Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#273)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 10, 2009:

To the Secretary of The Consecrate Secret:

"The Obelisk, The Phallus, a Type of Steeple,
Symbol of Special Selection of the 'Better' People,
Experimental Cults as Bespoken by Sages,
Hidden Behind Religions Down Through Ages,
Shrewd and Cunning, Well-Fed, Good Health,
Enabled Acquisition of Incredible Wealth,
Always Their Plan, the Fanatical Belief,
To Inherit the World and Give It Relief
From ill-Bred Masses, Inferior Evolution,
The Plan Underway, Final Solution,
Fewer Babies are Born, the 'Old Man' Dies,
Most People are Sick, the Youth Sterilized,
Stealth Military Precision, Agenda on Course,
The 'Fit' to Inherit All Earth's Resource"
© Alan Watt Mar. 10, 2009

Tuesday 10th  March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 10, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 10th 2009. 

I always give this little talk at the beginning for newcomers, because there are always people coming into the show, and word sometimes does travel slowly, sometimes quickly, but eventually they come round and they listen to the show and there's more and more people joining all the time. So, I advise them to go to website and you can have hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past to listen to, where I try to give you a bigger picture than the one the mainstream media gives you or the history books that are dished out to your schools will tell you, to show you how the big game is really played.  The fact is, we're living in an agenda, an agenda that encompasses every political party of the mainstream that's out there, in every country, pretty well, and it's been here for a long-long time. An agenda that's not pleasant whatsoever, if you knew what it's already done to you, you'd have to take action and there's a lot I don't speak about, that I do know about, what's happened physically to people too and why; and the causes and the reasons for it, because nothing happens by accident on a large scale, unless it's planned that way. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks I've given in the past and you can print them up, they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

As I say: we're living in an agenda, an incredible agenda really; and when you embark upon the study of the big banks, the big associations, the Foundations and all the Non-Governmental Organisations, all of the universities getting funded by these Foundations to research in specific areas and to give the data back to the Foundations. These Foundations, as I say, are supported by bankers, multi-national corporations, international corporations and pharmaceutical companies. If you want to know why people are so sick, you have to do your homework and go in to who really manages your food and the big chemical companies that go hand in glove with them all, because they all know each other, they're all tied together and they've known each other at least a couple of hundred years, all of these families (and a lot longer, by the way). 

In military strategy, you go for the basic things first, even when you besiege a town or a castle, in olden times, you go for the water supply and the food, very simple. It's also been known by archaeologists and those who study ancient cultures; they experimented, even in Egypt, with specific diets for slaves, to see how efficient, yet dumb, they could make them. How much energy they should have, enough to do the work but not to revolt; and when your body is lethargic, your mind is lethargic too, a very old lesson that's never been lost, and look around you today. I've given many reports in the past, about the food we're eating, what's in it, even the fact that mercury has been used all along, for fifty years, for processed foods and you wonder why people are physically falling apart. They can't handle the artificial sugars they're given now, they're pretty-well synthetic, they blow up like balloons on them; they can't handle the processed / modernised hybrid oils. They get obese and overweight, that's why it's been done; you don't want to conquer a world when you've got a healthy population to fight back. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the big agenda, the big plan that we live through and your parents lived through as well - and grandparents as well - a very old agenda, step-by-step-by-step, very Fabian in technique. At one time they used to think it would take seventy years to alter society and the values and the culture of society, to work on, with propaganda and heavily-financed education, to change the society into the one they wanted. Even in 1933, the head of the NKVD, that became the KGB in Russia, in a Comintern meeting, stated they already could do great upgrades with human beings, every three years. They could advance more and more and more in such a scientific way, if they could get the children very young, at kindergarten, you could indoctrinate them so quickly; and right through their schooling terms, they'd be completely different people by the end of their education. Well, you can imagine what it's like today; it's so fast, so fast. 

When you remember the farce of the Y2K fiasco, when the press brought up the topic, that was their job, of course, to get the hype going, very sensational. Even though computer experts and scientists said nothing will happen to computers, there was all this hullabaloo about it and the media would go into the streets and ask the ordinary person in the street: "Do you believe in Y2K?"  It wasn't what do you think of it or what do you know of it, but do you believe in it? That was the first hint that it was all a big con but it was getting us ready for something. Then, afterwards, the scientists said well the twenty-first century really begins in 2001; that was the year to kick off the whole big part of the agenda. Remember, the professors were already teaching, they were already teaching that the twenty-first century was to be THE century for change. That's why the marketing boys came up with the slogan for Obama, Change is Good, which is a really dumb-dumb phrase, because, if you accept it, without knowing what kind of change they're talking about, you're an idiot. The death camps could be change, to what you're living in right now. However, marketing doesn't appeal to the intellect, it bypasses the intellect, until the sheep chant slogans; and after all, Lenin said: We shall win by slogans.  

What's happening in this world is a world war, it's a world war - it's a war to eradicate all that was - to bring in that which is new, completely new. And people are probably bored stiff of the whole Cold War era and the pre-Cold War era, to do with Communism versus Capitalism, it was all a big con, because the Capitalists funded Communism to begin with. Communism would simply be a more efficient way to control the people and have them work for nothing, basically; that's what Orwell's Animal Farm was all about, if you read it right through to the end.  

It was also a way to bring in a new society, the society that Bertrand Russell, Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley and many-many others talked about, where the children would not be 'contaminated' and that's the term they use. Not be contaminated by their parents’ prejudices; and we do have that today. There are parents now in Britain who are going to be fined or charged, maybe even imprisoned, if they refuse to allow their 10 year old and under children attend the new gay sexual classes in school, regardless of their religion.  What you find under Liberalism, it's a disguise for all of this, for a long-long time. What you find underneath it, under all this tolerance nonsense, because that's all it is, is tolerance nonsense, they're the most intolerant group ever, because it's their way or no way, you see. Not only that, they will put people in prison, the people with opposing views on anything, because, under the Communist ideology, they're contaminated, their thoughts are contaminated; and they can pass on those contaminated thoughts to other people, god forbid, to pass on those values of what they call 'contamination' to the young.

The war too was to do with creating a new perfect human being, the ones that would serve them. That's why a very old society was set up, in the United States, before the revolutionary war, under the title of a ‘philosophical society’, Ben Franklin and many of the Founding Fathers were members of it; and even then, it was a cover, because it really was a scientific society where they discussed, and those who read Jefferson's writings will find out this is true. They were very interested in the different races and ethnic groups of people. They were already into eugenics. Not only did they study their physical appearances, and like anthropologists, study their ways of life, they were into their body build, their intellectual level and that kind of stuff, before the revolutionary war. This particular society is still on the go today and they have the greatest amount of information to do with eugenics; these are the ones who funded the Cold Springs Harbour facility for Davenport and his eugenics society. These are the same people who funded the first genetic research into altering, not just animals, but people, because the US was created for a great work. It was founded on the Great Work, the old occultic symbols, the symbols are everywhere in the US, the phoenix is all over Washington DC, not the eagle. The symbology of the phoenix, going into the fire, as it dies and renews itself again, is a symbol of an old-old system being reborn, every 500 years or so; at least through mythologies, that's what they say, 500 years.  

It's astonishing how time can eradicate history and I've got old-old books written right after the revolutionary war, which give you a completely different spin on things, as to what actually happened. And all the fights that went on about different parties already involved with a different ideas on freedom and what freedom is and freedom for who and for whom. And it is true that Franklin himself said the system, and Jefferson backed him up: the system would only work so long as the culture remained as an agricultural society, where everyone was self-sufficient. Once they went into commerce and specialisation and left the farms, they'd lose their self-sufficiency and they would be dominated by the monetary elite; that happened very quickly.

In the 1800s, and you can do various searches for these topics, mainstream documentaries have been made about the factory towns, where you were owned, basically, by the boss who owned the factory town. They were all over the US; they already had them all over the UK and parts of Europe too; that's where it all came from.  You would earn your money: just enough to pay the rent to the company Factor and the Factor of course gave the rent to his boss, who owned the whole town, so the money that you earned was going right back into the guy who owned the town, he'd own the stores and everything. They'd even bring in a preacher and they selected the preachers to keep you humble and content. These are the real stories that went on within the United States.

Behind that was a bigger plan; and for anyone who studied the Owenites, the Owen Society, the Utopians, high Freemasons, and he wasn't the first one to try this, Voltaire did the same thing, where they started their own towns. They owned the towns and if you wanted to get married to anyone in the town, you had to come before the person who owned it, with your wife; and they would literally say if you were matched up well or not and they had they had the final say, the boss had the final say. These were experiments in eugenics. Nowhere else in the world was there the ability, because of the way it was set up, was America, to try out eugenics in a big-big way.

I've talked about the Oneida society before, the Oneida Society, you find that the leader knew exactly what he was doing when he set it up and they went under the guise or the cover of Christianity; but they were also given incredible amounts of land by very rich people. In fact, the guy who ran the organisation at Oneida, his cousin, became a president of the United States. They were given incredible amounts of money and who was in touch with them? Charles Darwin was in touch with them, because they put out newsletters on how they mated up the people and what kind of offspring there'd be. It was forbidden to mate with anyone who wasn't authorised; and even then, there was to be no emotional contact whatsoever. Every week, you'd have two or three different partners, it would depend, and they had a person who assigned partners to everyone else. It's never been said what happened to all the unwanted offspring that there must have been; and it isn't until 1948 or so, or just after World War II, perhaps because of what was happening in Germany, and the eugenics side of things, that they burned most of their records. Why would they wait all of that time to do so?   

The US, as I say, was set up with so many loopholes, to allow this kind of thing to happen. It wouldn't have been tolerated anywhere else. Eugenics, eugenics, eugenics, from the beginning to the end. Even some of the founding families, that created their organisations, wrote copiously on how proud they were of their family-perfect lineages. 

Back with more - after this break. 

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Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix; and I don't often say things which please everybody, because we like traditions and we like our founding mythologies, but they're written and re-written and re-written and so on; and today, they're re-writing them again and re-interpreting them, to get Washington and all the other guys to agree with what's happening today. That's how lawyers take words and spin things, by going over legalities and re-interpreting it, to suit the times.  

Getting back to special breeding, there's nothing new in it at all. You've had royal families for as old as so-called civilisation that's given to us and I say given to us because we don't know how old it truly is. They talk about the invention of writing and records being kept. We do know that kinds and queens often married their sisters and brothers. Later on, you had the banking families doing exactly the same thing, royal bankers basically, keeping it all together. That's exactly what the Rothschilds were doing; and I'm sure their family lineage goes way-way back in breeding, long before they were called the Rothschilds. You had kings and queens inheriting countries; you had bankers inheriting the finances of the countries, down through the ages. In the 1500s, when the Rosicrucians broke out, openly, they always said it was to do with inferior man and the superior man, always the same rant: superior / inferior.  

Go back all the way to Plato, when he gives the Dialogues, the talks he gave, supposedly, to his students, his questions and answers. His Dialectic approach as to why some people know some things easily and they can pick up geometry, for instance, and other ones had a hard time and Plato came to the conclusion that, you see, the aristocracy had been reincarnated so many times that it was familiar to them; that was what they came to. I'm not saying it’s true, I'm saying that's what they wanted to believe, because, after all, it boosts the ego when you think you're so special, so perfect. I've heard reincarnationists today, high Masons, say the same thing.  Plato also talked about that he was trained in Egypt, he skipped the country, when Socrates was condemned to death; he skipped the country, because he was part of the intrigues that were going on, where they were trying to overturn the old order (you know, change is good) and bring in the new, by subverting parents' authority.

The Neo-Platonists, in Alexandria and Egypt, took Plato's ideas, attached them to some more mysticism, but actually they added a lot more too, eugenics, a eugenical side to it as well, right down to, basically, saying that male and female were really just the same, it was just how they were treated that conditioned them into different kinds of roles (that was in Alexandria, second-century A.D.).

The same theme has come down through the ages, like a thread, popping up in different countries, in different centuries, under different guises and names, but always the same, always the same; and unfortunately, today, it's world-wide, it runs the world. The so-called Cold War is over, anybody who really-really opposed this system is pretty well gone; and law is being used to the extreme now, to force everyone into this system. You have no rights over yourself now, even in Canada, when you die; you're down as a donor. You have no rights over your children. Your children, even though they're supposed to have the rights of the child, they can't opt out of school, if they object to certain lessons.  

It's very handy when you have lawyers re-interpreting things, depending on the occasion, or who's asking. Canada, as I say, is quite the country, because it's always been a part of the British Empire and it's always been ruled by the Council on Foreign Relations (or the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, same thing) belonging to the Royal Institute of International Affairs. It was very evident, in this country, in Canada, when Pierre Trudeau got in as Prime Minister, he even said it, he said that we said we'd get in. He wasn't talking about the Liberal Party, because he had been head of the Communist Party for Canada, as far back as the 1950s. He led the Comintern, Young Comintern meeting from Canada to Moscow, in '52; and yet, not one newspaper, all these Conservative newspapers, with all their intelligence networks, mentioned that fact. And drastic changes happened, ever since, accelerated in Canada, accelerated in Britain and throughout Europe at the same time, primarily to do with immigration and accumulating massive debts, which we never had before. A war has been waged on the entire world, well-controlled, well-financed, well-directed, from the top down, to bring in a certain society, a specific society, a reduced society in the not so distant future; and we have this nonsense of terrorism, to help force it all through.  

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix and I'm going to read an article and then take some callers; but just finishing on what I was saying, the reason for the multiculturalism being pushed from the top, was because they already had 2001 planned. They couldn't enforce the terrorism nonsense without having people from outside your country coming in and living in large numbers; it's not their fault, don't blame them, they never saw the day either where the West would invade their homelands. However, those that designed it did, long-term strategy, now it's the prime reason for it; and I noticed this being set up at the same time across Europe and the Americas, years ago. I knew something was in the wind, especially when they were bringing so many immigrants into European countries and there was no work all ready, it'd make no sense otherwise, long-term strategy. You could not enforce what’s happening today, without the pretence of an external threat now living amongst you and that's what they've used. The end justifies the means, it wouldn't matter if they blew up ten thousand towers, as long as they got this agenda started off, you know, 'change is good', look at the changes, change is good.  

Here's what's happening in Canada right now, it says: 

Military readies reservists for threats to 'domestic front' 

Now, reservists in Canada, they are a reserve army, these are guys who have either been in the army and they stay in sort of a part-time army you might say, they train at weekends, especially, in a few weeks per year and some of them have never been in the mainstream regular army and they get sent off abroad anyway. This article here is a handout, you can tell it's a handout given to the media. It’s from the National Post, Canada, Wednesday, March 04, 2009. It's a handout, sort of a rah-rah-rah type thing; you know 'hurrah, hurrah, hurrah'. You can tell by the top, it's got:

·  Fallen soldiers mourned as Afghan debate continues in Commons

·  Afghan election not possible in April

That's what dictators always say: you put in your dummy government and you always postpone elections.

·  Editorial: Realism in Afghanistan

Then, here comes the real story, so it's already getting you prepared, even the layout you see is psychologically-preparing you for what you're supposed to read, which is a P.R story, given out, by the military, to the media. It says: 

Master Corporal Brian Walsh, Department of National Defense: Reserve Units across Canada are being trained in securing perimeters, in case of an emergency. 

“Securing perimeters, in case of an emergency”. 

The Canadian military has embarked on a wide-ranging plan to turn its reserve soldiers into focused units trained and equipped to respond to a nightmarish array 

A “nightmarish array” - there you go. 

of domestic threats, including terrorist "dirty bomb" attacks, biological agent containment, Arctic catastrophes and natural disasters. 

Hmm, just suddenly they're doing this you see. 

The creation of seven units within each region of the country -- including unusual all-terrain vehicle (ATV) squadrons and perimeter security teams to cordon areas of potential devastation  

Now ATVs are used for country areas, to get through the forest etc. 

-- prepares reserve soldiers for operations on the "domestic front" while freeing regular force soldiers to concentrate on foreign battlefields. 

"There is a recognition, certainly within the military and we have heard the government say, that domestic security is the number one priority. A number of these conclusions come from the post-9/11 world we live in," said Brigadier-General Jean Collin, commander of the army in Ontario, during an exclusive interview with the National Post. 

That's when the National Post was summoned to the interview. Then it goes on and on and on about all the things that could happen, you know, everything that you could possibly imagine could happen, they're going to fight it. 

The units will include perimeter security teams prepared to cordon off an area if there was an atomic detonation, nuclear accident or similar source of wide contamination and "Arctic response" groups that are trained and equipped to live and operate in the far north.  

They will have had them for years, under NORAD. It says here, when you scroll down, they're ready for basically anything, "home missions" and new types of training, but it's mainly to do with cordoning off areas, because remember too that the NATO exercises, and the NATO laws in fact, and treaties they've all signed, every country in NATO is to cordon off areas of even suspected contamination and anybody trying to flee is to be shot on sight (and I've read that before).  If whole groups try to flee, you have to be gassed from the air with CS gas, that's how pleasant it truly is. That's what they mean by this kind of stuff, but we also know bad-bad things are coming, much-much worse than that. If we think that the Soviet Union was bad, we ain't seen nothing yet; and I'm not kidding about that, not kidding at all about that.  

I'll leave that link up there; and just before I go to the callers, there's one little article that came, it ties in with the Baxter laboratories scandal, when they gave out the live H5N1 virus, along with the common flu, to spread them all over the world, there's someone who emailed me and he says: 

In the popular video game series Resident Evil, there's a pharmaceutical company called Umbrella that makes the viruses and puts them into pharmaceuticals and then, either by accident, or intentionally, releases them into the population. The next one, Resident Evil 5 is coming soon to a retail store right now, it's set in Africa and the pharmaceuticals company has moved there and unleashed new viruses. 

What a coincidence. What a coincidence, eh? It's amazing, predictive programming. 

We'll go to the callers now and there's Kyle from Connecticut there, are you there Kyle? 

Kyle: Hi Alan. 

Alan: Hello. 

Kyle: You know, I really hope people take you seriously because, 

Alan: Some can, but a lot can't you know because it is very frightening information. For those who don't watch television and get sucked into the strange nether world that it gets you into, they have a chance. Those who think there's still some kind of normal routine going on in life are going to have a hard time.   

Kyle: It's like revelation of the method, they tell you what they're capable of doing, before they actually do it. 

Alan: That's correct. 

Kyle: Or while they're doing it. 

Alan: Yes, they do. I mean, even with one of the X Zone or something, they did a show where it was about a hijacked plane flying into the towers beforehand you know. That kind of stuff, and then there was some music group had that on the cover of their album before it happened. 

Kyle: I saw that, it was the Lone Gunman and then some rap group, they were pressing a detonator. 

Alan: That's right. 

Kyle: You know, I think Obama's slogan was Change we can believe in and the change we need and I'm just wondering who ‘we’ are? 

Alan: Exactly, no one asks, do they? Change we can believe in, who is he speaking on behalf of? Because he's never ever explained what he meant by it. 

Kyle: Exactly and I thought it was pretty funny when I thought of the dictionary everybody uses in school: Webster’s. These spinsters spin their words and their legalese and they get us to accept their meaning of a word, when they have their own. 

Alan: They do and you have the World Wide Web, they do love webs; and Webster himself was a fascinating guy. He was the main orator and eulogist for most of the famous people of his time in the US, and he had incredible vocabulary, but he was also used by law and legal firms, because he could reinterpret things, according to the situation, by using the same words. So, you're right, they've always been into this. 

Kyle: And I just wondered about your thoughts with Obama being 44th President: 4+4 twice what our forefathers are; or, the second American Revolution; or, you know. 

Alan: Well, 4. Number 8 in the occult of Masonry, even Albert Pike said it was power, I think, and money. It also means completion of above and completion of below, the two circles, heaven and earth come together. Remember, they're always talking about bringing a utopia, where heaven and earth come together; but their heaven on Earth would be our hell! 

Kyle: Exactly. And I could see them using technology without implanting brain chips in people, I mean, with cellular technology and wireless. 

Alan: It's being used now, it is being used now, I've got lots of photographs of towers that were being put up across Europe and some in Canada. They all look the same and these things are to be used, supposedly, by Homeland Security, but they give off signals; I'm going to give a talk on this, when I get some more information. I know that Persinger, from Laurentian University, is involved in this kind of thing, about 10 Megahertz wavelength, it can really do some numbers on your brain and he worked for Laurentian University. All these universities, since the beginning of the Cold War, were financed by the CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation. Whenever they're into anything to do with Neuroscience / Mind Control, that kind of thing, by the use of drugs and so on, and electricity / electromagnetics, you know darn well this is part of the agenda. Now, we see the towers going up.  

Kyle: In Connecticut here, they disguise them as flag poles. 

Alan: I've got a link in fact, where you actually see some of the different ones made. They've even got some designed as trees, it's incredible, and the company that makes these artificial trees should give you a little tour of their place as they make them. They have other ones disguised as big boulders and they're even putting houses in residential areas, building houses that look like ordinary houses, and people actually deliver mail to the house, to make it look normal. Then they showed you inside and it’s just stacked full of this incredibly complex electrical equipment. It was actually mainstream, a mainstream television show that was done and I've got the link here. 

Kyle: It's just amazing what they could - and look like blithering idiots on TV for these people - nobody could believe that these coincidences are conspiracy. 

Alan: I know, even when the big players like Brzezinski talks about the Technotronic Era that would shortly be used on the public and how people would get their opinions given to them and their emotions and everything and they wouldn't know how it was being done to them. I mean, these guys don't just make these strange statements because they like to speak in occult fashion, they tell us the truth you know, what's coming up. 

Kyle: Did you see Mrs. Obama on the cover of Vogue? 

Alan: No, but I heard about it! 

Kyle: It's interesting; keep up the good work, I look forward to your future shows. 

Alan: Thanks for calling.  

Kyle: Bye. 

Alan: Goodbye. And there's Z from New York are you there Z? 

Z: Hey! How are you Alan? 

Alan: I'm hanging in here!

Z: The reason I'm calling is because, coincidently, you started speaking about the Oneida Community. Just today, I was reading a book by a Constance Noyes Robertson. Noyes, I don't know how to pronounce that. There were four families that started it off, they all pooled their money together; and back in 1840s the money that they pooled together was over $40,000. 

Alan: That's right, and not only that though, they were given a grant of land, by the Governor of New York. 

Z: [inaudible] in Oneida. 

Alan: And they were also given one of the biggest contracts to start businesses off, by companies in Canada that dealt with the fur trade. They were the only ones in fact making all the traps for the animal catching and the fur trade. Then they came into silverware, massive contracts, world-wide. 

Z: It was pretty-much the only living, still living sort of factory that's there! 

Alan: That's right, but what they were into was absolutely astonishing. I mean, they were into paedophilia, protected from other people and other communities, by the State itself.

Z: That's right and rich landowners actually protecting them in the newspapers, while some newspapers were attacking them, "rich landowners were defending them" (quote from this book I’m reading). 

Alan: That's correct, because it was a Masonic experiment, from the very beginning.  

Z: Interesting, the book I was reading is called Oneida Community: an autobiography 1851-1876, if anybody's interested. But, I wanted to ask you a question, here where I work, a lot of people are members of the Lions Club; and just today I got invited to join them. What do you think I should I do? because I do want to help people but I don't want to get involved in any sort of business where I'm just used. So what do you think and I'll take that off air and I hope you're well. And, by the way, the cheque is in the mail, so I'll talk to you later. 

Alan: I appreciate that, thank you.  I myself am allergic to clubs, especially when they're kind of respectable; it's the same thing as I think Groucho Marx said, he said "I wouldn't join any society that asked me to join as a member". And that's how I think of them. You'll find again, you'll find the same Masonic groups, who also have affiliations with these clubs, they're often members, from different lodges, and they go into the Lions Club and they wield a little bit of power in their area, in their community and I tend to have nothing to do with those kinds of people whatsoever. I also look into if they're affiliated with the United Nations, you find that with even the Rotary Club, they're all for all of the United Nations mandates in your area. So, I personally, I just stay clear of them, there's always an ulterior reason for them existing, something else going on. And what is a Lion anyway? The king of the jungle, I think everyone knows about the movie that came out with Walt Disney to do with the Lion King, by Rudyard Kipling and Kipling himself was a high Mason, wrote a lot about it. He, again, was a supremacist himself, being an elitist genealogy type, and that's what the movie was about. Wherever you see the Lion, that’s a symbol of that very thing: the lion, king of the jungle. Who's the jungle? It's you people out there, the ones at the bottom of the pyramid.

Now, there's Derek from Philly. Are you there Derek? 

Derek: Hi Alan, I'm here. OK, you were speaking before about a video about a video game called Resident Evil, with the zombies and that's just one video game of a type and many different types of movies as well, that are almost all exactly the same, or very similar, where a giant corporation or government releases some sort of chemical or virus that turns people brain dead into zombies. 

Alan: That's right, I knew there was quite a few of those movies and they're kind of silly, but you wonder why on earth they're making so many of these silly movies that are not really great hits, you know. 

Derek: Exactly, and it's just, I've had kind of, maybe a premonition, I guess, I'm thinking along the future they might do that, so all the kids nowadays, people my age 20s-30s.  

Alan: One of the first movies they made about that was called The Last Man on Earth. That's how far back they were making them, where the zombies for some reason attack the normal people. 

Hold on and I'll come back - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I go onto that caller again, it was Vincent Price that was in that Last Man on Earth, where the zombies, they were infected would suddenly attack the non-infected, for some strange reason. The same scenario they've remade over and over again, with so many movies, it makes no sense at all. Are you still there Derek? 

Derek: Yes, I'm here. Well, specifically I was watching Things to Come by HG Wells, which you recommended and that actually has a very [inaudible] ailment which they predicted, or he predicted, and I guess his higher ups told him to write the movie about that; do you remember that part, Alan? 

Alan: Yes. 

Derek: And the specific programming in the movie was they were supposed to shoot these people on sight, for whatever reason, because it was infectious, they believed, I guess. 

Alan: That's right. Some of them went mad for no reason and they just had to shoot them. 

Derek: Exactly, well I mean, even now, it seems like we're almost there, where most of the population are zombies. 

Alan: Yes, you could do it either with a virus that can attack the brain itself, or you could use electro-magnetics and the electro-magnetics has been proven in university to, they can cause hallucinations quite simply, by putting a helmet on your head, and I've talked about that before. That's mainstream in Canada and they can also do it remotely, from a distance through towers. 

Derek: Yes, it's frightening in a way. I know they're doing it now, you've talked about this, some days you just feel so off and weird. 

Alan: Yes, everybody does, you feel just completely 'blah' but they admit, even in the Treaty at the United Nations, under bio warfare and so on, weather warfare in fact, using the HAARP technology, they can put a secondary signal, carried on the main signal, and it's the easiest thing to do, was to affect the mood of people, a whole continent, if need be, and make them very depressed or very agitated and aggressive, and it works too on domestic animals.  

Derek: Yes, well, I've certainly felt on some days, it could be a non-mechanical thing. 

Alan: We're also being sprayed like crazy and they will not discuss the spraying that goes on, that started, in earnest at least, in 1998, that's when it started in earnest. I looked up one day and I had about 20 criss-crosses across the sky, at low level. Eventually they started getting higher up, but we'll all be getting poisoned, there's no doubt whatsoever. They know what they're doing though, they was a placid, sick population, as they go through these, they call it times of changes or transitions, the century of transitions. It makes perfect strategic sense, from a military standpoint, if you plan to completely alter society and restructure it; and even reduce the population, and get people to accept things they would never normally accept; it's military strategy. 

Derek: Well, one thing I wanted to speak about and that's obvious it's a military strategy against the human race, or maybe not even the whole human race, maybe they know who, specifically, they want to be attacking, but that's another point entirely. I wanted to mention that, you were talking about Plato's Republic and I'm sure the elite, they speak about it a lot as well and it's actually, Plato was before Jesus, right?  

Alan: He was about 350 or so BC. 

Derek: Well it just seems to me that I know how corrupted the New Testament is, if you say Jesus, the New Testament [inaudible], that would be something like unbelievable to me but maybe they've done the same to Plato in a way, to make him their representative, even though he had nothing to do with them. 

Alan: I'm sure, he's definitely a sort of spokesman at least they all quote.  I hear the music coming in and that's it from me and Hamish in Ontario, Canada, so it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


(Article: "Military readies reservists for threats to 'domestic front' " by Adrian Humphreys, National Post - March 4, 2009.)

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