Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#232)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 12, 2009:

The Mass is Easy Prey for Men Like Edward Bernays:

"From Standardized Consumer Directed by Stealth,
Guided into 'The Century of The Self,'
Items which Lasted, Now Gone, Oh Dismay,
Thanks to Lehman Bros. and Edward Bernays,
Advisor to Leaders, This Man with Babble,
Had Secret Training in Managing Rabble,
Planned Obsolescence Became the Rule,
New is Better, The Object to Fool,
Unconscious Desires, 'You Deserve It,'
Throw Old Away, No Need to Preserve It,
This Sigmund's Nephew Knew the Game,
Treat People as Fools, All the Same,
Fooled a Nation to War under Red Scare Pretense,
Died Rich in Old Age, No Trace of Repentance"
© Alan Watt Jan. 12, 2009

Monday 12th January 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 12, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 12th of January 2009.

For the newcomers: look into and on the website there you can download lots of talks I've given in the past, where I try to tie a lot of things together, to show you the big picture of what really runs the world, where it's going and how most people really are manipulated into working along this agenda which they're entirely oblivious of. Generally, out of good intentions, they work the agenda into being for people they'll never meet, for an agenda, the true agenda they'll never ever understand, even when it hits them; and, they will indeed be in shock.  I think it's over 600 talks I've given, which you can download for free. 

Also, look into and you can download written transcripts of these talks and they're written in the various languages of Europe.

For those who don't have my books yet, you can order them from and you can also donate and that keeps me going and I know things are getting tight out there because I've talked to a lot of people from all over and people are becoming worried about the economy and they have a right to be worried about it because it doesn't look so good after all. There's a second bail-out package to come and how many after that I wonder? Until everyone's going to end up in utter slavery to the World Bank, by the looks of it, because government doesn't have money, it takes money from taxpayers to pay all these bail-outs that they're handing out. As I say, there's more to come and inflation will go rampant and so on; and, for those who follow this particular station and others, they'll know all of this, they’ll know the scenario, they know the cons that are going on and they know we're in for a rough ride. We have to hang on and come through it because, after all, we didn’t plan it; it certainly was planned though and it was helped along and manipulated into existence.

It makes you wonder why they hire all these great economists, why would you hire economists if things like this happen? Why on earth would you do it, if it's supposed to be a form of a science, what kind of science is this? And then we have the bottom economists, always writing for newspapers and they're never right, on anything. It's quite something, the age in which we live. 

Over the weekend, I tried to watch a couple of videos, I tried to, because I use satellite, for uploading and downloading, and you never get the speed of course that you pay for and especially since the military-industrial complex owns the satellite, I guess we're sharing it with the military and they get priority, so I kind of watch some of the videos in little bits and bites, as it stops and starts and so on and I get the gist of things mainly and that's about it.  I was watching one by Brian Gerrish, who lives in England and who started a little movement up to fight and expose a massive organisation called Common Purpose; and, as I was watching this video, he was going through the fact that this organisation was already so enormous. It had basically got members in the military, at the top in the military, members in top police departments, city councils and it's all through Britain; and, what struck me, was how quickly these things spread, because they're so well-funded and organised.  I'm going to go into this, after the following break, because it's very interesting what I was thinking about. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing a video I watched at the weekend, made by Brian Gerrish of England, who is an ex submarine hunter, he was on some kind of frigate that chased the submarines during the Cold War; and, he is now campaigning and talking in groups around the country, to try to get people interested in combating an organisation that has taken off like wildfire and yet it's so secretive as to its intentions, its motives and so on. He goes through the funding this organisation gets and the techniques they use and the techniques, really, are very similar, if not the same as that of Chatham House and Chatham House is the head for the Royal Institute for International Affairs, where they're allowed, sometimes, they're told what they can tell the public, they're also told not to mention to the public who said what and what kind of discussion that takes place within the House. I know in the old books of Chatham House, and I have some of them, they used to print the members who attended and you can often tie in who said what, by where they came from. And, this Common Purpose, as I say, gets money from the C.F.R. and different big organisations already; and, because it seems to have got such leeway to penetrate into even local government and major government, the federal governments, it has to be related, I think, in some way, with intelligence service at the top. And just as the RIIA is also integrated with the intelligence service, in fact, Chatham House was the headquarters, during World War II, for the British and American O.S.S.

When I was watching the video, - apart from all the discoveries this particular man had found about the organisation and its networking and its incredible funding, incredible funding - was that by the time the public ever find out about anything that's really important that's going to affect your lives, especially things which are outside of democracy, it's always, we've been run over already, it's like a stampede that’s coming your way and you're in the desert and you see the sandstorm coming and so on and, by the time you even know what's happening, it's disappearing over the other horizon. That's how most of these things work, they're so incredibly secretive, they're so heavily-financed into existence that they almost can't lose and part of the purpose of Common Purpose, it seems, is to go for the youth in schools, they recruit teachers as well, who then recruit the children and that reminded me right off the bat of the techniques used by the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and, eventually the Lord Milner Group amalgamated with it. They called the youngsters who were being trained at Kindergarten, Milner's Kindergarten.

They're going to create new future leaders in all aspects of society, that seems to be their role; and, as I say, it's outside of any democratic control. In fact, it's penetrated all of the democratic control. And, I'm not surprised, because we're seeing in a New World Order, that's what's coming in, we're living through it; and, Gorbachev and others have discussed this many-many times, this coming transitional century, this is the century of change. It means it's the century to bring in this global society and not just the society where we can continue as we have before being good consumers and producers and so on, but, a controlled society, right down to population control, it's in partnership with the old soviet system, in fact they brought many of the soviet experts on board, to amalgamate the two systems; and, again, Professor Carroll Quigley talked about that and so did Norman Dodd of the Reece Commission.  

That's what we're living through today. It's to be a heavily-controlled society, which, of course, must portray itself as something completely different. Whenever anything is sold to the public in politics or in a political fashion, you'll never get truth because power is power, I don't care who is bringing in the power, who wants the power, power is power and they never tell the public their ultimate goals; and, I think that's true in all administrations probably down through the centuries. Francis Bacon said it's best the public never really know the true machinations of government, the true reasons that they do things. 

I was also thinking about how on earth did we get here? Studying history gives you an idea and even history is heavily spun. Ancient history can give us a lot, although it's mixed with mythology, because that's how ancient history was written. History used to be written, generally, on command of a king or a potentate and therefore the historian had to be politically correct, as he wrote the history, he always had to glorify the king or his lineage, or whatever, so you never get a true picture of history. Even ancient Pharaohs were known to have lost battles and to have completely lied about the outcomes of the battles and then reversed the reality. 

This takes me on to culture really and culture creation and control. We always think that, sometime in the past, and that's what the media often plays on when they give us, especially your mainstream CBC / BBC type plays that they put on. They always give you some sort of glorified past and they love, I don't know why they love just the pre-Victorian age or the Victorian age, the costumery and so on; but, they always pick the wealthy classes and give you the stories and so on and that doesn't tell you any of the truth whatsoever because the majority of the people did not live like that. They give us always a nice past, to look back on, a fake one; at least, for most people it was fake.  Why did they do that? Why do they always do that? They're catering to human stress and emotion, because we all want some kind of security and continuity and purpose for living in fact; and, culture generally gives to people, whole tribes and nations, clans, whatever, a reason for being. That is why Darwin himself, when he came out with his Origin of Species, he said that a ‘superior’ culture, with technology etc, and what they called "civilisation" comes in and occupies a country of inferior type, meaning those who are, he calls them "fixed" societies, those who have not progressed, they're "arrested development" you might say (that's what they often call it too), then those people will lose whatever culture or reason for being that they had and will often disintegrate or perish, through self-abuse. And, we do certainly see this, with some peoples who go into alcoholism, in Africa there's a lot of drugs in some areas too; but, it’s a form of wiping oneself off the face of the map, it's self-destructive, because the ideals and principles, which can also be very basic, are being taken from them; and, again, reinforced by the predominating new cultures coming in, they'll often try and wipe out the old culture, which further disintegrates the people, if they can't adapt, as they say in Darwinian terminology.  

We are much the same too, even in our own cultures, because, when you read the communist philosophies, or science as they call it, it's now included in the system of the West that brought them together a long time ago, because they knew exactly where they were going a long time ago. That came out in the Reece Commission - with Norman Dodd - that they knew this back in the 1950s. Then people who are older today will have a hard time adapting to the changes that are coming; and, that's why they concentrate primarily on the youth, that's a normal strategy of Sovietisation. The older ones are called "contaminated", they have false ideas of past etc, false morality, outdated, antiquated and antique, obsolete and you must go for the youth, who will be the new ones who'll come up. In other words: you can brainwash them perfectly, that's what that simply means, brainwashing. Children will believe whatever they're told by the superiors who manage them and every tyrant in history has used the same techniques of going after the youth.  

This brings me into something of the techniques that are used, because, again, I watched another, in broken pieces anyway, video (via satellite, starts and stops), by Adam Curtis. Adam Curtis has done documentaries for quite a few years and then he was absorbed by the BBC; but, during his sort of free-lancing time, he churned out documentaries, using archived footage, which the BBC and other countries had, to do with the 20th century primarily; and, the wars and how, even after World War II, at the Nuremburg Trials. The Nuremberg Trials were opened off by, I think, a six-hour movie, which had been put together by Hollywood, splicing bits of the Nazi propaganda together, all spliced, to ensure that those people on trial were portrayed in the worst light possible. Even that was set off with the fiction involved, I mean it was not all fiction but when you take anything out of context, you can certainly make a different story, once you patch it all together. And we're into the field here of mind control and psychiatry, because this was used to project onto the masses, who must believe the official story. I'll be back with more, after this message. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing techniques really, techniques of managing the masses and giving them perceptions, the authorised perceptions; and, I mentioned this man called Adam Curtis who studied at Oxford University, who was into the various sciences, behavioural sciences and so on, so he understood, obviously, these techniques and, perhaps, that's why he made different documentaries on them, using archived information which wasn't shown to the public before, but there it was, they had it at places like the BBC.

In the Nuremburg Trials, they were set to try and prove to the public this was a just war, a just war and they tried, and I'll leave the links at the end of the show. They tried to get Göring to admit he was guilty; and, of course, Göring had psychopathic qualities, he didn't see right and wrong the same way as anyone else, he saw whatever was functional for the period. However, the whole idea was to try and get him to admit that, through coercion and lies and deceit, they basically usurped government for their own ends, by using a totalitarian form of government over the people and Göring didn't deny that, he just didn't see anything wrong with it. He said it was the only thing that would work at that time; and, of course, remember the whole drive for a long-long time, pre-World War II, was to create the system of democracy.

This takes me into the second series, another series that Adam Curtis did, on this very topic of democracy but it's called Century of the Self; and, it's fascinating really, remember too, that with all exposés, there's a lot omitted. For instance, he never goes into the fact that, down through the last 100 years, there have been big organisations like the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the C.F.R. and a host of other and you've got the Trilaterals and many-many other organisations, all working together, to bring in their particular global system; and, they still use the term 'democracy' but it's so secretive and so all-infiltrating, through all systems of government, that it's just too big for the average person to manage, even in their head, so huge, because they're heavily funded, have hundred of departments working on special projects and so on.

It's still worth watching Adam Curtis's series of videos here, going through the techniques that they used. Now, they used, at the end of World War I, Edward Bernays, everyone's heard his name. He was the nephew of Freud and, supposedly, we're told, he used Freud's techniques of understanding this vast sea of the unconscious that's in everyone, the vast sea of emotions and thoughts and symbols and so on, to use that on the people, to create a form of democracy and he was hired by President Wilson, when he was only about 24 apparently, so we're told, but I think there is lot more to this man myself. But, to go over to set up the League of Nations and went over to France and they had this amazing big parades and all the rest of it, really promoting the birth of a New Order, World Order, even back then, and to bring in democracy.

Edward Bernays, the nephew of Freud, was heavily-involved in the setting up of the techniques that would be used for propaganda purposes; and, he was open about the term initially, called propaganda, he wrote a book called Propaganda, it's worth reading, on how to manipulate the masses. Bernays went on to have an amazing career and he ended up being a very-very old man, they live to a long age these guys who have no particular scruples. While he was doing all this kind of stuff, the daughter of Freud had basically taken over the budding Institute Of Psychiatry, in fact, she was the head person for the world's institute or institutes of psychiatry and her word was law. Whatever she said became law, basically, in psychiatry and their whole opinion, in psychiatry, at the end of World War I, between the two wars, was that the general person within the population, the average person, couldn't be trusted to, literally, make rational decisions on anything. They saw the people as a big mob, basically, the vast mob who simply reacted on whimsical emotions that all came out of this great Unconscious that Freud called it; and, this stuff was taken seriously by governments, who are always wary of people they rule over.

Edward Bernays went on to have a career helping politicians make policies etc. How to market ideas to the public, using Freud's techniques but I think it's beyond Freud, to be honest, I think this man was trained in a much greater depth of understanding because, as I say, he appears at 24, knowing all this stuff and, supposedly, in his own words, he just read a book by his uncle, I don't believe that at all. I think he was specially trained for his role.  

Psychiatry became a very powerful tool in helping governments manage its peoples and get policies across. He also went into marketing, at the same time, working for big private clients and big banks like Lehman Brothers; and, I'll be back with more of this story after the following break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing some videos made by Adam Curtis on The Century of Self, as they call it, where he talks about Edward Bernays, this incredible man who was the supposed genius behind mass marketing and then individual, actually categorising different types of people, according to what you could basically sell them, by understanding their psychology. He also was an advisor to Presidents and yet he was also working at the same time with big banking institutions and Lehman Brothers were developing big chains of clothing and appliance outlets, across the country. They brought him in, to try and find ways to convince the public to stop buying things because they would last long and they were good quality etc but to make them want things by using these inhibited or suppressed emotions, so these would fulfil maybe a temporary ‘fill’ for these suppressed emotions. Again, Edward Bernays, we're told, had this great ability to understand the problem right away and make it work, to find ways around it.

He also, at one point, had a client who ran the whole of Guatemala, at one point, and it was a big / massive company, a fruit company, mainly bananas, and everybody worked on banana plantations and his client in the US was upset because a new President had been elected who was not communist by the way, he was socialist in the extent that he wanted to share the wealth of the people, and, so, the company, based in the States, asked him to 'fix it' in some way or another. So, Bernays went into action, he went to see Eisenhower and, between them, they conspired to convince the public that this man, this President that was elected was a communist, which they knew that he wasn't. They even set up a movie company to churn out news, fake newsreels on this man, to show you that he was red menace living next door. And, the US taxpayers funded a war with Guatemala; and, they went in there and bombed the bejesus out of Guatemala and then, at the end of it, the US put in their own puppet regime, the company paid Mr. Bernays very well, for restoring their big massive fruit plantations; and so on; and the US taxpayer funded the war. 

We're not dealing here with just little conmen, we're dealing with people who have the psychopathic abilities, who are up at the top, but they also have some kind of knowledge of the sciences of real psychology, motivational behaviour and so on. At that time, in that period, people were used to, as I say, buying things to last for a long time and he worked on the way to get people to buy the cheaper shoddy goods and get used to the idea that something that was older was somehow no use. Something that was new was always better, and he was very-very efficient at doing that too. So, he was the father, really of marketing, he was the guru of marketing; and, his techniques were swallowed up by all the marketing companies that blossomed throughout not only the States, but all through Europe as well and they're still used today to run our mind. There isn't a single project put out by any government that doesn't have to go through marketing companies, so that they can sell the idea to the public. Now, remember, the idea is never to tell you the truth, but to sell you the idea, because we fall for ideas, we like to hear things that elevate us into some great wonderful future or whatever. We like the terms they use and they're deliberately picked and chosen for us; and, they truly do have society down to a very fine art, because, from Bernays too, they came out with focus groups, where they would bring people in to test products, a bunch of observers would stand behind two-way mirrors and watch and record the reactions of people to different products.

They targeted, initially, women, with fashion, in fact they brought in the mini skirt; this is long before the '60s, because they tried it in the '20s too. They got women to smoke, to make it seem that this was a power symbol, having a cigarette was a power symbol; and, so they hired top people, at a particular show in New York, I think it was, to suddenly start smoking and made it very daring to do and that was picked up immediately by women who saw this and they started smoking. They did the same thing with getting women to drink different kinds of alcohol.

To Bernays, the average person was completely malleable - if you simply observe an individual for long enough, you can find his weak spots, or her weak spots, and you can exploit it - and that's the whole process of this, is exploitation, all marketing is exploitation. They're trying to sell you something or make you do something, or even change your lifestyle from government wanting you to behave in a different way; this is all done through specific marketing.

Then in the 1960s, there was a sudden change, they say, and, again, it's in this series (that I'm going to put the links up for at the end of the show), where the youth was so sick of the mass marketing culture and this caused a problem for those at the top, the big salesmen, the economists: how do we get this group to buy products? How do we turn them into, from hippies to people who will actually buy products? Therefore, they studied them, like any group, you study them and, eventually, they realised that there was a change going on, the people wanted more individuality, to be recognised really as individuals. At the same time, entrepreneurs came out, using the same psychological marketing techniques, Delphi techniques and so on, and started teaching groups in motivational behaviour therapy; all psychology and psychiatry combined and that took off like a rocket, with people who were technically unhappy with their lifestyles, unhappy with life in general and they wanted to change themselves. So, once again, change is good, as they say.

The C.I.A., of course, was involved heavily in the studies to do with any kind of behaviour modification, which comes under mind control. In the videos (as I say the links I'll put up) you'll see that there was the Esalen Institute, on of the first biggies that tried to alter different people's behaviour, they tried to alter black people's behaviour in the States, by some forms of encounter groups and they weren't too successful. So they tried it on a convent in Los Angeles and, within, a few weeks, they had literally (and this they'll tell you on the video), by altering their inhibitions and their common sense on anything, the convent stopped, it just closed its doors after about six weeks, because the nuns had all abandoned everything, they'd been told that everything they had was suppressed emotion, let it go; and, they all became lesbians.

This is the power of this motivational-type behaviour modification, that people generally pay to get done to them; and, those who remember that time, remember the Rolfing and all the other techniques that they used; and, in the video, you'll see people writhing about, you'll see them on the floor, you'll see them kicking their heels on the floor, putting their legs up and down, as they're sitting on chairs in rapid motions. These are the same techniques you'll see in what they call the Toronto Blessing, where these con men Christians pretend that the Holy Ghost is coming into people but you'll see the exact same movements and the writhing and screams and so on that's used in these motivational behaviour therapy lessons.  I'm tying the same technique together, even through certain religions and TV evangelists that do this kind of stuff. I could go into the whole techniques of why it works and how it works but we don't have time on tonight's show.

As I say, that was the promotion of the self at that time, trying to create the self and that's when everything started to come out in the '70s and '80s as your personal, whatever it was they was selling, it was a personal item. If you were buying something electronic, it was your personal radio or it was, even your personal photocopier. Now, it's personal computer, that's where all that came from, because the big marketers, with their experts, were studying segments, vast segments of society; and that's why they want data on every single person, so they can market right to you and make you buy something you hadn't thought of. And, governments - again - are completely interwoven now, with these same behaviour modification specialists called marketers. Marketers work for governments, they work in campaigns, for elections, they work and they study all opposition by the way, through their polls and find ways to overcome that. It's quite fascinating how they do it; but, what it shows you is that so many people, so many people, in today's society are malleable.  

Now, let's go back to the initial concept of this: at the end of World War I; now, let's remember World War I was not created by just ordinary people; it was the heads of governments who declared war on each other. The heads of governments were interwoven at that time with empire-building; and, you had three main people competing for empire although Britain had the largest, you also had France and Germany, prior to World War I, trying to build up empires, which also meant it was a lucrative business, for materials and resources, for big corporation owners who became fabulously rich, through the wars. However, at the end of World War I, here's the mind-bender: because, as I say, all the psychiatrists and the Freudian psychiatrists came out blamed the ordinary people for the wars; and that fixation, that it was all the fault of the common man and woman, has stayed with psychiatry ever since. Charles Galton Darwin and others came out and said that psychiatry and psychiatrists should be on the board of every government, to ensure that the politicians were all perfectly sane. Now, what makes the psychiatrists think they're any better or more reasonable, or rational for that matter?  This philosophy held true for a long-long time but, as I said, mainly the psychiatrists, what you've got is the next best thing, you have the Bernays types, the marketer types, working with government, to get them into government, to get parties in and to manage the people throughout, through perception alteration or distortion. Not to give truth to the public, but to distort your perceptions on things on events.  

The marketers, in another series done by Adam Curtis too, he shows you these guys working with big politicians: Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton and others; and, you'll even hear it said that they had no intention, really, of fulfilling any promises, they just wanted the public to believe that they were changing and going off in a different direction. You'll hear it said, by those involved.

Life is a stage isn't it? The world's a stage and these guys are always playing to the public, but it's never for the public's benefit; but they’re still under the same impression, the general public cannot be trusted. If you wonder why, we’re going into this century, with massive observation on every individual, with incredible data-keeping on everything that the individual does. With cameras everywhere, IDs being shown / ID cards being shown across Europe and the States and different places; and, we know it's not the end of it; the Chip is still to come. It's all from this initial idea of those who ruled, in the early 20th Century, that the people were unstable, irrational and could not be counted on to make rational decisions. As I say, they were told by people like Freud that the average person would just act out unconscious desires and never know why.

This tied in, of course, because psychiatry, from its very inception, was completely tied in with eugenics, utterly; and, in fact, there's other videos out there to do with the psychiatrists in Germany, Nazi Germany and how almost every psychiatrist in Germany became a Nazi party member, because the philosophies that Adolf Hitler was pushing were so pretty well identical with their own. The idea being, coupled with Darwinism and Freudism that, in survival of the fittest, that there were inferior types in society and it also bolstered the ruling elite of the day, because they believed themselves we must be the most evolved species at the top because we are at the top. And, because we have this power and because we have amassed vast fortunes and held on to it through generations, we're obviously the elite, while those below are almost a separate species. That's when it all started, psychiatry gave credence to this, they backed it up; and, there was a fight on for psychiatrists to get placed on the boards of all governments of the world. The League of Nations advocated it, on various occasions; the United Nations has advocated it at certain times. If you wonder why you see this massive campaign for mental health, where they want everyone to be monitored, from birth onwards, throughout life but they're starting with the children, not to spook the adults. It's all to do with this one same single agenda, that those at the top came to the conclusions a long time ago, that you cannot make a rational decision, you are a potential criminal, you've the potential to be a criminal, you've the potential to be maladjusted; they will tell you what adjusted means. It's to bring in this Sovietised system that was experimented on in the Soviet Union, and it's been perfected in the West, that's where it's all coming from.  

As I say, Adam Curtis does one fatal thing and he omits through all of this: how come the agenda towards the world governmental system has gone on unimpeded, regardless of what party was ever voted in, in any country? He doesn't go into the mandates of the bureaucrats and their polices. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing just a little bit about the marketing techniques that have been used for a 100 years to alter and shape culture. I said, a long time ago, that you have to find who you are, the hardest thing is to find who you are in this day and age, because we tend to be composites of all our indoctrinations; a lot of which we're completely oblivious that we've even had, because culture is controlled and created and updated. Not by chance and not just for profit; profit is a big thing but it's also done because there is a parallel government that wants to control everyone and they're bringing us through part of the transition phase and they have a whole bunch of transition phases, as they phase out the old man through Transhumanism and bring out the new. They must sell that idea, which they're doing very well to be people; there's a lot of people email me thinking that they deserve to be part Cyborg or have longevity and I always refer back to Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley, who mentioned that there are a lot of people who think they will deserve it but they're not even in the running. 

Getting back to Bernays: it's astonishing, here's the nephew of Freud, whose daughter Anna, ends up being the head for many years, most of her life, of the World Psychiatric Federation. Even the patients she treated (you'll hear this on the video) personally, generally committed suicide, so it shows you the great job on them; but, it didn't matter, because the propaganda of making her famous because you make 'stars' including 'stars' in psychiatry and 'stars' in politics and 'stars' anywhere else, they are made by the same industry, the marketing industry. Then you go down through these particular videos and you'll also see, I think, it's the great-grandson of Freud, who's married to the daughter of Rupert Murdock and his big conglomerate chain and how they changed the media, using this younger Freud, using his ideas, he owned a massive marketing company and how they blended in news with advertising in the actual stories themselves; you don't realise that. He also came up with the idea of putting brand name products in the big-big movies etc and having famous stars mentioning these products at least twice in every interview.

Everything is a show and it's also marketing and selling, everything. There's nothing real on the big screen or the TV screen, it's all strategy so that you will perceive things in a certain way; and, they also understand what we go through, our milestones, as a young man or a woman, from childhood and they segregate it all up and market right to you, even bypassing the parents. How to bypass parents and make the child get what they want, without the parents even being aware that they've given in to the child's demands; incredible psychology is at play. By using these techniques, they hope to control a world society; but, as we go through the initial changes, into the world system we have to go through the totalitarian system and get used to that as well, because that's all part of the training. Every camera on the road is meant to create fear within you, there's always another reason for what you see around you.  

That's it for tonight, I can hear the music coming in; and, it's a very short hour because there's so much to say about this, I'll probably say more tomorrow. So, from Hamish and myself, it's goodnight and may your god - or your gods - go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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