Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#249)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 4, 2009:

Sir C. G. Darwin – A Scion of Science:

"A Pragmatic Man Without Fear nor Tears
Gives the Long-Term Agenda, 'The Next Million Years,'
Where Intellect and Science Goes On into History,
While the Unfit Die Off, In Ignorance and Mystery,
And Most are to Die, Content in Their Place,
That the Fit May Live, the True Master Race,
And Horror of Horrors, We've Ne'er had a Say,
Stealth Sterilization Crept Underway,
The Medical Profession to All Our Surprise,
To Turn from Healing to Speeding Demise,
All the Old Values Forsook and Forlorn,
Ensuring the Unfits' Children Not Born,
While We Wallow in Trivia, Ignorance Bliss,
Perpetual Children, It's Come Down to This"
                                                                                The End
© Alan Watt Feb. 4, 2009

Wednesday February 4th 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 4, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, on February the 4th 2009. 

For newcomers: look into and download as many of the previous talks I've given, in the past, as you wish; and I try to give you shortcuts to the big picture of this strange reality that's so different from the one we've been taught to believe in, the one that really governs the entire planet, with its agenda and with the powers that works with it, and for it, towards a common end. And how the whole of the world has been bypassed by foundations and associations and the secret services, as opposed to societies, the services themselves are up at the top of the tree and helping to organise this whole world future's programme as planet Earth goes through its supposed planned destiny. They do believe it's planned, because they wrote the plan, those who control the world. Much of their information gets published, most of it is published in fact, in academic circles, but it's omitted from newspapers, we're given trivia, as Bertrand Russell said: you feed trivia to the public as they go through all of this - and that's what we get fed. 

Also look into where you can download transcripts of these talks, print them up and pass them round to your friends. They're written in the various languages of Europe.  

We are given trivia, it's so astonishing to listen to great declarations coming from science that's popular for a couple of days and then it's lost and forgotten, as they come out with other revelations and other topics, or utter trivia about the boob babes in Hollywood and their on-going romances, or sports. Same thing, just trivia; and that keeps us all pacified as we go on this journey, as I say, the planned journey. It was planned before we were born, towards a much-reduced population, for a future where those who are properly bred, according to themselves, with the right IQs and right scientific backgrounds, will inherit the earth.  We're all the staging rockets - that’s what we are - we help boost their plan on its journey, they're the payload that eventually arrives at its destination; that's how they see the world. 

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Because the picture is so enormous and there's so much behind it, we have truly been kept in the dark for our entire lives, in fact, purposely so. We're given an education that technically is outdated, that's meant for a working society; and, if you notice today, the jobs are all gone and the ones that are left are going very-very quickly. That was all planned as well; how do I know it was planned? Well, I read their books, I've read their books. The big players at the top love to publish their work, the always publish that which they wish to do; and, they don't speculate, even if you think they're speculating about the future they wish to bring in, they're not speculating, they plan it and they implement the plans. That's the frightening part, to realise that your governments and so on are not there to protect you, they never have been there to protect you. The governments are there to fulfil a mission and only a few people really run the world, very wealthy people, who belong, themselves and were set up in the beginning, by secret societies that blossomed in the period of Enlightenment. They had to create the money to control the planet, which they did; they set up the families to do so. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix. The Matrix is the big stem that comes from the womb of reality, it creates reality, as they used to say in ancient times; and, we have been given a particular reality and being normal ordinary people, we accept it, we accept those little things that are near and dear to us, the people around us, our families, friends and so on and we think that's about it. We don't realise there are big powerful organisations that really are all linked together as one, that have been running the world for a long time, along a predestined path, which they've written about extensively and they're still churning the books out today, if you want to keep buying them that is, but all it does is reinforce that which you already know. There are still people who truly do live in ignorance and they've chosen what to believe, regardless of the evidence that's given to them, on any particular topic. People tend to choose their belief systems, they go shopping for them in fact very early on and they pick the one that suits them. They also pick the targets that are presented to them to pick / to choose from; and, because of that, they never see any big picture.

We're run by deception and, again, to run deception, you must keep publishing lots of ulterior books, alternate books which pick your targets for you; and, once again, you're kept in a little tunnel, you don't see the big picture, this is also intentional, propaganda is not new. It uses every technique of media and so on.  Someone was emailing me for a few times, saying: 'what about China; what about China' you see, because China, as the media hypes it up, is expanding at an incredible rate. And, here you are, with an economic depression, which was brought on artificially, on time, on cue, at the right time, as we're going to get hammered with carbon footprint taxes as well and bring the world into one and regions and all the rest of it and here they are worried about China, because the media tells them to. I said you don't have to worry about China, I've just been talking about the population control agenda for the world and in the west, but they're still worried about China. I said don't worry about China because they'll be feeding their own people there at the bottom the same junk as they fed us for the last 50 years. The same soft drinks and all the rest of it, now that it's laced with mercury, as we well know; and they'll become sterile as well, through all the inoculations and the phthalates that are in their food, the same as we have been getting too, for fifty years. In the long term, this is how it's always worked, incremental long term, intergenerational planning. People lived a hundred years ago, they went through this whole agenda, to this present time, up to this present time and beyond; and they were not speculating, and the oddest thing is: when you read their books, you say 'my god, I've lived through a good part of this, this was implemented and that was implemented and here they're going with the next part'. They don't guess at things, they plan them, they have the financing and the organisational ability and the power, to implement them and that's what they do; and when they start killing off the people under population control, they don't tell the children and we are all the children; simple as that, simple. And, you know something? It's always been that way; it's always been that way, if you really understand history.  

Here's an article that ties right in with this, from the BBC news channel, 1st February 2009 

China birth defects 'up sharply' 

It says here. 

A senior family planning official 

See, they have family planning officials, that's what's coming here, I've read the articles over the last week or so, that we're to copy China, who, the UN has said, is a model state for the world. I've said that so many times but you have to repeat things to people, so that they can get and understand the message. 

in China has noted an alarming rise in the number of babies with birth defects, a Chinese media report says. Jiang Fan, from China's National Population and Family Planning Commission, 

I'll repeat that, for the hard of thinking: 

China's National Population and Family Planning Commission, 

(that's for the guy who keeps emailing and saying 'what about China?'), they have a commission that deals with it. 

said environmental pollution 

They're blaming the environment, you see 

was a cause of the increase.  

They're very quick with their propaganda in China, because they've been at this for thousands of years. 

The coal-mining heartland of Shanxi province had the biggest problem. China has reported the trend before, and it was not clear if Mr Jiang was commenting on new or old statistics. 

Of course it won't and that's how they do it in China. 

A 2007 commission report said the rate of defects had risen 40% since 2001, from 104.9 per 10,000 births to 145.5 in 2006. Officials blame 

They're very good at that in China too 

emissions from Shanxi's large coal and chemical industry for the problems there. "The problem of birth defects is related to environmental pollution, 

You keep repeating it over an over and that's how they do it in China, to make sure you get their point, ha-ha, as they throw you off the main track. 

especially in eight main coal zones," said An Huanxiao, the director of Shanxi provincial family planning agency... Mr Jiang said a child was born with physical defects every 30 seconds because of the degrading environment. Correspondents say the report suggests there is a human cost to China's rapid economic development.  

There's always been a human cost in China, read your history. 

Researchers also blamed exposure to nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulates for the increase. "The number of newborns with birth defects is constantly increasing in both urban and rural areas," China Daily newspaper quoted Mr Jiang as saying. "The rather alarming increase has forced us to kick off a high-level prevention plan."  

I wonder what they'll give them?  

The commission had introduced a screening programme in the eight worst-affected provinces, Mr Jiang said.  

See, they're going at it, and that's why they could put into those army think-tanks, that I've read, for the next thirty-odd years, the predictions for the next thirty-odd years, that around 2030, China will be drastically-falling in population. It didn't say why, they just said it would be drastically-falling; but, they also know they have more males to female ratio and they've encouraged, of course, that thing for ages in China, that particular method of keeping boys alive and killing off the baby children.  They have an official department for national population and family planning. That's their commission, you see; that's what we're going to get too. We actually have them; it's just that they haven't told you yet. It's more covert in the west; more covert.  

I've been reading from books, the big players, the guys who gave you the future, who were in all the biggest think-tanks of all and who sat in on all the big meetings for the future going back since the 1920s or more, up to the present time; and The Next Million Years is interesting, by Charles Galton Darwin, who wrote this in the 1950s. He himself was a physicist, who was really into biology, in fact, rather than physics and how to, basically, turn us all into eunuchs, which was his prime - he was very gleeful about that; he got excited when he talked about that.

He was a big player and when he wrote, it wasn't because he was coming out with these particular imaginings from his own mind; it was because he knew the agenda, he was part of it and they were already implementing it, in the West. I've given you the reports, it’s my site too; you can see the documentary by the CBC on the fact that most of the males in the Western World are almost sterile; and it's increasing, that's not by chance. You don't put things, artificial hormones in your food for 50 years without knowing the effects and they knew the effects of these artificial hormones, back in the late 1800s. Now, of course, as I say, we’ve found out we've got mercury in it as well and most of / over half of the items that you buy at the supermarket and it's been there for 40 years.

This is war, this is how you create war, world war on an unsuspecting public; what would happen if the public knew at the beginning, when they had all their faculties and their health and their brain power going and their survival capabilities, you'd do something about it, very fast. The reason you can publish this stuff today is because it's worked and there's no reaction; it's worked, you see. 

It's interesting here, in The Next Million Years, by Charles Galton Darwin, as I say, a big player and this is what he said, he's talking about China, he says: 

Sometimes it has been advanced by important new discoveries, such as the invention of printing. All the time there has been a liability to famines,  

In China, all the time, in its whole history. 

which have killed off millions. The perpetual presence of a margin of starving humanity has set a low value on human life, and has made for callousness in regard to the sufferings of the people. This has led to much cruelty, of a kind we are unfamiliar with now, 

Though he mentions the fact we had similar problems during the plague years of Europe, when starvation was rampant, as people stopped farming, they were dying off. Than he says, on page 199, mind you he admires the Confucian way, the philosophy, he says: 

has lasted far longer than any of the philosophies of the West. It would seem that in its constancy of character, both in its virtues and in its defects, the Chinese civilization 

Listen to this: 

is to be accepted as the model type of a civilization to a greater degree than any of the other civilizations of the world.  

That's what the United Nations says today, because it doesn't have any sacredness to human life. We don't have it either in the West, we are secular humanists, whether you understand that or not, look into the meaning - you'll find that you are. It’s been brainwashed into through your education and the media. It's so interesting, as I say that these guys wrote about this, in the 1950s, in the 1950s, World Government. He says here, he goes on about fuel and upcoming fuel problems and how fields would be turned into creating fuel, bio-fuel, 1950s, way ahead of what we were told. See, we're living a script, a plan, it's that simple. He says: 

In this case North America might fall into four or five provinces, and Western Europe into one or two; it is never to be expected that there will be any permanence about the numbers of them or about their boundaries.

Then he goes into the setting up of a complete North American Union and a European Union as well and what happens then and beyond that too.

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix. I'm trying to show people how we're guided through plans, plans that were made long ago, published and discussed, at big top-level meetings, not really so much in secrecy, they always mention something in newspapers, they don't tell you the content, the actual real content of the meetings, but books do come out, which are generally ignored by the general public, they're not terribly exciting or sexy and we're given lots of trivia, to divert us into other things or crises, which they keep throwing at us too, to keep us off-balance, because it's important to keep people off balance when you're taking them down. Very important, just like boxing.  

Sir Charles Galton Darwin, this great benefactor of mankind, talks about world government and he said here, in page 192: 

It is too much to expect that there can ever be a permanent world government benevolently treating all of them on a perfect equality; such an institution could only work during the rare occasions of a world-wide golden age. 

He's talking about total employment and so on; and then he goes into talking about how the government really works, he says: 

There would inevitably be ill-feeling and jealousy between the provinces, 

He's talking about the world being split up into provinces 

with each believing that it was not getting its fair share of the good things, and in fact, it would be like the state of affairs with which we are all too familiar. If then there is ever to be a world government, it will have to function as governments do now, 

See, he's very pragmatic and honest 

in the sense that it will have to coerce a minority —and indeed it may often be a majority— into doing things they do not want to do.  

That's the real purpose of government, because there's a different agenda than you know; and here's a guy who tells governments, or told governments what to do; he, and the groups that he belonged to, the Royal Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, CFR and so on.  Then he goes into this, page 191: 

If the fuel problem 

This is the 1950s. 

is solved completely, 

He's talking about growing bio-fuels and so on. 

so that mechanical power and transportation is available in the future to a greater extent even than at present, then the provinces will be large; for example, the whole of Europe may well be one, and the whole of North America another.   

He also goes through the entire agenda of coming starvations, in different regions of the world, including the West, by the way; and that is on the cards because if you look into - and I've mentioned this many times before - the guys who are in charge of monitoring the world's food supply and setting up all the institutions to deal with the world's food supply, is the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Look in to their website, they've been at this for at least fifty years full-time, with many different think-tanks and workers, working on the coming food shortages. It was all planned that way, because, after all, they planned to bring the population down to a very small number. And, he tells you, in this book, the ones who are going to survive; they're going to be the highest scientific elite, the ones who have no problems denying any deities or superstitions of any kind. They'll be pragmatic people who are the intellectual class, basically; and he's absolutely confident, that through genetic manipulation, they can better the race that will serve them. That's where we are now, on the race towards creating a population of perfect servants, that's what it's all about: genetic engineering, the Human Genome Project and everything, that's why it's been rushing full-steam ahead, for years, because it was on the agenda, that's why.  They were doing it long before we heard of it, long before we heard of it; it's far older than Dolly the sheep, far-far older, that's the rubbish they feed the public. He says here, this is the future that's coming up: 

Those who find the bad conditions supportable will be willing to work harder and for less reward; in a broad sense of the term they are more efficient than the others, because they get more done for less pay. There are of course many exceptions, for real skill will get its reward, but in the long run it is inevitable that the lower types of labour will have an exceedingly precarious life.

One of the triumphs of our own golden age has been that slavery has been abolished over a great part of the earth. It is difficult to see how this condition can be maintained in the hard world of the future with its starving margins, and it is to be feared that all too often a fraction of humanity will have to live in a state which, whatever it may be called, will be indistinguishable from slavery.  

Very pragmatic you see, I mean, he's being honest isn't he? They're making this happen; this is the agenda. He also talks about those who'll run the cultures, of course they already do. He says: 

It may be guessed that it will be what I may call the mountaineers, 

He's talking about the people who will own the top mountainous areas of the planet, a very important part of this whole agenda, because, over the last twenty years, the wealthy people have been buying up old ski resorts and everything, especially if they have rivers near them. He's talking about coming hydro-electric power that will power the world and whole areas of the Earth set aside, for creating power and energy, for the rest, that's what's happening right now; this is 50 years before we heard of it, when he published this. He says: 

who possess the most readily available energy, who will become dominant; through their wealth they will tend to have the highest culture, since culture most easily comes from the leisure created by wealth.  

Only the leisure class can go ahead with their culture, we simply adopt what we see. They used to say that as the king goes and the queen goes, we all adopt their fashions of style and even their mode of speaking in fact, which is more prevalent in England than anywhere else.  There's nothing new under the sun, nothing new at all, he even talks about the need to start pushing for population control all over the Western world; and I'll go into this, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about very unpleasant things but that's what you have to know, if you truly do want to alter the world in a different direction and you want at least humanity to survive, at least those around you, their offspring or someone-you-know's offspring to survive what's coming. Otherwise, you'll just bury your head in the sand and bewail yourself, bemoan what's happening around you, which is all planned; it truly is all planned this way. And, I've been talking too about what's happening in China, he says don't worry about them, because China's had thousands of years of dealing with population control, thousands of years; again Huxley goes into this in great detail, or Charles Galton Darwin I should say, you get them confused, because they're like clones of each other, in a literal sense, because they spiel all the same stuff. It's all the same topics, because these are their favourite hobbies you see; and they all belong to the same associations, the ones that still run the world today. On page 183, he says, now here's where he gets really excited, listen: 

It is in the biological sciences that the most exciting possibilities suggest themselves, perhaps because biology has only recently shown rapid advances like those made earlier in the inorganic sciences. I will only speculate on a few among these possibilities which might have great effects on human life. 

He's really talking about culling off the people; you understand how they word things. 

I have already referred to the possibility of quite new sources of food, and I need not enlarge on that further.  

He doesn't go into that, because he knew darn well they were going into genetic modification a long time ago. 

Another type of discovery may be connected with hormones, 

This is very interesting. 

those internal chemical secretions which so largely regulate the operations of the human body. The artificial use of hormones has already been shown to have profound effects on the behaviour of animals, and it seems quite possible that hormones, or perhaps drugs, might have similar effects on man. 

I'll repeat what I said earlier, look into my website and look at the link to the video from the CBC on the fact that humanity in the West is going sterile, because of these artificial hormones we've been consuming in our foods, for about 50 years, around the time this was written in fact.  

The artificial use of hormones has already been shown to have profound effects on the behaviour of animals, and it seems quite possible that hormones, or perhaps drugs, might have similar effects on man.  

You can't tell this guy apart really from the Huxleys; and they all knew each other very-very well, because they all belonged to the same clubs you see. 

For example, there might be a drug, which, without other harmful effects, removed the urgency of sexual desire, and so reproduced in humanity the status of workers in a beehive. 

Isn't that a wonderful objective to go for, isn't it?  

Or there might be another drug that produced a permanent state of contentment in the recipient—after all alcohol does something like this already, though it has other disadvantages and is only temporary in its effects.  

He's looking for a permanent effect you see. 

A dictator would certainly welcome the compulsory administration of the "contentment drug" to his subjects.  

Aldous Huxley said the same thing. Why? Because they were all at the same meetings you see, when they planned introducing this stuff into the food supplies of peoples.  

Another possible, 

This is interesting too 

though rather remoter, discovery suggests the most curious consequences; this is the control of the relative numbers of the two sexes. 

I was talking about China earlier, how they have more males than females but you don't have to worry about it. 

It is known that the sex of a child is carried by the sperm, not the ovum, and it is at least imaginable that some method could be found for sorting out those of the sperm cells which carry the male or the female character. It would thus become possible to regulate how many men or women there should be in a population.  

These guys are utter control freaks, utter control freaks, this is their utopia they're talking about; and they can bring it off, by the way, they're already almost there. 

If such a practice could be developed it is sure that for a time there would be a great unbalance in populations. A nation with ambitions for conquest would produce a large number of men for its soldiers, but would pay for it by not having enough women to give birth to the soldiers for succeeding generations.   

It's short-term, for that purpose. 

On the other hand, just as the stockbreeder keeps few bulls and many cows, another nation might decide that it needed few men in order to maintain its numbers. Would such a predominantly female population be able to stand up against the male one, or would a "rape of the Sabine women" rectify the disproportions?

It is clear that the most remarkable effects will be produced if such developments in biological science should come about, and it is impossible to conjecture how they will turn out. I can only record the opinion that in the long run their effects will mainly cancel out for the reason I have developed in an earlier chapter, that man is and will continue to be a wild animal. To produce effects of these kinds there must be a master, and the master must be above and not subject to the procedure he is enforcing on his subjects.  

You understand: the elite don't eat what we eat; they don't get the inoculations that we get. You see, what he was talking about here, was already starting in his time and being introduced on the population; and they could not tell the population, who they referred to, as he did too, he always compared to the animals, that's all we are to them, we're animals. To repeat that last part: 

To produce effects of these kinds there must be a master, and the master must be above and not subject to the procedure he is enforcing on his subjects. The dictator could not afford himself to take the "contentment drug", because if he did so his capacity for rule would certainly degenerate. It always comes back to the same point, that to carry out any policy systematically in such a way as permanently to influence the human race, there would have to be a master breed of humanity, not itself exposed to the conditions it is inducing in the rest.

The master breed, being wild animals, would be subject to all the fashions, tastes and passions of humanity as we know it, and so would never have the constancy to establish for generation after generation a consistent policy which could materially alter the nature of mankind. In connection with the recent wonderful advances in medical science, this is the place to mention a matter that will very soon indeed be of immediate importance. Since in the normal condition of the world there will be a margin of every population on the verge of starvation, it seems likely that there will have to be a revision of the doctrine of the sanctity of the individual human life.  

That's what we're seeing now; I mentioned this blitz that's on, for a month, maybe a follow-up with maybe two months or maybe even three months on the need to depopulate fast. This is all from the same institutions, and the foundations who fund them, which Huxley and Charles Galton Darwin belonged to.  

it seems likely that there will have to be a revision of the doctrine of the sanctity of the individual human life.  

What is it the United Nations said: that the individual is the enemy; we are one, we're all one, one big hunk of animals, basically, according to these boys at the top; and, if we're individuals and we believe in the sanctity of the individual life, obviously we're an enemy to this agenda. That's why we've got to all be one and don't look at the nasty things in life, be happy, just be happy, take your contentment drug. And the new age religions are just that too, they're contentment drugs. He says: 

In the old days the doctors were under the obligation of doing all they could to preserve any life, though they had no great success in their efforts; now it is hardly too much to say that most diseases have come under control, or anyhow to judge by recent progress most of them soon will. But is the world the better for having a large number of healthy people dying of starvation, rather than letting them die of malaria?  

That's why they withdrew DDT by the way. 

One of the justified boasts of recent times has been the great decrease that medicine has made in infant mortality. Whereas in the old days a mother might bear ten children and have only two survive, now she may bear only three and she will be regarded as very unlucky if all do not survive. But the difficulty in the world is going to be that the number of people born is too great for the food supplies, so that a fraction must die anyhow; may it not be better that they should die in infancy?  

One of the biggest industries that we've got is the abortion industry and we think nothing, nothing, nothing of it. It says here: 

The truth is that all our present codes about the sanctity of human life are based on the security of life as it is at present, and once that is gone they will inevitably be revised, and the revision will probably shock most of our present opinions. 

Well, it wouldn't shock him because he was in on the planning of it. Governments have been at war with farmers, since before and during and after World War II. They've paid them not to grow stuff, to keep prices up; they gave them little freebies (like tax-exempt things and so on), which they fell for. They always give them bait and they fall for it, then governments come in and start dictating what they can do and what they can't do, then they start going under and going out of business, too much hassle.

The big corporations that own the whole agricultural industry, they've now got five of them across the planet, have the world's food supply in their hands and they also belong to the same societies as Sir Charles Galton Darwin and all the rest of that ilk. So, they're bringing all this about you see, because remember they want to bring us down to almost about half a million people in their perfect utopia; and they've worked inter-generationally, for hundreds of years on the same agenda, to make it so.  

He talks about, in fact, the creation of the big Pharma industries, as the farmers go out. He says: 

The general picture of the economic condition of the world then is that the chief centres of power production, and so of the most elaborate civilization, will be the regions where there is water power, that is speaking rather loosely, mountainous regions. It will be these that are the centres of manufacture, and they will exchange their manufactures for the surplus food produced in the agricultural regions. There will also be large "power farms" in various parts of the world, storing energy, either by some direct mechanism, or through the intermediary of vegetables. 

Literally growing vegetables for fuel, like corn and so on, grain; astonishing eh? And we think, we're told by the media, that's owned by the same corporations that run these guys, still today, that we're just bumbling through time here and politicians are trying their best to just deal with the crisis that's suddenly come out of nowhere, unexpectedly; it's astonishing.  

He talks about creeds; creeds are religions. Remember what Bertrand Russell said: there's no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed, the belief of the vast majority, by adequate government action. That was Lord Bertrand Russell, a great pal of these boys, all working for the same Royal Society. He talks about creating a eugenic creed. He says here (page 203): 

Is it possible that there should arise a eugenic creed, which — perhaps working through what I have called the method of unconscious selection — should concern itself with the improvement of the inherent nature of man, instead of resting content with merely giving him good but impermanent acquired characters? Without such a creed man's nature will only be changed through the blind operation of natural selection; with it he might aspire to do something towards really changing his destiny.

To conclude, I have cited the past history of China as furnishing the type of an enduring civilization. It seems to provide a model to which the future history of the world may be expected broadly to conform.   

Isn't it astonishing, as I say, that from the CFR and their publications, the magazine, Foreign Relations Magazine, they call it, and from the United Nations and all through academia, all they've been doing is parroting this man, for the last fifty-odd years, with his great visions of the future, which he didn't say came through a crystal ball or reading the stars. They came because that was the agenda, already set out and sworn to, by oaths; and we're simply living through their plan.  China was to be a model to which the future history of the world may be expected, broadly to conform.  

The scale will of course be altogether vaster, and the variety of happenings cannot by any means be foreseen, but I believe that the underlying ground theme can be foreseen and that in a general way it will be rather like the history of the Chinese Empire. The regions of the world 

Regions, right? 

will fall into provinces of ever-changing extent, 

Now, you see that with the European Union, it keeps altering the numbers within it. You see, they're even, up to this present step, he's got the amalgamated Americas in here, from the 1950s; he's got the European Union completed, basically.  He says then it'll go into a phase of alteration, between getting larger and smaller, as different provinces fall away, for a century or two, or they're left to die because they can't produce enough and that kind of scenario; and how they'll actually compete with each other. That's what we're told right now: that North America must amalgamate, to compete with Europe - and China. Well, how can you compete with the wages in China and live in the climates we live in? You can't do it; and they know this and so should we, we should all think about this too, when we hear these silly comments about competing with China, from our politicians, or the CFR guys who come out openly now, telling us we have to - the same guys who drafted up the amalgamation of the Americas - we've got to go and compete with China.  

He goes on to say here: 

but I believe that the underlying ground theme can be foreseen and that in a general way it will be rather like the history of the Chinese Empire. The regions of the world will fall into provinces of ever-changing extent, which most of the time will be competing against one another.  

It's amazing how they write it all that time ago eh? 

Occasionally—more rarely, than has been the case in China—they will be united by some strong arm into an uneasy world-government, which will endure for a period until it falls by the inevitable decay that finally destroys all dynasties.  

Now, I've read the reports from the think-tanks for the projections for the next 30-50 years, from the US think-tank, the military think-tank and the British one, for NATO, and they've taken everything from this book, from the 1950s, because they also said that civilisation could unite for a while and then fall apart. It's intended to fall apart and go under through riots and deprivation and famine, that's why; but, in the end run, there'll always be pockets of very high tech civilisation, that's what they all said and that's what he's saying in this book as well. Only, he was way ahead of them.  

they will be united by some strong arm into an uneasy world-government, which will endure for a period until it falls by the inevitable decay that finally destroys all dynasties.    

I'll be back with more of this, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and showing you how everything is laid out: one big agenda, one big business plan and how we are simply living generation through generation, right through the whole plan itself; and everything you read today is reiteration of the big players and what they published 50 to 100 years ago. It's the same organisation running the world today, the same boys who set up China, the same guys who drafted up the GATT Treaties and made China the most favoured trading nation status, gave to them.

They created Communism for China as well because it's not real communism at all. There's an oligarchy in China and science rules over China and pragmatism - pragmatism is a very important word to use when dealing with these particular characters.  He talks about creating a eugenic creed, a belief system, that part would be to train the people, to make the people believe that they had to perish, to save the few; and also training the elite to have more children, as a sacred duty, to pass on the better genes to the surviving species, you see. It's astonishing and that's exactly where we're going and he even gives you hints of the green movement they'd create, fifty-odd years ago - a creed, a belief system - and you have all these greenies parroting the stuff that's been handed to them, thinking it's their own idea.  

He talks about after the world government, because that's only part of the strategy, that's like the end of the chess game; and, then afterwards, they have pockets of civilisation, high-tech, that will survive across the planet. He goes on to it here, he says: 

There will be periods when some of the provinces relapse into barbarism, 

That's what we're hearing about now, from the big think-tanks, repeating the same stuff that he wrote about, he and others of his kind, about 50 years ago. The coming riots (the food riots), according to the big military think-tanks - the advisors to the military, in Europe and the US and Canada.  

but all the time civilization will survive in some of them. It will survive because it will be based on a single universal culture, derived from the understanding of science; for it is only through this understanding that the multitudes can continue to live.

On this basic culture there will be overlaid other cultures, often possessing a greater emotional appeal, which will vary according to climate and race from one province to another. Most of the time and over most of the earth there will be severe pressure from excess populations, and there will be periodic famines. 

That's what's coming up and it's all over the CFR's website, because they're planning all this stuff; actually, they call it managing it, they're managing the coming problems with food.  

There will be a consequent callousness about the value of the individual's life, 

We're getting hammered with that now: 'you're nothing'; apathy, as Bertrand Russell said: they've got to create apathy. 

and often there will be cruelty to a degree of which we do not willingly think.  

They're tasering the people and all the rest of it, it's nothing for cops to shoot folk anymore.  

This however is only one side of the history. On the other side there will be vast stores of learning, far beyond anything we can now imagine, and the intellectual stature of man will rise to ever higher levels. And sometimes new discoveries will for a time relieve the human race from its fears, and there will be golden ages, 

Ages - plural. 

when man may for a time be free to create wonderful flowerings in science, philosophy and the arts.  

Isn't that just dandy? Doesn't it make you feel better now, and that all the sacrifice is worth it?  We'll sleep well tonight, won't we, because these monsters are truly in charge of the world and all academia and all of the governments and they advise all the governments through the same think-tanks and the front organisations they have. 

Well, that's it for tonight, from Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's goodnight and may your God or gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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