Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#264)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 25, 2009:

Invasive Command from Sir David Omand:

"Freedom is Slavery, Portends an Omen,
From 'Ex'-Security-Chief Sir David Omand,
'There Can't be Laws and All-Legitimacy,
Keeping You Safe Means End of Privacy,'
We Should be Flustered, Lose Our Cool,
He Said 'Means Breaking Every Moral Rule,'
He Works in Think Tanks, Lives on Fears,
And Has the Say in Politicos' Ears,
Unaccountable to Public, Backed by Wealth,
Serves His Masters, Works by Stealth,
For the Public to Accept this Situation,
Means Acclimatizing Them to Violation"
© Alan Watt Feb. 25, 2009

Wednesday February 25th 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 25, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 25th of February 2009. 

For newcomers: look into and, on the website, you'll find hundred of talks I've given in the past, where I try to give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture of that which is ruling the world and showing you how it's done and where it's supposed to all go. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks which you can print up and pass round to your friends; and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

On you can order the books and discs I have for sale, that keeps me going along here; and you can also donate as well. I know that things are getting bad all around, it's going to get an awful lot worse, but at the moment there's still a few voices and methods of getting the word out to the general public and shows like this on RBN happens to be one of them.

Most people take it for granted that most countries are like themselves, they have these kinds of radio stations that can say what they want to say and that simple isn't the case. The US is the last bastion really, where people can still try and say what they want to say; and it's coming to a close eventually, as laws and regulations go internationally. There are big-big plans afoot right now, have been on the go for a few years in fact, to make us all politically correct. All kinds of means and persuasion will be used on station owners to comply; and, of course, as the last resort they simply pull your license, if they want to. That's maybe still to come; but, at the moment, as I say: we take things for granted, because, eventually, you'll have to be either politically correct or even just talking about politics itself, which is safe enough, you see, the regular media does that, or you won't be on the air at all.

For those who study the world, who follow the big players, who follow the foundations and the Non-Governmental Organisations that spearhead the changes in government policies, on behalf of the foundations, what they really mean by democracy that is. Because, after all, if you don't belong to a big-big powerful group that can lobby government, you're going to have no voice at all; and that's really what they mean by democracy. However, democracy was bypassed at the very beginning of its inception, because the big banking boys, the big royal families of Europe, the big aristocratic families of Europe, have no intention of ever leaving things to the people. They couldn't continue to plunder and pillage and have wars, down through the years, if they left everything to the public, they'd lose control. And what's interesting is when you read about the big foundations’ meetings, going back to the 1920s / '30s' / 40s / '50s / '60s right down to the present time, you'll always see that they're so far ahead in their planning it's astonishing, initially, until you realise they have so many think-tanks working full-time. Permanent think-tanks, working on every aspect of society and strategy across the planet that, really, it's not that hard when they've got unlimited funding behind it.

What struck me as odd is one of the books I read from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, discussing the future of, what they called the British Empire, which was to be the nucleus, as it says in the book, the nucleus for a New World Order of a form - a 'form' they called it - of democracy. Just like the sham we have in the West that we're going to put across the rest of the world too. Wars were coming up and they already had their plans, they discussed the plans after the war before the war had even started, like World War II. That's how far ahead they plan. Nothing fazes them, or puts them off. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the long-term strategy and planning that goes into fulfilling an agenda written long before we were born, and our parents for that matter too. How to get a global system, where the people all comply with a very totalitarian type of government; how could you do it without the public rebelling? And we find out the Club of Rome, for instance, another think-tank, in its own book The First Global Revolution, published in the 1990s, admitted, in the book, that they came up in the 1970s with an idea to bring the planet together, with a new kind of warfare, man against the planet, man was causing the climate to change, that would fit the bill. 

It's just another religion you see, it's a new religion, to replace all the other religions; but it's the most insidious religion you'd possibly imagine, because it's based upon something that was never questioned before, or even discussed, or even thought about by most people and that is: Why do you live? Why do you exist? And being a good Darwinist, all of them with Survival of the Species and the Fittest and all the rest of it, they came up with the conclusion that you have to have value for society to exist. And that's why too, they've been hammering religion for so long, because that was their only competitor; and religion, at least, gave people the right to be an individual and live, because inside, basically, you were a sacred being, to an extent. If they could atheise society and get everyone to accept they were just freaks of nature and there's too many of you, then it's much-much easier to convince you to be sterilised, to be culled off, after you've fulfilled your duty to mankind and the workplace, rather than retire and be a consumer, a burden on society; and that's what they've been up to ever since.  

However, getting back to the book I mentioned earlier, one of the books, from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, where they discuss the upcoming World War II (that hadn't started yet) and said they would save Russia, Soviet Russia, their main enemy supposedly, at all costs. They didn't say why they had to do that; but we know now, of course, they needed a ‘Bad Bear’, after World War II.  They also discussed, even, immigration quotas into Canada and other countries, up unto the year 2000 and beyond; and they openly called for world government but not the kind of world government most naive people think about - it's not a little happy place where we all have equality and a bunch of beans and a chicken in every pot. It's a totally-controlled society, as I say, where eventually, and it's already happened actually, as far as the scientists go; the scientists themselves are the new priesthood, they're the front men, to convince us to go along with it.

The politicians, like Carroll Quigley said, the ones who get into high office, are all hand-picked by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they're on board with every part of the agenda. Going back again, in time, in the 1960s, they knew in Britain and America that Soviet Russia would grind to a halt, because the Soviets were running their country like a big / giant machine. They even had quotas of so many trains that had to be on the go at all times, even if there was nothing in them. That's how they ran it, to statistics. And people don't put their heart into anything if there's no personal reward; and, by that time, by the '60s, a lot of Soviets were becoming dissatisfied when they saw this upper class that ran the Soviet Union and how well they lived, compared to those at the bottom, it had to fall apart eventually.

Britain and the US and big bankers, the foundations again, who were completely intermingled with the CIA and MI6, looked at a post Cold War world, back then and decided they'd have to do something. Supposing, for instance, people were elected into Parliament or into Congress, who were not in on the agenda and they went off at some other tangent and undid all the work that the CIA and MI6 were doing, they weren't about to let that happen. Therefore, what they did was they privatised it; and when you privatise something, this public-private idea, the tax payers will fund it, they will also take funding from the foundations; and they can also keep most of the reports, their true intentions, secret from the general public, because they're not answerable to the public, since they're not elected.  This way, the big bankers / the big banking families, the ones that are international money lenders to the rest of the nations, and the royalty and aristocracies of the world, would still be protected by these private companies.

During the reign of Thatcher, they were even privatising some parts of the military then; Britain became a great training base for mercenaries, for instance, in the 1980s. Well, here's a member of the British security force, this article I'm about to read, to give you an idea of how it really works; and, as I say: they bypass democracies, so these people are not answerable to the public and they really are working on behalf of the bankers and royalty; very-very simple.

It's from the Mail Online 25th February 2009. This guy was in charge of all the British Security services, before he left; but, to be honest with you, he still is and he's in bed with the US private security services that run the US. It says: 

Fight against terror must mean the end of ordinary people's privacy, says ex-security chief 

By Tamara Cohen 

Personal data of innocent citizens must be made available to the Government to combat terrorism, according to an influential former security chief.  

Now, I said, ages ago, this terrorism had to be done, because they couldn't get any other excuse to take away all your rights and freedoms and guide you along a particular path that was pre-determined. It says here: 

Sir David Omand, Whitehall's former and security and intelligence coordinator, 

That's the top job. Back in the 80s, it was Victor Rothschild that was in charge of all of that stuff, for Britain. 

called for unprecedented Big Brother powers to allow access to private details - including phone records, emails and travel information - to be given to the intelligence services. Setting out a hugely controversial blueprint for the future of national security he said 'moral rules' about individual privacy would have to be broken.  

His 17-page report calls for the creation of a vast state database to gather information about terrorist groups 


which are increasingly recruiting and operating online. 

He says - what a joker. 

But he argued that a citizen's right to privacy would have to be sacrificed to allow 'intrusive' intelligence techniques.  

It's hard to believe you're actually reading this stuff today and it's out in the open, because they would've had revolutions in previous times to hear this kind of stuff mentioned; I'm not kidding you. Have we been dumbed down or what? 

'Finding out other people's secrets is going to involve breaking everyday moral rules', he wrote. 'This is personal information about individuals that resides in databases, such as advance passenger information, airline bookings and other travel data, passport and biometric data, immigration, identity and border records, criminal records, and other governmental and private sector data, 

That means everything they know about you, everything. 

including financial and telephone and other communications records.'   

Every darn thing, they've never had slaves like this in any time in the past. They'd have to have eavesdroppers listening to their little huts, where they squatted at night, as they whispered amongst themselves. Now, they're going into everything, openly. It says: 

'Modern intelligence access will often involve intrusive methods of surveillance and investigation, accepting that, in some respects, this may have to be at the expense of some aspects of privacy rights.'  

Well, it's against all privacy rights. 

The paper 'National Security Strategy and Implication for the UK Intelligence Community'  

That's the title of it. 

was published last week by the influential New Labour think tank, 

See, another private think-tank. 

the Institute of Public Policy Research. 

I've mentioned this one a few times before. It seems to be the big one. 

Sir Omand left the senior civil service in 2005 but his views still hold great sway in the corridors of power.  

Well, of course, because, you see, he's really still working for a much bigger powerful organisation that is private; and that's what's running the security services now. 

He added: 'This is a hard choice and goes against current calls to curb the so-called surveillance society - but it is greatly preferable to tinkering with the rule of law, 

“Tinkering with the rule of law”; who needs laws anymore? 

or derogating from fundamental human rights.  

Meaning: throw it out of the window, going round about it. 

'Being able to demonstrate proper legal authorisation and appropriate oversight of the use of such intrusive intelligence activity may become a major future issue for the intelligence community, if the public at large is to be convinced 

We have to be convinced of this, you see. 

of the desirability of such intelligence capability'. Sir Omand said such information may be held in national records, covered by Data Protection legislation, but it might also be held offshore by other nations or by global companies.  

You see: all the big global companies (and I've said this so many times), they're not independent at all; they all belong to one big organisation. Isn't it amazing that, back in the '70s it may have been, movies like Rollerball came out, showing you a world where the world corporation rules the world and everything in it; it's an old movie worth seeing. Because, the whole point of the movie was to show you that they would not tolerate individualism, you had to be a team-player, with everything that you did. And that wasn't because science fiction writers were coming up with great ideas, they were sitting in the think-tanks that were already discussing the privatisation of everything, that's why.  I'll continue with this and take you into the other organisations that Mr Omand is involved with.

Back in a moment. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article concerning the push for getting the public to accept having no privacy at all, zilch, none, zero; and it's a step-by-step incremental process of conditioning the public to accept it. I think a lot of the public have already accepted it, to be honest with you, because we're under tremendous psychological warfare; and the beauty of it is people don't even know it, that's why it works so well, that's what psychological warfare is.  To continue here, he says: 

but it might also be held offshore by other nations or by global companies.

Now, in their think-tanks of years ago, they said they were going to set up super cities, for the future, there'd be a handful of them scattered across the globe, very high tech and cutting edge. One of them might be built, they said in Southern California, which will deal with a lot of this data. They're privately-owned remember; and living amongst squalor as the world goes down the tubes financially, that was also part of the old think-tanks' projections. There'd be these key bases of high-high civilisation, still running the world, amongst a world of poverty etc., as we all die off.  Getting back to this article, it says here: 

'Access to such information...might well be the key to effective pre-emption in future terrorist cases. 

Utter tripe; but it's as good as global warming, you see, it's a mandate, repetition, repetition, until a generation grows up thinking it's all quite normal and they already are growing up like that. It says: 

'Such sources have always been accessible to traditional law enforcement seeking evidence against a named suspect already justified by reasonable suspicion of having committed a crime.' 

'However, application of modern data mining and processing techniques does involve examination of the innocent as well as the suspect to identify patterns of interest for further investigation' 

In other words: we're ALL of interest to the security services, all of us; why? Well, we're going into the worst depression ever created - and it is created - and they do plan to have a brand new Brave New World scenario, at the end of 30-50 years. In the meanwhile, they must have co-operative people at the bottom, the masses, who think everything's due to climate change or terrorism everywhere. And these guys have to do all they can to keep us safe; therefore, they have to - literally - chain us up, chain us up - and have information on all of us, because each one of you could be a terrorist in the future, if you're starving, you understand that. I hope you understand what they're talking about, I hope you do.

This guy Omand has different documents out too, and this is one that's from, he actually gave this whole report out. It's called: 

The National Security Strategy: Implications for the UK intelligence community  

I'll put the link up on my site at the end of the show. He goes on about: 

On 19 March 2008, Gordon Brown presented a White Paper to Parliament that served as the first comprehensive attempt to distil a ‘National Security Strategy’ for the United Kingdom. The starting point for the strategy is the existence of a fixed and unwavering obligation on the part of government to protect the British people and the British national interest.  

Now, what do they mean by national interest, whose national interest? The boys at the top. 

However, the strategic analysis then goes on to assert that the nature of the threats and the risks the UK faces have changed beyond recognition in recent decades, so confounding all the old assumptions about national defence and international security.  

Well, the guy is the head of this think-tank, it's the same David Omand; and they're working with the US and various other big countries as well. You've international private companies running all of your security services and telling Parliaments and Congress what to do; but there's really nothing new in this, it's been going on for quite some time, just that we weren't told about it; we were given trivia and nonsense on television, utter trivia.

As I said before, regardless of the agenda, that regardless of the depression we're going into financially, and it's going to get a lot worse, as time goes on, because, the whole idea of the bailout money is just to help the boys who stole all the money get richer and they’ll also fund the on-going think-tanks and foundations, with all the booty they've been given from the tax payer and we know, they'll say at the very end of it, well we're now totally bankrupt. The countries are bankrupt, by having to bail out the banks; that's the strategy you see. And, I've said before: it won't change one darn thing to do with climate change or global warming, it's a must-be and that was what the Club of Rome dreamed up in the 1970s and reported in their own book The First Global Revolution, ‘That would fit the bill, global warming’. Therefore they've got all their eggs in one bag and every single politician, and every wannabe politician, is groomed and they give speeches at these various think-tanks that are set up to make sure that they're all on board with the same agenda, with the same slogans, they all speak as one. All the books that are churned out from the top, from Kissinger to Attali (and he's got a new one out as well), all say the same identical things: global warming, climate change etc, etc. It's a must-be; and, I said before too: you're going to find out how bad it can get in a depression when they add all the extra costs and taxes of carbon footprints and so on, on top of the taxpayers' burden. You wait and see, this is all planned this way; and I'll read some of this, when I get back, from an article I have here. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how you think you've got it bad but it's going to get a lot worse; and, to compound it, they're going to add all your carbon taxes on top of it, going the whole way with this gambit, because they've been planning it for over thirty years, they aren't going to pull out now; all their eggs in one basket, for sure. And I hate even reading this article because it's written by a real politically correct greenie prune, with a bit of an ego. It's from the BBC 25th February 2009 Justin Rowlatt. He says: 

President Obama addresses Congress. Can markets save the earth from climate change? That is the question I posed yesterday.  

He says; the little egotist who wrote this. 

Today the answer came back loud and clear from none other than the President of the United States himself. "To truly transform our economy, to protect our security and save our planet from the ravages of climate change" 

Oh, god. 

President Obama told the US Congress yesterday, "we need to ultimately make clean renewable energy the profitable kind of energy. So I ask this Congress to send me legislation that places a market-based cap on carbon pollution and drives the production of more renewable energy in America".  

This journalist goes on to say: 

Now I'm not for a moment suggesting that the President has been reading my blog (though I don't rule it out) 

Well, I would. 

but the cap and trade system that he referred to last night is exactly the kind of market-based carbon pricing mechanism that I was discussing yesterday. 

Oh, oh, this greenie guy gets on my nerves. 

He could not have been more forceful about his commitment. It was top of his list of priorities. 

Isn't that odd too, that's the top of his priorities? 

"The only way this century will be another American century is if we confront at last the price of our dependence on oil", he said. It is a truly radical policy. Europe has had a limited cap and trade system for years but what Obama is proposing is an economy-wide system.  

Well guess who pays for all this? when companies are whacked with carbon taxes etc and they can actually profit off their carbon payouts, claiming they haven't used them all, then actually get them back and buy other companies' carbon. It's amazing, we're talking about voodoo and magic here, because none of it exists, it's all abstract nonsense. It's like buying spells, how many spells have you bought this year from the voodoo man? That's literally what it is. The priests have done this all down the ages and now they've got all these scientists, these paid-off scientists to prattle on about this rubbish, to enslave us further. He goes on to say: 

The idea is this: the government sets a cap, a limit, on the total amount of carbon dioxide that can be emitted. It then issues permits to emit that carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The permits can be bought and sold on a market - that's the trade bit - and companies can only emit carbon dioxide if they buy a permit. 

Well guess what? It's not just companies, every individual is going to get a head tax. See, they used to call these ‘head taxes’, you exist, therefore you pay the elite and they're going to say that you are the cause, you personally are the cause of consuming and putting out so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and they're going to charge you on this, tax you on it, into the grave. That's what it's really all about. The big boys have never suffered through anything; and I read an article about a month ago, where they're actually selling these carbon credits to each other and they were given millions of dollars worth to them free, for them to start it up. Now, they're trading them off and getting money back. It's just a great boondoggle, like everything else is.  Why would you whack the people when things are going down?  It's going to put the price of everything that you buy up, food and everything is going to skyrocket; but that's the agenda, you see, that's the agenda. After all, we're the herd, our only function is to be fleeced by those above us, the farmers, the big shepherds, the great shepherds. That's our only purpose to these boys; and, as they eradicate us, through disease and food that alters you biologically and bio-chemically and all the rest of it and sterilise you, they're going to profit all the way down the road, until they've got rid of you and replace you all with a new type.

I've said before, Obama would be put in to use the machinery that was set up by Bush, to take care of the riots that will come, this is how they play it.  Obama is well aware of that, he's well-groomed; and, after all, his speech writers know the whole agenda. I prefer, personally, that they just got rid of presidents and prime ministers and gave us the speech writers because these are the guys who write it all out for us to hear. They know the agendas; and that would save us all money, just stick the head script writers out there, how about that? 

And there's a caller here from Delaware, it's Paul, are you there Paul? Hello Paul. 

Paul: How you doin'? 

Alan: I'm surviving. 

Paul: I had a couple of questions. First question was: I'm listening to you and you're saying that this is going to happen, the next thing is going to happen; you know, this is, I'm sitting here, with all due respect, it's almost like I'm listening to a prophet. And you know, from what I understand, being an intelligent free-thinking individual, who is in charge of my own destiny, that is not my future. Now, the people that are sitting here listening to this, 

Alan: What's your question? 

Paul: My question is, well, I want to get to that; but before I do, can I please get my little bit of airtime here? You know, I wanted to say, first of all that, that is not the future unless the people listening allow it to be the future. And my question is this: are you still saying that you had contact with aliens?  

Alan: What? 

Paul: What are you?  

Alan: I'll go onto the next caller I think. I'll go back to this new thing that I'm going to read here. Ah! It's getting to be a full moon I think, let's see.  How many of us are in charge of our own lives these days? How many of us? When boys at the top can crash an economy and impoverish us all, overnight? That's how much power we have over where we're going and our future. What is true is it can only happen with public acceptance, but the public do accept it; the public do accept it, or they'd be rioting already, a long time ago, in fact. Let's see. 

U.S. launches unmanned aerial drones to monitor Manitoba border 

These aerial drones they've been using in the Middle East and over in Afghanistan, to bomb the people there, now are to be used along the Canadian and the US border; and why not? You see it's big-big business, the military-industrial complex is big business and they'll always find ways to - again - keep the money coming in, from tax-payers, to build all their wonderful toys, that go obsolete very-very quickly. It's a great system, because they can be obsolete in a month and they have to get a new one, a new type, Mark II, 5, 10, 100, whatever, you see; and this is from the CBC news, February 16th 2009: 

The Predator B drone, 

Nice name for it, isn't it? The ‘Predator B drone’. 

the first unmanned aircraft system to patrol the northern U.S. border, left, is followed by a chase plane as it lands at the Grand Forks air force base in December 2008. Based at a military facility in Grand Forks, N.D., the $10-million Predator B drone

$10-million for this one drone.

aircraft are equipped with sensors capable of detecting a moving person from 10 kilometres away. The aircraft is able to fly at an altitude of 6,000 metres and can remain in the air for 18 hours. 

It's funny that, because, I think it was a year ago, I had reports from people out British Columbia way, who were telling me about these odd aircraft they were noticing and now it turns out to be the testing of the Predator B drones, that obviously crossed over into Canadian airspace, which means that there's coordination between the Canadian Government and the US Government.  

The planes will gather information as they fly along the 400-kilometre border and transmit it to operators who will in turn contact border agents. The drones will not carry weapons, such as missiles or laser-guided bombs, and the U.S. will need permission to send them into in Canadian airspace.  

I'll add to that and say "well, so far" because they always do this, they introduce it and then they add the missiles and the bombs and so on.

Manitoba has 12 official border crossings - only two are open 24 hours a day. Much of the land in between the crossings is either swampland, lakes or farmers' fields. U.S. authorities are concerned that the border has areas that could potentially be exploited by drug smugglers, migrants and terrorists.  

Ah, it's astonishing: before 2001, you never heard about terrorism, it just wasn't there, now it's been, every day there's terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. So, they're building up this massive mechanised army, on ground and the air, to fight, supposedly terrorism. What a joke.  

"They will try to find the weakest link, and the weakest link is clearly the long border between the U.S. and Canada," 

It was no problem for hundreds of years. 

North Dakota Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan said. "It's very hard to patrol every square mile."  

Of course the RCMP in Canada getting in on it: 

RCMP Staff Sgt. Ron Obodzinski said the surveillance planes will be a big help in the fight against the smuggling of drugs, alcohol and people. "The program is going to enhance our relationship between our American partners and the Canadian agencies," he said. U.S. border protection official Michael Kostelnik said that in these "dangerous times," it's more important than ever for both countries to know who and what is crossing the border.  

Aren't you glad you have such intelligent people working there? 

Similar drones patrol the skies in Iraq and Afghanistan. The aircraft are also used along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border. Monday's drone launch comes a day before Janet Napolitano, the new secretary of U.S. Homeland Security, is to get a review of the security efforts along the Canadian-American border, and just three days before U.S. President Barack Obama's first visit to Canada. 

It's funny that, I was listening to a little piece on Obama where he was talking to an audience and one of them asked him if he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. It was so funny, because he replied "Well, I've spoken there a few times, I don't know if I'm a member or not" he says. What a joke eh? ‘I don't know if I'm a member or not’.  That's what's going on, as we're all becoming broke, they can keep buying all these expensive planes and weapons and all the rest of it, all under the guise of keeping us safe, keeping us safe, and stopping drugs, what a joke, stopping drugs. I've read articles before, where people who work for special forces in the US, from major newspapers in fact, articles, where they admitted that the special forces - the ex special forces, if there's such a thing, privatised, put it that way - were bringing in the drugs from Latin America into the US, all the time; and many other articles besides.  

Now, as I say, this whole global warming thing must go ahead and all the extra taxes must go ahead, while the economy is being pulled from under the feet of the people.  Here's one article, I'd like to see who would fund this particular magazine, it's called New Scientist. February 5th, 2009: 

February 5, 2009 1:46 Fred's footprint:

Credit crunch mustn't stifle climate change action

Fred Pearce, senior environment correspondent.  

The world's financial and climate crises have a common cause - and our leaders cannot successfully put capitalism back together without at the same time fixing the environment. So argued an elite group of scientists and parliamentarians, meeting in London last week. 

Now listen up to this: 

The meeting marked the revival of the Club of Rome, 

The guys who dreamed up the whole idea, read their book The First Global Revolution. 

the think-tank that almost 30 years ago gave the world the phrase "limits to growth", and then rather disappeared from view as the limits receded on a wave of free-market capitalism.  

Utter rot, because if you go into the Club of Rome's website, you'll see they've had annual meetings, every year since then, global meetings. 

Now the club is back, in our hour of need. 

Oh, wow! 

The meeting was jointly held with Globe International,  

That's quite an amazing company to look in; I'll leave the link at the end of the show as well. Globe International is another private organisation where every prime minister, current and past, and president, current and past and every top player in politics, current and past is a member; Globe International. And, to be a member, you must be completely on board with the whole agenda, global warming, the population reduction, all the rest of it, to be member. I was going through it today and it's quite extensive, you see all these big players. Remember what Thatcher said, she belonged to the parallel government, the one that really got things done, because democracy was too slow. Exactly, again, what the Club of Rome said in that same book, that they favoured Collectivism, because democracy had too many conflicting parties and sides and groups, to get anything done, so they'd simply bypass it; and they have bypassed everything, to get things done, their way and on their agenda. It says 

Globe International, an organisation of environmental legislators. 

All your politicians, you see, that you vote in, are also environmental legislators, for the planet.  

They argued that climate change, destabilised ecosystems, and concerns about energy security have all contributed to recent mayhem in the financial markets, by contributing to flip-flopping food and energy prices.  

Which is nonsense because, you see, the five Agri-food businesses own the world's food supply now, that's what's causing the problems; and they will use food as a weapon to take us down this journey to depopulation. It says: 

"These crises have the same roots - the unsustainable use of resources," said Globe's Anders Wijkman, the European Union's rapporteur on sustainability.  

This is all to do with sustainability: how many people do we have? How many are really viable for the system? How many are necessary for the system we have? That's what it boils down to, what's your purpose for society? Do you serve society? Are you of value to society? This new idea, having value to society, that's a new concept, brand new concept. Being born, in previous times, meant you simply existed, you were there - that was good enough an answer. I am that I am. But no, now you must prove your value to society. Sustainability is the term they use. 

Yvo de Boer, the UN's chief climate negotiator, agreed that "the financial crisis is the result of our living beyond our financial means. The climate crisis is a result of our living beyond our planet's means."

And there's the music coming in. I'll read some more of this when I get back, because it's an interesting organisation.

Back, after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just wondering if it's a full moon.  Go into the Globe International website, it's quite fascinating, the articles they have up: 

Welcome to the website of GLOBE International- The Global Legislators Organisation. 

It's got all their International Policy Commissions and they've covered every base for life on the planet, that's all of us of course too and what we're going to use up. Economic and population growth: they're always on about population growths. They have different articles from Commissioners, which are really politicians, present politicians, giving evidence to the different environmental committees on greenhouse gasses and deforestation. It's also got the Joint Dialogue Between GLOBE International (that's all these politicians) and the Club of Rome. That was on the 29th of January 2009. Have a look at that as well. It says: 

Legislators from GLOBE International and experts from The Club of Rome met on 26th and 27th January in London to frame the challenges of climate, energy and ecosystems in the context of the economic crisis.  

In other words: they're going to charge ahead, with all their demands, during the economic crisis. They've got a whole bunch of other meetings as well; but you get an idea of where the world is going, because a think-tank like this, an organisation like this will be leading the charge on supposed sustainability. Something we hadn't even heard about before, this particular group that they say they formed in 1989; and they're on a roll today.  Go into that, as I say and check it out, it gives you an idea what you'd be hearing down over the next year or two and being parroted from hundreds of different newspapers etc. that'll actually be coming from this particular organisation. That's how everything's done today.  

It's interesting too that every major media, every major newspaper will put these articles up that are published by these organisations. You know how hard it is to get an interview with any major newspaper if you belong to some local organisation? You won't even get through the door, which tells you that the media is all part of the control system over the minds of the public; in fact, the media is an essential arm of government. I used to say 'governments' but now we're international, there's one government basically; and without it they couldn't do all the psychological warfare on the public because they give us our perceptions of things, false though they may be. And through constant repetition, by a vast array of politicians at the top, who are all on board with this agenda, they hope to brainwash us completely into going along with our own demise. Unfortunately, it's working on a lot of people, as you hear people talking in the streets about things, it's like Brzezinski said, they'd be talking about the major stories they heard on the previous night's news. There'll be no reasoning in it, because they expect the media, as Brzezinski said, to do their reasoning for them. They just parrot what they hear, as though it's the gospel truth, until they talk it into a reality that didn't exist before. Sad isn't it? Meanwhile, we've got spacemen phoning in the show. 

Well, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada: it’s goodnight; and may your God (or your gods) go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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