Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#289)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 1, 2009:

Socialism Exposed--Crimes of Slimes:

"Welcome, Planet Earth, Global Prison,
'Tween Left and Right, There's No Schism,
Fabian Socialist Agenda, Full-Steam Ahead,
Their Sustainable Projects Require Much Dead,
'Bankers Should Rule World,' Rockefeller's Equation,
'Preferable to the Public's Self-Determination,'
Elite's Socialism is Alive, All Bloody and Gory,
To Know its Workings, Watch 'The Soviet Story' "
© Alan Watt April 1, 2009

Wednesday 1st April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 1, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 1st of April 2009. 

There's always newcomers coming into the show and I advise them to look into where they can download lots of previous talks that I’ve given, basically on history, some ancient, but mostly fairly modern, the last few hundred years; and how movements were started and created to bring in a form of world socialism.

These particular movements were founded by the Western powers and the banks, using the people at the bottom, often, for revolutions, to bring in the great experiments, as they called them, which would decide the fate of humanity. It was based, basically, on even pre-Darwinist ideas on superior types and inferior types, coupled with economic sustainability and that's come to the fore today, in our lifetime, it's the big drum we're hearing, beating every day, louder and louder, sustainability. However, it really is just the same old system, disguised again; and very well disguised because most people think that left wing is somehow completely different from right wing and that Communism was different from Capitalism. Communism was paid for, from its very foundations by Capitalism; and those in the West, that wrote up their different ideologies, at least put them onto paper, were often members of the supposed Capitalist system at the top. And I'll be going into that tonight in more detail. So is where you can hear lots of the talks that I've given before. 

Also, go into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download, print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

Those who want to keep me going and enjoy what they hear, at least they can use the material and apply it to what's happening today; and there are people, luckily enough, who are able to make the big leaps from their conditioning and go beyond that and see how it all ties together, then you can buy the material on my website. As I say, that keeps me going; or you can donate to me, or you can send money to me by cheque, even in the US, it's quite acceptable here, since we're almost one country anyway. [listed above].

And that keeps me ticking along. I don't ask for money from the advertisers; and that way, I don't bring on guests, who are really advertisers, because what's happening today is so vital to all of us, as to where we're going and what's already been done to us, that it's very hard to really even think of making a career for yourself financially, as we all go down the tubes. Plus, people are literally being killed off across the world; killed off by different means, in a depopulation programme. That's what I'm going to go into tonight, to show you how it really all ties together.

Today's paper, in the Daily Mail, the Mail online, is almost giving you a schizophrenic picture of all the other newspapers, to do with the riots in Britain, as royalty meets presidents and prime ministers and they have a lovely cup of tea, as armoured vehicles are on the streets in London. It's very interesting to watch how they're portraying this.  

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing Socialism, world Socialism really, and how it was funded and founded by the western capitalists who came up with what they thought was a science, they called it a Science of Evolution. Evolution that would leave certain peoples behind, who had to be eliminated, because they'd bring the elite down in the future, those who are more evolved. It's been hammered at us so many times, this particular chant and now it's on a real roll; and I'm going to go into these articles after this. Starting off with the planned riots that, remember, the Military think-tanks for the US and Britain and NATO all came up with the same thirty years prognosis, basically, of on-going riots, as the Western world goes down the tube. It doesn't say that the elite will go down the tube; it's the Western World that goes down the tube into a service economy, as they call it. We'll all be in service to some kind of economy, of one kind or another; but they give you this love-in, this fest at the same time as riots are happening in London - and banks are having their windows smashed - but I'm sure they're insured by Lloyds of London. With the presidents and prime ministers and the queen and all the rest of it, having tea etc and prime ministers and presidents telling jokes and having a good time, laughing away there. And using the old term they've used, they've never explained to the public, it says "our special affinity and kinship", this is Obama and Mr. Brown. Same thing as Maggie Thatcher talked about, this "special relationship" nudge-nudge, wink, wink. And the public don't even know what they are talking about and neither do they bother to ask what they mean by it; it's one of these big mysteries. What relationship is that and we're they're heading for? I mean, after all, the same guy who's meeting the queen probably hasn't looked, or maybe has looked, into queen Victoria where she had her little black boy servant; and in those days, they used to get a guy from Africa, they liked the African boys, that was very popular for a little while in the fashion high class industry, in London and elsewhere. They would dress them up as though they were from India, with clothes from India, with a turban on their heads; and you can still find those photographs yet. There's Obama over to see those who were the icons of racial superiority, those who - supposedly - came down through the ages being specially bred for their superiority, their abilities for domination and controlling peoples. This is the twenty-first century and no one thinks it's odd.

Then of course, after all the hoopla and mentioning of riots and armoured vehicles outside the Bank of England, you can always look into the Femail column on the right hand side, where all the gossip is, to do with people having affairs and all the rest of it. At the top of it, they've got the first lady, with her fashionable outfit on. This is amazing in the twenty-first century; this is the guff, the guff we're fed, by mainstream media. And you know, I didn't even look at the other newspapers, because I can pretty well tell they'll all be much the same as this one. Same format too, very schizophrenic; and of course the wording will be the same in them all: anarchists, because they chose that word before these demonstrations started, they were calling them anarchists before they even turned up, they were calling them anarchists even two or three weeks ago, you see. Most people today don't even know what an anarchist is. All they think of is they're just unruly unhappy people.         

Now, the previous demonstrations they had, such as yesterday, were the kind of authorised greenie ones, the ones who belong to the big United Nations NGOs and they had banners asking the government for jobs, the G20, they're saying 'give us jobs and good weather', that's what I call it, climate change, they're asking for good weather and jobs, you see; and fairness across the world. Canada and different countries sent youth delegations, authorised, approved ones you see, the goody two shoes who had been brought up with the conditioning into the greening agenda that's ahead; and they sent them over and other countries did the same thing. They all had their little says yesterday; and today, it's time for other ones who are very unhappy about every other circumstance in the world, including their own circumstances, which is often tent city, you see. They're getting labelled "anarchists", while, as I say, the leaders of the world have their love-in; and it's all pantomime, it's all pantomime. The G20 will come out of this saying ‘the people have demanded’, meaning all the demonstrators, the authorised ones that is, that they go full steam ahead with sustainability, the old utopian plan of depopulation is what they mean by that, if you don't know by now.  

They'll also talk about the global economy has to be put under the IMF, which is exactly what the CFR (the Council on Foreign Relations) and the boys at the top, with their big Foundations, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, have been saying for fifty-odd years. That's exactly what they wanted. It's going full steam ahead, the way it's designed to go and they'll come out, after these meetings, it's really partying time, that's all they do is party, because all the stuff's really done before and drafted up by bureaucrats for them just to sign. This is pantomime and they'll say the people have spoken, they want better weather – you know, climate change – and jobs and fairness across the world and a good money system.

Therefore the existing international bankers, who form the IMF and the World Bank, will have the whole planet at their disposal then. Under sustainability, they'll ram ahead what they're already starting and that's forced, they're going into forced sterilisation, if you didn't know by now, that's where it's going. 

Most of these big things are nothing but that, they're just pantomimes. As I say, all the leg-work is done long before these guys meet, they get together, they have their parties, their tea and all the rest of it and a few scotches, good meals, massive meals, as they're helping to sustain the planet, very expensive meals (and many-many courses of) and then they sign it into the done deal. And unfortunately, most demonstrators, whether they know it or not (the ones at the top certainly do); but most of the followers of demonstrations don't know they're helping the agenda along. You see, the Club of Rome was quite right in one thing, because after all they'd studied society; they made sure they controlled already most of the Non-Governmental Organisations, since they started them up in the first place, that became members of the United Nations. The Club of Rome said there were simply too many conflicting organisations for democracy to work, that's why they chose Communitarianism. What is Communitarianism? You're seeing it with the NGOs, they speak for their community, that's how they’re putting it down you see 'and the people have demanded etc etc' and the government says 'well thank goodness you demanded that, we were just thinking about the same thing' and they sign it into law. That's the new system, that's the real, what they really mean at the top, when they talk about democracy. And here we have it too, you know, March 31st BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, owned by the British Government, by the way; and what's its main story?  

Earth Population Exceeds Limits 

Now they're telling you there's a limit to it. Before, they were just doing the drumbeat up to getting us thinking there's too many people, too many people. Now, they're telling you, there must be like a law of gravity, a magic number, you see, and we've exceeded it. Here’s how the story goes and this is by Steven Duke, Editor, One Planet, so globalist again, so here you go, world socialism run by the elite fascists.

BBC World Service.  

It says: 

There are already too many people living on planet earth, according to one of the most influential science advisers in the US Government. Nina Fedoroff told the BBC One Planet programme that humans had exceeded the earth's limits of sustainability. Dr Fedoroff has been the science and technology adviser to the US secretary of State, since 2007, initially working with Condoleezza Rice.  

Doesn't that make you feel nice and glowy and warm and safe? And what do you think these people are supposed to do, just sit there and complain ‘there's too many people; there's too many people’, you think that's what they do? No, that's not what they do; from the time of Kissinger, when he said that the most dangerous thing to the State, a clear and present danger was overpopulation, plans went right into action and they're still working yet and accelerating. That's what they do; they don't sit with Condoleezza Rice and have a moaning session. It says: 

Under the new Obama administration, she now advises Hilary Clinton. 

I'm feeling safer all the time, aren't you? 

We need to continue to decrease the growth rate of the global population. 

You see, what I've told you before too: it doesn't matter which group you vote in, here's the same people behind the scenes who are really up there at the top, just continuing through Administration after Administration, same people with the same agenda. You’ve got to get that through your heads or you'll never get anything: there's one agenda. 

We need to continue to decrease the growth rate of the global population, the planet cannot support many more people, Dr Fedoroff said, stressing the need for humans to become much better at managing wild lands and in particular water supplies.  

Well, we know that they're privatising it all, for the big boys who already own the banks. They own many other things apart from banks, they also own water supplies; eventually, there'll be a world corporation you see.  

Pressed as whether she felt thought the world population was simply too high, Dr Fedoroff replied "There are probably already too many people on the planet". 

Now, here's another kicker, you see; so, here you have sustainability and now we've gone over the population limit, this magic number that they haven't mentioned, you see; and really these scientists are so darned accurate, with all these incredible computers they have, the ones that constantly give you crisis, what kind of crisis do you want? Do you want a weather crisis? Do you want a population crisis? What do you want? We'll give you the computer for it. And I'll continue with this stuff, after the following break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the one system really that's across the world now and really it is only one system; those who are outside that one system are being killed off and altered right now in fact, because they had refused to join it for so long. The old Darwinian plan, survival of the fittest, those who are inferior must perish or be killed off, because they'll bring the elite down, the better evolved ones down, if they're not eliminated, basically. That's where we're going along this one road, this is the same system that gave birth to Communism, mass murderers, incredible mass murderers in the Soviet system that was at it long before the other socialists came along, Adolf Hitler. In fact, Adolf learned a lot of what he went through with his agenda, from the Soviets. They made the pact remember, they made the pact in their earlier days. Goebbels, the propaganda Minster for Germany had posters up comparing Adolf with Lenin, the agendas you see were so similar, really the same. Again, all founded on, not just Marxism, but Darwinism; Darwinism was the root of it all. And they had their lists of people; the Soviets had their lists of people, who'd have to be eliminated, including the Scots, by the way. Including the Scots, because at that time when Marx wrote his stuff, the Scots didn't care that much for money, they did a lot of bartering and trading and they lived in small communities; they were not into manufacturing. At that time, of course, they were clearing the Highlands of these 'problem' people and that was by orders of London. Socialism, as I say, was never started by working class people; it was by those that already ruled, all the way from Thomas Malthus and before him.  

Getting back to this article here, from BBC News, on the wonderful Dr Fedoroff, who said there's simply too many people on the planet, the same agenda; it says: 

GM Foods 'needed' 

So, here's she's pushing this, no doubt there's a big kickback from the big companies; and that's how reality is folks, that's how reality really works, everything's kickbacks and rewards or directorships on boards. You don't have to attend board meetings, but just be on their seat basically. 

A National Medal of Science laureate (America's highest science award), the professor of molecular biology believes part of that better land management must include the use of genetically modified foods.  

Why? Why is that? Why must it? Why must it, when the modified foods don't flourish in all countries? They're made for a standard type of climate and environment; and they've already found that with famines in the world, since they've applied this genetically modified food and the crops to other countries, that it's often not sturdy enough to stand up to the climates that they have. So, why are they pushing it?  Warfare, remember, starts at the bottom level, even when they surrounded cities, you would go for their water supply and their food. Food can be used as a weapon. During World War II, Canada led the field in bio-warfare techniques: viruses, bacterium, fungus even; they were going to spread fungus across the German farm lands and kill off all their crops. What's happening today, you have fungus breaking out in Africa, in different places, across in the Middle East as well. It must all be coincidence, right, even though they had that perfected in World War II. It says: 

"We have six-and-a-half-billion people on the planet, going rapidly towards seven. We're going to need a lot of inventiveness about how we use water and grow crops," she told the BBC. "We accept exactly the same technology (as GM food) in medicine, and yet in producing food we want to go back to the 19th Century." 

Now remember: this person who's saying this will be backing the fact that they're taking the grain, the grain that's been used for centuries and centuries across the world and it's rapidly disappearing, it's just vanishing really, because of the GM food, they're taking what's left of it and putting it in special places, often underground, for the future, for when most of us are dead and gone, you see, they can feed the future elites. Yet she's complaining here that we want to go back to the 19th Century; so, we actually want to use the old seeds you see, we should be using the scientifically-improved stuff. You know, science is good, everything that’s scientific must be good, right?  You see this is how our minds are controlled and we don't realise there's only one, really one political movement that runs this world; and it's a form of socialism, run by an elite. The elite who already rule and own capitalism; and it's to do with a perfect number of population, to serve the elite, as we go through transitions and we are modified and eventually human clones are literally started from scratch in a test tube, to serve the elite better. In the meantime, they must manage us in the Soviet way. We forget that the Nazis talked about the new superior man; where did Germany get that idea from?  

I'm going to put a link up, at the end of the show, to one of the best documentaries I've seen on Socialism. You'll hear one of the founders of the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw, the man who wrote Man and Superman, and also advocated the elimination of the inferiors. You'll hear him say, in his own words, as he speaks and says "You'll have to justify your existence to us, if you want to live; is there a purpose for you?"  

Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix; and after reading that article there about the promotion of GM foods and how wonderful it's going to be, to save the world, as we reduce the population, according to the last person I mentioned, here's an article that goes along with it, it's from digital journal. I'll put these links up, remember, at the end of the show, on my site . It says: 

Monsanto GM-corn harvest fails massively in South Africa

South African farmers suffered millions of dollars in lost income when 82,000 hectares of genetically-manipulated corn (maize) failed to produce hardly any seeds. The plants look lush and healthy from the outside. Monsanto has offered compensation. Monsanto blames the failure of the three varieties of corn planted on these farms, in three South African provinces, on alleged 'underfertilisation processes in the laboratory". Some 280 of the 1,000 farmers who planted the three varieties of Monsanto corn this year, have reported extensive seedless corn problems. 

This is the stuff they want to push across the world, to create the famines; you see, that's part of it too, never mind what it's doing to you, altering you, at the same time. You are what you eat, there's no doubt about that whatsoever. 

Now, there's a long-distance caller from Jordan, on the phone, it's Reduan. I'll take him right now, as it's very expensive. Hello Reduan, are you there? 

Reduan: Yes, hello, how are you? 

Alan: I'm surviving, how are you doing? 

Reduan: I'm ok, yes, I'm ok; I made it to get out of my bed. 

Alan: Are you back in Jordan now? You're back home now? Because, I know you went to Europe there, to visit someone. 

Reduan: No, I didn't go yet, it's in May that I'm going. 

Alan: You're going. Do you have any questions?  

Reduan: In May, I will stay two months. Yes, yesterday, I was reading the article on the convict execution organ harvesting van that they have introduced in China. 

Alan: What did you think of it? 

Reduan: The first thing I thought about was an ancient people that was called Gog and Magog, you know about them. I read some on Wikipedia you know, every world religion has its own view on this folk, so do you know something about them that's not conventional thing?  

Alan: You're talking about the battle; again, there's always a story to do with a battle between forces, even going back through Zoroastrianism, and even earlier, they talk about the opposing forces of good and evil, and Gog and Magog, and they also tie that in with the Old Testament. The Old Testament took a lot of stuff from pre-existing ancient mythology or religion and also added it into their own, so, it's to do with final battles, always good and evil; the eternal battles you might say. They still say the final one is still to come; and you’ll find this with ancient Persian histories too. The Persians really were so far ahead with this whole idea of a clash between heaven and hell or earth at one time that changed the whole universe when supernatural forces were unleashed. That's the basis of most religions, from that area. They say that it never ended, that another class would come, that's what often Christians would say, the ones who believe in Revelation, that the final battle is still to come. Apparently, according to old Persian folklore, nothing was ever the same after that clash, it changed physically everything in the universe and that everything that's alive today is a poor copy, you might say, of that which once was, man, trees, everything, animals too. So, it's an extensive ancient history, written in various tongues, but mainly from the old Persian region.  

Reduan: OK, thanks for your comment on that one. 

Alan: Yes, thanks for calling. I mean who's to say? Because the old story was that heaven and hell, hell doesn't have to be somewhere else and often they would say that which happened in the world was hell and if the kingdom of heaven is within you, then so is the kingdom of hell; that's your choice, in a sense. And we certainly have no problem looking at the hell that's going around the world, with mass slaughter and high-tech slaughter etc, as they get better at killing people.  People can actually kill people remotely, by sitting in some US base in America, while drones are flown by them - using computers - that blast people in their homes, in some other country. It's all done hygienically, as they like to say in socialism, they're good at killing people hygienically and efficiently, without the human fall-out of those that have to put the bullets in the head; it's much more cleaner to do it from a distance. So, hell is present all around us.  

There's also Kyle from Connecticut, are you there Kyle? Hello? No.  

Kyle: How you doin' Alan? 

Alan: You're there, go ahead. 

Kyle: It's good to hear somebody talking about Persian folklore and I was wondering: you know there is only one order that runs this planet and there are very few rebel forces and you know, folklore. I read somewhere that Barack was a winged horse that Mohammed rode to the Seventh Heaven, accompanied by Gabriel, the Archangel and I wonder what your thoughts were on that. 

Alan: The whole Seven Heavens idea is, as you know, it’s absolutely ancient; but it's also to do with the degrees of societies that existed, even in those days. They also talk about Enoch as well who went through the journey up to the Seven heavens, but it's also degrees, and you become as white as snow, that was the standard version of it, meaning you were purified. You'll find that in modern Masonry, for instance, where they wear their white gloves, they've got to be white and they wear their white apron, so they can stand in front of the great white throne, in the final judgement etc. It's the same idea that is very-very ancient, it went up through Mithraism and so on, and to the general public that listen to these fascinating stories and literally - you see - if you talk in a picturesque language, and that's how holy books especially, say the Old Testament of the West is written, you can get the exoteric story and you will picture it in your mind, if you're a child, you will picture people wandering through deserts and so on. Once that happens, you can't see the esoteric that lies within it; that's a technique that is used. It was used to its incredible full extent, a long time ago. They don't use that so much today, because they use movies.  The idea of going of going up to seventh heaven was really the old seven degrees of ancient times, based on the seven planets that they knew of at that time as well.  

Kyle: I've read some controversy about the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque and the confusion between the two and it's interesting when you say Al-Aqsa backwards and you know, where did Mohammed supposedly rise to heaven, was it at the Dome of the Rock or Al-Aqsa Mosque?  

Alan: That's kind of up in the air, but it's the same thing, even the Hebrew write histories because there are professors now in Israel, in the universities, in fact, a book just came out recently by a top journalist that was lauded by these professors, who say that there was no Solomon etc, it was mythology and they agree too that if there was an original Temple of Solomon, it was not where this present one is. We know that one was built under Herod and it didn't last that long. 

Kyle: Even the Pillar of Jacob?  

Alan: The Pillar of Jacob, again, is esoteric - you have to get beyond the picture and into the esoteric to understand it - it's a ladder to heaven basically, that also was done in Egypt, where they had the four pillars and the ladder going up to heaven. These are very-very old religions that borrow from each other, as they transmutate into a new empire down the road. You'll notice, down through history, the elite never disappear, they simply move; it doesn't matter if they're wearing the clothes of Egypt or Egyptian Pharaohs at one time, with their little apron on, or moving into another country and using a different kind of hat, they never perish. The same in ancient Rome, the elite know well in advance what's coming down the pike and they move on. We see that especially in the Middle Ages, where the bankers and those who owned the seas, because of their fleets of ships, they moved from one country to another in Europe, until they eventually settled in Holland and in England. This is standard stuff, all down through history. They generally like to surround themselves with water; they did the same thing in ancient Babylon: they would literally alter the course of a river and make a man-made island in the middle and that became their capital. You see the same thing with Venice: Venice was artificially-created by massive fills into the sea. Why the same symbology? It was the same elite that came down through the ages, that's why; and with them comes incredible histories of societies / empires that come and go, countries that rise and fall, and they never throw the histories away. However, we definitely know there's an agenda at work and they do know where they're going; and under the clever disguise of right wing and left wing, as I say, it's a one party system. They do believe the world is theirs, they do believe they are the most evolved people on the planet. And Darwin put that out himself, he said that those from different races who can rise to the top of their own particular race, are accepted in as being more evolved; but those who would not mimic the white man, and his economy especially, would have to be eliminated; that's still going on today. It doesn't matter if you're Chinese or you're black American, as long as you've come to the top, you're now in the club, your genes are superior, although the people you came from are left behind and they must perish; that's part of this elitist doctrine that is taught and preached amongst those who run the establishment. 

Kyle: They're just trying to get everybody to accept their system. And I think it's funny, I think it's on the $20 bill, the eagle is from behind the shield and standing on top of it; and that's the Federal Reserve symbol.  

Alan: Yes, it is; but the eagle is also, I don't think the Americans even know, if you look at the symbol of Rothschild, his coat of arms, along with the fable they give us, they give us a fable of his copying a shield, its nonsense, that's nonsense. There's a symbol in that shield, if you enlarge it of the eagle and the eagle has a shield and the eagle is holding an olive branch in one hand, just like the US one, you see, and the spear is in another; and obviously there's the five ones for this and five for that, for the offspring of old Amschel Rothschild. It's more than that because that was also the symbol of Ephraim and Manasseh, in ancient times, highly symbolic of an alteration of a superior type of people, from an original stock. That's what Manasseh is all about; very-very ancient. Supposedly, they had their lands to the north of Israel, they bred with the Horites, the Greeks called them the Troglodytes, which were cave dwellers, tunnel dwellers and then the Jewish folklore, after breeding with them after generations, the tribe of Manasseh became red-haired, blue eyed, almost Albino in fact, but incredibly aggressive and they often fought, down through the centuries, against the rest of ancient Israel. Sometimes they'd be with them, sometimes against them. You're looking at a symbol of superior type through breeding, that's what you're looking at, when you see that symbol of Ephraim, Manasseh. And that's an incredible coincidence, isn't it, that the US seal also has that symbol of that eagle holding the olive branch and the arrows as well, you know. If you go into mythologies and you can understand the esoteric behind what they tell you, a light really comes on, it's a blinding light comes on and you understand the whole story. We've been set up, from the beginning, to go along this particular path. You’ll also find out that one of the greatest eugenics societies within the United States was founded by a whole bunch of the Founding Fathers of the United States. They had the largest collection of eugenics material and special breeding etc and it's still on the go today, within the United States; it was started up by Franklin and Jefferson.  

Kyle: Big here in Connecticut, I mean everybody uses the symbol of the tree, all the towns. These Troglodytes, they were blood-drinkers too, weren't they?  

Alan: Well, some mythologies go into blood drinkers and all the rest of it; even China has the same kind of stuff about those who lived in the mountains, within the hills (and the BBC did a documentary about that years ago). Every country has its tales of that; but what we do know is, for sure, that in ancient times, just like Indiana Jones when they went to Petra, the city that was carved out of rock, there were people who definitely, and these were not primitive dwellings, these were high architecture and you go into even the Falashas of Ethiopia. Many of them were taken out and brought to Israel during one of the big famines but they left behind them, inside mountains, carved-out churches inside mountains, perfect, beautiful, incredible masonic (I'm talking about stone masons) handiwork. These were ancient things that were on the go in ancient times. You also have parts of the US too, where you had the so-called cave dwellers as well, with no records left of where they went to; but we have their buildings still, within the face walls. 

Kyle: You're a wealth of knowledge, Alan, I just hope people take your food and water and aerial spraying seriously, because I was in the military and I did chemical-biological-radiological defence and it's serious. 

Alan: It is serious, yes. It's deadly serious. Thanks for calling. 

Kyle: Thank you. 

Alan: And to tie this in with what I'm saying: here's an article here, that was put out about over-population again, but targeted mainly at the Catholic Church and I'll put this link up as well; and it says:- 

This is a resource for people concerned about the societies in which they live. We will discuss global security issues and show how one small political entity, the Vatican, in pursuing its own interests, has managed to control US population policy 

Now, the guy who writes this is one of the top eugenicists in the US; and here he is attacking Catholicism again, it's standard. He's funded by the Rockefellers and the big Humanist societies. Again, so many different front organisations for Socialism, and I'm going to out this up on my site. And his name actually is Stephen Mumford. He often gets articles in the newspapers, but they don't go into his history. He started off in the military, as a hospital administrator, providing for service personnel and their families. He went right into ways of sterilising the public etc - Planned Parenthood, blah, blah, blah - Senior Vasectomy Counselor and later as Director of Research; on what? On Infertility, in creating infertility.  

Back with more - after this break.  

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and I'm tying in Dr. Mumford, this guy who's made a career, his life career, out of death, basically. It says:- 

In 1977 Dr. Mumford moved to a leadership position at the International Fertility Research Program 

Now what do you think that's all about? 

(now Family Health International), 

It sounds wonderful - Family Health - health's a good word; "family" is nice, isn't it. Look into it. 

focusing on the development, analysis and program design of fertility regulating technologies 

In other words: sterilisation, folks 

as well as the social, political and religious pressures that keep reproductive services from people who want them. 

In other words: they must attack the religions you see. 

Mumford founded the Center for Research on Population and Security in 1984 to support and continue this work. It was at IFRP that he began a long association with the health professionals 

You know these guys who are all funded by the big Foundations, and the Rockefellers again; who’s always harping on about too many of us. It says: 

and scientists developing the quinacrine pellet nonsurgical method of female sterilization. 

Isn't that wonderful? These are the characters who write up some papers all the time, but they never go into this part of what they're really about, or who is funding them and what's behind it all. Never mind the fact that their targets primarily, they start with the Third World countries, they start with them; but what do they say now? Most people in the Western world, if they're not completely sterile now, shortly will be; and that's from their own announcements, like the CBC, who did a documentary on The Disappearing Male.  

We're on a roll and where does this all come from? Well, go back into Karl Marx, who started the whole thing, he drew up a list, after others had done the same list before him, to do with who should survive as a race and who shouldn't; and that became, down through the ages, the Fabian Society, backed by the Astors and the big Foundations and George Bernard Shaw and all these boys, HG Wells, that worked for the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations, you see, that's where it all came from. 

Tonight, I'm going to put up a link for you, it's incredible, it ties it together, it's wonderfully done, called The Soviet Story. The Soviet Story of how Nazism and the Soviet system were pretty well identical; and you'll even see the agreements they all signed between them and how much Hitler learned of how to dispose of millions of people. After all, the Soviets were the ones who killed off over 6 million people, by design, starved them to death, in the Ukraine, when they sold all their grain, at the same time, to the Western world, they starved to death the people who grew it. Why? Because Socialism, by design, always kills off at least 30% when they take over – 30% of the population, minimum – because they must restructure society. And they claim those who are not even into a capitalist system, those who grow and barter etc would never catch up, therefore they have to be eliminated. That was Marxist doctrine that became the Socialist doctrine, whether it was Communist Socialism or Chinese Socialism or Nazi Socialism, it's all the same, funded by the same groups in the west. And there's Prince Philip, who's father had a Nazi uniform given to him by Hitler, meeting Obama, doesn't that make you feel better? Doesn’t it? You can't put it all together, eh? You don't have much time to do so. 

I hear the music, so, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario Canada: it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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