Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#274)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 11, 2009:

Politicos Chatter on Remnants of Gaza:

"Startling Truth Emerges Now and Then
From Unlikely Sources, e.g. Tony Benn,
When He Gave the Address for Gaza Relief
On BBC, the Interviewer Wishing He'd Cease,
He Said the Beeb was in a Bit of a Pickle,
Having Promised (Not to Mention the Address) to Israel,
Sir Gerald Kaufman in Parliament Spoke Like Lion,
Professing He'd been Life-long Supporter of Zion,
He'd Followed the Slaughter at Gaza, Left Chilling,
Likened Israelis to Nazis at Their Unquenchable Killing,
Called For Ending Aid for Western Munitions
For Israel's Final Solution to Their 'Problem' Conditions,
Ultra-Modern Military Fights Stone Throwers with Ease,
With Arrogance, No Conscience, Hate's a Disease"
© Alan Watt Mar. 11, 2009

Wednesday 11th   March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 11, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 11th of March 2009. 

I always advise newcomers to look into website and take advantage of it, for as long as it's up, because there's hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past about the big old new world order in which we live and how it really operates; and I try to show you that there is an agenda behind it all, a planned agenda. Because those in power never leave anything to chance for the future, they want to make sure that their offspring control the future; that's how it's been down through the ages. Therefore, I try to give you shortcuts, as I say, to the big picture and show you that there's incredible financing and organisation and networking. These boys control the world and I try to show you where they're taking it to, this beautiful utopia, for some; but a hell for the rest. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks, written in the various languages of Europe; and you can download them, print them up and pass them around to your friends.  

I should also mention too, that at you can order my books, my discs or you can also donate as well, that keeps me going, that tides me over, because this is more than just a full-time job that I'm doing here. It can go on all day long and half-way through the night, on occasion; and therefore, there's no time to get ordinary employment, not that there's much left around this neck of the woods anyway. So, as I say: it's up to you to keep me going and your support is certainly appreciated.  

Today, there was a bit of a March storm and I tried to get to the Post Office, or the Post Box, which is a few miles from my home, and I had to turn back when I hit the first hill, there was about 2 inches of solid ice on the road. I got back, only to find out that part of the roof had blown off and there's a pile of shingles there, so, about two hours later and an awful lot of mess, I went through about 2 gallons of tar, to patch the whole darn thing up. I got that finished, came back in, cleaned up the mess and by that time the sander had actually come and I got up to the Post Box after all, only to find there was two letters there. That's the sort of day I go through, at this time of year, as the warm air comes up from the south and hits the cold air up here, we get the storms, that's quite natural. Therefore, for those that I never get back to on email, just remember it's more than just sitting at a computer, I don't sit at a computer all day, I've got so many other things to do and I live pretty well in the boonies, you can't just walk out your home and down to the corner store, or anything like that. And as I say, even the mail box is a few miles away. So, forgive me, if don't get back to you, I try to get back to as many as email me basically. 

This last while, I've been going on about the direction the world is going in now, the planned direction. And it is interesting to hear older people, who've come to this stage before, in previous times, like before World War II, where the presence is in the air, the signs are all around us that something big is going on and it's been that way even before 2001, on 9/11, because, as I say: Britain and other countries were trying to get through the identification cards back then; and nothing was happening, so the people said 'no'. 2001 was an essential happening, to get the whole world on this crazy, so-called terrorist mode, because, you see, we're all the terrorists now. 

I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the feeling that's in the air and how people have sensed this in previous occasions, before big-big events happen, like world wars and so on. And it is tangible, there's a big move on, because we're at war, the world is at war and really it's a coalition of a super elite against the entire planet. Not just because they're scared of the public, but they've got an idea, a radical idea they've had for centuries: there's just too many people and they'd get to a stage where they'd have to simply eliminate most of them. They also believe that they're far superior, they evolved more than the rest, than the commoners, mainly because they've selected their mates for intellect and the inheritance of power between families. Therefore, that suits them enough, that's good enough for them, they're obviously superior; those that marry for common reasons beget commoners and there's too many of them, in a post-industrial society, they don't need them anymore. That's what all this hullabaloo about sustainability is really all about, because they plan to go on to the future, with their own families, and be sustained by that which the earth can give them, but they can't take us all along with them. That's how they actually talk about it amongst themselves, we're just by-products of a bygone age, we're vestiges of when we were apes you see; we haven't evolved far enough. That's why you're poor: you've got a poverty gene, according to the eugenicists at the top; and they disguise this under many different terms. Bioethics now is very popular, sounds nicer and it's just eugenics. That's why your tax money - your tax money, of course - has been going into genetic research for fifty-odd, sixty years. Not for you benefit, not to cure any illnesses, but actually to create new types of better servants. Not so many as they have now, they won't need them; and we've helped them along their way. We're like a staging rocket, to push the payload into space, basically. 

I've talked before about the dialectic and how they used left-wing / right-wing / capitalism / communism and people never really quite 'get' that - they get caught up in it and they think it's all real and they get very vocal and angry about the parties they belong to. They generally inherit the party from their parents, depending on the class that you're in, and the social status you have. And they never really catch on to the game of the dialectic that's played. If you have a one-party system, it's very obvious to see what totalitarian is, the actual 'ism' is, I should say; but when you've a two-party system, you literally are voting out the last party, hoping the next bunch will be better. Therefore, they give us democracy and the two or three party system. It's all a joke, because, after all, if the system is corrupt, it doesn't matter if it’s the left-wing or right-wing that goes into power. If your money supply and foundation is rotten to the core, to the foundations, then they're working for the same system, the same corrupt system, obviously; and you cannot fix something that's corrupt, when you're sworn to uphold it; that's obvious. Out of this will come a new system, eventually, as we go through this fiasco of throwing billions of dollars and pounds at banks across the planet; and they'll tell us at the end of the maybe tenth bailout that we're so far in debt that none of us can get out and the next twenty generations (if there even are going to be twenty generations) could never pay it off, because of compound interest. It's all planned, in advance, they know this. It was only a few years ago, about 1999 / early 2000, Britain managed to pay off its debt from World War I; it still had World War II and Korea to go. You can't get out from under compound interest and that's the biggest trick in the book. 

Getting back to the left-wing / right-wing paradigm, you'll find, in Britain, during the so-called Cold War, that many of the leaders in the British Parliamentary system, who were hereditary Peers (meaning Viscounts and Sirs and so on and even Lords), were members of the Communist Party; and if they didn't hold outright membership, they supported it 100%.  There was quite a game going on, between MI5, at home, as they snooped upon these different people and I listened to some of Tony Benn. Tony Benn was a lifelong politician, he was also a Viscount who was a dear friend of the Soviet system, you might say. He audio-taped his diaries, rather than just write them down, he did it audio-tape; and on Youtube, you can actually to some of them, audio archives. I'll try and find the link and put it up for you, it's quite interesting to listen to his little tales, as they were being snooped on, while he was in Parliament, at the top of the Labour Party. However, he did some good things as well. He himself, and I'll put this up to this link, was interviewed recently, on BBC, to do with what was happening in Gaza; and he decried it, of course, and then you'll hear the interviewer trying to stop him from giving out an address where you could send money for aid to the survivors in Gaza. The BBC didn't want him to give out the number and he says this on the air, to the interviewer. He says:

You at the BBC, Israel told you not mention that there was a relief fund being gathered for the survivors in Gaza.

I'll put that link up; but also, there's another video you should look at too, and it’s of a Jewish MP, in Britain, in Parliament, giving a speech. He, himself said he was a convinced Zionist, his parents were before him, but he'd become so disgusted at what Israel is doing, he said they've played long-enough on this manufactured guilt complex on the West, which has allowed them to get away with murder; and, basically, he said that they're acting just like the Nazis. So, I'll put that up there too, to show you that not all Jewish people are like clones of each other, as some people seem to think.  However, what is true, is that modern day Israel is acting the role of the Nazi, there's no doubt whatsoever and the modern Jews under persecution are the Palestinians, there's no doubt about that, at all. And this guilt trip has come to an end and the world is noticing it too; enough is enough. 

There was another video on Youtube, where you see them going into houses, they shot the mother at the door and then the father's trying to get help, to get the mother out in an ambulance and they wouldn't let it happen. Then you actually see one Jewish soldier sitting there saying, to the cameraman, when he was asked why he was here, he says:


with a big smile in his face,

maybe we're just here to do some fumigation.

Fumigation, just killing Palestinians was just fumigation. The racism in Israel is just incredible and it's drummed into them, drummed into them; intergenerational hatred is drummed into them. There is no peace in that place and that will never be a centre for peace for the world, there's too much blood been spilled there over an awful long period of time.  

Now, I've talked as well, in the past, about people being careful, young people, in Canada and the States and Britain and elsewhere, being very-very careful of sting operations, where, it is known, for a fact, that the FBI and the CSIS in Canada employ different ethnic people to infiltrate their own people and set them up, especially young guys. That happened in Canada, a couple of years ago, when a Muslim was sent in, to try and get some youths stirred up, nothing was happening in Canada, you see, we had no bombs going off or anything to justify all these anti-terrorism laws. And one man was successful, he got some youths around him, the RCMP supplied the explosives and then they went in, at the end, and caught them before anything happened. So, don't allow yourself to be set-up, even if you think it's one of your own. If anyone ever comes to you and starts the anger in you, the righteous anger which is always there, and youth have it, they certainly have it, and they have righteous anger, because they see things very clearly as black and white, right and wrong. Don't let your anger overcome your sensibilities, because, if an elderly or an older person is trying to get to you and get you to agree to do some violent act, you're generally being set-up. 

This is from the Los Angeles Times February 26 2009 

Man says he was informant for FBI in Orange County  

As federal authorities press their case against a Tustin man accused of lying about ties to Al-Qaeda, they disclosed this week that some evidence came from an informant who infiltrated Orange County mosques and allegedly recorded the defendant discussing jihad, weapons and plans to blow up abandoned buildings.

On Wednesday, a man who claims to be that informant stepped forward, filing court documents saying that he had served as a confidential informant for the FBI from July 2006 to October 2007 

He was also there to stir it up and get something going that wasn't actually there. 

Back with more - after this break.  

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just giving a warning to young guys who can get set up so easily, by Government officials in sting operations where - and this has happened so many times in the past - they've sent in agents, especially to get young guys all geared up towards doing something against the State, something foolish; and they always send in one of their own, someone from your own ethnic group, who's a very good speaker and knows how to manipulate the minds of the youth; this is quite typical. Another warning I'll give too, before I continue with this particular article, is be very careful too, if you're asked in to join or be part of some sort of secondary group to the FBI, CIA or MI5, because you're often being set up for something there as well, even though you think you're working for them, that's fairly standard, you cannot trust these characters whatsoever; and you'll be left as a patsy. 

Getting back to this article from the Los Angeles Times, it says here, this infiltrator, this Monteilh his name is: 

said in interviews that he had alerted the FBI to Niazi 

There's a present court case going on. 

after meeting him at the Islamic Center of Irvine in November 2006 and spending eight months with him. Monteilh said he called himself Farouk Al-Aziz and posed as a Syrian-French American in search of his Islamic roots. Monteilh told the FBI that Niazi befriended him and began to lecture him about jihad, gave him lessons in bomb-making and discussed plots to blow up Orange County landmarks. 

Now, that's what that accusation is.  

"He took me under his wing and began to radicalize me," Monteilh said. 

Here's a character whose whole job is to radicalise people, this character Monteilh, claiming that the victim is radicalising him, you see? That's how they set you up.  

The FBI declined to comment on Monteilh's allegations, which could not be independently verified. Niazi's attorney, deputy federal public defender Chase Scolnick, also declined to comment. But an FBI agent's testimony in the case Tuesday and interviews with Muslim leaders both appeared to bolster some of Monteilh's assertions about his role in the case. 

The reason being that this informant the FBI had sent in to these Mosques, while the people in the Mosques got suspicious of this guy Monteilh, who was agitating them to do something, the FBI guy was agitating them to do something, so they were reporting him to the FBI. It's quite something isn't it? Quite something. So, be very-very careful out there, you definitely are being infiltrated and set-up to be patsies, they've got to find terrorism, if they can't find it, they're going to create it. And they go for the youth, as always, they set them up very easily and they're left dangling as the patsies in the end. Take that as a warning; even when they show you their badges and say you're now one of us and all that nonsense, don't believe it, don't believe it.  

Now, the climate change boys, this new religion, climate changers, are on the warpath again, because, you see, their whole theology here is breaking down and scientists are deserting them in droves. We've had one of the coldest winters we've had for years, all the previous dates they've given us in years for the coldest years have all been proven wrong and we're not warming, we're cooling, the world is cooling, has been for quite some time now. We go up and down these little changes all the time, all the time; but, again we're in the age of the creation of nightmares, we have to have nightmare scenarios, so as they can justify all this intrusion into all of our lives, as they plan to alter all of our lives and our way of living. This is a big part of it, this is a real deal remember, it's not just a belief system by some wackos, or people who have nothing else to believe in, or it is a new belief for them, as a religion. It's actually a well-funded plan, to change our entire way of living, right down to having your house inspected, having your garden inspected, or maybe not even having a garden in fact, eventually, there's Bills in there right now about that; and right down to inspecting your kitchens, they're already doing it in Britain, they're coming in inspecting your fridges. That's all to do with climate change etc., believe it or not.  This is from the Guardian 10th March 2009 and they're using the 'Holocaust denier' terminology again. It says: 

Climate change deniers are "ridiculous" and akin to "flat-earthers",  

That is their way of smearing, these characters, these incredible lefties have always used smear tactics when they can't get any truth on anything, just smear tactics and slogans. 

according to Sir Nicholas Stern, who advised the government about the economic threat posed by global warming. 

Economic threat posed by global warming? We're bankrupt, hasn't he noticed? The Economic threat posed by global warming! 

The respected economist 

I don't know who respects him. 

compared climate naysayers to those who deny the link between smoking and cancer or HIV and Aids in the face of mounting scientific evidence. 

Well, even that's been disputed too, because we know they're dying off, these HIV characters, with all the symptoms of AIDS, when they're on the drugs that they're given, AZT, it kills them; so, that's up in the air too. 

Stern - who prepared his influential report to the UK Treasury in 2007 at Gordon Brown's request - said the evidence that human-induced climate change was occurring was "crystal clear".  

This guy looks through very foggy glasses.  

"If you look at all the serious scientists in the world, there is no big disagreement on the basics of this ... it would be absolute lunacy to act as if climate change is not occurring," he said. 

Well, see, the weather is always changing and they don't mention global warming much now, do they? 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing an article from the Guardian, from Sir Nicholas Stern, who's really upset that people actually deny that they're wrong about the climate change that's supposedly going on, claiming that if we don't act now, we'll be in big-big trouble and it'll damage the economy and I've mentioned hasn't he noticed that there's hardly any economy left already? And it didn't need any climate help for that, just something in the Stock Market heating up, called phoney stocks, basically, that's what caused it. It says here: 

His comments came in response to news that the Czech president Václav Klaus would this week attend a New York conference of climate change naysayers 

That's deniers.  

from around the world. Stern said Klaus was "totally confused on this issue"  

So, if you don't agree with them, you see, these fanatics, you're "confused"

and liked to "gather rather confused people around him". 

Everyone else who thinks it's all BS (BS is the term), then you're confused you understand, because this is a holy writ.

At the side of this Guardian article, it's interesting, they've little boxes there, little jokes like how to spot a climate change denier and stuff like that, because that's how ridiculous it's all become. Remember, behind it all, there's a very serious issue, the issue being that the big foundations that project the world's future. They run and advise Presidents and Prime Ministers across the planet and they're heavily funded and they give a lot of money to campaign issues. These characters came up with the idea, a long time ago, to control humanity, claiming humanity was, basically, at war with the world, with the earth itself. That's from the Club of Rome, big foundation / big think-tank, that is still rolling out strong today. Well-funded by the usual boys, the Rockefellers and so on, the big standard oil characters, the guys who made all their money by churning up the Earth and pumping all the oil out of it. These are the guys who are funding the global warming nonsense. 

Now, I'll do another couple of articles; then I'll go to the callers there. 

In Germany, it's interesting, from the BBC and it's in many other newspapers too: another horrific school shooting; and this school shooting, I think, has happened today and they've all different figures about how many have been killed and it was at school and it was a 17 year old, or so, that did it. However, the interesting part of it too, was he dressed just like a SWAT team member, all in black. Some of the newspapers have omitted that part, because they don't want you to draw the conclusions. He was dressed like a SWAT team member, all in black with the combat boots and all the rest of it and the hood you know, the balaclava. Well, why not? You see he's been brought up on video games and all the heroes are the guys who wear black, because black is the colour of the executioner. That's why you're seeing this across the planet; we're supposed to be terrified of these people. That's why they wear this kind of gear, very ominous-looking characters. From the BBC, it says: 

German school gunman 'kills 15' 

I think they've dropped it down to 9 or so, they're going up and down like a yo-yo. It says: 

Fifteen people have been killed by a teenage gunman who went on a rampage in south-west Germany, officials say.  

Now, you'll find too, he's probably been on the usual prescribed psychiatric drugs and seeing a psychiatrist, you always find that after the events. It says: 

Among the dead were nine pupils, eight of them girls, and three teachers at the Albertville secondary school in the town of Winnenden, north of Stuttgart. The gunman, a 17-year-old former pupil named as Tim Kretschmer, entered the school at about 0930 (0830 GMT) in black combat gear and began shooting. He fled in a stolen car, but killed himself after being cornered by police. Officers say he shot himself dead after being wounded by the police. 

So, there are two different stories on how he died.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the shootings as "incomprehensible".  

Well, they're always “incomprehensible” to these people aren't they? It's amazing what comes out afterwards, when you look into any of these shootings. They've always been attending a particular psychiatrist, they've always been on a certain kind of medication, one of the Prozac types; and they go berserk; and they always shoot themselves in the end, as well, always.

It's amazing, you know, with the Columbine shooting, what came out after that, it wasn't the fact that the parents seemed to be completely out of touch with what their children were up to, very wealthy parents, wealthy enough to give them enough money to buy all the arms that they had and they even had videos up there of them using these semi-automatics in the forest and blasting away at things just to pass the time. What was also interesting too was that the school itself, Columbine, being very new agey, very up to date, you know, avant-garde and so on, had asked all the students to do a video on what they'd like to see happen in the future etc, what they'd most like to happen, in their own lives in the future. The guys who did the Columbine shooting actually did a video of themselves going through the school, without firearms but pretending they had them and shooting everybody there. This is a year before they actually did it in reality. It was also interesting too: in one of their lectures, it was all about death and where they were all told to lie in a coffin idea and pretend that they were dead and talk about the dead. This is what they get taught in school now; but you'd think some teachers would have clued in to a bunch of guys who made a video, in the school, pretending they were going around shooting everybody in the school. You'd think they would have clued into that, wouldn't you? And why were they all into the black coat, the trench mafia type thing idea, where did that all come from in the first place? They were hooked on this particular video or website, who was running that website? Who was running it? Who was into these guys' minds; who was into their minds and their brains I wonder? We'll never find out, but more will come out after this shooting too, in Germany, you'll find the same old pattern.

The same thing happened in Britain, where the Dunblane School shooting happened. The man who did it was a known paedophile, he should have been barred from even getting anywhere near a firearm, it's incredible in Britain to get a firearm, very-very difficult. He was known to the police, because he had stacks of photographs of young naked and half-naked boys, all over his room; and he had been reported before, for interfering with children. However, it was a British lord, a British Lord up ‘there’, you know, up in Parliament, who told the police that he'd stand by him for guarantor and he got his hand gun and away he went. Also seeing a psychiatrist, mind you. And the day he went to shoot those children, he went to see his mother, as he always did, he used to have a shower in her place, he didn't have a shower in his own place; and she said he seemed quite normal, although abstract, as though he was just going off to sort of work, like a daze, a kind of fugue state. There's more to all this than meets the eye; but, of course, there's a big agenda at work, as I say, a much bigger agenda. 

Now, we'll go to the callers and there's Rick here from California; are you there Rick? 

Rick: Yes, hi Alan. The school shooting is bringing tears to my eyes, I mean, it's really sad you know. I wanted to read something to you real quick, that I wrote. It's like half a page, a couple of paragraphs and it's just some logical thoughts I have on world government. It's easier for me to ‘talk’ when I'm writing, organise my thoughts better. I was wondering if you were interested in it? 

Alan: Sure.

Rick: OK. It goes: even though some patriots are wrong in many respects, such as when it comes to blaming Jews or Mexicans, for example, the patriots are right in this respect. And this is in response to some liberals out there who might be under the impression that a world government might be good, if only it were more democratic and benevolent, including environmental and labour concerns. Even under the most benevolent and democratic world government, bureaucracy would be so inaccessible and large that, for example, if someone were to be imprisoned unjustly for a term of say ten years, it might take several consecutive life sentences worth of time to get him out, because of bureaucratic wrangling. I was thinking of Genarlow Wilson, a black minor who was imprisoned for ten years, because of consensual sex with another minor, due to an obscure law on the Georgia law books (this was aired on 60 minutes a few years ago). Even though that law was changed because of outcry over his case, they still could not get him out of jail right away because of bureaucratic wrangling in Georgia's courts. It took a few more years. If it is this way just in a state as small as Georgia, can you imagine how bad it would be in a world government? I can imagine a scenario where, in a global government, court cases would take hundreds of years. But just from a legal point of view, even the most democratic world government would be a nightmare, therefore the patriots are right: world government is bad under ANY circumstances, smaller units of government are better.  

Alan: Not only that, I mean, to be honest with you, even centralised government is wrong, because that's too far away too, from your own community. I think I've mentioned before, that a study was done, with this conglomerate, this incredible giant of the Economic Union of Europe, at their Parliament there, and they found out that the average European Parliamentarian has an average, I think, of 15-20 seconds to speak, per year! That's all they could manage. Well, how can you say anything to represent your community in 20 seconds per year? And of course that's going to be lost on everybody else's 20-second talks, over the course of that year. You're dealing with a distant power, that's so out of touch with you, or your area, or your community or what it needs, that you're going to have chaos, absolutely and it would take you lifetimes to get through to them, it's just too remote. 

Rick: You know, I'm amazed at how quickly, when it comes to putting people in jail, or passing laws against you, they can do it really quickly but when it comes to removing the laws or taking them out of jail, it takes forever.  

Alan: Yes and especially now, you've got understand too, that, I think, the US has one of the biggest prison industries on the planet, outside of China. 

Rick: It is the highest incarceration rate in the whole world. 

Alan: That's right; and it's incredible what you can get charged and put away for. There are so many incredible laws there, and they're adding more and more to the books all the time. It's a growth industry, it's very profitable for the big boys and, to be honest with you, it's a prototype of where we're all going. You don't have to be inside of walls to be in a prison, because the new system they're bringing in is a prison type system, where we'll all be working, basically, for the State, that's always been the goal and I mean the World State basically. That has been the goal, we won't work for our own rewards, we'll get tokens to get our basic needs, all to save the planet etc, etc. 

Rick: I want to say something about population: when I went to Africa a couple of years ago, I noticed that the city I was in was really super-crowded, but as soon as I got out into the country, there was nothing; there was hardly any people at all. Just empty, over-population is a myth. 

Alan: It's an absolute myth and it's the same thing too from the days of Thomas Malthus and all his graphs and charts, where people were supposed to be walking over each other in a hundred years, from the 1700s; and it never happened. They're still doing the same nonsense today. The populations have been declining in the Western world, since, actually, from World War I; and they harp on and on and say that there's too many people. They've flooded the countries with immigration, claiming there are not enough people being born in the European countries, or the American countries, and they need people to come in, in order to pay off the debt. That's the excuse they're giving, by the way, for bringing all the immigration in; but, the thing is, they must make every major city appear to be vastly-overcrowded.  People brought up in cities think the whole world is like that, they have no idea what's outside of it; they really have no idea. So, you can create false impressions, by bringing lots of immigrants into already-overcrowded cities, not building new buildings, because they're not expanding the urban sprawl, as they like to call it, therefore there's more and more folk crammed in the same existing cities. This gives the impression of overcrowding and they first used this - and they still use this, by the way - when you look at India, they always show you a street in Calcutta or Bombay and you think 'my god, how can they live like that?' You don't realise there's thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of square miles in India of jungle and forest and tiny little villages and so on, very remote from each other; and all the people who like to live in the cities are stuck in the same couple of cities! It's all alteration of perception, you see. 

Rick: I read somewhere that Africa's population is actually the least dense in the entire world and it's actually declining. 

Alan: And I'll tell you another thing too: they're always on about 'oh my god', like Kissinger said: the threat to the world is overpopulation. Then they put all these Acts in, for giving them free abortions across the Third World, it's mandatory. Part of the reason you've seen famine across Africa, has been because there's not enough people living in the areas to do the farming, to sustain themselves; and when that isn't happening too, the West is always in there fomenting little wars, keeping the wars going, so they’re not farming when the wars are going on, and that's standard throughout Africa and the Middle East as well. The West and Russia were famous for doing both of those things, keeping the trouble going and it's been well proven, as I say: that the reason in Africa is not over population, in many-many areas, it's under population. 

Rick: Well, thank you very much, I'll let you go onto other callers, so thank you, have a good night. 

Alan: And you too. 

That's the name of the game, everything, remember, in mind control, is to distort or alter your perceptions of things; and it's not a difficult thing to do. When I was small, I can remember, when I first saw a TV programme on nature, and it was on every other night, it was called Hans and Lottie Hass I think it was, under sea scuba divers and they showed you all these fish and tropical places you'd never probably see. That was the beginning of the indoctrination into getting us to accept that we're just another species on the planet and thousands of documentaries and series have come out since, to bolster that whole opinion and that view that you’re just another species on the planet. It was all done by the big foundations, to alter and distort our perceptions of the real world and make us think that we are destroying all of it; and we're not destroying all of it whatsoever.

Why is it that the richest men on the planet, who own the mines and who tear up mountains and who drill all the oil wells, are the very ones with their foundations that fund all the leftist movements, the ones that want to save the world and save the planet? Ask yourself that; what it is, these same people who own all the resources of the planet want to own it all and have the right to say who lives and who dies and who will get what, from the resources and who won't, total power, that's what it's about. Remember, they have a philosophy and a religion, believing they are the most evolved species on the planet; and if you read into the works of Charles Galton Darwin and the Huxleys - both of them, Julian and Aldous Huxley; and their grandfather Thomas, Sir Thomas Huxley, the pal of Darwin - they all said the same thing. That they did believe, being scientists etc, that they were the most evolved types on the planet and that something happened a long time ago, where all the common people were left behind, that they had a great leap forward for themselves. That's what they truly-truly believe; and it's the same with the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and all the big boys. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing you how perceptions can be completely distorted, by conditioning and repetition of the same kind of media and programming, from television especially. Again, through schools and schools are bringing up squadrons of greenies, little green Nazis, who will be worse than any fascist or communist system that's ever existed before. They're totally indoctrinated and that's what school is for today, it's a social indoctrination process they go through, that's what it's for, not to help them get on in life. 

Here's an article from Britain. There's a new term come into economics, they don't call things inflation anymore, inflation meant you just printed off the money, by the millions and just threw it out into society and that way the market was flooded with dollars or pounds or whatever the currency was. They've got a new term they're calling it now, it sounds better, so we don't all panic. From the BBC, it says here, this is the 11th of March again, 2009: 

Bank begins using 'new' money  

This is in England, they're calling it not inflation, quantitative easing

Quantitative easing: Our cartoon guide to how it works 

The Bank of England has launched its latest attempt to boost the supply of credit and stimulate the UK economy, using £75bn it has, in effect, created.  

Well, that’s always been called inflation, you see, when you just print the money, get the presses rolling and print the money, but they're calling it Quantitative easing, that's what it's now called, it sounds better, it's more scientific isn't it? It's easing, it's not inflation; if it was inflation, we'd all panic; it's just quantitative easing. It says: 

It has bought £2bn of government bonds from financial institutions and funds, in the first of a series of auctions designed to help troubled banks. The aim is to get the Bank's newly created cash out into the wider economy and encourage greater lending.  

This is what they're saying here.

The Bank said last week it would pump £75bn into the economy. Using a reverse auction,

A “reverse auction”.

the Bank bought just under £2bn of the bonds, known as gilts. The amount of offers the Bank received from commercial banks was about £10.5bn, meaning that financial institutions wanted to sell five times more debt than the Bank had offered to buy.  

Ho-ho! Can you try and figure this out? How can you have any kind of system that was already corrupt from its foundation, it's a debt system, right? It's all based on debt and people buying your, how can you buy debt? Second hand, third hand, fourth, fifth etc, all down the way. How can you keep buying debt? It's the same old con they've tried for centuries. Eventually, there's just too much debt out there and not enough people left to pay, or they can't afford to pay. It says: 

There were no bidders for the non-competitive portion of the auction, where bidders commit to selling the debt to the Bank without setting a price.  

Why? You see there's no reason why money should be created in debt in the first place, that's the whole kicker, we live in a debt monetary system; and that would all have to be radically changed, in fact, scrapped, and done away with and nations should start creating their own money, it has been attempted in the past. Some countries have been bombed out of existence for trying it. 

Well, from Hamish and myself, I can hear the music coming in, from Ontario, Canada - where it's still pretty stormy - it's goodnight; and may your god, or your gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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