Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#243)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 27, 2009:

Science and the 'Natural Aristocracy':

"Now It Comes, for the Economy's Health,
First-World Nations Redistribute Wealth,
As First-World Peoples' Jobs are Axed,
Augment the Problem, Be Carbon Taxed,
The Masters Who Offer All Resolution
Compound the Problems for Revolution,
And This is Theirs, Make No Mistake,
Out of Chaos They Plan to Make
A New World Order, All People to Serve
'Their Betters' Lording Over Lowly Serf,
Scientific Dictatorship, Captains of Industry,
To Run the World 'as It Ought to Be' "
© Alan Watt Jan. 27, 2009

Tuesday 27th January 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 27, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, on January the 27th, 2009.  

I always advise newcomers to look into because, on the website, you'll find lots of talks I've given in the past, you can download them; and, I try and give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture of that which is running the world and I tell you why, as best I can, and I also try and intimate as where its all supposed to go. I use, as far as I can, the official books published by members of various associations, as proof, rather than go into the conspiracy books; and, I've told people before, if you go into conspiracy books, you'll find that they're all correct; and, you'll say how can they all be correct? They'll use actual quotes from certain people, whether it's Jesuits, the Masons, or the Jews or the something, they always have a target, you see, easy targets, but you'll find out there's been conflict between all parties in the past and, in fact, they've all been used to further an agenda, run by a very clever elite bunch of people who have always known where they're going and who actually fund many of the groups who seem to be in opposition to each other, because, through conflict, you have resolution and that brings change, directed change. That's the key to it: you direct the changes.  

Also look into where you can download transcripts of these talks and print them up and they're done in the various languages of Europe.  

I always remind people too, or I try to, I seldom do, that I bring you the show, basically, to you and it's brought by you, because, through your donations and by buying my books and so on, you keep me going. And, believe you me, there are good expenses to pay, all the time. I get hit with the bills too, which are always going up, as we all know; and, who knows how long we can go on in this way, before we're stopped, or before there's no point. Eventually, there will be no point in saying much at all, when we're all totally imprisoned, we almost are, electronically and through surveillance and it’s going even further, much-much further, their plans will take it much-much further. I don't guess at this, I just read their plans; they do publish them. So, it's up to you to keep me going and by supporting me. I don't get money for the shows, I don't ask for money from any of the shows I've been on; and, the advertising you hear, pays the station, it pays the staff; it pays their expenses, which are pretty steep.  

I've been talking, this last while, about the systems, the rings, the circles that overlap and run this system. I've gone through the different techniques of propaganda and mind control, that’s been used on us all, for an awful long time; your parents and grandparents too. Sciences that were well understood hundreds of years ago (and even further back in time), because there's nothing so studied as the human being, down through the ages. The first priests that ran the planet, no doubt studied the public, in order to do so. We certainly have lots of evidence from the times of Zoroaster onwards, when they convinced the public that they had to get sacred flame to light the sacred fire before they could cook anything, because all fire became sacred, where it wasn't before, it was just a basic necessity.  I'll be back with more, after the following break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to allow people to understand the big picture, those that can understand it, because we've all been heavily-conditioned into an incredible ignorance at the bottom of things. We're kept that way by design, on purpose, because we're not supposed to know that the world is directed along a certain path and has been for an awful long time.  I've been quoting from some of the books that outline that, especially Tragedy & Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, both by Professor Carroll Quigley, who's one of the few people to document them separately for the public. You can find many of their books under different names, because they call their association by different names. They didn't want the public to know that a single organisation, at the top of a tree, of organisations, was running the world, running conflicts, projecting future wars and even bringing some of them on; then working both sides of all conflicts, to bring in a pre-designed new world order and that's what they called it, in their books from their world meetings, a new world order.

We're supposed to, at the bottom, be utterly confused; we are all supposed to be the profane, you see, in the dark, that's what it means: those in the darkness, those in ignorance.  I've gone through a lot of the other books by members of this particular society like Lord Bertrand Russell who, again, like many of them, ran on two sides: he ran extreme left-wing radicalism; in fact, he was the one who set up the anti-American base, in the UK systems, the anti-war system. He had, in his own biography, he was the leader of the Committee of 100, they called it; the radical ones that eventually stormed down airbases in Britain and knocked down the fences. He was in charge of the bigger groups, the ones who demonstrated in the streets. They didn't know this, a lot of them, at the time. He also wrote books for his own class and his books are very expensive, some of them are over £500, today, because they didn't want the ordinary people reading what the man with the forked tongue was saying to his own people.

Everyone is had, in this system; and, I’ve said before: if you are a follower of anything, your dedication will only be as good as your indoctrination. In medicine, they say that when you get an inoculation and if it's 'taken' in your system, the word is ‘taken’, if it has ‘taken’ in your system, you then are immune - supposedly - to that disease, that’s the theory of it. Well, it's the same with indoctrination: you can be a fanatic and the knowledge of how to create fanaticism is extensive, it's been used down through the ages, by professionals, for revolutions and revolutions can take a hundred years, or more, to plan. They must raise up an entire generation, and go into the next generation, with increasing propaganda; it takes incredible funding and organisation to do so.

We're living through revolutions; we've had revolutions our whole lives: we've had the sexual revolution, various revolutions. They're all cultural and they were planned and financed, again by the same organisation that runs the system; and, people follow and truly believe in what they're doing. As I say: you're only as good as your indoctrination of that time.

The propaganda that was used in World War I to get men to run by the regiments over the top, across muddy fields and they were not allowed to lie down and hide behind anything, they were told to charge into machine gun fire and they had machine guns placed every 12 feet apart, on the other side, non-stop machine guns. Those guys, if you'd said to them, on any side, whether it was German, French, British or whatever that this is supposed to further and destroy your nation, they'd have thought you crazy. They thought they were out to defend their nations; and, yet, in the writings of the very organisation that I've been talking about for so long, they talked about conflicts being necessary, to bring a united Europe together. It's kind of like Mr. Rockefeller saying well you can't have a new world order without, like he says, it's like an omelette, you can't have it without breaking eggs; and, the eggshells are the people on the battlefields. This ‘omelette’ today, the next step of it, is the economic one; we'll all be eggshells on the floor soon, because it's planned that way. 

In World War II, everyone thought they were going off to defend their culture and their nation, while their leaders, including Winston Churchill, was telling his own peer group, at parties at night, that it was the greatest thing that had ever happened, this war, because, out if it, they would get a united Europe; and, I've mentioned the book that came from, written by his own personal secretary, last week.  

Idealism is always used, the children who are growing up today, and some of them already are in their 20s in fact, they've had it instilled in them, since kindergarten, to do with saving the planet and the greening projects and they are fanatical in their indoctrination. They are true believers, they're idealists; and for someone to stand and tell them 'do you realise this is all contrived' would seem ludicrous to them. Shortly, these people will be wearing the uniforms, if they're not already, and coming down on the older people, for despoiling the planet. It's all through cartoons, it's through everything; and they have the mantra of global warming, even thought it's been proven a farce, it makes no difference, this agenda is going to be carried forward, they've taken too much trouble preparing it, preparing a whole generation and it's time to start using it; and, as we do this, think about it. Look at all the papers that you're seeing today about the money that the first world countries, that's the US, Canada, British Commonwealth, European counties, have to give to all the third world countries, to stop them from having so much problems. Why would all this happen and at the same time they're pushing carbon taxes into everything, it's being signed into law, in the United States right now too, and they're going to get an incredible fright when they see the price of everything escalate, especially food, electricity and so on. Why would they bring all of this down, when, supposedly, the economy has crashed? Why would they add to the misery? Well, you see the whole purpose is to bring the economy right down, because out of it is going to come out, a new economic world order; and, you have to understand that anything to do with history, and some people don't want to. Luckily I've only had one complaint from someone who couldn't understand what the history had to do with the present.

If you understand the writings of those in the big fraternities, and those who helped shape the system into which they've grown up in, thinking it was called democracy, such as Karl Marx, who went through what economics was. If you have a new economic system, it means that everything in your life is altered, it's not just a matter of buying and selling, it's all the laws, from the top down to you that change.

We've already had part one of the totalitarian system implemented with the previous bunch, who played the right wing and now you have the one coming in, with the left wing, to complete it, that's how the bird works, with the two wings. The right hand path, the left hand path. One set up the machinery and institutions, for the next one to take over and implement and they will implement it, because they will have riots, as the military itself and their think-tanks have publicised and I've read those report too. There's no conspiracy involved here, it's out in the open.  

Getting back to the big organisation that called itself many names, that took itself after ancient Babylon in fact, because Babylon and Egypt had the mother goddess and, as they said in Egypt, Isis was the goddess with a thousand faces, thousand organisations, a thousand points of light, as Mr. Bush senior called it, the foundations today and all their NGO groups, that really are running the world. That's the new democracy, that's what they meant by ‘democracy’ - the big groups which they themselves created with the foundations and the money to back them. That is the new democracy. Circles within circles, they call themselves circles, as I say, if you picture the Olympic flag, that's a good symbol of how this operates; they're all interlinked.

Tying in with this, is a man who belongs to the Fabian Society and I mentioned too that the Astors, who are part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, this private organisation, that's been behind so much of it, also funded the Fabian Society that the working man thought was his society, even though it was all wealthy elites who set it up and the intelligentsia who ran it. Mr. Brown, of Britain, is a member, the prime minister and so I'm going to read this from the Mail Online.  

27th January 2009 Recession is the birth pangs of a new global order, says Brown  

You can take it to the bank, if there's any bank left.

It’s by Kirsty Walker: Gordon Brown has insisted that the recession was just the 'difficult birth pangs of a new global order'.  

Fabian Society, remember what the Fabian Society's stained glass window is? You see the founders hammering the world on an anvil, into its proper shape. We're going to get hammered folks. Back, in a minute, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article concerning the prime minister of Britain, Mr. Brown, member of the Fabian Society and I mentioned before the break, that their stained glass window, for those who want to look it up, they can do so themselves, you'll see them hammering, the founders hammering the Globe on an anvil, a blacksmith's anvil, hammering it into the shape that it ought to be; and, you've got to remember too that Professor Carroll Quigley said this organisation that runs the world often is mistaken as being the left wing, in fact the far left, Communist, because its goals are pretty well so similar.  Remember who set up this organisation, it was members of the elite who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, where they vowed to bring in a world of service, where man is born, in service to the world state, to serve fellow man, that's how it's put. It sounds not to bad to some people actually, what's wrong with serving ourselves, especially the young, they're very idealistic, sounds sweet, that's how they sold it to the communists too until an oligarchy came in and plonked itself in Russia and ran it from then on.  They certainly knew the meaning of service alright, down below. Then again, it tied in with the agriculture, because you all had to get on your hands and knees and do times in the fields, back to nature, serving your fellow man. Not for the ones at the top though, they lived very-very well, in fact they lived the equivalent life of their opposition, supposedly, in Europe, in the bureaucratic classes.  

Brown says here, in this article:  

Recession is the birth pangs of a new global order'. Gordon Brown has insisted that the recession was just the 'difficult birth pangs of a new global order'.  

At least his script writer did, because all these guys are just actors, essentially. 

As a poll showed more voters are turning against him, the Prime Minister warned that countries must see the financial crisis as the chance to forge a new financial system.  

Now, it's standard policy, with the Council on Foreign Relations, the American branch or the British branch, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to always come out and say they can take any disaster and turn it to advantage and that's what Gary Hart said, after 9/11, that's been reference in many places, it's up there in Youtube on different videos and so on, where he addressed the CFR and he said we can take this disaster and turn it into what the president's father called a new world order. They always turn it to their advantage, why is that? It's because they know what the agenda is, you always turn it into your advantage and they always seem to just get what they want, by the way, to turn it to their advantage, because they plan it that way.  

Setting the scene for April's G20 talks in London, Mr Brown said: 'If what happens to a bank in one country can within minutes have devastating effects for banks on a different continent, then only a truly international response of policy and governance can be effective.'  

Governance, that's the word again they use, in the Council on Foreign Relations, governance can be effective. It's amazing how the repetition of words becomes the norm and we speak their world into existence for them, if we actually accept it and don't realise what we're saying. He says: 

current 'threats and challenges' to the world economy should be seen as 'the difficult birth pangs of a new global order'.

'Our task now is nothing less than making the transition to a new internationalism 

A new internationalism, now look at the Council on Foreign Relations' books. Look at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, look at their old books, when they talked about Britain being used, with the Commonwealth, and they coined it the Commonwealth of Nations, as the nucleus for a combined world system. Every country would adopt the same system and they'd have a global government, or governance, as they like to call it. Internationalism, that's what Communism was about too; Internationalism, what did they do? They brought the two together, as I said last week too, as you found out with the Reece Commission, in the 1950s and an explanation is given to Senator Dodd, by the heads of those foundations, their job was to bring the Soviet system and merge it, seamlessly, with that of the West, with America, especially. So: 

...making the transition to a new internationalism with the benefits of an expanding global economy, not muddling through as pessimists, but making the necessary adjustment to a better future and setting new rules for this new global order', he said. 

Now, the last great depression was caused by a bank failing in Germany, because of the money they had to pay, according to the Versailles Treaty, as the defeated nations, they were supposed to pay all the costs of the victor nations; and, eventually a bank fell there, supposedly, and, because they were already international, the banks, it had a domino effect and it all fell across. Well, they never sorted that problem, they said they had, but they didn't, because they'd use it again, that's why they don't fix things, so they can use it again, at the right time. Remember too, when that fell too, they were hoping to bring out a new system then, through the League of Nations, now through the United Nations and the World Bank. That's why you must know your history to see the repetition, the same technique being brought on again, only they're going to make things worse this time, to make sure it happens. It says here: 

Mr Brown and Chancellor Alistair Darling are aware the G20 summit of developing countries and business leaders on April 4, could decide further stimulus measures that could alter this year's Budget. The Prime Minister is pinning his hopes on other countries, in particular the U.S., following Britain's lead by pumping cash into their economies.  

Well, we're almost pumped dry and that's the agenda. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to - again - bring things together, to show people that nothing happens on its own with such magnitude, it doesn't happen. You don't employ hundreds of think-tanks and give them all the data, from secret services and everything, who watch bankers and so on. You don't give them all of this stuff and then they're caught unawares. They're not caught unawares at all, they don't make mistakes at that level, it doesn't happen. This economy, especially the speculations business of stocks and bonds and all the rest of it, and big stock market, is nothing but a giant casino anyway, always run by the rich who have their shares which are not sold to the public. It's a con game, it's a big Ponzi scheme, which they could have kept going for a long-long time, if they wanted to; another 40-50 years, if they wanted to, since the whole thing is run on faith, that's what economists are supposed to do: give faith to the public, optimism.

Why, in that case, would presidents and prime ministers come out and terrify everybody and say 'a depression's coming, worse than the last one, a disaster' and everybody stops investing. Then, of course, the natural thing happens: boom! it plummets. Therefore, you bring on the crisis, by intent, obviously. Otherwise, they could come out and say 'It's all fine' and people would believe it too and keep investing, that's how it's always worked. To continue with this article, it says: 

The Treasury rejected suggestions that Mr Darling is already working on a third economic rescue. Ministers want to give the Government time to see if its £410 billion rescue plan has had any impact on the economy.  

Well, all the other papers are telling you that it hasn't.

We're going through the drama, the planned drama, of this system, that's all it is, it's a planned drama; and, as I say too: why would they still be pushing forth the global warming and all the added taxes that are coming with it? Taxes, that they now admit will be used to be shared across the planet, for other projects, exactly what the United Nations has been after for a long time, direct taxation. If you've read the Communist Manifesto, you'll know that one of the planks was called The Redistribution of Wealth. Why are all the governments redistributing the wealth of the ordinary people, by taxing them and giving it away elsewhere?  You see, it all depends on how it's presented to you, the public; and, if they don't mention communism or manifestos or anything like that, then you won't understand, you think you understand and you might actually think it's for a good cause but we're always fooled aren't we?

Have you ever looked into where the billions of dollars went that was raised for the Tsunami victims?  Every government jumped on, for every dollar given to charity, they'd add a taxpayer’s dollar to it; billions were collected. Then, they put Bush Senior in charge, and Mr. Clinton, and they all sort of sat back saying 'we've won'; and, then, that's the last we heard of it. Except for some documentaries that came out later, doing exactly what I said would happen: the people were collecting the bits of tin cans and so on, corrugated iron, from the old houses and structures and knocking up the shacks themselves. We are run by deception and cons, always have been.

And, when, as I say we're going through a depression; and, Britain's already given out the word to start three-day working weeks: that's three days a week work. They did that years ago but they're doing it again, bringing it back, to heighten this depression. Again, you have to go into Communism to understand how you get a revolution started: you must not help alleviate misery, you must intensify misery, that's at the bottom of all revolutions and we're dealing with an organisation at the top that's been behind all revolutions.

Why would you add the burden of extra taxes, on top of all of that and higher food prices and everything else that comes with it? At a time, as well, that we're going to get hit with food riots, they're already happening; food riots that, again, were planned, because most small farmers have been knocked out of business a long time ago, through government interventions, since World War II.  The big Agri food businesses, about five of them, probably one big corporation in reality, now own the food supply of the planet; and, the big foundations, once more, with their various aid programmes, over the last 30-40 years, have dished out modified seeds that are not meant to survive very long in this climate and people have eradicated their old seeds, or forgotten all about them, or lost them, through time, and now they're helpless. You couldn't plan a war better than this: you destroy through helping the people. Like the free shots they gave them across Africa and they all came down with AIDS.

This is from

World warned of ‘food crunch’ threat

I mentioned that the other day, you should read it again; because, at the bottom, they tell you that we've got to now redistribute the wealth from the first world countries, that's their answer, that where'll you find that. Then go onto the Communist Manifesto and compare them - compare them - you have to, if you want to know what's happening.  

Some people have asked me before if the young will ever rebel. The young, you see, have had the most intense scientific indoctrination of any previous generation; they are products of their own indoctrination, as every generation is. They didn't rebel when they were forced to go through school, past machines that were monitoring, x-raying them and all the rest of it and looking for weapons; they didn't rebel when they were getting body searches in some schools; they didn't rebel when their lockers get raided and their satchels are forced open, to see what they have, or they were thumb-printed, or given iris scans and ID cards, no they didn't rebel then. Why should they rebel now? They'll only rebel when the food shortages come and that's what the Department of Defence's think-tanks, both American and UK have concluded, they're identical, when you look through them, what they foresee for the next 30-50 years. There will be riots, because we're going into a new world and a new economic order, that's why; and, remember, these think-tanks were publishing this stuff, before the economic crash was pulled off. 

Britain, the 'Nanny State' that always starts it all,

Before I read this article, I'll mention Fahrenheit 451, the British movie that was made on the book. It's worth seeing, because you see the people there doing exactly what they're told, by the authorities, even when vans would pass them with loudspeakers telling them all to come to their front doors, to be watched and seen to see if they're all there, all present; and, they did so, obediently, from their little boxes, the little houses they lived in.

This is from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers, and, the date on it is the 22nd of January 2009. 

Don't throw away leftovers, warn 'food police' 

By Jasper Copping 

They've got a new food police now, in Britain; it will spread across all the British Commonwealth countries and the US very shortly. 

Don't throw away leftovers, warn 'food police' Householders are to be visited by officials offering advice 

This is the excuse they're giving, to get into your house, to start the ball rolling, that's just how it's always done; and we always swallow anything at all, no matter how totalitarian, as long as there's a possibility, the slightest possibility, or plausibility, attached to the excuse given; and, it's never the real reason.  

offering advice on cooking with leftovers, in a Government initiative to reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away. 

This is the excuse they're using.

Home cooks will also be told what size portions to prepare, taught to understand "best before" dates and urged to make more use of their freezers.

The door-to-door campaign, which starts tomorrow, will be funded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), 

Oh, they love these little things don't they? 

a Government agency charged with reducing household waste. 

See, we're all too stupid remember, I've given you all these talks about how stupid we all are, according to the elite and they came up with that an awful long time ago; and we've just got to be managed like children, we can't come to rational decisions for ourselves.  

The officials will be called "food champions". 

There's your Orwellian double-speak, these intruders into your home, that are going to start off on this programme and then, once you'll accept it, they'll be taking your body fat and all the rest of it and even fining you if you're overweight, that's coming, I can guarantee you, in a year or two, that will come. These food champions they're calling them. 

However, they were dismissed last night as "food police" by critics who called the scheme an example of "excessive government nannying". In an initial seven-week trial, eight officials will call at 24,500 homes, dishing out advice and recipes. The officials, each of whom has received 

Listen to this: 

one day's training, 

A day's training. 

will paid up to £8.49 an hour, with a bonus for working on Saturdays. The pilot scheme, which will cost £30,000, could be extended nationwide if it is seen as a success. 

You know what's going to happen; you know this, for sure. 

If all 25 million households in the UK were visited in the same way, 8,000 officials would be required at a cost of tens of millions of pounds.  

Well, why not add that on the economic depression and the carbon taxes at the same time? That would really help us get onto out feet won't it? You see how they're actually going to make the whole problem worse, with all these schemes? This is intentional. 

Peter Ainsworth, the shadow environment secretary, 

That's what they have in Britain, they have 'shadow cabinets', sounds spooky eh? Shadow cabinet. 

shadow environment secretary, said: "You might have thought, at a time of economic hardship, that spending public money on stating the obvious is hardly a priority. With household budgets under pressure, most people are looking to spend wisely and waste less anyway." Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: "This is a prime example of excessive Government nannying, and a waste of public money and resources. In the grip of a recession, the last thing people need is someone bossing them about in their own kitchen.  

As I say, the outcome, eventually, it’s going to come to fines you see, as we learn to control our spending. It's interesting how they're blaming the public now, the general public, for excessive spending that brought on the recession. They always blame the victim and yet you've had 20-odd years or more of all corporations throwing credit cards at everybody; after 9/11, the President came out (and the Vice President), saying spend, spend, spend, be patriotic, spend, to keep the Economy going. And folk did; now it's their fault. The abused always go back to the abuser for answers, isn't that sad? It says here: 

"Worse still, the money for this scheme will come directly out of taxpayers' pockets, 

No kidding, what a surprise. 

at a time when they need every penny to weather the financial storm." 

They're losing their homes all over the place; but once again, look at the Communist Manifesto. 

The project is part of WRAP's "Love Food Hate Waste" campaign, which has so far 

So far cost, it's just starting remember, just starting. 

£4 million ($8 million). The organisation says food waste has a significant environmental impact, in terms of the carbon generated to grow, transport and package items and the cost of having to dispose of them.  

We're getting taught it's our fault, all this carbon and stuff. 

It has calculated that stopping food waste could reduce the annual emission of carbon dioxide by 18 million tonnes - the same effect as taking one in five cars off the roads. 

You understand how we're run by magic and things you can't prove, in a world run by 'experts' that are all on the payrolls of the foundations that ask them to come out with the statistics on things, in certain areas. It's magic, same priesthood. 

The "food champions", who will be employed by a private contractor, 

Of course they do, it's all public-private. 

will advise householders to plan their shopping carefully so that they do not over-cater. They will explain the difference between "best before", "use by" and "sell by" dates, and will give out tips for home composting. 

I know where they should put them: maybe in the compost heap, maybe that's what they should do with these inspectors? 

We're coming down to not only complete information network system, where everyone is monitored from birth to death; to all their schooling that's on computers for life; and, everything that you do and communicate, methods you communicate by are being recorded and kept for years, now that's out in the news as well, that's not good enough. You see, we're just animals and we're the last of our kind of animals because they plan to create new animals that will serve them better.  Meanwhile, they want to make sure that you're not costing too much, to keep as an animal, to being a good farmer at the top, you see. That's what Charles Forte said; he said "I think we're being farmed" and he was quite right: we are. If they want big-big world wars, they farm us up until we multiply and fill the uniforms. Then, when they want to bring us down, we suddenly find we're all sterile and they're so puzzled as to the things that happened, they couldn't see why all these things could have gotten into our food supply that made us sterile.  

Yet, they still teach us to believe and run our lives, according to dictates of experts.

Getting back to the while thing about the big system, how it's just happening isn't it? This world service system we're going to come into, where we serve the world system. Remember too, Charles Galton Darwin's book the Next Million Years, where he said: 

We, the elite, shall not alter ourselves, we must remain wild. 

They won't be following any of these laws, they won't be getting the inoculations that help sterilise you too and lower your IQ and leave you with various auto-immune problems, for the rest of your life, they haven't been into those inoculations. He said we will be steering planet earth, they’ll be the captains you see and the navigators, they must retain their survival instincts but the public won't need them because the State will be making all their decisions for them. That's happened, for the most part. And, going back to the Communist System, remember, the whole thing was to serve the brotherhood of man, your comrades, for the greater good, they called it, the greater good.  

I mentioned too, from Carroll Quigley's book, The Anglo-American Establishment, where he said that there does exist, and has existed, for over 50 years (the book was printed in the 1960s) a parallel government. I've gone into the parallel government, Thatcher talked about being a member of it, she explained it; and her level was made up of ex-prime ministers and top-level bureaucrats and presidents, across the world, that made the real decisions and got things done, she said democracy was too slow, too many competing parties and they couldn't get enough of anything done, so they could get it done, without answering to the public.

Back with more; after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm back again, Cutting Through The Matrix. I'm Alan Watt and I've been tying together a lot of history that's gone into to making this coming new world order and telling you how they shaped the previous orders that were all stages of the coming one. And, how they tried their big experiments, as they call them, down through the centuries even and how they even altered their names and, like the Phoenix bird, they transpose into a new organisation, or at least the same organisation with a new name. Quigley was quite adamant on the fact that it was hard to pin them down at times, because the Royal Institute of International Affairs also went under the name of the British Commonwealth, they termed the term The British Commonwealth, they gave it to the public and then they called it The Commonwealth of Nations and they used to have world meetings under the title The British Commonwealth and The Future. One of the books you should try and get a hold of, was written in 1938,

Proceedings of the Second Unofficial Conference on British Commonwealth Relations.

That's how they refer to it, because, technically, they are a private organisation and on the cover it says:

issued under the joint auspices of Royal Institute of International Affairs, Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Australian Institute of International Affairs, New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, South African Institute of International Affairs and the Indian Institute of International Affairs (that's from India)

They also had of course, the CFR boys there too. Then, when you look at the members of the steering committee, there's Sir Alfred Zimmern, who was a member of Fabian Society, also was the man who ran the British Communist parties and ran the newspapers for them and some of the British Socialist parties. He was also the right-hand adviser of Winston Churchill, through his whole term, even though it was said that Winston Churchill hated Communists, well he did, because Zimmern only led the whole branch, but was not a Communist, that's how they run, they run all sides of everything. On page 279, as they wrap up their world meeting, they held in Australia, in 1938, it says here: 

How to express that end 

They're talking about the end of the whole Commonwealth; there's to be a nucleus of a world order, the British Commonwealth. It says: 

How to express that end, perhaps only a question of words, not a fundamental faith, some members of the Sydney conference called it a world order, some called it the Good Life 

The good life, by the way is a term the members used amongst each other and to the public, that's what Bertrand Russell, who was a member of it, called it too. One of his books was called Education and the Good Life. That's what it meant: a world society, but not just any old world society. 

Some spoke of constructive world citizenship, the World's Citizenship Association. 

Mr. Rockefeller's been handing out World Citizenship awards to a whole bunch of people, including most of your famous newscasters in the US and elsewhere, for years.  

Or, the brotherhood of man's another term, still other words used might serve as a motto both for the Commonwealth and the new order of which he and his companions dreamed. To develop in each individual, a sense of duty to his fellow men.  

Remember the Cecil Rhodes Society was set up and they joined with the Milner Group, then it became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they want to bring in a world of service to society, service to the system.

As I say too, Britain was to become the nucleus of it and Britain was also to become submerged into it, eventually. The torch was to be passed to America, for a while, they would finance the rest of it, for a century; and then, they too, would submerge into the very system they helped create. I'll be back with more tomorrow on this topic, and we'll go into even further detail with it.

So, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.    


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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