Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#272)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 9, 2009:

Emissary for the Necessary:

"I Watched Manly Hall, Face Inscrutable,
He Talked About Nature, Things Immutable,
Eventually Arriving at His Destination,
The Purpose of Life and Reincarnation,
Of Too Many People in All Variety,
Full or Starving, What Good to Society?
He Said the Purpose of the Human Race
Was to Go to the Stars, Populate Space,
In Fact the Story that He Tells
Was Like 'Things to Come' by H.G. Wells,
And Sustainability Came Out Loud,
His Talk Would Make Mr. Rockefeller Proud,
When You Compare the Two, They Sound the Same,
Like Two Old Pals in the Same Old Game"
© Alan Watt Mar. 9, 2009

Monday 9th  March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 9, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 9th 2009. 

I always advise newcomers to look into because, on the website, you’ll go into the audio archive section and you can listen to lots of talks I've given, in the past, where I try to paint a bigger picture for you, concerning the history of our times and that which has gone before, to show you how it's all connected towards a particular agenda. The future is always planned ahead, by those in power, otherwise they'd lose it and they don't intend to lose it. 

Also, look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download, print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

You know, you can't help but, you look at the occult connections, as they call it, it sounds very spooky to people and it attract a lot of people into the conspiracy sites or occultic sites for that which is hidden; and they tend to go off on tangents of trying to analyse symbols and so on, to make sense of what you're seeing. Why did the big corporations use particular Masonic logos? Why are they Masonic logos in the first place? What do these logos mean? Who are the mainstream Masonic writers today and who are the ones of the past? And you can go into their sites, such as Manley P. Hall, some of his old videos are up on Google in fact; and listen to him talking. Most people can listen to these talks; it’s just like listening to Aldous Huxley give speech at Berkeley, the most amazing things can be said in such a sweet way that you miss what's actually being said.  People have often admonished me when I go into Freemasonry being involved in eugenics; but, you see, if you've studied enough Freemasonry, you'll see it's all about eugenics and the laws of nature. You'll hear Manley P. Hall himself, in his own words, on Google, talk about the laws of nature, the immutable laws of nature, how you can't break them. What he's really referring to is not just the pollution of the planet; you've got to remember too, Manley P. Hall had benefactors who were very-very wealthy people, who made their money by polluting the planet, the same as the Rockefellers tend to fund a lot of so-called, (so-called, as I say) occultic societies and none so occultic, some of them are much more open; but it's all to do with eugenics. M.P. Hall himself says, in one of his videos on Google, what's the good of feeding someone - whether he be hungry or full in his belly - what good is he to society? They're talking about eugenics and the useless eaters. That's what they mean, the only difference is, they can couch it in very pleasant wording and before they go into these particular topics, they'll suck you in, by having you agree, in the philosophical tradition of Plato, with certain points along the way; and once you've said 'yes, yes I agree, I agree' you're brought into the next step of agreeing too, automatically; that's what philosophy teaches, at least for those who study it.

The useless eaters concept is nothing new at all, all the big players who helped shape the present society we live in, the ones who hollered about eugenics and the need to sterilise the vast amount of useless eaters on the planet, people like Huxley (Thomas and the later Huxleys, Julian and Aldous), Bertrand Russell, all the rest of them and those who worked at Cold Spring Harbor Project, again, under a philosophical society. It's all to do with wiping out inferior types. 

Back in a moment - after this break.

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. I get flak at times, from people in Masonry, who have written to me and denounced me, basically, for hitting at Freemasonry, of which they're members. However, those at the bottom really don't know much about what it's really about; they think it truly is a self-improvement club of some kind. And that you have to go into the writings, as I say, of Manley P. Hall, who was well-financed, from the very beginning, to do his work; and he had a very-very wealthy patron who set him up in the luxury of a king, while he churned out his books on the occult.

Of course, the occult itself, to do with Kabbalah, they always mix Kabbalah into it. In fact, he did his main writings on Rosicrucianism in Kabbalah; and, of course, Rosicrucianism too. If you understand what Rosicrucianism is all about too, it's the same agenda for the last 500 years, to do with the wrong kind of people being bred; and if they didn't exist, how wonderful it would be for those who are of higher intellect and moral character etc. What you'll hear them talking about often, in Freemasonry, is the word integrity; something Manley P. Hall uses all the time, integrity. We all think we know what integrity means but he's talking about being true to the laws of nature: never marrying beneath your class-type level, you might say or your intellectual level or physical level, otherwise you’ll produce the wrong kind of offspring, that's what they're talking about there.  I've heard so many people who have been enthralled by his books and the books are enthralling, because, as I say, they're written in such a way, to pull you in, through philosophy, that's the trick of philosophy, that’s the trick that Plato keeps showing you, of starting off with things that everyone must agree upon and gradually, once they are saying 'yes yes' you lead them off into the path you want them to think upon - and act upon, ultimately, as a belief - and that's how Hall does it. He died around 1990 I believe; but he set up his own society, in California, which is still on-going today. 

Rosicrucianism, as I say, broke out around the 1500s, there's no doubt whatsoever, in the court of England of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Those around her, Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, John Dee, Bacon, were all members of the Rosicrucian sect. The history itself goes back much further, into what was southern France at the time, and different societies broke out like the Cathars and Albigensians. The Albigensians used early Kabbalah and the Kabbalah itself wasn't really finished until about the 1500s, when the last of the Zohar was added to it.  They were using the amulets and the old magical Hebrew writings and talismans etc, to entice people in to them. Mystery is a great thing, as Weishaupt said, to bring in new members, who work for you; and so they've always used these symbols, which are very enchanting, even the drawings can be very enchanting, they pull you in and that's what enchantment means. That's the kind of things that they use to cover themselves and they had to do that at one time, because, at one time, the church itself, the Catholic Church, was the only main opposition they ever had; and, at that time, the Catholic Church had tremendous power, over life and death, to do with heretics and those who were trying to subvert. Very-very old history; but, as I say, they use symbols, passwords and other techniques of communication to each other, where the average person can stand next to them and miss it, you'd never even notice anything different about it but you'll miss the signs and the symbols. As Albert Pike said:  

We never speak so openly as when we do amongst the general public. 

Meaning: the public never really understand what they're hearing; you think you understand, but you're not really hearing it at all. That's really what the occult is, it's something which is hidden; but it's a religion which is very-very old. It's had its share of persecution, because it did intend always to overthrow existing religions, as it still does today. In fact, under the present scheme at the United Nations, to be accepted as a religion of any kind, mainstream or otherwise, you have to say that, and basically give an oath to the fact, that you don't have exclusive truth, that no one has exclusive truth. So, if you're all-inclusive of all other religions, you will be accepted; and even that is temporary, because the UN really only promotes one religion under the cover of the Bahá'í faith. 

I'll try and find that link and maybe put it up before the end of the night, if this computer's working, the computer's all out of whack today, for some reason; and so is yahoo, it seems. However, as I say, they've always made these great plans, great plans which they never change; because it takes so many years to get the plans organised and then implemented. When they came up with the idea of claiming global warming and blaming mankind as the enemy, it took a lot of financing, a lot of work; and, eventually, even getting courses laid out and then implemented and taught in schools, to teach the young people about greening of the planet etc. It's all part of it; and when the global warming isn't working out too well, it won't matter, it won't matter if we're standing up to our necks in snow, they'll still say it's global warming and we're causing it, because that's the agenda, that's how crazy it is, right now. 

Here's an article from The Telegraph, March the 7th 2009: 

Climate 'denial' is now a mental disorder

Christopher Booker is bemused by the wild rhetoric of the climate change lobby. 

It says: 

How odd that, last Monday, none of our media global warming groupies should have bothered to report what was billed to be "the largest ever demonstration for civil disobedience over climate change". There was talk of hundreds of thousands of protestors converging on Washington to hear Jim Hansen, the scientist who talks of coal-fired power stations as "factories of death", call yet again for all coal plants to be closed. Perhaps the lack of coverage was due to the fact that, before Hansen arrived to address a forlorn group of several hundred hippies, Washington was blanketed in nearly a foot of snow. 

It was generally another bad week for the warmists. The Met Office, which has been one of the chief pushers of the global warming scare for 20 years, 

And it has, too, because it's the agenda, right? 

had to admit that this has been "Britain's coldest winter for 13 years", despite its prediction last September that the winter would be "milder than average". This didn't of course stop it predicting that 2009 will be one of "the top-five warmest years on record".  

They're never right but it doesn't matter you see because the agenda takes precedence over fact. 

US climate sceptics such as those on the Watts Up With That website, for whom the predictions of the UK Met Office have become a regular source of amusement, recalled its forecast that 2007 would be "the warmest year on record globally", just before global temperatures dived by nearly a full degree Celsius, cancelling out the entire net warming of the past 100 years.  

This is the madness we live in, you see, the facts don't matter. 

Ever wilder wax the beleaguered warmists in their rhetoric. Our science minister Lord Drayson said last week he was "shocked" to find how many of the captains of industry he meets are "climate deniers". This was the same Lord Drayson who, as our defence procurement minister, assured Parliament in 2006 that Snatch Land Rovers

That’s the army vehicles.

afforded "the level of protection we need". The continuing death toll of soldiers in these unprotected vehicles approaches 40.  

In other words, the guy's always wrong, right? 

Even Drayson is outbid, however, by the groupies in The Guardian, who now suggest that people like Christopher Booker should no longer be compared to "Holocaust deniers" but consigned to even more outer darkness by branding them as climate "Creationists", the dirtiest word they know. Meanwhile at the University of the West of England in Bristol this weekend, a conference of "eco-psychologists", led by a professor, are solemnly exploring the notion that "climate change denial" should be classified as a form of "mental disorder".  

This is how far it's going. I used to wonder, you know, I used to think that the Soviet Union was bad enough, because it was the height / the epitome of political correctness, which changed every week, like Orwell put in his book '1984': you had to be able to download and assimilate the new data, per day, as though you'd never had data about it before, as though it was brand new to you, even though what you had before was the opposite to it.  That's where we are today; it's a form of Pavlovian madness. It says: 

I myself am off this weekend to New York, to join all the top "deniers", "creationists" and victims of psychic disorder at a conference organised by the Heartland Institute. It is an honour to be asked to speak alongside such luminaries as Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT, Dr Fred Singer, founder of the US satellite weather forecasting service, and the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus (not to mention those two revered climate bloggers, Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit and Anthony Watts). I shall report on this historic event next week.  

That's what you've got in this world, as I say, it's absolutely mad, it's crazy but that's what we're supposed to go along with and you're called a climate denier or simply mad, if you don't say that it's global warming. Right now, there's a storm ripped through a good part of the Mid-West in the US, I think all the way from Oklahoma up through Ohio and into part of Chicago even; and it's heading up my way right now. It's a full ice storm which has brought trees down and power lines down and there are thousands of people now without any power. So, it's quite the global warming we're going through right now indeed. 

I can hear the music coming and I'll go on about this - after this break. 

== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing you how ridiculous things are becoming, because big agendas have been made and they won't fall back on them, they can't go back and say that they were wrong. The one thing they must always do at the top of all governments is to deny they're wrong, they can never ever say they're wrong, because they believe they'll lose confidence or the people would lose confidence in them if they ever do. And that's standard and traditional, that they always cover themselves, at the expense of whatever or whoever, it doesn't matter.  In the last ten years or so, we've watched so many covert operations occurring, strange things happening, like 9/11, where everyone knew what was going to happen, except, supposedly, those at the top of the US Presidency.  I can remember when it happened and a man from MI6 in Britain talked on the BBC and said they'd warned the US that this was going to happen, everyone knew, Israel knew, except the US; and it just happened to be that day of course they were having this dummy drill on the towers being hit by just such an occurrence. Then they had the same thing in Britain, with the bombings, where it just happens on that same day the bombings occurred at three different spots the practice bombings were going to happen, in those very same three different spots, that same day. It's the same thing, over and over.  Here's an article, out of Ireland, from Wiseup Journal, by Gabriel O’Hara on the 9th of March 2009: 

Yet another incident corresponds with covert operations/exercise. 

It’s from the Belfast Telegraph: 

“It happened just 36 hours after Northern Ireland Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde confirmed that undercover soldiers had been called in to carry out surveillance operations amid warnings that the threat against his officers and military personnel was at its highest for almost a decade. “No-one has yet claimed responsibility for the shooting, but republicans opposed to the peace process were immediately blamed. 

Now, Ireland's been a thorn in the side of the EU for quite some time, as you well know; and these latest shootings happened at an army barracks I think when, supposedly, guys were delivering pizza and the guys came out to get it and they got shot, it was a set-up. But, isn't it odd that they sent in Special Forces, before it all happened, you see? It says here, looking at the past of Northern Ireland, this is from the 9th of the 2nd 2008:  

Trained bombers working for the British Government, a good use of tax money?  

“Police refused to comment on the disclosure, which will be deeply embarrassing for Mr Adams, 

This is 2008. 

the Sinn Fein president, 

This is the head, the outer spokesman. They always have two groups, one that does the actual work, they always pretend that there's a political party that's not attached to them, but they really speak for them, so that's Sinn Féin.  Gerry Adams is the Sinn Féin President, he's been like that for years 

after the sensational disclosure two years ago that one of his closest aides 

This is Sinn Féin's closest aid. 

also worked for MI5. Donaldson served a sentence for an IRA bombing and later was instrumental in the Republican movement’s contacts with Middle Eastern groups. Donaldson was shot dead five months after he admitted working as a double-agent,” Denis Donaldson, one of the most senior figures in Sinn Fein entrusted by Gerry Adams: “On 16 December 2005, senior Sinn Féin member Denis Donaldson appeared before TV cameras in Dublin and confessed to being a British spy for twenty years.”  

Who was running these boys? You see what I'm getting at? Would things really happen the way they're presented to the public - like 9/11 - that no one knew anything about at the top, except the rest of the world's Intelligence services, or the bombings in London? And then, the same thing’s happened in Ireland here.  He's got references here to things, other places where Special Forces have been involved. This is from the 19.09.2008, by Louis Shawcross, from Irish Independent:  

“THIS week the BBC’s ‘Panorama’ programme revealed that the intelligence services were monitoring mobile phone calls made by the bombing team who were responsible for the Omagh atrocity. “One wonders why there wasn’t any action taken to prevent the bombing.  

That's very similar to the World Trade Tower first bombing that they had, remember? People have forgotten all about that; and some of the perpetrators were put on trial and one of them had the savvy to tape record his FBI handler. They had handlers, these guys; and his handler got the equipment for the bomb to be made and the plans and when it came to making it, he says we're not going to put a real bomb in there surely? And the guy says: 'yeah you are'. That's when the guy started taping all his subsequent conversations with his handler. That was in court, that came out in court, in the US. Getting back to this one, in Ireland here; here they are, monitoring the phone calls, as the bombing team were going to their target, but nobody interrupted, why?  

“Juxtaposed with these revelations are the reports by reputable journalists in Iraq (e.g. Max Fuller and Robert Fisk), who have uncovered evidence that allied forces have been directly involved in acts of terrorism for the purposes of inciting sectarian divisions between the Iraqi people. 

And that's a fact, they were; remember when that happened just a few years ago and they had to go in with tanks to rescue these two guys that were caught dressed like Arabs? Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and I'm just pointing out some of things that have happened in the past, where covert operations have gone ahead, always to blame someone else, in order to get something going, you see? And I'm reading from WiseUp Journal and it has a few articles on the past, about these particular operations, just some of them, because there have been many of them, where provocateurs are sent in, under the guise as terrorists, to get the whole ball going, get the ball rolling down the hill. The end justifies the means, you see, in the high intellectual circles of intelligentsia at security services. They plan strategies and it's always to fool the public - the public must never catch on - and it's got to be something that’s grotesque and horrible, so they'll say 'my god, they should do something about that', which they immediately do, they get the place full of security men, police and all the rest of it and then you're getting searched wherever you go. That's how you control the public.

Getting back to this article here, from the 20.11.2005, by Terri Judd and Colin Brown: 

“Two British servicemen, 

This is in Iraq. 

dressed in civilian clothes, were held at Basra’s main police station after the incident. Outside, rioting began as the city threatened to descend into anarchy. “Last night, British forces used up to 10 tanks - supported by helicopters - to smash through the walls of the jail and free the two British servicemen. John Reid, the Defence Secretary, later confirmed they were back with UK forces.  

They were Special Forces. They were found with a truck full of explosives and they were wearing Arab costume at the time; and the whole idea was to get two sectarian groups of Iraqis fighting each other. It's quite something isn't it? And it's even more amazing how they just print it in the paper, to give the official versions, generally, and leave it at that. It says here: 

Have you been Convinced in to giving unaccountable covert branches of Government more power? 

By the Independent, Rosamond Hutt, Press Association 25.02.2009 

Anti-terror fight ‘will need privacy sacrifice’ “Citizens will have to sacrifice their right to privacy in the fight against terrorism, a former senior security official warned today. “Sir David Omand, 

I've spoken about him before. 

the Cabinet Office’s former security and intelligence co-ordinator, “In a research paper on national security strategy, Sir David wrote: ‘Finding out other people’s secrets is going to involve breaking everyday moral rules.’ 

And I read that whole report last week, I believe it was.  They cause the problem and say 'look, there's chaos out there, we're going to take all your rights away and monitor you all. We're going to break every moral rule'. That's what he said, "everyday moral rules"  

‘Finding out other people’s secrets is going to involve breaking everyday moral rules.’ 

“‘Being able to demonstrate proper legal authorisation and appropriate oversight of the use of such intrusive intelligence activity may become a major future issue for the intelligence community, if the public at large is to be convinced of the desirability of such intelligence capability.’  

We have to be convinced it's for our own good, you see, having no privacy whatsoever. 

“Sir David said such information may be held in national records, covered by Data Protection legislation, but it might also be held offshore by other nations or by global companies, 

There's your private-public deal going on there, just privatising everything. You see, the private sector: when they privatise an army, or even the intelligence service, it's no longer responsible to Parliaments or Congress. You see how it works? There's no Geneva Convention for them, when it comes to torture etc. Remember that because it's coming down soon, to a place near you. 

Now, I'll go to the phones and there's John from Winnipeg there, are you there John? Hello, John? 

John: Hello sir, Mr. Watt. 

Alan: Yes, go ahead. 

John: How are you doing? 

Alan: Not so bad. 

John: I'm so sorry to bother you, there's somebody knocking at my door but it's not going to matter here. I just wanted to make clear that I've been a supporter of yours for a very long time and telling people that you are a vestige of something that is not seen today and I'm not kissing your ass sir. The bottom line is that people need to hear you and I'm doing all I can. I'm a very poor man. I'm Will from Philadelphia. Your station owner has banned me, I've been banned from talk radio for talking about the real solution to Codex Alimentarius and I'm crying inside. You don't have to talk about Codex Alimentarius because what you talk about is so important that people need to hear it and I'll tell you what, I've spent, in the aggregate, $1000 promoting you. You need to be heard, as far as I'm concerned, you stand alone; and it's enough kissing your butt. What I want to talk about is I just want to put out an all points bulletin on the fact that Codex Alimentarius is coming and it already hit Canada hard core, no sir?  

Alan: Yes. 

John: And Canada, I just looked into, I just did some research and Canada, you know Ewan Cameron and stuff; Canada has been hit hard with the experiments. 

Alan: Oh, big time. In fact, Canada, the Canadians were the test bed for all the GM food, for ten years, without our knowledge. 

John: It was and now you're getting sprayed up there, like madness; and now this Codex Alimentarius is coming in and I just want to warn people that we have a woman from Natural Solutions Foundation, Rima Laibow, who has just propelled herself from a Ufologist, psychologist and hypnotist, to be a natural foods proprietor. She has no history in this and her husband is Dr. Stubblebine. The owner of the station didn't even know who Dr. Stubblebine was and when I mentioned 9/11, he said 'we have bigger fish to fry'. I don't agree with that; I lost three people on 9/11, two of them which were blown to smithereens, from the controlled demolition, their bone fragments were found 700 feet away, in some cases on roof tops. I'm very pissed off, 9/11 will live forever; so, for the owner of the station to call that old news and he has bigger fish to fry makes my blood boil. Now, Rima Laibow and her husband Psy-ops specialist Major Albert Stubblebine are nothing but Psy-ops specialists. 

Alan: I've other reports about that too though. Personally, this is what I always tell people: I don't think you can meet anyone who is ex-CIA or ex-FBI.  

John: Never champion anyone Alan, I know; but, you know what, you I champion. I'm sorry, go ahead. 

Alan: Yes, because I read an article years ago, on the radio, it was from the Toronto Star to do with how the CIA even had set up patriot stations from the 1960s, on short wave radio, and how they funded Christian front groups to fight Communism.  To be honest with you, I do know there's a lot of fakes within it. 

John: They always make known that it started with, it's been there for hundreds of years; they sell gold. Now, is it a coincidence that the two patriot stations among us are owned, their parent companies are gold brokers? Now GCN and RBN, in my opinion, are nothing but advanced elaborate data-gathering mechanisms. That is the bottom line and did you say, I just wanted to end this on a happy note, did you say when the shit hits the fan on Alex … 

Alan: Pardon? I think he's gone; but, well, everyone has their opinion and, I think, within shortwave radio, there's no doubt, over the years and I know who they are, there's been definite infiltrators, some were obvious, Bo Gritz was obvious and, after 9/11, after being on the shortwave radio for years, Colonel Bo Gritz came out on national television, in a news interview, on the congressional steps, saying, and he blamed it right away on those crazy patriot types that run around forests with guns. That was the man who, literally, was getting the names of all the patriots out there, Colonel Bo Gritz; and I taped that interview too.  They have had their fakes out there and why not? Because that's what Intelligence is all about. Gritz himself used to say that he left the Pentagon with hip pocket orders; that's what he was taking about.

You've got to use your own discernment and you have to understand too, that whenever truth is getting put out, there's always going to be counter-intelligence coming from somewhere else. Counter-intelligence generally works very simply: it takes a lot of the facts that you have and you're hearing about and you're reading about, it will shout about those facts, it'll even give you new facts, which you've never had a hold of before, and so they become the first to say it; and then they add the ridiculous into it and you discredit the facts. It’s a very simple technique: discredit the facts by adding fantasy to it. 

We'll go now to Derek from Philly, you there Derek? 

Derek: Hey Alan, it's Derek from Philadelphia. Wow, I just have so much to say to the last caller, because it seems like he may. It's hard to even put into words but I actually wrote some stuff down, while he was speaking. Anyway, Rima Laibow, I mean, I can't really explain to someone else simply what I feel inside myself about another person but my discernment or whatever you want to call it. Just look at her and listen to her talk, that's all I can really say. And anyway, and also Alex Jones and GCN, I'm sure you're making an underhanded swipe at him. I know that gold-brokering is basically a coincidence.  

Alan: I wasn't swiping at Alex. 

Derek: Not you, of course, not you Alan, not you. 

Alan: There are, as I say, there always have been, and what I used to notice, is someone would come out with a book, he'd be around every patriot station within two days, which meant there was coordination between all the different stations, to push the same kind of character. And they come and go, come and go; but you know something? They've never ever tried to give us solutions to anything, except vote, just vote for this party or that party.  

Derek: Well, specifically, I think, in the patriot movement, I've noticed Alex Jones has been here for a long time, anyone who's been around for a while knows that Alex Jones has been going forever it seems; and he's just an incredible man and he really represents something in the movement. I know we call it the 'movement' and sometimes we associate ourselves with it, in group, which isn't really such a great idea, like you say, but in just the exposition of this evil reality that we live in and he, I've noticed when I first started looking into him, he was much more aggressive and genuinely just aggressive and angry and now he's turned into a preacher, Alan, if you know what I mean?  

Alan: That's right, anger isn't going to get us anywhere; and, mind you, there's plenty to be angry about and that's the first thing we have to contain is the anger because there's nothing so horrendous has been done to pretty-well every country in the world. The US has been turned upside-down since 9/11, upside-down and it isn't finished yet. They're not finished with it and they will have troops on the street shortly, it's all planned this way and there's plenty to be furious about. My god, you've just had the bankers plunder every country on the planet and be rewarded for it; and this is the same establishment we want to keep over us?  

Derek: Yes, well, I mean those sentiments hit home.  You were actually speaking before about the conflict in Iraq and the setting up of staged, basically, staged factions to war with one another. Well Joe Biden the current Vice President was actually, back in the day 2004 / 2005 he was the main proponent of dividing Iraq into three separate factional territories. 

Alan: That's right, that was to be their strategy. 

Derek: Yes, so, I was thinking that, I was wondering why it's not happening. 

Alan: In fact, he wrote a book about it. 

Derek: I wasn't aware of that, Alan. No, it's just brushed off. Well, anyway, Alan, so, I think I've said what I want to say and anyway you can personally check out everything you want, I know you have a good discernment as well. So, it just hurts me personally almost when someone would say, especially Will from Philadelphia, he's even in the same city as I am, I’m aware, you know, saying these things, that are so objectionable to me.  

Alan: Yes, but everybody has to say what they feel you know or how they see it and again too, this is so deep, we often change what we think as we go along.  On what he was touching on too: there's a lot of phoneys out there, that have been set up in the health fields and all the rest of it. Because they give us our leaders you know, they do give us our leaders and we tend to follow them and then we follow them over the cliff, because that's where they're heading. He's quite right about the Codex thing. See, ultimately, and I've noticed this in the pharmacies here in Canada, there's many medicines that used to be bought on the shelf are disappearing already; and from bronchodilators especially, the very things you would need in a flu attack, they've all been taken off the shelves, over the last three years. Vitamins, eventually, are going to be by prescription only, including minerals as well. And our food now is so undernourished, because you can grow big potatoes by putting on the fertilizers, but you're not putting minerals and vitamins back into the soil. So, this has been set up for a future scenario, they don't want a healthy population, so I do understand what's really going on here, I do understand it, because why would they suddenly want to make vitamins prescription only?

Derek: Ok, I just wanted to say specifically about Rima Laibow and Codex Alimentarius, I don't know, I honestly don't even know what his, or your, disagreement is with her because everything you're saying is exactly concurrent with what she says. She's toeing the line, of good, basically and I haven't found a single thing that I disagree with her about that specifically.  Thank you for speaking to you Alan, thank you so much. 

Alan: Thanks for calling; and I'll be back - after this break with more on different topics. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and we've got John from Ontario there, are you there John?  

John: Hello Alan. 

Hello: Hi, I'm 80 by years old, I lived through the Second World War II, in Holland and my idea is that: if we could break away from the bankers in England and make the Federal Reserve truly American again, like before 1913, we would be able to overcome. And would it be possible to unify and inform enough American people to put this demand forward? I'm thinking particularly in terms of unifying all the talk show hosts and bring this message across every day, so that more and more Americans will become aware that the Federal Reserve is the key issue to have a possible solution. What do you think of this idea, Alan?  

Alan: It's possible, again that was suggested by Jackson the President, the same thing; and he also wanted oversight committees, drawn from the civilian population who would rotate, they'd be ordinary people at the bottom, not old school tie boys, who would watch over the guys who were handling the accounts etc. You would definitely need that, it's a closed shop you see, they always create a closed shop and you don't know what's going on, therefore you'd have to have civilian oversight at all times but with different people being chosen at lot from the population.  

John: Yeah, I'm particularly worried, of course, of too many Congress people belonging to the wrong ilk, the Zionist side of the story. We need more moral patriotic people in the Congress. 

Alan: Well, the thing is too, the problem is, I always say which bunch of millionaires do you want to vote for, this bunch or that bunch? Because, they're all lawyers, they've all been up in business, they all know each other. They've all been vetted by higher authorities; in fact, Jackson also wanted to do away with the electoral Board, the ones that put these guys forward, so, you know, until that was done, you wouldn't have a chance, you'd have to start from scratch and that should be done actually. You should have your ordinary people, from your own neighbourhood, it doesn't matter who you are, or what you work at, you should be allowed to go and speak for your community. That was the whole idea of the way the government was set up: to speak for your community, not for the Party. 

John: So, theoretically then, this idea could work, if you could get enough people on the bandwagon? 

Alan: Yes, theoretically. 

John: Oh that's a little bit of hope I can throw out there. I kind of feel lucky I'm 80! Ha-ha! 

Alan: I know what you mean. 

John: This nightmare that's coming, I feel it exactly. In 1939, I was 10 years old and my uncles were talking about the coming war with Hitler and all that and I felt this thing coming over me, like the darkest cloud in the world, and I have that same feeling today. 

Alan: You're right, it's tangible, it's in the air, it’s happening, you're right. 

John: Well, thanks a lot Alan, you're doing great work. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. And we've got Jeff in Arizona. 

Jeff: Hello Alan. Yes, I wanted to touch on the Albert Stubblebine / Rima Laibow thing again. 

Alan: Be very quick because I can hear the music! 

Jeff: OK, very well: they're totally legitimate; he has exposed the Pentagon inconsistencies. He talks about Chemtrails. They aren't well-funded, they're doing great work, they enlightened me to Codex and they have a great website, so I just wanted to help clear the air. 

Alan: OK, thanks for calling. 

Jeff: Thank you. 

Alan: That's the show for tonight folks; it's been rather brief, it seemed to just rush in. So, from Hamish and myself: it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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