Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#262)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 23, 2009:

A Question to Beg, Who Stole Golden Egg? :

"The Plans were All Made Before 9-11,
Loot from Market Goes to Money Heaven,
Now Taxpayers Pay with Bailouts and Buyouts,
And Governments Ready to Deal With Riots,
Portrayed as Power Plays Between the Classes,
Through Media Repetition to the Masses,
Planned Global Takedown, Planned Disorder,
Equality in Poverty from the New World Order,
Private Bankers' Foundations Advising Governments
To Protect Them from Disquieting Uncoverments,
These Private Foundations have Ruled Us for Years,
With Their NGOs Acting as Spears,
Forcing Through Laws, Too Many to List 'em,
To Destroy Nation-States, Hail Global System"
© Alan Watt Feb. 23, 2009

Monday February 23rd 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 23, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 23rd of February 2009. 

Newcomers I advise to go into  and you'll find lots of talks I've given in the past, where I try to give you the short cuts and fill in a lot of the gaps in history that lead up to the present, to show you that nothing happens by accident and that there are very powerful people and institutions which have a plan. It's not a conspiracy as such, it's in the open, because they do publish their agenda, in various old dusty books; and you'll find, when you read these books, which I try to mention to you as well, that much of which is happening today was predicted a long time ago, by these very same people and institutions. In fact, the world has been guided through wars and through treaties into this New World Order, as they like to call it. Now they're calling it Globalism, and various other terms, but it's all the same thing. Therefore look into and listen to the audios of previous shows at you heart's content.  

Also look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can print up; and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

Those who want to keep me going and support me, you know to go into and buy what I have for sale there. There's not very much of it but that keeps me just ticking over; or you can donate as well and the buttons are on the website to do so.  

As I say: nothing is by chance that's happening today; and I mentioned when 2001 happened that that was the kick-off to this part of the agenda. Under the Bush regime, the plan really was to internationalise the world, under terrorism, with treaties - that were immediately signed by all countries - with the same agenda, where every citizen on the planet becomes a possible terrorist subject. That's why everyone's data is being collected at such incredible rates today; everything we do is being watched and monitored. And masses of our tax money has gone into these projects, to observe us; nothing to do with what we thought it was all about, because, as I say, 2001 was a necessary must-be operation, to bring this stage about. At the same time, you had think-tanks advising governments on the coming Depression that had to happen eventually and the outcomes of riots and so on; and I've talked about these in the past.  

Isn't it amazing, absolutely amazing that we go into the Depression of the 1920s and '30s, you find that the big boys who pulled it off and caused it to actually happen, especially in the US, were pulling their money out of the Stock Market quietly over a three year period and then when everybody floundered, they bought up all the stocks for peanuts. We find out that the same ones today, with this present Depression, the same thing was happening, because they were pulling their money out of the markets. The big-big boys I'm talking about, the big players, they were taking it out over the last two to three years; same scenario. Why change the system and the pattern if it works down through history? Just keep repeating it, the formula works very well. That's what we're seeing; but, more than that, as I say, you'll find that these same big bankers (the big-big bankers) there's only a few of them, who are all connected and all know each other and have their meetings together and elect a sort of head-man over them all, like a C.E.O., from amongst themselves. They planned what was coming up; they planned and founded the big Foundations, to help bring it all about into this new slavery system.

I'll be back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix. Just mentioning how nothing happens by chance; and how, with the data-collection that's been going - the intelligence-gathering - all our lives in fact, the big boys always understand what's coming down the pike and they predict trends, as they call it, they like to call it trends. They have all these think-tanks that have this kind of data that advise the military.  I advise people to look up one of the talks I gave on the 21st of November 2008 in the audio section, the audio archive section of and that was a report to the think-tank that advises the Military in Britain put out, also for NATO: Global Strategic Trends Programme 2025 where they predicted riots beginning around 2010 or so and rising up to a period about 2036. Massive rioting, world-wide, before the crash came.

Also look into another audio, in the audio section, on a talk I gave called Stability Operations, from the headquarters of the Department Of The Army from the US, it was pretty-well an exact duplicate of the British model and that was given on October 6th, 2008.

It's fantastic to see the global trends, as I say the other one was Global Trends 2025 by The National Intelligence Council's Project 2025. Nothing, as I say, that's happening today, wasn't foreseen and planned. The whole anti-terrorism war and the structure and machinery to take care of massive rioting was set up with the Bush campaign, under the guise of terrorism; they had to have 9/11 2001, to bring all this into action. If nothing was happening across the Western world, they could never ever have brought all these laws into play. They could never have got the funding or given themselves the funding to go ahead and, basically, set up massive organisations to control the people and observe the people and watch the people, never mind all the cameras etc they put up or all the cyber teams that go across the internet and collect all your data. Because, we would have objected, we would have objected to getting ID cards and thumbprints and iris scans and all the rest of the farce that we go through, because the real objective, you see, was to prepare the world for what was coming down now. That's what it was all about. You see, anyone will be a terrorist when you start clashing with the authorities when you're starving; and, down the road, they predict they will have starvation, because it's part of the plan and it's planned that way. 

Here's an article from published 21 February 2009: 

Over 120,000 march on Dublin in protest of Irish economy  

Up to 120,000 protesters brought Dublin city centre to a standstill on Saturday over government austerity measures aimed at stabilising the once high-flying economy now wracked by recession. 

Now, remember: it was Ireland that blocked the vote that would have ratified the final charter of the EU; and what happened right after that, was the EU claimed that the Irish meat system was completely infected with an odd chemical that should never have been there, actually it was PCBs and it almost bankrupted the country overnight, with the recalls. That's what they do, you see, if you buck the system; and many top politicians said that they would keep at Ireland until they voted the ‘correct’ way. You think there’s no dirty tricks out there? You better believe it there's dirty tricks, because these are the same guys that cause wars across the planet, where thousands and sometimes millions of people die; no problem at all. It says here: 

The demonstration came a day after the global economic crisis led to another political casualty elsewhere in Europe, with Latvia's prime minister quitting as his country grapples with deepening recession.  

Organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and featuring teachers, police, civil servants and others, the Irish protest was the "first step in a rolling campaign of action," ICTU general secretary David Begg said. Police put the number of protesters at up to 120,000. Marchers are particularly opposed to a pension levy on some 350,000 public servants which is designed to save about 1.4 billion euros (1.8 billion dollars) this year. According to IMPACT, Ireland's biggest public sector trade union, the levy will cost low to middle-income earners between 1,500 euros and 2,800 euros a year.  

This is just the start of it you see, it's the start of it; and you go into another article, that came out in January (the 22nd) and this was from Times Online, January 22nd 2009: 

New age of rebellion and riot stalks Europe 

Riot police clash with protesters in Riga, Latvia.  

Then it says: 

Iceland has no army, no navy and no air force - but it does have riot police.  

Yes, it will have that because they've all signed on to this. 

On Tuesday night the black-uniformed troopers came out to quell the latest riots in Reykjavik, which erupted in front of parliament. The building was splattered with paint and yoghurt, the crowd yelled and banged pans, shot fireworks and flares at the windows and lit a fire in front of the main door. Yesterday the protesters gathered again, hurling eggs at the car of Geir Haarde, the Prime Minister, and banging cans on its roof. The transformation of the placid island into a community of seething anger - there have been half a dozen riots in recent weeks - is more than a regional oddity.  

It goes onto Riga in Latvia: 

In Riga last week 10,000 protesters laid siege to the Latvian parliament; yesterday hundreds of Bulgarians rallied to demand that the Socialist-led Government should take action or step down, in a second week of demonstrations, and last month the police shooting of a 15-year-old Greek boy led to days of running battles in the streets of Athens and Salonika.  

Then you can skip down but it really is showing you the riots are starting across the world, as planned; as planned, they knew that the riots would start and it's going to get a lot worse, an awful lot worse as we go on with this so-called, they're calling it a Depression now, of course. A Depression, remember, that was sparked off with prime ministers and presidents saying to the public, where you're supposed to restore confidence because that's all the stock market ever ran on is confidence, telling the public this Depression would be worse than the last one, the '20s and '30s. That was guaranteed to kick it off, guaranteed.

Then we have this from Brzezinski. Brzezinski's been at this an awful long time; he's a Technocrat, as Carroll Quigley called this type. He has real power that he wields behind the scenes; he's not elected by the people, he's more important than prime ministers and presidents, because he gets things done, without being responsible to the public, or even having to answer to the public. This is the man who helped start the wars in Afghanistan, against the Soviets, actually goading the Soviets in, as part of a long-term strategy. Now, he's got his boy in the white House now - and it is his boy sending 17,500 more troops over to Afghanistan, because, now the US is fighting the Afghanis.  This is from the Finkelblog. It says: 

Brzezinski: “Hell, There Could Be Even Riots” 

He says he fears warfare. He says there could be:  

Real, blood-in-the-streets riots.  

Jimmy Carter’s former National Security Adviser expressed his concern about the possibility of riots on Morning Joe today. 

I guess that's a programme. 

To stave them off, he proposes the creation of a voluntary National Solidarity Fund, whose contributors would be those who made out very well in recent times.  

JOE SCARBOROUGH [The interviewer]: You also talked about the possibility of class conflict. 

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: I was worrying about it because we’re going to have millions and millions of unemployed, 

Millions and millions… 

people really facing dire straits. And we’re going to be having that for some period of time before things hopefully improve. And at the same time there is public awareness of this extraordinary wealth that was transferred to a few individuals at levels without historical precedent in America . . . And you sort of say to yourself: what’s going to happen in this society when these people are without jobs, when their families hurt, when they lose their homes, and so forth? We have the government trying to repair: repair the banking system, to bail the housing out. But what about the rich guys? Where is it? [What are they] doing? 

It sort of struck me, that in 1907, when we had a massive banking crisis, when banks were beginning to collapse, there were going to be riots in the streets. Some financiers, led by J.P. Morgan, got together.  

Now, J.P. Morgan and Schiff and a whole bunch of them, were the ones who brought on the last Depression, by recalling loans, they brought it on. Remember too, J.P. Morgan was part of the same CFR bunch, before they called it the CFR; it was part of the Anglo-American Establishment, according to Quigley. These guys got together, the big plunderers got together. He says: 

He locked them in his library [These big bankers] at one point. He wouldn’t let them out until 4:45 AM, until they all kicked in and gave some money to stabilize the banks: there was no Federal Reserve at the time. 

Now, remember J.P. Morgan belonged to the Milner Group, Lord Alfred Milner, a British banker who was also part of this Cecil Rhodes Organisation that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the American branch, eventually, was called the Council on Foreign Relations. He says: 

Where is the monied class today? Why aren’t they doing something: the people who made billions and millions?  

I'll read more from this article after the following break and you'll see how it all ties together. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix and just tying up different articles, to show you that everything that's happening was planned that way. Everything that’s happening is absolutely planned that way and written about, as I say, go into the audio section of and to the 21st of November 2008 and you'll see the different articles that I have there, there's links to the various military and department of defence think-tanks. Go over that and see what they project. 

Getting back to this article, this Finkelblog, I think February the 17th it was published. Here's Brzezinski saying what those who ripped off the public should do. He says: 

Where is the monied class today? Why aren’t they doing something: the people who made billions, millions? I’m sort of thinking of Paulson, of Rubin. Why don’t they get together, and why don’t they organize a National Solidarity Fund in which they call on all of those who made these extraordinary amounts of money to kick some back in to [a] National Solidarity Fund?

A bit later, Zbig made his fears explicit.

He said this: 

BRZEZINSKI: And if we don’t get some sort of voluntary National Solidarity Fund, at some point there’ll be such political pressure that Congress will start getting in the act, there’s going to be growing conflict between the classes. 

There's going to be a class warfare you see and he says:

if people are unemployed and really hurting, hell, there could be even riots!

He says “there's going to be conflict between the classes”. You see, the people know who's been ripping them off. This is what this is about. This ties in with another article; this is no coincidence, these articles all come out at the same time. It's from The 

Britain faces summer of rage 

This is from the police. Monday 23rd February 2009 by Paul Lewis. It says: 

Police are preparing for a "summer of rage" as victims of the economic downturn 

I like how they call it "downturn" - a managed depression, 

take to the streets to demonstrate against financial institutions, the Guardian has learned.  

No kidding, just learned this. 

Britain's most senior police officer with responsibility for public order raised the spectre of a return of the riots of the 1980s, with people who have lost their jobs, homes or savings becoming "footsoldiers" in a wave of potentially violent mass protests. Superintendent David Hartshorn, who heads the Metropolitan police's public order branch, told the Guardian that middle-class 

Again, here it is again:  

middle-class individuals who would never have considered joining demonstrations may now seek to vent their anger through protests this year.  

See, this is, again, world-wide because they're all connected, all these countries and all these leaders and all these cops. And through all their data and their intelligence-gathering and scouring the Internet and watching what we're all writing about, they say it's going to be a middle-class revolution; and that's why Mr. Bush set up the Anti-Terrorism Bill, back in 2001 and the same with Mr. Blair and all the other European countries too, at the same time. It says here: 

He said that banks, particularly those that still pay large bonuses despite receiving billions in taxpayer money, had become "viable targets". So too had the headquarters of multinational companies and other financial institutions in the City 

In the City, capital ‘C’ - that's the inner City of London, where the big banks are. It's actually got sovereign status. It says: 

which are being blamed for the financial crisis.  

He's talking about the Rothschilds and all those boys. 

Hartshorn, who receives regular intelligence briefings on potential causes of civil unrest, said the mood at some demonstrations had changed recently, with activists increasingly "intent on coming on to the streets to create public disorder". 

Activists you see. 

The warning comes in the wake of often violent protests against the handling of the economy across Europe. In recent weeks Greek farmers have blocked roads over falling agricultural prices, a million workers in France joined demonstrations to demand greater protection for jobs and wages and Icelandic demonstrators have clashed with police in Reykjavik. In the UK hundreds of oil refinery workers mounted wildcat strikes last month over the use of foreign workers. Intelligence reports suggest that "known activists" are also returning to the streets, and police claim they will foment unrest. "Those people would be good at motivating people, but they haven't had the 'foot soldiers' to actually carry out [protests]," Hartshorn said. "Obviously the downturn in the economy, unemployment, repossessions, changes that. Suddenly there is the opportunity for people to mass protest. 

The spin is, amongst the cops, that the ordinary folk wouldn't be protesting, if it wasn't for these agitators leading them, which it utter rot. It says here: 

"It means that where we would possibly look at certain events and say, 'yes there'll be a lot of people there, there'll be a lot of banner waving, but generally it will be peaceful', [now] we have to make sure these elements don't come out and hijack that event and turn that into disorder."  

In other words: the riots that are going to come up, and the mayhem that's going to be caused, is going to be blamed on certain agitators, which will divert the problem from the problem, onto the agitators. The problem being, of course, that this is a planned Great Depression and folk are losing everything in the process.  

Hartshorn identified April's G20 meeting of the group of leading and developing nations in London as an event that could kick-start a challenging summer. "We've got G20 coming and I think that is being advertised on some of the sites as the highlight of what they see as a 'summer of rage'," he said. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix and reading an article from the Guardian about the coming Summer Of Rage, as the security forces over there, in Britain, are calling it; but, it'll happen world-wide as well. That's why they have the big G20 meetings and so on; they sit and discuss this kind of stuff. They discuss this kind of stuff at the Bilderberger groups and the CFR meetings and so on. They know what's coming because they bring it on.  This article goes on to say, from this guy Hartshorn, it says: 

His comments are likely to be met with disappointment by protest groups, who in recent weeks have complained that police are adopting a more confrontational approach at demonstrations. Officers have been accused of exaggerating the threat posed by activists to justify the use of resources spent on them. Police were said to have been heavy-handed at Greek solidarity marches in London in December and, last month, at protests against Israel's invasion of Gaza.

In August 1,000 officers, helicopters and riot horses were drafted to Kent from 26 UK police forces to oversee the climate camp demonstration against the Kingsnorth power station. The massive operation to monitor the protesters cost £5.9 million

What’s a million or a billion these days!

and resulted in 100 arrests. But in December the government was forced to apologise to parliament after the Guardian revealed that its claims that 70 officers had been hurt in violent clashes were wrong.  

They lied, but what's new eh? What's new? You know, in Britain now, they passed a law that the cops can charge you, if you try to photograph them, as they're photographing you; and you can't photograph police stations either, because you could be a terrorist, you see, that wants to figure out the entranceways and so on into that particular police station. You can't photograph the cops as they bash your brains in; this is a law they're bringing out. And the UK too, starting in Ireland, then into the rest of Britain, they can bring you back as many times as they want for the same offence in court; and if you're found guilty, over and over, it doesn't matter, they'll keep bringing you back and keep changing the juries, until they get the verdict, under the guise that if there's any suspicion of jury intimidation then whatever verdict is ruled is null and void, so they arrest you again for the same charge, pull you in, get new jurors until they get it 'right'. That's basically how it goes; and we think we're a free country, who's kidding who? We've never been free. This article goes on to say:  

However, Hartshorn insisted: "Potentially there will be more industrial actions ... History shows that some of those disputes - Wapping, the miners' strike - have caused great tensions in the community and the police have had difficult times policing and maintaining law and order." Both "extreme rightwing and extreme leftwing" elements are looking to "use the fact that people are out of jobs" to galvanise support, he said.  

See how they're going to put it into a class warfare scenario. It's not the Depression, it's not the fact that folk are broke or losing their homes that's the problem, it's really political agitators at the bottom who are going to be at fault; and they're telling you now how they're going to portray it to the public when it actually happens. This is what this article's all about, it's getting you ready, it's a form of predictive programming, including giving you the opinion, setting you up for the opinion that you'll be left with when the TV shows you them rioting.  

A particularly worrying development was the re-emergence of individuals involved in the violent fascist organisation Combat 18, he said. "They are using the fact that there's been lots of talk about eastern European people coming in and taking jobs on the Olympic sites," he said. "They're using those type of arguments to look at getting support." 

It's interesting looking at it from the cops' point of view, if you understand police mentality and their indoctrinations, because it wouldn't matter if you were starving in the streets, as long as you starved peaceably and quietly, they'd think everything is quite normal, that's how the police see things. You either obey and be passive; but if you ever, ever riot about anything, you're a criminal, that's how simple it is in the minds of policemen, how simple it is. They're paid to keep the peace and if folks just starved quietly to death, they'd be quite happy with that, they'd say they're doing a good policing job. Millions starve to death, that's good, that's good for police morale. However, you tie this in again with the new age of rebellion that I've read and the article from the RawStory, on the March in Dublin, Brzezinski's predictions of what's coming up; you tie that in with what I read on the 21st of November 2008, go to the audio section to do with the think-tanks for the Military - they talk about 30 years of riots, before this crash came, remember, they were already saying this was going to happen - and it all suddenly comes together, doesn't it?  

Here's an article you might not think ties in but it absolutely does. BBC news 18th February 2009: 

Colleges on extremist signs watch  

College staff are being urged to be vigilant for students who access extremist material on the internet or use extremist graffiti symbols.  

Now, I've told you before that the rubbish about terrorism is just that, it's rubbish, it's a cover for what's going to happen, and starting to happen, now; and everyone, as I say who looks at anything to do that's anti-establishment, especially this establishment, is going to be classified as a terrorist, even reading the material on the New World Order means you're a terrorist.

College staff are being urged to be vigilant for students who access extremist material on the internet or use extremist graffiti symbols. Guidelines are being sent to further education colleges in England to try to prevent students becoming drawn to violent extremism and terrorism. Skills Secretary John Denham said the "toolkit" 

They've all these 'toolkits', to indoctrinate teachers, call them toolkits. 

would facilitate open debate. Similar guidelines have already been issued to primary and secondary schools, as well as to universities.  

Primary schools, that's when you go in at five years of age.

The government guidance caused controversy, with some academics saying the government was asking them to spy on their students.  

Well, they've done that before. It was the same thing too during the Cold War, I mean, the universities had professors there who recruited people for spies, for all sides; and everyone knew it, everyone knew which professor was recruiting for the Communist side and which one was recruiting for the CIA side, everyone knew this, because they always cover both sides. They're asking them to spy on their students again, teachers: 

The government said FE institutions had a particular role to play, as they were often at the heart of local communities and served students from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. And ministers believe colleges can play a major role in promoting community cohesion and integration.  

Now, the same BBC, and I read the article a couple of months ago, or less, where they said that the big multi-cultural experiment had failed, totally failed. Personally, I've got my own opinions on the whole multicultural experiments, because I could never figure out why, when countries were going through Depressions or recessions, as they liked to call it in the past, they would open the doors wide to immigration, for people who couldn't get any jobs; and I realised then they were setting up the chessboard for the future, which is now. Chaos must be produced, to bring out a new world order system, total chaos and it was planned this way, a long time ago.  Here, this article's going back to: 

... colleges can play a major role in promoting community cohesion and integration.  

'Free and open debate'  The guidelines say colleges must work with their local communities to "develop a resilience" to ideologies that promote hatred and violence.  

Now, this is all to do not with what you think, it's to do with the violence in the streets that's going to happen, that's been predicted by the think-tanks for the Military, who put out about 60 to a 100-odd pages on this coming violence. They're going to use the teachers at school to spy out the ones who may take to the streets.  

The guidance says: "Education in a democracy should encourage each issue to be critically discussed and debated on its own merits with proper intellectual and ethical rigour.  

The Education system in democracies is to do with indoctrination and dumbing down and political correctness, according to the regime at the top, that's what it's about; because education should be giving you the ability to survive when you leave school, not to indoctrinate you politically or with all the politically correct attitudes. That's social engineering, that's not education, that's a Sovietisation, that's what that is. It says here: 

"It should also promote the rights of citizens to lawful protest."  

So, get a permit and go out and say "Please help us", in the middle of a Depression, that's what you're supposed to do, get a lawful certificate, a licence, to demonstrate and be very-very good and ask all these boys at the top that have their international meetings, to be nice to you and they'll all love you for it and so will the police and the government.  

The handout addresses how staff and students can create space for "free and open debate" and break down segregation between different student communities.  

Well, that won't happen because even the Council of Rome, as part of the excuse for bringing in a Collectivist system, which is a Sovietised system, said, in their book the First Global Revolution, when they said they promoted the Collectivist or Communist system, said there were too many different factions in society, in a democracy and they would never get anything done, there would always be conflict. Therefore, democracy was something of the past; Margaret Thatcher said the same thing.  They've created communities, they've told every group to keep their own ethnic identity, they've put them all separate in their own parts of cities across the world, because they wanted a keg that could get blown up at the right time, a tinderbox, that's why. Long ago, this was the strategy, order out of chaos. It's not the ethnics' fault either, because they were encouraged to come in, at times when there was no work for them. Why would you do that? It says here: 

How to provide support and advice to vulnerable individuals is also addressed. And the advice reinforces the role of staff in preventing extremism, as well as ensuring campuses are free from bullying and intimidation. Behaviours and signs to watch out for include graffiti symbols or artwork 

I've never seen a university across the planet that doesn't have graffiti symbols and artwork that promote all kinds of things, and here it says "that promote extremist messages". Well, that's a very broad term, isn't it, "extremist messages", because, just like the Terrorism Act, they keep adding new definitions to it all the time, until all crime is now terrorism.  

Students accessing extremist material online,  

They're spying on everything, every site you look into. 

parents reporting changes in a student's behaviour, 

Maybe the students are getting a bit brighter and perhaps surpassing the parents' understanding of reality, maybe that's what they mean by that. 

friendships or actions and students voicing opinions based on extremist ideas.  

Define "extremist". 

The guidance specifically highlights the threat to the UK from groups influenced by al-Qaeda, 

This big mystical nothing that was invented by the West, al-Qaeda. 

which the government judges to be the main terrorist threat at this time.  

What another farce, I've gone though the Power of Nightmares and it's on my website too, from the last few talks I've given. Go through that series and you'll never see life the same way again and how they grabbed at this bogie al-Qaeda. You know al-Qaeda was just a term for loose networks, it was actually a meeting place for the radio where different factions and different groups, all getting funded by the CIA, would go in to meet, just like cyberspace basically, that's what it was.  

It also mentions dissident Irish republican groups, as well as some racist and fascist organisations.  

Do they mean the Bilderbergers? I don't think so. 

'Reflection of society' Mr Denham said the advice was wide-ranging.  

No kidding. 

"The tool kit covers guidance about people who seem to be trying to impose their views on others, perhaps through intimidation, or people who might be accessing materials on the internet which look as though they might be illegal or inappropriate."  

What on earth is "inappropriate"?  

He said the advice was not meant to suggest extremism in colleges was a major problem, but added that "colleges reflect what's there in the rest of society".  

Does that mean we're all extremists? Well, of course it does, you see, we're all potential terrorists, in fact, we're all unstable apparently, according to the Psychiatric Association. We need experts to guide us all because we're just too simple and childish, we've never grown up you see. Think about it; it's amazing how these articles are written, isn't it? Amazing. 

"Whether we're talking about some of the international terrorism that we've seen, whether we're talking about animal rights extremism, because those things exist in a wider society they will turn up in FE colleges." President of the Association of Colleges, David Collins, said: "College leaders take their role in the community very seriously, so any support in promoting better relations and or help tackling extremist activity is very welcome."  

So there you are, that's how they're getting us all ready for the riots. Now, in the think-tanks that work for the government, for the intelligence agencies for the Military, that I've mentioned a few times tonight, they said that these riots are going to get so bad, and they're all prepared for it, using all these high-tech weapons and so on, but they also talked about flash-mobs. Flash-mobs; and how with text messaging et cetera they can bring together a flash-mob in no time at all, anywhere. They're also saying that if things get out of hand, they'll actually use neutron bombs; that's in the report for the Military in the Western Hemisphere. It's astonishing, it truly is utterly astonishing, astonishing; you just can't get away from this.  Just to finish this off, here's from the Royal Bank of Scotland, to show, maybe to see why people are becoming extremist. Saturday the 8th of February 2009:  

Royal Bank of Scotland to pay staff £1 billion in bonuses 

This is after they got the bail-out. 

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is proposing to pay close to £1 billion in bonuses to its staff, just months after it was rescued by a £20 billion taxpayer bail-out, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.  

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and tying things together, once again, for the people to show you that nothing just happens and how contingency plans, as they like to call them, are made years before any events do actually occur. That's why they needed 9/11 in 2001: Bush set up the machinery for - literally - controlling the public across the country, same in Canada, across Europe as well, at the same time, for what's happening today. That's the real reason for it; and they use terrorism as the guise, now they're trying to make it into a class warfare that's coming, left against right, to divert attention - once again - to the real causes. The big banking boys, the boys who had their money gambled in the casino of the Stock Market that we're all paying for. Crime really pays, if you're a banker, obviously; you can rip off billions from the customers and you can also get paid on top of that by the tax-payers, via the government; what a wonderful deal, isn't it? Fantastic, how can they lose?  Back to this article, about the Royal Bank of Scotland, from The Telegraph, to pay staff £1 billion in bonuses; and it says: 

to its staff just months after it was rescued by a £20 billion taxpayer bail-out, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.  

Is this why folk are getting angry do you think?  

By Mark Kleinman, City Editor and Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor, February the 8th 2009. 

The bank’s board has begun discussions about the bonuses with UK Financial Investments (UKFI), the body set up by the Treasury to manage the Government’s shareholdings in Britain’s ailing banks. The scale of the plan is likely to increase public anger as the recession deepens, 

The “recession”!

And add to the frustration of ministers. It comes as Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, announces in The Sunday Telegraph today his plans for an independent review of the way banks are managed, including the bonus system. 

Now, it's not all the staff that gets the bonus, it's a few at the top. 

The review, which ministers hope will address voters’ concerns about big payments to executives, will examine the roles of directors and institutional investors and study how British banks compare with overseas institutions.  

What a waste of time, what a waste of time, like they don't know? Ha-ha. Because all the big banks, you see, are international already; why would you compare it with overseas institutions? It says: 

"We cannot return to business as usual,” writes Mr Darling in this newspaper. “It is in everyone’s interest to get banks’ governance right.

No kidding; no kidding?

It would be wrong to reward people whose excessive risk-taking 

“Risk-taking”?  It's thievery!  

brought the banks down, causing misery to millions of their customers. Success should be rewarded.  

Well I guess these bankers were successful at ripping off their customers, because the government's rewarding them. It's all double-speak, isn't it? 

The Chancellor will announce the detailed terms of reference of the review, and its chairman, tomorrow. In an attempt to appease ministers, RBS has indicated that no individual banker will receive a bonus with a cash element of more than £25,000 under its plans. 

That's the ones still to come, they can pay what they want to them in bonuses to them right now, until it's made up you see, until the new plans are made up. The same thing happened in the States. No one is overseeing the massive golden parachutes they're handing these boys for being winners, in banking terms. It's just astonishing. You can see how things are being geared up towards not a Depression, not caused by bankers, it's going to be class warfare and extremists from universities are going to cause it, nothing to do with the system, of course not; and go back to sleep and snore and keep the police happy. 

Well, I can hear the music coming in, so, from Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's goodnight; and may your God or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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