Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#279)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 18, 2009:

CFR Claims Money is 'So Uncool':

"CFR Claims Money is Anachronism,
National Money Major Threat to Globalism,
Have a Look at Their Book, This Oddity,
'Money, Markets and Sovereignty,'
After Looking at Money and Nations,
Authors Left with Some Perturbations,
Upon Looking Through History,
Discovered Money's a Mystery,
Found the System's All Wrong,
Now They're Singing This Song,
Globalization Demands Great Sacrifice
To Bring In Utopia, Idealized,
There's One Thing for Sure, We'll be Equally Poor
If This Whole Agenda is Realized"
© Alan Watt Mar. 18, 2009

Wednesday 18th   March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 18, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 18th of March 2009. 

For those who have just joined the show, the newcomers, look into website where there's hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past to listen to, where I try to fill in the big picture, to the best of my ability. No one knows it all, no one, of this system, this system that's been guiding our generations up to the present time; and I try to show you how it's done, the big players in the show and how we're really herded towards a predestined area, a new type of civilisation. It's called many things, but a new civilisation is one of the popular terms, along with globalism and so on, to do with sustainability, for the few.  Really, it's based on a form of Darwinism, where they've decided that if you have a purpose to serve this new system, you may survive and you may have offspring, eventually, if it's allowed, to serve the system.

They've decided that we're post-industrial / post-technological in most countries, even post-agricultural, we can't even feed ourselves independently; and therefore, we're superfluous, therefore we are useless eaters. This great Brave New World of theirs will have a reduced population. It'll be all nice and tidy, because you can't travel anywhere, unless you have special permission and you're needed by a big international corporation, to travel abroad. We've had all this in their sci-fi movies, like Code 46 and so on, to show you, in advance, what kind of society it will be. Meanwhile they'll have their free-flow of capital and goods across borders, because we're coming into a universal currency, once they've crashed, completely crashed, all the present currencies of the world. 

Also, look into for transcripts of these talks that I've given in the past and you can print them up from your computer, they're written in the various languages of Europe; you can pass them around to your friends. 

Yesterday, I was talking about how dicey it's becoming, in so many grey areas today, with legalities, where you can actually be put away for life, for passing DVDs to certain people. It makes you wonder really, in a sense, if you were mass marketing DVDs to do with any other topic, any topic and judges and different people in courts got these DVDs, would it make any difference, or does it have to be on a particular topic? These are all grey areas today, because if you just happen to post something off to a judge, with no request to view, or demand from that judge, how can you be arrested, like John Anthony Hill and face possible life imprisonment? And remember: his court case is on, in Dublin tomorrow, that's Thursday and I've asked different people to attend, we'll see what happens, just to cover the case and see how it goes. Because the least we can do these days is at least try and give people some encouragement and comfort that there's other people watching what happens to them, when they're in the clutches of the great big universal global law system today. I've talked before about how no one, or very few, will stand up for you anymore. People won't even stand up for members of their own family; everything's been destroyed, that was intentional; and now we're seeing the reasons for it all being put into effect.  

I'll be back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system, the big system that runs the world and how they use geo-politics to plan way ahead, in advance, where they want to take the world, every 50 years or 100 years, 200 years even. They employ futurists, as they call them and they run data through computers, batteries of computers, all lined-up together, predicting every possible outcome that would be against them, so that they can take care of every possibility of anything getting in their way of their outcomes. That's how detailed the system is; and, of course, everything is reported in the mainstream media as though things were just happening by chance, day-by-day and crises pop up and politicians rush to the rescue, to fix it all. That's how it's presented to us; we're not supposed to know that big powerful organisations, private organisations, run the world; and it's a strange dilemma isn't it? The Bilderbergers, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and many other organisations, because they have their branches in every country, under different names. All of these organisations are privately owned and yet they run the democracies, they run the democracies. They have huge lobbying groups, they have members in politics, who've sworn allegiance to their societies; they own democracy but we're not supposed to know that. We have this nonsense that justice is blind and that everyone's treated fairly, what a joke, what a joke isn't it?  

I also gave, yesterday, a link on my site, after the show, where Brzezinski gives a talk to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, basically outlining the agenda for Obama's administration. And talking about the far-reaching effects, maybe 50 years down the road, or a generation from now or so, that's how confident these people are. Why are they so confident? Because they have the real power, they're called technocrats - that's what Professor Carroll Quigley called them - they wield the true power, they're unhindered by public opinion, they're not responsible to the public for their actions, but they wield the real power. They are given incredible amounts of money, to get the job done, whatever the job happens to be, they're given all the contacts; and doors open in every country. They don't get help up at airports and they don't take out their shoelaces and hold up their pants or anything like that; they work like royalty. That's the real system: the biggest gang on the planet runs the world, not for the people, and certainly not by the people.  

I've gone through the histories of some of these utopians, the ones who believe in the creation of a global utopian society. I've given you the background of some of them, like Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell; the Huxleys, going back all the way to Sir Thomas Huxley, the pal of Charles Darwin; I've given you lots of quotes from their own books, to do with the coming utopia and they're all on board with exactly the same agendas, to do with depopulation, sustainability, the right of the intellectual scientific elite to rule the lives of the lessers, that's what we're seeing happening across the planet today. Government wants into everybody's house, with different agencies to tell you what to do. In Britain, they're going around some of the areas in Britain; it'll expand through the whole of Britain, and actually checking your refrigerators and telling you how to store food, and how to prepare it and all this kind of stuff. A foot in the door, that's what Bills and laws are today, it's just a foot in the door, to acclimatise you to what's to come.

We've had articles in mainstream media going along with this, because the mainstream media is generally owned by boys in the Council on Foreign Relations; and they're all on board with the agenda. They've had articles to do with depopulation, out there boldly, in major newspapers. We also have the preparations for articles, articles can be prepared often in advance, by giving you little snippets of things, or putting out front organisations and many-many front organisations out there, in fact, most of the big organisations are all fronts, because they're using the Soviet-type system, to disguise themselves. However, with all fronts, if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it's generally a duck, you see.

Everyone's talked about the Zeitgeist movies; and in the second one, they did the introduction by Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti, of course, was a Theosophist, who was raised by the Theosophists, to become a kind of a messiah, advocating this new utopia. There are different schools of thought as to whether he actually left it altogether, or left it with some reservations and still went along with the agenda; it's up to you to decide. What was evident, in the second Zeitgeist movie, which is up on the Internet, I believe, was the fact that they avoided all talk about depopulation in this wonderful utopia; and in their animated segments, with these wonderful modernised little cities, you don't see any crowds of people, you don't see whole bunches of cars anywhere, there's always plenty of room on the roads. So, they avoided, carefully, the obvious things like, well, it's a very small city really, a small population, surely? They didn't go into the sterilisation programmes, that all the other ones are advocating openly now, again, in the mainstream media. That was left untouched, because to achieve that obvious Zeitgeist utopia, you'd have to go through all of those policies. A lot of people get fooled, as I say, with the fronts that come out; and when a big newspaper gives you a push for putting out a video, you know you've got backing in a higher realm than other people who are making little videos. This is from the New York Times, March 16th 2009: 

They’ve Seen the Future and Dislike the Present  

Two hours into Z-Day, the educational forum associated with the online movie “Zeitgeist,” Peter Joseph, the film’s director and the evening’s M.C., stepped out from behind his lectern and walked forward earnestly on the stage.  

In his goatee and moustache and tireless in a brown suit, Mr. Joseph had been lecturing for nearly 90 minutes on the unsustainable 

Always watch for the words, whether it's a Huxley, or the Huxleys, the brothers Huxley, Aldous as well; or, if it's Mr Rockefeller himself giving one of his many speeches on sustainability. When you see the same words coming out the mouths of what you think are possibly your heroes, they’re working for the same crew: CFR. 

90 minutes on the unsustainable nature of the money-based economy 

And I've said before: the whole idea of bringing us through this crisis and into economic depression is to bring out a new system where money is not the key. Russell said, back in the 1940s that, eventually, the governments would give you credits and issue you them like a kind of ration card. Here they go, this is what all of this is about, bringing a new type of reward for your work, for serving the world system. 

the unsustainable nature of the money-based economy  

By the way, it's strange that this is coming out at the same time as the CFR are publishing books, just launched in fact, on the same thing. If it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it's a what? 

— on cyclical consumption, planned obsolescence, corporate malfeasance and piles of poisonous waste. 

You see? It could be Rockefeller giving the same speech. 

“It’s time that we wake up,” he intoned, speaking solemnly through a wireless clip-on mike. “The doomsday scenario, the big contraction, might be happening right now. 

There's the scary stuff you see; again, it's very CFR-ish. 

The system of monetary exchange is — in the face of advancing technology — completely obsolete.” 

As I say: it coincides exactly with other authors in the CFR on the CFR's own website, saying the same thing; what a coincidence hmm? What a coincidence. 

This drew wild applause from the sold-out crowd, a patchwork of perhaps 900 people who paid $10 a head on Sunday night to sit in a packed auditorium at the Borough of Manhattan Community College on Chambers Street near the West Side Highway. Z-Day events were taking place from New England to New Zealand, but this was the big one: the marquee happening with the marquee names.  

Isn't it though?

There, in the crowd, was Jacque Fresco, an industrial designer and the engineering guru of what people un-ironically called “the movement.” Mr. Fresco, an elfin 93-year-old, sat beside his partner, Roxanne Meadows, smiling self-effacingly.  

Mr. Joseph, back on stage, waited patiently as some of the crowd, still cheering, refused to leave their feet.  

In other words: sit down again. 

If the election of Barack Obama was supposed to denote the gradual demise of churlish, corporate governance and usher in a new, sustainable era of visionary change, 

You can see this is straight out of the CFR. 

there was little sign of it at the second annual meeting of the Worldwide Zeitgeist Movement, which, its organizers said, held 450 sister events in 70 countries around the globe.  

Now, I'll be back with more on the books that have just been launched by the CFR, on this topic, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the coincidences of how you get a barrage of the same topic coming out at the same time, from different sources, which often suggests to me they're all from the same source really. The system that's to be brought in, after we really get to our knees, with bankruptcies, on-going bankruptcies, will be a new system, a new monetary system, for the world, a form of reward though, given by the various countries to their people, for serving the system. And here, from the Council on Foreign Relations own website, is a book to be launched, to be launched in April 2009, on economics: 

Money, Markets, and Sovereignty  

Authors:  Benn Steil, Senior Fellow and Director of International Economics

Manuel Hinds, Former Salvadoran Finance Minister. 

It says here: 

A CFR Book, published by Yale University Press 

In this keenly argued book, Benn Steil and Manuel Hinds offer the most powerful defense of economic liberalism since F. A. Hayek published The Road to Serfdom more than sixty years ago.  

They're really building this one up. 

The authors present a fascinating intellectual history of monetary nationalism from the ancient world to the present and explore why, in its modern incarnation, 

The system, as it is, right? 

it represents the single greatest threat to globalization.  

So, there you go, there you go. The money system, as it's been up to now and everything that spins off from it, that means your way of living and how you live and purchase and buy and all the rest of it, it's the biggest threat, they say the biggest single threat, to globalisation. Globalisation, remember, is ‘good, good, good, good’, because that's what it's all about; we'll all be one big happy, dysfunctional family. It says here: 

"A revelatory historical essay ... a timely and original contribution."

—Niall Ferguson, Harvard professor and author. 

Steil and Hinds describe the current state of international economic relations as both unusual 

No kidding? 

and precarious. Eras of economic protectionism have historically coincided with monetary nationalism, while eras of liberal trade have been accompanied by a universal monetary standard. But today, the authors show, an unprecedentedly liberal global trade regime operates side by side with the most extreme doctrine of monetary nationalism ever contrived—a situation bound to trigger periodic crises. Steil and Hinds call for a revival of the political and economic thinking that underlay earlier great periods of globalization, thinking that is increasingly under threat by more recent ideas about what sovereignty means. 

It's the whole kit and caboodle: nationalism is bad, sovereignty is bad; globalism is good. The present way of earning money, spending it as you wish, is bad too. And the new system will be better, for everyone across the whole planet. Given to us, of course, by the big boys at the top - your banking friends, the ones who have been so kind to us, up until now. This is always going to be their system, regardless of how disguised. Once again, private organisations, they do give us our heroes, always. 

Now, we've got Daniel from California there on the line, are you there Daniel? Hello Daniel?  

Daniel: Can you hear me now?  

Alan: Yes, go ahead. 

Daniel:  OK, in some of your past shows I've heard recently, since Obama's been elected, I've heard you say that Obama will issue martial law in his administration. But, why make these predictions, you know? I'm not trying to call them predictions per se, but in other shows that I've heard, I've heard hours of your stuff and you talk about, you say let's not get our mind into pre-determined thoughts. 

Alan: There's a difference between pre-determined thought and reading their stuff; now, they want to bring in martial law. 

Daniel: My point is, I don't mean to challenge you Alan, you know; but we have to ask ourselves these questions, right? That's what our whole thought process has been up to this point you know. God's going to take care of it and all this stuff you know. Maybe it's time to stop thinking like this. 

Alan: Well, I agree. 

Daniel: I'm a big believer in character is faith and, you know, I love this country, I really do; but, unfortunately, I can't wait to see it fall because we need to fall off our bike to learn our lesson. 

Alan: I understand what you're saying, because I've talked to people all over the world, in all countries. Countries in fact that used to stand together, for each other and you're right, everything has been - you see, the war has been going on so long, that people don't even know what an older society was like. They've now become selfish and they won't stand for each other and that's exactly what Wells said, at the beginning of the 1900s, when the League of Nations was set up, he said "if we can destroy the family unit, there's no one to stand up for anyone else" and then, of course, that was followed by Russell, who said they'd create a form of hedonism, where everyone is selfish. He says then government can talk directly, demand directly, what they want from you, personally, and there's no one to stand up for you; that's happened, people now are just blitzed and they're into themselves. 

Daniel: I can see that on TV everyday and that's the thing: when the monster comes home, when the monster comes back to us, you know, we're going to get to see the true face of America and I tell people you know, unfortunately a lot of us are going to probably die. 

Alan: Hold on, because it's an important topic. I’ll be back - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and we are talking to Daniel from California, who's got some good points to raise, do you want to continue Daniel? 

Daniel: I just wanted to say that, you know, when these things happen, when the crap really hits the fan, you know, we'll get to see the true face of America. And you know, sad to say, I'm scared to imagine what that could be, because, you know; but, we won't know until we hit that point. It's kind of like having the death of a loved one. When you experience the death of a loved one, people can come to you all day and say "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" even though they've never experienced it themselves. It's something you have to experience, to know the pain of. 

Alan: That's true. 

Daniel:  We have to; I think it's something that we have to go through, unfortunately. But, you know, we need to fall off our bike, because we've been spoon-fed, from the '50s, at least, we've had a generation of people who grew up with the model, like George Carlin said: "Give me that, it's mine"! 

Alan: Even that culture, remember, was designed for the people, by Bernays and others at the top, you know. 

Daniel: That's why I say character is fate, you know, whatever's in America's head, at the time of when this happens. If they choose to see a man on a white horse with a sword, that's what they're going to see; but, if they choose to see some, you know those who don't believe that, who have a different ideology, are going to see something totally different, they're going to see man behaving like man; and unfortunately, that's what I try to tell people, it's like you know what you have in here, like Carl Jung said, what you have in your head can be your greatest enemy. 

Alan: Yes, definitely.

Daniel: and unfortunately, this country's enemy is its own self; but, you know, the stupid things we have on TV. You know, we have something called The Snuggie, it's like a blanket with sleeves! [Laughter] And people wonder what's wrong with this country you know! 

Alan: Well, the trouble is, again, it's such psychological warfare, it truly has been, that they actually admit the boys at the marketing companies in Madison Avenue gave the Americans their culture, they've been controlling it and changing and directing it. So, you end up with where you are, it's been designed that way; and it's true, with such sciences against you, people have grown up with TV thinking that the characters on TV are more real than the people they meet everyday. 

Daniel: Yes, there's many shades of grey between TV and reality now, it's like hard to tell, you know, we're bombarded everyday. We don't know reality anymore; only a few people know it, unfortunately. 

Alan: You also have Russell too, who said to accomplish this great mission, we have to create hedonism, narcissism and selfishness.

Daniel: It’s just part of a new age right?

Alan: Yes, and also a form of apathy as well and that's what you feel, you're helpless, amongst this sea of crisis going on, it gives you an apathetic feeling. That was all designed to be put into place and it's worked very well, with the people. 

Daniel: I completely understand that now that I see how many things around me, the destruction of an old society and then bringing in a new one, you know where everything must be toppled and things that were strange before are normal. Or normalised, you're talking about the paedophilia you know; and, of course, you used to see it on Brave New World, where, they're like: "Did you have him?" Did you have her?"  

Alan: That's right, it's mission accomplished really, from their point of view. 

Daniel: So, I mean, you know, there's this movie, you should see, it's pretty funny, it’s called Idiocracy. It's about this futuristic society, where everything's just, you know it has the usual barcode, you're an outcast if you're - but, this society is full of dim-wits. It's full of dim-wits, it's just like; it's so funny, there's a scene in this movie where there's this guy's car is getting shot up, his own car is getting shot up and he’s like yeah, he's cheering it on [laughter]! 

Alan: It looks just like the TV! 

Daniel: Exactly! and within seconds, a crowd gathers and the only guy who has any sense, is telling him "hey, that's your car" and he's not even listening, it's almost like, it’s kind of like a child when you place a child in front of the TV, when you tell them something, they don't even hear you. They're kind of like just stuck on it, they don't even pay attention to you, you know. 

Alan: Yes, it's true enough, we've had 40-50 years of shoot-outs with cops in streets on television and cars getting blown-up in every movie and the chases and all the rest of it, that's supposed to be thrilling. 

Daniel: You know, and it's funny because I'm kind of guilty of that myself and it's funny because this movie's supposed to be like 500 years later, but you see it and you can compare it with today and it's kind of here, in a sort of funny comical way. And this movie and it's funny and like I see stuff on TV and I'm like "yeah, that's kind of cool" but then I think twice about it; I think twice about it and I say "well, I just watched this movie where these idiots were going around doing the same thing" and it made me question you know. 

Alan: What is reality? I don't even watch TV at all, because it's too dangerous, you can't allow yourself to be to sucked in and start to enjoy. When you start to enjoy something you’re watching, you've just been suckered in to downloading, they're putting something else in your mind. They're altering your perceptions.  

Daniel: It's scary [laughter], scary but true you know, unfortunately. It's like I said, unfortunately, you know, I'm going to have to witness a great tragedy in my country, but it kind of needs to happen I think, and a lot of us are probably going to die. I'm probably not going to make it; but I'm doing my best to inform people. 

Alan: That's all you can do. 

Daniel: That's it. 

Alan: That's all you can do. 

Daniel: Well, thanks Alan. 

Alan: Thanks for calling; and there's Cody in Washington, are you there Cody? 

Cody: Hey! Good evening Mr. Watt, how are you doing tonight? 

Alan: I'm hanging in; 10 minutes before the show, my computer crashed and my picture shrunk to 4 inches wide!

Cody: Ah, that's unfortunate; everything back to par already?  

Alan: Just about but when I get in touch with certain peoples, who are themselves being watched very closely, I tend to be hacked off awful quickly by the authorities. You know they're in there, when your own email is 2 hours late in arriving, in getting back to you!

Cody: There is a lot of problems with emails being sent out and being received, I know sometimes my emails don't get through and other people's emails to me don't get through and a lot of times, they don't even get the mailer daemon response which says that - or the delivery report which explains why they couldn't deliver it. And I think some of this has to do with the fact that a lot of these free email services are not maintaining their infrastructure. 

Alan: What it is, with me, is that the authorities are in my site and my mailroom and they lock me out, sometimes for three hours at a time. 

Cody: Well, you know, I know some people that same thing happens to, I think a lot of it depends upon the degree of how much you talk about Zionism. I mean, for example, some of my friends who host their own radio shows, when they mention the fact that Forbes Magazine said 7 out of 10 billionaires are Jews in the world; or, if they mention the fact that the media in all Western Countries is solidly controlled by Jews. The kosher banking system solidly controlled by Jews, that's when you start to get the real heat; but if you mention more or less the Knights of Malta, the New World Order, queen of England, the Catholic Church, all of these organisations that don't really have power, they're not the ones who are in control of the over-arching conspiracy, I notice that you really don't have as many problems. That's one thing, what's your opinion? 

Alan: To be honest with you, with me personally, I get hacked just for talking to people who are charged with certain things, that's all it takes, when high court judges are looking at you very closely and you're dealing with them, you're going to be hacked by the big boys, regardless. And that's how it is; but I can email myself at times, right back to me, and it'll take 2 or 3 hours before it comes back to me. 

Cody:  Well, that is the case. So, what's your opinion about the fact that, for the first time in recent history, you find the whole world acknowledging that it is, the problem starts with a 'J' and ends with a 'W'. Do you agree?  

Alan: I wouldn't say the whole is problem is that at all; you cannot target a whole people, because of a big club at the top of those people. It's like targeting everybody in Britain because the queen and royalty and all the hundreds of relatives and families are running the show; it's the same idea. The same in India, you look at the top of the Hindu society and there's the Brahmins stinking rich, running the whole show again. Every, every group has its top dynasties at the top running the whole show. It's so easy just to blame everybody else for it; and, again, most folk get confused with Israel and Judaism. There's a big difference: one's political and the histories are up there as to who came in, where they came in from, including the fact, in fact written by the guy who was Lieutenant Governor for Palestine at the time, for Britain, that most of them that came in were hard-line Marxists from Russia and the reason they left it was because it was not Marxist enough, under the Soviet system. 

Cody: But look, let's acknowledge one thing real quick: I'm Italian but I'm not against all Italians when I criticise the Mafia, it's just a few people from the Italian community who organise you know, crime organisations and stuff like that. But, still, the fact remains the Costa Nostra is solidly in the hands of Italians, no not to paint with a broad brush, but when you talk about the New World Order, it's solidly in the hands of Zionist Jews, that's a fact and the quickest way for me to tell whether or not somebody's lying or telling the truth is see what they say about that, because people on the radio, you know, they know better, the average citizen, he doesn't know. 

Alan: Listen, listen: you also had Mazzini, he took over from Albert Pike, for World Masonry and he's in the history books; he published a lot of books himself, to do with the great revolutionary society of the world and he was the one who authorised the creation of the Mafia. He was the one who authorised it to start up as an arm of Freemasonry, the active arm. Every society you have on this planet has its outside political spokesmen in a group and they always have an active wing; and it's true too, the B'nai B'rith has the same thing. 

Cody: Have you listened to the Benjamin Freedmon speech? 

Alan: No. 

Cody: Oh, well Benjamin Freedmon was one of the former 

Alan: I don't need a lecture, I don't need a lecture on the same thing; but, the fact is, as I say, you have to go into your homework and see what they all belong to, because there's a common thread through all of them, including the Knights of Malta.

Cody: I'm going to go off air, look, just throw me a bone here, do you or do you not acknowledge the fact that the Rothschilds were Jewish and they own the whole world? I mean, come on. 

Alan: As far as anybody knows, we're told they're Jewish, as far as anybody knows; if they really are, who knows what they really are? Who really knows? But, one thing I do know, I haven't met one single Jewish person that's actually met them, or been invited into their table, to their table for dinner. They’re as much of an aristocracy, a royalty amongst themselves at the top, as any other royal family. In fact, that's what they did, you had royal dynasties running nations, giving them away as presents, during weddings and so on. And the Rothschilds, I'm sure, have been down through history under different guises, in different names and different times, as a sort of royal family of banking; them and others, by the way too. They will sit at the top of any tree, they don't care what colour that tree is and have a protection. 

Thanks for calling.  We'll go onto Steve, from Indiana, are you there Steve? 

Steve: I hear a loud noise, am I on? 

Alan: Yes. 

Steve: OK, that was kind of strange! I've got a question on technotronics.  I've been doing a lot of research and I'm trying to find some specific information on what they're putting up, like frequency-wise. I believe you said like 10 MHZ or something. Could you maybe throw me a website where I can find something? 

Alan: I will be putting a bunch on there, it’s from official sources too and the frequency ranges and so on. I do have photographs as well of some the strangest towers that are going up; they don't look anything like the usual microwave towers. They're putting them up in urban areas and they've got their own transformer at the bottom, some have said it’s part of the GWEN system they're calling it. Ground Wave something Emergency Network. 

Steve:  GWEN, that sounds familiar. 

Alan: Yes, but I do have photographs of the massive cables as they're building these things as they go into the base of them; and these are huge, big thick cables, they must take an awful lot of amperage. 

Steve: I spend a lot of time doing the internet look-ups and I just could not find anything specific – I’ve got like wireless frequency counters I've used for a long time, you know, ham radio stuff and it really comes in handy.  

Alan: There's also stuff on the HAARP, that was the one that really started it, in the public realm, after Brzezinski. Brzezinski was the first one to mention it to the public, in his own book, in the chapter entitled The Technetronic era, where he did say that a system would be used on the public, of which they would be completely unaware, and it would help to control them. Before him, in the '50s, you find Bertrand Russell, again, saying a system would be used on the public that would give them all their opinions and they would be completely oblivious of it. It's the same thing they're talking about but Brzezinski actually called it Technetronics; and remember he was the big adviser to the NSA, so he was right up there where it all is. 

Steve:  Right, ok, one other thing that came up a little while ago on my homepage. I thought you'd find this entertaining, it states that: "We have set a record for the number of born people here in the US than any other time in the history of the country" and I don't know what to make of that because most people I know are just not having any kids. 

Alan: Yes, I know. 

Steve:  So, I'm trying to figure out what are they trying to do right there by saying that?

Alan: Well, they always lie when they need to, you see, it's amazing and it's true enough, if you saw the movie Wag The Dog. 

Steve: OK, I haven't seen that one. 

Alan: It's an excellent movie because they showed you everything that would happen in the Bosnian conflict, in a movie, about a year before the conflict in Bosnia was even heard of. They showed you, and they followed the movie in the real war!  These experts in marketing and managing perception, for politicians, were showing you how it all works on the TV screen. If it's on the TV screen, it's true, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's on the television, it's true. That's how everyone's been conditioned; and their job, of course, was to make sure that only their version of things appeared on television, regardless of the lies involved and that's happened. Brzezinski also touched on that topic, he said: shortly the public will be unable to think or reason for themselves, they'll expect the media to do it for them, well that's happened, that's happened.

Steve: I would say that because I've spent probably 20 years tying to figure out why people are the way they are. I grew up with radios, I didn't watch TV, so I've always been trying to figure out why I'm so different compared to most people, maybe because I wasn't influenced by the TV or something, I guess. 

Alan: The influence of television on shaping your opinions, in so many subtle ways you're not even conscious of, is fantastic; it's a perfect tool, because it literally puts you in an alpha state to start with, when you're watching it. That's why children have their jaws hanging open.  In that state, you're literally suggestible to everything that you're being told. When it's an authority figure—and we're trained that the newscasters are, somehow, authority figures—when they're staring right at you and telling you the story, your censor part of the brain is down, and it goes right into your mind and that's now your opinion. 

Steve:  Ok Alan, I'll let you go, I hear the music coming in, I'll see you soon. 

Alan: Ok. 

Steve: bye bye. 

Alan: Thanks. I'll be back - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. You know, you'll find, if you go along the usual trail, you will end up bogged down in one particular place or another, if you choose to, or you can go beyond just the information that's put there; and learn an awful lot more about the structures that run these societies across the world. I mean, the B'nai B'rith, for instance, is registered in every city, as a Lodge, in the phone book, a lodge, that’s a Masonic Lodge; and it's the one connecting thing between all the systems and all religions. You have to really-really go into it in-depth. And their ultimate goal is to eradicate all existing, and I mean all, existing religions. This is a shock for those who follow them, thinking they're some sort of nice charitable group that speaks for them; their goal is to destroy all existing religions, to bring in the new. 

I've talked before, about the million-man army that Obama, supposedly, is going to create within the US, a civilian army, which is along the league of what is done in all socialist countries. We saw that in Hitler's Germany, we saw it in the Soviet system. They were both socialist you see; and that's what we're in now, it's a socialist, socialised system. They always go for the youth, because they must bring up a generation of youth, with the new ideas, uncontaminated by the ideas of the older generations; that's why they had to separate the generations. Now there's a website out there, it's called Glocal Youth Parliament, GYP, sometimes they call themselves. Massive organisation, funded by the World Bank and all the biggies; and I'm going to put the link up for you to peruse at the end of the show. It says: 

The GYP is a worldwide network of urban youth 

They came up with the idea themselves, you see. This is what I really hate: you've got these old-old men, sitting in high places, coming up with these schemes and running the cultures: music, fashion, everything, including your ideals - and youngsters are very idealistic. And these youngsters will never know that these old geezers, that run the present system, are simply going to use them, to bring in the same old geezers' new system.  

a worldwide network of urban youth partnering with local governments and organizations, international institutions, private sector and each other 

And the United Nations as well, of course. 

to improve the quality of urban life. The network, which currently spans sixty-five cities and five continents, promotes local action, city-to-city initiatives and the sharing of ideas, solutions, and experiences. The GYP has a core membership of two youth representatives from each participating city and their peer networks who work together to realize their common vision for the year 2020.  

That's Vision 2020 for the United Nations, you know, when their population is drastically small; and we're all living with bare subsistence, equally across the planet, except for our rulers of course. That's how they use the young, once again; and these young will be young idealistic fools, we've all been there, we've all been there, never realising that those who give us our ideals and our cultures are using us for a different end, generally our own demise. Sad, but true; but why would they miss this kind of opportunity? Bypass the elderly and bring in the new. 

Well, that's it for tonight folks. So, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada: it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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