Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#285)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 26, 2009:

Demands a-Plenty at Meeting G20:

"Media on Cue, Unravels More Fear,
Mobs versus Cops in Full Riot Gear,
At G20 Meeting on April 2nd,
Millions Berserk! Security Reckoned,
Rebellious Youth Flashcamp Round Column,
Where Nelson Looks Down, Face All Solemn,
Many Camps with a Thousand Demands
They'll Ask of Their Masters, Banker Brigands,
Who'll be Sympathetic, Shine Pure as Dove's Feather,
Saying 'We've got a Plan, Let's All Work Together,
Let Bygones be Bygones, Old Wounds Shall Heal,
Let's Kiss and Make Up, Here's the New Deal' "
© Alan Watt Mar. 26, 2009

Thursday 26th March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 26, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 26th of March 2009. 

I advise newcomers to look into and on the website, you can download hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past, where I try to show you the big picture of the system that runs this world. There's one continuous system at the top, they have an agenda, they know where they're going and they have to get the consent of the public all along the way. They keep giving us New Deals, New Deal Mark 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and we're coming up to the next New Deal, where we must consent to our own depopulation and voluntary sterility, basically, when to get little snips done here and there. To sustain the planet, you understand and all of this utter nonsense, but it's been put over to the public in such a massive way of indoctrination, over many years, they're pretty confident they can get them to go along with it. And, sure enough, the public seldom really retaliate and complain about anything, unless their television breaks down or something like that, or the costs of their cable TV goes up; that's the sad truth of things. 

Also, look into for transcripts of the talks I give, which you can print up, they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

You can also go into website and buy that which I have for sale there, that keeps me going; or, you can donate to me, there's a donate button on the site. And I should say that I'm only here as long as you want me here, when the cash dries up, I'm out of commission as well, because it costs money to do what I'm doing. I pay for satellite because I live in the country, they can't get cable piped into here, it's over a $100 a month for this shitty service that I get from a very well known military-industrial complex that owns the satellite and shares it with the peasants down below. So, it's up to you to keep me going, because, believe you me, and I’ve said this years ago, the only reason I came out into the public was to try and do something, although I thought it was pretty futile at the time, I wasn't even sure people were willing to listen or even comprehend that which I had to say, because I spent years studying this agenda. Growing up, I made full use of the libraries around me, full use; and I was astonished to find, sure enough, there is an agenda, there's always been an agenda, there's always been, as Aldous Huxley said, a dominant minority, and, as he said in his speech at Berkeley, I don't see why there won't always be a dominant minority ruling the people. Well, this dominant minority is the only thoroughly organised association on the planet. It doesn't really see any opposition anywhere. They wrote copiously about the Marxist system, because they helped set up the Marxist system, as the big-big / huge experiment. And they said it would work because, once again, they set up a system that was in that area of the world, that region, the only organised system available to the people.

We have many apparent opposition parties and groups to what's happening in the world today; but, really, many of them are part of what the elite want to bring in. The upcoming demonstrations will have the greenies there of all kinds and the ones for sustainable development, the ones that want green and equality etc etc across the world; and they always use the young to do it because the young are idealistic. They know how to use idealism, the young see things in black and white, there are no shades of grey; they have no wisdom to fall back on. They don't realise that what they're demanding from the elite, the same elite who have given us wars, world wars and all the other wars and depressions, will just give them a new deal. So why would you ask the shark to help you out this time? It won't work, you'll ask for what they want to give you ultimately anyway.  

I'll be back with more - after this break - on more on this topic, it's a very important topic. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix. I try to give you the histories of the big system, the organised system that includes the bankers who put the politicians in place, that use Foundations and NGOs and front groups, to get their way in the world. They fund all universities and then when they fund universities, they also put out little handouts to the Deans to tell them what they'd like to have studied in the universities and what they'd like to have omitted, there's always a catch you see to everything they do for the public, there's always a catch that’s for their own benefit, not for the public's. And down through history, as I say, we've been given New Deals, we're given new deals, supposedly, when Britain got a Parliament together, that's a New Deal, even though you had to be a land-owner to vote at that time. That held steady for an awful long time, in fact, up until World War I when they gave the ordinary people the vote; but they never decided, at all, to allow the public to guide the course of the country, or the world, for that matter. Because, democracy, of course, would take the power away from those who held it; power never ever gives itself up, never, never ever abdicates.

Before they even gave the vote to the ordinary people in Britain, for instance, you had the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and the Darwinists, all one big group in fact, all intertwined / inter-married, who set up a system to bypass any idea of the coming democracy that would be used to fool the people. We have front organisations we call governments; if governments were there for the people, you wouldn't have them going into Congress or Parliament and voting with the party, against their own constituents. So, why have politicians who must vote with the party and not for their constituents, what's the point in having them? Democracy is supposed to be when the politician goes off to the main meeting hall, or his Upsala, as they used to call it and speaks on your behalf, it doesn't happen. 'Well, I'm sorry constituents, I have to vote with the party', so you don’t have that, we never did really have it in fact. And Margaret Thatcher, I've gone over this many times, gave talks on this in her New World Order speeches, including the one she gave at Massey Hall in Toronto, in the '90s, early '90s on the coming New World Order, where she said that "I belong to a parallel government". A parallel government that was made up of ex politicians, the heads of state, high level bureaucrats who’d left government positions and she said that we get the jobs done, whereas democracy can't, it's too cumbersome, with all the haggling that goes on in the Houses, the big political houses; and there are too many competing interests etc, therefore they have their agenda. Now, what agenda are they talking about? Remember, the whole idea of free-trade was based in England in Queen Elizabeth the 1st's era; and all around Queen Elizabeth the 1st you had this openly Rosicrucian Order. Francis Bacon joined, all these boys, Francis Drake, Raleigh etc; and they came up with the idea of a British Empire that would expand into the world and the world would copy this system, governmental system and come into an order of free-trade, free-trade, in the 1500s. Out of that one Court, they gave birth to the first giant corporation, international, which was the British East India Company and the East India Company also went into countries and through gradualism and bringing envoys with them, from England, they would try and get a similar system, an appendage, if you like, of Britain's set up in that country; free-trade. They even came up with term 'Most favoured Nation' trading status, the one they gave China only a few years ago. 

We're living through a vast plan, by people who came out, in the time of Darwin, and admitted that they believed that they were physically, mentally, biologically superior and that Darwin had proven their point, something they'd always known they said, in their own writings on eugenics, that they, obviously, had evolved more than the peasants down below. You find Mr. Rockefeller and all these characters are all part of this one big clan that finance the NGOs and the Foundations and the universities and the media and all education, to get us to go along with their big plan. Their plan has a timetable, like a long-term business plan, implementation dates for certain things. Now, these same people came out with the conspiracy theorists, to ridicule those who follow what they print and publish. They slap 'conspiracy theorist' on you. They also put out red herrings, people who come out and mix the truth with utter nonsense, sci-fi nonsense, to discredit the truth; that's called counter-intelligence. They have published so much about their intentions and there's never been a time when they're on a roll as today, as they roll out the next part of their agenda.

Now remember, this twenty-first century, as they said in the last century, was to be a century of change; and they gave the mantras to Obama and different ones too: 'change is good' 'change is good' rah-rah-rah like a parrot. Slogans win for them you see, repetition and slogans. 

What do they want? They want a world where their sciences, which they own and control, will bring in a new population eventually, down the road, they’ve published all this stuff in all the science magazines, of enhanced beings that will serve them better. However, they want a really reduced population, because, after all, they don't like extra livestock around that aren't being of any use to them, they're not producing. The Western world has gone past that great transition from industrial-technological to a service economy. These boys at the top are like the lord farmers, the old lord farmers that had all the tenant farmers down below them; and there's simply too much livestock around for their liking. We get in the way, we're untidy across the landscape; and therefore, they must convince us all that we are the problem and they've done a darn good job so far. Ordinary people now will chat to each other about 'well I guess they're right, there's too many of us'. These people all live in cities, where unlimited immigration has been bulging their seams out for years, to make them believe that they're overcrowded. While the United Nations, that's a front group for this big dominant minority, publish every year that the Western families and offspring have been reduced, for years and years and years. We're not replacing ourselves; and that's the reason they give for the immigration: we've got to bring in people to pay off the debt. Since the debt keeps accumulating, because it's planned to, how could you ever pay it off? It's not intended to, they're going to bring in a new system but first they must get everyone rioting and complaining to them, especially the young, who've already had about ten years of indoctrination into the greening agenda and sustainability. At the end of it all, when we're all war weary and battle torn, they'll unroll another New Deal, which is the one that they'd probably written fifty-odd, sixty years ago, shake the dust off it and present it to the public. We'll breathe a sigh of relief and be good willing servants. That's how they plan to do it. 

From the BBC, today, March 26th 2009, it says: 

Population growth 'unsustainable' 

Now, this is a handout to the BBC that, again, is owned by the British Government remember. There used to be so many complaints about the BBC because they didn't hire anyone that wasn't from Eton, to make sure their own class ran it you see; and it's funded from the government by tax payers’ money. It's a propaganda outfit, for the agenda; and I mentioned a few days ago, that the Optimum Population Trust, which is a private front group for the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Carnegie, Ford, etc, all these Foundations. I mentioned how their boss, their boss man, who will shortly be a lord himself (they inherit their titles from their daddies, good old superior papa) and who is Prince Charles' green advisor by the way, who runs this Optimum Population Trust. They've now given out their handout, their official handout, at the same time as other handouts are coming, that's how they do it, everything happens at the same time, they give you a little bit of preparation, because we adapt so fast to ideas and then they come out with the whole thing; and we swallow it all, bean by bean basically.  

The Optimum Population Trust is holding a conference on how population growth will affect climate change, with a leading environmentalist, Dr Martin Desvaux warning that the UK will be unable to reach its carbon emission reduction targets whilst sustaining its population. 

Now remember: this is the same BBC that called for halving the population of Britain last week. It had to be done. 

Correspondent Caroline Duffield reports from Lagos, Nigeria on the problems caused by a rapidly growing population, while correspondent James Rodgers reports from Moscow, where the population is shrinking. Professor John Guillebaud, professor of family planning 

That's abortions and so on. 

and reproductive health 

That's fixing you up, after they've destroyed your cervix, after abortion. 

at UCL, discusses how population growth can be brought down without infringing on people's right to reproduce.  

How can they bring down the population "without infringing on people's right to reproduce"? Well, they've got to convince you to do it voluntarily, that's all there is to it, quite simple, isn't it? And you should go through that particular article, look into the Optimum Population Trust and Mr. Porritt, soon to be lord Porritt, when good old papa goes to his final superior resting place. And we find, as I say, it all comes out at the same time. 

CNN March 25th 2009 - this is a beauty! It's on their page called political-ticker. I'll read this, it's really astonishing and yet not astonishing.

Back in a moment- after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, showing you how the boys at the top plan their agenda, while they make us all believe in the accidental view of history: accidents just happen; crashes just happen, no one can foresee them and so on and so on, as they guide us along to the new system. It's a world system of world service, where money eventually will be supplanted really, or replaced with tokens of some kind or another, then that'll be done away with altogether when we're so happy to be born into a world to serve the big green planet in which we, I don't know if you can call it live, but exist.

I talked about the Optimum Population Trust, a massive organisation again, funded by the big Foundations at the top and the Royal Institute of International Affairs and all these big boys at the top, all these lords know each other; and they're all part of the pyramid structure that controls our lives and guides us with our thoughts and where we're all going. And these guys will never, you cannot, you cannot negotiate with these guys; I hope people realise that that go to London. There's no negotiations with people who are ruthless, who come from ruthless families, going back centuries; and who will always come out at the end and give you the new deal, while the same ruthless guys are in control of it, what do expect will keep happening? The same thing, obviously.  Back to what I’m saying here, how this ties in with the Optimum Population Trust: 

Planned Parenthood to honor Hillary Clinton March 25th 

Planned Parenthood Federation of America will hold a gala honoring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Friday in Houston, Texas. The health care provider 

Did you know it was a 'health care provider', that's what it was, Planned Parenthood? Look into the history folks of what Planned Parenthood is and who set it up. So, it's a “health care provider”. 

announced it will host the awards and dinner ceremony in the Lone Star State to pay tribute to those who have made significant contributions to the advancement of women's reproductive health and rights and promotion of family planning and prevention efforts. 

Clinton is set to receive PPFA's highest honor, the Margaret Sanger award, 

Who was Margaret Sanger? She was the one who set it up; she was a top eugenicist, Fabianist. She loved Adolf Hitler and his policies, for getting rid of the weak and infirm and those who are below par mentally. She loved Lenin, she loved Stalin, she loved all of these people, because Socialism was up her alley. Socialism is the technique they use for all of this you see - you're just a creature, they can manipulate you forever and ever. You are the clay; they can keep remoulding you into the perfect being, to serve them, that is. So, she can get the Margaret Sanger award. Doesn’t that make you feel better the Secretary of State is a believer in Margaret Sanger and all her policies of getting rid of all the weak, the elderly, the infirm and those that they claimed were below par in a few gene areas. Eugenics is out in the open today, out in the open, in your face; but you have a dumbed-down public who live on trivia and that's why they can put it in your face. As I say, everything ties in together, everything is tied in together. 

Now, the Mail online, and I use this as an example of how psychology is used in the media, to the extent that most folk are unaware of, in fact. The British papers are really the prototype for the planet; everything that happens in fact in Britain is done world-wide, after it's been tested in Britain; and the newspapers across the planet are emulating the British style, because it's down to a perfected state. From the mail online, it says: 

G20 rioters 

They're calling them rioters, before they riot, you see.

to hang banker effigies from lampposts as city staff are told to wear disguises 

This is from the Daily Mail, 26th March 2009. It says 

City workers are being urged to stay at home or to dress down 

In other words: dress like a commoner. 

during next week's G20 summit to avoid being targeted by anti-capitalist protesters.  

So now, you see, they're anti-capitalist protesters. I think, last week, the same newspapers had other phrases that they used for them, this week it's anti-capitalist protesters. They’re already telling us what to think of the coming protesters, that's how it's done. It says: 

Unprecedented measures are being put in place to prepare for thousands of demonstrators targeting the City 

That's the sovereign city of London, it says "the city" 

and Canary Wharf. About 3,000 anti-capitalist 

Here's repetition again. 

About 3,000 anti-capitalist protesters are expected, with groups next Wednesday marching to the Bank of England, holding 

And they don't have camping anymore, they used to call them camps, now the media's calling them like the 'flashmobs' 


'flashcamps' oh, they're going to hold 'flashcamps' 

outside the European Climate Exchange in Bishopsgate, 

I didn't even know we had one, a European Climate Exchange, I didn't know it was in England.  

and marching on the US Embassy. Demonstrators have vowed to hang effigies of bankers from lampposts along the protest route. 

Then it says they're taking  

extra security precautions to protect their staff after vandals attacked former RBS chief Sir Fred Goodwin's Edinburgh home.  

He probably threw a brick through it himself. I'll read more on this, after these messages, because there's a lot more to it, what's coming up; and the protesters should know what's going on, so should the public, back in a moment, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Mail Online, to do with the upcoming - what they're claiming here are - riots. They don't even bother to call it demonstrations; no, it's "riots - by anti capitalists". Last week, they said they were all anarchists. You know the Mail Online and all the newspapers in Britain are owned by members, generally lords, of the CFR, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, same thing you see. Because, knowledge is power and they've never ever allowed the major power out of their hands, never; therefore, they give hand-outs to these papers who just print them, print them up, willingly, because that's their job. And they demonise, you see, those they want to demonise and stigmatise those they want to stigmatise; and elevate those they want to elevate. So, the bankers are great boys you see, they’ve ripped us off I can't remember how many times in my life, or my parents’ or my grandparents' times, just so many times that you just can't count them; they're good guys, good guys at the top. And all those who oppose them, after getting ripped off, are "anti capitalist" / anarchists, supposedly, according to this article here. It says: 

An extra 2,500 police, including riot units and intelligence officers, are being deployed at a cost of £10 million to tackle any violence, while security consultants are giving firms constant updates on threat levels.  

There's Fascism right there: security consultants, they must be into everybody's data you see, private organisations, working with Government and the Law. 

The demonstrations, as 20 world leaders meet at the ExCeL Centre in Docklands to discuss how to end the world recession,  

This is what it's all about: how to end the world recession, this big accident that just happened 

are expected to be the biggest in London this decade. 

Remember now, I've read the articles in the recent past about the Military's Think-tank in Britain and the one for the US, have come out with identical massive papers on the future, for the next 50 years. They want thirty years of rioting, apparently, in those particular documents, that's what they foresee, so you're going to see the start of it. How do you kick it off? Well you collapse the economy and screw the people, again; that's how you start it off; simple, all techniques have been used before. It says: 

One warns: 'The front door is to be permanently locked during these two days.'  

This is companies. 

The London Chamber of Commerce have warned businesses to take security precautions, including making sure staff carry ID, keep movement in and out of the offices to a minimum and cancelling all but essential meetings. 

That's when these big fat fellers run off to see their call-girls. 

Colin Stanbridge, chief executive of the LCCI, said: 'There will be concern among businesses at the protests but the vast majority of firms will have robust security 

The private security firms are all run by ex SAS guys and MI5 and MI6 guys, are just booming these days, great business. 

The financial advisory group Bluefin, which employs 500 staff in London-has told employees not to go to its office in Mark Lane in the City unless absolutely necessary. A spokesman for the bank UBS said: 'We are telling people to be cautious. If you have client meetings do you need to have them here?"  

Now, who, who lead the young down through the years? Now, remember Bertrand Russell, in a book about him in fact, written for him, has photographs of him at what they called the Committee of 100, these were the real vanguards of the peace leagues / the anti-bomb leagues. He ran these groups; now Lord Bertrand Russell also was a eugenicist who believed and worked for these boys at the top. His job was to go out into the world and get everyone behind him, to create a fake anti-war movement, that they really would believe in it, all the followers really believed in it; so that the public who watched these demonstrations on their TV would live in horror they were going to get nuked at any minute, keeping you in constant fear, that was the idea of the Cold War, apart from making high-tech advances with unlimited tax money from the people, to make more chains for the future. We're seeing it all come out now, with security etc etc watching everything that we do.  

They always give you the opposition, but they also use university leaders, professors, to get the young up and going. Now, who's leading one of these groups?  

Chris Knight, professor of anthropology 

Those guys who believe in evolution 

at the University of East London, is organising protests under the banner G20 Meltdown.  

That's one group that's going. He also is a member of what they call Radical Anthropologists, they've got a whole new theory on Anthropology and how vocabulary itself and changes in language advance social causes and literally are sort of evolutions in themselves. I have a different opinion: I believe they're created by those who know how to create them, because civilisation and knowledge is very-very ancient and well-studied. It says; this is what Chris said: 

'We are going to be hanging a lot of people like Fred the Shred 

That's Sir Fred who got the massive bonus after collapsing his bank. 

from lampposts and I can only say let's hope they are just effigies. If he winds us up any more I'm afraid there will be real bankers hanging from lampposts.' Meanwhile, the group claiming responsibility for vandalising the former Royal Bank of Scotland chairman's home has threatened further action against 'criminal' bank bosses. A statement claiming to be from the group responsible for damage at his £3 million mansion 

That's nowhere near his bonus there. 

warned of further attacks, saying: 'This is just the beginning.' The threat sparked fears of a terror campaign against those blamed for the collapse in the financial system.  

Then it goes on and on and on, about how terrible it was to poor old Sir Fred. He lost a window. People have been losing their homes, all over the planet. Poor Sir Fred, poor Sir Fred, I'm sure he's well insured. He probably also owns the insurance company.  

We'll go to Kyle from Connecticut on the phones, if he's there, is Kyle there?  

Kyle: Hi Alan. 

Alan: Hello.   

Kyle: It's funny everybody out here protesting the AIG execs at their mansions who are getting, you know, a couple of million but they don't realise that there's big fish out there to fry. 

Alan: There's bigger fish and here's the thing too: and I keep mentioning this little phrase that was put out in New York during the Civil War, when they had the riots in New York, the Tammany riots, where the Mayor said We can always hire half the poor to kill the other half. Today they would say half the lower classes to kill the other half of the lower classes; and what you'll always see is the people at the bottom, who think they're middle class, and they're mainly at universities and so on, clash with the hired cops who all come from the working class themselves, while the boys in the ivory towers stand way high above it all, looking down on it, with their grin and holding their brandy and saying everything's going to plan, as always. You see, it's pointless to take your aggression out on paid thugs, and that's really what today's military police are; they're paid thugs, they're now contaminated with their indoctrination, they've had ten years of intense indoctrination, that's made them ultra paranoid about the public; and they see themselves as a fraternity, they use military tactics to bond them together and so they will be utterly ruthless upon the same public that goes for them. So, you have people at the bottom squabbling with people at the bottom and they never go to the ones who cause the problem in the first place. 

Kyle: I know and that was a good lesson you taught.

Alan: Yes, and that's the problem with all of this, because the same ones at the top, they did the same thing with the Great Depression, they pulled out FDR, out of Wall Street, so they put a bankers' man in, to give us a 'New Deal' and here they are, again, they're all waiting to give the public a New Deal. Bush, remember, used the same term 'Here's the New Deal'.  They keep giving us, the same people, who use us like slaves, tax us to the hilt, let us accumulate and then they plunder us every fifty years or so, are going to give us another New Deal, after all these riots. It'll be coupled with sustainability, the greening of the planet and that'll bring in population reduction and we'll all say oh good, the riots are all over and you don't realise they got exactly what they wanted at the top and they'll have a world of service, a world of service, where we're here to serve the world economy and the world economic system and the planet. However, in reality, we'll be like the peasants of Russia, who went through the Revolution and will end up working in the fields, for the elite, as usual. It's the same old thing: you can't go to the killer shark and negotiate, because these guys have declared all out war: biological, through your food, through your water, through inoculations, on the general public a long time ago, they're utterly ruthless. And they can hire as many thugs at the bottom to crash your skulls in; I hope people realise that. War has been declared upon the people, by people who are absolutely resolute in their agenda, utterly resolute in their agenda, there's no negotiations with these characters at the top. They are not going to change their agenda because we ask them nicely to do it. 

Kyle: No and they're really slick too. 

Alan: Very slick. 

Kyle: They're pushing the fair tax again. 

Alan: A fair tax!! 

Kyle: A 23% national sales tax and they claim they're going to abolish the IRS and the income tax but, if they don't within 7 years, then they could get rid of the national sales tax. So, it's perfect for them, to have a 7 year period to just get rid of the baby boomers. And they're done paying their income tax, so they're just going to pay sales tax. 

Alan: There'll be sales tax and then they'll phase in the individual carbon taxes that go to the world government that'll be up and pretty well running by then. 

Kyle: It's funny the acronym WHO, the World Health Organisation. 

Alan: Dr. Who I call them! The time lords is their big joke because they rule the world inter-generationally for centuries, so they're the time lords, Dr. Who. 

Kyle: I look forward to watching your time DVD where you explain some things about that. 

Alan: Oh they love their jokes that are put out to the public in movies and television series and so on. They do love their jokes because they truly believe they're so superior and the reason is because they've always got what they wanted. They don't leave anything to chance and, believe you me, they will lead any of what people think are revolutions, they'll make sure that they have the leaders for it, who will come to terms with exactly what the elite want them to come to terms with; and everyone will go back home thinking 'good, we've won' - no, they haven't won, they'll be into the new system, the next New Deal, which is exactly what elite wanted in the first place. 

Kyle: That's what I see happening right now, this change; and I was driving myself crazy reading UN documents and all their resolutions that are the problem here and the problem there and you know their terms are just amazing: "trade distorting domestic support"! 

Alan: Ha-ha! 

Kyle: I read that one today, 

Alan: Yes, they love their terms and all the rest of it but everything, everything we read that’s put out for us to read is predictive programming, so that we will - subconsciously - adapt our ideas towards what they want us to adapt to, without really reasoning it out for ourselves; and that's the technique of massive control and psychology. In fact, getting back to that article I was reading, from the Mail online, I was going to mention how it's laid out. The paper is laid out, standard Britain, here's your main story that could just as well have been the slaughter at Gaza, with the world's fourth largest military bombing these peasants. However, on the right hand side, here's what they give the women: they give the women all the movie stars and what's happening to them, all these women you know:

'35 year old's recovery hampered by North Pole jaunt';

'Madonna prepares to fly to Malawi'.

They don't want women involved in what's happening; and it's so black and white here: here's the main story on the left and the guys will read that; women will automatically look into all this trivia that's put out there, hoping to divert them, because the last thing they want, the last thing they want are angry women, or mothers, having their photographs taken in the streets because that automatically wins public support when women and children are involved. So, they divert the women into:

'Kitty Hopkins how I cost my married lovers £3 million'

This is next to the main story in the newspaper. Or, how this film star:

'No gourmet sex please'

blah blah

'Lucy Cavandish says she's satisfied by Tesco's value added cuddles and a quickie and it doesn't leave her exhausted'

And there's she's in bed with a guy. This is how they psychologically lay out the media, to get the guys to watch this stuff, as they give you the wording "anarchist", "anti-capitalist"; and on the right hand side, they want to divert the women off into that, they don't want the women coming out and demanding their rights. It is so perfect, psychology is used in everything that you look at; and the people have grown up with this, thinking its all normal, they don't even realise why it's laid out that way! 

Kyle: I could see it in most news that I watch, they repeat the same thing over and over again. As you say, eight times; and you believe it. 

Alan: Yes, and what you'll find is that after the news, they'll go off to a talk by experts on that topic, who will, again, use the same terms; and then, later on in the night, they get another series on, more experts using the same terms again, as though they're all unrelated, but in fact that's predictive programming, getting you used to the terms, eight times minimum, until we start to parrot them ourselves. It's all psychology. 

Kyle: I mean the letters themselves, in your writings I see just, it's all distorted. 

Alan: Yes. It is, but they do love, as I say, their little codes, their little laughs and the language is full of codes and that's also what I write about as well. They've been at this for a long-long time. They created the English language, about the 1500s, they brought out the King James Bible at the same time, to introduce it and all the Shakespearian plays. The modern dictionaries will tell you that they owe about 180,000 words to Shakespeare, this busy-busy scribbler! 

Kyle: I think that's why they have such a problem with the Greeks and people that actually know the meanings of words.  

Alan: Yes, well, again George Orwell came out with it very well, he said (in '1984') that the dictionary will be very-very thin, it gets thinner every year, as they take words out of the dictionary and you're left with linguistic minimalism, to the extent that there can be no terror and no terrorists out there in society, when, basically, you don't have the words to convey your thoughts. That literally was the goal in '1984', with the dictionary. 

Kyle: The memory hole. 

Alan: Yes, and so we see it happening today with the songs, the rap and all the rest: minimalism, linguistic minimalism, until people can't even convey properly a thought or definitely philosophies; and if you want to riot about something, you must have a philosophy to go by that has an outcome and a direction. They don't have that, except for the ones they've been given, to do with greening and sustainability and equality across the world and all that stuff. 

Kyle: What do you think about Timothy Leary's beliefs, I mean, he sounded similar to Socrates. 

Alan: Timothy Leary, it was admitted a few years ago, Timothy Leary was employed by the CIA. 

Kyle: Just to hand out acid and get everybody  

Alan: His job was to get the youngsters into the drugs; now, remember, the guys at the top, look into the history of the Skull and Bones Society and all those boys at Yale University, they all made their big pile of loot putting opium into China; they've always been involved in the drug industry, using drugs on the people, to conquer them. Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, Alan Watt here, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we'll go to Rachel from North Carolina, are you there Rachel? 

Rachel: Hello. 

Alan: Yes. 

Rachel: Hi, good to talk to you again. Oh, there just an avalanche of information out there, so I've been pretty much buried, but I just decided to look into Geithner, just for fun and I looked on Wikipedia and I'm just looking at his profile and it's talking about how he's now the Secretary of Treasury, but he was previously the president of the Federal Reserve; and the strange thing is, you know, I've heard people talk about his ties with Goldman Sachs and all these conflictive interests and I'm like what about that big one right there. Just the fact that he was the president of the Federal Reserve; that seems to me, maybe I'm crazy, but that seems me to be like appointing the former president of Glaxo-Smith-Kline to health and human services or something and then giving them the contracts and have them oversee that no corruption happens. 

Alan: Of course, they've got to keep it in the family and that's what they do. See, from their perspective, they haven’t failed in anything, they're right on schedule and course and - technically - they're doing a good job, because they want to change the system into the next level of their system; so that's why. 

Rachel: But, I mean why, you know I see these congressmen grilling these people and everything, it's like why don't they bring up that as obvious corruption. There's no separation between corporations and the government anymore. It's basically like you can go back and forth, you can be in a corporation and go ahead; it would be like if it was Citibank and we'd just decide to have that president come and be the head of the Federal Reserve and then Bernanke says well, I'm not going to tell you where all that money went and maybe it went to all his friends, you know the president of Citibank’s friends and everything. So, how would you know? There would be no way of ensuring that your regulators, who are supposedly the secretary of Treasury, are doing their job, because you know they previously worked for these private companies.

Alan: Well, exactly, the whole thing was a con to begin with, the whole Federal Reserve System etc. etc. and the whole thing is a con, it's always been a con; and that's the key to it. As I say: their boys have done the right thing, they pulled off what they pulled off and they'll all get promoted for doing what they're supposed to do, at the right time, which was to create another crisis on top of many crises, during, supposedly, a war on terror worldwide that's changing the world, just to add to the mayhem to bring in a new system. 

Rachel: It's just, for me, you know, I'm not even that smart; in fact, I really only discovered you last year sometime, at the end of the year. It just seems so obvious to me that these things are happening and it's obviously just a big crock; and then, I thought ok, well let me get active, I'm going to go to our City Council meeting, here in Durham. You know what their big serious problem was? It was Duke Students are partying and disrupting the neighbours!  I'm not kidding, they spent 20 minutes, at the beginning they had kids singing and they were bringing people up and patting each other on the back about what a great job they were doing; and then, they had developers come in there and ask about re-zoning and then, I mean, really their big thing was this Duke students' party. 

Alan: Oh, absolutely, and then they’ll all go off to their lodges, the Easter Star and have a party! 

Rachel: Unbelievable. 

Alan: That's how it works. 

Rachel: Well, thank you very much. 

Alan: Thank you. Well, again, an hour flashes by and I had so many topics to say, but there's simply not enough time in an hour. So, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada: it's goodnight and may your god - or your gods - go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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