June 20, 2012 (#1113)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 20, 2012:

Free-Trade is a Con Parade:

"Just Look at All Your Taxes, Sifted Through a Sieve,
Off to Exotic Places to Make You Believe
You're Helping Poor Countries to Stand on Their Feet,
Export Your Jobs to Them, Oh, That's So Sweet,
Treaties on Free Trade, They'll Flood You with Goods,
They'll Ban Your Exports 'cepting for Fast Foods,
From the Cash You Send, They Build and Pollute,
Paying No Carbon Taxes, All that Lovely Soot,
Never Even a Thank You, But Lips all-a Pucker,
They Give You a Smacking Kiss for Being Such a Sucker"
© Alan Watt June 20, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – June 20, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 20th of June, 2012.

For newcomers as always I suggest you make good use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You’ll see a bunch of sites listed there, these are all the official sites I have and if you find sticking on downloading any of the talks on one try the other because a lot of folk go into the com at the same time.  And remember too all those sites apart from audios carry transcripts in English for print up.  And if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts in other languages.

So, what I do is basically go through the big agenda, and you’re living through a script.  It’s like a long, long running soap opera where they made all the episodes long ago and down through the years they bring on a series of one, two, and three, made years ago and we see the big things happening in our lifetime; that’s what it is.  Because the G20, when they meet there’s no debate there, it’s just a big booze-up and a great meal and the Sherpas that work in advance over the years have already done all the treaties, got them all drafted up and they’re all on board with consensus and they simply sign them into law without our consent of course. 

So you’re run by a system that’s supranational, it’s beyond democracy.  In fact it’s not democratic at all and it’s run really at the top by the big bankers.  Because if you look at the Sherpas that each country sends out, these are the guys who work for your central banking systems, and some of the big top private banks as well.  That’s who drafts up all these treaties to do with sustainability and everything else, and the redistribution of your wealth across the world for the IMF.  That’s who drafts all this stuff up.  The G20 is a show, as is the Rio a show as well.  The Rio had 20 years making up, compiling up thousands of pages of "we wants".  You know it’s all "we want this", "we want that" for years and years and years.  And I put it into perspective for you so you don’t get lost and believe they’re only deciding right now.  It’s a show.

Now, remember too you’re the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me continue by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can donate as well.  And from the U.S. to Canada remember you can still use personal checks and international postal money orders from the post office, you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  And across the world you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.  Because as I say I don’t bring on advertisers as guests, I don’t terrify you with terrible tales of physical woes that you’re all going to get and promise you the cure.  I simply give you the hard facts.  Some people can’t stand hard facts and I understand that too.  It’s a hard thing to take, to realize that pretty well everything that happens in life is run by psychologists, neuroscientists, economists, and so on.  And of course the culture industry is all part of it, they’re all tied together.  And we are given basically a fake reality in order to gain our compliance as we go through the biggest changes that have happened in many, many generations. 

They have written about this; it’s not my own idea.  They’ve written about this from the Council on Foreign Relations.  The big bureaucrats at the top put out their memoirs and they tell you where it’s going, and people on the inside were writing in the 40’s and 50’s telling you exactly where you’d be beyond 2000 to 2012.  And we’re going through every darn thing that these guys said they would bring on because they planned the future you see.  Even right down to how long it would take to disrupt the family unit step by step over a period of 40, 50 years.  And they’re bang on target with everything.  But again it’s all working with the culture industry, very easy to do; it’s not difficult at all.  Especially once again you format it into your educational system.  Very, very, very, you’ve got to give a big hand to these guys because they do it very well.  And meanwhile we’re kept in illusion-land thinking that big decisions are just happening in our lifetime, on the spot, by what you think are your chosen leaders, and they’re not your leaders at all.  Back with more after this break. 

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and it truly is a crazy world if you really believe in the system and you believe you’re on the cutting edge, at the forefront of change.  And that somehow you’ve got something to do with it; that’s actually insane.  In reality you’re living through a script.  A script that literally is easy to run because the whole idea was invented and dreamed up by money boys in the 1800’s that formed their big gigantic clubs and decided to take over the world, all the resources in it, including people, and that’s where we’re going today. 

Of course they say it’s for peace, you see, it’ll bring peace to the world when all the people down there can’t think anymore.  Look around you, it’s pretty well working.  Look at the people around you, they can’t leave their little cell phones alone.  They’re always staring at the darn thing when there’s no noise coming off it like something should happen.  They can’t, literally they can’t think, in fact they’re scared to think by themselves and silence terrifies them.  That’s behavior modification.  And it’s addictive as well, very, very addictive the techniques that are used.  And that’s why most folk don’t mind, they’ll actually compromise themselves into zombie-land basically. 

So, we’re run by neuroscientists, behaviorists, psychologists, and all the professionals are in on board with this global sustainability austerity agenda in order that the bankers and the proper people can rule the world that they think should be run by them.  And they’ll run it properly, not the haphazard way of people having personal rights and freedoms and terrible things like that, that get in the way of progress you understand.  And that really is very, very simple how it’s looked upon.  And also too they believe that the rest of the world must be culled down to a certain level where it can be managed by the superior type that’ll live in big high-tech cities as they’ve said at the Department of Defence’s think tank and while the rest of you die off in the outer wilderness areas.  But first they want global government, almost like a chess game, they’ve got to have the chess game won, you see, to prove they could do it and then they dismantle the whole idea of the world government; they won’t need it anymore.  That’s really what they’ve got planned. 

So, you’re living through these massive changes, and not just changes to do with the mind and behavior modification, but also changes to do with physical ability as well, because the I.Q. has plummeted in the last twelve years or so.  The same tests given to every generation have plummeted.  That’s the new normal.  There’s no crisis about it because the boys at the top have made it happen obviously.  They know what’s causing it, the injections, the poisoned food you’re getting, the spraying in the sky that no one wants to talk about.  And we’re living in a Disneyland, a Disneyworld indeed.  But it’s a kind of horror show at the same time if you are awake and you see it all going on. 

But again most folk get caught up in the now you see.  Even though they study and can say yeah that’s true you know they had all these meetings for the last hundred years about this part of the agenda, that part of the agenda, and so you can make sense of the continuity of it all.  They still get caught up when the media suddenly blurts out some story to do with this present stage of it and you’re right back in the present, in the now, and we’re on the cutting edge again and you’re lost.  Or ‘vote for so-and-so’.  Vote for so-and-so and you spin your wheels for four or five years and do nothing because this guy is going to do it all for you, and then he joins the other teams and things like that, which is standard politics. 

As I said before many times, if voting changed anything to help the public it would be made illegal.  And it would because you’re not living in democracy, you’re post-democratic, in fact democracy was a sham to begin with.  The elite had no intentions of giving rights to the general people.  Their whole intention is to take them away from you because you’re all technically insane, according to the American Association of Psychiatry and the World Association of Psychiatry; we’re all technically insane at the bottom.  We make insane choices, insane decisions, and the better people you see have got to manage us all, one way or another.  And that’s what all of this is about, plus bringing you down in numbers, thinning the herd, and making more money for themselves as they do it all through fees, taxations, carbon taxes, energy taxes, etcetera, etcetera, until you have nothing left to spend and buy that extra chocolate bar.  In fact you won’t be able to afford the chocolate bar with all its energy taxes tacked on top of that too. 

Now, there’s a good little cartoon out on austerity and they’re giving you the wonderful great success story of Latvia, you see, on austerity.  They’ve come through it all you see and this is the “Wonderfulness Of 'Great Success Story Latvia'”.  I’ll put that up tonight for you to have a chuckle because it’s more truthful than the rubbish you’re reading in the mainstream papers. 

Also tonight, and we’ve known this before, when the Stuxnet virus came out we know because it was eventually admitted that the U.S. and Israel, the militaries, had both combined to make it, you see.  And of course the Flame one came out after that one and now again they admit, yeah:

"Israel and the U.S. developed the Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say", Washington Post

Alan:  Now, do you feel safe with these characters who have the ability to hack computers that deal with nuclear facilities all over the planet?  And what happens for instance when they create some sort of alert at one of these facilities and the computers are supposed to kick in automatically and deal with this and shut valves off and turn valves on?  Of course they won’t say when they’ve caused the problem.  They’ll say, oh, look at that, a meltdown happened.  They’ll keep their mouths shut of course.  This is the beauty of covert cyber attacks, from the very countries that are always prattling about the world having cyber attacks against them.  They’re at the forefront of doing it themselves and they can literally cause meltdowns anywhere across the planet.  Think about it folks.  You’re paying for this with your tax money.  Think about it. 

 It says:

"The United States and Israel jointly developed a sophisticated computer virus nicknamed Flame that collected intelligence in preparation for cyber-sabotage aimed at slowing Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon, according to Western officials with knowledge of the effort. The massive piece of malware secretly mapped and monitored Iran’s computer networks, sending back a steady stream of intelligence to prepare for a cyber­warfare campaign, according to the officials.  The effort, involving the National Security Agency, the CIA and Israel’s military, has included the use of destructive software such as the Stuxnet virus to cause malfunctions in Iran’s nuclear-enrichment equipment." 

Alan:  You understand this is even better than 9/11, you can simply make any nuclear reactor melt down by switching off all its backups and stand back and go “oh look what’s happened, it must be terrorism.”  And then give you a whole bunch of new laws to take all your rights away.  It’s a dangerous world.  And you know something about government? the problem is government.  The problem is government.  It’s not your government.  They’re all onboard this world agenda, at all cost, the end justifies the means.  Whatever it takes in other words to get it through they will do.  That’s where we are. 

And sustainability, as they’re all down having their big feast down at Rio and of course they’ve got the G20 on the go as well.  They hop back and forth to the two meetings, same people and have great meals and lots of good booze, etcetera.  And as I say, everything’s laid on for them and then they sign all the draft treaties that have been written up over many, many years and presented to the public as though they did it themselves.  They don’t even read them.  These politicians don’t even read the bills, especially the omnibus bills; who can when you’re given six seconds to comment on it?  How could you read thousands of pages? 

But these treaties you know have to affect all of our lives to bring us into a single economic system worldwide.  Again, look at the Milner Group a long time ago, the Royal Institute of International Affairs that morphed out of it, the Council on Foreign Relations, that all came out of it across the whole planet.  These are the guys who run the world, who think they know better than anyone else how it should be run.  But the bankers are at the top because that’s who started off the whole kit and caboodle of the Milner Group and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 

They’re into sustainability, there’s too many of you at the bottom.  Now Charles Galton Darwin said that very well in his book, very clearly, as he boasted on behalf of his own class you might say, that there were going to be too many people at the bottom, you know the weeds as Margaret Sanger called them.  The weeds who wouldn’t fit into a post-industrial society.  They’d be obsolete and they’d keep breeding, which would mean they would take all the good stuff from the earth, which the offspring of the Darwins, etcetera, would need in the future for their own offspring. 

So, no, they don’t plan on sharing it with anyone.  They want you all to simply die one way or another, or they’d make it happen.  And they go on about the cost factors of keeping the elderly alive and all of that, after mind you they destroyed the family unit.  Because the family used to look after their grandparents until they did die you see.  Great technique, first you destroy the family unit, oh we’ll take care of the elderly for you, you get twenty years of it and then they say it costs too much.  Then they offer them the euthanasia pill.  You understand, it’s all strategy.  It’s not difficult to understand, this is strategy.  This is how you deal with vast herds of humans; you use strategies that are very, very old, because they understand perfectly how we all think.  Most folk do not think, they don’t think.  They take things for granted, especially because you’ve been domesticated and you believe that the masters would never be so nasty as to do that to you. 

So, here’s a good article here from a British newspaper to do with the doctor’s chilling claim.  It says:

"Top doctor's chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year" 

Alan:  So, see, they’re doing their bit for sustainability and for the economy.  You see that’s 130,000 less people that’ll collect the rest of their pensions.  They’re gone now, now the government can use it for better things, like building, oh, coal-fired plants in India, with your tax money, and things like that you see.  So:

"Professor says doctors use 'death pathway' to euthanasia of the elderly.  Treatment on average brings a patient to death in 33 hours." 

Alan:  That’s pretty efficient; it could be faster yet though. 

"Around 29 per cent of patients that die in hospital are on controversial 'care pathway'." 

Alan:  That’s what they call it now.  It’s a "care pathway", it’s euthanasia.  It’s death.  It’s so Orwellian the wording that they use but they’re very good at using neurolinguistics to make it sound better, a "care pathway", your granny is going to a "care pathway".  So you go home thinking oh that’s good, she’s in good care and she’s probably on a pathway to health.  It says:

"Pensioner admitted to hospital given treatment by doctor on weekend shift." 

"NHS doctors are prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they are difficult to manage or to free up beds, a senior consultant claimed yesterday." 

Alan:  That’s what they do, they drug them.  And then they turn their food away and have them dead in 33 hours.  That’s good business.  So they are efficient, you know, when they want to be.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix talking about the real system and how it works and how everything’s got a double meaning.  It’s often an opposite meaning in reality, very Orwellian, and they have "care pathways" in Britain and other countries to bump off the elderly in 33 hours.  That’s their method right now, because they’re too cheap actually to give them the euthanasia pill.  That will come next when they start making it in China and they get it for a cent or two.  Because everything is about saving money, your usefulness is over; you’re not a good consumer and producer anymore, and then you’re going to start using your pension.  You paid for it of course, and they’ve invested it millions of times over for every dollar you put into it, and reaped millions back, but no, they don’t want you to have that either.  It’s too much for them, they want all the profit.  So, that’s all you are, is a profit-making unit and once your usefulness is over they want to bump you off and get rid of you very quietly and cheaply.  It says:

"There are around 450,000 deaths in Britain each year of people who are in hospital…" 

Alan:  That’s a scary statistic isn’t it?

"…or under NHS care. Around 29 per cent – 130,000 – are of patients who were on the LCP [Liverpool Care Pathway]." 

Alan:  The euthanasia pathway.  But all the rest of them, 450,000 deaths in the hospital every year, that’s scary, eh?  Anyway, I’ll put this link up tonight and for those who care.  Most folk don’t care until they’re in that position, and then there’s no one there to care about you either; that’s how it works, and that’s how the big boys who designed it know it works as well.  

And I love doublespeak, I just love doublespeak.  This is from Scotland.  Scotland really has been commandeered by the same people who run every other country really in like a socialist form.  And they’ve given them Mr. Alex Salmond, to run the country supposedly, and all of his cronies, under the guise of giving them independence.  And the title of this, it’s so socialistic, almost communistic, it boggles the mind.  But it says that really Scotland is going after independence, but it will be interdependent.  How is that?  So they’re going to cry independent but be interdependent.  In other words you’re under the global European system of the big monsters at the top.  So, that’s all I’ll say about this rubbish and I’ll pass on to something else.  Because that’s all it is, is rubbish isn’t it?  Independence through interdependence, oh God.


Alan: Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.  It says:

"A mother's victory. The vast majority of doctors say there is no link between the triple jab and autism, but could an Italian court case reignite this controversial debate?" 

Alan:  Because

"Landmark ruling in an Italian court has said Valentino Bocca's autism was provoked by the MMR jab he had at aged nine months." 

Alan:  I’ll put this link up as well because it’s happening all the time.  It’s been happening for years and they keep pooh-poohing it because you see all the doctors are too terrified and also they’re so greedy they don’t want to lose their licenses.  They’d rather keep going and lie and give the babies these jabs, seeing the outcomes and collect their big fat paychecks.  That’s the reality of medicine. 


"Millions will see pensions slashed by up to 20% as new EU rules are set to send annuities plummeting." 

"OAP [Old Age Pension] with £100,000 pension pot could see retirement income plunge by £1,167 per year." 

Alan:  I would say plus inflation and everything else involved.  And so this article here goes on, it says

"Millions of people could see the value of their pensions slashed by up to 20 per cent...  Those with a £100,000 pension fund could be more than £1,100 per year worse off...  The Solvency II rules…" 

Alan:  It’s called Solvency II

"…rules which are due to come into effect in January 2014, will force pension funds to hold a higher proportion of 'safe' Government bonds." 

Alan:  Which really is just the big central banks, you know the big private central banks.  That’s what it’s about. 

"Lord Leach of Fairford weighs in on Nature’s ‘denier’ gaffe." 

Alan:  It’s called.  You’ve got to understand the terminology again, it’s psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics that they use on the general public all the time, all marketing does by the way.  And it’s a technique invented again by the Soviet crowd that morphed into the Green Party, that also was part of the Frankfurt School and a various bunch of other ones too.  What you’d simply do is to hit on anything that is against you by any means possible, using derogatory terminology especially like Nazi or anti something or whatever, or phobic, you know and all this rubbish.  And to train you, to train you actually, and it works very well because most folk do get trained that way.  

But they’re calling people, anyone who is against the so-called science that’s put out to the general public, who check up on it and who don’t agree are now called deniers, like Holocaust denier, you see, that’s where it came from.  It’s a great technique isn’t it?  So you’re a climate denier, climate change denier, that’s some awful dirty person, you see. 

So there’s a Lord Leach of Fairford, he’s come in on the big debate and answering back about what a denier is.  He says:

"The use of the term “denier” does your journal a disservice, both for its vagueness and for its insulting overtone." 

Alan:  He’s replying to Nature Climate Change, a magazine.

"What does a “denier” deny? Certainly not Climate Change: nor global warming since records began in the late 19th century: nor the likelihood of human influence on temperatures. What, then?" 

Alan:  What is a denier?

"A “denier” denies certainty on a complex and still young scientific subject. A “denier” questions assumptions about the near irrelevance of solar, oceanic and other non-anthropogenic influences on temperature. A “denier” prefers evidence to model projections." 

Alan:  You know these computer predictions.

"A “denier” tests alarming predictions against actual observations. In short, a “denier” exhibits the symptoms of a genuine seeker after scientific truth." 

Alan:  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Alan:  Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, and I just had to let that guitar riff go there because sometimes you want to scream, and a guitar is better at screaming than you are. 

Now, when you see wealthy people belonging to, of course, a fine upstanding community, end up in the stand in court to do with molesting children, it’s so different how they treat them isn’t it?  Because they’ve got lots of cash compared to somebody else off the street that would do it.  And this is about the Sandusky trial as they kind of try to normalize it, you see, using, again terminology is very important, how you use terminology to the general public.  And the wife of Sandusky is up, the guy who is accused,


Alan:  That’s her name

"Dottie Sandusky takes the stand:  My husband's accusers are conniving and clingy... and I would have heard screams if someone was sexually abused in my basement'" 

Alan:  Because apparently that’s where he took most of them down there to the waterbed in the basement.  And it says:

"…saying that she remembers most of his accusers, and never witnessed them having sexual contact with the ex-Penn State football coach." 

Alan:  And she put up his bail and all the rest of it, and she doesn’t know, she’s simply stunned and doesn’t know why people would actually accuse her husband of doing anything like that.  It’s just you know one of these things. 

Anyway the victims, the different victims, up to I think nine or more.

"Victim 9 testified last week that he was attacked by Jerry Sandusky in the basement of their home and cried out for help while Dottie Sandusky was upstairs - but she never responded." 

Alan:  I think it’s something to do with having good status, and wealth, and a good position in the community, and you get selective hearing.  Anyway, it says here:

"The accusers have said that Sandusky directed them to the basement, where they allege he sometimes molested them on a waterbed that was in the room." 

Alan:  And then they bring in the psychologist because they can afford good ones, you know.  And you can really select them too if you’re on trial, you can pick the ones that you want. 

"On Tuesday, a psychologist testifying for the defence in the Jerry Sandusky trial says the former coach has a personality disorder characterized by excessive emotionality and attention-seeking." 

Alan:  It says.  And he also goes on to say that he’s got a ‘histrionic personality disorder’.  Well that technically is a term they use for a psychopath by the way, if you don’t know that, a hysterical attention-seeking psychopath.  Often they go into acting and things like that, or they become politicians if you look into the psychiatric books under that category.  I’m not kidding you; that’s how it is.  And it says:

"Atkins explained to the court that people with the disorder often interact with others in inappropriately seductive ways…" 

Alan:  Because they like to seduce the child.  That’s part of the fun they get, the seduction of young children who are immature.  That’s how they get their jollies actually, is that.  So anyway, I’ll put this article up tonight too for those who are still following it because Canada has got its own Hannibal the Cannibal case going on right now as he came back from Germany of course.   The guy that’s changed his name about three times to find the real one and he’s got some lesions on his face too, that guy, and the black ones that you used to see with AIDS carriers.  So, that will probably come out later on too.  We’ll wait and see.

Now, Canada up until about 2004 or so would often use the name, for the guys who rule it that is and all the big writers and those in the security teams in Canada, special security for the governments and that, they all belonged to the Canadian Institute for International Affairs which they would often interchange with the Council on Foreign Relations, like the American branch when they met them.  And in 2005 they came out all together having drafted up the whole treaty for the complete amalgamation of the Americas.  They admitted on television in Canada, in 2005, that they had drafted it all up and presented it to governments; and of course the three amigos, two presidents and a prime minister went down and signed it of course, and every year since they signed a further integration up to 2010.  And because myself and others exposed it, their terms and what they were doing and all the rest of it – even though they had top politicians belonging to this, like Lloyd Axworthy, who came on television under their own banner as the Council on Foreign Relations – they changed their name to this one here, for those who don’t know it, and it’s called CIGI and it’s the Centre for International Governance Innovation.  That’s the term they call the Council on Foreign Relations in Canada today for those who don’t know it.  Because we’ve got a big job in Canada.  Canada is always quiet you see, we keep out of the limelight.  We’ve got the best bacterial warfare business on the planet.  We’ve run it since the 1940’s.  And we’re also into big strategic plans across the whole planet because the limelight is off Canada you see.  The U.S. takes all the heat and Canada does all the brain work.  It says:

"Centre for International Governance Innovation." 

Alan:  So their job is to get the New World Order government, the whole system of governance across the planet up and working properly you see.  And so they’ve got a website up too for the G20 Los Cabos Summit and it’s their expert commentary and analysis.  And it’s quite comical because they mention the CFR members etcetera from the States and all that, but they don’t tell the public that the ones who are writing this are members of the Canadian branch of the CFR.  {Laughs}  It’s so well done isn’t it? 

So it says:

"The G20 leaders meet in Los Cabos"

"Access to CIGI blog, videos and publications for expert commentary and analysis" 

Alan:  So they give you what you’re supposed to think and all media then in Canada follows them.  Because they have their members in the heads of all media, just like the CFR does in the States, and television too and all the rest of it.  So whenever they publish something you can bet your bottom dollar that’s what’s coming up and that will happen, whatever they say, because they all work on it to make it happen. 

"Canadian airports being wired with listening equipment that 'will record conversations' " 

Alan:  Well we’re already getting watched but now they want to record conversations as well.

"Sophisticated cameras and microphones will put passengers at the Ottawa airport under greater scrutiny than ever before." 

"Airports and border crossings across Canada are being wired with high-definition cameras and microphones that can eavesdrop on travellers' conversations, according to the Canada Border Services Agency." 

Alan:  So whenever you go down to the borders just have a regular chit-chat, talk about movies and things, otherwise you’ll be suspicious because there are little posts put up all along the way, as you slow down in the line-up they’re listening to everything that you’re saying. 

"A CBSA statement said that audio-video monitoring and recording is already in place at unidentified CBSA sites at airports and border points of entry as part of an effort to enhance “border integrity,…"

Alan:  Oh isn’t that wonderful terminology, isn’t it?  You can see the marketers at work, "to enhance border integrity", yeah.  We’re not going to spy on you all, no, we’re "enhancing border integrity"

"…infrastructure and asset security and health and safety.”"

Alan:  {Laughs} Maybe they’re listening for you coughing eh? 

"As part of the work, the agency is introducing audio-monitoring equipment as well.  "It is important to note that even though audio technology is installed, no audio is recorded at this time. It will become functional at a later date," CBSA spokesman Chris Kealey said in a written statement.  But whenever that occurs, the technology, "will record conversations," the agency said in a separate statement in response to questions from the Ottawa Citizen."

Alan:  So, yeah, no permission, nothing, just ram it on ahead, to enhance security, safety and health even.  Oh that’s not too bad, eh?

Now one of the Gaia scientists, you know the Gaia mother earth nonsense they came out with as part of this big movement for the greenies and to bring us into sustainability, meaning poverty for all the masses.  And remember the Green Party was invented by Madeleine Albright’s grandfather who was the best pal of Stalin; he worked with him all the time.  And they came up with what happens at the end of communism, when we’re supposed to interlock with the West, remember it was all eventually to merge with the West into a system not quite communist, not quite capitalist.  That’s what we’re in today.  And so they created the Green Party.  And that’s what came out of the Soviet system, thanks to Madeleine Albright’s granddad. 

But they came out with the Gaia idea to get the young folk interested.  Oh Gaia is going to fight back, Gaia is a living organism.  Oh it’s the mother goddess, all that stuff.  And then they brought out James Lovelock of course with all his massive predictions of, oh, doom and gloom.  Well he’s cracking up, actually he’s "fracking" up, this guy, because now he’s changed his whole tune.  It says:

"Now, he’s got another zinger the greens will be none to happy to hear in the middle of Rio+20. That “disturbance in the force” felt earlier today was the wailing and gnashing of teeth heard from eco-followers worldwide when they heard the father of Gaia say the much hated and maligned fracking process is “OK”.  I can’t wait to see how the Rommulans and McKibbenites spin this one."

"Excerpts from the Guardian article by Leo Hickman:  Given that Lovelock predicted in 2006 that by this century’s end “billions of us will die…"

Alan:  Oh you’re all going to die.

"… and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable”, this new laissez-faire attitude to our environmental fate smells and sounds like of a screeching handbrake turn."

Alan:  As he’s changed his tune. 

"Indeed, earlier this year he admitted to MSNBC in an interview reported around the world with somewhat mocking headlines along the lines of “Doom-monger recants”,"

He says:

"…that he had been “extrapolating too far” in reaching such a conclusion and had made a “mistake” in claiming to know with such certainty what will happen to the climate."

Alan:  I mean he was one of the top gurus of the "we’re all going to die..." group you know, "...unless...".  Mind you Prince Charles tried that back then too.  He said we had, what, 3 or 4 months to fix it all or we’re all dead.  We’re still all here.  So he’s come out with the same prattle again.  Mind you, look at his school record, I mean he failed everything.  They had to give him a job somewhere, didn’t they?  So, there you go, the world is really cracking up or fracking up according to this one.  And then you’ve got, as I say I’ll put that link up, you’ve got to see that link to do with the "Latvian Austerity Success Story", it’s really pretty good. 

And in Australia because they’re really getting all ready you see to sort of cordon off China like they’ve cordoned off the old Russia system with missiles and all that.  I’ll put up tonight by the way stories on Australia to do with the first troops coming into Australia, from the U.S. of course, as they start building up the strength to cordon off that whole region to make sure everybody is on board with the global agenda, since after all they’ve been working on it for a hundred years.     

And I’ll put up too, from the Washington State Department:

"Washington Declaration on Defense Cooperation between the Department of Defense of the United States of America"

Alan:  This is also another one by the say.

"…and the Ministry of Defence of New Zealand…"

Alan:  Because they’re going to put troops in there as well from the U.S., the policeman of the world.  That’s the function of the U.S.  So they’ve got Australia and New Zealand as they start ramping up the military.  They’ve made all their treaties and everything else to get ready for it all.  Of course you’re paying for it as well mind you.

And it says here, this article here, if you scroll down:

"Foreign recruits are on fast track."

Alan:  In Australia.  It’s quite interesting.  See, understand, there are no countries, it’s like the movie "Network", there are no countries anymore, there is only international corporations with the big international money lenders at the top of them.  Who generally own the corporations, by the way, if you didn’t know that.  And all this stuff about reality, and your nation, and you’re proud to join the military, it’s all guff.  It’s called guff by the way, you know, because they just use you, as I mentioned the other night there, what Kissinger said, that soldiers, especially in America, he was talking about, in the military, he said, soldiers are simply dumb stupid animals who are to be used for foreign policy.  He’s quite right in that respect because you see you’re given propaganda but never truth.  Enough propaganda to get you angry to go off and kill, oh the "rag heads" or the "gooks" or whoever it is today, you see.

And the Japanese during World War II, look at all the old recruit posters, you see these little Japanese with big, big round eyeglasses on because they were all supposedly short-sighted and with kind of buckteeth, big long teeth like a rat.  That’s how you demonize the enemy.  But it doesn’t matter, the public, there’s always young guys ready to join up because they’re stupid, they haven’t got any wisdom.  And they all think they’re immortal at that age too. 

So, the big boys that use you to plunder, so that they can steal the land and the resources of other countries, they actually say that, you’re "dumb stupid animals".  That’s a direct quote from Kissinger. 

"The Australian Defence Force will beef up…"

Alan:  And it’s the same in Australia.

"… foreign recruits..."

Alan:  You see everybody’s depending now on foreign recruits.

"…after Parliament passed a law to allow family members to become citizens in just 90 days."

Alan:  How is that folks?

"In the past the spouse and children of a foreign soldier, sailor or flyer joining the Australian military had to be permanent residents for four years before they could qualify for citizenship.  The Government Bill, introduced to Parliament several days after a similar Opposition Bill was tabled, also allows dependent children with a disability who don't attend school and a dependent parent to be fast-tracked. Defence Personnel Minister Warren Snowdon said the law was the result of months of work."

Alan:  Oh, months of work, who’s kidding who?  When did they do any work on that?  They just hand it to a bunch of lawyers you know and then put the tab onto the public. 

"In recent years the Defence Force has sent out tentacles to numerous countries to fill highly-skilled technical jobs such as pilots, submariners, warfare officers and military police."

Alan:  In other words they’re too broke to hire them and train them themselves. 

"Even a foreign padre has been recruited.  During the past three years it has hired 573 foreign troops - who were accompanied by 603 family members.  It does not "poach" foreign military personnel, but stands ready to hire any who qualify for jobs that cannot be filled by Australians."

Alan:  It means that they need bodies and there’s big things coming up in the future folks.  I can remember lots of guys in Britain, in Scotland especially leaving the military and going right into the U.S. military even towards the latter part of the Vietnam War.  And that’s what they’ve always done.  The U.S. has been famous for it, even during the Civil War they had recruitment offices in Sweden and all over the planet for the same thing.  So there’s nothing new, nothing new about it.  You’re just a body, you see, that might kill a few more of the enemy before you get killed.  That’s all they hope for.

And we’re awfully cheap really, when it works out.  When you retire, or you’re ready to retire they just fire you before you retire, like that article I read last night, and you can’t get your pension.  

"Agenda 21: How Will It Affect You?"

It says:

"Farm Wars"

Alan:  And it’s a video.  I’ll put that up tonight as well for those who want to have a little peek.  It’s Agenda 21 which is getting ramped up now because now you’ve got the Rio+20 backing it up and you’re going to see that this is going to control every aspect of your life.  It’s written in complete bureaucratese, socialist style, complete. 

And in Britain they’re also, again everything has to go private because you see there’s big trouble coming down the pike across the whole world, especially the first world countries as they ram austerity through, and they cut back on welfare payments, and then those at the bottom are going to see the prices increase before anybody else is hit by them.  And there’s going to be mass rioting you see, and they know this at the top.  They’ve planned for this for twenty, thirty years.  Every step that’s happening today was planned many moons ago folks.  Many donkey’s years ago, and a donkey’s year is an awful long time.  It says:

"Union warns on police privatisation"

Alan:  Well you see then the cops aren’t answerable to the general public, when they privatize, same with the military.  That’s the whole purpose of it.  So the union in Britain on police are complaining about police privatization.

"The Government has been warned it is "playing with fire" over plans to privatize parts of the police service after a poll showed overwhelming opposition among the public.  A survey of 2,000 adults for Unison showed that almost two-thirds did not want operational functions of local policing handed over to private companies."

Alan:  And remember too Quigley said that, from the Council on Foreign Relations, he said that the future, which we’re in now, has to be run by international private corporations.  It’s a new feudal system you see.  It was far easier in the feudal days because they didn’t have to answer to the public, they just slaughtered them, and hung them and that; you were a lord.  Well it’s the same thing with the big corporations, they can get what they want.  But they’ve got to make sure they have their own armies and police and that way, in fact you see a private police force is an army, whether you like it, just call it what it is, it’s an army.  They’re all in uniform, and their job is to do what their bosses tell them.  You are the peasant, they are the bosses.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks, I’m back and also tonight I want to mention that the…

"NSA won't say how many Americans they've spied on; cite "privacy concerns"

Alan:  That’s why they can’t tell you they’re spying on you.  It’s privacy concerns.  Isn’t that a beautiful Orwellian matrix sort of mentality here, as they bend reality around in spirals until you don’t know where you are.  It says:

"Want to know if the US government has gone through your emails and listened in on your phone calls? The National Security Agency says they can’t consider such a request, and the reasoning is laughable — even by Washington standards."

"Responding to a request made recently by two leading lawmakers in Congress, the NSA has sent a letter saying that they refuse to reveal the number of Americans that they have spied on through provisions made in 2008 to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), a legislation that allows the government to go through correspondence that they believe is being sent overseas. The reasoning, explains the NSA, is that informing Americans about any spying they may have been subjected to would be damaging to personal privacy. "

Alan:  Ha-ha-ha. {Laughs} It’s beautiful isn’t it?  Ha-ha.  They can’t tell you, it might damage your personal privacy. {Laughs}

"Under the last batch of amendments tagged..."

Alan:  Oh we’re just slaves, eh?

"…onto FISA, the US government is given the power to pry into email, phone logs and other modes of communication that cross international borders — all in the name of national security, of course. Since little is known about how they use this act, however, Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mark Udall (D-CO) appealed to the NSA for an answer. "

Alan:  So they can’t tell you, it might make you unhappy or something; maybe you’ll have a nervous breakdown, to realize you’re getting spied on like that. 

And in Britain too, Britain’s got the new communications bill out as well as they go after all postal mail now.  And I’ll put that up tonight, the article on it and also the link to the government so you can download the whole, you can download the pdf yourself, it’s called the UK Communications Bill.  So I’ll put that one up for those who are interested in what’s happening to them.  Most folk don’t care, they’re too happy with their iPods and their cell phones and their high definition; they really are, most of them, aren’t they?  Or following politics and voting. {Laughs} 

And it says here too, this is an article about Victoria and B.C. and how the Occupy Movement is all controlled from the top.  I’ll put this link up tonight.  It shows you some of the top players in it that are professional NGO leaders, funded by the big players that are so well known, and by the big foundations.  I’ll put this one up tonight as well. 

And also to do, I’ll put up the first contingent of U.S. Marines arrive in Darwin, 200 of them, they want to go up to two and a half thousand, and it’ll be a lot more than that eventually.  Because you see India and China, you know China pulled itself up by its own bootstraps you know, apart from the fact that we funded China into existence as it is today through the IMF and the World Trade Organization, and all your tax money, plus deals to buy all their stuff, etcetera.  We made China what it is.  So now that we’ve made it what it is, oh it might become too powerful.  And they’re in the process now of putting all your tax money, the redistribution of wealth, ala Karl Marx and Lenin, to India, it’s doing the same with India.  So we’re pumping up India that might be a future enemy.  So, why are we doing it in the first place, huh?  What a game the bankers play with us all, eh?  So they have to go into the China Sea, just in case you know, just in case you see.  As we make them all wealthy we’ve got to make sure that we start paying now for troops to monitor them all, and air forces, and all the rest of the usual hoopla because folks you’re living a fantasy.  A fantasy and most of you follow the pied pipers and never figure it out.  

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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