Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#245)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 29, 2009:

Scheme Didn't Stop with Adam Weishaupt:

"For Wisdom of the Ages, Men have Sought
Out Leaders Like Crafty Adam Weishaupt,
Who Knew the Trick in Using Men's Souls
In Devoted Crusade Toward His Goals,
Which Phoenix-like, Burned and Flew
To a Destination Only He Knew,
Existing Fraternities, Mesmerized, He Rused,
As with Ministers and Priests Willingly Used,
Each Always Learning but Never Knowing,
The Converging Paths They were All a-Going,
With Gloating Praise, Smothering Hypocrisy,
He Planned to Install the 'Natural Aristocracy'
Where Common Sense was Out of Season,
He'd Raise the Fiery Torch of Reason,
Science would Rule with Intellect and Logic,
Ruthless, Pragmatic and Demagogic"
© Alan Watt Jan. 29, 2009

Thursday 29th January 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 29, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January the 29th 2009. 

For the newcomers: I advise you to go into and, on that website, you'll find lots of previous talks I've given in the past, as I try to give you the big picture, of the big system that runs the world, showing you how it's all interrelated and how there obviously has to be a head that guides this massive hydra. 

Also, look into  for transcripts of these talks. You can download them to your computer, print them up and pass them round to your friends; they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

This last while, I've been going on about the techniques of culture creation. I've been showing you the interfacing of the secret services, basically, like CIA, MI6 and so on, who have shaped the culture, since World War II, to the present; they've never let up, in fact. I've also gone into the overlapping / intertwining of the big foundations and there are thousands of NGOs that work for them that will lobby governments, from the NGO level, to get bills passed; and, then you have the foundations themselves advising the same governments on policy-making. When you start to see the pattern and how interwoven they are, where one foundation alone can finance up to 50 or 100 other dummy, or front foundations, that appear, to the uninitiated, to be separate institutions, you can see how this whole system of globalism and inter-dependence has been set up, because the foundations work their magic through a massive web across the whole planet; and that's why every single nation is on board, on the same track, as they like to say, at the same time.

It's astonishing to read one newspaper in one country and you'd swear they had the same script-writers as a politician or leader from your own country; they're all doing the same thing and saying the same things at the very same time; that's called consensus. If you go into the art of propaganda, they also call it public relations, it softens it a bit, that's the psychology, basically, of mass manipulation of populations, then you realise that it's been used by the script writers and the image makers behind the politicians themselves.

This goes back a long-long way, as I try to trace the creation of the foundations and I went into some of the history, a couple of days ago, on when they started up. You'll find connotations to them in the writings even of Weishaupt, you also find in the writings of Weishaupt, the term 'world citizen', something that's now being dished out by the Rockefellers, to very high-level personages. This is all connected and we have to go through time, to understand the present, that's the whole point of it; if you don't understand the basic history, everything you get hit with today, is just a media release to you, so that you will get in a frenzy, or you'll get angry, or bitter but never really realise the power behind it, what's really doing it, why is it put out there. Remember what I said, that the technique of persuasion, from revolutions onwards, to Bernays propaganda was to do with the media; the media are the ones who make you upset by what they dish out to you and it also conditions you.

Back in a moment, after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. When you skip through the bizarreness of today's media, with its incredible stories of horror and happiness and trivia and sex, all mixed together, a combination which is understood to put people into the ‘twilight zone’, in a sense, because pain and pleasure and horror affect the very base portions of the brain, where all things come from. These techniques are involved in sadomasochism and they're well-understood in psychological warfare. The public today have been truly mind-bombed, they've also been incredibly desensitised to true horror, when it's mixed with incredible fiction and trivia. Everything becomes a bizarre circus and, while you're watching the circus, it's as though you're on LSD, because that's the effects they want you to have or to experience, the surrealism of it all.  When 9/11 happened, I said on a radio show that the hardest thing now will be to hold on to your sanity, as we go through the changes, which I knew were coming. Great revolutions, in the past, have always been preceded by speeches that torched off the revolution. The speeches in themselves, contained terms which the initiates, who had been trained for revolution, understood, that was the time for it to be, in fact, that's the term they often used is 'now is the time'; sometimes they say 'the time is now'.  You've got to understand as well, when Bush Senior gave his new world order speech, about a new world order coming into view, he was giving the signal of an upcoming revolution; and we don't understand that 9/11, and what's happened up until the present time, and what's accelerating today, into the globalist society, is a revolution. It's under the guise of terrorism, that's only one part of it; but, if you notice, a whole bunch of laws on the economy, ecology and all that collage entails has been rammed down everyone's throats across the whole planet.

Man himself, apparently, is the enemy of the world, all sparked off by 9/11 and rampaged on, like a stampede, up until the present and it's not stopped and it's got a long ways to go. In fact, the speeches given, right after 9/11, were really speeches by the high initiates, you might say, who came out, the well-known figures that came out and, immediately before the dust settled, they said Ben Laden did this. They're the high initiates; they knew this was a sign for the big change.

I said, a long time ago too, that Bretton Woods, that set up the financial system, up until the present, was part one; and, I read parts of the maker of that whole policy for Bretton Woods, John Maynard Keynes, who talked about a world to come, that he wouldn't see in his lifetime, but it wouldn't be that far off, where people would work, basically, in service to the world society. I've quoted from the Anglo-American Establishment and Tragedy & Hope, by Professor Carroll Quigley, who had the records and the histories of the CFR, in America and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain. Where they also talked, from the very beginning, of that particular part of their agency because they had other names before Cecil Rhodes came along; but, from that time on, they kept talking about a world they'd bring in where everyone would be in service to that world. Service comes from the same root source as a serf, you have to understand that; and Professor Quigley himself said the new system that would come in would take the guise of a new feudal system, where the C.E.Os of international corporations would be the new feudal overlords.  You have to understand how feudalism worked, because the overlords were not the ones at the top, they worked for a king; and that's how this world system will be set up. You can tie that in with all the revolutions, from the US revolution onwards, because there really is a continuum of revolutions. People have no idea today; the revolution was continuous, throughout the world, right up into about World War I.

I've also read from various sources that catalogued the different agencies that were involved in revolution, they were professional revolutionaries; and, how it's documented that Thomas Paine was one, who was sent from England, who was trained in revolution, and after the US revolution, he went over to France, to get it going there, to help, and eventually, the slaughter got so bad in France, with the beheadings that even he began to complain about the excesses and he was put in prison. He was eventually gotten out, by his friends back in the US; but, it didn't stop there, many revolutionaries came along after him and they were professionals. They had no problems discussing the fact that they belonged to Masonic Lodges and it's well known. In some of the Masonic lodges they published articles themselves in their own books that they were an ideal vehicle for revolution, because they were organised societies, outside of the church system. They probably were the only organised societies outside the church systems, outside of just the elite circles; and, they were also sworn to secrecy, therefore, anything that happened in the lodge, stayed in the lodge, anything that was said. Trotsky himself, in his own book called My Life, said that he was initiated in prison, into the Masonic lodge, and that he'd come up so high in it, in a short time, and he was so impressed with it that he began to write what he called the best series or compendium of Freemasonic works ever written. I don't think he came out with it, because he had to get out of Russia, he was escorted out in fact; and, he was eventually assassinated by an assassin that was sent after him. Maybe he was going to spill too much. 

You can go back even to the so-called Illuminati, that's on everybody's lips, they love the Illuminati term and of course there's a lot of nutcases out there that really truly believe they're in it. However, the true Illuminati were the illumined ones, there's no doubt about it, they had overcome religion completely; and, as Nietzsche was to say: If God is dead, how would you now behave in world where God is dead, as opposed to how you'd behave in world where God was the master? Your whole outlook changes, the way you view the entire world and everything in it changes. You have no guilt, you have no fear, all the laws that inhibited you are gone. The sky's the limit, you could do what you wanted to do; and, that's exactly what people like Weishaupt came up with.

Weishaupt was, in a sense, the Bernays of his time, he was one of many; and, there's no doubt about it, there was a much bigger organisation behind Weishaupt than just himself, to get him starting it; he was well-funded from the beginning. You have to look into and do your homework, and find out which little kingdom took him in, when he had to vamoose and they gave him a life-long pension, until he died. Why would they give him a pension when his system, supposedly, was going to overthrow all the systems of the world? You can tie that in with Cecil Rhodes' ambition and what they literally financed: the revolutionary movements across the world, with Young Turks, Young Italians and so on, they were meant to overthrow their existing orders at home. You tie that in with the ambitions of Weishaupt and they're pretty well the same: world citizenship, the world run by a natural aristocracy, the same term that Benjamin Franklin used. The world citizens and the world citizenship awards are given out by Mr. Rockefeller still today, from the Council on Foreign Relations. These things are all tied together. 

You look at how Weishaupt set up his meetings, to attract people into them. He was the first one to use - this is from the book Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison, written in 1798 - and, he talked about a German Union. Now, remember, the lodge of Yale is basically taken after the Beenan Order, that was started up by Weishaupt, the Order of the Bees and he used the beehive and the bee as the symbol, as Napoleon did too. The same symbol down through all the revolutions, it was a high Masonic system; the hive representing the perfect order of society, that's what they used for it.

You have to understand too, that people were ripe for revolution; and, if you want to take the world off in a particular direction, you must use the people beneath you to fight for you, for what you want. You also have to make sure that those who follow are given a different story, a different version of where you're taking them. This has been used time after time, down through all revolutions, and wars.

It's interesting too that Weishaupt gave the name to himself called Spartacus, after a slave in ancient Rome, who led a rebellion. They saw themselves, these particular ‘illumined ones’ as slaves of a kind, slaves to what? They were the intellectual slaves of those who ruled by money and power. Back with more - after this break. 

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're back Cutting Through The Matrix, tying up some of the ends in history that dangle away, because people avoid them; and, especially, the regular historians who, as Quigley said himself, generally work for the CFR, or the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they always manage to omit their own implications in history and they've kept themselves pretty quiet from the public, until recently, when they come out openly on television and state that they draft up the policies to be signed into law, for governments such as the Unification of the Americas. It's quite fantastic to see this operation and you see different members of the CFR, like Mr. Rockefeller, financing about half a dozen or so different-sounding groups, but all to do with the unification of the Americas as well. These characters are dedicated, dedicated to their task and you must ask yourself how come they're so dedicated, do they never retire? They never lose enthusiasm; you can only find this in a religious order, this kind of zeal. It isn't for money; they have all the money they'd ever need. 

Going back to Weishaupt again, as I say, he used reading rooms, it's interesting too, that the Communist system was taught across Europe, in reading societies, right up into the 20th Century; and here he is, doing this in the 1700s. He talks about the trick to get fanatics in on his side, who would truly believe in a just cause, you must use those people; and, he says: 

You can't imagine what respect and curiosity my priest-degree has raised; 

That's what they did in Masonry: they'd give fancy new degrees and that would intrigue other Masons to come to certain lodges, to find out these new degrees, these higher ones, especially the ones with incredible-sounding names that were very pumped up. Everybody wanted to get higher and higher degrees and get great titles of that degree; so, guys like Weishaupt, dreamed them up, literally. He came out with a priest degree; and, he says here, on page 86 of Proofs of Conspiracy, by Robison, this is from his letters of Weishaupt, he says: 

my priest-degree has raised; and, which is wonderful, a famous Protestant divine, 

A high Protestant follower. 

who is now of the Order, 

That's the Order that Weishaupt created. 

is persuaded that the religion contained in it is the true sense of Christianity. 

Because that's how they presented it to him. He says: 

Oh man, oh man! To what may'st thou not be persuaded. 

Another translation says 'what can you not be made to believe?' It says: 

Who would imagine that I was to be the founder of a new religion?  

They understood humans perfectly, back in his day; they understood how to use what Bernays would call propaganda. On page 91, of Proofs of a Conspiracy, he says, this is about one of his members here:  

After labouring four years with great zeal, he was provoked with the disingenuous tricks of Spartacus, and he broke off all connection 

This is one of the members. 

with the Society in 1784, and some time after published a declaration of all that he had done in it.  

This is one of the defectors out of this system. 

This is a most excellent account of the plan and principles of the Order (at least as he conceived it, for Spartacus had much deeper views) and shows that the aim of it was to abolish Christianity, and all the state-governments in Europe, 

That's to come afterwards.  

and to establish a great republic. 

A whole community - a European Union. 

But it is full of romantic notions and enthusiastic declamation, on the hackneyed topics of universal citizenship, 

That's what's being dished out right now by the Rockefellers as I say. How can these all be coincidences? Or is it one long thread? And, then he goes on to say: 

and liberty and equality. Spartacus gave him line, and allowed him to work on, 

Spartacus basically indoctrinated these ardent followers and used them and it says that here: 

knowing that he could discard him when he chose.  

There is so much in the book. One of Weishaupt's letters contains this: 

"Nothing would be more profitable to us than a right history of mankind. Despotism has robbed them of their liberty. How can the weak obtain protection? 

Now, he didn't care about the weak, you understand, this is what they had to preach to their fellow men, to get them on board, for revolution.  

Only by union; 

Union you see. 

but this is rare. Nothing can bring this about but hidden societies. Hidden schools of wisdom are the means which will one day free men from their bonds. These have in all ages been the archives of nature, and of the rights of men; and by them shall human nature be raised from her fallen state. Princes and nations shall vanish from the earth. 

All nations were to be abolished. 

The human race will then become one family, and the world will be the dwelling of rational men. 

He also gives a lot of things out that were actually used in the French Revolution, which, no doubt were copied after Weishaupt's lodge; and, remember too: his lodge kept spreading like wildfire, even after the basic declarations were found and brought to the courts of royalty. These lodges had already taken off and there were some in the US, at the same time, Washington admitted that. Back, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going down through time, to link the pieces together and you’ll find that's it's one continuous piece, basically; and before I continue with Weishaupt, I should mention that in Tragedy & Hope, Professor Quigley does give one of the best writings I've ever seen on the economy and banking in itself. He goes through the different types of banking systems there have been in the past and he goes right up into the stock market traders, the ones who deal with liquidity and so on; and, this ties in with all of this because, you find those that were involved in revolutions, like Albert Pike was too, he told his followers, in his own book Morals and Dogma, that we shall have to, by our own ingenuity and cunning, go into, basically, an acquisition of money, vast amounts of money, he says, by using the stock market, as well, until we become masters over the masters of the world. Now, Weishaupt's whole intention, if you were to believe it, was to overthrow all systems of government and the existing systems of banking too; and monarchy. And yet, when you go down through time and follow Tragedy & Hope, you find a bunch in England, planning a world society, beginning with the English-speaking peoples, a federation of the world, that would take over bit by bit; and, once they'd done that, they'd then take the same systems into the rest of the world and they set it up and they pulled it off. Because, that's what we're under now, that's what we're going into is this last phase of this revolution. This current phase started in 2001 and this is a revolution we're going through. It's a revolution where science is elevated to the top, now that's what they called it and Weishaupt called it too: Reason, Reason shall triumph; and, they even had a goddess of reason which they put into the Notre-Dame cathedral, after a long parade to the cathedral, in the French Revolution, the goddess of reason.

Today, it's science, those with this bright ability, Thomas Jefferson, who also was accused, by some of the Founding Fathers, of being a member of this Weishaupt's Illuminati, said himself that the day would come when the natural aristocracy would rule. He was referring to those with reason, the educated scientific class; and, you will find, with the top masons of his era (and later eras up to the present), they all wanted to go down in history books as inventors, scientists, that was something they all wanted to be known for: Science, Reason.

Getting back to Proofs of Conspiracy, this is what Weishaupt says about the kingdom they were going to bring in, this new world. He says: 

"But alas! the task of self-formation was too hard for the subjects of the Roman empire, corrupted by every species of profligacy. A chosen few received the doctrines in secret, and they have been handed down to us (but frequently almost buried under rubbish of man's invention) by the Free Masons. 

That's what he claims, that's what he claims. Now, he was using all of the existing Freemasonic institutions to infiltrate and use for revolution. 

These three conditions of human society are expressed by 

Then he uses Masonic terms here, they call it the Ashlar: 

the rough, the split and the polished stone. The rough stone, and the one that is split, express our condition under civil government; rough by every fretting inequality of condition; and split, since we are no longer one family; and are farther divided by differences of government, rank, property, and religion; but when reunited in one family, we are represented by the polished stone. 

He said that the G. that they use is for Grace: 

G. is Grace; 

Of course there are many other meanings as well, the higher up they go. 

the Flaming Star is the Torch of Reason. 

The Torch of Reason, that's why the French Illuminists gave you the Statue of Liberty, in the United States, that's the Torch of Reason.  

Those who possess this knowledge are indeed ILLUMINATI. Hiram is our fictitious Grand Master, slain for the REDEMPTION OF SLAVES; 

Again, there's that slave part and his name that he adopted was Spartacus the Slave, who rebelled. 

the Nine Masters are the Founders of the Order. 

It's interesting too, that Benjamin Franklin, when he was the Ambassador to France, and he lived like a king, I have his old books here on what he went through in a year is incredible, financial wise, and wine wise too; but, he became the Grand Master of the Nine Sisters lodge, for the whole of France. The Grand Master and he initiated Voltaire into it, he wrote about it himself, in his own writings. So, here’s the Nine Masters are the Founders of the Order. Look at the same thing with the Knights Templar: you have Nine Knights who supposedly went into the Middle East, to look for that which was lost, as they say; and dug up parts of the Holy Mount and there's lots of books been written on it since with the great mysteries and so on about what they found, if anything at all, but they do love these Cabbalistic numbers.  

Free Masonry is a Royal Art, 

That's what they call it, the Royal Art 

inasmuch as it teaches us to walk without trammels, and to govern ourselves."   

That's what most Masons think it is, almost like a self-improvement club, where you look at yourself honestly and your position in the world, but with it comes an order, it is an Order. Weishaupt also used techniques that Pythagoras used. Pythagoras was the first society to bring in women and the women he trained up to perfection in the day's education and they became the greatest wives, or mistresses, of those in power. That's why Pythagoras's school was destroyed and burned down, when people caught on to what he was up to; and, this is what Spartacus was doing or Weishaupt: 

"There is no way of influencing men so powerfully as by means of the women. These should therefore be our chief study; we should insinuate ourselves into their good opinion, give them hints of emancipation from the tyranny of public opinion, and of standing up for themselves; 

It was to be a women's liberation movement, but he also had in mind to separate all of the species or the genders. 

it will be an immense relief to their enslaved minds to be freed from any one bond of restraint, and it will fire them the more, and cause them to work for us 

Cause them to work for us; you see how he's using every group. 

with zeal, without knowing that they do so; 

They think they know what they do but they don't know the outcome of it at all. 

for they will only be indulging their own desire of personal admiration. "We must win the common people in every corner. This will be obtained chiefly by means of the schools, 

Through the schools they were setting up. 

and by open, hearty behaviour, show, condescension, popularity, and toleration of their prejudices, which we shall at leisure root out and dispel.  

So, bring them in first and then get rid of their present opinions on things and re-indoctrinate them; that is what he's saying there. Every group in society was to be used, each one given a goal, which would always be a false goal, because Weishaupt knew where he was going and no one else was to know. 

"If a writer publishes any thing that attracts notice, and is in itself just, but does not accord with our plan, we must endeavour to win him over, or decry him. 

If you're on the right track, you'd be smeared, they'd smear your personality, that's standard, the Communists did that too, it still happens today and the other trick is to win them over. Now, I read an article from the Psychological Warfare Department of the Army and they have that in there too with journalists, how to win over journalists, how to get them on board and how they'll actually set men on them to befriend them, be their best pals, give them tips and so on, until the person feels totally obligated to write things in a very slanted way. That's standard procedure which is used yet, and here's Weishaupt doing all the same stuff back then. It says here fronts, here’s how your front groups, this is getting back to foundations and so on: 

"The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name,  

In its own name, in its own name, never let it appear, always call it something else.  

but always covered by another name, and another occupation. 

Look at all the foundations and they sound so innocent and charitable and worthy, until you look at what they're doing. Almost all of them at least spend part of their money towards promoting family planning across the planet, that's a prime objective to those in power. Mr. Rockefeller himself is on Google video talking about the necessity to bring down the population, drastically, and he funds a lot of these front foundations, from his foundation. It says: 

None is fitter than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Next to this, the form of a learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose, and had Free Masonry not existed, this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands. By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labours, we may turn the public mind which way we will. 

“Turn the public mind which way we will”. It was all to do with the stuff Bernays knew years later, that was obviously well known by Weishaupt.

It's astonishing really, astonishing, to understand how they knew everything. Now, they even talked about using music and the types of music they would play to the youngsters, to get them on board. Going back even further in time, to Plato, he talked about music as well and the arts and drama and how it affects people and how musicians especially should be licensed by the authorities, because they could provoke into revolution so easily the young. Techniques that are ancient were known by Weishaupt. He even had it worked out how to get members of royalty into it, but never let them get above a certain degree. It was all worked out. He says: 

Princes should never get beyond the Scotch knighthood. They either never prosecute any thing, or they twist every thing to their own advantage. 

They would be used, for prestige, get them on board. Then they go onto the different mysteries of the Illuminati, how they'd put it over to the public, he said the greatest way to get people into our lodge is through a great mystery and they would spend their lives going up the degrees, looking for the answers to the mystery and he said “behold, there is no mystery”. Well, that's still being used today, by people who are raking in the cash. Eventually, he got all the charities and the foundations under his hand. He says: 

"All the German Schools, and the Benevolent Society, are at last under our direction. 

That's page 114. 

"We have got several zealous members in the courts of justice 

They were getting Judges on board. 

and we are able to afford them pay, and other good additions. "Lately, we have got possession of the Bartholomew Institution for young clergymen, having secured all its supporters. Through this we shall be able to supply Bavaria with fit priests.  

They were even taking over the priesthood.  

"By a letter from Philo 

His confidante. 

we learn, that one of the highest dignities in the church was obtained for a zealous Illuminatus, in opposition even to the authority and right of the Bishop of Spire, who is represented as a bigoted and tyrannical priest." Such were the lesser mysteries of the Illuminati. But there remain the higher mysteries. The system of these has not been printed, and the degrees were conferred only by Spartacus himself, from papers which he never entrusted to any person. They were only read to the candidate, but no copy was taken. 

That's still the same in a lot of Masonic lodges today.  

The publisher of the Neueste Arbeitung says that he has read them (so says Grollman.) He says, "that in the first degree of MAGUS or PHILOSOPHUS, the doctrines are the same with those of Spinoza, where all is material, God and the world are the same thing, and all religion whatever is without foundation, and the contrivance of ambitious men." The second degree, or REX, teaches, "that every peasant, citizen, and householder is a sovereign, as in the Patriarchal state, and that nations must be brought back to that state, by whatever means are conducible--peaceably, if it can be done; but, if not, then by force--for all subordination must vanish from the face of the earth." 

Now remember: that's what he was teaching these ones, but the whole point was to put in what they saw was the natural aristocracy, themselves, the scientists of their day. That was the whole point of it. Everyone, who was idealistically-minded, would be used and given their own propaganda, to suit their own order, to get everyone on board. Youngsters, women, men, it didn't matter, they were each given their different version, all thinking they were going to a wonderful free world. However, Weishaupt made it quite plain, in his letters, how he scorned most of mankind and how dull and stupid most people were. He had the same attitude, as I say, as Bernays had of the general population. Bernays, remember, got the US to go to a war for him, to save a company that paid him money. When you see people doing such things for you, would you respect them for being used, or would you just despise them? They always end up despising those that they use to get to where they wanted to go; that's standard.

This book, as I say, is quite an interesting one, there's also another one from France that's far more detailed, but this one's easily available in the West. Proofs of Conspiracy, its reprints, by John Robinson; and, this one's from the Americanists Classics, I think that's who published it, Western Islands. Well worth reading. 

When you look at the intrigues that were caused in the conflicts, because Weishaupt, again, ran all sides of things. To get change, you must have conflict; out of conflict comes the synthesis, that's what you were after in the first place; and, then you take that new synthesis and it becomes the first thesis and begins all over again, so mankind can progress, as they call it, through scientific education to the next level and the next level and the next level. But, always, with conflict, as the new and the young come up, take the old ideas (that haven't been there very long), and then have war with them; and, out of that comes the new thesis. Communism, and then Trotskyism, was based on that whole theory: thesis, antithesis and synthesis and then thesis once again, from the synthesis.

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just tying up a lot of the ends that they leave dangling in the history books; and, showing you that the Cecil Rhodes Foundation was only a later addition to an already existing organisation, which ran, and hid in fact, behind foundations, foundations would fund their workers and help them achieve their goals. The goals were set up for a world society which would be run by nature, meaning scientists in accord with nature. If you wonder why everything is to do with nature today, it's to do with the very books that I'm reading from and the religion that's behind it, because there is a religion involved in all of this. If you want to know the signs and symptoms of the religion and nature worship, you have to read these books as well. You have to realise why we're all getting forced into a vegetarian-only world, why there was truly a war on the so-called mad cow disease, to wipe out meat and to scare people off it. Ask yourself why Benjamin Franklin, when he joined the Order, became a vegetarian and many others besides; and, how they ranked amongst nature all the animals of nature too and elevated them up to supreme status and also came out with the ideal conditions and populations of the Earth, in an ideal society.

You couple this with the fact of the types of bankers who have taken over control for the world. Carroll Quigley himself said the Bank for International Settlements was at the apex of this banking scheme, the world banking system. You can see how they got their money, because they were all members of these organisations. They did use the stock market, they did use their cunning, as Pike said, and they had become and they have become masters over the masters of the world; and, they run countless foundations, to bypass any real democracy and they fund all of the big NGO groups and all the greeny groups that want less people and more animals. These are the ones behind the Georgia Guidestones; these are the ones behind Jacques Cousteau, who told us what the ideal human population should be. It's the same groups that fund David Suzuki of Canada, who also, on national television, gave the ideal population of the world. At least he said how many would have to die off, every day, to save the world.

It's the same agenda, on-going, different phases, it doesn't stop. It's used many people with idealism in the past with real injustices and real grievances, to fight for them, always ending up with a different system. As, I've said before: how many soldiers in World War II would have gone off to fight the war, if they'd known that Winston Churchill was planning on a European Union afterwards, where they'd already debated before the war that to do so would mean the loss of the culture. How many American troops would have gone off to fight, if they were told there'd be a Union of the Americas and then they'd be unified with Europe? It wouldn't have happened. It's all done by a secret society down through the ages, using many covers, as it says in Adam Weishaupt's own writings.

Well that's it for tonight folks; so, from Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.  


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


Book: "Proofs of a Conspiracy" [1798] by John Robison.