Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#246)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 30, 2009:

Huxley Bible for New Global Tribal:

"Sir Julian and Aldous Huxley, Aristocratic Pair,
Preaching Humanism to Public, They Emerged from the Lair,
With a Penchant for Dissection of Living and Dead Things,
They Showed Us the Enlightenment Such a Hobby Brings,
Aldous Shocked the People, Novel-'Brave New World,'
Julian Set Humanist Agenda, Leaves Your Hair All Curled,
As He Authoritatively Sets the Future, Chilling to the Bone,
With His Scientific Dictatorship in 'Man Stands Alone,'
He Advocates that Scientists Should Rule Over People
Using Malthusian Doctrine to Cull Down the Sheeple,
Old Gods Must be Toppled, Emotions Cropped Like Lawn,
To Bring In Secular Society, Cold Logic and Babylon"
© Alan Watt Jan. 30, 2009

Friday 30th January 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 30, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January the 30th 2009. 

For newcomers, look into and on the website you'll see lots of previous talks that I've given in the past, where I have tried to tie up loose ends of history and show people how they ended up in the system today; that's really what it is: a complete system, world-wide system and, I try to save you a lot of homework, by giving you pointers and showing you how it was done and where they're going with it too, because it's a rolling agenda, it's a planned society. History doesn't unfold happenstance, it's planned that way; it always has been, at least for a few hundred years, at the very least.  

Also look into where you can download written transcripts of these talks and you can print them up and they're done in the various languages of Europe.  

You can also help to keep me going, by buying the books I have for sale and the various other items I have on the website . There's also donate buttons there, so you can keep me going, in that way. Not a lot rolls in here, I can guarantee you. If I wanted to use all the forces out there that most people use in marketing, I could certainly bring in the money but that's not the point of it. I'd have to bring on advertising throughout the show, throughout my talks and that would detract from information I'm giving out. So, you can keep me going if you want to by donating to me and you'll see it on website how to do it.  

I've been going over a lot of history, this last few weeks, on the big system, in different parts of the big system, there are specialised parts, there are parts which run the political system, with a definitely planned agenda. We are living through a revolution right now in fact, as they go on a roll towards their final goal: this world system. A totalitarian system in fact, it's a scientifically-controlled system, this is what Huxley and Bertrand Russell and others called (and they were all members of the same group) the Scientific Dictatorship; and, that really is what we are under today. The whole idea of terrorism, to bring in a world system, was a necessary thing, because we wouldn't go along with it otherwise, we wouldn't give up sovereignty that easy and certainly not personal sovereignty. You see, you've lost all personal sovereignty, under the guise of terrorism, you're stopped and searched, you’re watched by cameras everywhere you go. Everything you print up on the computer is monitored, every key stroke is monitored, all your mail is kept in big databanks for years, probably for eternity; and, that's why it's happening, it had to be done this way, so that everyone could be watched and monitored as you go through the big-big change, because those that planned it wrote about the changes to come, a hundred years ago. And, how society, as they went through the change, would have to give up so much on the path, they become alienated to the world around them, because all those things they used to believe in that gave them meaning, would be taken away from them and when you’ve nothing left to fall back on, you feel helpless and panic stricken. Therefore they'd have to manage us through it, with force, if necessary; and, force will be used, because part of this plan is to do eventually with massive population reduction. We are not being sterilised fast enough for them and, therefore, they want to bring down the population very quickly; and I'm going to go into that today and show you some recent articles as well, tie them in to show how it all falls into place, all tied together. Back, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, back Cutting Through The Matrix, and I'm going to go into some relevant topic tonight that continues on this theme, to fill in the gaps in history, that are kept in the shadows often, until it's over and done with, then they come out with it of course, but they do publish articles and books and they certainly did, back in the early 1900s, about the whole agenda and they even had it down into a timetable, they knew exactly what phase to push at what time.

Which takes me back to Benjamin Franklin and other Founding Fathers of the US, who said that you can never start a premature revolution: you do all the groundwork first, you get everything set up, you get all of your forces mustered and propagandised, you must do that, indoctrination, so they know what they've to do and what their objectives are and you must have a system of back-ups and so on and routes for getting materials to front lines etc. You do that before you begin a revolution.  We've been living through revolutions, for a long time; and, those who've watched news recently, with this next part of the economic system merging together, with government completely, so that governments will, ultimately, be in your personal bank account and they will dictate to you how you will behave. If you don't behave, they'll withdraw your cash or they won't give you access to your money, they can call it credits if they wish, like Bertrand Russell said they would eventually.

They're also going further, the end of private property is part of it, that was essential, that's been in all the mandates from all the secret societies, before and after Weishaupt, and even to Albert Pike and the Communist Manifesto of Marx and so on. All talking about the same things: the abolition of private property, not because they hated an elite having them, but they wanted a managed society, for everyone, so that everyone would obey an intellectual elite, the natural aristocracy, a scientific elite, in reality.  

This ties in with this article that came in from Yahoo, it's also from Sky News and it says: 

Homeowners may soon get a surprise as councils plan to send "energy police" into suburbs to test their heat insulation.

At least 25 councils are planning to use heat detector vans to take thermal images of homes, in a bid to encourage residents to become more energy efficient. 

You see how we're trained like animals? To ‘encourage’ they say, it means training you. 

The vans creep along at 10mph, unbeknown to those indoors, and survey a thousand homes an hour. The result is a thermo image of each house, pinpointing the heat escaping from leaky doors, windows, walls and lofts. There are concerns that residents' privacy may be infringed by the scheme, which is operated by the company Heatseekers. 

Then you get the propaganda from the director Keith Hewitson who: 

told Sky News Online these claims are unfounded.  

Well, they always say that, don't they? I mean, he works for the company.  

He said: "It is purely and simply a heat seeking camera. 

Well, they can also tell if bodies are in the house as well, by the way. He says: 

"It can't penetrate brick work and it can't penetrate glass." 

Woe behold all you who live in wood houses, wood framed houses. 

The images work by highlighting cool areas of a house in blues and greens and the warmer temperatures in whites, reds, yellows and oranges. Once the houses are photographed, images are given to homeowners to show them where energy is being wasted. 

They're training you like little bad people, children. Is it your fault that you bought an old banger of a house, you know, they call them fix-ups; that means you're a failure, in their eyes. They call them fix-ups, for, generally, younger people to buy. Is it your fault that that was done to the standards of its time? The government set the standards of that time, why are you getting punished now? It says: 

Mr Hewitson said homeowners should pay attention, as for every £3 they pay to warm their homes, up to £1 could be being wasted. 

In other words: it's been done by the government: 

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband welcomes the new approach, as he believes the ultimate solution lies in going door to door. 

Well, you know darn well, you're as well as letting the government live in your home, because that's where they're going. Last few days, I mentioned the fact that they have food police now that want to come in and check your refrigerator, under the guise that they can tell you what food has expired and when the expiry date is and how it works. No, it's really to get you trained, because once they're in the door and what you should be eating. That's the real point of it; it's insulting to our intelligence to be treated this way, and people should not go along with this nonsense. It won’t end, it'll just get worse and worse and that's how it's intended to go. I've also mentioned too, that the big religion that runs this world, has promised to bring in a vegetarian world society. Alvin Toffler had that in his book The Third Wave, he said the system we're bringing in will be a vegetarian-based society and it must be so, must be so; because they're blaming the raising of cattle and so on, as being too cost-efficient and too energy efficient, this is the farce. Now relate that back, remember, to the founders of the idea of global warming, who came up with an idea like this, in their own book called The First Global Revolution and that was the founders of the Club of Rome, where they looked for a way to unite mankind and get him to obey a world authority and they dreamed up the idea of global warming, they said that would fit the bill, out of a whole bunch of things that they had on the table, they said that would fit the bill. 

This is from the Guardian, Monday 26th January 2009, it says:

Hospitals will take meat off menus in bid to cut carbon 

Meat-free menus are to be promoted in hospitals as part of a strategy to cut global warming emissions across the National Health Service.  

That'll be for all the British Commonwealth, I still call it Empire because it still is; it's ruled from London. 

The plan to offer patients menus that would have no meat option is part of a strategy to be published tomorrow that will cover proposals ranging from more phone-in GP surgeries to closing outpatient departments and instead asking surgeons to visit people at their local doctor's surgery.  

They're cutting everything to the bone, as they go ahead with this world agenda; and, you know, a hundred years ago, they wrote about this, they said they would set up services which would become authorities over the people and then they start taking it back from the people, as they gave services across the world, standardised minimum care across the whole planet, that's in the United Nations charter. You can always bet and take it to the bank, they will follow their directives, they never change. It says: 

Some suggestions are likely to be controversial with patients' groups, especially attempts to curb meat eating and car use. Plans to reuse more equipment could raise concern about infection with super bugs such as MRSA. 

Anyway, that gives you an idea of what they're doing and how it starts and how it will spread and then they'll be in your house telling you: 'you can't eat that meat' or they'll fine you if you have some. That's definitely coming.  As they get you the dialectic, you understand the dialectic process, where they hit you with two opposites at the same time, to cause conflict. 

This is from the Wiseup Journal on the 27th January 2008 

The article extracts below from AFP, CNN, MSN, BBC, the Daily Mail and the military may or may not help you connect the dots for further research. Deteriorate society while making a buck if possible is the name of the game.  

There's an article there from the Daily Mail 27th of January 2009 included in the Wiseup Journal. It says: 

Parents fury over cannabis leaflets distributed in schools

Furious parents are calling for the removal of cannabis booklets from schools which they claim are advertising the drug.

The ‘Know Cannabis’ booklets, which are handed out to teenagers preparing for GCSEs,


include advice on how best to take the drug, whether to use bongs or buckets, and how to roll joints.

It is not until page 14 of the 20-page booklet that readers are told that cannabis is actually illegal, 

You see, so first of all, they try to get you to say 'Wow, ok we're going to get the stuff' and then, half-way through, it tells you its actual illegal 

just before the information that under-18s can be arrested three times before they will be prosecuted. 

They've given them a hint you see. 

They include costings for ‘vaporisers’ which are ‘less risky’ and warn not to roll a cannabis cigarette with too many cigarette papers as ‘three skinners will do’.

The booklets begin by telling youngsters to ‘Know the effects, how it is used, the risks, and how to avoid them’, 

How to avoid the risks eh? 

and informs youngsters that ‘Cannabis can make you feel relaxed’ and ‘Music may sound better’. 

What was it that Huxley said? "What's wrong with drugging the people?" Aldous Huxley, what's wrong with drugging them? It makes them more manageable. And, that's not the real point of this article, the point is, as they're doing this, and getting the youngsters into this, they're upping the sentences for getting caught with the stuff at the same time; so it's a boom for the prison industry. See how they get you from both ends? Where they advocate it at one end and whack you at the other. Interesting isn't it? The techniques that are used to do so.  

Going back to some of the big players in the system, who rolled out the system, step by step, a long time ago; and, this is one of them. It's the book called Man Stands Alone, it's actually by Sir Julian Huxley, not by Thomas Huxley, they're all descended from each other and they're very much like the Darwin’s, I'm certain they're interbred with probably one other family.  Man Stands Alone, now Sir Julian Huxley was the founder of UNESCO, he helped found it, to create a world culture, by indoctrination of the young, world-wide in the same culture, so they'd be pliable to the new system that they planned to bring in and I'm going to tell you how he does it in his book. Back in a moment - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, going to go into Sir Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley; and, those who've read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley can pretty well testify he had the future all sussed out, because they planned it that way. They were talking about genetic engineering back in the 1930s and long before, long before. The whole family, as I say, from Charles Darwin onwards and Sir Thomas Huxley was the best pal of Darwin, he became the champion of Darwinism and mainly to destroy religion, that was a must-be for the Humanist Society and that's what this is all about, this Humanist Society that pretty well achieved their goals and they're the ones who are now going into the Transhumanist phase. We've all accepted Humanism because we've been dehumanised, you see; and, that's actually in his book that he wrote in the 1920s, 1926, to be precise.

He was also awarded UNESCO's Kalinga prize, he was the first director-general for UNESCO, again to create a world standardised population, through indoctrination. The Darwin medal of the Royal Society in 1956, the Darwin-Wallace medal of the Linnaean Society in 1958. He was also knighted in that same year, 1958, he became Sir Julian Huxley. And, it says here he also was awarded the Lasker Foundation, interesting group to look into. Again, all these big foundations, all intertwined with these characters. The Lasker Foundation, in the category of Planned Parenthood and world population. Well, Planned Parenthood was population reduction, basically through the world population reduction, that's what it was about, back then; still is. 

So, from his book Man Stands Alone, what does he say? You understand, there's a complete religion here, Humanism is a religion; and, like all religions, it has a goal, a belief system, it believes in Evolution. They also, amongst their own circles, talk about the fact that they are the most evolved types, being the natural aristocracy, the intellectual group; and, because they've thrown off any hangover from gods or a god, then there is nothing to stop them, man is god. And they, being the most evolved of all men, are the bigger gods who have the right to shape the world; and, after all, they're right too, in a sense, because if no one else will, somebody will, so they're doing it anyway. Man Stands Alone on page 268, this is what Sir Julian says here: 

At the moment, there are vast possibilities of value running to waste because they are not harnessed or because they are not even realised. The number of subtle and individual minds that find themselves unable to join wholeheartedly in any corporate organisation is increasing; they find themselves over-individualised. 

See, individualised people can't be managed and that was their biggest problem, that's why they created, and I went through this before, the team effort, everything is teamed, the team organisation. It says: 

The organisations in which the individual can lose himself and taste self-sacrifice

A very important part, remember world service too is all part of this.

self-sacrifice and corporate enhancement, are for the most part blatantly irrational like political parties, or committed to out-of-date or one-sided ideas like most of the churches; or, like public schools, 

That's the private schools. 

encourage crude and juvenile loyalties; or, as in the teamwork of sport, they satisfy only a limited part of human nature. 

Now, think, this was written in 1926. He says: 

One real task for Humanism as I see it is to develop organisations which will satisfy the need for corporate action and loyalty--

Now you know darn well, this is why they brought Bernays and all these boys on board, to get all this going and this tore all through business from then on with team spirit, loyalty etc. 

the desire we all have to feel of use--and to provide an outlet for self-sacrifice, as well as for intellectual aspirations. 

His friend, Mr. H.G Wells once sketched out such an organisation in his New Samurai, worth the read, by the way, they're talking about the ones who'd spearhead this system into the future. 

The success they might have is foreshadowed by the success already attending such imperfect adumbrations of the ideas of the Boy Scouts. 

They're talking about using youth groups, Boy Scouts and the various youth movements in central Europe, like, I guess the Hitler Youth and the Young Communists League. 

I do not think it would be impossible to build up a scheme of the sort in connection with Education, 

This is long before the UN was set up, he became the head of the one organisation that would give it a youth culture for the whole world, standardised education, which is just indoctrination remember.  

though at present most people not already committed to organisations are too much ashamed of showing enthusiasm in unfashionable ways to begin planning along the proper lines and on the proper scale. The fact is that no community has ever yet set itself seriously to the task of Scientific Humanism. 

Now, remember, his brother, in his books, was talking about a future to come, where science would run the entire planet, they would be the new gods. He also calls it a Scientific Dictatorship and saw no reason why it should not happen; of course he saw no reason, because he was part of a massive group that was already going to bring it in. Well-organised, well-funded and knew exactly where they were going; so, he wrote Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited; and, here's the brother, Sir Julian, talking to the scientific community, as this book was intended for, who would then bring it into play.  I'm going to continue with this book, because there's some great stuff in it, after the following break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading from Sir Julian Huxley's book. Remember too: he was the co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund. That's all part of it, because they knew a hundred years ago, they'd eventually bring in a system and train us, over generations, to come to believe that we were no higher than any other animal or insect on the planet. That's all part of the Humanist agenda, and they've been very successful, that's what Maurice Strong's Earth Summit was all about and all the other ones that have come since then; it's all part of the same network that's been on the go for a long time, fully-funded, well-trained and they've had access to all media outlets and they churn out book after book after book.

They're the ones who trained, and are training right now, the most radical army to grow up, for conservation, the greenies, who will punish people and think they're doing the world a favour, because they'll be so heavily indoctrinated into saving the world, from the bad-bad adults and so on.

On page 269, Sir Julian says this, because they knew they were going to set up this organisation, for this period, and this was written in 1926, he said: 

Is it possible to plan a body which shall engender enthusiasm and canalise devotion after the fashion of a young religious order, but which shall not fall into the dangers of religious dogmatism and shall not by defects in its organisation slip into the conservatism or worldliness which is the usual fate of so many orders?  

He's talking about setting up a system; they had many ideas back then, an Earth army was one, that came back out again in the 1990s, the Earth Army, that's the term they used for the greening process of the world, this whole save the planet idea and now it's coupled with the farce of global warming.  As I've said, it doesn't matter what the weather does or if it freezes us all to death, they'll still be shouting global warming, because they never change their agenda, never.

He says, this is page 270: 

Is there a way of tapping this reserve of moral power without letting it loose in the form of irrational prejudice or wild fanaticism, moral, religious or patriotic? 

That was all to be done away with, you see; and, he actually mentions in the book, they'd destroy all morality. 

On these and hundreds of other similar questions we are blankly ignorant. We build laboratories to test out how we can harness and concentrate electrical and chemical and mechanical forces; but the corresponding problem of harnessing and intensifying the latent powers and activities of human nature 

That's you, that's all of you, and your mind and everything else. He says: 

we have scarcely even begun to envisage.  

That's why they really went to work with Psychology and Behaviourism, the same bunch behind it all. He says: 

Scientific Humanism is a protest against supernaturalism: the human spirit, now in its individual, now in its corporate aspects, is the source of all values and the highest reality we know. It is a protest against one-sidedness and fixity; the human spirit has many sides and cannot be ruled by any single rule; nor can it be restrained from making new discoveries in the adventure of its evolution. It insists that the same scientific procedure can be applied to human life as has been applied with such success to lifeless matter and to animals and to plants--

They're lumping us right in with animals and plants. These are the techniques they would use to study mankind, to control mankind and he makes no bones about the object of it. He says: 

Scientific survey, study and analysis, followed by increasing practical control,

‘Followed by increasing practical control’: once they study you and all of society, then this scientific dictatorship would get you under their increasing practical control, that was the object of it.  

It insists on human values as the norms for our aims, but insists equally that they cannot adjust themselves in the right perspectives and emphasis except as part of the picture of the world provided by science. 

Science would be the new religion, whatever they said would be the gospel truth and you'd better believe it. The whole point of studying mankind was so that they could control mankind and we are all controlled today. These are the same big think-tanks that now fund the political parties; they advise political parties.  

It realises that human desires and aspirations are the motive power of life, but insist that no long-range or comprehensive aim of humanity can ever be realised except with the aid of the pedestrian and dispassionate methods, the systematic planning, the experimental testing which can be provided by science alone. 

They're knocking all religion out of the way and they will be the only one. That's standard, you see, as a new God arises, they always have to get above the last lot; standard. On page 271, he continues: 

In my term Scientific Humanism I have chosen to emphasise science as against all the other human activities for a simple reason: that at the moment, science is in danger of setting itself up as an external code or framework as did revealed religion in the past; and only by putting it in its rightful place in the Humanist scheme shall we avoid this dangerous dualism. But if science must beware of trying to become a dictator, 

That's exactly what his brother said isn't it, in the interview he gave at Berkeley. He said he saw no reason why there should not be a scientific dictatorship. This is his brother. He says: 

the other human activities must beware of the jealousy which would try to banish the upstart from their affairs. 

In other words, they knew there'd be an awful lot of flak coming back from established religions and so on. 

The only significance we can see attaching to man's place in nature is that he is willy-nilly engaged in a gigantic evolutionary experiment

That's what they call life: an evolutionary experiment. 

by which life may attain to new levels of achievement and experience. Without the impersonal guidance and the efficient control provided by science, 

Impersonal remember; and efficient. In other words, it's not humane, it's impersonal and efficient control, provided by science, 

civilisation will either stagnate 

That's anathema to them; the people who still in the world who are self-sufficient, very-very few people in tribes left in the world, are hated by them. They call them 'stagnant' or 'stagnated' or 'collapsed' societies. He says: 

and human nature cannot make progress 

Again, you have this odd thing about progress. See, the whole belief in evolution is that there is an end still, there's a goal you're moving towards, like all religions, it has its goals. In the old Christianity, it was: you did well in this life, you obeyed all the rules, you prayed to your God and fought and obeyed etc and then you hoped for an after-life, that was the goal. Here, they're planning out centuries actually, centuries in advance, and telling you what the goal is.  

Without the impersonal guidance and efficient control provided by science, civilisation will either stagnate or collapse, and human nature cannot make progress towards realising its possible evolutionary destiny. 

This is not a guess by these people, they're not guessing at things. On page 276, he goes on to say: 

The particular situation that confronts the religion of Western Civilisation is this: the concept of God has reached limits of its usefulness. 

One time it was useful to these boys; and, they certainly made use of it. Go into Weishaupt's writings, as I talked about the other day. He says: 

It cannot evolve further. Supernatural powers were created by man to carry the burden of religion. From diffuse magic manna to personal spirits, from spirits to gods, from gods to God--so crudely speaking, the evolution has gone. The particular phase of that evolution which concerns us is that of gods. In one period of our Western civilisation the gods were necessary fictions, useful hypotheses by which to live.  

Then on page 277, he says: 

The advance of natural science, logic and psychology, have brought us to a stage at which God is no longer a useful hypothesis. 

Now, you'll probably notice in some of the big cities in Britain and in North America, there's buses now got posters saying There is no God, get used to it and it's put out by the Humanist Society. This is part of their on-going war and it will create a form of apathy, which he actually mentions in this book, in 1926, but they were unrelenting; they'd be unrelenting in this war to banish all superstitions, as they say, from mankind, so we'd allow ourselves to be managed by the experts, by science. 

Natural science has pushed God into an ever-greater remoteness, until his function as ruler and dictator disappears and he becomes a mere first cause or vague general principle. The realisation that magic is a false principle, and the controls achieved by science and its application, has removed the meaning from sacrificial ritual and petitionary prayer. The analysis of the human mind, with the discovery of its powers of projection and wish fulfilment, its hidden sub-consciousness and unrealised repressions, make it unnecessary to believe that conversion and the like are due to any external spirit power and unscientific to ascribe inner certitude to guidance to God. 

In page 278, he continues on this theme; he really has an awful lot to say about God, he says here: 

If you grant theism of any sort, the logical outcome is monotheism. But why theism at all? Why a belief in supernatural beings who stand in some relation to human destiny and human aspirations?  

Here's a man with an utter fatalistic belief in evolution, with a destiny, because they have a destiny to fulfil; that's their belief you see. He says: 

Theistic belief depends on man's projection of his own ideas and feelings into nature: it is a personification of non-personal phenomena. Personification is God's major premise. But it is a mere assumption, and one which, while serviceable enough in earlier times, is now seen not only to be unwarranted, but to raise more difficulties than it solves. Religion, to continue as an element of first-rate importance in the life of the community, must drop the idea of God

That's why you're seeing these banners everywhere else. 

or at least relegate it to a subordinate position, 

Governments have been doing that since this book was written in 1926, making sure that religion had less and less say in things political. It says: 

as has happened to the magical element in the past. God, equally with gods, angels, demons, spirits and all other small spiritual fry, is a human product, arising inevitably from a certain kind of ignorance and a certain degree of helplessness with regard to man's external environment. God is simply fading away, as the Devil has faded before him, and the pantheons of the ancient world, and the nymphs and the local spirits. 

You know, when you go into this man's history, it's like Darwin's, it's very interesting to see the comparison of the two families here; and, he comes from a long lineage of people that chopped up animals and insects and things and were fascinated by it. That's what they did: they chopped things to pieces, trying to find the great leap forward between one species to the next type of species and so on. They just kept chopping away at things.

Sir Thomas, in fact, his grandfather, the pal of Darwin, was taught by the guy who was the body buyer from Burke and Hare that were hung for digging up bodies in graveyards in Britain and giving them to the medical guys to cut into pieces. There's a lot of horror in these guys' backgrounds and the mental illness in their background was completely hereditary, on both the male and the female lineages, they were so interbred. Some of them committed suicide, it's astonishing; and, these are the guys who in a big, wealthy, important group, well-funded, planned our future and we're living through it. It's astonishing. He says on page 279: 

The disappearance of God, means a recasting of religion, and a recasting of a fundamental sort. It means the shouldering by man of ultimate responsibilities which he had previously pushed off on to God. What are these responsibilities? First: responsibility for carrying on the phase of the world's mystery and his own ignorance. In previous ages that burden was shifted onto divine inscrutability: “God moves in a mysterious way”  

These guys move in a very subversive way, I would say, I'd add to that.  

Now we lay it to the account of our own ignorance, and face the possibility that ignorance of ultimates may, through the limitations of our nature, be permanent. Next: responsibility,  

Now, this is the important part too, they're all important  

responsibility for the long-range control of destiny 

They always talk about this destiny, see the Masons used to call it Divine providence, when they were all just in the Masonic movements that were very active in the 1800s into the 1900s and then they changed the term to 'destiny'. He says: 

That we can no longer shift onto God the ruler. Much that theistic religion left to divine guidance remains out of our hands: but our knowledge gives us power of controlling our fate and of the planet we inhabit, within wide limits. 

He even talks about weather control, by the way, in this book; and, he goes into something that he was right into the Earth Charter in the 1990s.  

In a phrase, we are the trustees of the evolutionary process and, like all trustees, responsible for our trust. 

That's what Maurice Strong put right in the Earth Charter there, years later, see, it's the same ongoing religion. On page 280, he says: 

The collapse of the supernaturalist theology has been accompanied by the collapse, first of supernatural moral sanctions, 

They understood they'd go through a phase of losing all moral standards that came from the old ways. 

sanctions, and then of any absolute basis for morals. 

Well, we can all testify to that, because they controlled the culture right through this massive phase. I've given talks on the culture creation industry and now we have corpses dangling on wires. That was part of the dehumanising process. And you think that things are just happening around happenstance and unconnected? No, they're all connected and funded from the same sources; and, so once you have all morals out the window, he says: 

This too must be regarded as a process which, in the event of the continuance of civilisation, is irreversible. 

Once you lose them all, you can't get them back and they'll make sure of that, because they will not allow a resurgence of the old religions that gave the morals and the guidelines to go by. He says: 

We can, however, go further. We have seen that the breakdown of traditional religion has been brought about by the growth of man's knowledge and control over his environment. But biologists distinguish between the external and the internal environment. 

Then he goes on to give you a lecture on blood and all the rest of it and how it pumps through the body etc.

Now, most of this book, leading up to this part, he sees Religion As An Objective Problem, that’s the title of this chapter, most of the book will be to train a novice, if you read it, into believing that when you got to this chapter that you are just another lowly species on the planet, that's the whole object, that's their technique of indoctrination. Page 282, he says: 

With the aid of our analysis of the nature and functions of religion, we can accordingly make certain definite assertions… 

Now, you can take this to the bank, because he predicts what's going to happen, not because he's got a crystal ball, but because it was planned that way and I'll tell you what they are, after the following messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, back Cutting Through The Matrix and reading from Man Stands Alone by Sir Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley; and Julian set up UNESCO, he was the founder of UNESCO, for the United Nations. He gave the mandate on how to indoctrinate millions of children world-wide towards the goals I'm talking about here; and, he wasn't alone in this, he belonged to the same organisations etc that I've mentioned in the past couple of weeks. They're all really one big organisation. He says: 

With the aid of our analysis of the nature and functions of religion, we can accordingly make certain definite assertions to the future. 

This is what they're planning. 

The prophecy of science about the future of religion is that the religious impulse will become progressively more concerned with the organisation of society, 

That's what you've got today: Communitarianism. George Bush Senior was the first one to use the term openly; he didn't call it Communism, he called it Communitarianism. 

which, in the immediate future, will mean the organisation of society on the basis of nation or the regional group of nations. 

CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs, again, you see the regional group of nations. Then, on page 283, he said: 

To achieve some real understanding of control of the forces and processes operating in human societies is the next great task for science;

They study all societies in order to control us all.

and the applications of scientific discovery in this field will have as their goal what we may call the Socialised State. 

The socialised state, he's talking about the world state by the way, world state, socialised state; a world run by experts and bureaucrats and scientists. 

The religious impulse, itself one of the social forces to be more fully comprehended and controlled, 

They would also use the religious impulse to create the green movement by the way. Page 284, he says: 

will increasingly find its outlet in the promotion of the ideals of the Socialised State. 

You've seen that very thing happen, this whole agenda's happened in your life, it's happening right now.  

Accordingly, we can prophesy that in the long run the nationalistic element in socialised religion will be subordinated or adjusted to the internationalist:

The internationalist religion of secular Humanism, that's what he's talking about. 

that the persecution of minorities will give place to toleration; that the subtler intellectual and moral virtues will find a place and will gradually oust the cruder from their present pre-eminence in the religiously-conceived social organism. We can also assert with fair assurance that this process of improvement will be a slow one and accompanied by much violence and suffering.  

And he goes on and on and on.

Now, don't forget for a minute that the same man, throughout this whole book was talking about the necessity of culling back the population; and, he also was their top eugenicist, he believed in the rights of the superior to decide the fates of the inferior. Never forget that, they're all eugenicists, all the big foundations push and fund organisations towards eugenics and now it's called bioethics.  What Huxley talks about in the book here, how to control the minds of people, is now called Neuroscience, the technique of Neuroscience. A massive science is this, it's spreading like wildfire, as psychology goes into Neuroscience and the right, coupled with the ethics of how to manipulate everyone's mind, without their knowing it, using all the scientific techniques available to them, including electronics and technotronics and drugs.

Well, I hope you have got a lot out of tonight's talk, because if you don't understand these things, you won't understand anything at all, as to what's happening and you'll fall for all the cons out there.

From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may you god or your gods go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


Book: "Man Stands Alone" by Julian Huxley

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