Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#230)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 8, 2009:

We're All Fodder for New World Order:

"From Ancient Times, the Economic System
Has Fomented Wars, Too Many to List Them,
With Greedy Eyes, They Drooled to Acquire
By War and Empire-Building, to Aspire
To Own the World, Then Reshape, You See,
Ordering It as It Ought to Be,
Using the Masses to Bring in Their Dream,
Once Realized, Taking Only the Cream
Into Utopia, Where 'The Fit' Procreate,
While Sterile Masses, Left to Fate
Gradually Die, Leaving 500 Million a Paradise,
No Paupers or 'Unfit' to Offend Their Eyes"
© Alan Watt Jan. 8, 2009

Thursday 8th January 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 8, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 8th of January 2009. 

For newcomers: look into the website and you'll find hundreds of hours of talks I've given, over the years, that go into the big-big picture, trying to tie history together with the present and showing you where it's all tied together and going forward, in a directed plan. How it's organised, something the average person doesn't even realise, that there are big powerful Foundations and organisations, working together, to bring in a particular type of future and we're all kept entertained and in confusion when all of this is happening. 

Also look into  and you can download written transcripts of these talks and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

Last night, I talked about the effects of what I call the System, the system being an economic system, primarily, which gives rise to a hierarchy which dominates it and, really, I think even Marx said the same thing that every system that's ever existed, as far as we know in the history we're given, has been based on economics. Economics takes priority over every thing and everyone underneath it; and, it's always ruled by potentates, either kings or queens. Today, we have governments, some will have monarchies and governments combined, such as the British system; and, nothing really has changed. The trick is though, of course, is getting the public, whom they view as a big herd of animals, at the bottom, to go along with this agenda and the way they do it is by never having them know or understand what's really ever going on, or where they're going to end up. They like us to think we know where we're going to end up, that's why people vote: they vote for promises; promises always work with most people. Even though politics today is a farce, because most people can get into office and then renege on their promises and say there's not enough money in the kitty, that happens very commonly today; and, that's good enough for the people. They go 'Aww shucks' and sit back, waiting for the next thing to happen. Nothing is happenstance at all, as I say, even to do with the economic system we're in today and all the tragedy it's caused down through the ages to people as it rampaged ahead, building up empires, moving its headquarters from empires, from place to place, as it grew in prosperity and power. You can watch it hop down from ancient times, from the Middle East and, eventually, into Rome; and, from Rome it went on to other places and set up its capitals down through the ages. Money, money, money, power and trade all combined together; and, even previous to Rome, we find the Minoans, the Minoans lived around the Aegean Sea, we find that they lived a very high lifestyle. They've actually chipped away some of the old volcanic rock that covered much of their territory, on some of the islands that are left, and we find in places like Thera for instance, they lived an incredible lifestyle. These people lived on an island, or a big island, at the time, the middle went down, that was a volcano that left the periphery islands, they're being excavated today and they had hot and cold running water, they lived in a beautiful climate, they had frescoes painted in every room, and even the walkways, their little shopping markets were all painted (hand-painted) and fantastic art, thousands of years ago; very high lifestyle. Back with more, after these messages.

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing how an elite have existed in all ages, who lived at the top of even today's society, some of them, some people today across the planet don't have hot and cold running water, they live in squalor and poverty, while we find that these people who ran the ancient trade routes and the shipping and the commerce and the money-lending and all that went with it, in the Minoan Islands, lived a life of incredible luxury, even by today's standards, in a beautiful climate, as I say, very picturesque. They even have found lists of inventories of their boats and ships and all their trade routes and the incredible wealth they'd amassed at that time. Even they were based on similar technique, a technique that Phoenicians eventually used and that was they made towns like slave towns that made their pottery, that made the artefacts to sell elsewhere. They also used money and introduced money into peoples who never used it before. Once it was accepted, they loaned it out and then created debt and then people found themselves literally in slavery, as a form of factory towns across the Mediterranean.

With money, comes rise to a leisure class, a leisure class then that can be devoted (at least some of them) to the intellectual pursuits, as they call them. They used to call them The Philosophies; in fact, the word 'school' comes from a Greek word which meant leisure; only the leisure class could go. School, in ancient times, even in ancient Greece, was not mandatory but those particular ones, the Professors you might call them, the philosophers, who taught, could pick up budding students, some of them were very secretive. We know for a fact, that if you go into the writings of Plato and Socrates etc, we find the precursors of them had basically been burned out for trying to start revolutions. They'd all studied in Egypt, Egypt almost exported revolutions, by the disciples that they sent out into the world. We find this with Pythagoras for instance, who had set up, I think in Crotona, because at that time, what was Italy was actually a province of Greece, and his school was burned down, for, again, fomenting revolution amongst the youth, for rebellion and revolution.

We find, later on, the same thing happened to Socrates; most of the writing on Socrates comes from one of his students who was Plato. Plato himself had scampered off during that purge, to escape being implicated and came back many years later, to teach his own school. We find that Socrates was charged with corrupting the youth; what they meant by that was he was recruiting them along the Pythagorean system, where the brightest students were taught to, basically, undermine the present culture system and power authority and have a revolution and take it over. There were different methods, direct methods of physical warfare, but they preferred the slow, we'd call it today the Fabian technique. He also trained female students in intellectual pursuits, that made them very appealing as wives to make up much of the nobility and he'd arrange marriages for them and they hoped to subvert the culture that way as well.  

These movements, as I say, have come down through the ages, under many guises, and really when you look at them, they're all much the same. We know that Pythagoras had a few years of silence for his students; it was like a monastery almost, where they couldn't speak, they listened, they watched, they obeyed. We find the later monks of the Catholic Church, many of the monasteries had their vows of silence too, based on the same kind of system and they had their own special things to do within the church, their own special area; and, out of that, we know, whether it was copied or not, came other movements, the Jesuits for instance. Something that's never been explained to the public, because the founder of the Jesuits, Loyola, Ignatius Loyola, was himself a member of the Alumbrados of Spain and that was the Illuminati of Spain; they were left over, a Spanish branch of the Knights Templar. He, initially, was caught by guards of the Catholic Church, they had their own armies at that time, and imprisoned, and was given an opportunity to see the Pope. That in itself is highly unusual and when he came out he was the first Black Pope, as they call it; he was authorised, what happened we'll never know, between the Pope and himself.

Since then, many Orders have been founded, that have copied the techniques of the Jesuit system. The Jesuit System is probably the most advanced system in understanding psychology of individuals and the mass of this period; and, it did not simply come out during the lifetime of its founder, its founder obviously was taught this kind of science, from the organisations that he'd been brought up in himself; ancient wisdom. 

Getting back to last night's show, talking about how the system comes down through the ages and conquers people, gets wars started, because war is intended to change the cultures on both sides, then you have a treaty and often an amalgamation. In fact, that's why, that's the reason given, officially, for the setting up of the process and bureaucracy that amalgamated Europe, was to prevent more wars; they had to get wars going for that to happen. We know that Hitler wanted a united Europe; we know, from the personal secretary of Winston Churchill that he wanted a united Europe. We know that, at the end of World War Two, the United States made conditions on the lend-lease programme that some of its money would go towards the unification of Europe.

We also know that towards the end of the 1990s, for the first time, once it was complete and up and running and the European Parliament was there, it was disclosed in the newspapers how long they'd been at this programme, through deception. They were told; they said that the public must never know the truth, until this project was completed. We are run by stealth; most people never really know the real reasons behind it or where it's going; and, nothing has changed, because the world is the whole target and the techniques are the same as have been used by big, heavily-funded secret societies down through the ages and through stealth and deception. Even those who are called the "willing fools", the hardened types of left wing and right wing, who are steeped in their own dogma and doctrine, never figure out where it's really-really going.  

The Soviet system was set up by the West, there is no doubt on that, there's too much documentation on it. We find Professor Sutton, Anthony Sutton, of Harvard, wrote a series of books on who financed Hitler and who financed the Bolsheviks in Russia and we find the same big banks and big foundations in the Western Countries set them up, both of them, which became big problems, we think, we thought at the time, to the average person who lived in every other country, never suspecting that this was all part of the Dialectic technique, to get people battling on two sides, at least two sides; you must create utter believers.

The system always has enemies, an enemy is someone who won't give in to the system and bend the knee and be a slave. I've mentioned before how, even in ancient times, the economic system rolled ahead with power and weaponry and, yes, there were armaments factories even thousands of years ago, that churned out all the chariots and weapons and armour and so on, for all the big armies. They would go and conquer people and often move them off the land, if they thought they couldn't be assimilated or forced to work for them, they'd literally move whole populations to other lands. Deculturalisation and genocide is nothing new. If every peoples of the world were to go through their history, following the economic system, you’d find there should, basically, be a holocaust museum for every people, because everyone's had their turn at it; and, some are still getting their turn at it.  

Last night, I mentioned the fact that those who won't succumb and join and work for this system and produce and consume are called ‘a problem’. All through the records of the British Home Office, you'll find them in histories, in the documentation and the writings of the big-wigs who served as colonial officers for Britain and the British Empire; you'll find them using the word 'problem'. They had the Palestinian 'problem' that's still there today, it's called the Palestinian problem, they won't cave in. We've had the Iraqi problem, the Iran problem, we had the Irish problem, we had the Highlander, the Scottish problem, you have the African problem; and, what happens to those people who won't adapt into the system that in Darwinian's own language, what happens to them? They're pretty well destroyed, or killed off by disease and poverty, it's adapt or die, according to Darwin.  I'll be back with more of this, after this break. 

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to give you a long overview picture, down through the ages of this system, which leap-frogs around from empire to empire and it's no accident that the United States was built up, very quickly, by people who knew the direction of the United States and what it was really built for. Look at all of the logos and emblems and so on that they use, they were all Freemasons, the Founding Fathers, and that's pretty well common knowledge and it's written about in their own writings in fact. What were the Freemasons? Well, they were, basically, Deists, as they call them, a Deist is often referred to as someone who believes in a higher power, but, does not believe that this God or Deity is necessarily concerned with the affairs of man. And, from that doctrine, came the fact that man himself had the right to direct the planet the way he saw fit; but, not just man, the intelligentsia, particularly the ones that Jefferson referred to as the 'natural aristocracy'.

Some people, in the past, like Bill Cooper, who really loved his country, and perhaps couldn't get over some of this because he had to go into all of this himself and find out that his beloved country was founded by Freemasons, that he thought he was exposing at the time, and he came to the conclusion, sort of half-way acceptance measure, that they'd given the people a chance, this is what he said:

"To be free and to hold onto that freedom or you go down in slavery"

Those were the two choices. Personally, I don't agree with that, because most people coming to the Americas had no idea about Freemasonry; you can only watch and guard over something if you know what's going on, if you don't have the information, you're not on guard. When you read the writings of other members of the Founding Fathers, and especially people like Franklin, who, in his own writings, his own diary said that he hoped that the foundation or this confederation of states, would lead to a federation of the world; and, he said run by 12 wise men.

The idea of democracy didn't exist really, in many of these men's minds. They also chose, interestingly enough, a system to based theirs on and that was that of ancient Rome. Ancient Rome had a system which was run, primarily, by a few nobles and thousands of slaves. It was just like Greece, Greece collapsed, to an extent, at the end, because they had more slaves running around in the cities working than people who owned them; and, Rome became pretty-well the same. That's why the US also adopted the Senate, the Senate is word that comes from Egypt, ancient Egypt, and it was their name for a game that could be the precursor of the chess board; and, we know that Masons love the tessellated floor of the Lodge, which is the chessboard.  

A plan was hatched a long time ago, to bring in a world system; and, Britain led that system, there's no doubt whatsoever, for an awful long time. They built up an Empire, it's never been explained to the public why one tiny little island could amass such wealth in the hands of a few, and a massive navy running the seas, and became the money-lender for the world, in its day, from the banks of London. It's never been explained to the public; and, we know too, from the writings of people like Rudyard Kipling, who himself, again, was another Freemason, wrote a poem about the White Man's Burden and he came over and read it in the US Senate and he said we pass the torch on to you. Britain was exhausted, they couldn't tax the people anymore at that time, they had massive war debts, after hundreds of years of wars; and, the idea was the US would take over and finance it and become the policemen of the world and finish off the job of unification. Now the United States itself is going under in debt, as I said it would be, because I didn't guess this myself, I read the writings of Arnold Toynbee and others, who predicted the US would be heavily involved in wars, around the year 2000 and on, they'd begin to falter, they'd rally a bit and seem to be winning and fall, mainly due to economic reasons at home.

We find Kissinger giving out talks today, about how the US will have to sit back a little bit and allow other powers to come to the fore and to share this power but America will not be in the lead anymore. We see a man put in by his controllers, to take over and push this final part of the agenda of which is total globalisation for America itself. I always said if America has pushed and made war on the rest of the world, to bring in a New World Order, then they're finishing it off, they'll pull the rug at home and the US will be submerged into the very system which it helped to create.  I'll continue on this theme, after the following break. 

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Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to cram a lot into an hour, as usual, there's not a lot of time in an hour to go into things in great detail. It's essential that people grasp the fact that we're not simply evolving willy-nilly, by happenstance and from crisis after crisis that just come out of nowhere. We're living to a plan, including the economic plan, that was set up by the Bretton Woods Agreement Part One and now we're going to part two, because the founder himself, who was a member of the Fabian Society, those big eugenicists that loved socialism, in fact they were behind socialism. John Maynard Keynes said that they'd have to do a part two and he probably wouldn't see it in his lifetime, the outcome but they want to bring in a world of service to the World State. A World State, where did he get that from? Well, we know that Cecil Rhodes and the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, that was given Royal assent to exist, had two missions to accomplish primarily: (1) Was to take over the world's resources, by all and every means possible; and, they fomented wars and blamed their enemies for starting the wars and they'd bring in British troops, to deal with them, so the Empire got involved and took over countries that way. And, they took over the gold and the diamond mines and the mineral content for a good part of Africa and elsewhere; and then Cecil Rhodes, his Foundation, massively wealthy, evolved into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, with again a Royal Charter to exist, on behalf of the British Elite, to further this whole plan and use their doctrine in other ways, not just necessarily warfare. We do find that the Royal Institute of International Affairs and its American branch the Council on Foreign Relations, were all for Vietnam and then all their members were against Vietnam later on, but they wanted that war to happen; why? Why was that? The same reason they were all for the creation of the Soviet Union, that's why.

The Soviet Union accomplished many tasks: out of dozens of small countries, with different languages, different cultural morals and so on, religions, you were left in a very short time with a standardised bureaucratic governmental educational system. It could have taken 150 years - 200 years of straight warfare to achieve that any other way. The same thing was true for Vietnam: Vietnam had hundreds of tribes fighting each other and had been forever, all with their own ideas of how things should be and the fastest way to unite them was to create one party and then get a foreign people, the most foreign the better, the white man to go in and invade him and that made the Communist Party the only opposition and they were united by force, through massive warfare.

Warfare accomplishes many things; the man carrying the gun is the last one to realise what he's really there for, or what's to come out of it, just like the troops of today. It's very Machiavellian and government is always Machiavellian, they're never honest to the public, every report that comes out of a politician's mouth is generally a handout to the press, written by the scriptwriters. Everything has its public relations department, even your local police board has a public relations department; everything is P.R today, perception, altered perception.  

Going back to the old mysteries of ancient times: you find the Romans, whenever they invaded a country, a nation, even like Britain, they would always call them 'barbarians' and they were off to civilise the barbarians and they had eugenics in action back then too, with the same racist comments, slurs, the dominant ones always have over they are robbing from and subduing. That's been used down through the ages; the churches have done it too. In fact, churches have been an essential arm of government, down through the ages; often the churches have nothing to do with the founder, or at least the one they supposedly take their religion after, certainly not by their dogma or their actions.  

Eugenics is part of a commercialised economic system that runs on efficiency and we know that Malthus, Thomas Malthus, and many others, who wrote on behalf of the British Government, because he was an economist for the big systems, the East India Company and the other companies, international companies that were owned by the Crown Corporations of England, they knew that certain types, along with people like other economists like John Stuart Mill and his son, of the same name, they'd already written up the list of peoples who had to be, basically, extirpated, exterminated and they said that those who wouldn't join them, the economic system, or who were unfit would have to die off because they'd be a burden on society. That has been used over and over again, because we have eugenics completely intertwined with an economic system, completely intertwined. We have people like Lord Bertrand Russell, who called those who couldn't work, or who had no work, or who had work which was now obsolete (trades which were gone etc) he called "useless eaters" and he said that the world that's coming in cannot tolerate useless eaters.

We find in the writings and the Bills put out by Kissinger, to do with the enemy of the State, in the '70s, where he declared that the greatest threat to the State was overpopulation. What he really meant was population of the wrong kinds, which is standard eugenics; and, out of that came a list and he wrote up the list of the countries that would be too overpopulated and those are the countries today where you have wars going on. He said they'd really have to have this in effect and working, at least underway by the year 2000; well, we've seen it, we've seen AIDS & HIV flood across Africa, that was on his list, and the other countries too they're on his list, they're the ones that are at war, or having wars put upon them. 

We are here, according to those who rule the system, to serve the economy. When I was looking through the Think Tanks that work for the military, or at least advise the military, they all said that the next system coming in must continue to use the present economy. Economy, once again, is number one, not human lives, not human happiness or welfare, but the economy must still be used, even though we're going under, financially, the economy, this system of profit and loss, would be maintained, at all costs. Why is that? Why has the economy never been there to serve the people? Well, for the same reasons as governments have never been there to serve the people, it's a front. If you go into the dialectical system of the Cold War, and as I say, the necessary component called the Sovietised or communist system they set up, in order to create the dialectic: thesis, antitheses, synthesis. Remember, synthesis always comes out of it and we found out that synthesis had already become out of it, it was already working, the amalgamation of the two systems, when Norman Dodd and the Reece Commission did his investigation into the power and influence of the great Foundations. That's the book to read: Foundations, their power and influence. Get a hold of it, because there's never been a truer time when that's so true today. They run everything, everything, they're all the fronts in the world, across the world, in the universities they control the universities, they decide what's taught in the universities; and, using this combination of the Sovietised system and the Western, so-called democratic system, the blend of the two, they bypass the older generations. It's a standard soviet technique, communist technique and go right for the young, especially those who will be involved in working in governments and bureaucracies and become the C.E.Os of corporations and they'll be in marketing, they'll be in culture-creation industries and so on, they go straight for them. That's why the universities across the world have massive funding, from all the big Foundations, with stipulations on what to teach; and every professor, who smells the wind and knows what's expected of him, will be well taken care of, if he promotes this new Third Way, or Third Wave, as it's sometimes called.

What is the Third Wave? It's taken after dropping a stone in a pond and watching the ripple; it’s the effect of the third wave that's important, if you observe it. They've done stage one, the first stage was the Capitalist system; Stage Two was the Communist System; the Third Wave is pushing the entire planet, in a planned society, bringing with it eugenics and it's all out in the open today, there is no conspiracy. You can't pick up a newspaper article or a magazine, or turn on a television set without a panel of experts and it’s bioethicists or eugenicists talking about the coming future and what it will entail; or other experts coming in saying they are going into the womb to rectify defective genes, in children they suspect will have criminal tendencies or a host of other things. It's all over the place. World society, global, global, global.

And, as I say, they put their man in at the end, Mr. Obama, because he's agreed - and that was his job - that's why they put him in this time, to push forward all of the Treaties the United States had not signed but had helped force upon the rest of the world, because the US financed the Kyoto, the US financed every UN agenda there is. Now, they have to sign it and succumb to it, which really is the complete end of sovereignty for the United States of America. And, what will come out of that will be massive tax increases, never mind the bailouts for the big banking boys, who's bail out part one, part two's to come. It also means that you'll be heavily taxed for everything. If you understand that the food for instance in Europe is three to four times what you're paying in the United States, we're looking at really-really tough times ahead because this is the agenda and, as Kissinger said: the US must learn to sit back and maybe even take a back seat at times.  

Everything is planned this way, there's not a Foundation out there, out of the thousands of Foundations, which are all fronts, which promote the thousands of Non-Governmental Organisations, there's not one of them goes a different road from the others, they're all politically correct on all the same topics as every other one, they’re like clones of each other. That doesn't happen by accident. That's called massive organisation and some of these Foundations have one job and that's to get consensus on the same topics with all the rest. There is no democracy involved in this whatsoever; the public are generally in complete ignorance of what is running and shaping their future. It's not intended that they know. The media's job is not to let you know what's going on, it's to distract you and entertain you and download you, indoctrinate you. When you think of millions of people tuning into the same TV stations every night, getting the same download, you wonder why they all look the same, talk about the same things, have the same opinions. They've never reasoned anything through for themselves.  

Remember, behind these Foundations and the ones who started them up, is the Eugenics Society; it's got many names today, including Bioethics. Specialists above us are deciding the fate and the shape, literally, of the humans of the future. Not the people, we have no say in it whatsoever. It's taught all through universities and it has different departments, such as I say, Neuroscience, which is going into the ethics of what they can do with the brain. Not what we say they should do with the brain, or not do with the brain, but what they're going to do with the brain, the human brain. That won't be mentioned either in any parliament, or congress, on the planet, it's all bypassed and it's done mainly through universities.  

There's a book put out by Dr. David C. Reardon, the book was in progress, at least I don't know if it's finished yet, but he does have some of his pages up on a site and it's called:

The Eugenics Connection: Shapers of Humanity.

Good title Shapers of Humanity. He started this in 2006 and in Chapter 5 he goes on to tell you some of the history of the Eugenics Movements and Neo-Malthusianism, as it's called. He says: 

During the 1930s         

This is under the title

From Promises to Disillusionments.  

During the early 1930s, eugenics reached the height of its popularity in Pre World War II America. It was during this period, when their political power was greatest, that eugenicists and Neo- Malthusians became increasingly radical in their demands to eliminate the "unfit",  

This is in America and I've talked before about the history of the Rockefellers who were at the top of this movement, funding it all. 

whom they called a "race of chronic paupers, 

There's your poverty gene. 

a race parasitic upon the community" The eugenic weapons to be used in this "war between races" 

I've already talked about how they eliminated many of the Indians; thousand of them were slaughtered, by disease and so on, in terrible conditions. 

were increasingly coercive and destructive. In 1932, at the Third International Congress of Eugenics held in New York City.  

New York City.  

proposals were made to prevent the "further dilution of the American gene pool" by those who possessed "inferior genes" through segregation, sterilisation, birth control, abortion and even infanticide. 

They wanted to kill the children. We have that today now, we have partial birth abortion. See, all of these goals have been reached. All of these goals have been reached and called different things. Back, after this break. 

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix. As I say, an hour is so short, you can't really tie everything you'd like to say together, it's a very-very short time to unfold so much history, but the main points I bring up, as best I can, because I don't plan my shows. The main points I bring up, I try to show you how this great New World Order was planned a long time ago and that it's not going to be the nice fairy tale utopia for the general public who will mainly be unemployed by the time it's finished, and classified as 'useless eaters'. They will not be tolerated by those who rule it.  

Continuing with this article, it says here: 

Supporting infanticide of the "unfit" 

This is from the 1930s but it ties in with the '70s. 

Dr. Lena K. Sadler, urged her fellow physicians to stop trying "to save every weak child that is born into the world" and urged the medical community to cease free treatment of "the unfit baby in our welfare stations, dispensaries and clinics". For those children who survived post-natal neglect, and for those whose parents refused to accept the logical practicality of allowing their "unfit offspring" to die in infancy,  

I've read articles where that's been allowed to happen now, especially from the ones who they've tried to abort, but they were born anyway, they were told to leave them to try and die, this is happening here. 

she urged the old standby of forced sterilisation. It should be noted that Sadler's call for selective infanticide was not directed at children with measurable disabilities alone, but included every "weak child" - particularly those born to parents of the "unfit class".

At the same conference, Dr. Russell Robie called for the compulsory sterilisation of a minimum of 14 million Americans whom he defined as possessing subhuman intelligence. Robie's speech is particularly notable in its similarities to the rhetoric of the 1970s population control zealots. 

You see, it never changes, it's always the same rhetoric. 

...our population has already attained a greater number that is necessary for the efficient functioning of the race 

Now, they mean the system again, this economic system. 

as a whole. Certainly our present picture of millions of unemployed [the year remember is 1932 

We hear the same hype down through the ages. 

 - the worst period of the Great Depression] would point to the belief that this suggestion [of 14 million forced sterilisations] is not an unreasonable one. It would undoubtedly be found, if such research was possible, that a major portion of this vast army of unemployed are socially inadequates, and in many cases mental defectives, who might have been spared the misery they are now facing if they'd never been born. 

Now, remember: most of those people, in the '20s and '30s were kicked off their lands and their farms, by the banks, with the backup of the governments and the henchmen, to kick them off, the bailiffs, and here they are all classed as "mentally defective". You see, under this system, with its little secret beliefs at the top, if you were not, if you were kicked off your land then you had to be poor, otherwise you had plenty of money, you'd have seen your way through it. Those who couldn't see their way through it were therefore inferior and they wanted them to wipe them all off and that's coming, with all the unemployed, it will be here shortly, as this system goes down the tubes. You'd better understand that now.  

Well, that's it for tonight, so from Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight and may your god - or your gods - go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.



"The Eugenics Connection: Shapers of Humanity" [Excerpt - Chapter Five - 1932-1982: Eugenics in Transition] by Dr. David C. Reardon (at