Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#258)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 17, 2009:

No Thanks to UN and Military Think Tanks:

"The UN and Think Tanks Give This Sign,
By 2050 the Population Will Decline
Due to Weather Changes and Scary Scenarios,
Depleted Earth (Causing Skinny Potatoes),
Food is a Weapon, Who'd a-Thought,
As You Eat Your French Fries, Copious Salt,
Like the Movie 'Deep Impact,' Elite to be Cherished,
A Lotto for the Masses, Who'll All be Perished,
Then Utopia, of the Fit, No Variety,
The Best of Genes for the New Society,
To Survive Aim High, Set Yourself High Pace,
You May be Selected for the Next Human Race,
Yet Remember There's More than Ambition it Seems,
'Cause You'll Go Nowhere Without the Right Genes"
© Alan Watt Feb. 17, 2009

Tuesday February 17th 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 17, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February the 17th 2009. 

For newcomers: look into and you'll find lots of previous talks I've given, in the past, where I try to give you the short cuts into the big picture of how this world is really run. Not the way the media or the cartoons would have you believe and it's hard to tell which is which nowadays. 

Also, look into for transcripts of these talks that I've given, which you can download, print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

You can also go into website and find out what's for sale there, that helps me to keep going; and this is probably one of the few shows where the audience brings me to the audience by the contributions and buying what I have for sale, which isn't much. 

We are on, as I say, I've been saying this for a long time: we're on one hell of a slippery slope down into the big abyss; and for many people, going through the changes today, it all seems very bewildering. And that's how it's meant to be perceived by the public, who get hit, like a boxer in a ring, with a left and a right and a left and a right, until they're punch drunk. That's how media can be used, as a weapon, on the mind, it's a very powerful weapon; and it's not just a recent discovery either, it's been like that for probably centuries and centuries and centuries.

I quoted a case, not too long ago, where a News agency was brought up on charges, mainly because they'd hired on people from the union, the journalist union, who were given a free hand to go into certain topics; but, when it came to a certain topic, they were told to leave off of it – and it's to do with Monsanto, in fact. So, they took their corporation to court, their employers to court and it was decided there that there was no case because there are no laws that say that news or news media must tell the public the truth; and that's true. It never dawns on the general public that's the case though, because they try to give you a completely different impression; but News is a word, remember. What is New? Anything can be New, total verbiage could be New; complete disinformation is still New, it’s News. They don't call it the Truth, they call it News and, therefore, News tends to guide us and shape our minds, along a pre-determined path, by those who understand the logic of the human mind and the logic of mass psychology.

And I have gone into a lot of that, over this last while, to do with those who understand mass psychology and it is taught in universities. People often go into the political sciences and, basically, mass psychology, different terms for the same thing, and marketing, it's all combined together and they end up with the top positions in media, regular media. They also end up in politics and even the commentators on politics; it's all meant to keep the charade going, because it truly is a charade. How on earth can you write an agenda over a hundred years ago and have big players publishing books on it, big players who were involved in think-tanks of their day, many of them scientists of their day, and they laid out the whole next hundred years and into the twenty-first century, as to how they would have things transpire. And here we are, living through it all - and it's all coming to pass - but the media would have you believe everything's just a big accident, the accidental view of history. That's how simple it is, to obfuscate reality.  Back with more - after the following break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. Just mentioning that the media would have us all believe that things happen by happenstance and by accident and you have financial depression that comes out of the blue; and that we've got to go into a world system, to rectify it all, and it's so interesting to read back on the setting up of the United Nations and the World Bank, where they had their economic forums and so on.  Professor Carroll Quigley mentioned the pinnacle of this pyramid of power, he said really resided in the World Bank and the Department for International Settlements. It's a form of international court, in a sense, which decides which countries will pay whom, on what debts; and it's very interesting too, that how come all the economists that supposedly get all the same science, this supposed science taught to them, can all be wrong, pretty-well all the time? Do you realise how many books have been printed on the Great Depression of the 1920s and '30s and they claimed that the reason it failed was because governments did not put anything into the economy and try and bail out the banks. Now they're doing the reverse of it and the same thing's happening and yet we're told - and we're expected to believe - that no stipulations were put on these bankers, when they were given these big bail-outs and they're all giving each other now golden parachutes, with a billion dollars bonus here and there.

Are they really so stupid at the top? That's what they'd have us believe you see; the whole system is corrupt and it's always been corrupt in this particular moneyed system. It's based on corruption, in fact the whole idea of having something in between two people who are bartering, a middle-man with a coin, is the start of corruption, especially when the middle-man decides what the value of your corn or your barley is going to be; that inevitably happens. As they say: "The hand that borrows is underneath the hand that lends", always.

Old-old sayings, going back for thousands of years, but we never seem to learn, we're told, and they just don't know how to fix it. Except that big players like Bertrand Russell talked about bringing in a future State; and he wasn't the only one, so was John Maynard Keynes, who gave us the economy we're running on now - that was Part One. Part Two is still to come - and they both agreed that, eventually, government would be in charge of dishing out tokens or rations, to the public, basically; and that where we're heading. Why? It's because it was planned that way, it was planned that way.

The same thing with the United Nations: the United Nations was set up to be a front for world government; and it is a front, it was set up as a front organisation, by the foundations, and by Rockefeller, in fact. His family donated the land to the United Nations for their property, to build their buildings on; and they still have a big play in what happens today, in fact the Rockefellers give out Global Citizenship awards. Try and get your hands on the books published around the time of the setting up of the United Nations, because, at that time, the big politicians in every country were churning out books and they all said this was to lead to world government, not just a world government where we'd all be happy and everyone would trade and so on, it was to be a world government of total control and sustainability, with population controls. It was the Department of Agriculture, at the United Nations, eventually dishing out the ration of food to each country, in order to keep the populations down; they would not up their quota, if the population went up. And it's only by reading these old books, do you come to understand that they've never changed this agenda come hell, war or high water; it's never changed its direction.  

This article is from World Business Council for Sustainable Development and its published today, 17th February 2009. 

U.N. says food production may fall 25 pct by 2050 

Now, I've read the articles from the big think-tanks that advise the Military, in Britain, and in the US, who both say that the population is to drastically decline, by 2050. So, here they are, saying that food production may fall 25% by 2050. 


Who is basically Rothschild, they own Reuters 

17 February 2009 - Up to a quarter of global food production could be lost by 2050 due to the combined impact of climate change, land degradation and loss, water scarcity and species infestation, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

The fall-off will strike just as 2 billion more people are added to the world's population, according to the U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP), 

They've got a programme for everything at the United Nations. 

which says cereal yields have stagnated worldwide and fish catches are declining. In a new report, it said a 100-year trend of falling food costs could be at an end and that last year's sharp price rises had driven 110 million people into poverty.

Prices may have eased from those peaks in many areas, but experts 

The experts again, you see. 

say volatility -- combined with the impact of the global economic downturn -- has meant little respite for the poor.  

They really care about the poor at the UN. The UN, with its world bank and all the rest of it, has bankrupted more countries with its incredible loans and forcing these countries to use the modern methods of farming, which is all chemical-based, which degrades the land even faster and drives them into poverty by buying the seed. They buy the seed that's all modified you see and it’s got the terminator gene, so you can't save the seed and re-grow. It's a con, from beginning to end, this wonderful United Nations and its world bank, and every other part that's attached to it. And, remember too, the United Nations has its own department for population control. What do you think ‘population control’ means? And here they are, talking about the food that they want to be in charge of one day. It says: 

"We need to deal with not only the way the world produces food but the way it is distributed, 

There you go. 

sold and consumed, and we need a revolution 

A revolution, ha, they love revolutions. 

that boosts yields by working with rather than against nature," said UNEP executive director Achim Steiner. More than half the food produced worldwide today was either lost, wasted or thrown away due to inefficiencies, he told a news conference at a major U.N. environment meeting in Kenya. "There is evidence within the report that the world could feed the entire projected population growth alone by becoming more efficient while also ensuring the survival of wild animals, birds and fish on this planet," Steiner said.  

It's tied in with the world and the environment and fish and insects and everything else. 

The UNEP's "Rapid Response Assessment", released on Tuesday, said world food prices were estimated to rise by 30-50 percent over the coming decades -- while the global population is seen climbing to more than 9 billion from nearly 7 billion. 

They've been howling this message for a hundred years, when they were the League of Nations; howling the same message and they've never been right in their goals and their targets ever since. Even from the beginning, they've never ever been right, from the days of Thomas Malthus, who came up with the first massive projections of increase in population, with all his charts, his graphs and all the rest of it, they've never been right. However, it doesn't stop them from yelling their nonsense to the general public; the reason being that even, you see, even if the population of the world was only going to hit 5 billion, they wanted to bring it down to less than 1, you see, that's their goal. So, you can't keep them happy, by any means. It says here: 

It said price regulations for commodities should be introduced 

They want price regulations, they want price-fixing. 

and larger cereal stocks set aside to guard against price volatility. It also called for "safety nets" to be established for those most at risk from hunger. It said more than a third of the world's cereals were being used for animal feed, and that this proportion was expected to rise to a half by 2050. It proposed using recycled food waste as an environment-friendly alternative.  

You've got to remember too: that governments and the UN, have been into agriculture for an awful long time, setting the laws and regulations for all farming and setting the pace for farming. They've also been paying farmers for years not to grown anything sometimes in their fields. The farmers get kick-backs, in the way of tax rebates, and so on, exemptions; but then the government comes on and starts laying down the laws and rules. Meanwhile, you're addicted to these tax exemptions; so, the government runs your farm. And they've already said they want to eliminate meat from the diet of the world's population, completely. That's under 'sustainability'; you can go into the UN and read all you want, it's quite interesting. So, why don't they bring all that in here too? And who forced the cattle onto to eat all the recycled reconstituted food that they're on today? People who eat meat find there's hardly any taste in it at all these days, because the feed for the animals has all been changed. Same with chickens, crack an egg and it’s like water comes out of it, because they're all factory hens, there's no free range there. So, here's the UN wants to set commodity prices, and have the authority to do so, for each country. Remember, the UN has also said that the richer countries will always pay for the poorer, so you can guarantee that they'll be increasing the prices in the Western world and decreasing it in the Third world. Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. I try to simply bring up the past, show you how it correlates to the present, and to show you that nothing is by chance, it can't be by chance when they write about it before they do it, often 50 or 80 years before they bring it into being, as though the governments somehow have no imagination of themselves. That's how they'd have you believe; but, again, nothing is further from the truth. I've always said: when the big boys publish their books, you can take it to the bank, a real bank, not the ones that collapse, because they mean what they say and they don't put out little dreams that they have, because their dreams they put out they're ambitions, because they work with associations that will bring it all about; it's as simple as that.

They all do believe in eugenics, I've gone through that, in quite some detail, over the past and they do believe that, through the gaining of knowledge, they can eventually weed-out the types they don't want to breed. They've talked about forbidding certain people to breed in fact, even on the obscure chance that you may breed someone with say some kind of physical problem, or mental problem - that's a big one with them now too - going into anti-social tendencies, as though there's going to be marker gene and they do believe there's a marker gene for that, to be anti-social.

You sometimes wonder if they simply jump on one belief system after another, and they go through these fads, some philosophers believe so and it’s true enough, if you go through the health industry alone, they jump from fad to fad and belief to belief, down through the ages. Back in the 1950s and '60s, across Europe it was traditional for children, before the age of five, to be whisked off into hospital and have their tonsils and adenoids whipped out, which decreased their immune system, because those particular glands pumped out white blood cells. That would make sense, if you wanted a generation to grow up that would be vulnerable to infection; and, at the time, they told all the doctors and surgeons that these were vestiges left over from when we were apes, that again, something that has been re-popularised recently, and they didn't need them anymore, so they just whipped them out, threw them away, you know.  

It's interesting even going into the psychiatric profession, because, in the early days, they also believed that the psychiatric problems in schizophrenia, were caused by things like bad teeth and they'd pull all your teeth out; and they felt that, somehow, the bad humour was rising from your teeth and getting up into your brain. And that didn't stop them, because, in the US, they went even further, at one point, and they whipped out whole organs as well, thinking this is where this magic is residing, this thing that makes you go mad. They'd whip out spleens and everything, even stomachs occasionally, to cure mental illness.

So, they went through these crazy fads. Mind you, they put it across to the media, to the people, by the media, with as much scientific backing, which made it sound kind of plausible. You can make anything sound plausible, using scientific terminology. We always have to be careful of where anything’s going, but when you do see something popping up time and time again, through various reports, you have to take it seriously and know there's an agenda at place. Because the whole point of genetic research - and it's taught, in fact, for all those who go into the study of genes, it's taught, from the beginning, to do with evolution and superior types and inferior types of humanity. That's all part and parcel of their whole teaching programme. All geneticists come out believing there are inferior human beings and superior human beings, all pre-determined by the genes they inherited. It cannot go any other way than to be involved in eugenics, there's no other way these people can possibly choose, because they're brain-washed; and, to them, when you're a student, anything can be made believable. You think you're on the cutting-edge, why would anybody lie to you and programme you, so that you'd carry out the dirty work down the future, down the road? 

I was looking into Britain: Britain has a Department called the Home Office. The Home Office is probably the biggest police, official police building, for the whole of Britain, that's the real high-level police, making all policies for police and the criminals and so on, courts etc. They deal with all immigration and this is from their website, the Home Office, it says: 

The Home Office is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, counter-terrorism and police. 

They go onto to say who they and what they do; and they've got lots of different things you can look up: all about freedom of information, what the Home Office is doing to safeguard your persons, during an era of terrorism; all this kind of stuff. So, they're into nothing but policing you’d think, right? That's what you'd think; but then you go into the links that they have there in DNA. Check it out, because it starts off, it starts off looking at DNA fingerprinting and all this kind of stuff, which was 'ok, they're into law enforcement.'  Then they go into the other areas they’re into, like studying lizards, to see about their genetic traits and how they can move into new territories and stuff like this and see what they have in common with humans and this is no pun, I know there's a lot of folk out there right now talking about space aliens and abductees etc. However, this is the stuff that the Home Office is actually looking into, to see how they can understand humans, and manipulate them by understanding different animals. The Home Office - the police.  Back with more; after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the Home Office. It reminds me of DARPA, DARPA has come out with different little exercises they've been up to, to do with brain implants, for helping paraplegics; but look into DARPA and see what their purpose is supposed to be, they're not in the business of helping paraplegics, but they certainly are into the business of security. How do you make the world secure? You must make everyone predictable. How do you do that, apart from massive indoctrination and propaganda etc? Well, definitely a chip would be the answer wouldn't it? So, here we are at the Home Office in Britain, that's in charge of all the police faculties in Britain and what they're into, and for the country actually, and here they are, here's one of the things they're into is: 

Unstable DNA and human disease 

This is police, the guys that issue the passports and check you out and so on. This is from Monday February the 27th 2006. There's a whole bunch of them here and it's what their full-time staff are involved in this:

A number of inherited human disorders, including myotonic dystrophy and Huntington disease, are associated with highly mutable genes. We are using genetically modified mice to understand why the genes in these disorders are so unstable and how we might use this information to provide effective therapies. 

Why are the police involved in going into genetic research, to this extent? It's nothing to do with what they say, obviously, because that's not what police do; when I say police, I also mean MI5, they're interlocked, Scotland Yard and all the rest of them. It says: 

A growing number of inherited human disorders, including myotonic dystrophy, fragile X syndrome, Huntington disease, Friedreich ataxia and several of the spinocerebellar ataxias are associated with the expansion of a repeated segment of DNA within the gene. 

This is police. 

All of these disorders are associated with extreme clinical variability and unusual inheritance patterns within families. 

You see, what they're really into, is to try to - and remember, I mentioned before, that the Eugenics Societies set up the departments that do the Census and they said, and I've read from their articles, that the purpose was to collect information to see who were genetically fit and who were genetically unfit. That was the prime purpose of the Census being started up in the US and across the world; and they were into inherited traits. They even believed that you had poverty genes. Well, the big thing today in police and all these agencies, is to do with inheriting criminal disorders. Now remember, criminal disorders can range from smashing windows and grabbing the jewellery and running off, to being a sociopathic type, to also being, as what the Soviets had, you were a political dissenter, you might be against some policy in government; you were classified as mentally ill. This is the whole area that masses of money and scientists are being used for, to go into inherited traits. Nothing to do with mice or helping Huntington’s disease, you already have big institutions dealing with those things and have been forever and coming up with no real cure to it. You see, it's obvious, in genetic research, and I knew this years ago, when I was pretty small, the little I knew about it, I thought how is that going to be the big cure-all for the future, as they were saying then? Because, once you were born, the genes were all there, the good ones and the defective ones, the only way to cure them would be to stop you being born, obviously. Well, how do you do that? You must get databases of DNA samples, from everyone, which they have; and that's really what they're into with the police. They're trying to discern who is a potential criminal, to know in advance who could be a possible criminal, that's really what it's all about.  

They're even into another one that's called unstable DNA and human disease and one about to do with problems of the heart: hypertension. Hypertension, who's got the defective genes that could - possibly - bring about hypertension? Then they go into all this research that they're doing. This is the police for goodness sake, it's nothing to do with what they're telling us, it's to with the agenda, that's obvious, to me; it's the whole agenda at work.  

This ties in with many of the articles I've read in the past. You cannot have a world that really is unpredictable, that's out the window, they want everyone to be completely predictable, for a world they can totally control. Here's an article here - and it's from Hope of the Wicked again - and it's not a bad book, for giving you a condensed version of what's been happening, over the last hundred years. It says:

UN Agenda [page 314] 

The United Nations confers Non-Governmental Organisation status on those groups most closely aligned with the global agenda. A primary example of this is IPPF. It's ironic that IPPF [International Planned Parenthood Federation] has been given status as a Non-Governmental Organisation, because it would not be able to exist without government subsidies. 

A lot of these people get not only the Foundation's subsidies but also government subsidies as well. Which tells you that there are policies within government, that carry on - regardless of changes of government - and it's really within the higher bureaucracies that this UN world agenda is carried through. It says here: 

IPPF applied for NGO status with the United Nations in 1955. At that time, opposition by governments with significant Roman Catholic populations, lobbied to reject the status for IPPF. By 1964, world attitudes had been manipulated to a sufficient degree; the IPPF was successful in its bid. By 1973, when the United Nations held the World Population conference in Mexico, IPPF had obtained the highest status of any affiliated NGO within the world body. IPPF consists of national affiliates in over a 150 countries world-wide. IPPF has released an international publication called MEZO, its promotional material indicates that MEZO equals nothing but the truth about sex, MEZO has published surveys conducted in 54 countries. Respondents to the surveys ranged in age from 14 to 24 and were questioned on the subjects of friendship, love, early marriage, contraception and pregnancy. MEZO is described as a youth magazine designed to promote information on sexual abuse, homosexuality, abortions, sexually-transmitted diseases and all aspects of sexual relationships for young people. In the July 1977 IPPF press release, it says youths speak out on World Population Day. 

They actually have a world population day, at the United Nations. 

The results of the above-mentioned survey were discussed. A 14 year old boy from New Zealand, indicative of many of today's people, expressed his view on sexuality this way, he says: “It's my life, my body, my choice". 

Now, that's a slogan you see. Everything you'll hear that comes out of the UN is based on slogans; and you cannot talk with people who are indoctrinated with slogans. All they can do is repeat them to you, and generally in a very angry manner.  

IPPF believes that pre-adolescents and teenagers need to fully explore their sexuality. Young people have the right to express themselves and the right to make their own decisions and it's our duty to help them realise these rights. 

It's amazing too that they might make all these decisions for themselves, but it's the adult population that pay the taxes that end up paying for the fall-outs of all these decisions, isn't it? 

The UN Fund for Population Activities praises China's exceptionally high implementation rate and high commitment to population control methods, such as abortion. 

It's mandatory there. 

The liberal New Republic recently said the UN acted with extreme slowness in Ethiopia, regarding that nation's famine, and then supported the government when so many more died. Much UN food aid went to the Military, instead of the people. In Somalia, the UN stayed away, when other relief agencies tried to help. When the UN finally got involved, there were many problems. In Rwanda, the UN helped the armed militias, which had killed almost a million people, take control of numerous refugee camps. One private aid official said the UN took the lead in supporting these militias. 

The ones who killed the other ones off. 

In 1969, former secretary general of the UN, U Thant, said: "I do not wish to seem over dramatic but I can only conclude that, from the information that's available to me, that the members of the UN have perhaps 10 years left in which to subordinate their ancient quarrels and launch a global partnership to defuse the population explosion and to supply the required momentum to development efforts". In 1987, the UN released a report called Our Common Future, claiming that in order to change sustainable development, lifestyle habits must be radically altered and closely regulated by government, at all levels. 

Well, that's what we're seeing coming into view now, under this guise of economic crash. We will gradually go down the road to the government dishing out our rations for us, that's all on the cards, that's what they've always wanted. It says here: 

Central planning was necessary under the UN's environmental bureaucracy; the UN and IPPF have had long-term unspoken agendas, to eliminate the population of Africa. In Preparing for the 21st Century, 

That's the name of it. 

Paul Kennedy described how overpopulation represented a threat to the nation state and the large trans-national corporations. Former Washington Governor, Dixy Ray, said in Environmental Overkill: "The future is to be the world government with central planning by the United Nations. If force is needed, it will be provided by UN green-helmeted police force. Already, there is the UN Commission on sustainable development, the UN global environmental facility and the UN Agenda 21. The UN is ready to regulate the world to achieve a sustainable environment".

Jacques Cousteau said in his Journal Calypso Log,

This is what he said, the guy who loved fish and little furry animals: 

"It was necessary to create an international environmental police, green helmets who'd be under the direction of the UN. Our planet needs guardians, 

Remember the Guardians from Plato again?  

free from constraints of national sovereignty. 

Cousteau also said they've have to drastically kill off thousands, in fact multiple thousands per day, to save the world. Interesting too, when you go into Jacques Cousteau's history, because, here he was, working with Britain, doing undersea diving, with commandos, testing out his new aqualung, while his brother ran the newspaper in Vichy France that was all pro Nazi. You'll find this over and over again, the same thing cropping up, over and over again. It's astonishing. It says here, so the: 

"... planet needs guardians free from constraints of national sovereignty”. Foreign Affairs published an article with the ominous title ‘The Population Threat, Living Within Limits: Ecology, Economics, and Population Taboos’. Garrett Hardin said: “The issue of coercion must be faced. Loss of freedom is an inevitable consequence of unlimited population growth.”

It’s terrible to have say this: world population must be stabilised and to do that we must 

This is from Cousteau. 

eliminate 350,000 people per day.

That's what he came up with, to save the little furry animals and stuff.

In one year, that would equal 127 million people killed. 

So I guess they’ve got to step up the wars, eh? 

At the UN Summit in Rio, Cousteau said we have 10 years to solve the overpopulation problem and he urged drastic unconventional decisions. The horrible truth is that there are individuals behind the New World Order, who plan to exterminate vast numbers of people, so that the elite will have a new world that meets with their approval. Covert action and other sources report that AIDS is really germ warfare. 

And I wouldn't dispute that, and there's far more too it that just AIDS today, far more to it. It's interesting, Britain has Porton Down, that was the biggest military bacterial and viral warfare institution probably in a good part of the world; and, a few years ago, they found that a man walked his dog around the perimeter, picked up a tick from the grass and he was dead within 24 hours and they called it, I think was the Q-virus he'd picked up, a deadly virus, carried by ticks. We also find there are different diseases in Canada and the US, there's Lyme's Disease and now they're saying that Lyme’s Disease can also be carried, apart from ticks, by mosquitoes as well. I guess they've improved it. When you go into Deadly Allies: Canada’s Secret War, you find out that Canada led the charge for bacterial and viral warfare, during and after World War II. We were way ahead of anybody else in the use of mosquitoes and other things as well.  

Now, we've got John from Florida on the line, are you there John? 

John: Hello Alan. 

Alan: Hello. 

John: Yes, early in your show, you talked about the different foods and the way they tasted and you mentioned eggs. I've been to South America five times in the last two years and the food does taste different down there but, question: when I go to the grocery store and I buy, I got them right in front of me, 4 grain, cage-free brown eggs, is that also genetically-modified?  

Alan: It depends, the ones that are modified and the ones that are fed nothing but the modified corn, it's like water running out the egg. If you get a good egg, and it was a Mennonite that proved this, you could pick up the raw egg, after cracking it from the pan, without it falling apart in his hand, literally. That's how thick they should be and you'll seldom see that any more, you see.  

John: Yes, it kind of caught my attention, and the food does taste different, the beef, the chicken, everything tastes different down there and I just came back the middle of January, I was down in Columbia through the New Year and the food does taste different down there, you're right. 

Alan: Yes, it does.     

John: and where do you go, what do you buy?  

Alan: Unless you can get your own game and so on. You know something too: the big agricultural departments and the fisheries commissions, in countries like Canada, have also been taking fish from the lakes and literally altering their DNA. And I watched a documentary on this, from the government; and I couldn't believe at how fast they could accomplish this, one fish after another, they just touched it to this thing that put an e-coli attached to new DNA that went right into the cells of the fish and let them go. It only took a matter of a second per fish and I thought they're altering everything and they claimed that, as the old cells of the fish died off, the new DNA would take over and the fish is - literally -reengineered into a different type. That's how far they've gone with things. 

John: It's scary actually. 

Alan: It is terrifying, and no answer given. I'll be back, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going on about the odd things that are happening in the world, including the Home Office of Britain, that's generally to do with passports and immigration and all the different laws that are on the books, concerning the public, criminal laws. They're into all these experimentations, they have scientists on board to do with all these odd things to do with the habits of different creatures, hoping that they can apply these to humans as well, by understanding the animals. It doesn't say much for us, does it?

They also even go further than that, they're right into the genes of the people. They want more than just the data on genes, they want to know why you tick, what makes you tick and they want to know your whole family history.

It's interesting too that a lot of websites put up 'trace your family genealogies' and, in they all go, just like the ‘uh’ that they are and put all their data up for these agencies to collect. Where do you think that's all going to and why's it up there for free? It's astonishing that people don't think, they just jump in, if it says ‘free’, they jump right in there; and it also tells you that today, people really don't care much about privacy, it's almost a useless appendage that they've been left over from the ape phase, apparently. And they want to get rid of it as fast as they can. You'll see that everywhere, you'll see that at check-out counters where people will ask you for information that's personal, that's voluntary really, but they just hand it out right away, without even a question, don't really care; they don't even care who's listening.

That's society today, it's called the Open Society, where nothing will be secret and everyone will be an open book, except for those that run the world; you know: the true guardians, who run the world and retain their wild survival capabilities. It looks like the rest of the public are going down quickly. We have the spraying on-going above our heads, started full-time in Canada in 1998, although they were doing it years before that in tests; and you watch people get more and more relaxed and tired and laissez-faire, the more spraying they get. We're under world war attack, world war. It's a war on the entire planet and no one wants to really talk about it, especially the mainstream media.

There is one newspaper in Britain that you can send your photographs to, and maybe I'll try and remember that tomorrow, so you that you can send your photographs to them on the heavy spraying and they’ll print it for you. That's the only one I've seen that's willing to do this. Meanwhile, people will jump on any video that's put out there that brings in space aliens and weird and wacky stuff, without doing any investigation to see if any of it is truly factual or not.  

I remember, in the old days when people used to sit in front of the television with lots of channels to choose from and they'd flick from one to the next, they'd get a phrase in one and they’d flick to the next. People are doing the same now with the internet and they become mind-bombed.  I think it puts them into a more suggestible state than ever; and anything that truly fascinates them becomes the answer for today's problems (or the causes, at least), they're so willing to jump on all kinds of utter nonsense. Sad, isn't it? But that's psychological warfare, isn't it? It works very well. Guard your mind; no one else is doing it for you.  

Well from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight; and may your God, or your gods - go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


Book: "Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World" by Ted Flynn

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