval days in a rich wealthy noble family you’d often find one or two of the sons would go into the military and they’d loot countries.  They’d go off in crusades and loot and get booty.  Or the son, if he didn’t like that, he’d go into a monastery or become a priest or something.  He didn’t have to start at the bottom.  They’d make him a bishop right off the bat.  Today the big bankers’ sons and the big wealthy elite sons, the corporate sons, they go into a whole bunch of different areas to do with government and governance, as they like to call it, as well.  It says: 


Wind turbines bring in 'risk-free' millions for rich landowners

The Guardian

(A:  At the time I remember seeing it, but this is a recent article about it, in Britain.  It’s happening elsewhere too.)


The boom in onshore wind power, likened to a "new industrial revolution", is being dominated by a small number of private landowners who will share around £1bn in rental fees over the next eight years.

(A:  They gave all the contracts to the nobles and all the politicians, the lords, that are your government.)


Rental payments vary and are secret but, say property agents speaking in confidence to the Guardian, landowners can now expect £40,000 a year "risk-free" for each large turbine erected on their land. Those set to benefit include senior members of the royal family and the Forestry Commission in Wales and Scotland.


Analysis of onshore wind power investments suggests that the 13GW of energy anticipated by the government to be installed by 2020 will pay landowners upwards of £100m a year in total rents, on top of the EU farm subsidies they automatically receive for owning land.

(A:  They can’t lose, can they?  They run the EU Parliament, because it’s all the elite noble families at the top.  They run every country as well, all their parliaments, and then they give themselves all the contracts that the taxpayers end up funding and paying for.)


According to agents in Scotland and Wales, competition for suitable land is escalating rents. Landowners can expect to be paid 5-6% of the annual turnover of windfarms, or around £40,000 a year for each large 3MW turbine. "They see windfarms as a new farm subsidy but they do not have to take any risk,"

(A:  Because the public pay it all, you see.)


said one agent. "Only 60% of development applications may go through, but the returns if they do get built are enormous."  In return, landowners are offering communities around £1,000 per MW installed...

(A:  So they get the money back on the generation, as well.)


Estate owners in Scotland – where 1,200 people own two-thirds of the land – have so far benefited the most. The Earl of Moray is thought to get about £2m a year in rent from a 49-turbine windfarm on his Doune estate in Perthshire, while the Duke of Roxburghe stands to make more than £1.5m a year from his 48-turbine Fallago Rig development in Lammermuir Hills.


According to this analysis, the Earl of Seafield, Britain's seventh largest landowner, would be paid around £120,000 a year from turbines on his Banffshire estate. The Earl of Glasgow, a Liberal Democrat peer, has 14 wind turbines on his Kelburn estate, so could earn upwards of £300,000 a year.


Of course, just like the US, since they make all the rules to do with the military and all the rest of it, they get all the inside information on where to invest their cash, insider trading, in other words, too.  You try that and they’ll put you in the slammer.  But they pass laws so as they can do it and here’s the proof of it right here.  That’s the system you live in.  That’s the system you vote for.  That’s the system you keep voting for, for the same damned system to keep going.  And you never catch on, do you?  You never will actually.  Most of you never ever will.


Another article too on global dimming, I’ll put that up tonight as well, it says for dim environmentalists, to do with the heavy spraying we’re getting.  Opposite that you’ve got:


Navy Unleashes Its Electromagnetic Railgun outside of the Lab

(A:  A new electromagnetic railgun, a big sci-fi thing.  I wonder how much that costs us all.)


Just weeks after the U.S. Navy trotted out images and a few short videos of its devastating electromagnetic “railgun”, (EM Railgun, blowing a fiery hole in a target at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va., a new and longer video has begun to make the rounds) (A:  Shortly, I suppose they mean.). Whereas previous testing had taken place in the lab, this video indicates the Navy has moved the technology one step closer to combat.

For the uninitiated, a railgun fires projectiles using electricity instead of chemical propellants. Magnetic fields created by strong electrical currents accelerate a sliding metal conductor between two rails to launch projectiles at about 7,200 to 9,000 kilometers per hour, compared to perhaps 5,400 kilometers per hour for a conventional gun. By equipping ships with railguns rather than standard artillery, the Navy could eliminate the hazards of having high explosives on board ships.

(A:  I wouldn’t want to be inside that field of electromagnetic radiation, but there’s where your tax money goes.)


They have big plans for the future, for the elite, you understand, because that’s what the system is for; it’s to preserve them, as they bump you off and convince you to abort your children or, “How old is the child? Well, two and a half.  Do you want to just kill it?  Okay.”  Yeah, that’s what life’s come down to at the bottom, dirt cheap, and then when that happens there’s no hope for anybody folks.  Nobody stands up for you then.  That’s what Wells wanted.  We’re here, we’re there.  We’ve arrived.


In Britain too, it wasn’t Francis Bacon, it was another Lord in Britain who actually said that the British were the most obedient people that any king could hope to have.  It doesn’t matter what you did to them, taxing them, beating them, or whatever.  It didn’t matter, they just put up with it.  Actually, it was More that said that.  It says:


We're the fuel tax capital of Europe: British motorists pay up to 60% duty and VAT on petrol - the highest figure in the EU


The British are the most taxed people in the world.  We’re catching up elsewhere, mind you, because Canada has just decided to put its new higher taxes, its Value Added Tax or GST, on all food as well because everybody else is doing it.  So, why don’t we do it too?  You understand, we’re global, but in Britain they’re paying 60% tax, they call it a duty, and Value Added Tax on gasoline, petrol.  So, 60% of every gallon basically is taxes and they’re going to put it up again, and up and up and up, and they say nothing, “Oh, dear it’s terrible.  How are we going to get by?”.  They’ve been plundered by the banks, like the States and every other country, and all the con artists; then they go plunder it again, by their governments giving cash to the banks who’d stashed away all the loot before and said that the bank’s vaults were empty, so we paid that all to them and the public get nothing, except misery, and they put up with it.  And they’ll vote again for the next guy that comes along, a good psychopath who feels their pain, you know, and says all the right things.  As long as they say the right things, that’s all it takes to get them in.  Never learn. 


There’s only one system here, you understand, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a left or a right or an up or a down wing that’s running, it’s running for that system and that system is not for you.  It’s rather obvious, isn’t it?  I hope.  I really hope it’s obvious to you all.


Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs

(A:  First it was the cattle they went for, although they killed lots of pigs and everything else when they had the so-called mad cow disease in the UK, and now mystery virus kills thousands of lambs.)


Thousands of lambs have been killed by a new virus that is threatening the survival of many British farms.


The Schmallenberg virus causes lambs to be born dead or with serious deformities such as fused limbs and twisted necks, which mean they cannot survive.

Scientists are urgently trying to find out how the disease, which also affects cattle (A:  Well it’s going to spread too.), spreads and how to fight it, as the number of farms affected increases by the day.


(A:  So, you understand too, the system you have to go into, for you lot, like at the bottom, that’s most of you, you see, is to be vegetarian only.  The big boys have said this repeatedly, that you’re going to be on a vegetarian diet and not any old vegetarian diet, but a genetically engineered vegetarian diet, soaked with pesticides, to bring you down faster, you understand.  They’re very practical at the top.  Very practical.)


So far, 74 farms across southern and eastern England have been hit by the virus, which arrived in this country in January.

A thousand farms in Europe have reported cases since the first signs of the virus were seen in the German town of Schmallenberg last summer.


(A:  So it must be a new thing, if they’ve called it after that town’s name, so it’s probably been made in the lab just like mad cow was made in the lab.)


Bring down the protein supply and you’ve got the people at your mercy.  Quite simple, isn’t it?  War, remember, war.  You ever look at the old Yale Skull and Bones society, where they have the war room?  You ever wonder who they’re at war with?  This is for the elite families and their offspring for perpetuity, always to be in charge, making war on everything outside of them, until they totally control everything.  That’s what war is.  Here’s another con, just to touch on it.


Exclusive: U.S. conducting criminal Libor probe

By Carrick Mollenkamp

NEW YORK | Tue Feb 28, 2012

(A:  This is another banking scam.  I never heard of it before.)


(Reuters) - The Justice Department is conducting a criminal probe into whether the world's biggest banks manipulated a global benchmark rate that is at the heart of a wide range of loans and derivatives, from trillions of dollars of mortgages and bonds to interest rate swaps, a person familiar with the matter said.

While the Justice Department's inquiry into the setting of the London interbank offered rate, or Libor, was known, the criminal aspect of the probe was not.

A criminal inquiry underscores the serious nature of a worldwide investigation that includes regulators and law-enforcement agencies in the United States, Japan, Canada and the UK.


Libor is set everyday in London for 10 currencies for a range of maturities. The rate is supposed to reflect the rate at which banks lend to one another. Dollar Libor, for example, is calculated after 18 banks submit the costs to borrow dollars.


Overnight they can scam billions of bucks and they have been doing it.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix and we’ll take the callers.  There’s Darin from Ireland.  Are you there Darin?


Darin:  Hello Alan.  How are you today?


Alan:  Not too bad.


Darin:  I had a chat with Franciscan monks in my small town and the cathedral up here had a funny kind of crest of arms and it was very similar to the Florence, the Medici family’s crest of arms.  I was actually over in Florence and talk about a city of debt.  That is one country for debt over hundreds of years.  I had a chance to go through the Medici’s museum that they have there.  I always wondered what the six balls in their family crest meant, and they were shown and a lot of the museums had books; in the book, on one of the covers it actually kind of showed what I thought it could have been.  It showed the six balls on a map of the world, on each corner of the world.  I thought it was pretty funny because in some of the rooms in the museum they have these massive maps, a whole room full of maps, even huge 3-ton steel balls of maps of the world.  Some of them date back to the 1500s and I thought it was pretty funny because America wasn’t discovered that long before that and these had full-drawn maps of the world.  Another thought as well in regards to maps of the world.  I was reading a book on South American kingdoms there.  The Incas had an extremely similar system to the Romans, and it was pure socialist.  It was amazing to see that a system supposedly completely divided from the rest of the world had a complete socialist system running there.  They didn’t have money there, they had like a tribute system.  I don’t know if you know much about that. 


Alan:  The thing is too, there’s no doubt about it, it was Professor Barry Fell, amongst others, from Harvard University, actually came out with his books on America BC.  There’s no doubt about it, they found a lot of these stones, around especially the New England area, to show that the Phoenicians and other groups had been here long, long before.  There’s no doubt about it too, there was trading going on.  There’s even a cathedral in Wales where they have stained glass windows going back to the 11th century.  They’ve got porcupines in it, which you only get in America; things like that. 


It’s just astonishing, obviously the ancient transportation and communication they had between continents in so-called ancient times, and even prehistoric times to do with standing stones.  There’s no doubt about it, they’ve always been back and forth.  It’s almost like they left.  I mean, the Incas took it over from the Oltecs and the Oltecs really devised the kind of system. The Incas were more primitive in a sense, who moved into a lot of these cities and took them over, over time. They even had a separate tribe which they grew up just to feed on.  Kind of like today, as they’re going to feed on us. 


So, nothing changes.  You’ve always got an elite with red carpets and fancy feathers and all that kind of stuff, and the peasants down below who are taught and trained to worship them because they’re so incredibly wealthy at the top.  There’s much, much more to South America or Latin America than meets the eye.  Columbus, again, he married the daughter of the head of Masonry for Spain.  Look at Piri Reis’ map, Piri Reis’ map of the early 1500s or late 1400s.  They’ve got the whole of Antarctica mapped as well, and Latin America.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or Gods go with you.



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