December 3rd, 2012 (#1226)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt December 3rd, 2012:

Scientific Rule by Reason:

Kill the Unborn, the Newborn, the Elderly, the Birds:

"Bottom Level Reality, Overloaded with Information,
Disposable Celebrities, Causes Mental Constipation,
Yet it's Not by Chance this Verbiage is Churned Out,
But to Prevent Enquiring What the System's All About,
Under this Scientific Tyranny You Live as Peter Pan,
Never Gaining Wisdom from Childhood to a Man,
Lots of Specialists Above Guide Your Mind Along,
Watching Degenerate TV, Amused by Latest Song,
Don't Think About Why Songbirds are Disappearing,
USDA are Culling Them, Success, Hear Them Cheering,
For the Agri-Business Lobbyists have had Their Way,
Want 100% Crop Profits, Then Kill Birds They Say,
"Don't Bother Telling Public, Leave Them Mystified",
"Man-Made Global Warming," the Governments All Lied"
© Alan Watt Dec. 3, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Dec. 3, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December the 3rd 2012.  For newcomers, I suggest you make good use of the website,; there’s over a thousand audios for download, for free, and I go through the system you’re born into (the system the press doesn’t talk about because it’s run by a few people really, basically), set up a long time ago; the richest people on the planet got together and formed themselves a big club and got themselves a Royal Charter, in fact, to sound very, very officious, but actually they’re private.  They’re a private organization of international bankers (at the time at least), but they got more members coming in over the ages. They run your media, they run your television for you, all your news for you across the world  —and, well basically they do that: they run the world.  In fact, that was their goal: to take over the world, its resources (everything in it) and own it themselves, of course, and that included people as well, for those who don’t quite get the point yet because we’re living at the bottom level of reality —that’s the system designed for all of the general population.  So, help yourself to the website; you’ll find lots to keep yourself interested, and I go through the history of that, if you go through the various shows I’ve done in the past.  Remember too, all the sites listed have transcripts as well in English for print-up.  And if you go into you get transcripts in other languages.


Also remember you are the audience that bring me to you.  This is not a business.  And basically I came out at the time to start changing the direction of patriot radio because it was navel-gazing; it didn’t quite get the fact this was a worldwide agenda and what was happening in one country was happening in all the countries at the same time through international agreements via the United Nations, which again was set up and run by the Royal Institute for International Affairs (the Council on Foreign Relations in other countries).  So, you can keep me going by buying the books and discs at  And you can donate as well, hopefully.  And to do so, just go into the website and you’ll see how to do it.  From the U.S. to Canada, remember, you can still use Personal Checks or International Postal Money Orders; you can send cash or use PayPal.  And across the world: Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.  Remember straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome in these austere inflationary times.


And as I say, I go through the history of this because you’re living through it.  You’ve all been conditioned, scientifically, to believe in the low-level reality; a lot of work goes into creating that, and of course the first step a long time ago was to create an international education authority and that was done through the League of Nations and then the United Nations to make sure they standardized the indoctrination across the whole planet.  And many people are onboard with this too; they’ve swallowed all the propaganda of “happy hands across the sea,” all that kind of stuff, smiling faces, and they don’t realize that, no, the big boys at the top really are eugenicists.  They came into all the countries they dominated from elsewhere and they are a particular group to themselves and they know exactly where they are going.  In order to conquer the world you have to conquer all the cultures of the world (and that’s what they’ve been doing all along).  So, it’s not a happy place across the world; it’s really the domination of every group, every country, every culture, and the destruction of the same in order to bring in this new system of theirs, of total domination.  So we’re well into it, and as I say, the first generation has gone through all this, your grandparents were going through it in their own time too (they didn’t know it either) and the group at the top, if you read the Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley (he was an insider; he worked for the CFR), he goes through the history of the plans, the big plans, and how they were using wars, even world wars, to bring this all about.  So they’re ruthless at the top.  You better understand that.  They are eugenically inclined at the top and they really promoted science as the new religion, a science and a system designed when they pushed out in front of the world Charles Darwin (that was no little happy genius, believe you me).  He was simply put out by the society at the right time, because science usurps and becomes the master.


Back after these messages…


Hi folks.  I’ve said before that we’re living at the bottom level of reality.  A lot of work goes into it, as I say, because starting even from comic books when you’re really small and cartoons on television where the people get paid money to insert all the P.C. updates for you so that you’ll grow up thinking everything is quite normal even though it’s 180 degrees from what it was in your parents’ time (and it’s really on a roll now too).  But it’s a perfect scientific system.  And many of the guys who planned this particular step of the system (and steps yet to come) are dead in fact and other ones have taken over from them, like Bertrand Russell; they all worked in world organizations to design the systems and the changes and the takedowns of the cultures as we went along, and we’re well and truly into the end of one phase of it into the next phase.  So, nothing happens by chance.  And the average person, of course, floats through his life, doesn’t think that he’s even being manipulated (it’s quite amazing); he doesn’t even know that his education is pure indoctrination, in fact, for the new type of society and he’ll think that everything is quite natural even when he’s getting taxed into the ground, and his money is getting put across to all places across the world to corporations in a fascist system at the top, but he himself is living in a communistic system which is getting more and more communistic at the bottom with government agencies running every little part of your lives (that’s a fact, folks).  And the big boys too, as I say, eventually will have no use of you.


And you’ve got to understand going back into the Soviet era and the Cold War, there are three levels of reality and at the bottom level you’ve got your bottom level; we’re still on the bottom level here, when you get your trivia and various other things thrown at you, but they never give you an answer as to what to do about anything.  They just keep you kind of scared and nervous and on edge, and that way you obey authorities.  And then above that they’ve got the ones working in academia and then within academia they have another level above them, people drawn out of academia to work with government institutions and various agencies both public and private that all work together to create the society and how to influence the next generation of children coming up (so everyone is programmed before they even know it).  And then above that you’ve got the higher groups, again, where only one professor in maybe 80 or 90 will get access to archives (the real archives) like professor Carroll Quigley got access to, a history that’s a parallel history.  And he thought at the time that the Royal Institute for International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations should really be known to the public as to their effect on history because they had basically manipulated history for a hundred years or more (and now it’s about two hundred years).


So, you’re going into a system, as I say, predesigned (including all the major things that will happen).  You think the bank crashes just crashed because it just happened that way?  No, it was time to pull the plug to bring you into austerity that was planned many, many, many years before that and then to get us all bailing them out and getting used to throwing your money across the waters to other countries; that’s the redistribution of wealth, the communist plank in the manifesto, it’s right in there, something that we supposedly fought all those years.  And of course it’s going to corporations, international corporations, not to the countries at all, really.  It might go into the pockets of dictators – or elected dictators we call them in democracy; they’re actually elected dictators – in third world countries, but that’s where it’s going.  And at the same time back home as they get you used to incredible austerity they’ve built up an internal army under the guise of antiterrorism (had it going before 2001) and Canada, every country has been preparing for this in a big, big way when they take the countries down into this real poverty (even ration cards and all that is going to come as well, eventually) and there is going to be a lot of upset people and they’re prepared for it. They’ve got internal armies under various guises of antiterrorism; a multi-jurisdictional task force from all the services come together to handle these kind of things, of course.  And now you’re going to have all these massive drones all over the place looking through your window, just like Orwell’s 1984 (and here it all is).


There’s an article here.  It’s actually from Air and Space Magazine about all the drones and so on.  It goes through a bit of the history of it and where it’s going now with the full go-ahead for unrolling all of these drones across the countries and all the different agencies that will be allowed to use them, etcetera.  It’s all done.  It’s a done deal, done before you even get the news that it’s passed as law (everything always is).


And also, to mention Canada —I mean, Canada is really big into this taking money from the peasants and throwing it across the world, and you find what they’re into, where it’s going.  This article here says...


When she shut down the 35-year relationship between the ecumenical group KAIROS and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in 2009, it seemed that Conservative minister Bev Oda had lost her tongue. It was left to a faceless bureaucrat to call KAIROS and tell them their human rights projects in some of the world’s most troubled countries no longer fit CIDA’s criteria. When Oda was questioned about this in the House of Commons, she had nothing to say and sat there... (Alan: quietly).


(A: And then it says...)


But Oda has plenty to say these days, including a recent lengthy interview with the Ottawa Citizen, in which she speaks with great enthusiasm about CIDA’s new support for pilot projects abroad with Canadian mining companies and select NGOs. (A: Nongovernmental Organizations)


(A:  So, you see, your money is going under the guise of charitable things and all this kind of thing into big projects in other countries.  And that’s the definition of fascism, is big corporations working directly with government. In fact, the CEOs end up going into politics and back in as CEOs now; it’s just your musical chairs.  It says...)


What was not clear in 2009 is becoming much more obvious today. The Conservatives have pulled CIDA out of a number of the world’s poorest countries, particularly in Africa, and have refocused on other countries where Canada has more robust trading relationships. It would seem that aid is all about trade, although Oda sees no distinction. Asked by The Citizen how she separates Canada’s trade and foreign policy interests from development goals, she said, “I really don’t separate them.”


CIDA will soon abandon a number of its long-standing development partners among Canadian NGOs, including a number of church-based organizations.


A:  So what they’re doing is the church organizations are getting the heave, folks.  And the big NGOs that are the armies of NGOs (like the Rockefeller foundation has got thousands of them, and Carnegie, Ford and a whole bunch of them) will be getting the cash, the taxpayers’ money, and to work with the big corporate organizations across the world. I’ll put that up tonight too.  I’ll put all these things up at, remember, so you can look them up for yourselves, for those who want to keep records of things.  And then this same corporation, it says here...


CIDA [is] not getting into mining, Julian Fantino says


(A: He says…)


Canada’s aid agency


(A: They call it an aid agency...)


isn’t getting into the mining industry, but is working with companies in developing countries so it doesn’t have to "continually bail them out," International Co-operation Minister Julian Fantino said Wednesday.


In a speech last week, Fantino said the Canadian International Development Agency’s co-operation with the mining and extractive industry "is a prime example of how a government agency like ours can partner with the private sector to advance global development objectives."


A: So yeah, we are paying for mining in other countries using the taxpayers’ money.  So, I’ll put that up as well. 


Also, you understand at the bottom level you’re never told the truth on anything.  I hope you really realize that (and I mean across the board, folks).  It’s massive.  This is the dark ages; that’s where we are.  Forget all the trivia that’s thrown at you, by data, every day, by television: you’re kept in the dark ages of reality.  It says…


Asperger’s [syndrome] dropped from revised diagnosis manual


(A: Now they’ve got so many so-called autism spectrum disorders now that they’re trying to do away with some of them and just amalgamate them all, but it’s also to get away from paying certain parents some support at home; it’s more important to throw the money abroad and put it into mines and things.  And it says it’s dropped from the revised diagnosis manual.)


The now familiar term "Asperger’s disorder" is being dropped. And abnormally bad and frequent temper tantrums will be given a scientific-sounding diagnosis called DMDD. But "dyslexia" and other learning disorders remain (A: the same).


The revisions come in the first major rewrite in nearly 20 years of the diagnostic guide used by the nation’s psychiatrists. Changes were approved Saturday.


Full details of all the revisions will come next May when the American Psychiatric Association’s new diagnostic manual is published, but the impact will be huge, affecting millions of children and adults worldwide. The manual also is important for the insurance industry in deciding what treatment to pay for,


(A:  And obviously what not to pay for.)


and it helps schools decide how to allot special education.


A: So, everything is getting changed.  Now remember too, they know darn well the rise in autism came, this kind of autism, you understand.  Autism used to be known at birth, not long after birth; you could watch the child and if it didn’t get to the first milestones of watching with its eyes parents and so on, and going Da-da and Ma-ma, then there was something wrong.  The new one comes after it gets its first set of shots, and it’s well documented. I’m not going to even argue about it; I’ve got so many articles here I’ve collected over many years.  There’s no doubt about it: they’re being hit with the first inoculations, and there’s a whole bunch of spectrum disorders that comes out of it.  And this is now called autism and autism spectrum disorder.


Also here, in Britain it says…


Up to two million people are to have their credit files secretly checked under a crackdown on tax evasion to be unveiled by George Osborne to help raise another £10 billion.


(A: It says here.  So Her Majesty’s Revenue collection agency...)


HMRC will today unveil the “successful” results of a pilot programme


(A:  A pilot project, remember...)


involving about 20,000 people which will now be extended nationally.


(A:  So they’re watching all your spending habits on internet and so on, and the access to what you get in as pay and how much you’re spending, and so on and so on and so on.  This is your free society, folks.  It says…)


Credit reference agencies will cross-check details of the income people declare on their tax returns against their spending patterns to identify “high” and “medium” risks of both illegal and legal tax avoidance.


A:  Back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m back; we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I’ve talked for years about the scientific system we’re in today.  And Aldous Huxley and Bertrand Russell and various other people talked about the system coming in.  Russell even said that it would be a scientific tyranny and it would be ruthless because it was based on science, you see (reason, you understand, reason), and religion would be a thing of the past (except for special people across the world who are given the approval to carry on).  And science truly is that way today, but the thing is too, we’re run scientifically; that means not telling you anything that really matters, keeping you in the dark and always lying to people who put questions in to governments to find out what’s happening about certain things that they’ve noticed, things that are wrong.


And for years I’ve talked about the bird kills that are going on because there’s hardly any darn birds left that are coming up and down from Canada to the States.  And you can go through forests now (I do, frequently) and there’s not a songbird anywhere; it’s just disgusting.  And of course they’re getting bombarded by the air from all the toxic chemicals and minerals that are coming down from the sky with all the spraying programs that are going on, geo-engineering again.  We’re not supposed to notice it, by the way; they started it for sure daily in 1998; they’ve tested it out over thirty years before that but they started in earnest in 1998.  And every year since 2005 the bird population has been plummeting, lots of other animals too; never mind the human health and impact too: everyone’s got bronchitis that they can’t shake off and the doctors are all aware of it and the governments are aware of it because they get all the records going in in real time of all the visits to doctors and see what drugs are selling quicker; it’s all to do with bronchial related problems.  Anyway, I’m going to put up tonight articles, so go into; these articles are very important because it comes out when you understand what you’re looking for, you’ve got to get the right name in government files to know what they’re talking about.  They never come out with plain language because they don’t want you to see it.  But there’s an article here.  It says…


USDA Bird Kill


During 2009, the USDA (A: the Department of Agriculture, right...) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service - Wildlife Services, euthanized nearly 4 Million birds in the U.S.


(A: Now you understand, government always underestimates even their costs, never mind their figures, so it’s a lot more than that.  This was just 2009, they’re claiming.)


Given the high profile reporting lately of the mysterious bird kill incidences, it was startling to come across a report


(A: from different papers...)


where they had discovered a U.S. government document which lists statistics of euthanized animals during the year 2009 by the USDA APHIS WS.


A:  And you’ll find lots of these articles are from the government themselves.  And tonight I’ll put up (it’s just astonishing) the tables of kills over the years in different areas, and all the songbirds are getting killed off too; it started with the blackbirds, they claim, but the poisons they’re putting down all over the place in the spring (that’s when the birds are really hungry) attracts all the kind of birds and it’s killing them all off, but they’ve got Canada Geese and everything, which means that Canada is obviously in on the act with the USDA (they had to come to agreements) because these birds are migratory, a lot of these birds.  And people have noticed the massive, massive decline. It’s even on Canada’s website.  What they do say is the bird populations are down about 75, 80-odd percent around this area alone, where I live.  And they’re putting it down to acid rain, even though their own site tells you acid rain has massively declined since about 1980, so it’s not that at all.  They know darn well what’s causing it because they agreed with the U.S. to have this poisoning going on.


But this article here says...




(A: You see, the farming industry, the big agri-businesses, are really into growing all the biofuels and so on, and corn, and yada-yada-ya, and they’re claiming these birds are eating one to two percent—possibly, they say, possibly, and maybe not at all, but—possibly one to two percent of their whole harvest.  So the idea came up years ago to start poisoning them off and keep it all quiet from the general public.  And this particular one on sunflowers goes through all the different departments: of Agriculture, Animal and Planet Health Inspection Services, National Wildlife Research Center, Ohio Field Station; another one, Riverdale Maryland; there’s a whole bunch of places where they’ve put up these places to kill all the birds that are migratory  —massive, massive culls going on.  And it says that…)


In the northern Great Plains of the United States, conflicts between red-winged blackbirds and sunflower growers have intensified since the late 1960’s due to the expanded commercial productions of sunflowers.


(A: and that’s big agri-business boys…)


We studied the potential population effects of the removal of up to 2 million red-winged blackbirds annually under a 5-year program baiting during the spring with DRC-1339...


(A: That’s the chemical that they’re using to kill them; of course it kills every other bird too. It doesn’t say “come here blackbirds, it’s just for you.”  Anyway, this article goes on and on about the...


Variable annual culls, not exceeding 2 million birds…


A: Etcetera etcetera; but they’ve stepped it up, obviously, until they’re killing almost all of them off.  I’ll also put up one too tonight with the actual figures from the government…


Table G. Animals Taken by Wildlife Services…


A: For the 2009 year.  It goes through all the different species of them; it’s a whole bunch of them, not just birds too.  There are various badgers and everything else getting killed off, and various other things, bats too, by the way.  But it’s just astonishing.  They’ve got all the figures here.  I’ve got different tables for birds and animals.  I’ll put them up as well.


Back after these messages…


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the mass bird kills that are going on, and been going on for a few years in fact, by the governments to save the big corporate farmers, even with their biofuels too now.  Interesting too that even the biofuels are taking 40% of the corn, and there are professors coming out working with government saying that the beef cattle in the U.S. shortly will be made to be smaller and thinner and so on, so you’ll be paying a lot more money for less, and that again will eventually get you off meat, obviously. But 40 percent of the corn that they’ve used for feedstock is going to biofuels, the other big thing like the windmills, in a time when they’ve got so much of a glut of oil; there’s never been so much oil ever in the history so far that we’ve been in the oil industries. 


Anyway, back to the birds.  And it says the 2009 APHIS bird euthanasia and it goes through the list of birds, and it starts off with the...


Red Avadavats, 2,873;   Brewer’s Blackbirds, 4,609;   Red-Winged Blackbird,


(A:  I haven’t seen any this year at all, up this way.  Almost a million...)


965,889;   Blackbirds, mixed, 22,226;   Red-Vented Bulbuls, 1,436;   Red Crested Cardinal, 4,013;


(A:  Government-euthanized birds as well at the bottom of them; each one’s got government-euthanized ones.)


Double-Crested Cormorants, 17,394;   Brown-Headed Cowbirds, 1,046,109;   Eurasian Collared Doves, 1,327;   Mourning Doves, 16,912;   Spotted Doves, 15,035;   Zebra Doves, 19,695;   Mallard Ducks, 2,494;   Cattle Egrets, 3,126;   House Finches, 6,338;   Gray Francolins, 1,869;   Canada Geese, 24,519;


(A:  So Canada’s definitely in on it to have this happening too, government-euthanized birds and so on.)


Boat-Tailed Grackles, 4,736;   Common Grackles, 93,210;   Great-Tailed Grackles, 16,414;   California Gulls, 1,131;   Glaucous-Winged Gulls, 3,934;   Herring Gulls 3,871;   Laughing Gulls, 5,092;   Ring-Billed Gulls, 6,515;   Horned Larks, 1,017;   Chestnut Mannikins, 41,794;


A:  And it goes on and on with astonishing figures; and that’s just one year.  And you wonder why there’s no birds around.


I’ll put all this up tonight remember at with all the links to the government websites, and hopefully you’ll start to understand that science supposedly (they’re calling it science) is running the world.  Now these are the swine too, mind you, that sit up in their ivory towers and discuss us like little ants, of course, like a separate species.  And if you think they’re just going after animals you better think again, because these guys at the top, and I’ve read many articles here about eugenics and culling the human population too – if you think they’re not doing that as well you’ve got another thing coming.


And this article here is from the government’s website too, the U.S. government, and it’s a letter from the National Audubon Society that works with them, by the way; they’re all for killing off invasive species, with anything they’ll call invasive species – kind of strange, that, in a time of multiculturalism, isn’t it?  Anyway, it says…


The United States government is proposing (A: This is back in 2002...) to slaughter millions of animals in the western prairies.


No, this is not the late 1800’s when the targets were buffalo.  This is the year 2002, and this time the target is red-winged blackbirds. In fact, implementing the proposed blackbird-poisoning program would be one of the largest bird killing efforts ever conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).


The public policy question boils down to this: Should the USDA professionals poison 2 million blackbirds a year for 3 years (for a total of 6 million dead blackbirds)


(A: It’s still going on folks. I just read the articles from 2009.)


to protect...


A: Agriculture.  The public policy question boils down to this, and they go on and on and on about all their different things.  But it does go into the fact that it’s going to kill all the other birds as well.  And actually they’ve stepped up the program to kill all the other birds.


So, this is your big fascist system with a scientific elite, supposedly, you know professionals, of sound judgment and mind and all that nonsense, running your world for you.  And as I say, you better remember too about what they mean about people when they talk about people in the same tone and fashion, they actually go ahead and do it, just like they went ahead and did this without telling the general public as well.  Remember that.  I hope you really, really get this through your heads, what’s running the world.  Going back to Russell, he said that if there was to be a totalitarian government (a world government too) he said that he preferred it to be scientific; he says it would be totally tyrannical and ruthless. Well, that’s what you have, all you folks that laughed at your old religions which at least you could handle and gave you some morality, and of course they had to do away with morality too to destroy the cultures.  Anyway, I’ll put all these links up tonight, a whole bunch of PDFs as well, for those who are interested who still think about nature at all because most folk are in cities and they live in artificial environments; a city’s artificial to begin with.  Everything is brought into it: water, food, everything.  And outside there, a lot of them just don’t want to go outside there and get their feet dirty.  But this is happening all over the place, as I say.  And I’ll put these links up tonight for those who want to have a gander – a gander —they’re probably killing all them off as well, because after all it’s not gender specific.


Also, I want to put up one too, about in Britain they’ve got another organization doing the same stuff in Britain, by the way, because they’re killing off ducks over there.  Now listen to this article, for instance...


Final 100 ruddy ducks in the UK facing extermination


(A: The Cull, so far...)


Cull has killed 6,500, at a cost of £5m


(A: Well when government does anything, the sky is the limit.)


and the government is about to spend a further £200,000 on the remaining birds


(A: Apparently there’s about a hundred-odd left, they claim.)


It’s small, chestnut-brown and American, bobs around on lakes and ponds and has bred happily in Britain for 60 years. But bird lovers hoping to see the ruddy duck in a natural habitat should hurry because the government is about to spend a further £200,000 trying to shoot the last 100 in an attempt to finally exterminate the invasive species.


(A:  You understand, this invasive species thing was dreamed up at the United Nations a long time ago and is taught at universities as a must-be kind of thing.  So, they want to kill anything that doesn’t belong there, they claim.)


The cull, which started in 1999 after Spanish conservationists complained that birds originating in Britain threatened the survival of their own rare white-headed ducks by interbreeding with them, has so far killed around 6,500 at a cost of over £5m, making the ruddy duck, at around £900 each,


(A:  To kill.  Can you believe it, 900 pounds to kill each one?)


some of the most expensive ducks in the world. According to Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra),


(A: Now, it’s interesting that now you’ve got a department of food, environment, and rural affairs, you see.  I’m surprised they didn’t put energy in there as well. And they call it Defra.)


fewer than 100 remain, after a culling of 2,689 ducks between September 2005 and January 2007.


But bird lovers have questioned the practicality and sense in continuing with the cull of the birds whose only crime, it has been said, is to be "American, over-sexed and over here".


Last year, some European countries with ruddy duck populations gave up trying to kill all their birds for both financial and logistical reasons. "The cull cannot succeed now...."


A: Well, it won’t stop these idiots from trying; governments are weird that way.  You know, if you say to them you’ll go so far then you’ll be banging your head against a wall, well you’d see all the bureaucrats banging their head against a wall; they just can’t take logic.  Logic doesn’t fit in with their schedules and mandates, you know; they’re like robots.


So, that’s the nonsense that’s going on in the world as they cull off various species across the planet.  And of course with all the wars they’re culling off other species as well (like humanity) but no one seems to mind that too much.


And also, as I say, I could go on and on about this one subject but people will forget it because they’ll tune into something else after I’m off and they’ll be lost again: that’s the overload of data, that you can’t keep your eyes on what’s really happening that’s really important; because, as I say, when big decisions are made at the top, above – and it’s unelected people, remember, all these ones that are appointed, all these bureaus that are just set up by governments – they’re not responsible to you as far as they’re concerned.  They go ahead and do it because they all believe that they’re gods remaking the planet.  And I really mean it.  They’ve been remaking you, reengineering you, for quite some time with the food that you eat and the water that you drink and everything else they put in it – never mind the spraying that’s going on and all the inoculations they’ve shoved into you.  They know exactly what it’s supposed to do to you, and you can see the signs all around you.


And, this article here is about the so-called global warming fizzle.  And it says…


18 annual climate gabfests: 16 years without warming


(A:  And it says the graph shows no warming over the past 16 years.  Christopher Monckton, of course, is the guy who wrote this one.  And he says...)


DELEGATES at the 18th annual UN climate gabfest


(A: And it’s a grab-fest for cash, of course.)


at the dismal, echoing Doha conference center – one of the least exotic locations chosen for these rebarbatively repetitive exercises in pointlessness – have an Oops! problem.


No, not the sand-flies. Not the questionable food. Not the near-record low attendance. The Oops! problem is this. For the past 16 of the 18-year series of annual hot-air sessions about hot air, the world’s hot air has not gotten hotter. There has been no global warming. At all. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Bupkis.


(A: And so he says...)


The equations of classical physics do not require the arrow of time to flow only forward. However, observation indicates this is what always happens. So tomorrow’s predicted warming that has not happened today cannot have caused yesterday’s superstorms, now, can it?


That means They can’t even get away with claiming that tropical storm Sandy and other recent extreme-weather happenings were All Our Fault. After more than a decade and a half without any global warming at all, one does not need to be a climate scientist to know that global warming cannot have been to blame.


Or, rather, one needs not to be a climate scientist. The wearisomely elaborate choreography of these yearly galah sessions has followed its usual course this time, with a spate of suspiciously-timed reports in the once-mainstream media solemnly recording that “Scientists Say” their predictions of doom are worse than ever. But the reports are no longer front-page news. The people have tuned out.


(A:  I’d add: of the farce.  They’ve tuned out of the farce.)


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPeCaC), the grim, supranational bureaucracy that makes up turgid, multi-thousand-page climate assessments every five years, has not even been invited to Doha. Oversight or calculated insult? It’s your call.


(A:  And he says the...)


IPeCaC is about to churn out yet another futile tome. And how will its upcoming Fifth Assessment Report deal with the absence of global warming since a year after the Second Assessment report? Simple. The global-warming profiteers’ bible won’t mention it.


There will be absolutely nothing about the embarrassing 16-year global-warming stasis in the thousands of pages of the new report. Zilch. Nada. Zip...


Instead, the report will hilariously suggest that up to 1.4 Cº of the 0.6 Cº global warming observed in the past 60 years was manmade.


A:  Yeah, they’ll keep on with their mantra; it doesn’t matter what evidence is there, you see.  You understand, under the guise of sciences there are big political, social, and commercial agendas. You understand that. I hope you really understand it’s all that way (all of it), all that way.


Anyway, I’ll put that up tonight too.  Also, I want to mention this one; it’s quite interesting with a funny title but it’s not so funny...


Why Are Cows Tails Dropping Off?


(A:  It says.  And it says...)


In a Brooklyn winery on a sultry July evening, an elegant crowd sips rosé and nibbles trout plucked from the clear streams of upstate New York. The diners are here, with their checkbooks, to support a group called Chefs for the Marcellus, which works to protect the foodshed upon which hundreds of regional farm-to-fork restaurants depend.


(A:  Then it goes through what’s happening...)


In Pennsylvania, the oil and gas industry is already on a tear—drilling thousands of feet into ancient seabeds, then repeatedly fracturing (or “fracking”) these wells with millions of gallons of highly pressurized, chemically laced water, which shatters the surrounding shale and releases fossil fuels. New York, meanwhile, is on its own natural-resource tear, with hundreds of newly opened breweries, wineries, organic dairies and pastured livestock operations—all of them capitalizing on the metropolitan area’s hunger to localize its diet.


But there’s growing evidence that these two impulses, toward energy and food independence, may be at odds with each other.


(A: And it goes on to do with what’s happening...)


Tonight’s guests have heard about residential drinking wells tainted by fracking fluids in Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Colorado. They’ve read about lingering rashes, nosebleeds and respiratory trauma in oil-patch communities, which are mostly rural, undeveloped, and lacking in political influence and economic prospects. The trout nibblers in the winery sympathize with the suffering of those communities. But their main concern tonight is a more insidious matter: the potential for drilling and fracking operations to contaminate our food.


(A:  And then it goes into examples...)


Jacki Schilke and her sixty cattle live in the top left corner of North Dakota, a windswept, golden-hued landscape in the heart of the Bakken Shale. Schilke’s neighbors love her black Angus beef, but she’s no longer sharing or eating it—not since fracking began on thirty-two oil and gas wells within three miles of her 160-acre ranch and five of her cows dropped dead. Schilke herself is in poor health. A handsome 53-year-old with a faded blond ponytail and direct blue eyes, she often feels lightheaded when she ventures outside. She limps and has chronic pain in her lungs, as well as rashes that have lingered for a year. Once, a visit to the barn ended with respiratory distress and a trip to the emergency room. Schilke also has back pain linked with overworked kidneys,


(A:  That’s what your body does with these chemicals: it overworks the kidneys.)


and on some mornings she urinates a stream of blood.


Ambient air testing by a certified environmental consultant detected elevated levels of benzene, methane, chloroform, butane, propane, toluene and xylene—compounds associated with drilling and fracking, and also with cancers, birth defects and organ damage. Her well tested high for sulfates, chromium, chloride and strontium; her blood tested positive for acetone, plus the heavy metals arsenic (linked with skin lesions, cancers and cardiovascular disease) and germanium (linked with muscle weakness and skin rashes). Both she and her husband, who works in oilfield services, have recently lost crowns and fillings from their teeth; tooth loss is associated with radiation poisoning and high selenium levels, also found in the Schilkes’ water.


(A: So...)


State health and agriculture officials acknowledged Schilke’s air and water tests but told her she had nothing to worry about.


(A:  See, again specialists you see, with political agendas.)


Her doctors, however, diagnosed her with neurotoxic damage and constricted airways. “I realized that this place is killing me and my cattle,” Schilke says. She began using inhalers and a nebulizer, switched to bottled water, and quit eating her own beef and the vegetables from her garden. (Schilke sells her cattle only to buyers who will finish raising them outside the shale area, where she presumes that any chemical contamination will clear after a few months.)


“My health improved,” Schilke says, “but I thought, ‘Oh my God, what are we doing to this land?’”


A:  So anyway, it goes through different ones that this happened to and different professors with their viewpoints and so on.  So, you understand, it doesn’t matter what you complain to government now: when there’s a big agenda going, you’ll get lied to.  I hope you understand, that’s the way it’s always been.  Governments don’t tell you the truth on anything; that’s their job (that’s their job, folks).  It’s always been that way.  Read Francis Bacon’s little résumé to the King.


Back with more after this break…


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, people always look at what happens and they get caught up in the skirmishes that go on across the world and they never think about geopolitics; because going back to 2010, there was an article that talked about…


British Gas and Israel eyeing Gaza’s natural gas reserves


(A:  So there’s other reasons for what’s going on as well, you see, for who wants to control it.  Tony Blair, by the way, helped broker the deal for the off-shore gas in Gaza with Israel – there’s a documentary I put up ages ago on that in fact – as part of the Quartet.  Anyway, it goes on to do with...)


According to British Gas Group (BG), in 2000 an estimated 40 billion cubic-meters of natural gas were discovered off the Gaza coast, stretching north-west of the Strip. By any way one measures it, these reserves legally belong to Palestine as they are directly located off the shore of the Gaza Strip,


(A:  That will never happen.)


an illegally occupied territory by Israeli forces. A 25-year exploration-rights deal ensued with BG and the Consolidated Contractor International Company as partners of the Palestinian Authority in a respective 60-30-10 percentage revenue split. The Middle East Economic Digest reported on January 5, 2001, that this agreement also includes field development and the construction of a gas pipeline.


The BG group thus began drilling two wells named Gaza Marine 1 and Gaza Marine 2.


A: Well, I’ll put this up tonight as well, because as I say, there’s always big cash behind anything that’s going on for slaughter and so on.


And, again, this article comes out too recently.  It says the announcement after the United Nations gave Palestine this so-called non-observer status —it’s like, ok, we’ll kind of recognize you as a people (kind of, kind of), you know.  “Kind of like” I guess they say nowadays.  It says…


The announcement comes a day after the United Nations recognized "Palestine" as a non-member observer state.


Apartments are seen in the West Bank...


(A: And so on, it says here.)


Israel approved the construction of 3,000 homes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, a government official said Friday, in what appeared to be a defiant response to the Palestinians’ successful United Nations


(A: Almost, kind of like...)


recognition bid.


(A: And it says...)


The United Nations voted overwhelmingly Thursday to accept "Palestine" in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem as a non-member observer state, setting off jubilant celebrations among Palestinians.


Israel fiercely objected to the U.N. upgrade, saying peace could only come from direct negotiations and unilateral moves would harm that prospect. The Palestinians said U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state in the territories captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war was an attempt to salvage a possible peace deal. They said Israel’s settlement expansion on war-won land was making a partition deal increasingly difficult.


A:  And when you see the map of where these houses have to go, it’s cutting right through a Palestinian area, right in the middle in fact.  That’s what they’ve done in all the other places as well: just cut them off until they’re minute, minute and eventually they hope they’ll all move out and go elsewhere.  Or, they’ll have to kill them all; that’s been said by even prime ministers before, from Israel.


And this article too is to do with the U.K.…


UK spends £25m on building bombs to allegedly secure military jobs


Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced a new £25 million contract for more laser-guided bombs under the pretext of securing hundreds of military jobs.


A: That’s the claim: it’s for jobs-jobs-jobs, you know.  What have we turned into on this planet of ours, eh?  It’s not ours, you understand: the big boys own it; it’s all corporate owned. Even your government is a corporate agency; everything is written that way, you see.  Even your local government, by the way.  Even your police force is a corporation.


Well, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God, or your Gods, go with you.



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