Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#227)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 5, 2009:

The Trojan Cortex:

"Your Mind as Fortress, Now Invaded,
Neuroscience and Gadgetry, All Paraded
Daily in Science-Expo Magazines,
Read Your Thoughts, Steal Your Dreams,
Where e'er You Go, What e'er You Do,
Big Brother will be Thinking You,
No Hidden Thought Remains Remote,
'We'll Own Your Mental Space,' They Gloat,
Heavily Financed, Achieved by Stealth,
'In Order to Monitor Mental Health,'
To Attain World Peace, Cloaked Assurity,
Under Guise of Global Security"
© Alan Watt Jan. 5, 2009

Monday 5th January 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 5, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, on the 5th of January 2009; and, my god, does the time fly doesn't it? You're just getting used to saying 2008 and here you are, 2009.  

For the newcomers to the show, I always advise you to go into where you can download hundreds of hours of talks I've given, for free and you can get lots of research material from these talks, to help to put the big picture together for you and it truly is a complex picture, because we're covering such vast time periods, ages in fact, of how humanity has been controlled in different eras.  I try to show you, through all the scientific associations, which are combined today, that we’re being driven into a new scientifically-controlled society, where experts will rule and, basically, decide who will be born, eventually; and, even then, no one will get born without having various genes removed and other ones inserted, to create a standardised compliant society. So, look into  website and go through the talks, at your leisure. 

Also, look into  where you can get written transcripts of these talks, you can download them and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

That's the hardest part, I guess, is trying to make sense of your own lifetime; it’s tough enough going over history, which has always been rewritten. In our own age, this age we're in now, so much history has gone down the memory hole, as George Orwell called it in 1984. Because we're not supposed to know how people were managed in the past and how the big-big cons were pulled on people, by those in power, that's so they can always pull the same cons again, if we don't know, they'll do it again and again. They do the same cons every generation now, because the generations are split up: you don't have grandmothers and great grandmothers and fathers living with families, or even in touch with families any more, so they don't pass on this information to the young, therefore, the same scams can be pulled over and over; and, we fall for them. It's like Plato said, basically, Plato was saying that everything's a formula, if you want the public to behave or react or direct them in a certain direction, you simply use formula. That formula which has been used before will work again, if implemented in the same sequence as before; and there are sciences to do with this, which are not taught to the general population. You find that Bernays, and other people I'm sure, were taught them by various secretive societies where archives are kept, archives of histories, not only of one or two countries but pretty well of all the major countries and empires down through the ages. They use these techniques to their advantage, to help mould the future and the future which is being moulded today, especially this century, is called the age of transition. That's change, change is everywhere, that's the name of it, change and transition; and, I'm always a bit wary of anything with 'transition' in it, because, even the ones that seem to be opposing this often have their leaders supplied. Even some of the documentaries I've mentioned, you have to be very careful because you'll find the same champions of, supposedly, freedoms, on every different one. They're taken as the specialists, even in Britain; so be very-very careful about these documentaries; because you find when you oppose them head-on, you're simply working in the dialectic and you can't win using their technique, you're on their chessboard. I'll be back with more, after this break.

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and discussing this incredible system we're living in. It truly is so interwoven and so well directed that it's difficult, it's like looking through a very tightly-woven cloth, trying to see through the other side, because all the big Foundations, thousands of non-governmental organisations, all funded by these Foundations, and various governmental agencies are all working in concert to bring in what they all know is an age of transition, or change as they call it. As they keep chanting 'change is good', remember what Lenin said: we shall win by slogans, this repetition of slogans. Those that prattle off slogans seldom know what they really mean, they don't reason them through, they just rattle them off and they're the sheep that George Orwell has in his Animal Farm that say “Four legs good, two legs bad”; and, once it changes to “Two legs good, four legs bad”, they don't know the difference.

What is change? What's the change they're talking about? It's the change of an entire world society into, not only a new way of living, earning your keep you might say, but literally being born in order to serve a world state. Since all of these agencies, this combined mesh of power - that rules over people - have decided that everyone, pretty well, beneath them (of course) is mentally ill. In fact, anyone who won't go along, or disagrees with this agenda, or any single part of the agenda, is - to them, obviously - mentally-ill and should be rectified. They have all these plans to do it, when they give themselves, which they're already doing, the right to come into the womb, literally, and insert various genes, you know, improved genes, into the foetus, so as you won't be a throwback to a primitive man. You might have some anti-social tendencies, if you were allowed to just be born the way you were conceived, you were initially started off; and, this is all agreed upon at the top, but they also agree that the world they're bringing in is a world where there will be no private property, it's based on the old Plato's idea of The Republic, this Utopia of theirs, where all the intellectual intelligentsia elite will, basically, be given great big palaces to live in, courtesy of the workers, who will keep it up to scratch and replenish it and repair it and so on. That way they won't have to technically own anything. That was the basis, remember, of the Soviet Union; and, as Orwell also said: “Some are more equal than others in such utopias”. We know that the Politburo and their families lived an equivalent lifestyle to any high bureaucrat in the Western World, same kind of income, they had access to all the luxuries of the West. They also had the Dachas in the country where they'd go and relax, with servants attending them, just like nobility in Europe.

This is the system they're bringing in and they've already decided a long time ago they would not need so many people using up the world's resources, as they say, because the intelligentsia also decided, at meetings - and they had world meetings back in the 1800s about this. Go into the founding of the Fabian Society and you'll find out that they did literally mean that they were going to hammer the world into shape, on an anvil, the proper shape, the way it should be, according to them; and, they've been heavily at work ever since, doing so. Big-big money came into the Fabian Society, big money. The Astors came over to Britain and became Lord and Lady Astor and they funded it too and the money that they had in those days, many millions of dollars would make them billionaires, many of them, a few times over today. It's never explained why there was an interest of these very wealthy people who obviously didn't get their money by playing fair, no one does. They wanted to come over and - supposedly - help the working classes, but it had nothing to do with helping the working classes; it was, again, a scientific agenda: there was too much poverty; therefore you had to get rid of the poor. Meanwhile, the Fabian Society became the champion of Labour, or the Left Wing, which is just the same thing as Liberal in other countries. It's all deception, you have one hand basically, one body, using one hand on one side and it's using its other hand on the other. That's the dialectic that we get caught up in - and, most people never get out of - they pick sides and so many studies have been done on this, on how people pick sides, it's unbelievable.

I can remember reading years ago, when they talked about the coming information wars and how Internet, especially, would give access to so many people to start to disintegrate the planned society, the one that was already planned to go ahead, and how they'd combat that. They had studies done on how groups are formed, even in cyberspace, before they gave us cyberspace, because this work had already been Marshall McLuhan, Professor Marshall McLuhan, and others, into how we perceive things and McLuhan himself said that an age was coming, back in the '60s, an age would come, and it already was there, to one extent, through telephone itself, where you're talking to people across the world that you never see, you are, in a sense, a voice with the body left behind in some kind of electronic space, just floating around talking to other voices and he predicted that this would become more and more real for people, as the unattached voices become more real that the people living next to them. Well, this is actually happening in our lifetime and, again, those big powerful organisations moved into this whole sphere because that was their territory: how to control the mind through altering perception. 

I've said before: if you fight them, the way that you normally fight them, you're done for because they've already worked out, by, they call it Neuroscience, it's a neuroscience technique, of how groups are formed, how friendships are formed over the Internet in fact. And, from the very beginning, going back to that article I read years ago, on the coming information wars, where they said they'd insert Trojan Horses right into chat rooms and so on, who'd be trained to have maybe five different identities; and, none of the other people would know that one person had five identities, they'd think that this was all different people and this one would stir up, when a group started to get power, or at least get information shared amongst them, and a common agenda linked up, this person would then start to grumble and say ‘so and so said this about you’. Then you'd email it back to this other person, not realising it was the same person, being five different names; and, they were trained to do this and they're all over the place, that's why I never go into forums. You can't, you can't do it.

Everything that happens in our lifetime is planned before we're given the vehicles for making it even happen. There's an article, it's from TRENDS in Cognitive Sciences Vol.9 No.1 January 2005. It's well worth looking into, by Martha J. Farah, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA. It goes into the Introduction, if you scroll down the page, it says: 

Almost three decades ago, in the picturesque coastal retreat of Asilomar, California, a group of molecular biologists gathered to discuss the safety of the newly developed recombinant DNA technology. In the years since, concern about the risks of genetic engineering have remained prominent in the public consciousness, as well as commanding the attention of academic bioethicists, 

That's eugenicists basically. 

government regulators, and biologists themselves. At the start of the 21st century, neuroscience has developed to a point where it, too, may have profound effects on society, extending far beyond the research laboratory or medical clinic. Like the field of genetics, neuroscience concerns the biological foundations of who we are, of our essence. The relation of self to brain is, if anything, more direct than that of self to genome. Perhaps more important, neural interventions are generally more easily accomplished than genetic interventions. Yet until recently there has been little awareness of the ethical issues arising from neuroscience. 

Now, maybe a few weeks ago, I read an article from a Professor in Holland on the subject too, that's really way ahead in its workings and its use upon the people, where he was discussing how this could be used, this science can be used to literally manipulate everyone's mind, on any topic, very easily. Getting back to this article, it says: 

Neuroethics encompasses a large and varied set of issues, and initial discussions focused on various different subsets of those issues. 

It goes on to say here: 

Neuroethics encompasses a large and varied set of issues ... Some neuroethical issues concern the practical implications of neurotechnology for individuals and society. Technological progress is making it possible to monitor and manipulate the human mind with ever more precision through a variety of neuroimaging methods and interventions. For the first time it may be possible to breach the privacy of the human mind, and judge people not only by their actions, but also by their thoughts and predilections.

Understand: on the Internet, and I've read articles about this from the Military themselves, where they have a duplicate of every one of us in a virtual world, with all our habits, traits etc and they get all the information from us, voluntarily, via the Internet. Back, after these messages, with more. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about Neuroscience; and; this science is so far ahead, it's astonishing how far ahead they have gone with the various technologies involved. Before, they used to have just simple observation of people and lots of tricks to observe them too and I've read books from the '50s on advertising, I've read them on the air some of them, on how they used to study people to see how they shop and to see if certain colours or the way things are packaged would make people buy certain things and impulse buy and so on. We've always been studied for this, but this is way beyond this, it's right down to trying to break down you as a personality, in order to control you, to manipulate you in such a way that you won't even know that the ideas or thoughts in your head are not your own. I've talked about articles before where they have technology of direct voice to skull, it's now used in advertising in New York at least, I don't know where else it's used, but that was in all the major newspapers. These are intrusive technologies, because who has the right to come right inside your skull and advise you to vote for someone or go and buy something in a store that's nearby? That's intrusive; and, don't forget that, don't ever believe for a minute that those in the Pentagon and those who control the minds of people and who are really interested in how to control people, like the CIA, don't think that haven't gone way behind that. Of course they have. In fact, over the weekend, I was looking at an article, it was on Google videos in fact, from major TV companies back in the '60s and '70s, doing exposés on even the old MK-ULTRA that was going on at the time, that went beyond using psychiatric hospitals and LSD and shock treatment. They were hiring, the CIA was running prostitutes across the country, with TV cameras in the rooms and the whole idea was to get the ‘Johns’ on taking various drugs and then observing the effects on them. At least, that's what they told the public and we still don't have access to all the kinds of drugs they were testing on these characters or what happened to these people.

I've always said you don't have to worry about the guys 'over there', whoever they are, wherever they happen to be, you worry about the guys in your own country, at the top, in the big secret societies, the kind that's called MI6 and CIA and Mossad. These are the guys you worry about, because they use everyone as a guinea pig and it could be you, me or anyone else and thousands of us. Their idea being to control millions of us. 

Getting back to this article here, on Neuroscience. It says here: 

Neuroscience is providing us with increasingly comprehensive explanations of human behavior in purely material terms. Although the field of neuroethics is young and still evolving rapidly, the time seems ripe for a review in which the key issues of neuroethics, both practical and philosophical, are surveyed and placed in relation to one another.  

Remember: the CIA will be funding a lot of these programmes in the universities, as they always have done before.  

Brain imaging and brain privacy

Among the neuroscience technologies that present new ethical challenges of a practical nature is functional brain imaging. This includes the familiar false-color images of positron emission tomography (PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), as well as the electroencephalography-derived methods of event-related potentials (ERPs) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) and optical imaging methods such as near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). These methods vary in their invasiveness and portability, which constrain the uses to which they can be put, although any one of them can be used to obtain personal information surreptitiously, in a study ostensibly designed for a different purpose. In principle, and increasingly in practice, imaging can be used to infer people’s psychological states and traits [1,3,7]. 

For example, in “neuromarketing” brain imaging is used to measure limbic system response to a product that may indicate consumers’ desire for it. 

Do you know that in the supermarkets they have tiny little fish eye cameras along shelves? They've had them since the '60s and they pick up the pupil, how it dilates or constricts when it sees a certain product and all that data's fed back into banks. We're all guinea pigs you see. It says here: 

In one recent demonstration, brain activity related to soft drink preference was sensitive to both the taste of the drink and to the brand name 

Then they go on about Coke and Pepsi. 

...To the extent that neuroimaging can measure unconscious motivation to buy, it provides a valuable new kind of information for marketers. Another potential use for functional imaging of brain states is lie detection. Although fMRI-based lie detection is far from feasible in real-world situations, 

Well, they're actually working on that now, as you know. Remote lie detection outfits are starting to put them in the airports and everything.  

researchers have found correlates of deception in the laboratory [9]. ERPs come closer to providing actual brain-based lie detection. They have been used to identify ‘guilty knowledge’ by distinguishing responses to items that are generally known to be associated with a crime and items that only the perpetrator would know are associated [10]. An example is shown in Figure 1.  

Anyway, they call it Brain Fingerprinting but they also go into, of course, sex and everything else and pleasant stimuli. Where did they get all this information on pleasant stimuli, well, they got it from testing on prisoners and sexual perverts in prison, showing them all these photographs and wiring them up, that's where they got all this data. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and I'm trying to, with the limited information that's available to any of us, at the bottom here, piece things together; and, I was thinking over the weekend too about an article I read recently of how, in Japan, they'd tapped in, and I said this a long time ago, this would be able to be done, they've tapped in to the signals coming from a person's eyes to the back of their brain, to the visual cortex, and, now they can actually see what the person's seeing, at least writing, they can actually write things down and see it on a computer.  I'm sure that's been done, this has been done at the bottom, I'm sure it's been done at the top long ago. In fact, when Nick Begich first showed those devices on the Wendy Mesley show, in Canada, on television that the CIA had used in the 1950s, they could put thoughts in their head. Now, if they could put thoughts in your head, why couldn't they be able to read your thoughts as well, to an extent? If everything is electro-magnetic currents and so on, electro-chemical currents, giving off signals, I'm sure they're so far ahead in all of this area, from all of your senses, they pretty well decode them all and have an idea what's going on; and, I'm sure, that information is kept at the very-very hush secret systems way above even than the CIA, because their bosses would never give them the same kind of weaponry they have, you can believe that. Science has always at least, as far as I can see, held in three categories, for all of the sciences. That's the ones at the bottom that do research, the ones in the middle, like the CIA and some of the higher special forces that get higher technology to use; and, then the bosses above them and they have the stuff that's even way ahead of that.

We're given obsolete stuff at the bottom. All of this technology is well-funded, remember, scientists and the universities too, get grants to do research but they're told what to do it on; and, it's always of use to those in power, that's what everything is about, it’s about power and control. Therefore, they fund particular programmes that they're really interested in and, naturally, this is a field they fund heavily, using our tax money, because, the future they have designed for us is to be a totally-surveyed society, surveilled society, a society where there is no privacy and a population that doesn't mind that. We have a generation growing up now who think it's quite natural to give out all your data to anyone who asks for it, even people on the Internet and websites and so on, they've got all their data there. They think privacy is of no value; they have no idea that wars were fought in the past to get some privacy. If you go back not so long ago, not so long ago, in the European countries, the king's men could smash your doors down at any time, haul you off the land, kick you off and there was no court in the land that would listen to your problems, it was just the king's law. He would steal anything from you he wished to do; they're back at that stage now, governments acting as the old kings do and the police can actually confiscate your property and share the loot amongst themselves because they copy the Soviet system and that's what that was based on.

Nothing really changes, except that the sciences they're using can fool us into the fact that we're into a nice cosy society and the sheep don't notice that the wolf has big fangs anymore, he's well camouflaged, he wears a suit and tie and looks rather nice, or he might talk about wild life programmes on the television for you, to show you he loves animals and nature, as he brainwashes you that you're just another animal. That's how the sciences are being used.  

Whatever is published to the public is fascinating enough, to know what they're doing at the bottom level; but you always keep in mind that what they're rediscovering at the bottom has been done at the top a long time ago and how far ahead they truly are and it's always, as I say, to do with power. Power is the name of the game and the continuity of power. The elite, down through the ages, have never voluntarily given up any power to anybody. This whole farce of democracy was their scam, to make us work along with it while they got to the stage we're at now where most folk don't really care much about democracy. In fact, it's become such a vague term, we don't know what it is anymore. It's pretty sad, because we're truly being used, not just like guinea pigs, they're beyond the guinea pig stage, we are the subjects now, not just the test subjects, they're using techniques on us and this is technotronic warfare the big boys like Brzezinski talked about in his book Between Two Ages.

Here's an article from on the Technology page and it says here: 

TEL AVIV, Israel (CNN) -- Keep your shoes and belts on: Waiting in long airport security lines to pass through metal detectors may soon be a thing of the past.  

You know, Israel has pretty well all the patents on all the security equipment. Most of the security equipment in Britain, and all through the big cities in England, are owned by Israeli companies. I was watching a series to do with the bombings in London, an amazing series that some guy put together, it's called 7/7 Ripple Effect. It's a seven-set series and this guy will take you painstakingly through all the inconsistencies of what the Government told the public and then he looks up the actual facts and matches them together. In that documentary, he goes into the companies who own all the cameras, the fact being, that in all the sites where the bombing practices were to take place, that happened to be the real bombings, which means that it was all set to be real bombings in the first place, the cameras just happened to be out of action that day but it was Israeli companies that owned them. Here we are again, Tel Aviv Israel talking about airport lines:

Security experts say focus is shifting from analyzing the content of carry-ons to analyzing the content of passengers' intentions and emotions. "We are seeing a needed paradigm shift when it comes to security," says Omer Laviv, CEO of ATHENA GS3, an Israeli-based security company. "This 'brain-fingerprinting,'  

See, this is right into that neuroscience you see 

or technology which checks for behavioral intent, is much more developed than we think." Nowhere is the need for cutting-edge security more acute than Israel, which faces constant security threats. For this reason, Israel has become a leader in developing security technology. Several Israeli-based technology companies are developing detection systems that pick up signs of emotional strain, a psychological red flag that a passenger may intend to commit an act of terror. Speedier and less intrusive than metal detectors, these systems may eventually restore some efficiency to the airplane boarding process.  

They'll sell you any shmuck you see, shmock I should say, for a profit, because these things can stop someone that's anxious, most folk going for a flight are anxious and tranquilisers will overcome that; and, even if you're a real terrorist, the tranquilisers would overcome that too. They're also flashing up certain words in different languages on a screen, subliminally, to see how you react and they scan your brain as they watch. You don't even know what's happening because they put them into ads, these different ads they have on the sides in airports. That's all intrusive and it's also deceitful, completely deceptive. They even have stuff built into the chairs you sit on, to see how your body's reacting to stress and so on. It's pretty-pretty disgusting what's really going on, but this is neuroscience and they're using gadgets now that can basically pick up your senses from a good distance. It's at the stage now where the police in police cars will soon get equipped to see if you're driving under stress. That'll be the next thing. This is the kind of society that's been brought in, a totally surveilled society. We have children now who are watching nothing but 'reality' shows and they see all these youngsters they think about the same age as themselves, they're just like them with cameras and they all want to be on TV. Have you ever wondered why these little cameras for your computer are so cheap? They're the cheapest part of everything, or anything, because they want everyone to buy them and put them in all their rooms, so that their little world is on view to the whole world; and, people are falling for this, especially the young. It's amazing what's really happening and it's all by design.

There's never been a power elite in history had so much, I mean really, they're just laughing themselves all over with glee at getting society trained to open their lives up for them to watch and see. It's never happened in history before. They don't have to force them to do it, it's all done by Neuroscientific persuasion and propaganda and repetition; and, the need for youngsters to belong to their peer group - to belong, it's very, very important to young people - every tyrant in history knows that. Hitler had the Hitler Youth; they had their young Communists in the Soviet Union and elsewhere. They always use the youth, who want to belong to something that gives them meaning; and, that's why too, they had an attack on the family. The same organisations that are running the world today said that they'd have to destroy the family, and then they could go straight for the minds of the youth. Those who were older were contaminated with their thoughts, their modes of behaviour, their morality was obsolete and a hindrance to progress, because they knew what progress was, they had it all in mind where they wanted to progress to. They had to eradicate all that was; and, they've done a darn good job of it.

Now, school and education, under UNESCO has stepped in and they're using UNESCO's mental health programme to test every single child on the planet, to see if they're mentally healthy enough to come into this new society; and, if not, what needs to be rectified about them. Remember: Julian Huxley was the first CEO of UNESCO and he was the brother of Aldous Huxley, who was the grandson of Sir Thomas Huxley and Sir Thomas Huxley was the best friend of Charles Darwin. Socialism and Behaviourism, all tie in together with the Fabian Society, it all works together, along the same path, The New Man.

One of the founders of the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw, was a guy with a strange history himself, because a lot of these characters are always brought up with a mother but no father. It's the mother that gives the indoctrination, because the mother belongs to certain societies, that's why they're given this indoctrination; but, George Bernard Shaw wrote Man and Superman, he was a founder of the Fabian Society. H.G. Wells, apparently, never saw his father, he was an alcoholic lower middle class character whose professional job was being an extra batter at cricket, so he toured playing cricket and getting paid for it, like a hired hand, something that Wells was ashamed of because he hated the working class, he was terrified of the working class in fact. These are the sort of characters that were picked, people with big chips on their shoulder, picked by the very-very wealthy, like the Astor family, to do all the leg work and all the typing work and all the speeches.

Then you had the Webbs as well, Beatrice and Sydney Webb, who laid out all the rules and the groundwork and did all the bureaucratic write-ups, very boring people and yet that's the system they created that we're living in today. That's what all bureaucracy is fashioned after, the methodology of Sydney and Beatrice Webb.  

As I say: shortly there'll be nowhere to hide, the last refuge used to be your mind, inside your own mind and, short of walking about with a lead helmet on, that's rapidly disappearing. They won't be happy, they will not be happy, until they are into your brain; and, even then, once they're into your brain, because you can still make decisions, it's not good enough that you control your brain; they want to put a chip in there eventually, and control it for you. Then, they'll feel safe, because, any decision that you make, will be a decision that they've programmed into you; but, you can see where this all must go and what I'm talking about has been discussed in big-big powerful meetings.

The people at the top are very paranoid, terrified as well, that enough people can come out with the facts and shout quite loudly that the king has no clothes. All this farce about terrorism and so on, and the sky is falling and global warming and incoming comets or whatever it happens to be, is all bogus, to get us on the road to stampede and then they can lead us into this Brave New World, that's what it's all about, nothing less than that.  

I was listening to Rumsfeld one day, when he was talking about a strange bunch of terms he was using, he says we know all about the knowns, then there are the unknowns that we know nothing about and we know that we know nothing about the unknowns. He went on and on and on and this comes from documents in the Pentagon, where their big intelligence teams are looking at every possible thing that gets churned out of computers on disasters. There's hundreds of them, it's like getting up in the morning and saying what can go wrong today and you tie your shoelaces and you tie them together and you fall on your face. Anything that could possibly happen and go wrong is part of this scenario and they're trying to cover every possible base, it's incredible, it's madness, it's utter madness at that level.

I always think back to Mao Tse-tung who said he wasn't afraid of armies, he was afraid of someone with an original idea, someone that could spread that original idea, because, you see, that's how Communism spread, in the first place. That's how Socialism spread, from an idea, from an individual. Those in power grabbed a hold of that idea, because they could use that technique, to control the people.

Always be careful of the groups that you join, because even if you start off with the best of intentions, people will infiltrate and be very helpful to you. In fact, there was a book, it’s a handbook for that which is being used today called You Can Trust The Communists. If you can get a hold of it, read it through because it gives you the very strategies that are in use today. Where someone will come in and be the greatest secretary to your little club that you’ve ever had, before you know it, she'll work to the top and the next meeting she’ll be voted in as the head and then she's off in different directions. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, doing a bit of a rant tonight over different topics but they're all connected, because the future doesn't just happen by itself, the present didn't come about by a bunch of separate incidents, just coalescing together, it was planned this way. In fact, the Fabian Society was named after the emperor who used certain delaying tactics, over long terms, to get his objective resolved.

I've just got time here to mention a few of the Fabian members of the Fabian Society, from their own website, past and present: Clement Attlee (UK Prime Minister 1945-51); Ed Balls (British MP); Tony Benn (the Benn family's been in this forever, radical left Labour MP); Annie Besant (remember, Theosophist, it says here Theosophist and social activist; Lord Besant was her father, mind you, he gave her a hand); Tony Blair (UK Prime Minister 1997-2007); David Blunkett (Home Secretary for the UK 2001-04); Gordon Brown (The present UK Prime Minister). There's a whole list of them, whole list of people, going down and down forever almost and that's not them all, that's just some of the better known ones. HG Wells and all these guys of course are in there too and Ramsey McDonald, who was the head of state, first Labour Prime Minister of the UK, high Freemason, high Socialist and picked an odd name Ramsey. You have to look back into history to find out who was the first Ramsey that gave Ramsey's rant, interesting stuff. It's all connected together; it's not happenstance at all.

What's always amazed me though is how people can become so incredibly stuck on the groups that they come into; and, they never change their mind. You see, when we grow up, and we're always growing up, until you die. You're just starting to get something and you kick the bucket, that's the sadness about living.

These guys never changed, it's as though they were stuck with their views at 18 and didn't learn anything from then on and they're very adamant in their activism and the way they see things. That's an odd thing to happen, because you're supposed to mature, you have milestones throughout your life, as you acquire more knowledge and more wisdom about yourself and society; but, these guys don't, they're stuck there, their lives long. It's always astonished me; and, these characters, especially in societies like the Fabian Society, are hard-line, very hard line in their views and opinions.

When Tony Blair backed the US for this war on terror, you can bet your bottom dollar that the whole thing was planned, between higher powers on both sides of the Atlantic, before 9/11 went off; and, we know that for a fact and you have to say well these are very radical groups. Here's Tony Blair with the Fabian Society aligned with a guy and a bunch of guys from the Skull and Bones Society and it starts coming together, because the Fabian Society, although it champions, supposedly, Labour, at least it was known for that, that was never its intent. It was to lead the world into a brand new scientifically-controlled society where intellectuals would take their rightful place. You can go back to the writings of Jefferson and he said the world would be run by the natural nobility. That's what he meant by that and Jefferson was a member of those very high societies too. 

Well, that's it for tonight folks. Sorry I couldn't take callers, so please call in again. From Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your god, or your gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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