Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#282)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 23, 2009:

A Bird? A Plane? It's Spookerclerk! (007 of 7-11):

"Ominous Predictions of Public Taming,
Chambermaids, Store Clerks, in Terror Training,
Be Careful to Whom You Give Your Custom,
He's Stocking Shelves but Ready to Bust 'em,
He Sees Suspicion, 'Is Your Face Sour?'
Careful with Answers, This Clerk's got Power,
He Swaggers Now, Suddenly Important,
Authoritarian, Superhero Deportment,
He Dreams of Fame, but Truth to Tell,
Terrorism's a Word He Can't Even Spell,
Checking Out Your Items, Expression Fixed,
Wondering if This Food will Explode if Mixed,
Orders You to Wait While He's on the Phone,
Rambling On to His Handler in Excited Tone,
That You've Bought Some Cookies and Soda Pop
And a Big Cream Puff with Cherry on Top,
There's Something About You, Furtive Looks,
God Help Us All from These Amateur Spooks"
© Alan Watt Mar. 23, 2009

Monday 23rd March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 23, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 23rd of March 2009. 

Newcomers look into website, where you can download as many of the previous talks that I have given as you wish, where I try to give you an alternate, not really so much an alternate version of history, but I fill in a lot of the blanks spots, to show you why things really happen. And to show you that the world, and the direction that the world is going in, is planned; everything on a major level / major events happen to be planned. They don't make mistakes at the top; you don't hire thousands of people and pay them incredible money, all these experts in different fields, to make mistakes. Therefore, whatever happens on a large scale is planned; and you'll find with every catastrophe, the CFR comes out and says they can make use of this crisis. They love crisis, because crisis is how you bring in the changes that you planned long ago. And the public tend to accept those changes, under various guises: 'we're bankrupt, the government's going to help us get back on our feet'; or: 'There's terrorism everywhere, we've got to be safe, but we can't have any rights and freedoms; so, therefore it must be worth it' etc. etc. That's how this game is played; and the amalgamation of the planet is underway, as all of this is happening, because that was the intention in the first place. How do you get society from nation states into a global system where there's a global government running the whole world? You have to create the conditions to make it appear plausible to the public as to the things that are happening now, to bring in world government, to allow the experts to ride over the politicians and run the planet more openly. That has been the objective for before I was born and most of you out there were born too. A world run by experts in every facet of society, they say is preferable, much preferable to this system of attempted, I call it attempted democracy, because it's been a sham all along.  

Also look into for transcripts of the talks I give, written in the various languages of Europe; you can print them up and pass them around to your friends.  

For those who want to keep me on the air, you can donate to me on my website or you can buy the books I have on the same website, the CDs, discs etc. That helps it just about tick along; and if I can get some more cash in I'll be able to get high speed on my Internet to upload all the stuff to my site, wouldn't that be nice, because right now, I've got half the speed of what it's supposed to be, because I can't afford the higher speed. That's how much you profit doing what I do, you can't afford high speed.  

Now, I just came in again, I was outside for about five minutes, watching the sky being sprayed, it's all surrealistic; and I was thinking about that because I did a few hours on another show today, talking about the things that we do know about that's given publicly to the public to talk about, because most press releases are just that, they are press releases and journalists very seldom even bother changing the press release to make it look more as though it belongs to this paper or that paper. They just print it right from the sources, generally government handouts and so on; and we chat about it at the bottom. And here we are, talking about all the things that are happening and what's coming in, as we go through the Fascist stage of this great New World Order; and meanwhile, we're getting bombed from the air with spray, daily spraying and they won't talk about that either. We're at war, war's been declared on us from a hundred different levels.

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, sometimes I like that little riff to continue because it's nice and wailing and that's how I feel tonight, because we're wailing, we’re wailing out about what's going on, those of us who understand this, living in this surrealistic world, where we've been following this for years, expecting the very things that are happening today to happen. Because we've read their books, a few of us have truly read their books, which have been published, on-going, every year, more and more books about where they plan to take the world, how they're going to do it and they even talk about it at their big meetings with the CFR, the problems of how to get the world to go along. How do you get the world to go along into a form of totalitarianism so that the experts can take over and guide us individually on how to live, if we should even live in the first place or have offspring and so on and so on. And they create crisis, one after another, to deal with this; and everything that's happening today, was planned way-way long ago, probably at the beginning of the Cold War, because they're always looking towards what happens after present wars, they must have new wars on the go, perpetual war, as George Orwell calls it, perpetual war. If you have too much of an era of peace, the people tend to start grazing on the field they're in, or left in and they don't like getting moved, it takes a long time of preparation and propaganda to set them moving again. The fastest way to do it, of course, is to create crisis, one after another. In Europe, they've had nothing but economic crisis since and probably before World War II; so, there's never been a generation that grew up feeling free and secure in any area of life. Now it's come to North America as well; why did they leave America to the last? Because America was the engine, that basically financed this whole stage up to the present, they're still financing it, it's financing the global order and once it's truly finished and drained of every last cent that could possibly be made, in taxation off the backs of the people, they'll drop the US completely. It'll be rung out like rag; but, at the moment, they're still using the US to further this mission, this great mission, this New World Order, the Novus Ordo Seclorum, as they call it themselves, where the natural order will kick in, where the natural aristocracy, you know the experts and scientists, will run the world, according to logic, their logic and their sciences. As opposed to having us with our emotions and our needs and our families, haphazardly running it down below, as we've supposedly done all along, that's to be eradicated. And they've done an awfully good job at eradicating that; that was a prime target, for a long-long time, the eradication of the family unit. I've gone over talks by Julian Huxley and others, where they said that they could probably sterilise the population and yet promote promiscuity, so they'd be happy, happy neutered beings, as we all go down the tubes. That's happening too; as I say: war has been declared on the public from a whole bunch of different levels, that we're completely unaware of.

When you have something happening in society like sudden problems with sterility, that, literally, knocks out 80-odd% of the male population, over a 50 year time span, even if you believe in evolution, and you need a lot of faith to believe in that, even if you believe in that, it doesn't happen suddenly; and they've known all along what they've been feeding the public to make it happen. I've done talks on this, I've talked about documentaries, I have links to the Disappearing Male on my website, where you can look at the data yourself, done by, again: the professional people in the authorised information arena. It's unfortunate they have to go to those ones to believe them, but that's the way they're trained; if it's on mainstream television, it must be true, no matter what it is. 

In the US, we've watched the standard operating technique of bringing in national service, a world of service, a nation of service, from the very young to the elderly people as well. Compulsory, that's standard in Fascist take-over, it's probably the first time they've used the guise of protecting the people; to protect the people, you must become totalitarian, that's maybe the only bit that's different about this era; but the technique is the same. And a good part of it, a good chunk of the money in the US, for this 'volunteerism', as they like to call it; again, there's so much double-speak, we are in '1984', we are in the Orwellian society with double-speak. A good part of the money is going to go to education of the children; now, that means they're going to be taught ideology, the reigning ideology and they will grow up to be little fanatics and then older fanatics and then brutal fanatics, on behalf of the state, that's standard, as well.

I can remember reading about the first Russians who went into Germany at the end of World War II; and the Russians, who had been indoctrinated with their ideology, thought they were freeing the people from Fascist overlords. It really confounded them, to realise the people did not want to be saved from their overlords. Their ideology had taught them that everyone was a prisoner under the Fascist regime and wanted to be free. You'll see the same thing happening again with the greenies / sustainable development, they'll completely believe that the older generation - and they are being taught this in school now across the Western hemisphere, by mandate - that the older generation has destroyed their future for them, by their incredible spending and borrowing and living the high life, the good life, that's what they'll think. Remember what Bertrand Russell said: scientific indoctrination, scientific indoctrination, had been perfected before the 1950s, by himself and other experts in the field.

You can imagine the hell we’re coming into, where you're going to be afraid of children; and these children will report everything that happens at home, in their street, on the street, in the shopping malls, wherever. And there's going to be witch hunts, because children like to please their masters. They found this out before, when they pushed for a long time about oh massive sacrifices going on and so on and children, they got a hold of this stuff and they were asked by psychologists and hypnotherapists if they could remember anything and they came up with great fantastic / bizarre stories and they had witch hunts and lots of people were locked up who were innocent, because children like to please the adults in authority.

You can imagine what's going to come down the pike and people should not stand for this at all. Ideology if it's taught in school is the end, it's the end of everything; hell is coming. I said in 2001 that the hardest thing you'll find, as this agenda unfolds, as I knew it would become surrealistic, the hardest thing would be to hold on to your sanity, as you go through it. And what's happening in one country is happening in other countries, at the same time, everything is simultaneous now.  

In Britain, Britain's always ahead of other countries with these techniques. In Britain on the BBC, they admitted and gave out a handout again to the press, remember the BBC is a branch of the government in Britain. This is from the 22nd of March 2009: 

Thousands getting terror training  

Even the wording: "getting terror training" - think about it. 

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith explains the new strategy 

The new strategy. 

Thousands of UK workers are being trained to help respond to a future terror attack as part of an updated counter-terror strategy, ministers say. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said shop and hotel workers would be among 60,000 people able to deal with an incident.  

This is just the start of it; they admit they've already trained thousands, in other areas as well. You don’t know who they are; you'll be working next door to them. 

The updated approach, aimed at tackling immediate terrorist threats and the causes of extremism, 

So, they're going to tackle the causes of extremism. Is what the government is doing extreme? That's the first thing I would say to these people, I'd ask them that question: isn't this extreme? It says: 

it would be the most comprehensive in the world, she added.  

That sounds awfully good, it's comprehensive isn't it? 

But, the Tories

That's the Conservatives.

said not enough action was being taken against extremists.  

Really? Of course they will, because there's no left wing and right wing, it's all a show for the public. 

The Home Office's new counter-terrorism document - to be published on Tuesday - will go into more detail than ever before in the interests of public accountability. 

They've done it in secret, they announce this to get us ready for it; and then they’re going to tell us, some of it, it says it will not go into all the details, it'll go into more details than ever before, in the interests of public accountability. 

It will reflect intelligence opinion 

Oh, I guess the general population isn't involved there. 

that the biggest threat to the UK comes from al-Qaeda-linked groups


and will also take into account recent attacks on hotels in the Indian city of Mumbai.   

It's amazing how they can tie it all together isn't it? 

Ms Smith told BBC One's Politics Show: "What we're completely clear about is that if we're going to address the threat from terrorism, we need to do that alongside the 60,000 people that we're now training up to respond to a terrorist threat. 

I'll continue with this, after the following messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading this report from Britain, from the Home Office, as they call it, that’s the big high chutzpah’s that deal with all the laws in the Country, to do with training a civilian army, basically and the start of it. Now, on the one hand, they say that they're now training 60,000 people within the civilian population; but, in other articles on the same topic, it's admitted they've already trained thousands, they're all amongst you - they live amongst you. 

It goes on to say here: 

we need to do that alongside the 60,000 people that we're now training up to respond to a terrorist threat, in everywhere from our shopping centres to our hotels.  

Now you can't go into a hotel now without some little chamber maid snooping through all your stuff because she thinks you look suspicious or just maybe doesn’t fancy you, you're the wrong type, so therefore you're a bad guy. And they're going to get thousands of calls like this of folk getting reported, because someone doesn't like the looks of somebody else. That will happen; plus: the population now have had a few years of these dramas, every country's got dramas on anti-terrorism, where the guys in black blast through houses and streets and everything, to get the bad guys, to save us all, they knock everything down that's in their way and everyone else that's in their way too that happens to be eating their dinner. Everyone wants to be in on this you see, for the population they train it's going to be exciting. So, the little security guard at the shopping mall that goes round punching in his little clock to say that he's actually done his rounds etc, has now got a greater purpose, suddenly he's a somebody and people will listen to him with his reports. And the little people that work in their little boring jobs in hotels and in society and in stores will feel suddenly very special. They're kind of a new spook, a spook is a spy you see; and they might even get a little sticker for their car, or some little pin they can wear when they meet themselves in their clubs and so on, so they can recognise each other, as a new breed of snitchers, because that's all it is. And it will create more and more hype, and more people get accused of things which will make the headlines and will make it appear as though it's working; but then they'll have a little one-liner somewhere on the back page of the paper, in a month’s time, after that saying that they were acquitted, no evidence and so on. You're going to find lots and lots of this, because it's great when they hand this kind of power to ordinary people in boring jobs at the bottom, who will then see nefarious goings on in everything around them - and they didn't before. That will happen, it's guaranteed and they know this at the top too. 

We've watched the militarization of the police, we've watched the blurring of police and military and now they're all through society as well. This is a Sovietisation of the Western hemisphere, they used the Soviet techniques, they've brought the experts over, from the Soviet Union, the ex Soviet Union, to show us how to implement it; and they're doing it. It says: 

"We need to do it alongside the 3,000 police officers now working on counter-terror and we need to do it with international partners.  

Now, listen to this, it makes you wonder how this makes it in:- 

"This is no longer something you can do behind closed doors and in secret."  

It sounds kind of like, well, that covers an awful lot doesn't it? It's almost sexual the way they say this.  

The paper - called Contest Two 

I guess they're used to all these different survival shows.  

Contest Two - will update the Contest strategy developed by the Home Office in 2003, which was later detailed in the Countering International Terrorism document released in 2006.  

You can't keep up with them; their documents, you can't keep up with it.   

That's one of the things that are happening, as they militarise society; and you'll be scared eventually to talk to anyone, except about sports or television and your favourite shows. That's what they had in the Soviet Union; you never knew when you were getting set up by someone testing you. That's why everyone in the Soviet Union walked around with their eyes on the sidewalk, on the pavement at their feet. You didn't want to look anyone in the eye; you ignored anyone who tried to talk to you, in order to survive and stay alive. That's what it's about. 

Here's another article here: I've mentioned before about the eugenics programme, everything is combined, in this big farce called terrorism you see, everything. Here we are going through an economic planned depression, to bring it on, because you must do this, to give them a new system of world government, with a World Bank, that's what it was designed to do; and you must have terrorism, you see, to get society to give up all their rights and go along with it too. And from the Sunday Times, March the 22nd 2009, another release to the press obviously, it says: 

UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt 

By Jonathan Leake and Brendan Montague 

JONATHON PORRITT, one of Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, 

He's a green adviser, so he probably wasn't elected to anything, he's appointed. This democracy is wonderful isn't it? 

is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society. 

In the past, I've talked about this, I've talked about the fact that, ultimately, the UN is to be responsible to dish out the food to every bloc or region of countries; and they'll start off with enough food probably for people; and then the next year or two, they'll say there's not enough, we'll have to cut back. How you cut back your population is your problem; that's coming, I guarantee it folks, because they're on a roll right now for everything. The goal is the world. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===  

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and reading an article from the Times online, to show you that I'm not loony after all, because I've been talking about this coming for years and they're on a roll now and they know the population will stay in denial, they can put the stuff right in your face now but you'll stay in denial; and it's about the population must fall to 30 million says Porritt, this adviser to the Prime Minister of Britain; and it says here:  

Porritt’s call  

Once again, they announced everything in advance and then give us an official version, once it’s out, it's getting all trained for what's to come. 

will come at this week’s annual conference of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), of which he is patron. 

Now the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), literally, is the big boys, a private organisation, a big Foundation, with lots of NGOs, they have groups in every country, well-funded by the real government. You see there's a real government above the ones you think you elect, run by very rich people; and they know where they're going. Here's the head, the Patron, of this particular group, private group, telling the Prime Minister what to do, you see. Well, that's how it really works: the Prime Ministers do what they're told, by the guys that they know are really working for the guys above the Prime Ministers. That's understood by them, at the top. It says:  

The trust will release research suggesting 


UK population must be cut 

"must be cut" 

to 30m if the country wants to feed itself sustainably.  

Now, the governments have been in the business of putting farmers under for about 40 or 50 years, to bring in the big Agri-food businesses and the agri-food businesses, as far as I'm concerned, are part of the military-industrial complex, because food is used as a weapon. When it goes into five corporation’s hands world-wide, they've got you at their mercy and believe you me, they're not all in it just for profit. The big boys who own all this at the top, don't need money, they don't need money. 

Porritt said: “Population growth, plus economic growth, is putting the world under terrible pressure”.  

Meanwhile, as we well know, by the United Nations, the population in the countries of the West have been dwindling for ages; the only reason they can keep it up is by increasing immigration, to make it appear overcrowded in the major cities. He says here: 

“Each person in Britain has far more impact on the environment than those in developing countries so cutting our population is one way to reduce that impact.”  

Now, how does he suggest we cut the population? Population growth, in other words: passing your genes onto your children.  

Population growth is one of the most politically sensitive environmental problems. 

No kidding? It's an environmental problem. 

The issues it raises, including religion, culture and immigration policy, have proved too toxic for most green groups. However, Porritt is winning scientific backing. 

No kidding, because they're on the pay roll. 

Professor Chris Rapley, director of the Science Museum, will use the OPT conference, to be held at the Royal Statistical Society, 

This is really Orwellian, because they do have a Royal Statistical Society that rattles off statistics all the time for the population. We have one in Canada, by the CBC. 

to warn that population growth could help derail attempts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.  

That big wizard of Oz, giant in the sky - incredible. But this is right in your face now; and after this article comes out, you'll find more and more of them come out rapidly and they'll be written into scripts in fictional drama series until we start getting the point and think 'well, I guess they're right, there's too many of us, there's too many". Well, why don't these guy at the top commit suicide and then there's less people? They can give us an example to follow, these guys that come up with these ideas of culling off the populations; why don't they lead by example? That's what I say. 

Now, we'll go to the phones and we've got Jeremy from New York on the phone, are you there Jeremy? 

Jeremy: Hello Alan. Hey, it's great to talk to you. 

Alan: Yes, continue.

Jeremy: I was recently at the D.M.V. and I picked up a pamphlet on enhanced driver licences, have you see these? 

Alan: I have heard about them.

Jeremy: It says New York State's enhanced driver license, a smart way to travel, can I read a little bit of it? 

Alan: Yes. 

Jeremy:  It says the Department of Motor Vehicles Enhanced Driving License, non driver ID can be used for land and sea border crossings to and from the US, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean, it can be used instead of a passport, as an identity and citizenship document at these crossings, as well as for air travel within the US. The new license is an option for New York State residents who are citizens. It goes on to say the EDL contains a radio frequency identification tag, with a unique number that can be read by specialised equipment at select border crossing locations. The RFID tag does not contain any personal information. I thought that was pretty funny. 

Alan: It is. Well, technically, to them, you see no information is personal any more! It's an alternative now and I read an article recently about that in fact, it said that it’s all the same data as your passport basically. 

Jeremy:  That's what it says in this pamphlet too, basically. It can be used as a passport too. 

Alan: That's right, so, one way or another, they get you; one way or another they get you. This is the beauty of their system: they have you protesting one thing, while they're bringing in from another direction that you don't see coming! They're masters, they don't play by what we think is fair rules; they have no need of that in fact, they're at war with the public, they're going to get their way, one way or another. This has been planned for such a long-long-time; they're not going to back for anything. 

Jeremy: It's not just New York State though, right? 

Alan: I think it's other States too, it's coming in. I read an article recently where there's another State, it wasn't New York, with same driving license in fact, so I'll guess it'll go across the board eventually. 

Jeremy: It says: as a result of the Intelligence, Reform and Prevention Act of 2004, significant changes to our Nation's border security were recommended, one of these changes known as the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative requires a passport or other Federally-approved identification document for all travel from the United States by June 3rd 2009. And again, it says again: it does not store any personal information, it just keeps repeating it on this document, it's interesting. 

Alan: As I say: there's nothing personal anymore, they have all the data. In fact, that previous article I read, the head of the British Home Office said that nothing can be kept secret anymore. Nothing is personal anymore, that's what they mean by that, so we have no personal information left. 

Jeremy: I just wanted to bring some attention to that, thank you Alan. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. And we've got Leo from Massachusetts on line, are you there Leo? 

Leo: Hi, I called earlier when you were on AJ and he ended up cutting me off because my main idea never came to fruition, I was quite upset because he went into a tirade of talking and he cut my mike off completely, so I couldn't break in. But, I was the one who had suggested the parodying of the system one way by having people from the Washington DC area dress up as homosexual people and then support the Bill and ask to ban the Bible because the Bible is hate speech, you see, and that way, we could really drive the wedge home. I mean, that's the thing they don't want people doing and he said ‘no, they'll find out that we're doing it’. But, that's not the main issue, the main issue I think is: I think I've figured out the way, similar to what I was talking about in regards to the Stasi corps that is planned by Obama. And what I think, basically, what we should do is draw up a certificate of agreement and where these people pledge to give all their rights away and to denounce the Constitution - as a pretend - and say that they don't mind that because they love the New World Order and their new Fuehrer and when people come to the door trying to convince you that you should support Obama, you show them the certificate and say: ‘I'm part of the New World Order, I've already denounced my rights as a citizen of the Constitution’. You see where I'm going with this? 

Alan: I know, but, to be honest with you, we can't even play games anymore with them, because these guys, they have no sense of humour, number 1; and they'll lock you up for anything today, I mean, anything at all. You see, in the old days, they humoured us and gave us the pretence that we had rights and cops too had to go by certain laws and regulations. That's all out the door now and we're dealing now with the iron fist, the velvet glove is off the iron fist; and to be honest with you, they're coming down, they're going to start killing people pretty shortly. I know it's coming, I know it's coming, they know it's coming and they're going to start doing it, they’ve been training their forces to get ready for this for years, years; and you've an internal military force. I don't care if they call them police anymore, you don't have police going off to work in the Middle East under multi-jurisdictional task forces and knocking / bashing down doors and throwing hand grenades in and then coming back and pounding the streets in Canada, for instance. That's happening, we don't have police anymore, we have young guys who have been trained on video games, since they were born, to just kill what's in front of them; and, unfortunately, they're desensitised. We are in for a hell of a time, a hell of a time; and we can't even have games with them, or even play with them, because these guys have no sense of humour. 

Now, let's go on to Mike in New York. Are you there Mike? 

Mike: Hello Alan. 

Alan: Yes. 

Mike: This guy you talked about, Porritt, who was advocating the reduction of the population by half, he is one weird looking dude; and this is a thing that is sort of quite amazing about these people, they are physically ugly. 

Alan: Yes. 

Mike: It's like Bertrand Russell as well. 

Alan: Bertrand Russell had what they call micrognathia, it's an in-bred reduction of the chin, it sort of recedes and disappears! 

Mike: Yeah, these people are physically ugly. 

Alan: But you do know why though, because long before the days of Charles Darwin, into the ages of Darwin and beyond, they only interbreed generally with other one other family, per family, just like Charles Darwin did.  Ian Taylor, in his book, did a fantastic job on the genealogy of the Darwin family. 

Mike: But, you know, it's still quite amazing how these people who are physically ugly can presume to dictate to the rest of us whether we should reproduce or not. 

Alan: I know. 

Mike: If you they were dogs you would put them down for being repulsive. 

Alan: They'd be the runts of the litter. 

Mike: Exactly, so it's like the reverse of what it should be basically. 

Alan: Well, you understand, we have a deviant elite at the top. They've been in-bred so much for so long, that they actually call themselves a separate species amongst themselves. They believe they're the most evolved, believe it or not. 

Mike: Well, they are a separate species because they are physically-ugly. 

Alan: More than physically, that's what you see on the outside. I think, literally, the psychopathic element in their brain is predominant in all of them. 

Mike: Well, I think that sort of manifests itself in how they look physically as well. 

Alan: I've no doubt on that, no doubt at all, in fact, it was all over Britain remember when Prince Charles was looking for the wife, or they were looking for a wife for him and they said, in all the papers, part of it was because when you looked at Charles, he had all of these bad physical qualities because of in-breeding. 

Mike: If Charles was a regular guy there is no way any woman in the world would look at the guy. Well, just to move on briefly, Alan: regarding this business about the spies that they're recruiting in the UK to sort of tattle-tale, this was going on about ten years ago. I happened to be back in the UK, I'd been away for a few years and I met my former friends in a pub and I'm telling a joke, a joke which, a few years earlier, they would have all laughed at and they looked at me very seriously and said: ‘you can't tell that sort of joke anymore’. And I thought that they were joking saying that. This is like, you know, a harmless joke about the Irish or something you know. 

Alan: Yes, political correctness you see is a form of, it's like being a computer and they keep upgrading your programme and if you allow yourself to be upgraded the first time, it's easier to be upgraded the next time, with the next item and the next item and the next item; and you're quite right, now you have to be very guarded, you can't let a joke slip out, in case you're jumped on. 

Mike: I thought, you know, even ten years ago that I had gone back to a different country. 

Alan: Yes - and that's a massive indoctrination of political correctness that was put across all of Europe in fact at the same time. 

Mike: You must find it the same yourself, if you ever go back Alan. 

Alan: Oh, I know, and it's the same everywhere, Toronto's just as bad. 

Mike: Ok Alan, thanks a lot. 

Thanks for calling. Yes, we are being upgraded, political correctness; political correctness was the term, translated from the Soviet term, for the same thing. That's how we're now using it, because they tried all of this in the Soviet system. They started in the Soviet system, denying there was any difference between a man and a woman. It was all to do with the way that you were trained from birth, they claimed and the next thing you knew, it was going to be a workers' paradise, where the women shared the glory, and you'd go across to the Soviet Union, who was digging up the roads? These little heavy women with the big picks and the headscarves on, that was their great utopia, that was their freedom. Yet, they still called it a utopia, a workers' paradise; so, you can't joke about anything anymore because these guys are using psychological warfare techniques on the general population. Most of it goes into the general population's minds through fictional dramas and so on; and the public are unaware that you can't lose yourself, even in a comedy.

I don't know if people realise that the major comedies in the US, like Archie Bunker, were started off in Britain, with a British character and the whole idea was to ridicule him as such a racist and bigot in every possible way. It didn't flow well in Britain because nothing was happening there at that time; people were not bigots like that and therefore they scrapped it. However, the same script was used in the US, they Americanised it. Three's Company was another one; it started off in Britain under Robin's Nest and the whole idea was to get the whole male and female things working together, more than one woman, more that one guy, in the same little place etc etc. It was all a mind job on the general public and they used it in different countries at the same time, under different names. Same scripts; written by psychologists and psychiatrists.

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we've got Derek from Philadelphia, are you there Derek? 

Derek: Hey Alan, I was just listening before and giggling a bit as the other caller talked about how ugly some of the elite are; it's true! But, it's more of a - I'm not really a superficial person, I know there's good people who are born in ugly bodies too of course; but, the main reason I think, as you said: they're all in-bred, but they don't actually believe in sex as love, as a loving form of expression but in reality, they have all these concubines (as they used to call them), that's where they get their pleasure from, they don't actually partake in their lives. 

Alan: That's right, their marriages are arranged, they're even sent off from their parents from an early age or they're brought up with a nanny and then they go to boarding school and so they don't have any allegiance to anything but the system in which they're born into. 

Derek: Well, I just wanted to say that and, anyway, take care Alan and everyone else. 

Alan: And you too. And that's the truth of it, I mean if you want a bitter angry sadomasochistic type, you simply make sure that there's no bonding between the parents and the child. That's very common with the upper elite. They have nannies and all the rest of it - and wet nurses even - to bring up the baby; and then, once it's old enough to speak, it's whisked off to a boarding school that's private. It might see the parents once every year, in the summer for a week or so, and the mother and father often, whose marriage was arranged, there's no love there either. He can do what he wants, after the child's born and she can do what she wants, as long as they're discreet. That's the standard way that they've always really been, but they don't have that natural affection. What they do though is they close ranks and protect each other as a class and that's well understood amongst them all.

There's no doubt about it, as I say, the British papers went into overdrive, when Charles was looking for a wife and they had no problem saying, at that time, that they were trying to get new blood into the royal family, because of the way that Charles looked and so on; that was in the national newspapers of the time. You have to look in, as I say, look at Charles Galton Darwin, his grandfather, his father and himself and his descendants, they were marrying into the Wedgwood family. So, every wife was a Wedgwood; and when Charles' wife died, he married his mother's sister, who was a Wedgwood. Intergenerational Darwin-Wedgwoods; then they interbred with the Galtons, because they were also eugenicists, so you had Charles Galton Darwin and they also interbred with the Huxleys. It's astonishing, it's always the same people at the top, you'll find that they're all interrelated with each other, very closely inbred; and the features come out that way. As I say: micrognathia is where the chin recedes, for instance in Bertrand Russell's case and that tends to be a hereditary factor, once it's emerged that way.

We live in a world of a super elite who do think of themselves as the most advanced society at the top, they're the most evolved of people, they believe they have the intellect and the right to rule over the rest, with no prohibitions whatsoever to anything they want to do, they believe they should go ahead unhindered and the scientific elite also are on board with this, they think they will be the managers of the planet. Just like Plato said in the Guardian Class, in his book the Republic and we're seeing it happening all now and as I say: the glove is off the iron fist, the velvet glove is off. 

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, I hear the music, so it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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