Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#281)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 20, 2009:

Screamin' Bad Dreams on Monsanto's Genes:

"Natural Seed Almost Gone, Not Comin' Back,
Now Agricultural Secretary, Tommy Vilsack,
With a Global Mission, Genetic Canto,
His Life Spent Serving His Master Monsanto,
Genetics, Eugenics, Legality, Conservation,
Spearheading the Way to Depopulation,
In the Manual of War, Food is a Weapon,
Advice, Think Twice 'fore Munchin' That Melon,
Monsanto's Invincible, So Goes the Report,
No-one's Successful Against Them in Court,
Every Judge Got the Word to Avoid This T-Rex,
They're Part of the Military-Industrial Complex"
© Alan Watt Mar. 20, 2009

Friday 20th   March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 20, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 20th of March 2009. 

I advise newcomers to look into website, where you can download lots of previous talks I've given on the big picture of that which runs the world: the big real government and there really is one too, that runs the world already, has been for a long time, an international group who, basically, run international banks, dictate politics and policies to all the nations and who want their global society, a perfect global society, where there's going to be a front organisation, as the government for the whole world. And, of course, a planned society, like family planning, one big global village, where we're all on family planning, you might say. I try to give you information, from their own documents, and books, by some of the bigger players or front men that they've used down through history, to voice their opinions to the public; because they do need our cooperation. You'll find amongst the public too, there's a lot of people on board, because they have no minds of their own, they like the idea of a utopia, it sounds nice and it's like a perpetual childhood, where someone, above you is always going to be making the big decisions for you; and you don't have to worry your pretty little head, just enjoy yourself, watch soaps and sports and you'll be quite ok. That's the sad truth of it. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks I give, which you can print up (and they're written in the various languages of Europe), you can pass them round to your friends as well.  

You can also keep me going by buying my books and discs from website and you can also donate as well, that trickles in and that's how I survive on what I'm doing. I don't ask money from the advertisers; and I depend upon you the listeners to keep me ticking along here; and that's all it is: ticking, until there's no more ticks left, then there'll be no more speech and freedom of speech is going down the tubes fast, very fast. There are very few stations on this planet that can allow people to give alternate points of view outside the mainstream; and RBN is one of them. There are very-very few; most countries don't have these kinds of networks available to the public where you can pretty-well say what you want. 

I've often said that nothing happens in this world on a large-scale by accident, I don't fall for the fact that it's just big money at play and greed and corruption. That's all part of it but that's at the lower level, the boys at the top do know what they're doing. They don't leave things to chance; and it's like the IPCC, that's the United Nations group of scientists, paid scientists that are all cheerleaders basically, who turn up the desired reports on global warming and all the coming catastrophes that spew out of their specially built computers. I call them ‘crisis computers’ - they're guaranteed to give you a crisis no matter what you feed in.

You also have the ones to do with genetic manipulation of all the foods. It's astonishing, isn't it, that really no country has put everything on a slow investigative journey into genetic engineering of foods. As I say, in Canada, we didn't find out that we were even getting tested for it, they were using it on the population of Canada, for ten years; ten years went by, before it leaked out of Britain, that we were the test guinea pigs for the rest of the world, to see what effects they would have on the human body. And, by the way, they haven't given us any results on that yet; although, if you ask your pharmacist what's popular these days, it gives you a clue. And I'll talk about this when I come back; it's a very important topic, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix; and before the break, I was talking about the modified food and how Canadians were the guinea pigs, because the government admitted later that they'd made a secret deal with the big companies, GMO boys, to grow the stuff and put it out into the food supply. And, of course, the government, obviously, was monitoring the health effects on the public; and it was about the same time, in fact, that they admitted they had a super computer in Ottawa that was linked to all facilities across Canada - and since we have a national health service type system, all data on medical records was fed in, along with every other bit of personal information of course, long before 9/11 came along. They could obviously take account of the side effects and what was on the increase and the decrease and all the rest of it. If you ask your pharmacist what's popular today, he'll tell you it's all the antacids and the acid-suppressant agents that are just getting smacked and whacked off the shelves, since, basically, these foods came in, because they added all kinds of foreign genes to them, genes from insects and animals and who knows, maybe even humans, for all we know. We'll never ever get to the real story too, but why would, as I say, bio-warfare experts be involved in making your food? Because, that's what these guys at the top are all about, that's what they set up many years ago, was to do with genetic engineering, for warfare purposes; that should make us all wonder and worry. And we do know that they want to depopulate the planet and bring them down to a safe manageable level and then create new types of humans; that's been in all the science magazines for the last few years, quite openly. It's like something out of a science fiction but why should it be, since science fiction is only the programming for what's to come.  

This article here is from the Now, remember that every newspaper now has its green specialist, their environment specialist you see; so they make their bread and butter, these characters who write these stories, on the scare tactics. You've always got to wonder why, is there another ulterior motive for this particular article etc, etc. Especially recently, when they had all of these fear mongers together at the world climate change group and they’ve literally admitted that they were all told to put out the worst case scenarios across the world, because all their funding depends on fear you see, to keep the whole thing going. And since the Club of Rome decided in the 1970s that this was going to be the agenda: man was at war against the planet, the planet was at war against him, therefore 'man was the enemy' idea, in their own book, which they published in the '90s, they admitted in the '70s, they dreamed up the idea of global warming, then we know that a lot is counting on this global warming and weather / climate change idea, to change the whole world and the way we behave. It's really a form of control over the entire planet; right down to the individual, as to whatever you do will be tied in with the environment you see. So, as I say, be careful when you read these articles and this is one; this is by John Vidal who is the environment editor, his bread and butter, right?  It's about GMO food: 

The world's leading crop scientists issued a stark warning that a deadly airborne fungus could

“Could” – right?

devastate wheat harvests in poor countries and lead to famines and civil unrest over significant regions of central Asia and Africa. 

Ug99 — so called because it was first seen in Uganda in 1999 — is a new variety of an old crop disease 

“A new variety of an old crop disease”; so, is that modified maybe? 

called "stem rust", which spread from Africa to Iran and it's blighted wheat production in many parts of the world for thousands of years. It was first seen in 1999 

But they say here: “it's blighted wheat production for many thousands of years”. It's fantastic, these scientists are amazing characters. It says: 

The fungus was thought to have largely disappeared since the 1960s when original disease-resistant varieties were developed and planted in the West and developing countries. 

They're talking about modified stuff. 

Scientists meeting in Mexico to exchange information on the Ug99 are alarmed because Eg99 specifically targets resistant genes in wheat, as a result, it is now believed that 80-90% of all wheat varieties grown in developing countries are susceptible to the new fungus. 

Now, here's the kicker: you see, anyone who's followed the GM food, especially wheat and corn and so on, knows that most of the planet is on the modified varieties; and this leads me back to what I said at the very beginning of the show, nothing happens by accident. It's not just greed and power at the top, they do look to the future, they don't make big mistakes; and yet, other geneticists, before they started introducing this stuff into the general farming communities across the planet, warned that if everything became the same variety of corn, the same variety of wheat etc etc, like one size fits all and displaced the traditional grains in their own regions, which had developed over thousands of years, each one, for that region, then all the wheat and all the corn etc would be wiped out. If you have 15 varieties growing in one field, which you used to have, across a good part of the world, when something hit it, it wouldn't wipe out all the different varieties, it would wipe out maybe one and the rest was there to be saved, that was traditional. Now they've all gone to the standard stuff, the whole lot is wiped out; so, this was foreseen, as I say, by scientists, before they started to hand this out into the communities. And you know one of the biggest culprits was the United Nations organisation, who encouraged the distribution of foods into these countries, in so-called Third World countries, across the world and across the Middle East; and they gave them lots, through their NGOs and different groups and charitable groups, gave them all this stuff that was going to be so much easier. And it was, for two or three years, until the effects started to show up; so, was this deliberate? Because, after all, remember, in warfare, food is one of the primary weapons; it has to make you wonder, doesn't it? It says: 

Ug99 is particularly dangerous because it can infect crops very quickly and releases vast clouds of invisible spores which can be carried by the wind for hundreds of miles. 

It's a perfect bio-warfare thing isn't it? 

The Nobel prize-winner Norman Borlaug, who is credited with helping India and other countries avoid famines in the 1960s by developing high yielding crop strains, said: "This thing has immense potential for social and human destruction. It is capable of severely damaging virtually all of the world's commercial bread wheat. It is a problem that goes far beyond wheat production in developing countries. Sooner or later it will be found throughout the world, including North America, Europe, Australia and South America."

And on and on it goes and, as I say, this was foreseen by thinking scientists who were not employed by the big boys, famous enough in their own right, but no one wanted to hear at the top because there's an agenda at work you see. Whenever there's an agenda at work, they listen to the scientists that they employ, for the agenda, like the IPCC for instance. That's the difference; they warned that if they went ahead and did this, this is the result they'd have and we're seeing it across the world now.

In Australia, part of the problem isn't just drought, it's the fact that they've all been on the GM modified corn etc., wheat, for years. It was fine for the first few years, like it always is and then odd things start happening and they can't withstand the dry periods and so on and so on and so on it goes. What's also interesting is that, off the coast of Norway, as we all know, I'm sure the listeners know, it's been in all the major papers for months and months, they keep adding to the stock of the natural grains they've taken from these little countries they then dumped in the GMO strains and they've got all the natural stuff there, for the future, to make sure that someone in the future survives, I wonder who it will be? I wonder who it will be? Quite something. 

We've all been through what happened with Ireland, with the Lisbon Treaty, for the EU. It was the only dissenter, supposedly, going against this EU Charter, this final Charter of theirs'. After that, they were threatened, basically, by other members of the EU, saying all the things that would happen to Ireland, left behind and all the bad consequences would come; and, very quickly, it was followed by a massive contamination of their meat products, because some strange substance - like PCBs - somehow got into all the cattle feed, you know, those little reconstituted things they sell that's like dog food in those big bags. So, it came from a firm or a company from somewhere, obviously, to get in there and they had to recall millions of pounds worth of their food, almost bankrupted the farmer. Now, the farmer and the rural people, were the ones blamed for not signing the treaty, they were going against the treaty, in the first place, so it's amazing how it hit them first. Then they had the economic crash on top of it just to further sink them; although, really, they were technically bankrupted before - in another fiasco.  This is from Friday March the 20th 2009. It says here, from this article I'm reading here. It says: 

EU leaders agree €5bn economic stimulus package 

Then it says, this is from the Irish times, I think it is: 

THE GERMAN ambassador to Ireland has defended remarks he made at a cultural event in Tralee, Co Kerry, in which he warned of the consequences of a second rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. 

So, here they are being threatened really; what's a warning and what's a threat eh? 

Christian Pauls was reported to have told an audience gathered for the official launch of a partnership between Tralee and the Frankfurt- Höchst Schlossfest that Ireland would “throw away its future” if it voted No in a second referendum on the treaty. 

“Throw away it's future”. 

Ireland could not have an a la carte approach to Europe and simply pick and choose what it liked, he said, according to local media reports of the event which took place on Monday.  

And I'll continue with these little threats in this great democracy, because it's a forerunner of what's to come to the Americas, as we can all see coming actually. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Irish Times, concerning the comments made by the German ambassador to Ireland on them turning down the EU Charter; and pretty-well warning them what's going to happen if they don't sign it the next time around. It says here: 

The ambassador was also said to have noted that rural regions such as Kerry returned a much higher No vote than urban areas in last year’s referendum. 

It's a farming community you see. 

He reportedly made pointed references to those who “complain about other nations fishing in their waters. . . and forget who pays their milk subsidies”. 

The reason I'm reading this out is, I hope, in the US, they understand what this union of the Americas is going to be; you have no idea of the multi-layered new bureaucracies you're going to have sitting on top of you, to do with all transactions, in everything that you buy and you sell. And where the taxes go and new taxes and how they divvy them up to the new central overall government and so on; it's terrifying, it's terrifying. Who can fish where; can foreigners come in and fish in your water? etc etc. All this goes on and on and on, until, basically, everyone's hamstrung, they can't move, without permission from some higher bureaucrat. This is exactly what Carl Jung talked about as early as the 1930s, when he saw this and he repeated it again, in 1945 and '46, he said "I see the world being stifled by a ring around the world”, later he called it an iron curtain, about the time that the iron curtain was set up at the end of World War II. He said an iron curtain that would, literally, squeeze the life out of all the inhabitants of the planet. Many people saw this coming, because they understood the agenda, in their own time. You can't move without permission, on anything. It says: 

Informed of the reports yesterday, Mr Pauls told The Irish Times that while he could not recall using “those exact words”, he admitted that he had said “something along those lines” at the event. “The reports make it sound like I was lecturing Ireland and the Irish but it was not meant to be aggressive or demeaning,” he said. “A second No would have horrific consequences for Ireland  

"horrific consequences for Ireland", oh, horrific. 

and I am not the first to say it. I don’t think there is anything particularly new in that.” 

It's quite amazing, you either pay the big boys, it's like the Mafia moving in; you either pay the extortion fees and do what they say, and they might leave you a little bit alone, a little bit alone, they want to know everything you're doing, but a little bit of freedom to yourself. That's what it is, that's what power really is you see, that is what governments actually are: they are fearful masters, as Washington said. And it's up to the public how much of it they'll tolerate. Most of the public, as the ones at the top understand perfectly well, will accept anything, including being put into a ditch and shot, if need be. That's happened over and over and over, because they will not believe it's really happening to them. We're taught to obey, obey, obey; and since the '50s and '60s and speeding up, you have, really, a Western world of perpetual children, their lives are perpetual childhood and the media and the education system has ensured that it is so. There's no doubt about that.

At one time, you could go to elderly people, who were not brought up by television and magazines and the nonsense from Hollywood and so on and the gossip magazines; and you could sit for hours listening to how they saw the world, because they'd thought for themselves. They had wisdom to pass on; now, you can go into the old age homes and see the generation that were brought up on TV and they have nothing to pass on. Their topics are all about their little life, themselves, their offspring or family and what's on TV etc. The shows that they like watching, all fantasy, it's all fantasy, all fantasy, we forget that; and most people don't know it, the war has been on them since before they were born and they don't even know it was declared upon them. What we're seeing with people who can't understand what's going on or they say 'I don't want to know', they can't see the Chemtrails above their heads, those people are the causalities of this war, that's what you're seeing, casualties. Because the intent, as Arthur Koestler said, and it's admitted now, in one of the books I read recently, it's now declassified, he worked for MI5 and MI6, like most of the big authors did, he did a lot of predictive programming in his novel works, he also did non-fiction as well. He also said that he worked with an organisation at the United Nations that looked into ways of lobotomising the people, the public of the world and they had tried all kinds of methods and the one that they thought was the best was a chemical that could either be injected or put into the water, target that part of the brain that makes you you; the part of the brain that gives you your survival capabilities. He says they won't need that anymore, because the State will be making all your decisions for you. That was to get world peace; he says it had to be done, for world peace. So, when you hear the word "peace" and "world peace" you'd better understand their definition of it. In Communism, it meant a lack of all opposition

I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the various high issues that we're allowed to know about; in this day and age, most of the things that go on, we're not allowed to know about. What we do know, and I've said this many times, is whenever a Bill is put forward that you're a bit suspicious of, you should really-really protest it, because you’ll always find that once it goes through there's another agenda at work and it expands to include things that you'd never ever imagine in your wildest nightmares. Because the bill that was passed recently, I talked about it yesterday, to with mandatory volunteerism for all youths. It's a re-creation really of a sort of Brownshirt society or the Greenshirts, no doubt this time, with political indoctrination into the youth, who will grow up to bash the older ones around, with big truncheons or special taser guns or something, whatever they have in the very near future, some high-tech. stuff. And it's a spy society as well, it's the internal army really that Obama was talking about; no matter how you describe it or what you call it, it's always the same thing, they always go for the youth in a socialist time. Remember the Socialists and the Communists and the Fascists are all really one big group, it's one group that uses Left and Right, Left and Right, down through the ages, to always go in the same direction.

And I've said before that Mr. Bush's job was to set up the machinery to get the troops on the streets and so on and everyone spied upon and Obama’s put in to actually use it. And that's why too they decided now to crash the economy, they could have kept the same scam going, I mean, after all, how much air do you need to blow a bubble up? They could keep it going for as long as they wanted to; it's always been based on the same thing. However, it's now that they want to bring it down because the whole world is to change with it and all these new policies from the United Nations are coming into play at the same time. That's your big clue that it was all planned this way. The one to do again with mandatory volunteerism had amendments that were not mentioned, to it and I'll put the links up on my site, after the show, to the amendments. It's quite interesting, because what the Bill says:


H.R.1388, back to the House with an amendment


Etc etc, there's a whole bunch of other Bills you see actually tacked onto this. If you're called up for this mandatory service, or if you voluntarily join it, you belong to a Corps you see. A Corps is a military organisation, so you'd be subject to the same conditions as the military. It says here: 



You can’t join them, they'll tell you what's allowable and what's not; and it says here: 

‘‘(a) PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.—A participant in an approved national service position under this subtitle may not engage in the following activities:

‘‘(1) Attempting to influence legislation. 

I guess all the lobbyist children will be exempt. 

‘‘(2) Organizing or engaging in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes.

‘‘(3) Assisting, promoting, or deterring union organizing.

‘‘(4) Impairing existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements.

‘‘(5) Engaging in partisan political activities, or other activities designed to influence the outcome of an election to any public office.

‘‘(6) Participating in, or endorsing, events or activities that are likely to include advocacy for or against political parties, political platforms, political candidates, proposed legislation, or elected officials.  

Here's another one: 

‘‘(7) Engaging in religious instruction, 

Did you know that? Very sneaky isn't it?  

‘‘(7) Engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engaging in any form of religious proselytization. 

In other words: preaching converts. Or: 

‘‘(8) Providing a direct benefit to—

‘‘(A) a business organized for profit; 

I guess that's the government. 

‘‘(B) a labor organization;

‘‘(C) a partisan political organization;

‘‘(D) a nonprofit organization that fails to comply with the restrictions  

In other words: the UN ones are ok. 

contained in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code  

Etc etc, the list goes on and on and on. They're going to list all the ones you're ineligible to participate under. There will be exceptions and they'll all be the goody-two-shoes, the green ones, because, after all, they're going to get their instruction from the greenies at the top, to be good greenies, that's why.

Very sneaky; and that's what I'm saying you know, how can you fight these kind of things? How can you fight it when most politicians, whether it's in Britain, France, Germany or Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any of the European countries, the politicians don't even read these massive Bills. And apart from that: how could you read all of that stuff in a day or two? You can't, it's designed that way; so, all the politicians are, are a front organisation, to pretend that you have something called democracy, that's all, it's pretty sad. 

Now, on Channel Four, and I'll leave the link up too, there was a member of Parliament denied access, Parliament from Britain, he's been in for about ten years I think, called Galloway and he was denied access to come to Canada, to talk, because the Jewish Defence League, apparently, had complained to the Immigration Bureau and you'll see this exchange of words between Mr. Galloway and the leader of the Jewish Defence League for Canada, via Channel 4, between the mediator and Channel 4. It's quite interesting because, I think what he's accused of is giving support to Hamas. Anthony Wedgwood Benn, who was a life-long politician, has tapes up, actually videos up of his interviews with the BBC when he did the same thing. They didn't want him to give out the address of where to send funds or aid to the survivors in Gaza; and, supposedly, what Mr. Galloway is accused of – it’s hard to tell from this exchange – is supporting Hamas, which is supposedly listed as a terrorist organisation. And it's an odd state of affairs, because as far as Mr. Benn said, Hamas is the only elected government that they have. It's one of those grey areas, I'm not an expert in that whole area at all; however, it's worth seeing the exchange going on, when again, private organisations, can demand from the Canadian Government who they can let in and who they will not let in. That's maybe the kicker. 

Now, we'll go to the phone calls and we have Umar from Detroit, are you there Umar? 

Umar: Yes sir, Alan, you got a great show and I listen to you, you're one of the only ones I'm listening to now besides [? inaudible], you put out some very relevant information but one thing I think we need to address more is what can we do to circumvent these people? Or don’t you think there’s anything that can be done? 

Alan: Well, that's the big question isn't it? That's the big question because - now if politics was real and democracy was real, we'd maybe have a chance, but you see, it's not real at all, it's too huge. The candidates are lifers, see Stonewall Jackson said that, he tried to bring a Bill forward to stop any politician from getting in for a second term. It would be 4 or 5 years maximum and you're gone, you can never get back into it. When you get life-long politicians, belonging to Parties, these people are worse than any religious fanatic. It's their Party forever, and whatever the top man says is what they will say; and so we don't really have democracy, we don't have representatives that stand up for their own people, in their own area, that's the problem right there. The whole idea, 

Umar: Have you read Unintended Consequences?

Alan: Yes. 

Umar: By John Ross, that probably, something like that's going to have to take place, before these politicians realise that it is the people that is the boss of this country, not them. 

Alan: Well, you're right on there, because they've spent quite a long time now, maybe since the '50s onwards, on a roll, gradually, bringing up again, a generation, that's all you need, who very subtly at first, but on a roll eventually, get conditioned to believe that government is all powerful and that you do what government tells you. There's a limit to what the government is supposed to do, they're supposed to, you're right, they're supposed to be there to serve the people who elect them; and that's just like outer space or the Twilight Zone, I've never seen that in my lifetime. 

Umar: I got a quick question for you and then I'm going to let you go. Have you heard of the Neo-Tech by Frank Wallace?

Alan: Neo-Tech? I think I may have but I'm not quite certain of it.  

Umar: It's something like an Objectivist philosophy, something similar to Ayn Rand, it espouses, to me, a lot of new world order concepts like they don't believe in God, they believe like believing in God is mysticism and so on like that. They say some good things but you know, it's kind of like I'm listening to it and it sounds like something I had heard somewhere else. Just like Zeitgeist, that thing you talked about the other night. 

Alan: Yes, you find that they have to say things which hook you in, that you can relate to, and then they put their twists in there; you're right on, that's how that stuff is given to the public. 

Umar: Well, Alan, I know you're busy and I know there's so many other people calling you, so I'm going to sign off for now, it's good speaking with you again. Stay strong. 

Alan: Well, thanks for calling. Call again. And we've got Rick from California, hello? 

Rick: Right here Alan. 

Alan: Yes, go ahead. 

Rick: This is in response to Zeitgeist, because after Wednesday's show, I went and watched the movie; and it reminded me of, it was like watching H.G Wells' and one thing they never mentioned in the film was that all the things, that the very people that they are bashing, the Capitalists, are the very ones who are proposing the very vision that they were proposing! 

Alan: Absolutely and they skirted round all the topics of well, how would they get rid of poverty; you see these wonderful shiny dome-like cities and, of course, the dome is the in-thing for the future at the United Nations. Very few cars on the road, where's all the people? It's obviously a much smaller society, what happened to the people? 

Rick: They don't talk about if they were sterilised or they got killed off, they don't even mention that. This guy he seemed creepy too, the guy who was part of the Venus project, I wonder who they're funded by? 

Alan: Yes, well there'll be somebody that loves them, I'm sure. 

Rick: One other thing I want to mention is I bought a book recently by Malthus and it had his introduction and I started reading the first couple of chapters and there were the philosophers of influence on Malthus and one of them called Wallace I think, in England. And he was saying that a lifestyle where people were decadent produces less population. 

Alan: That's correct, they understood that by watching; see, Rome eventually was so decadent, even amongst the aristocracy that produced the ruling class, they passed laws to make them breed with each other, because they were turning into deviant ways, more women with women and men with men and having no children to take over. So, they understood this from the ancient history and these guys do nothing but study history, to learn.  

Rick: I wanted to ask about the Bible, you know, it seems like the Bible, a lot of the rules in there about sex and stuff are geared toward the elite almost, it seems like a eugenics book sometimes when you read it. 

Alan: Yes, well, the Bible is a genetics book, it starts off with Gene, Genesis, and it's all begetting, who begets who, to create a special people, that's what it's about, you know and that's nothing new in ancient times, because, again, even the Pharaohs sometime married their sisters, to keep everything in the family, keep all the power there. Even before that, we know that Sumer was doing the same thing. Elite families have always been into special breeding, selective breeding, specially selected by priesthoods, who kept the genealogies of them. And that's what you have today, I mean, who picks the kings and queens, even for Europe? I can remember when Prince Charles suddenly came into the limelight as being the most eligible bachelor on the planet, as they tried to build up an image for him and when they eventually found Diana, it was said that she was chosen for him. He never knew her. 

Rick: Wow, yeah, interesting. You've got lot of callers, so I'll let you go Alan, thank you very much. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. 

Rick: OK. 

Alan: Yes, it's astonishing, but nothing's really new, it's just our perceptions are distorted through propaganda until we don't recognise the same thing down through time.

Another thing too: I'll put a link up on Channel 4 to do with Mr. Bush's last speech he gave, his farewell address, it's actually incredibly funny because he's been quite the character for his statements and he did say, he said this actually, and this was in January, I think it was (12th January 2009): 

In the last press conference of his administration George Bush describes the failure to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as a "significant disappointment".  

Ho ho, to say that, you see all the photographs of the slaughtered people and the bodies across the plains, it was a "significant disappointment, he says. 

In what Mr Bush called the "ultimate exit interview", he also admitted that flying a "Mission Accomplished" banner aboard a US aircraft carrier was a mistake. After eight years which will be remembered for its disastrous foreign wars, an economic crisis of global proportions and the most unpopular presidency in living memory, this was President Bush's final chance to set his record straight. 

I'll put the link up and you can have a kind of sardonic chuckle at this, because there’s really nothing to laugh at, is there? There's nothing to really laugh at all.  

And we've got Vince from Newfoundland, are you there Vince? 

Vince: Yes, I'm here. 

Alan: Yes, go ahead.

Vince: Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you've done and I'd like to tell everyone to do whatever you can to help keep Alan on going. Me and my friend had a flea market about a month ago and we tried to raise some money and I say if most people could just sell all their stuff that they don't need anymore and just help Alan out. 

Alan: I'm glad you called and told them that because I always forget to say that myself.

Vince: Could I go, you know, after the commercial? 

Alan: Sure, just hang on; I'll get back to you, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we're talking to Vince from Newfoundland, are you still there Vince? 

Vince: I’m still there. 

Alan: Yes, go ahead. 

Vince: I just wanted to say also that if you donate, you could order Alan's books and I will tell you, they just change your mind; and that's the basis of my next two questions: I think the first one is pretty simple. Based on what I've learned about your way of kind of teaching how to think like a Mason, you know, their language and their coding, I thought of the word Icon and I thought it was the con of eye. Would that be some kind of a code there? 

Alan: Everything that begins with con and - unfortunately even con-stitution - the statute of the con, the statute is a con! There were even debates about constitutions in America, after their war because they understood that: how could any other party give the people rights or freedoms? They were self-evident; you wouldn't need it written down. If it's written down, the lawyers can go to work on it and change it. If it's in the minds and the hearts of the people, the people can always stand up for it. It's a psychological twist. 

Vince: All psychology. 

Alan: And the same with the money thing, I mean here you have Madoff, and he made off with the money and then you have the guy that the treasury puts in charge of distributing all the cash, from the tax payer to the bankers and his name is Kashkari!  Then there's another guy involved who's called Conway in the same scam, the way of the con. I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up in a comedy. It's right there, but that's what they give us; that's what they give us for mainstream media. 

Vince: And it's all over, I'm seeing a lot of things and my favourite show is Family Guy and it's all over Family Guy. All these characters like Peter Griffin, I was just reading about the Griffin in your book and what that represents and you can just go on and on and on. 

Alan: That's right; and even old stuff they used to give used to give us, Andy, Andy Griffin was Andy of Mayberry, the berry of May, Mayday, you know. Mayday's the big thing in the occult. I mean we watch all this stuff and the Aunt was Aunt Bee, the busy bee and we sit and laugh at this stuff and we don't realise these are all Masonic jokes. 

Vince: It is and I just picked up a bottle of Arizona iced tea that said it's made from Suebee honey. I just thought it was a Masonic name as well, but I just wondered what it meant.

Alan: It's fascinating, utterly fascinating and that's what they mean, you see they give you the rules in the Old Testament, that every word will condemn you, if you don't understand what you're saying in a court, you'll be condemned, you're condemning yourself. You think you're talking normally, naturally but actually you're condemning yourself, that's why they have lawyers. 

Vince: Yes, my friend's father's a lawyer and I can tell by how carefully he speaks to normal people, it just passes from his job into real life. And I got one more thing: it's something that I think is important and you touch on and you mention in your book about the Binary Logic and, to me, it seems like just that alone and so subtle can really kind of dumb people down, I guess. Make them think oh it's either this or that, you're either with us or you're with the, I hate to say the T word but you know? 

Alan: Yes. Well, you take Binary: you've got Binar, which is an anagram of Rabin - a Rabin; a priest, right there. A priest is someone who wears a woman's dress, so he is basically the 0-1, the 1-0.

I hear the music coming in and this hour's rushed in again, like it always does, so call again. 

Vince: Thank you. 

Alan: And from myself and Hamish, from Ontario, Canada: it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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