Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#291)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 3, 2009:

Bailouts a-Plenty by the Great G20:

"Sometimes it's Hard to Find a Rhyme
To Describe the Media Pantomime,
As Elected Leaders Make Their Move,
Each One Promising to Improve
The Material Life of Every Person
(Who has No Memory, Never Learnin'),
Ordo Ab Chao, Announced to Fodder,
The Coming of a New World Order,
Mix of Soviet, Socialist, Bankers and Nazi,
Green Experts All, and a Touch of Stasi,
A Taxpayer Trillion Given With Ease,
The IMF's Palms to Grease,
Sustainability, the Surgeon's Knife,
To Control Every Facet of Human Life"
© Alan Watt April 3, 2009

Friday 3rd April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 3, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 3rd of April 2009. 

There's always newcomers coming into the show and I advise them to go into , that's my website, and there you'll find lots of talks I've given in the past, where I try and give the loose ends, the loose ends of history, the blanks are filled in, to the best of my ability, to show you how a very powerful organisation, with many arms and branches is, basically, guiding the world into a pre-planned direction, a destination. It's not conspiracy as such, because they publish many of their books, from their big think-tanks at the top; and many of the participants publish the books themselves as well. Therefore, I try to stick to their own publications, that way you don't have to query it about conspiracy, ‘is it or isn't it?’.  

Also, look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download and print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

You can also go into website and buy the books and so on that I have for sale there. That, as I say, keeps me trickling over, just a trickle at a time; and when the trickle dries up, then I'll be gone, simple as that. Very-very simple; and I see things very simply, as far as my own life goes.  

Now, you can also donate to me on website and for those who aren't using computers, but have discs burned and past around to you, who want to know how to donate to me, you can write to me and send personal cheques from the US and Canada. [listed above].

And that's how you get to me, because people do, once in a while, come through strange routes to get in touch with me; if you do it directly, it's much easier.  

We are on the greatest roll into the next phase of the New World Order; and years ago, anyone who mentioned the New World Order, except for Presidents and Prime Ministers, was classified as a kook. It's so amazing how the big boys, when they get together at their world meetings, can openly use the same terms and they'll say it right in your face, the New World Order, without explaining to the public. The public to them, technically, are irrelevant, they are the Proles of George Orwell's "1984" book; and, in the book, it says the Proles don't count. You see, the masses are never truly conscious of what's really happening. It's not an insult to the masses, it's the fact that they've been indoctrinated with a perfect scientific indoctrination and they've never had so much entertainment, which is really downloading them with all kinds of ideas that will, basically, cement ideas in their minds, a familiarity with things to come; predictive programming, in other words, even in the simplest and popular comedies that are out there. There is nothing that you can actually watch that doesn't have propaganda in it, for programming purposes.  

I'll be back with more on this - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. Down through history, you'll find the term New Order, New order of things, New World Order. Karl Marx used it, many others used it, all the way up to the various revolutions and revolutionaries; New Orders etc etc. We hear these terms and we never ask what they really mean by it; in fact, most of the public, and this is very true, question very little at all. There's even scientific studies been done over the last hundred-odd years, or more, to see how much the public really take in, even from newspapers. How their eyes are diverted, by a photograph or a cartoon; and most folks glance at the headlines and go onto the pictures or the sports at the back, or whatever it is they're interested in, the gardening, or whatever. And the more domesticated the public become, and they are domesticated, it's a technique, the less they question things. They are indeed the Proles, as Orwell called them; they don't matter, said the middle class managers, they're basically unconscious. And they watch the world, they go through their lives, watching the world happening around them but never really participating in it. We watched the students demonstrate, mainly because they're upset and angry and often professors egg them on, professors in history, usually, are employed by the Council on Foreign Relations. These were the ones who did all the agitations in the '60s and '70s and got the students going; but, at that time, the professors told them what to riot about and how to formulate their demands. This hasn't happened this time, they just riot; and therefore, to the general public who watch these things, it seems like a bunch of hooligans, basically. There was even an EU minister, an Economic Union minister, for the EU Parliament, who talked to some of them and he said that they couldn't formulate any demands. They could say what they were against but they couldn't say what they were for; and that's the state they've been brought to today. However, if the professors had been told to give them ‘How to formulate demands’, they would have. That's simple programming; and it's out in the open, as I say: the whole socialist system, that began an awful long time ago, and was written about a long time ago, about a coming order of things, prior to the French Revolution, where the early Rosicrucians that eventually blossomed (at least gave Charters out for Freemasonry to be born), talked about benevolent dictatorships, to have a benevolent dictator, the wise man idea. Benjamin Franklin talked about this; he hoped that the Federation of the United States would be a confederation of the world, eventually run by 12 wise men: that's in his own diaries. 

It's been on the go for a long time; and we've lived through, some of us have lived through some dramatic periods, our parents have too, our grandparents, to do with world wars. These were essential to bring in the new system, the planned system; and when you really look at things and really look at the information that is now available, and not by chance, the information's always given way after the facts, released to the public, the BBC archive footage of things and so on. Just like the Soviet Story I've been talking about; they've always had this kind of footage, why wasn't it shown to the public much earlier? It's because we're always given a false idea of the recent past, the idea is of course there was one bad enemy in World War II; and, in reality, you couldn't distinguish them, it wouldn't really matter which one had won, Nazism or Communism. It was the end product that was important. You see, out of that (and it was written about beforehand, by HG Wells and others of the Fabian Society), out of the world war, would come a United Nations; out of that would come a united Europe. Without that war happening, they had no excuse to try and get a united Europe. There are many ways to win a war, regardless of who you think or perceive as losing, it's the end outcome that's important; as Professor Carroll Quigley said, in Tragedy & Hope, he said that war really is to: “change the social system for all participating countries”.  

They love this term Novus Ordo Seclorum, New World Order, Bush Senior used it in a few statements on September the 11th; and I think it was 1990; he repeated it exactly one year later (they like 9/11), the approach of a New World Order coming into view.

Here's the BBC, I mean I hate even reading these propaganda pieces, because that's what they are, they're handouts and they're so child-like now, they don't have to make them very complicated, or give us much in-depth information. It's all part of an agenda, there's only one Party in the world, there is no organised opposition to it, there's certainly no authorised opposition to it. It has many names, many faces, but it's one system and it knows where it's going, because it's the only one that is completely organised, it's the only one with unlimited financing. At the top, certainly near the top, you definitely have international bankers, these benevolent dictators. Remember what Rockefeller said: it's far better that an intelligentsia elite and bankers should guide the destiny of the world, rather than leave it to nations themselves, to the auto-determination of nations. That's what he said, big Council on Foreign Relations / Trilateral guy. 

From the BBC, in your face: 

New world order emerges from chaos 

Order out of chaos, Ordo Ab Chao; the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  

By Paul Reynolds World affairs correspondent, BBC News  

Slowly the shape of the world after the financial flood is beginning to emerge.  

Remember: they always give you the problem, that they created; and then they give us the solutions. The solution is what they're after, it's actually a target. How do you get the world to change, along this target, towards the target? You must create the problem. It says: 

The first thing to be said is that everyone is in the same boat. 

What's it they say in even Brazil the Monty Pythonesque type movie? You see the posters of it "We're all in it together". The standard war crisis scenario, we're all in it together. So: 

everyone is in the same boat; and they all have to bail together. This contrasts to the old days when capitalists and communists exchanged insults as their ships passed in the night.  

And waved at each other. 

The worst threat at this G20 summit was a remark by French President Nicolas Sarkozy that he would walk out if there was not better regulation of banks and financial markets, not exactly the kind of casus belli that plunged Europe into war nearly 100 years ago. We have moved on. Nor did he walk out. Indeed, he was pleased, he said, at the result.  

This is all pantomime folks, all of it, the meeting was pantomime. These guys don't go in and debate things there, it's all worked out in advance, by bureaucrats; and it's implemented into society by all the Round Table groups. I've gone into that before, how it's done, starting with the Cecil Rhodes / Lord Milner Group turning it into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, that's how it was done. These guys just have great big meals, read prepared speeches, written by scriptwriters, and sign documents that have been prepared by the bureaucrats, way ahead of time.  

The Franco-German analysis might well have been right. But being right about the past does not mean that you alone can put right the future. The European Union as a whole, normally so free in its advice to all and sundry, was a bit chastened, with many newer and some older members on the verge of or in financial crisis.  

Well, that's like big news isn't it?  

We have moved on too from the 1930s, when depression helped fuel the rise of dictatorships. 

Well, now you have an international dictatorship, it's just made up of many of them; as I say: one group, one party. 

Whether the world solves its financial crisis this time has yet to be determined, but the players at least seem to have learned some lessons. 

You have to remember what Quigley said about this group that runs the world; and he did say that they ran the world in his day, often appear to do the things that the Communists were blamed for doing, like redistribution of wealth across the planet; and that's just what this bunch are doing here. They're all eugenicists, the whole lot of them; they know who their bosses are. Then it goes into a spiel about Obama:  

came and conquered 

And all this nonsense, as they shake hands with yah de, yah de yah; and it's rather disgusting this whole write up, but there you are, it's in your face, a New World Order. And I'll put links on website you can go into after the show. There's one video where you'll hear Mr. Brown, the Prime Minister of Britain and a Fabian member as well, talking about the New World Order, saying the New World Order is emerging. It's just a short video, but there you are. You see we don't need any evidence, those who have been following this don't need evidence; and we're so wearily aware that most of the public round about you don't care. That's the sad truth, sad, sad, truth.  

You have to go elsewhere to get more truth, the real, at least closer to the truth, rather that the handouts that the media are so happy to gorge and reprint, on behalf of their masters. I'll put two links again up: one is from Wiseup Journal, on this topic. Another one is from the EU, that's the European Union Observer and this is by one of the heads of the Bilderbergers. This is from the 16th of the 3rd 2009. EUobserver, it's called, from Brussels; and I'll read it, it tells you what's really going on, in between the lines. Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix; and just before I read this article, from the Euobserver, you'll hear Brown, in that previous one I mentioned on the video, talk about giving a $1 trillion to the International Monetary Fund, to get it really going, that's it's purpose you see, just to take over, always was, that's why they set it up, at the end of World War II. This is phase two of it and a world bank as well; exactly what I said would happen - only because I follow their writings and their books as well, I read their books. You don't need a crystal ball here; and in amongst Brown's talk, he also mentions greening as well, greening is very important, because it's a technique of sustainability; they have many ways of saying the same thing. It means depopulation and control of everyone's life; I said that would happen too. Green is the sacred colour of International Socialism; red is their battle flag. As I say, you have to go into other newspapers to find out what really is going on at this time; and this is from the 16th of March 2009, from EUobserver, by a member of the Bilderberger Group: 

'Jury's out' on future of Europe, EU doyen says 

The financial crisis is likely to create fundamental changes in the EU. 

Economic Union. 

But the bloc is still at an early stage of formulating its response, Belgian industrialist and former EU commissioner Etienne Davignon told Euobserver. "It's clear that the world will not be the same after September 2008," 

When they crashed the Economy; now, crashing an economy, remember, was an obvious thing that was going to happen. You see, they deregulated the money industry, meaning they stopped watching it, they took off all the little rules that kept them in line, so they could create their massive bubbles and that's obviously what they were going to do with the Stock Market, that's why they took it off and let them go at it, to create what happened. It's like getting up in the morning and driving into a city, you can imagine if every traffic light goes out, the chaos there would be as everybody smashes into everybody else, predictable isn't it? Well, that's why they deregulated the money industry and let it go, to get this result, so they could then guide us to the next step, that's as simple as that. So, here's Mr. Davignon, Etienne Davignon: 

"It's clear that the world will not be the same after September 2008," he said in an interview on 12 March, referring to events last year such as the fall of Lehman Brothers bank in the US, which first put in the public eye what has since become the global economic crisis.  

"How does Europe adjust to that change is the question. There is no objective reason to say that we will fail. There is not yet a clear indication that we will succeed in that test, so the jury's out." 

Which is nonsense, they know where they're going. Obama's already reiterated what Harper of Canada said, (the Prime Minister of Canada), months ago, that we're now going not just for a united Americas, but also for the next step is to unite the Americas with Europe. And that was, again, reiterated at the G20 meeting. Back to this EUobserver and Mr. Davignon: 

The 77-year old Mr Davignon is vice-chairman of Belgian energy firm Suez-Tractebel and president of Brussels-based NGO Friends of Europe. 

You've got the Friends of the Earth, Friends of Europe, all kinds of friends, these are all part of the authorised Non-Governmental Organisation UN groups. 

In the 1960s he worked under EU 'founding father' Paul-Henri Spaak in the Belgian foreign ministry and in the 1980s was EU commissioner for industry. 

He's not a trivial player this guy. 

Six months into the crisis, EU governments are at the stage of studying technical measures such as greater bank regulation and galvanising political will for future change, Mr Davignon said. But it will take another 18 to 24 months before the full effects of the crunch.  

This is the financial crunch. 

become clear.  

It's still to come, you see.  

In the current "grey period," Mr Davignon expects the 19 March EU summit and the 2 April G20 meeting in London to generate goodwill for co-ordinated action, but not to come out with detailed agendas.  

Well, they have, as far as giving more cash to the IMF goes, which was already a done deal. He says: 

"These two meetings are going to be important because of what [the media] will say 

You see, it's all propaganda and show for the public, as they had their meeting under their little glass pyramid.  

- is it a lot of jaw-jaw and everything will get worse? Or maybe it's the beginning of a realisation that the world will no longer be the same 

What did I say the other night there, that came out after 9/11? - “The world will no longer be the same”. 

and we are going to do something about it."  

A meeting in June in Europe of the Bilderberg Group - an informal club of leading politicians, businessmen and thinkers chaired by Mr Davignon

This guy who’s writing here.

- could also "improve understanding" on future action, in the same way it helped create the euro in the 1990s, he said.  

Did you know they had created the euro, the Bilderbergers? 

"When we were having debates on the euro, people [at Bilderberg events] could explain why it was worth taking risks and the others, for whom the formal policy was not to believe in it, were not obliged not to listen 

Strange way to say it, "were not obliged not to listen" 

and had to stand up and come up with real arguments." 

So, there again, it was a must-be and anyone who was sort of against it had to bring up good arguments for it. 

Mr Davignon spoke in favour of international bank regulation 

That's what we're going for now; he said this before the G20, remember. He's a bigger player than anybody you saw on the stage at the G20.

I'll be back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article, really by a very high member of the Bilderberger group, you know that build the Berg, the mountain, supposedly named after an hotel where the first met, this elite bunch. What came first you know, the group or the naming of the hotel, to suit the group, who knows? But they do love their terms and meet inside glass pyramids and stuff like that as well; and we can't get the message?! It's all coincidence isn't it?! So, he says here: 

"National regulation of the financial sector has been a disaster. Ireland is a case. Iceland is a case," he said. "The fact that you are making the euro countries healthier [via eurobonds] is an element that makes the situation of the less healthy less difficult to solve." 

He goes on about relaxing rules 

on State aid and public deficits, so long as it creates a clear new playbook for all EU states to follow,  

Now, remember, I'm reading this because the Prime Minister of Canada, and the President of the US, have said the next step is to merge the American Union with the European Union, we'd better understand that. When these guys talk, they mean real business, they don't have to answer, this guy here doesn't have to answer to any parliament or any congress, these are the real movers and shakers. He says 

Mr Davignon predicted that deeper EU integration 

That's what we heard at the G20, Mr Brown says it, deeper integration; that means you're totally interwoven and you can't ever-ever-ever go back to being a nation, like a Continental bureaucracy, one Continental Bureaucracy. 

Mr Davignon predicted that deeper EU integration as envisaged in the Lisbon treaty will continue 

Now, listen to this, here's the guy at the Bilderbergers 

due to a "majority movement" that is "irresistible over a period of time,"  

That's a very couched thing to say and yet it says so much.  

... that deeper EU integration as envisaged in the Lisbon treaty will continue due to a "majority movement" that is "irresistible over a period of time," even if an individual member state opts out

"Majority movements", what is this majority movement? It's well funded, well funded. It has many names, they have youth groups and everything, they have parliamentarian groups as well that are outside of parliaments, to make sure they all go along with it too; parallel government, you see. He says: 

A second negative referendum in Ireland on Lisbon "would put on the agenda the notion that if somebody says No, why do we have to care about them?" he said. 

It's almost like a veiled threat. 

The Belgian aristocrat 

See, they're aristocrats at the top and these guys are pushing what seems to be left-wing things, redistribution of wealth and so on, exactly what Carroll Quigley said. He's an aristocrat, nobility, just like the bankers are the ones who pushed and financed Communism, from London and New York. 

The Belgian aristocrat warned that rising anti-establishment feeling in Europe will complicate attempts to implement new policy. But he indicated that the phenomenon has deeper roots than the financial crisis.  

No kidding? Now, here's what they understand about the public, you see, this goes back to Bertrand Russell: how they'll come to conclusions vaguely, through osmosis etc, they won't understand how they come to conclusions. He says here: 

"People understand confusedly that there is a change [in the air]," he said. 

Remember what Russell said too: everyone knew World War I was coming and II, it was in the air. He says: 

"But no government will satisfy the reactions of the people. They have the greatest reticence and cynicism against anybody who holds responsibility.  

I wonder why? I wonder why? 

Against the business community because of the financial excesses. Also, the church has disappeared. 

Well, they made sure of that, the same group. 

The popular reaction is also a consequence of the fact that a number of traditional references have disappeared. 

He's talking about family etc. 

People are looking for what is the reference."  

You see: they've destroyed, this group planned to take down Church, State, all the other fractional religions that broke off from the main religions and so on. Any opposing political ideas were to be abolished and destroyed and he says "People are looking for what is the reference." Meaning a reference point to start, where do you go? It's like I said, that EU Minister said he talked to some of the rioters and they could tell him what they were against but they could not say what they were standing for, what they wanted. People are looking for what is the reference and that's true. Everything that we went back for, to look for, for standing up to tyranny, has been taken away from us. We've nothing to stand up for, that's what he means. And by Internet and keeping the pulse of the people, they know exactly where the public are, at all times, in their minds that is. How they feel, what they think and so on.  

Now, we'll go to the phones and there's Amber from Victoria on the line; are you there Amber? 

Amber: Hey Alan, nice to talk to you again. I just want to start out saying hi to couple of people that call in a lot: Rick, in California and all the other callers who call in all the time. Maggie, in Texas, she hasn't called in lately but she used call in all the time. I can tell you guys have kind souls.  

Alan: Well, you'll meet people when you do this kind of thing on similar lines as yourself and that's what makes like less lonely. 

Amber: Do you like get a little spark when they call? Like I notice when I call again, I'm like 'oh yeah' you know, the same people, because there is very few. 

Alan: There is very few. 

Amber: There is very people that are on this thing that are really up on everything. 

Alan: Very few understand the big picture, they understand bits of it, some people; there are still people who think they can turn the clock back, they don't realise, they've never thought any consequence. Anyone who pulls out of this agenda will be classified as a rogue state by the whole of the United Nations, and they will use their entire world force against it, no one thinks through things. 

Amber: Yes, it’s a huge picture. You'll just notice, even myself, when I get into any sort of conflict I get these butterflies in my stomach that are just like, man, but I know what I have to say and what I have to do; but a couple of things I wanted to bring up, I was watching Star Trek and I noticed, I don't know if I got this exact thing from you, or just what I've heard you say about names and words, but Gene Roddenberry's name flashed across the screen and it was like “Rod” and “Berry”. 

Alan: Yes, there's Mayberry. They love the berry.

Amber: Holly, is that like Hollywood? The holly twig and berry? 

Alan: It can be Hollywood but it's also a red berry, the red berry is like the May berry  

Amber: There’s the twig of the holly tree? 

Alan: Yes, and the gene of the red berry 

Amber: The gene of the Hollywood, right?  Oh my god, that's just ridiculous. 

Alan: One of the top guys of Monsanto has come out with an article and his name is Detritus, his Detritus, believe it or not; and his first name, literally, means something that comes up from the ground. So, here he is, in the soil, working for Monsanto, you couldn't make this stuff up. 

Amber: Yeah and I don't know how their names mean their exact thing. I kind of think that about my own name but I don't really know how that works. Marylyn Manson's got an album called Holy Wood too. 

Alan: That's right. 

Amber: I used to really enjoy his music when I was a teenager and I continue to enjoy it. But then he also has a song called Post-Human and when you learn new things and you go back and listen to these songs, it's like oh, it’s not a song against post-humanism, it's a song to be proud that they are post-human.

Alan: That's right, he was another created figure. See, you've got to understand they give us the stars and I've seen how they pick some of them and they'll actually have drawings of their height, they'll even the outfits they have to wear, for their gimmickry, or their shtick as they call it. Even the songs for their first few hits will be written in advance; and they pick them out of a line-up. It's all done by much older people in the backgrounds who wear tweed suits and ties, male and female; and the guys just step into the suits and that's their role. I've seen it actually happen. 

Amber: It just seems amazing how you just seem to step into things like that. 

Alan: That's how the culture industry really works and it's based around boards, these are older people, because they design the culture for the future and it's all programming. Everything you like in fact, especially music, because you'll tap away, you'll whistle, you're almost absorbing the words in a subconscious level that stick there but you don't really reflect later what it actually says!  

Amber: And you do get absorbed in it and you don't really question why you like it so much. 

Alan: That's right. It's perfect, even Plato talked about that: he wanted to license musicians, because of the power they could extend over the youth; old sciences, old sciences. 

Amber: Another thing I wanted to bring up was up was: have you ever heard of newborn tetanus? 

Alan: Newborn tetanus? No.  

Amber: Newborn tetanus, yes, I was watching a commercial on the TV the other, I hadn't watched TV in quite some time and the commercial - so many babies, I can't remember the exact number but it was kind of like a lot - so many babies that are infected by newborn tetanus every year; and this is like Canadian / American, obviously, channel. So I looked up and 'like what?' Because I just talked to an old friend on the phone the other day that I hadn't talked to in a long time, it seems like people from my past are coming up a lot lately, but she'd had a baby boy and she was saying that she had got him vaccinated for tetanus and all that. Tetanus, why would you get a baby vaccinated for tetanus, unless they got bit by a cat or,  

Alan: I remember the CBC did a little article on the free tetanus shots they gave out to India and Africa; and they actually admitted later on, the two guys at the United Nations World Health Organisation, that they'd sterilised millions of women, because it was all free ones for women, they were giving it out. Literally, it went right to the ovaries, carried something to it, caused massive inflammation and sterilised them - that was done on purpose. 

Amber: I looked it up and apparently the babies get it if they're born in an unsanitary condition and it goes to the umbilical cord. 

Alan: These things are so rare. 

Amber: It's very rare in developed countries so why are they advertising it? 

Alan: I don't trust them at all, when you go into the history of vaccinations and you see what they've done deliberately and you read Bertrand Russell saying "we will use the needle" you cannot believe anything they tell you anymore. 

Amber: I just looked up babies in Canada; they get 14 vaccines by the time they're 18 months old. That's almost a vaccine a month against a bunch of stuff like hepatitis and tetanus - why would any baby get these things if they're protected?  

Alan: Well, I guess they're going to be heavy drug users before they're two! 

Amber: Of course! And the vaccine combo they get now is called [?] and it's like a 6 in 1 vaccine. 

Alan: That's right and I've got a list of all the latest advice to doctors that was given all across Canada and the States where they're trying to get all adults regularly re-vaccinated for all the same things and I'm telling you if you think the IQ has dropped right now, wait till this really takes on a roll and then step into society and talk to the people, because it's going to really plummet. 

Amber: Exactly, Alan, and when you're a woman and you have like maternal instincts, you think, like when you’re doing dishes or zoning out, you daydream about things, you daydream about having children and you think. Like my friend, my old best friend from my school, her baby boy is probably going to turn out just fine you know but what could he have been? 

Alan: Exactly. It’s tragic isn’t? 

Amber: If I had a baby I know I'd have to fight people so hard, because I don't believe in that stuff and I'm not going 'cave' about that kind of stuff, you know; but, I'd have to fight people so hard. Just the commercials and how brainwashed everybody is and who knows what a child could be without getting all this stuff? I mean, they get their first vaccines at two months old; that's a lot of stuff to be pumping in. And I used to work at a vet clinic and I would think the same thing about the little puppies that would come in. That's a lot of, like three little phials of stuff, for that little, tiny body. 

Alan: I was looking at an article, it's actually a video, on one of the heads of the CDC in the US, being quizzed on television about autism and vaccines and she admitted on it there's a link. What they're trying to do is blame the victims by saying they've got a problem with their mitochondria of the DNA. In other words: certain individuals because they have different types of mitochondria in their DNA are prone to get autism from the shots; so it's not the shots fault, ‘you've got defective mitochondria’, that's how they're putting it across to the public. However, she did admit it could be caused by the vaccinations. 

Amber: They shouldn't have even have had children because they were 'damaged goods' in the first place!  

Alan: That's right, but thanks for calling. 

Amber: Thank you for talking to me again. 

Alan: Keep in touch. And there's Rick from Florida there, are you there Rick? Hello Rick. 

Rick: Hi Alan. Alan, I wonder: do you think we have an alternative media?  

Alan: Ha-ha 

Rick: Alright, don't answer that, hold on, just give me a little bit of time that this woman had ok? When I got out the service, I had to take algebra again, to refresh me on mathematics and the teacher went onto a question and she put a ‘+’ sign instead of a ‘-’ sign on an algebraic equation and she went off on a tangent and the whole class sat there, going right along with it. And of course, I had the freedom to say whatever I wanted to say and she continued on with this huge problem that could be solved very simply, if someone just spoke up, but you know what the problem is: we're not able to speak up when you people are taking all the airtime, we're sitting here listening to you garble. The fact of the matter is: the Jews have control of our media. 

Alan: Ok, we'll go on to Maggie from Texas. I knew he was leading up to this, I knew he was leading up to this. There's got to be one target; and what's happening today is very similar with the propaganda leading up to World War II. And the ones behind it will continue running the world, as another group take the blame. So, we'll go to Maggie from Texas.  

Maggie: Hi Alan, and everybody out there. I heard my name and I decided it was time to call in, I have been listening but not close to a phone.

Alan: I'll tell you: hold on Maggie and we'll be back, after this break here. 

=== BREAK ===  

Alan: Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Maggie from Texas, are you still there Maggie? 

Maggie: Yes, I am Alan, it's good to be talking to you again; and in addition to not having been near a phone during your programme recently, another reason I sometimes don't call in is that I like to stay on topic and if I don't have something to say about the topic, I'll usually just listen and learn. However, this last caller gave me something to take off from and I'll say what a lot of RBN listeners already know. I am Jewish and I understand where he and people like him are coming from, but they had better learn to start thinking outside the box, just as I started thinking outside the box, when I started listening to Christian radio and Alternative radio in general. That's all I'll say on that subject. Regarding what Amber had to say about Mitochondrial Disease, so-called, that's been a source of great anger to me, as they try to describe as a defect, a sensitivity to a substance that should never-never ever be in their body in the first place. 

Alan: Exactly, exactly.

Maggie: The last thing: I would like to comment on something I noticed about a month ago and there was heavy spraying and 'X's here, 'X's there and 'X's everywhere, I saw this awesome thing I had never seen before and that was an ‘X’, one leg of which seemed to be coming straight up from the ground. And I looked up and I saw the plane already very high up and continuing, it was going straight up and I had never seen anything like that before. It went higher and higher and higher up, just like a rocket before finally levelling off and going across the sky; and my husband said “Well that can't happen, only a rocket can do that”. But I saw it with my own eyes; have you ever seen anything like that? 

Alan: I have seen a new type going across the sky, I'd say at least maybe 5 times faster than any jet I've ever seen, leaving a trail behind it, so it could be the same type. 

Maggie: Well, this was going perpendicular, like up from the ground, I mean to the ordinary perception, I know that there are tricks in vision and so on; but it just looked like it was going straight, so the leg of X appeared to rise right from the ground, that's how I followed it, I looked and I said "oh my gosh". 

Alan: There's some kind of new jet propulsion they're using in some of their advanced aircraft and I'm sure they could do that with the G-force they can create. 

Maggie: Ok, well thank you and it's good to be talking to you and your audience again Alan, goodnight. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. Yes, we can't target a whole people, because you see a whole bunch at the top, very rich specialised ones at the top, belonging to, or at least claiming to belong to a particular group. They've done this trick before you know, it was done before; and we want simplicity, we want to target something that seems to be obvious. That's why they're put up in these high positions, but they're all pushing one thing and that's International Socialism, or this world agenda.  

And there's Ken from Massachusetts, I might just get him in. 

Ken: Hello. 

Alan: Hello, yes? 

Ken: Hi, it sounds like we don't have a lot of time left; but I believe it was Amber called, and that prompted me to make this call and something I stumbled across today and I was looking at a newspaper that's handed out for free that you've probably heard of, called the Metro and they had an ad for "Change agents wanted" and it was a Degree programme. I was hoping to get into some things about the paper in general. 

Alan: What to do is to call back on Monday, because that would be an interesting article, I've got some similar ones that might tie right in with it, could you do that? 

Ken: OK. 

Alan: OK, thanks for calling. 

Ken: great, thank you, bye. 

Alan: That's the end of the show folks; so, from Hamish and myself in a very wet Ontario Canada: it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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