Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#288)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 31, 2009:

Art of Persuasion from Mental Health Services Administration:

"Help is Now Coming to Those in Self-Pity,
Who've Moved from Homes into Shanty City,
Who've Lost Jobs and All, Due to 'Recession,'
Floundering in Fear, Anxiety, Depression,
No, Not Dollars in Aid, as Given to Bankers,
'Cause You're Not a Member of Globalist Gangsters,
It's from the SAMHSA, Caring People So Nice,
Using Taxpayers' Money to Give You Advice
On Coping Techniques Using Imagination,
Imagine You're Not in Deprivation,
Think of Blue Skies and All will be Well,
You'll be a New Person, the Experts Tell,
As You Watch Wallet Shrink, Few Dollars Remaining,
Remember, Could be Worse, Could be Raining"
© Alan Watt Mar. 31, 2009

Tuesday 31st March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 31, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 31st 2009. 

There's always newcomers coming into the show, so I advise them to go into where they can download hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past, trying to show you how the world is guided, that's what government really is all about, they guide the world into a planned future, they never lose control; in fact, that's one of their priorities. Government in its first priority is to preserve itself and the system for which it stands and it's not the one of serving people. Therefore, I try to give you a much bigger outlook on the forces behind the system that drives this world and to show you where it's supposed to all go, from their own publications. And that's the beauty of it, nowadays, you don't have to go into old libraries and go through dusty old books, to find out little pieces here and there. The big Foundations that work for the banks and are really owned by the banks, have already given us the present culture that we take for granted. Any mammal growing up in its own generation will think everything must be normal, because it exists, simply for that reason, it exists, that must be normal. If the older mammals can't warn them of what's dangerous to it, it will see nothing as being dangerous at all; simple as that. Skinner, and many other of the big behaviourists, wrote about that technique, how they'd use that in the future and it's been used our entire lives long and on our parents too.

It's guided along a pre-planned course and I try to help you out, to give you the big system behind it and where it's supposed to go. And it's not pleasant at all, as I say: it's an agenda, a planned agenda, a published agenda; and really, there's nothing they're hiding today, if you understand what they're telling you, in their publications. And the hype about sustainability and you're the problem, in a post-industrial society; and they're not going to get rid of the economic system. In fact, in all their think-tanks, even for the military, they say they must, above all, uphold the economic system, this economic system, the same one that's killing everybody off, in poverty, as they loot the general public. Therefore, you really exist to serve the system, that's how they see it, at the top and, in fact, they are so callous about it, they say that to you.  

Also: look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download or print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

Now, this is probably one of the few shows that's brought to the public, by the public, because they keep me going, you keep me going, the listener keeps me going. And I will know when it's time to walk off, either because I don't get any funding at all, or else, you're off chasing aliens and stuff that fascinates you, as you go down the whirlpool, down the drain. And I'll know, and the signs, to be honest with you, are starting to appear, people are becoming bizarre in their behaviours, because of the overwhelming crushing policies that are being put upon them by governments. They don't quite understand what’s happening, so, therefore, being human, they seek more and more fantasy. Fantasy also gives them a way out from doing anything about it; after all, if it's a bunch of space aliens that are controlling the world, then it's all out of your hands isn't it? You're out of the picture, you don't have to do anything, it's just too big for you; and all of that nonsense. 

So, if you want to support me, go to and see how to do it.   

I'll be back with more, after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. Before the break there, I was mentioning how you can keep me going, by buying that which I have for sale on or you can donate. It's all there on that website. You can also, for those who don't go into the websites, and a lot of discs are burned and passed around and so on and people sometimes enquire as to how to get in touch with me for payment and so on. Just address your cheque, and cheques are fine from the US and Canada [listed above].

As I say: that keeps me going, I don't ask for money from the advertisers. That advertisement you hear, pays for the station and it pays for the equipment and all the rest of the stuff that these stations have to cope with.  

As I say, there's nothing really held back from the public today. In fact, much of what's said to the public is tongue in cheek. You're supposed to make up your own mind about things; you're supposed to come to conclusions for yourselves. And to be honest with you, where the media in the past has made an incredible effort at keeping information from the public, because they are an essential arm of governments, all across the world, they give you the reality government decides you can have. They've also given you a lot of revelations, in the last six months or so, by various stories. Unfortunately, we don't pick up on them; most folk don't pick on them at all. They have grown up, as Brzezinski said, in the 1970s, expecting the media, they're trained to expect the media to do the reasoning for them; and if the media can take you by hand all the way to conclusion and stop short of the conclusion, then really that's your problem.

Most folk don't want to believe in the bad news. They really-really don't, they want to believe in the accidental view of history: everything's just one accident after another; and those experts that come out of special wombs up at the top, the ones that all go to Yale and all the rest of it, belong to Skull and Bones, these special altruists will take care of things for you, so you can go and play.

That's what people love to do now is play. I remember, many years ago when they talked about the upcoming leisure society, when we'd all have so much leisure, you see, that we wouldn't know what to do with it, therefore, they supplied it for us. In fact, going back into the 1800s, some of the Christian movements that were trying to get the 16 hour a day normal work day for people, labourers, abolished at tremendous opposition from the elite who thought that my god, if all the working people have time on their hands, who knows what kind of mischief they'll get up to. So, of course, they came up with all kinds of ways to keep us entertained and preoccupied. Never in history has a slave class been so quite happy and content, as they can play with their little toys that they buy. Even though, if you didn't have the money, they'd make it mandatory and they'd give it to you. If they gave it to you, like the computer, you'd be suspicious; but if you're allowed to buy it, then it's yours; you're in control, right? That's how you think, very simple reasoning; and along this same line of reasoning, there's been so many exposés to do with the corruption at the top. And it is, the psychopaths that go into politics, it's the only kind that really go into politics, I'm afraid, are psychopathic types, they smell power, they head for it, they know that where the Federal government grants and contracts are handed out every year, there's a lot of money to be made, through friends you know, like contractors. They go for power, they must have power, they love fame and applause from the public; and bowing and scraping and all that kind of stuff. You know, one of the most unpopular people in history was Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers who, he said, you know, think about it: if you have a dynasty of kings, maybe one out of every four, maybe three, dynasties will be a good one; and so all you have to do is keep them pampered, with your taxes and his army and so on; but if you've a whole government with layers of bureaucracy, now you've got thousands of them, to keep happy, with your tax money. And it's a true statement. In other words: if people want government at all; and they never stop to even think about that part of it. If they really want government at all, what kind do you want? Because, technically, it's always the same, it's just degrees of taxation and corruption, that's all; because it's the same types who go in for government; or kings (or whatever), at the beginning at least, for kings.  

I've talked about the omnibus Bills and many people on the Patriot Radio stations have been listening to this stuff for years and years and years with omnibus Bills, where they've crammed through with hundreds, maybe thousands of laws in one big fell swoop. And 10,000 pages, 20,000 pages, no politician even makes an attempt to look through it and yet they all vote on it, because their Party leader says so, that's the beauty of having parties, you do what the boss man says, because you want to get up the ladder too, closer to the boss man and maybe even become the boss man. Very simple isn't it? That's how the logic goes. You put in your man at the top and all the trained seals will sit there on their pedestals and clap for the boss man. That's what it's all about, and pay-offs, the individual rewards.  

A long time ago, Karl Marx talked about the amalgamation of Europe into a trading bloc; and then, they'd have a government that would be subservient to a world government. That would be followed, he said, by a United States of America, that's Canada, the US and Mexico, which also will have to go through, eventually, getting a new parliament as well and being subservient to the world government. It's all been set up really, we're all in it now; and you hear all this stuff about the IMF (International Monetary Fund), part of the UN, being brought up to its rightful place, as sort of economic dictator over the world and the world bank, but it's all run by the same bankers who financed all the other nations and pretty well were the central banks, or are, in fact, of all the nations. So, nothing will change, except their ability to have a world army and a world police force, to grab a peasant anywhere across the planet for taxation. That's really what it's about and the global government will have the only army able to go after you and do that. It makes it more efficient than having to go door-to-door and find you, or go between countries and different laws and constitutions, to get someone extradited, they've pretty well overcome that now, under the guise of terrorism.

It's all one agenda you see; and here's a typical example of the corruption, this is from the Mail Online 31st of March 2009, it's about Caroline Flint and they give you a nice picture of this very trendy fashionable woman who obviously, at least fashion wise, revels in the ability to get the best of clothing across Europe.  

'I have never read the EU constitution', admits Europe Minister Caroline Flint 

The Government minister responsible for the revived EU constitution 

You see they tried to give them this Constitution for the whole of Europe and Ireland really put the spokes in the wheel out, by saying "No". So, it's a revised one, in other words, it's the same one again, only revamped. This is the minister, the politician who is responsible for this, this is her Department, it says she: 

made an astonishing gaffe by admitting she had never read it. 

Well, what's new about that? But doesn't that tell you, you see, they're all employed by a higher authority and they do what they're told. A higher authority, they don't represent the people; they don't even listen to the people; they don't even read what's in the Bills. This is the top minister for the EU Constitution admitting she made a gaffe, a blunder, by admitting she'd never read it.   

Europe Minister Caroline Flint admitted she had only been 'briefed' on parts of a document that surrenders a raft of British powers to Brussels.  

[The left wing] Labour has refused to give British voters a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty on the grounds that it is 'substantially' different to the dumped constitution.  

You see, Sarkozy talked about that as well, he doesn't believe in giving the people, people of Europe the vote, they shouldn't get the vote, apparently, under this wonderful democracy, it should be left to the politicians, to vote amongst themselves. This is tyranny; the only thing that they don't tell you in this article here is that you're living under tyranny. You're supposed to come to that conclusion yourself and ask questions; but we do, we expect them to tell us what to worry about, the media's supposed to tell us what to think about, what to worry about. And if they do tell us what to worry about, we do. However, if they don't mention it, we don't. How simple it is, isn't it? Behavioural psychology, Bernays must be laughing his head off, wherever he is. It says: 

But during a Commons debate, Ms Flint confessed she had not read all of the despised charter. Critics said it was an 'extraordinary admission' to make. Mark Francois, the Tory Europe spokesman, said: ''It is not every day that someone will admit they haven’t read the most important document for their job. 

And that's true because I'm sure he wouldn't either, he wouldn't mention it at all!  This is the farce of modern day politics, you see. Utter farce. It was like when Bush told the politicians in Congress, he said to pass the Patriot Bill but don't read it, it would be unpatriotic to read it, or anything in it. Of course, it had a whole host of rules and regulations, laws in it and only a few of them bothered (I think 2 or 3 bothered to even open it and look at it). Laws that hamstring us, tie us up and truss us up, are not even read by the guys who vote on it – who are paid so handsomely, to say the least. Back with more - after the following messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. I thought I'd let that guitar wail for a bit because I like that bit, it's very appropriate for what I'm talking about: a lot of wailing; and it's a pity there's not more wailing going on.  

The Soviet Union used to use collective punishment; now remember, this system we're going under, with the big think-tanks, like the CFR and the Foundations of the CFR are using, and the one they actually admire and said they would use, same with the Club of Rome, is Collectivism. That's the Soviet system; the Soviet system would give you collective punishment, in other words: if one person across the country did something with a knife, they'd ban all knives to be carried in the streets, or firearms, or anything else; that's how it's done you see. They had so many laws on their books, you see, from the local up to the Federal level, that you couldn't pass a day without committing some crime that you were completely unaware of, they had that many crimes on the books. It's the same here now, same across the Western world, the US, Canada, it's all the same. If they want you, they'll find something. And here's an article that sums this up, at least the stage we're at today, it's actually worse for many people, it depends what they charge you with; and to preface this, people should look at the movie by Kafka that's called The Trial, a surrealistic movie about being charged with something but you're not told what you're charged with and all the farce that you have to go through, to try to get off with it. This is from, I think it's from New York. It's called 


Are anyone's days entirely free of "offenses" that can get you arrested? By Robert Neuwirth 

Robert Neuwirth is an author himself, he's written quite a few books; and he says: 

I spent 24 hours in the slammer the other day. My crime? Well, the police couldn’t tell me when they locked me up. The prosecutor and judge couldn’t either, when I was arraigned the following day. I found out for myself when I researched the matter a few days after being released: 

You have to find out yourself you see, if they've released you. 

I had been cited for walking my dog off the leash - once, six years ago. Welcome to the ugly underside of the zero-tolerance era, where insignificant rule violations get inflated into criminal infractions. Here’s how it worked with me: a gaggle of transit cops stopped me after they saw me walk between two subway cars on my way to work.  

That's the same in every city. 

This, they told me, was against the rules. They asked for ID and typed my name into a hand-held computer.  

Isn't this wonderful, this instant data collection stuff and retrieval, for them? 

Up came that old citation that I didn't know about and they couldn't tell me about. I was immediately handcuffed and brought to the precinct. There, I waited in a holding cell, then was fingerprinted (post-CSI memo: they now take the fingers, the thumbs, the palms, and the sides of both hands) 

Why not just roll us over the floor on some paint and then onto some paper, the whole body, hmm? Well, it would work fine for humiliating us even more. 

and had the contents of my shoulder bag inventoried. I could hardly believe it: I was being arrested without ever having committed a crime.  

I was held overnight in the Midtown North Precinct lock-up (shoelaces and belt confiscated, meals courtesy of the McDonald’s dollar menu). 

And they probably have deals with McDonald's too, you know how corporations are. 

In the morning, my fellow convicts and I were led, chain-gang style, to the Manhattan Community Court next door. The judge there dismissed the charge against me - because no one ever does time for that kind of crime. A few days later, at Brooklyn’s central court, my warrant was lifted for "time served" - again because no one is ever locked up for breaking the leash law.  

If the cops had simply written me a ticket, I would have paid it, 

Well, that would be a foolish thing to do as well. You see, that's how we're trained: just pay up, most folk do. 

and I would have also had to pay to vacate my outstanding warrant. But by cuffing me and holding me overnight, the city spent quite a bit of money (it took two police officers approximately six hours each just to arrest and process me), while the fines assessed against me were rescinded.  

And you thought they were hiring all these cops for drugs eh? "It's a war on drugs". They have to do something with them, don't they? Then he goes on about the different people he met inside and what they were in for: one guy had had a nip of whiskey in the street, so he's in the slammer, courtesy of the tax payer; buskers (guys who sing in the subway stations) and they were arrested because they were carrying a guitar and an accordion.  This goes on to say at the bottom, it's interesting you see when you look at the crimes that have been listed in the last eight years or so. When Giuliani was in: 

The Giuliani administration highlighted its increase of “quality of life” summonses, 

That's what they were calling these little things now, "quality of life" summonses. 

but statistics from the annual Mayor’s Management Report indicate that the Bloomberg administration has been just as zealous. The number of such summonses 

These trivia - utter nonsense.

under Giuliani reached its height in fiscal 2001, hitting 523,000. After a dip in 2002, the number of "quality of life" summonses rose under Mayor Bloomberg to more than 700,000 in fiscal 2004. They’ve declined since then to 527,000 in fiscal 2008 - still higher than under the previous mayor.  

It's a business, the world, you see, is just one big business and crime pays, for those who own it, the system that is. Back with more - after these messages.  

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, doing a bit of a wailing here, just like that guitar, because that's what's really happened, it's time we started to do an awful lot of wailing, before we can come to tough conclusions and start working collectively towards the proper collective way out of all of this, because we're utter shmucks at the moment. We're passive domesticated shmucks and we don't care really, we haven't cared so much to now what's going on to other people, because, as long as we're left alone personally, to play, we think we can play forever. You see, they're now getting in, down to the lowest common denominator, it's like a one-armed bandit at a casino: you pull that lever and all the stuff spins in front of your eyes and one day your name comes up, you see it's your time for inquisitors to come for you, for some trivia. That's how bad it is and it's going to get a lot worse, because why? We've allowed them to go this far, invading our privacy and collecting data. Every year, more and more data is collected; they keep telling us they're passing more laws to collect, so as to enable themselves, legally, to collect more data. Isn't that wonderful at the top? They can legally pass laws, to make it legal for them to snoop on you; and we sit back and 'oh, well, what's on TV, sports?' That's how bad it is; it's our own fault.  

We've watched the banks collectively loot the world, the big bankers; but in collusion, of course, with the politicians, who set up the system in deregulating any watch over them, which allowed them to create all the bubbles that sunk the economy and the money we were told went to money heaven. Money heaven, where shekels rattle; and that's the last we hear of it, until we're told we've got to pay for all that money that disappeared or the banks are out. Well, why not just kick them out then and get a different system? No, that won't do, because, after all, the bankers and the politicians run the world and no other gods will be rivalling them, obviously.

What do they do with the people who are now in tent cities across the world? In the shanty towns, the new shanty towns, they've lost everything. Well, your government hasn't forgotten you, your governments haven't forgotten you; and this is happening across the Western world and the US as well and Canada. This is your advice, they’re giving us good advice, even though we're broke, they're not throwing millions of dollars at us, like they are with the banks, with tax payers' money. No, they're telling you how to cope with living in a tent. This particular article is called: 

Getting Through Tough Economic Times 

This is by the American Mental Health Association, this is their great idea to help you who have been floored, after getting plundered and raped and pillaged by the banks, in collusion with the politicians. So, they're telling you, giving you little tips, to help you get through it. It says: 

This guide provides practical advice on how to deal with the effects financial difficulties can have on your physical and mental health

And what does it do?               

- it covers: 

Possible health risks 

Well, I guess when you're malnourished and you're eating off garbage dumps, you've got a problem, you could easily become infected with bad food. Then it gives you: 

Warning signs 

Then it's: 

Managing stress 

Then how to get help: 

Getting help 

I don't know from whom, maybe from the euthanasia clinics. 

Suicide warning signs 

Other steps you can take 

And they give you links to all of this. It says here: 

Possible Health Risks

Economic turmoil (e.g., increased unemployment, foreclosures, loss of investments and other financial distress) can result in a whole host of negative health effects - both physical and mental. It can be particularly devastating to your emotional and mental well-being. Although each of us is affected differently by economic troubles, these problems can add tremendous stress, which in turn can substantially increase the risk for developing such problems as: 

· Depression 

Why are you depressed if you've been reduced to a tent city?  

· Anxiety 

· Compulsive Behaviors (over-eating, 

That's hardly likely, you’ve got no money. 

   excessive gambling, 

I'd say that's kind of ruled out too. 

   spending, etc.)  


· Substance abuse  

Then it gives you more warning signs:

· Persistent sadness and crying

You’ve lost your house and everything.

· Anxiety  

· Lack of Sleep/Constant Fatigue  

· Excessive Irritability/Anger  

Why would you be angry when you've done all the right things, to be plundered by people you'll never even meet, who, with the stroke of a pen, bankrupted you? 

· Increased drinking  

· Illicit drug use, including misuse of medications 

· Difficulty paying attention or staying focused  

It's pretty true: if you're fighting for your survival, it's hard to keep focused on trivia. 

· Apathy - not caring about things that are usually important to you  

· Not being able to function as well at work, school or home 

What a waste of money, this rubbish from the Mental Health Association, but they're putting this stuff all out all over the Western world, using our tax money of course. Maybe they'll teach us a sort of meditation technique so we'll truly believe while we're sitting in that cesspool in the tent city, we're really in Nirvana, in Nirvana and nothing matters and we can smile, as we just wither away. Maybe that's what they'll teach us, hmm? But for the banks, of course, no, they throw billions of your money and generations to come, to keep the same corrupt system going; but they care about you, they care, they haven't forgotten. 

I think Rick from California is on the line, are you still there Rick? Hello? 

Rick: Hi, am I getting through?  

Alan: Yes, you are. 

Rick: OK. I wanted to mention something about, you know, I was thinking about rock stars and the music industry; and you know, a lot of people buy their CDs you know and some of these rock stars might make mistakes, so they're not perfect but people still buy their CDs; and to err is to be human, people make mistakes. But, when somebody tries to read through boring books, thousands and thousands of pages and then it's filtered down into a short-cut, because most people who work 9-to-5 jobs don't have time to read through the stuff, when somebody comes along and does that, people criticise them and they say they have a big problem with donating or helping. Yet they have no problem donating to their favourite rock stars. 

Alan: Anything that helps them play and fantasise and escape reality they’ll pay for. 

Rick: The reason why I'm bringing this up is because there's a lot of back-biting and finger-pointing going on, in the industry right now. I don't know if you heard about Rense and Alex Jones, but there's all these wars going on in the radio world and people are getting really nasty, you know. 

Alan: Every so often this happens, it's kind of cyclical and I tend to keep out of it all and just go my own way. See, what I'm doing here is not for power; it's certainly not for the money, because, believe you me, it trickles in, when it does at all; there's sometimes nothing. 

Rick: I guess what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to make an argument that this is why it's good to support people like you, because it is work you know to go and look at all this.

Alan: It's a lot of work; it's a 12 hour day minimum; and generally up to two or three in the morning.  

Rick: So, I want to say that I really appreciate you for all the work you've done Alan. 

Alan: I appreciate that; and, as I say, you always get the problem too, again, you see, this is an economic system that's called 'competition' and you will, every so often, get different people, who are in competition, for the same advertisers, different things, money and so on. It's like any other corporation fighting other corporations; and this happens, it's cyclical for sure, you know; and it's unfortunate but that's what happens. Different people have different agendas; and if you don't take the favourite targets that's normally handed out to you, they'll come after you. If they make their living off hammering one particular segment of society and you don't, they'll come after you. That's standard too. 

Rick: You know, I was worried that co-intel-pro, or somebody, might be coming in, trying to start something because there's all these things are happening at the same time. 

Alan: You will too, you will definitely also get the different Psy-ops operations going as well, to try and disrupt anybody that's getting the facts out to the general public. I mean, I know I get hacked at least once or twice a week, by the authorities; it's the authorities that do it. Then you can spend a whole day with one computer, trying to get it back up and running again, that's where your time goes, along with all the other stuff you have to do. These are harassment techniques that I get. With other ones too, they'll come after you and try to take you off the track you're on and weigh you down with distractions, such as having to fight some other broadcaster. This sort of thing does happen. 

Rick: Another thing I want to mention too, if you don't mind, I want to talk about something that’s been tried throughout history, and you've already talked about this many times, but I just want it reiterated that they bring in certain people of certain ethnicities into certain industries, to fill in slots, so they can divide people and conquer them that way. And then they get everybody hating that ethnicity and this is what's going on with the Zionist thing, everybody's blaming the Jews and it's not, isn't it Aryan through many bloodlines that run the world still?  

Alan: You'd be surprised, people will read the standard books and there’s only a handful of places where they'll get the standard books that will blame a certain segment and if you just stick with those standard books, you won't learn the bigger picture, by going beyond those standard books to find out more and more and more. You'll find the same people who run, or who are claimed to be the top Jewish people in the world, don't give a darn about Jews; and they’ll leave all the rest to hang out to dry, if they've served their purpose and they've done this before. During World War II, the IG Farben group was primarily financed by Jewish people in Britain (that's London) and New York that built up Hitler's war machine; and they left all the ordinary Jews out there to dry as well. People have a mistake of looking at Zionism and the higher level of Zionism, which is a different philosophy altogether, it's not just a home for Judaism. They also get confused with Jews and Zionism. Many Jews are against even the state of Israel. 

Rick: I believe you, exactly, I think you're right about this 100% you know. 

Alan: Again, once you classify a people as somehow being like clones of each other that must be nasty people and always working upon an agenda, because it's in their genes or something, you're down into dangerous territory, once you start stigmatising, because then if it works with one people, against one group, they can swing their guns and target any other group, when it suits them and they do that. 

Rick: I was thinking they could turn their guns around against the Jews like they did before, you know; and they start attacking them again. 

Alan: They can also swing those guns off, because what the people who support a lot of these groups don't understand, and a lot of these guys are white guys and they're lower, middle to working class people, they don't realise that under the eugenics agenda, they're also lumped in, because they are of no use either, to the big boys at the top. They don't get that; they really don't get that. 

Rick: Alright Alan, I just wanted to voice my support you know for you and everything. 

Alan: Well, thanks for calling.

That's the key to it too: it's so easy to target any particular group, just as it's so easy for them to change the war from Afghanistan to Iraq, then into Iran and back to Afghanistan and the public can't remember which one we're fighting last, or even who we're fighting now. That's what George Orwell warned about; but there's far, far more to this big game that meets the eye, it's down pat, it's too well and unless you go beyond the standard books and realise, yes, there's definitely organisations within every ethnic group, or religious group for that matter. In fact, most big Zionists, world Zionists, are actually Christians, most of them. They support what they call Israel, but they don't realise the world Zionist thing, that they also support, is literally global government and run by scientists, that will then be making laws to do with them. 

That's the sadness of people, once you belong to groups, you're so handy to be used, by those who know how to manipulate you. That goes for any group, including all the hate groups as well; and I've said before: you can go through all the conspiracy books, so many conspiracy books and say, from every side, you can get ones from the Jewish sectors and say 'my god, they're right' and the facts are there, you can check the facts out, they're right. You can get the ones from different Aryan nations and say 'my god, they're right'. How can they all be right? That's what I'm asking you, how can they all be right? Or, are they all written by the same bunch with a psychological technique? You’ve got to ask yourself the questions, how can they all be right?  

Now, there's Keith from New Jersey there, are you there Keith? 

Keith: Yes, hi. I'm just wondering, you don't talk about North Korea very much and I'm just wondering what your opinions are about that situation and whether it Kim Jong-il is part of this global agenda, or is it just like a charade? That's it, so I'll hang up.  

Alan: OK. It's a charade, it's a charade, you see, every country, if you look at it, a little empire type country, has been segmented off. Britain was the first to use this technique, not really the first, but the first in the Middle Ages; they used it in previous ages before that, a thousand years before. You must always get a group that can stand up and rebel, once in a while; and they create the conditions for the rebellion. Britain did it with Northern Ireland; so, every so often, under the guise of terrorism, they can get that thing going again. Canada, they gave Quebec; so, every so often, every few years, Quebec will say ‘we're going to separate blah, blah, blah’ and then they have this massive spree of throwing money at them, to stay in the confederation of Canada and so on. Every country's got the same game played. They love to have someone set up that they can bring to the media's attention, once in a while, when things are too quiet. And that's the same idea as North Korea.

The CIA have knocked off more leaders in governments, over the last sixty years, than you can even count. They've been responsible for more uprisings internally, it's a fine art, easily done, they've done it with so many countries, they've done it across Africa too; and this is main news they've done it across Canada. There's even ex CIA Directors on the web, on Google, discussing this stuff, when they were in, how they took this country down, that country down etc., from within. Why can't they do it with North Korea? Simple, simple stuff; but it's too handy right now, they can say 'oh my god, we're all back under terror again, they're going to nuke us all from North Korea.' This is the kind of stuff they go along with, this nonsense. Meanwhile, the same military-industrial complex armed India, they gave them the Atom bomb, they gave them the ability, in fact Canada sold the nuclear reactors to most of the countries in the world that now have nuclear weapons; now it's government policy, see how the game's played? But they can't let Iran have it, oh no.  

Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix; and there's Derek from Philadelphia there, are you there Derek? 

Derek: Yes, I am; can you hear me Alan? 

Alan: Yes, I can. 

Derek: Ok. Oh, man, I just heard about that from Rick about this Alex Jones whatever. 

Alan: I'm not even sure what's going on, to be honest with you. 

Derek: I can tell you very briefly that, basically, he put up a very not nice link on his website and it says Jones is tied to Zion, which is so not true, it's like unbelievable. Alex Jones is actually, he's so tactful and he tries to avoid being called an anti-Semite and you can see in a lot of other shows they’d call many people that we might listen to, Zion lovers, because they don't talk about the Jews so much and that's so untrue. He's a champion, one of our champions. 

Alan: That's the problem, as I say, you're always going to have this sort of thing going on and we’ll never get to the bottom of it or even what's really behind it, why now? I mean why now would this all happen?  

Derek: Obviously, it's weird. 

Alan: There might be some sort of concentrated effort across the board, maybe, I don't know. 

Derek: Yes, well I mean, actually, it appears that Jones called Rense and threatened him basically because of this terrible article and Rense is trying to sue him now or some craziness.           

Alan: Oh, this again too, here we are, the world’s going under a totalitarian regime and you get the squabbles that start up, that distracts everyone off of what's really happening in the world; we're going to have riots starting in a couple of days in Britain, with the G20 meeting and all this stuff coming up and more laws are going to get passed, to affect us economically, across the whole planet. We don't have time for this kind of stuff. 

Derek: Exactly, exactly; and it'll be resolved, I'm sure. But, it's actually, you know, you've spoken about this, I'm sure, before. It was during the 1940s / 1930s it was actually the super rich Jews who made a deal with the Germans to kill all the peasant Jews basically.

Alan: Well, what they wanted to do, and this is the history books, written by Jews, that they wanted to populate this Palestine and no one wanted to leave, you know; and that is a fact. I mean, naturally, you want to stay in your home and who would want to go over to another country, that seems so foreign and strange to you; and so, that was the deal. If it wasn't for World War II, it's true enough, there would be no present day Israel. 

Derek: It's like saying King George is a good representative of people from the British Isles you know! 

Alan: That's right, absolutely. That's the farce of the world we live in; and, as I say, when all this is going on. I mean, I get lots of hate as well, from different groups in the mail; but I just carry on what I'm doing and ignore it, that's all you can do. Truly, we're in a war here, people don’t realise we're in a real war and we don't have time for the pettiness and so on. We're all going to be flattened shortly into dire slavery, worse than we already are and we shouldn't even be putting up with the slavery we've had over the last while either. We shouldn't even have put up with that. We've got to keep focused on what we have to do. 

Derek: Yes. Well, Alex Jones has certainly been targeting the true enemy for ten years now, so, anyone with eyes to see, should hope to see; anyway, thanks Alan. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. And for Sean, from Idaho, we’ll go back; we'll try and get to you maybe tomorrow, if you can call in again.

I hear the music, so that it's for tonight. So, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada: it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.   


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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