Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#268)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 3, 2009:

Babylon has Fallen, Risen, Fallen, Risen:

"Predictive Programming in Movies from Think Tanks
Show Perpetual Rioting with Collapse of the Banks,
The World is Run by Those Who Dared
Fleece the Public, Who're Always Unprepared,
Who Do the Right Things, Follow the Rules,
Then Left Destitute, Once More the Fools,
The Tower of Babel, Material Rape,
Is Bandaged and Held by Sticky Tape,
Trillions Placed at Base for Propitiation
In Hopes to Uphold its Shaky Foundation
And to Fend Off Alternate System Usurpers,
Saving the Shysters and Societal Corruptors"
© Alan Watt Mar. 3, 2009

Tuesday March 3rd 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 3, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 3rd 2009. 

Newcomers: look into  website, where you can download lots of previous talks I've given, where I try to give you the shortcuts to the big picture of the system that runs the world, by using the documentation put out by many of the big players themselves. They do like to publish their works and they do like to kind of rub it in that they're always in charge by predicting the future. How can they predict it? Well, they simply make a plan and make it happen; it's as simple as that. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks I've given in the past; and they're written in the various languages of Europe. You can print them up and pass them around.  

You can also donate on website, that keeps me going, or buy the books and the discs I have for sale. We, as I say, we're going through a plan, a big long-term agenda. The world is always run by phases and the way it's written in the history books, of course, is after the fact and it's always after those who are in charge, who vastly censor what really happens. They always say that the winners write the history, which is true; and, unfortunately, there's generally only one set of winners all along. And it's those boys that own and control the entire monetary system, which is everything, when you think about it, because so many people will be protesting what's happening in the world today. They're justly angered at what's been happening to the banks and been looted by the big casino called the Stock Market, with the big bubbles - where stock was over-inflated vastly - and sold off fast by the sharks, only to fall flat on their faces when you find out that they're worth nothing at the end. That's the trick; and governments - supposedly - have been watching this all along for years. That's part of the policy, since Bretton Woods Part One; and they said it would never happen again, because they'd be on top of it and, as we all know, that's a lot of nonsense, because the big banking boys gave us this system.

We're living in their system, designed by them, for them, to serve them; and money makes the world go around. Some countries in the past have tried to use their own money, print their own money up, or coin it; but the same old thing happens, because little tyrants try to get into government, psychopaths are attracted to these positions and they like wars and things and they have to get more than just the usual tax money coming in to pay for them, they have ambitions, therefore, they go to the big money lenders.

There are not many families involved in the money-lending business, maybe 12 or 13 big ones; but they lend all across the planet, to all sides and all conflicts. They make sealed agreements, regardless of who wins or who loses in wars, they always get paid; that's mandated. And we're brought up in this system thinking it's all quite normal because we live in a deluge of on-going propaganda. Every country in the world that I've been in, will tell you it's the greatest country in the world; and advertising will be on television and newspapers etc, always expounding the fact that this is the greatest country in the world and they'll always tell you that they've greatest health service in the world and all of these things, the best benefits for people who are unemployed and so on and so on. It's more propaganda than reality; but we take it for granted, because we're born in it and we don't realise we're living in someone else's system. I'll be back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the fact that we're brought up into a system which generations have taken for granted, because it's drummed into them, as soon as they can start thinking, generally by their parents who also accept the situation as well, that everything's quite normal. Yet, most of us live and die never knowing who even the international bankers are, or why we even need them in the first place, never mind all of their relatives who run the Stock Market. Only a few people really hold all the top trading shares in the Stock Market, it's like a casino; in fact, there was a good movie made called Casino. It was a long movie and they showed you how everything was rigged, everybody who walked into the place, even all the novices, they could spot them right away; and they let them win on the different machines for a little while, knowing they were getting hooked and then they stopped them winning, knowing they'd put far more back into it than they had won; that's the game in the Stock Market. There are shares that are not given out to the general public.

It's the same with the British Commonwealth countries like Canada, because we have Crown corporations here - and even the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - which is run by the Government, couldn't find out how these Crown operations work. These corporations have, apparently, a certain amount of private shares but they will never disclose who owns them. They call them parts of your Institution, they are institutions and an institution, when you look it up in the dictionary, says "something vital to the system of society that you're living in”, whichever the system is.

Therefore, the banking system is really an institution, a privately-held institution. I can remember, again, the CBC did a documentary years ago, trying to find out what the Bank of Canada was; and, eventually they found, in Ottawa, they found this building with one floor, which had a few desks in it and chairs in it and this is where the representatives of the money-lenders came, to meet representatives from the Canadian Government, to arrange loans. That's what the Bank of Canada actually is, that's why it's not in the blue pages or the government pages in the phone book.

You find most countries are the same way; how on earth could you possibly have some kind of freedom and what they call ‘democracy’, as they're always harping about democracy, when there are private corporations running your money supply, deciding what the debt is, deciding the value of that money, day to day, which is ridiculous in itself. How can you possibly try even and save up, when people at the top can make a decision and make your little savings there utterly worthless, as they've done in the past.  

As I say, this system is not set up for the people; and the people are beginning to catch on to that. Unfortunately, it takes something like this to happen before they start grumbling, because, in the trickle-down theory, as long as we're fairly content and happy and we can play our little games, and pursue our little interests, then we don't complain very much at all, we don't even think about it very much, as long as you can buy that coffee or whatever for the same price as it was the day before. That's what it takes for people to start asking questions – a crisis; but this crisis was planned this way. That's why the big top think-tanks have been pushing stuff out for years that sounded like science fiction to us in the '80s and '90s. They were literally emulating the science fiction movies that were getting churned out about this bleak future where there'd be kind of city-states, some held by pirate organisations; that's the movie that was called Escape from New York that was one of them.

Lo and behold, and all the big think-tanks that were churning out stuff, for the governments and for the Military, they were saying the same thing. Why was that? It was because they actually had these Futurists on board with them. In fact, in Britain, at one time too, the Futurists that wrote science fiction were actually leading the top think-tank for the military.

Remember that everything you read is a form of predictive programming. It kind of lessens the shock when it becomes reality, because it's vaguely familiar to you, but you haven't thought it through. This is psychological warfare and this is how it works on the general public, something well understood by those at the top.  

As I say, the last great depression was quite something, because you go further back into the 1800s and you found three men in the United States who formed a combine. Big bankers, big magnates and crashed the economy three times and looted the entire economy and pension funds and all the rest of it, in the 1800s. Then, along comes the Great Depression, same thing happens again; and what kind of got them out of that was World War II.

It's fascinating too that they love wars, because wars are so prosperous but today they're becoming too dangerous because there's so much high technology out there that could wipe out cities or whole countries; and therefore they'd lose all their profits, wouldn't they, regardless of who'd win and who'd lose, like in the old type wars. Therefore, the new strategy for a global society, with high tech, is to have every citizen under surveillance, as a potential terrorist. A terrorist to what? A terrorist to the system the same boys owned. What struck me as odd, going through the think-tanks’ projections for the future for the British and the US Military was, they said, the economy comes first, above everything. In other words: the same broken-down corrupt economy that must be kept intact and saved and kept going.

I've always said that, if the foundation is corrupt to start with, the building isn't going to stand. The building that we're living on is held together with tape and glue and supports and structures and it's falling apart; but it's intended to. The big boys knew exactly when to loot the world, they know how to bring it to their advantage, because, remember, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank is to be risen to its proper position for the World Bank. That's what they said at Bretton Woods Part One; and how would you get that to happen when countries still want to hang onto sovereignty to some extent? Well, you've got to crash the entire planet and bring them through a long period of chaos, to bring in the new system; and that's what's happening now.

Now, the International Monetary Fund, you can look it up yourself, technically isn't a bank; and again, neither is, really, the World Bank. They are again the middle men; they go between governments and the money-lenders, to decide on payments to debt. When countries fail, like most countries do, Britain failed when Thatcher was in and towards the end, IMF came in, to make sure they would get their money back and they tell the government what to do and how to run the country, until that money's paid off. They tell them how much tax to collect, what taxes to collect; and that's why the poll tax came in as well, the head count, because the IMF was in charge. Well, how are you going to bring a broken system that was corrupt from the beginning and put it into a world system where, literally, there'll be no accountability?  They're finding that in Europe already, because in Europe it was bad enough when London was the focus for all the top political boys, all the big industry magnates etc. People who lived way outside London, especially in countries like Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland, they couldn't get a voice anywhere, going through all these hoops to find someone that would listen to you. Well, now that the central government is in Europe, it's even worse. It's actually worked out that the average person, the average Member of Parliament, for the European Parliament, has a maximum of about 40-odd seconds to speak each year. There's democracy in action; but then democracy was meant to fool the people, it never fooled the ones at the top, who use it all the time as a battle cry.

I've been looking at some think-tanks today and there's one big one with amazing links to it, because the links go into the Club of Rome. I've talked about that before and all the other biggie boys that plan the future, they advise governments on the future and where to go.  This one here is called the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin. It looks a very expensive website; and they're talking about the future and how we will go through certain phases in this depression. It's quite fascinating, because the abbreviation is GEAB for short; and it says here: 

Beginning of Phase 5 of the global systemic crisis: phase of global geopolitical dislocation. 

Back in February 2006, LEAP/E2020 estimated that the global systemic crisis would unfold in 4 main structural phases: trigger, 

Well, that was the crash, right? This was predicted back in 2006, by these big think-tank tanks, they're funded by the big banking families. 

acceleration, impact and decanting phases. This process enabled us to properly anticipate events until now. However our team has now come to the conclusion that, due to the global leaders’ incapacity to fully realise the scope of the ongoing crisis (made obvious by their determination to cure the consequences rather than the causes of this crisis), the global systemic crisis will enter a fifth phase in the fourth quarter of 2009, a phase of global geopolitical dislocation. 

And what do they mean by all of that? Back with more, after this break, to explain it to you, by one of the top think-tanks, maybe THE one.  

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing a bulletin that's put out, as a magazine, an e-magazine, you might call it; and you have to go into the links to see who runs the magazine and you'll see all the big top think-tanks there, such as the Club of Rome, the ones who dreamed up the scam of global warming, as a method of uniting the world and bringing everyone else to heel, in this new system. This e-magazine says: 

According to LEAP/E2020, this new stage of the crisis will be shaped by two major processes happening in two parallel sequences:  

A. Two major processes:

1. Disappearance of the financial base (Dollar & Debt) all over the world

2. Fragmentation of the interests of the global system’s big players and blocks  

B. Two parallel sequences:

1. Quick disintegration of the current international system altogether

2. Strategic dislocation of big global players.  

Then they go into give you some of the history of the system we're living in, up until the present; and they're quite right, because, after all, it's the big boys that have been running the system, so they can afford to tell us how it really is. It says: 

We had hoped that the decanting phase would give the world’s leaders the opportunity to draw the proper conclusions from the collapse of the global system prevailing since WWII.  

That's Bretton Woods Part One; remember, there is to be a part Two, which is what this is all about. It says 

Alas, at this stage, it is no longer possible to be optimistic in this regard (1). In the United States, as in Europe, China and Japan, leaders persist in reacting as if the global system has only fallen victim to some temporary breakdown, merely requiring loads of fuel (liquidities) and other ingredients (rate drops, repurchase of toxic assets, bailouts of semi-bankrupt industries ….) to reboot it. In fact (and this is what LEAP/E2020 means ever since February 2006 using the expression “global systemic crisis”), the global system is simply out of order; 

Here's what they wanted, right? It says: 

a new one needs to be built instead of striving to save what can no longer be saved. 

That's the agenda, they want the new system; but, really, it's the same boys at the top, amassing even more power, global power, for themselves because they want to be the ones that print up the new currency and share it out across the planet and make sure that governments then act as a tax collector to make sure it's repaid. That's what it's really all about.

Then you go into the Europe 2020 section, from the same magazine and they've got recommendations. The governments are reading this, this is the stuff they get taught by their advisers; this is what gets whispered in their ears, as to what's coming.  I'll put these links up on my site, at the end of the show.  

It's true enough you know, they know every step that's happening, because they want it to happen, they want the bailouts to happen, because the money's borrowed from the big global bankers. It's all debt; governments don't create anything, they only spend, they collect and spend. Therefore, everything's that getting pumped into the robber barons' banks and Stock Market and all these companies, is just simply going to vanish and get worse. They know this; this is planned this way, because they want Bretton Woods Part Two: a world bank, with its full position set up for the United Nations. Much easier for the bankers, having one system run across the entire planet, then they're guaranteed their returns, from a slave population. 

Here's another article here and it's talking about the financial crisis in the US, I think it's from the Telegraph, it says: 

US banks may need more bail-outs, says Ben Bernanke 

Stock markets across the world suffered a second day of turbulence as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve warned that the US Government may have to pour even more cash into the twin bail-outs if its financial and economic systems are to survive. By Edmund Conway and Angela Monaghan. 

That was the 3rd of March, today, he says: 

Ben Bernanke said the White House would have to consider increasing the scope of its $750bn banking rescue package, as well as readying further aggressive measures to shore up the world's biggest economy. 

How can you shore up a bottomless pit? They can't even find out where all the money has gone; it didn't all go up to money heaven, unless money heaven is some inaccessible place on the planet, and there are a few, mind you, because they've tried this in the past to find where the money goes and it jumps from one bank and safe haven to the next one, to the next one, until they just simply give up, or are told to give up. It doesn't disappear. 

His warning to Congress came as shares in London slid to a new six-year low amid disquiet about the stability of Britain's banks following Monday's cash calls from HSBC and AIG.  

As I say, we're just watching the drama right now, we're living through the drama and they will have the big global meeting in London, in April; and that's when they expect the riots to start. And I'm sure every big player who will be involved with the solutions, are studying their scripts intently, right now, learning them by heart. The ones who appear in front of the cameras across the planet, with the suggestions of how to create the new system and it won't benefit the people; but it will sound as though it may.

I'll be back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading an article from the Telegraph, about the on-going bail outs; and I'll read this little last part of the story and then go to the callers. It says here: 

Until the financial system had been repaired the economy would not recover, he said, 

This is the Fed Chairman. 

adding: "Without a reasonable degree of financial stability, a sustainable recovery will not occur. Although progress has been made on the financial front since last fall, more needs to be done." The comments indicate that the US Treasury, which has put its weight behind an asset insurance scheme for bad assets much like the UK's asset protection scheme, will have to spend more than originally anticipated on rescuing the banks. The Obama administration has slated for up to $750bn in new support to be spent on the banking bail-out in its first budget.  

I think it's going exactly as planned and predicted. You don't militarise society and police and talk about the Military combining under terrorism and live under a system like this for the last eight years or so, as we have done, watching it across the world, without something being truly anticipated. Well, it was nothing to do with terrorism, it's to do with this, this was planned to come up about now you see; that's what it's all about.  

Now, we've got Rick from California on the lines, are you there Rick? 

Rick: Yes, I'm here Alan. 

Alan: How you doin'?  

Rick: Oh, good, good I wanted to, I've been meaning to talk to you. I don't mean to change the subject from banking; but you were talking earlier about, in earlier shows, about genetically-modified food and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  And I found out that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are funding IRRI, the International Rice Research in Africa. 

Alan: That's right. 

Rick: And AGRA, the alliance for the new green revolution in Africa and the other 50 million came from the Rockefeller Foundation! 

Alan: That's right. 

Rick: And you know, there's a lot of African immigrants here in the United States and I was thinking that it would do people well to start talking to them and sharing them, you know, because when they go there, it occurred to me when they go there, they're going to be really slick and they're going to say oh it will feed you, it's going to help you, but look what happened in India. 

Alan: Yes, a great example, India!  

Rick: You know, maybe we should start reaching out to them and start telling them because this Doomsday Vault, you know it occurred to me this Doomsday Vault could also be called a control vault or a gatekeeper vault. 

Alan: Yes. I've no doubt, you see, in India, there's vast tracts of India now that are so polluted with the chemicals that they sell for the pesticides that go with the modified seeds that's sold to them and they say that the ground water is utterly polluted now; some places for hundreds of square miles.  It's astonishing and the places that are still of good quality, it's interesting too that they put the farmers out of business, there were hundreds of them committing suicide last year, and the year before; and now we find out that it's Lady Rothschild and Edmund that's buying up all that farm land now, to put in GM crops. 

Rick: Terrible.  There's this woman named Vandana Shiva, she's been urging farmers to collect their own seed and resisting it and I've been talking to some African immigrants now and trying to share this information, in the hope that maybe they have networks with people and relatives back home, maybe they could start collecting seeds and forming their own little seed banks, you know, mother nature seeds. 

Alan: Yes, they could and they could also be very secretive because the big boys don't want you to retain your old seeds, they want to have them, for the future new world, but they don't want us to have them. See, the average modified seed or say a corn for instance, is designed to grow best in a certain type of climate and yet it's supposedly one climate fits all. They've put it in different parts of the world, where it hasn't taken off at all. Australia's got tremendous problems now with this modified stuff, it just isn't growing in the different climates. 

Rick: Wow, I was wondering if you could also mention because George Soros is coming up again on the radar. I was wondering if you could go into his history and his past. He did help the Nazis I understand? 

Alan: He did. I think that's why he was picked; he helped to point out dissenters etc to the Nazis and he was picked up for having no conscience and taken on board. He was made; he's a front man really and he was made very wealthy by the top bankers, they have lots of little front men out there. I say "little", even though they're worth millions maybe, but they're just little front men.  Soros himself got together with two of his friends, he admitted this in the British newspapers a few years ago and, literally, crashed the British economy, by manipulating the market and benefited tremendously off of it. It was all quite legal to do, because there are no laws against it; and the British tax payers had to fund the new loan they got from the IMF, to get the Pound afloat again. These are utter sharks, they're pirates, in a sense, but again, it's their system, they make sure that's there's no laws on the books that they can be touched for. What they did, technically, was still legal.  

Rick: The philosopher Karl Popper, which I found, he reminds me kind of a Strauss type character, like you were talking about.  I was wondering if you know anything about Karl Popper and the Open Society.  

Alan: Not too much. 

Rick: Ah, ok. 

Alan: But these characters are just front men, they make them rich and then they become philanthropists and remember Weishaupt talked about foundations, that philanthropic foundations would be the method of ruling the world. You find the same thing with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and then the Milner Foundation, which became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations. The world is run by foundations and you'll find it's the biggest bankers on the planet who also own the top foundations. They bypass democracy altogether. 

Rick: Alright Alan, thank you very much for talking about that. 

Alan: Thanks for calling.  They bypass democracy, they have their NGOs, they have the ear to government and demand things from government and the average person has no say whatsoever; it's been like that for a long-long time. You see, they'd never allow true democracy to be given to the people - that means they might lose control - so they simply bypass it altogether. In other words: they are democracy, they run it; the whole system is run by the few, as always, and I can't see any laws ever getting drafted up to do that. The foundations were looked into in the 1950s by the Reece Commission, because they were funding all these front, what appeared to be Communist, groups; and it isn't until you go into the banking mandate, the world bankers' mandate, the big money-lenders’ boys, that you find out that the system that they want to bring in across the world is a collectivist system, with themselves on top; so it's a fascist system on top with a massive bureaucracy, running the world in a communistic fashion. That's their ideal, that’s why they have these foundations to do it.  

Now, there's Eric from Philadelphia there, are you there Eric? 

Eric: Hey Alan, it's actually Derek from Philadelphia.  I wanted to ask you about, well, basically, it seems like we're living in the Devil's system, I mean everyone on top, everyone who gets to the top level is sort of a demonic person, like even looking at Henry Paulson or Kashkari. 

Alan: Kashkari, ha-ha. 

Derek: Yeah!  I was actually looking at a picture of Henry Paulson. 

Alan: You wonder, you do wonder, I remember Malachi Martin talking about those who are perfectly possessed he said that he'd met in the world; they were all top politicians and bankers. 

Derek: That's it, well that was just really what I was calling about; but you were talking about Obama before and I wanted to kind of try to tie it into your current talk a little bit. Obama seems so much less demonically-possessed than like Brzezinski and Kissinger and Paulson, do you think they usually just take these low-level guys and bring them up and eventually they just get like corrupted by it, I guess eventually?  

Alan: Either that or they're corrupted to begin with. See, ordinary folk don't go into politics, in fact the best presidents the US ever had were people who were forced into it, by necessity; and it's like being a leader, as they say, a good leader is generally unaware that they are a good leader. It never enters their mind they have natural leadership qualities, but if they ever come to understand that, they will lose those qualities. So, being oblivious to your own abilities is more altruistic and natural but once you’re conscious you lose it. Well, I've no doubt whatsoever that people who get to the top, they're well-groomed; they're in the Council on Foreign Relations like Obama, he knows exactly what his role is. He's an actor and he will fulfil his function, I'm sure it's all written out for him, for the next few years, exactly what's going to happen and how he will respond to it or appear to respond to it. The politicians themselves, they're told what to do, all of them, they've always been told what to do. You take their advisors, the advisors, for the last fifty-odd years, maybe longer, (according to Quigley, it would be a hundred years); but, say fifty years, in all countries of the Western world, are all pushing the same agenda, through their prime ministers or presidents, at the same time, which tells you there's an inter-relationship. That there's some common factor between all these advisers, who go to some special school or something, because they all know the agenda, the world agenda, and the advisors are more important than the front men. There's no doubt on that, because they know what their role is, regardless of who's the prime minister or president, they know what the role is and what's to get pushed during that presidency. Obama's along for the ride, he reads dummy boards, he learns scripts for his speeches, the speeches are all written for him; there's nothing he will say off the cuff. 

Derek: Yes, well he is clearly an actor, that's a word to describe him, he's Hollywood. 

Alan: He's Hollywood, you watch his gestures, this is the cheap tricks they teach to actors and even stage magicians, with the way his hands go above him and so on and it's very interesting to see that he uses the sort of hypnotic techniques that orators used to be taught. They used to be taught this, before television came in, because they spoke to live audiences and there’s all these gestures that they use. He has them all, so he's been well-groomed for this role; I see them really as actors. 

Derek: Yes, well, I completely agree, at the politician level at least. I was going to ask you, I know you talk to people on the high level and are they possessed, is the only word, I know it's not a politically correct, but are a lot of them like that as well?  

Alan: Definitely, they're definitely; once again, our minds and our opinions are shaped by the propaganda that we're fed from birth. And what gets me is when politicians have their parties etc, this happens in Canada, for instance, when a new group moves in, a new party moves in and they have a huge ball and they wreck the Parliament house that they're having their party in, they wreck it, they're the most debauched people you could ever imagine, you know. 

Derek: Exactly, I'm sure sex slaves and all that, you know, they try and keep it hush-hush and keep it totally ‘conspiracy’, you know, they try to make it seem less credible, like it's some wild conspiracy but I'm sure.  

Alan: When you go into their backgrounds too, most of them have been bankrupt quite a few times, they all overspend their credit cards, so they want the high life and they want the power that comes with it and suddenly they're given it, and they act in front of the people, again, they all have their advisors. Really, some of them are pretty-well low life as well, you know.  

Derek: It's kind of saddening as well as disgusting.  There's people like me or you, Alan, if the system was more beautiful or divine in some way rather than completely disgusting. 

Alan: It is disgusting.  I don't think, under a monetary system, you can have an honest system, whoever gets in charge of the money, it's always going to be the corrupted guys who are very quick, they’re streetwise and they know the cons. They don't have to even think about it, it's almost intuitive with them, like a good psychopath; and before you know it, you've got the same system all over again. It just goes on and on. 

Derek: Would you mind if I asked one more question?  You were speaking about the politicians earlier, of I suppose, America who were not, they were not career politicians, like Thomas Jefferson I guess, people like him. I know you've mentioned Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin in some of your talks about their association with Freemasonry and I've always personally believed that Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, those two people in particular, were people of the light, or whatever you want to call it, infiltrators maybe. Benjamin Franklin in particular, maybe in the system and I've noticed, especially in their own writings, Benjamin Franklin, so much writings, I’ve been reading one of his books, it was just his, a collection of his writings. Well I just personally feel very close to him and it's hard to explain, I'm sure you know what I mean? 

Alan: Franklin's an amazing guy because you had this odd story about his uncles in England crossing the Atlantic a few times, just to see young Benjamin, not to see the rest of the family, but to see young Benjamin. Well, he was obviously groomed for something very-very special and given a particular role to play. And I'm sure they were over to teach him, but he himself said that he hoped that the federation of the US would be a federation of the world, it would end up like that, under a council of twelve wise men; you've probably seen that in his letters there. 

Derek: Well, I've never seen anything about the twelve men but I'm sure I know what goes on behind the scenes, there's so much more! 

Alan: Oh, absolutely and of course he was a member of the Hellfire Club, Dashwood's Hell Fire Club in High Wycombe in England. 

Derek: That all aside, I noticed some speakers have some kind of maybe not necessarily but they demonised him, in a way, by saying like you know Hell fire, of course you're going to see them [inaudible] Hellfire club. But I see him as he's always, when it comes down to it, he's always been on the side of the people; and he's always been looking out for their rights and that's the main thing at the Establishment of the American Government, he's always on the side of the people. 

Alan: Well, I don't think he was standing up for them but he always mentioned the truth, in a cryptic sort of way. He said it's a republic, if you can keep it, for instance, he knew darn well that there were powers already at work to transform it into something else.  

Derek: Well, I think maybe he saw this colony, it was the New World, they were so separated from Europe and all the crooks and evil and maybe thought it [inaudible]. 

Alan: Well, thanks for calling, Derek.  I'll be back after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix; and we've got another caller, it's William from Philadelphia on the line. Are you there William? 

William: Alan, thank you so much, just so much, man, I'm sure you can empathise. First, you know, I'm so far behind, I wanted to say thank you for your Christmas blurb, you know what I mean man? And Hombre. Thank you very much. I've only been able to listen to the archives until now and I just want to say I've been trying to call in the local shows. My name is Payday Monsanto, by the way, you can Google me and I try to support you and you can Google the incomparable light of watt. That's my MySpace ode to you and I always tell people to support you.  I called a popular talk show host today, Jones; and I don't know if what I said to the board-op played any part in the how he treated me but what I said to the board was Rima and Stubblebine are shills. John the board op, I talk to him a lot and he probably typed that in. Now, I was curious as to why Jones would entertain Dr. Rima E. Laibow and her husband General Albert Stubblebine - Psy-ops, major! And he cut me off. I don't want to spend too much time on that as it is very limited but I just want to spread the word that you can't stop Codex at Codex, it has to be a local legislature thing and these people are taking people's money, travelling around the world, they now live in Panama. Dr. Stubblebine discovered the secret of Panama, you know the guy who stares at goats?  And they're taking peoples' money and running around the world spreading this info and preventing people from actually stopping Codex Alimentarius, which Canada, to my knowledge, has been hit the hardest thus far.  

Alan: Oh, Canada's a good little boy with the New World Order. 

William: Well, it's a British colony. 

Alan:  Of course it is, it still is a British colony.

William: It’s just like America but they haven't announced that?! 

Alan: Oh, there's no doubt about it, whatever happens in Britain is followed suit here, because all the boys at the top are members of the Council on Foreign Relations here, always have been, and they're members of the Empire Club. 

William: It’s the little boy of the royal.  I want to tell, I don't want to make public proclamations on radio stations but there's a guy following your show, somebody from Massachusetts who made bad remarks about you that made my blood boil and that's simply because his attention span is probably not capable of grasping what you're saying. If you don't get on the air and say you know “The Jews, the Jews, the Jews, all the Jews”. I think that's just a myth. 

Alan: Well, yes, because again, there's factions out there that need a simply-identified enemy.

William: That kills the cause in itself.  Alan, I love you, thank you man. 

Alan: Well, you hang in there. 

William: You do the same brother. 

Alan: Yes, there are groups out there and they attack you, vehemently, if you don't go along with this It's the Jews, it's the Jews, just the Jews, as though they're all one clone after another, one mass of people, instead of individuals. There are certainly individuals involved, as there are in all peoples.  

That's it for tonight, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario Canada: it's goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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