Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#283)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 24, 2009:

Youth Service Act -- Freeman → Serve → Serf:

"Faster Than Clerks Could Even Pen It,
Bill HR1388 is Moved Through Senate,
With 74 For and 14 Agin' It,
Makes You Wonder if Anyone Read It,
Includes Various Service and Ideology,
Pavlovian Style Training, Military Psychology,
Politicians Gloating, Coats a-Preening,
Prospects of Indoctrinating Youth, All Greening,
Land of the Free has Taken a Swerve
Down the Highway, Pit Stop, Self-Serve"
© Alan Watt Mar. 24, 2009

Tuesday 24th March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 24, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, on the 24th of March 2009.

For newcomers: look into website, where you can download previous talks I've given; there’s lots of them, where I try to give you the facts behind the big system in which we live. The facts that are left out of mainstream media, to show you that the world's being guided and has been long before we were born, along a particular path, to a form of global government. However, it isn't just a happy tale with an end to it, it's also a reduction of population, a planned society and, literally, going into genetic engineering of the perfect little worker bees at the end of it. A hundred years’ war they call it, the century of change.  

Also look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download, print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

Now, for those who will be emailing like crazy tonight who can get the word out, RBN has a problem at the moment with some of its streams; and I know that maybe one or more are going out but the rest are down at the moment. So don't panic, the problem will get fixed. As I say: we're going into an incredible period in history, which is a war, a real war, that's being going on for a long-long time, a war against the people of the planet, planned by those who decided, long-long ago, that they owned the planet. And technically, if you go by money and so on, resources and corporations, they do own the planet, but they also think that they own the public as well. In fact, they haven't much respect in any way for the public at all, in any kind of direction or sense whatsoever. The public were fine, to fight their wars in the past, as they created empires, global empires and built them up, that's what wars are partly about: to steal someone else's property, their resources; and also to change society, as they go along. At the end of wars, you have a beaten society, on both sides, it doesn't matter who claims they won, because society gets battered to its knees, as government expands and becomes colossal. So, at the end of wars, you have massive governments, on all sides, and they take over areas of, basically, social engineering; areas they shouldn't even be involved in, if you had a real democracy that is. When behaviour changes / behaviour modification, is being promulgated by governments, you see, there's something wrong, something's wrong. Their job is not to change your behaviour, at all, never was; but, they've trained us for the last fifty years, as they encroached, little-by-little, into the affairs of every individual, that that is part of their job and we accept it, again, through gradualism, repetition. Of course, the media is there to help get these ideas into your head, as we go along. Now, all these little services they started up, like health services, police services (and that was a service too) are now authorities over the public and they're involved in your life, little you, little me; and they want to know all about you and guide you through the system, as you get older.

Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. Today, I was thinking about what's coming down and what's coming down, to do with demonstrations, mass demonstrations, is exactly what government's been talking about, because, we always do what they expect us to do, at the right time as well. We know that the big meeting for the G20 is coming April the 2nd, I think, in London, England and the mass demonstrations are going to be out in force; and I was thinking about it, because there are so many different categories of demonstrators, each with their own little idea of what they want. However, they don't go far enough really, because they're looking at a system, a system which, they don't realise, I think most of them, has never been there for them. It really, truly, has never been there for them. There never was a democracy, especially in Europe; if there was, it was very-very short-lived. For an awful long time now, governments have played a game with the public: the governments are appointed by the royalty, everyone who works for government, right down to the policeman, swears an oath of allegiance to (and this is across the whole British Commonwealth) they swear and allegiance to the queen, not to the country.

When you go into the different articles that are published for the governments to follow, even from ‘Her Majesty's Printing Office’ and so on, it says just that: “Her Majesty's Printing Office”. It's astonishing how you can call yourself, or anyone can call themselves a democracy, unless it truly does mean in their terms, remember, that you have the choice of voting, that's it, they place in front of you the puppets and you pick the one that's least of a threat, at least that's how they're pushed to you at voting time.  

What is coming up is mass demonstrations; now, they've talked about riots as well. I've no doubt we'll get them, because there will be lots of provocateurs, who are specially trained to go in amongst the crowds and start the riots going. Remember, they published it themselves, from their own think-tanks that work for the military, thirty years or so of escalating riots, starting about now, so they're on target with everything.

All you have to do is stop, stop and say wait a minute now; we've got a financial crisis that supposedly came out the blue, supposedly; and it’s supposed to be the result of the deregulation of the monetary system. In other words: there was no holds barred to them, government wasn't watching, supposedly; and they went to town in the big gambling casino called the Stock Market and they dressed up dud stocks, made them all fancy and pretty and then kept reselling them to shmucks, basically and put the prices way out of sight. Then, they collapsed it, on cue. Now remember too: the elite have always hated, utterly despised, although they've used them well enough, what they call the middle classes; and it's the middle classes that got shmucked in to the big casino of the stock market, and they’ve been pretty well wiped- out, across a good part of the planet. We haven't see the end of it by the way, this is just the start of it, because every country, and again, remember how fast governments really work. If you've ever seen generally Bills that get drafted, it takes them years to do it, on any particular item or topic, years to prepare; and they go back for discussion and alteration and amendments and all the rest of it, many-many times, over those years and then they go forward. Have you seen how many omnibus / gigantic Bills have been rushed through, in no time at all? It tells you all these Bills were prepared long before the crash. It was the same with 9/11, every country signed, basically, the same anti-terrorism Bill, going on the same agenda, at the same time, across the world; that took incredible cooperation; it took incredible liaison with bureaucracies, over many years, to set that up, prior to the event. 

Getting back to the point I was making: many factions will be demonstrating, from now on, basically, it's going to become frequent, for many different causes, some are legitimate. The only ones who really know what they're doing are the professional NGOs that are financed by the Foundations, like the greenies and so on. The rest of them want a sort of vague return to something they never had in this democracy, because we've never had it across Europe, there's never really been a democracy. You've had the pirates at the top and the banking system with them, often intermarried. It doesn't make any difference who they marry, as long as they're very successful and have proven their worth, to get in amongst the pirates. Then they have the front groups, which are the politicians, elected politicians; remember what Carroll Quigley said, he said it doesn't matter which party you vote for, because the ones at the top are always ours’ and he was talking on behalf, as the historian of the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR isn't confined to the US and Canada, it's across the whole of Europe and the world, it's got two or three different names actually, for the same outfit. Their job is to go in and pretend and promise, always promise to make things better, after all we are little children, we've had 50-60 years of being treated like children and many of us have come to expect to be treated like children, we look for a daddy, a big daddy, like a Santa Claus who'll come along and kiss the cut on your knee, the scrape on your knee all better; and he'll help us along. A great altruistic person, but we want a human one, a human god that walks about and waves and so on; that's what we're after. He's got to be very rich and successful, otherwise we won't listen to him. That's the other part of humanity, because they worship Mammon you see. Look at the cult of celebrities in Hollywood, and now they're using the same tactics as they give you politicians like Mr Obie.

It's astonishing, as I say, how it works; and it will take the public, most of the public a while before the catch on to it, they're always way behind everyone else, they're always way behind the thinkers and those who watch and investigate. Therefore bankers have always, the establishment really, has always appointed those who we will elect, for our whole lives in fact - and before we were born. It was the same - and Carroll Quigley said they'd already been doing this parallel government idea for fifty years, or more; and he published that book in the 1960s. So, it's nothing new; Margaret Thatcher talked about the parallel government and was so proud that she belonged to it - they're not responsible to the public, that's what she said, therefore they can get things done very quickly. You couple that with the Club of Rome that said in their own book The Next Global Revolution and they said in it that democracy was too cumbersome, too many competing factions looking for power, therefore they had to find a different way: Collectivism was the one that they thought was better. Collect-iv-ism, what do you need in Collectivism, what do you truly need? In Collectivism, you've got to have youth parties; think of the Soviet system, think of all social systems. Mussolini - they call it Fascist as well, it's the same thing you see, because the money boys are in bed with government, to keep work going steadily, without any labour problems etc. Socialism, Fascism it's all the same, Communism; and we know now, of course, and many of knew before, when the Wall went down in Berlin that the big bankers (it was well documented, by different authors), the big bankers financed the Soviet system. They financed the Revolutions for the Soviet system and they kept it going; we fed, Canada fed them and the US fed the Soviet system for its entire existence. Every year, the contracts went to the Canadian Government that dealt with the grain exports; and Canada and the US used to put in bids and compete with each other, even spied on each other, to get these massive contracts. That was in the newspapers, at the time, when they were bugging each other and their conversations. Lucrative contracts - so here's the Soviet Union, couldn't even themselves but what could they do? Well, they could do whatever they wanted, inside a closed border, experimentation and social engineering, because the idea of Socialism was based on eugenics: man is as an animal, there are different kinds of animals, there's evolution. There are superior types of humanity / inferior types of humanity and some of the countries went into it as far as to euthanize the sick, the infirm and what they called those with hereditary diseases.

What are we seeing today? We have Mr. Porritt from Britain, who will shortly be Lord, once he inherits the title from his dad and his granddad and so on; he's in charge of the Optimum Population Trust, again a private Foundation-based organisation, lots of loot, of course, which is pushing eugenics and depopulation openly in the newspapers. I read one article yesterday and Mr Porritt there, this little picnic-shaped feller, who looks rather odd himself, due to his superior breeding, was also the adviser, the private green adviser, for a long time, to Prince Charles and others of his ilk.  

Getting back to what I said too, earlier on: remember that, in the UK, especially, you have a strange system where you have a supposed democracy, under a monarchy; and everyone swears allegiance to the monarchy. How can it be a democracy? And politicians, who serve them very-very well, and bamboozle and fleece the public, on behalf of those at the top, often get knighted by royalty, that's their reward; and along with that open doors come your way, you don't have to go them find them, they'll come to you, lots of little pay backs, in many different ways.

So, you need a youth army; and we see that passed in the US, the Senate has passed the Bill, in no time at all, it flew through, probably no one read it; and I'll go over that, when I come back from these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about what you need to bring in totalitarianism, for those who still don't quite get it; and, believe you me, there's not enough people out there who really, really do get the big picture of what's coming down. Some of the elderly people who have been through world wars and seen it all happen before, are frantic, because they do realise what's happening, it's literally in the air, it's in the air. We're watching the moves of totalitarianism by governments, as they threaten the people; and that's what it's about: you threaten the people first, you see. It's like the bully at school and there's a wall behind you and he's coming towards you and you keep backing towards the wall and he stops 2 inches from your nose and says 'what's your problem? I haven't hit you yet'. Well, that's what you're seeing, with governments; it's almost like they're pooping and haven't rubbed your face in it yet, but you know what's coming; they've made it very-very evident. You do need to get children in and teach them the ideology, the new ideology. Remember: when ideology is taught, it will take up to 50-60 years, to bring up a new generation that observe completely with a new system, before it's eradicated. You've got to understand that it works very well; the scientific indoctrination is perfect. I've got books on World War II, where the big boys around FDR had already planned how long they would occupy Germany, what kind of system they would teach in the school system, what kind of topics etc. What would be completely forbidden; and the idea was to bring up a new generation of children to adulthood that would have no memory of World War II, or what it was really about, or what Nazism was about or what even Nazism's complaints and reasons given at the time were all about. That's what's going to take when this gets started on the American people; it truly is goodbye America, truly-truly is, they don't know it yet. And the way it's presented to the public - and truly again - the public are like children today, themselves, they are like children, they can't tell fact from fiction. They watch so much sports, soap operas, dramas etc, mixed with the propaganda, even though the dramas and so on are all propaganda, they can't tell what's real. They can't do critical thinking, that's been done for them by the media, that's exactly what Brzezinski predicted would happen in his book Between Two Ages.  

The New York Times did an article, March 24th 2009, today; and it says here, it's on their Politics and Government: 

National Service Corps Bill Clears Senate Hurdle 

Remember: "Corps" is a military term; I keep reminding folks that the words are very important. 

By Kate Phillips 

It's written like a rah-rah article, like happy happy, let's wave the flags. 

Following overwhelming House passage last week, the Senate tonight voted 74 to 14 

They probably had a big meeting to say 'we can't be unanimous on this, it'll look kind of suspicious; we’d better pick a few just to vote against it'. That's literally how it's done, you see. 

74 to 14 on a procedural move that essentially guarantees a major expansion of a national service corps,   

Then there's a Masonic word: the cornerstone

a cornerstone of volunteerism that dates back to the era of President Kennedy. 

So, it's trying to tie it in with President Kennedy. 

It’s akin 

It's akin, now look at the word "akin". 

to a call to arms 

It says here, this is a press release, obviously, by the guys at the top. 

by President Obama, 

A call to arms eh? For the youth. 

who has harkened back to those early days to demand giving back by those who voted for him.  

Oh, the shmucks eh? Ho-ho-ho! Imagine going into voluntary servitude? Voluntary servitude, in a country that fought to get started to stand on its own two feet and throw off servitude. It's quite staggering isn't it? But, given time and incrementalisation, you can do anything with the public, as they all know at the top. It says: 

In fact, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the senior Democrat from Massachusetts whose battle with brain cancer has oft kept him absent from the Senate these days, 

He was absent a long time before that too, his face was rather red at times, 

appeared on the floor to welcome all around as he cast his approving vote as a co-sponsor. 

Co-sponsor eh?  

From President Kennedy’s days to the creation of Americorps by then President Bill Clinton, 

See how it's incremental, step by step, president after president, till they get what they want. 

the notion of public service 

Now, remember what I said about the CFR, it said it wanted to bring in a world where your function in life will be to serve the World State. It says: 

Tonight’s vote, propelled by President Obama’s urging of an expansion, would mean a growth in such work from 75,000 community service jobs to 250,000. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the cost of the Senate bill at least would be an outlay for the fiscal year 2010 of $418 million to about $5.7 billion from 2010 through 2014.  

In other words: it's going to massively expand. Isn't it amazing again? We can have a financial collapse, people are going destitute all over the place but this has got a priority, there's no problem at all with the funding eh, isn't that astonishing? See, we're just too simple to understand these things; that's what it is. And they've no problem, as I say: you're losing your jobs and all the rest of it and hammering home the green agenda to tax the hell out of you even more. It's all planned folks, wake up, we're heading to hell in a hand basket very quickly. 

Back with more - after the following break. 

=== BREAK === 

I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading the glorification of the passing of this new voluntary-mandatory service Corps Bill in the Senate, the done deal, as we all know; and of course, most folk don’t ask 'why is it a done deal?' Why is it? After all, this money is paid for by the tax payer that's already got to bail out the banks maybe three or four times, until you're in so much debt they'll tell you at the of it 'we can't get out of it', we'll get a new system'. That's what it's all about; and most folk haven't a clue this was planned long ago. You're living through a script that's all, step-by-step, Order Out of Chaos. You see, you've got the threats of dirty bombs, diseases, the avian flu, all these things hitting you, terrorism everywhere, yah de yah, financial collapse, all happening at the same time, what's the chances of that? What are the chances of those things happening, all at the same time? And out of every one of these catastrophes, supposedly, or possible catastrophes, they’re saying this will help bring on World Government and the new system that we've dreaming about for years. This is what you hear from the CFR and all these big players. However, the general public have to be led along thinking 'oh, it's just a crisis, one after another, all accidents and they're doing their best to bandage them up as fast as they can', that's what they're taught to think. And the whole world has gone along the same road, at the same time; what are the odds of that happening, what's the odds of it? And what do they want at the top?

Remember, if you read the books written around World War II and just right after World War II, when they really thought that the public were ready, they were so war-weary, they thought they were ready to accept world government and the loss of national sovereignty and personal freedom. Lots of books were published by big politicians in the US and Britain and elsewhere; and they talked about what they were setting up: a world court, where they could deport anybody - just grab you from one country, shove you in another and try you wherever, international court. They wanted the IMF to be the big banker for the planet, the overseer really of all the economy in every country. That was its true role; it's being brought up to it now, gradually. The World Bank was to be just that: the central bank of the planet. The World Bank would consist of the same dozen or so families that already owned the central banks of all the countries of the world. Only, this way, they'd now own, they’d own a world government, not just the countries, the politicians of the countries, they'd own the government of the planet, to make things so much easier for them to loot you, over and over. That's what it's all about; you see they want a tidy world, with obedient people, who do what they're told. At the moment, they're using the Orwellian boot in the face, the boot stamping in your face forever, that's what they're using now, with all the black clad stuff and the terrifying stuff with machine guns pointed at you etc. However, eventually, in this hundred years’ war, a century of change, they hope to eliminate a good part of us and they're saying it openly in the newspapers now; and what do the public do? Nothing, nothing, they sit and watch the dramas on TV like The Border, all fiction that programmes them even more to obey; it's astonishing.

And the young, of course, will do what they want to do, they want to protest, they still aren't wise enough to know that they are being used, most of them; most of them don't even know what kind of system they'd bring in, even if they could produce a new one. They don't know; they'd look to the past. Look in France, what's happened in France, with all the demonstrations, there were more red flags waving than anything else, harking back to Marxism, because there's a young generation who don't know what life under Marxism or Communism was like. They want riots; and you can actually see the chess game and the manoeuvring of the chess pieces, as they line it all up, to get the riots going. There were 50 mayors went to Obama, asking for military help in their areas, because of corruption from the top to bottom in the local governments and their police services, there's complete / total corruption. Those areas too, were some of the highest welfare areas, and I've told you before, they will always use the most disenfranchised people, to bring in the new system because no one cares about the disenfranchised, it's traditional. They brought in the finger-printing first with welfare recipients, because the general public doesn't care about welfare recipients, they're stigmatised. Then, it starts to creep up, right through society, because we're familiar with the idea: well if they're doing it to them what's the problem with doing it with the next bunch? It's so simple, isn't it? So, so simple. Meanwhile, we can't go to the bathroom without authorities knowing what we're up to; and it's not enough, they tell us they want more.  

There's never ever been such a bully right in your face as you have today, never ever in the history of the planet has such a bully existed; and it's trained an internal army of thugs, who are looking forward to the clashes as they'll call it. I hate to tell you the truth but that's what it is. It's like creating an army, any weapon in fact is going to be used; that's the history of mankind. You don't create an internal army without using it, for its purpose, it's not there as a safety precaution; it's there to be used. 

This is from the BBC 23rd of March 2009. Here's the farce of it but I love how they give out these propaganda pieces: 

Call to scrap 'illegal databases'  

A quarter of all government databases are illegal 

What makes illegal since they've done whatever they wanted to, without going through any legal channels in the past? 

and should be scrapped or redesigned, according to a report.  

A report, you see. 

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust says storing information leads to vulnerable people, 

No kidding.

such as young black men, single parents and children, being victimised.  

Now, this ties in, you see, whatever article you read in any country, you have an article just the same in every other country, at the same time, because the French Prime Minister has gone against the Napoleonic Code over in France there, where you cannot take lists of people who are from Ethnic backgrounds, so what he's done in France is to say ‘well we need a list you see, to protect these people, because they are so discriminated against’. That's how he's getting round it, under this guise. Here's the UK: 

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust says storing information leads to vulnerable people, such as young black men, single parents and children, being victimised.  

You see how the tie in, how they're all doing the same thing, at the same time. Ha, because they really care, they really care about young black men, single parents and children. They really do care about them being victimised. It's the same article, only in Britain, of the one in France. When you scroll down this article, what's interesting here is, it says here: 

The government spends £16bn 

You can double that for dollars. 

a year on databases and plans to spend a further £105bn on projects over five years but does not know the precise number of the "thousands" of systems it operates, the trust claims. 

Incredible; and we're all going down the tubes, financially, supposedly, but they want more databases; and there's no problem, obviously, getting the money because I've never ever seen them backtrack on anything that they plan. It says: 

In the wake of numerous data loss scandals, the cross-party trust - which campaigns for civil liberties and social justice - examined 46 public sector systems. It said 11 were "almost certainly" illegal under human rights or data protection laws.  

What human rights? Don't we get it? We're living in a system where they can shove you away, under the terrorism laws on suspicion, for your whole life, without trial, for God's sake. What human rights or data protection laws? They can arrest you under suspicion of ‘maybe’, ‘possibly’, ‘by chance’, ‘could be iffy’, ‘creating a crime in the future’. How about that one? And they talk about we have human rights, where? Where? That's the system we're living in today, we're in big-big trouble and people think they can protest this and - unfortunately - I wish they could and I wish they could, by protest, bring in their own system for the first time in history; and it would be the first time for Britain and those countries over in Europe. I'd like to see that happening, creating their own future and not the pre-planned one with the diminished population. We're almost at the stage now where we can't reproduce our own, we're so sterile; we've been purposely made sterile, by biowarfare techniques, done in secrecy, because war was declared on the public an awful long time ago. They published their international meetings about it and what they'd like to do, they just didn't tell you they'd started it, they've actually been doing it. 

Now, we've got Derek from Philadelphia there? Is anybody there?

Derek: Hello, can you hear me now? 

Alan: Who's that?  

Derek: Derek from Philadelphia. 

Alan: OK, Derek, go ahead. 

Derek: OK, wow, today is a terrible day Alan! Or actually it was yesterday, but today it’s in the news:  the National Service Corps Bill got passed in the Senate. That means, officially now, in the United States everyone from 18 to 25 is going to serve in some sort of Corps. 

Alan: That's right; actually they'll start serving in Corps and come back as corpses. It's no mistake that they actually have almost the same spelling. 

Derek: Coincidences, you know, you’ve said in many of your talks, the entire language is really a Masonic scheme. 

Alan: That's right. 

Derek: It’s really to me, personally, it feels like a black cloud always over me about the draft  [inaudible] and Communism. 

Alan: Yes, and now too, you're going to have your personality profile, they'll scan you and question you, to make sure that you have all the right-think and not wrong-think and then they'll start downloading you with their ideology and you're going to have to be an awfully good actor to fool them, you know. 

Derek:  Well, the black cloud has started raining and you really have the dark energy [inaudible] or at least for me personally. 

Alan: Yes, I can understand that, what a horrific thing to happen and you had no say in the matter at all. 

Derek: Exactly and I just wish more people would be angry, but you know, just today, I was walking outside again, looking up at the spraying, looking up, as I was going to a friend's home and I was looking up almost the entire time, literally not a single person would even look up. I'm not a scary-looking person or anything like that or anything, but people are just so, I think they’d rather just know what their hair looks like.  

Alan: You're absolutely right, something's happened to them because any wild animal will look at its environment. I've got a fox that goes round my house and if some tree comes down in the wind, he's going to stand back and study it from all angles before he passes it, because anything in his environment could threaten him if it changes. Something's happened to the public that they don't even notice what's happening right above their heads and it's so obvious but, also, the public have no memory, you know, of how skies used to be. 

Derek: Well, exactly, I don't even know what the skies used to be Alan; I'm only 20 years old you know. I don't even know, honestly, my whole life, my whole life long, I've always remembered, even when I was little the skies were always like this with just the haze, the trails turn into a haze full of ripples, you can see the ripples, what are those ripples caused by you know?  

Alan: Yes and why does it last all darn day? Yesterday, it was so bad here, I could taste the metallic particles in my mouth when I was outside, I could actually taste it. 

Derek: It makes you hypothesise what it could be about, what it actually is, but obviously, as you've said, I’m sure you obviously suspect that it’s to dumb us down. 

Alan: That's part of it, there's no doubt too it's helping bring down the immune systems in people as well. I just noticed that 45% increase over the last couple of years in eczema, we have almost an 80% increase in asthma, all of these bronchial problems, these are side effects of the spray but they're also manipulating weather; but also when the metallic particles are put into the air, they can use the HAARP ELF waves and also, literally, in their warfare treaty at the United Nations for weather warfare, they can send a secondary signal across a sky that's filled with metallic particles and go an incredible distance and they can put a secondary signal which will the affect the moods of the public. They can make you either apathetic, happy, excited or terribly sad and depressed, it's the easiest thing to do. 

Derek: Well, if you look at Katrina, that's another obvious, they blew up the entire city of people, anyone with eyes and ears and still functioning in their brain, they killed [inaudible]  

Alan: Yes, it was and then the aftermath was photograph after photograph and shots of them going over the place in helicopters and no one from outside was allowed to go and help those people. They made sure we got the point that FEMA was completely in charge and they actually said that you couldn't even go and help your friend if they were drowning.  

Derek: Well, I mean, they tell us that they we have cloud seeding, they tells us we have weather manipulation, outright, they don’t tell us they’re using use it every day, but why couldn’t they stop when a massive hurricane was coming in that could potentially kill thousands of people? 

Alan: Yes; and I know for a fact because I talked to many people in the area at the time and they were complaining about the massive spraying they were having for 7 to 10 days leading up to the hurricane; and the spraying offshore as well, so they were definitely using it and guiding it in. 

Derek: They told us in the Olympics they could give us this clear day every day. 

Alan: Yes, I know [laughter] 

Derek: Thousands of people. 

Alan: Well, that's what I mean, do you realise too the size of the air force that's doing this across the world, that was set up probably a long time ago, financed etc and there's not a peep about this; and we hope to get democracy? I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix; and I was talking to Derek there, a young fellow who's been ensnared with this new mandatory volunteerism - Orwellian double-speak, isn't it? Of course, he had no choice whatsoever, he wasn't even given the choice of this or even voting for it, it was just done upon him; and when you get that happening, you're in big trouble and we truly are in incredible trouble. I've no faith in the general public, it's always individuals amongst the public that make changes in history; but the general public will go along with the beast basically, that which is most powerful. 

Alan: Is Z there on the lines? Is Z still there?  

Z: Hello Alan, how are you? 

Alan: Not so bad, you'll have to pretty quick though, it's almost the end. 

Z: Well, listen, I got to agree with the guy Derek I guess, Chemtrails today all over the place, 'Xs' in the sky and chequerboard, and nobody looking up and I was like crazy guy. 

Alan: Where are you? Where are you right now? 

Z: I'm in upstate New York. It's insane, I mean they just cover it up and then you've got this crazy haze all over the place.  I want to ask you a quick, I was listening to your Waiting for the Miracle CD... Amazing stuff, I hope that's selling and stuff, but it's really good and people should by it because it's interesting what it's got to say way back in the day, you know. 

Alan: Yes, I keep forgetting to plug myself! Yeah, it's true. 

Z: On disc 2 part 5, actually Jackie recorded your conversation and her conversation, sort of private conversation. It was very interesting where you end up talking about how everything is a front. I think people need to hear that, can you expand on that? I know that’s kind of off topic but can you just tell people how even Plato was a front. 

Alan: Even Plato, absolutely he was a front, I mean, he studied under Socrates and so did Aristotle; and they did the dialectic between them, one went one way, one went the other. Plato skipped town basically, when Socrates and his pals were being arrested, because he was implicated in the revolution and Socrates, really, was convicted of trying to get the youth to have a revolution and bring in a new system, once again, where the intelligentsia, the scientific elite you might say of their day, would have the right to rule over the general public, in an ordered society. Exactly like what's happening today. Plato himself was a front man, a mouthpiece you might say, for obviously even wiser men above himself. Not only that, these characters wrote so much, you couldn't do it all by yourself. They wrote screeds and screeds of stuff, there had to be teams working behind them, just like there are today with the biggest authors out there, it's the same system, you know. 

Z: You're doing a wonderful job, thank you so much for taking my call and I've been trying to get RBN to play but it's not, so hopefully you're recording some of that. 

Alan: Yes, it'll take ages to get it up tonight though; I'll have to take it off where I have it, onto the computer! ha-ha. 

Z: People better donate some of their money for you high-speed access. 

Alan: That would be fantastic. Thanks for calling. 

And I don't know if we're off the air now, it's about 8:59, but we're living in incredible times, where everything really is a front. In fact, as I say: the biggest writers out there are still being paid for by the big Foundations, the big Futurist Societies and told what to write about and what things to put in their story, for predictive programming purposes, to familiarise us with events to come, so that it seems quite familiar, we think it's all quite normal.  

Well, that's it for tonight; so, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario Canada: it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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