Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#270)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 5, 2009:

New Laws o'er the Land--Meant to Expand:

"Psycholinguistics, the Cover of Fraud,
Came Up with 'V.I.P. Stalker Squad,'
Locked Up for Opinions, All Types of Tyranny
Used by Kings Before, Tackling Villainy,
Supposedly Created to Stop Stalking,
Now Listening Closely to People Talking,
Police and Psychiatry Making Careers
Locking Up People with Odd Ideas,
Locked Up Without Trial, Perhaps for Hate,
Should You Criticize the Tyrannical State,
The Economy's Sunk, Drums are a-Drummin',
We All have to Wait, Riots are a-Comin' "
© Alan Watt Mar. 5, 2009

Thursday March 5th 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 5, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 5th of March 2009. 

I always advise the newcomers to go into and download as many of the previous talks I've given as you wish, where I try to give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture of this incredible system that runs the world; and it truly is organised, it's always been organised. The reason it works, is because it has no opposition, there's no real opposition. At the bottom all opposing parties are owned and bought and paid for it by it and used by it, in fact. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks, written in the various languages of Europe; and you can download them / print them up and give them out to your friends.  

Now, remember too: you bring me to you, you the listeners bring me to you, because I don't ask for pay from the shows I'm on; and the advertising that you hear, pays for the station and engineers and equipment and all the rest of it and it's an expensive business. So, I rely upon you to buy that which I have for sale on my website, you can also donate and that keeps me going too; just about, I should say.  

You know, a few years ago, what's happening today, if it happened a few years ago, it wouldn't be believed at all; in fact you used to see things in the MAD Magazine about situations that seemed absolutely bizarre and crazy; and the reason that the magazine quit, basically, was because life was becoming too ridiculous to even put into satire.

We're watching the most incredible pre-written / scripted stage plays ever written, being portrayed in front of the public. A public that is stunned really, since 2001, with all of the changes that have been implemented across the planet at the same time, which shows you that all the agreements for the so-called anti-terrorism Bills and all that came out of it, was already agreed upon and had to be agreed upon for years, in order for bureaucrats to work across continents together, on the same agenda. That takes a long time to plan; and yet, there they were, up and running, all publishing the same stuff, in their own newspapers in different countries, and they're like clones of each other, each item that you read. Why is that? Well, some would say it's because they knew there would be a post-Cold War period and they had to keep control at the top and that's the way that most folk would stumble long into thinking. They encouraged that kind of thinking; but you have to go back to the past, to see the fact that there are big powerful organisations; but really one in particular which, for the last hundred years, has been running most of the countries in Europe - and then the United States and all of the British Empire. Planning wars; planning the aftermath of the wars, the amalgamation of countries that comes out of it. Remember what Professor Carroll Quigley said, he said: apart from all the money that they make at the top, great business for bankers and those in the military-industrial complex, apart from that, the major outcome of war, on all sides, is the change of culture, because governments can take over so many private occupations and areas that were in private hands, prior to wars. That's how the Ministry of Agriculture, in fact, in all the countries rose to prominence, in fact, was created, was for wartime purposes and, step-by-step, they helped to put the farmers under their rules and regulations. All by design, mind you, because food is a weapon; if you don't have it, you'll be begging to your masters.

I'll be back with more - after the following break. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about how ridiculous this system is today, as we go through the pantomimes and watch the ministers of foreign powers globe-trot across the planet, to meet other leaders of countries and they have their political love-ins and they clap each other on the back and do their winks and their nods etc to each other, at a time when their countries are falling apart. And this is not by the fact that they're actually crazy, just pure mad, it's because it's part of the whole agenda; and they're not the bosses anyway. They simply parrot what they're told to do, from the scriptwriters, and they don't make big decisions themselves. They all belong to organisations which actually set them up and put them forward as politicians in the first place; and these organisations have people across the whole planet. I've mentioned the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, same body, in fact; but they also have a European body now; and, in the separate countries of Europe, they also have the separate Institutes for International Affairs.

They have been grooming leaders for at least a hundred years, according to Carroll Quigley; and, before them, they were a different organisation, but they still existed, you can trace them way back down through the centuries. You would never, ever leave to chance power to be grabbed and used by other people, those beneath you. You always plan the future, that's what corporations even do; and the Home Office for Britain, for instance, sends out diplomats across the planet, to spy on other countries and to try to get things out of them, generally resources or something or other, but it's long-term strategy, like a chess game that's going on all the time. Now they're all unified on board, with the same game, and the only people that don't realise there's a game going on, happens to be the public, who are kept thinking that everything’s an accident, one after another, by the mainstream media. 

Nothing really changes, as they say: the more things change, the more they stay the same; and there's very little variety in regimes, types of regimes. There's only a handful really, of systems that they can pull from; and it was very difficult to tell what the Nazi regime was, when you compared it to the Communist regime, so much so that Hitler and Stalin made a pact, before World War II; and they gave speeches to one another, saying that their systems were so identical, they were both socialist, by design. Now 'socialist' to these guys really involves eugenics and all the rest of it, the same as the Fabian socialists; that's what the working class failed to recognise.  

You also have the regimes that were put in place in the Communist system, a place where I don't think there's a single monument put up to any of the millions that were killed over the last seventy years or so, under its terrible onslaught and persecution of the peoples. And for some reason, all the liberal ones, all the liberal media tend to ignore that as just being part of the big experiment, those countless millions of lives that were slaughtered and starved to death, like the Ukraine, or simply shot.

When it comes to other types of regimes, the same press will be pounding them.  Russia was a very popular movement, for those that claimed to be what was called Liberal; something that's not really, in essence what as it sounds.  “Liberal” itself is a nice word you see, but the actual movement is a different agenda. In fact, I remember when Khrushchev was over in the 50s or 60s and he mentioned, he was asked a question by a reporter about the American Communist Party, he said well we don't call them the Communists of America, he says, here we call it Liberal and Democrats.

Now, who would have thought that the far, what seemed to be Left Wing, in America, was paid for from the very beginning by the big banking boys with their foundations and they were funding the far Left Wing. Why? Because they wanted to bring in a world of Collectivism, it's much easier for the banking system, it's much easier for the Elite families to have a centralised system to work through, with masses of bureaucracies, to deal with all the areas where they can steal money from the public, it's called various taxations and fees and all the rest of it.  They see the world, and the people in the world, as their stock, like farmers would do. We are the stock; and they also take into account ecology, living in harmony with nature, and in all of their nature books, they talk about too many animals of one kind or another and how they die off, because of disease, lack of food, or something else and other animals move in their place. They use all of these observations to apply to humans too; so, they've come to the conclusion now that there's way too many humans now, they don't need them, they're overstocked, the industrial age is over and gone with. We're post-industrial; we're really post-technological, in the West, with China being given all of that work to do, so we are simply a service economy where we pass things around that are made elsewhere, until someone finally buys it. That can't last for long and it was never intended to. 

However, as I say, the world is planned, where it comes to regimes, they tend to emulate other regimes of the past. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a dissident in the Soviet system and he was locked up in Siberia, for many years. He became an embarrassment to the Soviets, so much so, they sent him out into the West, thinking he would get a brief burst of fame and then he'd fade away; but he didn't. He kept going and his books were very popular and they're well worth reading, because what you saw of the Soviet system is now being applied to the Western world. Remember Gorbachev's last speech to the Politburo, when he was President of the Soviet Union, and you can find it on the Web, where he said: you'll shortly hear that Communism is dead and over. He says don't believe it; we're moving onto the next phase. This ties in perfectly, perfectly, with the Reece Commission done in the 1950s, in the US, where Senator Dodd and others talked to the heads of the big foundations, who were funding all what seemed to be the Communist movements in America and the one from Ford, admitted to him, the CEO of Ford said: yes, our job is to set up the system of the world in such a way that the US will blend seamlessly, blend seamlessly, with the Soviet Union.

You tie all that together, you know it was part of the plan and you tie it in with the Club of Rome, where they said that they looked at all the systems and the one that they picked as being the easiest one to control, was the Collectivist, which means Communist system.

It's rather tragic, but, in the Soviet Union, you got locked up if you had a difference of opinion, or a personal opinion, that was outside of the norm of mainstream, the authorised politically correct opinions. The Soviet Union was a test bed for political correctness; in fact, the term is a direct translation from the term they used. They used psychiatry in the Soviet Union, to label you with an illness, if you had political ideas that were not along the lines of the party. If you wouldn't believe one thing one day and jump to the next belief the next when you were told to so, you were classified as mentally ill, because you had 'inflexibility of opinion'. You see, we are all under that system, just robots that can be reprogrammed and reprogrammed and reprogrammed over and over again, just like George Orwell had in '1984'. 

We think we're all safe in the West, for some strange reason, maybe some people think they're safe in the West. This is from the Times Online, by from May the 27th 2007. Now, I'll give you the article and then think about expanding it, because that's what it's really all about, to get something on the books by law and every law is then expanded into the outer limits. It says: 

VIP 'stalker' squad set up by government  

By Joanna Bale for The Times   

The government has secretly set up a VIP [A Very Important Person] “stalker” squad to identify and detain terrorists and other individuals 

"and other individuals" - right? 

who pose a threat to prominent people. The unit, staffed by police and psychiatrists, will have the power to detain suspects indefinitely using mental health laws. The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) 

That's what it's called: “Fixated Threat Assessment Centre”. 

was quietly established last October and is set to reignite controversy over the detention of suspects without trial. Until now it has been up to mental health professionals to determine if someone should be forcibly detained, but the new unit uses the police to identify suspects, 

So the police identify the suspects, right. 

increasing fears that distinctions are being blurred between criminal investigations and doctors’ clinical decisions.  

Well, it's really about politics, that's what it's really about. And to continue here, it says: 

The Metropolitan Police 

Now, remember everything that happens in England, is emulated across the world, within about a week or two. This is already up and running everywhere else, whether you know it or not. 

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that the unit had been established only after its existence was revealed in a Sunday newspaper... it said: “The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is a joint initiative between the Metropolitan Police, Home Office and Department of Health.  

I'll be back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Times Online, from two years ago, to do with assessing people, on mental health grounds and locking them up indefinitely and it ties in, as I say, with Solzhenitsyn because you should read The Gulag Archipelago, where he goes through the whole system of what happened in the Soviet system and now it's being used across the world. It says here: 

In a statement, it said: “The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is a joint initiative between the Metropolitan Police, Home Office and Department of Health. Its role is to assess, manage and reduce potential risks and threats from fixated individuals 


against people in public life, particularly protected VIPs. “Fixated individuals are those who are abnormally preoccupied with certain ideas or people. 

“Certain ideas or people”. 

Research has shown that a small minority exhibit violent behaviour. “London-based FTAC is a pilot initiative, which was set up in October 2006 after research showed that no single unit existed to collate relevant information, assess the risks and initiate appropriate action to manage and reduce any threat.” Staff at the central London centre will include four police officers, two civilian researchers, a forensic psychiatrist, a forensic psychologist and a forensic community mental health nurse. It is being hailed as the first joint mental health-police unit in the UK and a “prototype for future joint services” in other areas.  

Then it goes on about the mental health Act etc. etc. Then it says: 

The government is trying to amend the act, with a controversial bill introduced in November, to bring in a wider definition of mental disorder 

Here you go with politics, again, being used, you see. Get it on the books and then expand it, that's exactly what they've done.  

a wider definition of mental disorder in order to give doctors more power to detain people. At least one terror suspect, allegedly linked to the 7/7 bomb plot and a suicide bombing in Israel, has already been held under the Mental Health Act. The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, absconded from the hospital where he was being detained and has never been traced.  

That's if he even exists, I'll add that part on myself. It says: 

Liberty said the secret unit represented a new threat to civil liberties. Its policy director, Gareth Crossman, said: “There is a grave danger of this being used to deal with people where there is insufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution.  

Well, of course that's the case. Remember too that Britain and Ireland have already passed laws that if a jury finds you not guilty and the big boys aren't happy with it, they'll claim that the jury was intimidated and you'll be brought back for trial, on the same charge again, and again, and again, until the jury gets it 'right'. This article here, ties in with other ones, because this system here, apparently, it says here: 

FTAC was set up following an NHS research programme based at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, north London. Researchers examined thousands of cases of prominent people being stalked. It liaised 

It's liaising already, you see. 

with the FBI, the US Secret Service, the Capitol Hill Police, which protects Congressmen and Senators, and the Swedish and Norwegian secret services.   

See, it's already world-wide.  

Sweden granted access to files on the murder of the foreign minister Anna Lindh who died after being stabbed by a stalker in a Stockholm store in 2003. The research led to FTAC being set up with a £500,000-a-year budget  

That's nearly a million dollars. 

from the Home Office and Department of Health.  

So there you go, you know where it's all going to go though: inflexibility of opinion, it's going to get you locked up, with a couple of psychiatrists or a psychiatrist and psychologist; but, really, started off by the police - who simply will point the finger at you. That's all it takes. No trial, in the slammer and full of drugs before you know it, simple as that. Astonishing really isn't it; but it does make you wonder. 

This is from Natural News and it says here: 

Vaccines as Biological Weapons?

Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries. 

Now, I mentioned some of this before and it says: 

There's a popular medical thriller novel in which a global pandemic is intentionally set off by an evil plot designed to reduce the human population. In the book, a nefarious drug company inserts live avian flu viruses into vaccine materials that are distributed to countries around the world to be injected into patients as "flu shots."  

This is from a novel; this is how they start the story. 

Those patients then become carriers 

Like you become an incubator. 

for these highly-virulent strains of avian flu which go on to infect the world population and cause widespread death. There's only one problem with this story: It's not fiction. Or, at least, the part about live avian flu viruses being inserted into vaccine materials isn't fiction. It's happening right now. 

And I read about that last week. 

Deerfield, Illinois-based pharmaceutical company Baxter International Inc. 

That's where their main one is based but they have them in Canada too and across Europe. 

has just been caught shipping live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine material to medical distributors in 18 countries.  

Back with more - after this break.

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the Baxter Laboratories scandal, where they just, accidentally mind you, shipped off live avian flu viruses mixed with the common flu viruses to a whole bunch of countries, 18 countries, that they're admitting to, across the world. It says here: 

The "mistake" (if you can call it that, see below...) was discovered by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. The World Health Organization was alerted and panic spread throughout the vaccine community as health experts 

Ha-ha, experts. 

asked the obvious question: How could this have happened?  

"Baxter International Inc. in Austria 'unintentionally contaminated samples with the bird flu virus 

That’s a live virus. 

that were used in laboratories in 3 neighbouring countries, raising concern about the potential spread of the deadly disease'. Austria, Germany, Slovenia and the Czech Republic - these are the countries in which labs were hit with dangerous viruses. Not by bioterrorist commandos, but by Baxter. In other words: One of the major global pharmaceutical players seems to have lost control over a virus which is considered by many virologists to be one of the components leading some day to a new pandemic." 

I think it turned out too, that some sub contractor in Hungary, or somewhere, injected, I think they used weasels or ferrets with the drugs and they all died, because of this live avian flu virus that it contained within it. Luckily they tried it out and tested it; most things are taken on faith in this whole industry. It says: 

Or, put another way, Baxter is acting a whole lot like a biological terrorism organization these days, sending deadly viral samples around the world. If you mail an envelope full of anthrax to your Senator, you get arrested as a terrorist. So why is Baxter -- which mailed samples of a far more deadly viral strain to labs around the world -- getting away with saying, essentially, "Oops?" But there's a bigger question in all this: How could this company have accidentally mixed LIVE avian flu viruses (both H5N1 and H3N2, the human form) 

The regular flu. 

in this vaccine material? 

Do you realise that the whole potential, supposedly, in theory, about this impending outbreak we're going to have, that they've told us is for eighteen years, so it's only a matter of time, the whole theory is based on the deadly form being in the body of a person with the regular form at the same time and because, viruses are famous for swapping genes with its host, it'll end up with the hybrid type of flu and that would be the killer flu.  In other words, you'll become an incubator, as these two types mix together and become one. Here's Baxter speeding up the process, giving it a helping hand to start off, isn't that something? Baxter, remember was part of the umbrella group for I.G. Farben, in World War II and it's still on the go, doing pretty well.  Then you also have it on, it says: 

Baxter admits flu product contained live bird flu virus 

That was Friday 27th, The Canadian Press 

The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses.

And an official of the World Health Organization's European operation said the body is closely monitoring 


the investigation into the events that took place at Baxter International's research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria. "At this juncture we are confident in saying that public health and occupational risk is minimal at present," medical officer Roberta Andraghetti said from Copenhagen, Denmark. 

She's a PR spokesman; they always go through PR spokesmen, which is propaganda, that's all it is. 

So there you are, they're determined to get this killer flu going, by one means or another. Although, it makes you wonder too, if they're just getting us ready for the idea of its inevitability, maybe that's what it is as well.

Then, from Britain, the UK Libertarian Party, where it says here:  

Tuesday, 3 March 2009 

The 'Summer of Rage' could be Lethal 

On 20th Feb 2008 a caucus meeting was held at the German Parliament in Munich to discuss the Lisbon Treaty. At this meeting a previously unmentioned paragraph was bought to light by Professor Schachtschneider, Humanities Faculty -University of Nuremberg. Professor Schachtschneider explained that the undisclosed paragraph means on ratification of the Lisbon Treaty the DEATH PENALTY will be reintroduced to Europe.  

He read the small print, in one of these massive Omnibus Bills. 

The Death Penalty will be applicable for the crimes of RIOTING, CIVIL UPHEAVAL and DURING WAR. (When are we not at war and who will define riot and upheaval?) Professor Schachtschneider made the point that this clause is particularly outrageous as it had been cleverly hidden in a footnote of a footnote and would not have been detected by anyone other than an exceptional expert reader. 

Which meant it must have taken an exceptional expert reader to write it in, in the first place.  I'll put that link up there, for you to look at as well. It's amazing the things that are going on and the public have no idea. From setting up mental health hit squads, to determine if you are a problem or not and they can lock you up for life, with the police spearheading. We'll soon have them SWATTING our homes, because you've said something in public, you have odd ideas about things, you see?

If that's not bad enough, and I've read many documents about the bisphenol A, and the effeminisation of the male etc and how it's being going on for at least 50 years and the very fact, that from the late 1800s, they understood that bisphenol A was an artificial oestrogen, a very potent one at that. Look at what it's done to the male population. This article here is from Health Canada, it says: 

Health Canada finds bisphenol A in soft drinks 

CBC news Thursday March the 5th 2009 

They're still doing it after the CBC itself did a whole documentary called the Disappearing Male and the link is on my website, under the archive section; worth seeing that one, for sure. It says: 

A Health Canada study of canned pop has found the vast majority of the drinks contain the chemical bisphenol A, a substance that imitates the female hormone oestrogen and is banned in baby bottles.  

That was another thing too, when the baby food manufacturers even as well admitted they cleaned out the tin cans and the jars that they use baby food in with the same stuff containing bisphenol A. They're just making sure that you get it, right? 

Out of 72 drinks tested, 69 were found to contain BPA at levels below what Health Canada says is the safe upper limit.  

The upper safe limit - even though it's such a potent oestrogen that you need very trace amounts to alter your biochemistry and your physique.  

However, studies in peer-reviewed science journals have indicated that even at very low doses, BPA can increase breast and ovarian cancer cell growth and the growth of some prostate cancer cells in animals. 

Well, it's in males too; the prostate cancer problem in the Western world is just sky-rocketing. Then we get to the nice part: 

"There is no risk to Canadians," Health Canada spokesman 

“Spokesman”, it says. 

Stéphane Shank told CBC News. "The average adult weighing approximately 60 kilograms would have to consume over 900 cans per day" to reach the department's safety threshold, he said.

Well, you can trust the Government, right? …

The canned pop Health Canada scientists tested all came from stores in Ottawa in April 2007 and included diet, non-diet, fruit-flavoured and energy drinks. These drinks represent at least 84 per cent of the market share of soft drinks sold in the country.  

The federal department's study was published in January in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and was posted on Health Canada's website. When asked why the study was not widely publicized, Shank said "it wasn't our intent" to hide it.  

Well, of course it was, because, believe you me, when they want you to know, when Health Canada wants you to know something, it's shouted from the rooftops, like “GET THE FLU SHOT, GET THE FLU SHOT, OR YOU'LL DIE”!. 

The study did not find detectable levels of BPA in two types of tonic water, likely the result of a bittering agent used in tonic drinks that could interfere with BPA extraction.  

In other words: it didn't mean it wasn't there, it simply was neutralised, by the addition of bittering agents, whatever they happen to be.  

It also found no traceable levels in one energy drink, but did not suggest why that might be. 

Bisphenol A is a chemical compound found in some hard, clear, lightweight plastics and resins. The materials are used in the production of various types of food and drink containers, compact discs, electronics and automobile parts, and to line some metal cans, including pop cans.  

To make sure you get an extra dose. You never used to get it in cans; they didn't need it, so why would they put that in there? You've got it, it's deliberate; of course it is. 

While Health Canada's position is that there is no health risk in drinking canned pop because the levels of BPA are so far below the safe threshold, critics say BPA — like oestrogen — is active in very small amounts.  

You don't need much. 

"The chemical is known to cause significant biological effects at incredibly low levels," Rick Smith, executive director of Environmental Defence, told CBC News. "And this is not the only source of this chemical in our daily lives. If it was the only source, Health Canada might have a leg to stand on." The beverage industry, on the other hand, questions whether BPA has the impact some studies say it has. "It's asserted this is an oestrogen mimicker," Justin Sherwood, president of Refreshments Canada, told CBC News. "We as an industry take our cue from Health Canada." 

Because they all work hand-in-hand, right? Its big bucks, big bucks. That's why they all work hand-in-hand. Of course they're not going to come out and admit there's any problem; because, as I say: when the dollar talks, morality walks, right?  It's not by accident either, there's many other things they could use.  

Someone asked me, a few days ago there, about faith in humanity and, to be honest with you, I don't have a lot of faith in general humanity. I think we've been so debased over the years, by intention; and I've gone through the whole era with you and given you various links to see videos, CBC shows and BBC shows, on those that gave us the twentieth-century, who gave us the culture industry. The ones who, basically, ran us as consumers, in such a way that we became the products, in a sense, and they knew where they were going with it; and I've talked in the past about the culture industry etc and how it's debased morality until there's nothing left to debase.  It always takes me back to Julian Huxley and others who talked about the need to take humanity off its special throne and start lowering the expectation of having a superior quality of life than humans. In other words: we're to get debased down to animal status, told we're not so special after all. Then the scientists could take over as the new type of elite, to run our lives and do with us as they wish, but especially reduce the population, dramatically. That's always, always been their agenda and they've written prolifically about it and held pretty-well nothing back.  First, you must get people to accept that life is not so valuable after all, human life; and we've come to accept that. When you reach this phase, which Huxley also talked about, Julian Huxley, he said there would be a complete breakdown as the old morals that kept society together fall apart and you'll see all kinds of things happening; but that's just an unfortunate phase we have to go through, he says.  

You know, we're hit by the shysters from every angle, directly from banks, mortgage companies and through the government. To me, they're all the same, to be honest with you, just one big system; and there's nothing they won't stoop to, to get money from you, nothing they won't stoop to. You think about even death duties: why on earth should the government have the right to take half, or more, of your money that you could give to relatives or friends or whoever you wanted to when you die? And we accept all this as being normal; you know it was the CFR that introduced that Bill? They were the ones who introduced the income tax Bills as well, and property tax bills. They wrote about it, in their own books, very proud of it. However, here's what people have stooped to today. It's from the New York Times Business Section, it says: 

You're dead, that won't stop the debt collector 

March the 3rd 2009 

The banks need another bailout and countless homeowners cannot handle their mortgage payments, but one group is paying its bills: the dead. Dozens of specially trained agents 

Low-life in other words; and this is the sad thing about humanity: there's plenty in society that will take these jobs on. 

Dozens of specially trained agents work on the third floor of DCM Services here, calling up the dear departed's next of kin and kindly asking if they want to settle the balance on a credit card or bank loan, or perhaps make that final utility bill or cellphone payment. The people on the other end of the line often have no legal obligation to assume the debt of a spouse, sibling or parent. But they take responsibility for it anyway. 

These predators prey on us all, right to the grave. It says: 

"I am out of work now, to be honest with you, and money is very tight for us," one man declared on a recent phone call after he was apprised of his late mother-in-law's $280 credit card bill. He promised to pay $15 a month.  

To pay it off.  People with no shame, you see, at the top, these creatures that are from every ethnic group you can imagine, take these jobs, because they're in every ethnic group, this low-life psychopathic type. And they have no conscience whatsoever. And they do it for money, to get paid, for money; they'd do anything for money. It says: 

Dead people are the newest frontier in debt collecting, and one of the healthiest parts of the industry. Those who dun the living say that people are so scared and so broke it is difficult to get them to cough up even token payments. 

Amazing eh? I'll continue with this, after this break, to show you how far down into the slime we've gone. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and I thought I had no callers on the line, but the screen just came up just now with callers; and we've got Steve from Indiana. Are you there Steve? 

Steve: Alan, how are you? 

Alan: Not so bad.  

Steve: A simple question: one thing that I've been trying to figure out, for a long time is the mind-set I've seen through all different age groups. I'm 45 myself; and most people, they parrot the saying of ‘do not talk about religion or politics’. Do you know where that originally came from that was put in for the people? 

Alan: Probably from those in religion and those in religion and those in politics! Ha-ha-ha!  

Steve: Well, how far back do you think that actually? 

Alan: It's not that old actually, because people talked religion and politics right up, in Europe, definitely, into World War I era. In the US it carried on much later, right up until the '50s. It was revived, to an extent, in the Reagan era, because they funded money into the big evangelical movement at the time, from the Government. Most of the time, they've tried to separate; it's the same thing too, they're always quoting Jefferson talking about separation of Church and State, but he was actually writing that to a private Baptist church that asked him the question. It wasn't in the American Constitution or anything.  

Steve: I was just wondering where it came from because, like I said, I've seen that through all different age groups and everybody goes along with that, but nobody knows where it came from. 

Alan: I know they do teach that in school now, as being politically incorrect, because they get group-think in school, to make sure that they're good little world citizens, where they all talk and have the same opinions on everything; therefore, they're not allowed to talk on anything that would cause dissent. They're actually getting taught that in schools, they have been for quite some time, in countries like Canada for instance.  

Steve: OK, one more quick question: I'm one of those amateur radio operators and we use VHF repeaters so we have extended range and the pattern that's been happening for like two years is: when I talk to other people about topics you talk about, for example, people just dead key over so we can't talk and they won't say a word. I thought you'd find that interesting.

Alan: Yes, I've listened to a lot of Ham, I pick it up here, I've got a receiver; and you're right, they'll talk about their rigs and everything else they're using, all equipment but they won't go into anything that matters. You're absolutely right.  

Steve: Yes, and that's exactly the problem I’m having here in North Indiana, it's just fascinating. 

Alan: The thing is too: they're scared of losing their licence, for talking politics.  

Steve: Well, the FCC will state that unless I'm talking to an international station, which would be outside the country, it is legal to talk about politics and religion.  So, since I'm on VHF which is only local, using the repeaters, say a 50 or 100 mile range, it's just one repeater after another and they just key up over, so we can't talk to each other, it's just amazing. 

Alan: Yes, but you're right, you're absolutely right, I thought it would be an interesting field with Ham having access to the world, talking to people, but all they'll talk about is their equipment or sports or something like that.  

Steve: Every once in while I'll come across somebody that's half way woke up or, like you said, the only time they will do something is when they're finally out on the street with no food, no job and nowhere to go and they’ll finally say 'what happened?' 

Alan: That's correct.  

Steve: Ok, I'll let you go for now Alan; thanks a lot. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. Now, we've got a Saint Savant here, Valley of the Damned, on the line, are you there? 

Saint Savant: How are you tonight?  

Alan: I'm hanging in here. 

Saint Savant: That's good Alan; it's a little chilly out there tonight, isn't it again? 

Alan: It's not too bad, not too bad. 

Saint Savant: Not too bad where you are? 

Alan: Not tonight, no, the 5 feet of snow is kind of cleared and shovelled and it warmed up a bit today. 

Saint Savant: Yeah, listen Alan, I just wanted to thank you personally, call up and thank you. I bought your books, the Cutting Through series, about a year ago. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed them, they are excellent and I suggest that anybody who wants to get into this research a little further, a little deeper, has to have your books. I also recently bought your newest book, Waiting for a Miracle, and the CDs to accompany that and I thought that was a really-really interesting way to do things. It certainly helps when you can read along, as you're listening to the audio. Everything just seems to stick a little longer in your mind. 

Alan: It does. 

Saint Savant: A very-very interesting way to do things. And I also appreciate the way you edited the words in that book.  

Alan: It's a lot of work to do that. 

Saint Savant: It really is; you must have been tied up for a year or more. 

Alan: It takes a long time. 

Saint Savant: I'm sure, but great work Alan, really good. I found with your Cutting Through series, I started reading, I read it the first time and was just enthralled by it, I was totally amazed and I waited about three months, read it again, another three months. I've read the series four times now and the last couple of times it's interesting, because nuggets are still; you know, you turn the page and they're dropping into your lap. 

Alan: That's right. 

Saint Savant: Something you've been thinking about and all of a sudden, it's clear now. So, very-very interesting style of writing, Alan, I really do appreciate it and you've helped me so much, I'll tell you, in my own research and I do have some research skills, I'm an ex-broadcaster and I have done research on occasion.

Alan: I can hear the music coming in now, so we're going to have to go off the show now, but thanks for calling. 

Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, where it's not quite a thaw yet but it'll get there this month, it's goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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