Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#293)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 7, 2009:

Schizoid Trash from Kant to Nash:

"Those Who Study, Ponder and Query,
Will Know System Runs on New Game Theory,
Claimed as Science, Until the Blunder,
Founder was Mad, Stole its Thunder,
Authorities Need This 'Science,' Can't Keep it Down,
Now Updated New Theories by RAND and the Clown,
Computers Predict How We will Behave
And Guide Each Person from Cradle to Grave,
When We Don't Conform to Computers' Predictions,
Experts from Pharma will Give Us Prescriptions,
Mathematical Theories Made to Control Us,
Electric-Cold Logic Cannot Console Us"
© Alan Watt April 7, 2009

Tuesday 7th April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 7, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 7th 2009. 

There's always people coming into the show, so I advise them to go into and on my website, you'll find hundreds and hundreds of talks in the past that I've given, where I try to give you the information that's relevant to understanding the big-big picture of this World Order that's openly announced, from the tops of the G20 meetings and from different governments' officials etc. It's in our face today; and I try to show you how it's come about, where it's supposed to go, because, in a sense, it's a never-ending story. It's an on-going agenda, where man is the material and those who believe that they have the scientific means and who can break down laws of nature and utilise them, they can use us indefinitely, by creating new types of perfected humans, or humanoid types, as they said in Artificial Intelligence, the movie. That's where they're going with this and they haven't just started with this, the social engineers have been at this for a long time, because it's built into the very fabric of the belief of world socialism, as something that has used all groups, working classes and then minority groups etc, to push an agenda which is nothing more than getting laws and bureaucracies built up across the world, for a global government that then will be a very authoritarian government, you can't move without permission; that's the whole idea of it. So, I try to give you the information, to bring it altogether.

Every country and every ethnic group has its leaders supplied to them; that's standard in all of this. That's also what Adam Weishaupt said they'd do; because, after all, to get people to follow the tribal instinct, you've got to give them a tribal leader that says all the right things for you and you follow along like happy sheep. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download / print up. They're written in the various languages of Europe and you can pass them around to your friends.  

Those who keep me going, buy the material on the website or they can donate to me, at that site, either with PayPal or personal cheque is fine in the US and Canada. Or, you can write to [listed above].

And that, as I say, keeps me ticking over; and as we all know, there's inflation on the go, everything's going up in price, everyone's suffering, lots have lost their jobs and there's much more, apparently, to come, according to the big economists at the top. They said it takes about 18 months for the full impact of a depression to hit; and, of course, it's a planned depression, because this is the key to understanding socialism, or fascism, because, really, it's the same thing, it's the same thing. Socialism is slightly different from the Communist take-over, Communism does it in a hurry, by revolution and bloody revolution; and socialism, as in the Fabian technique, uses gradualism and the taking over of governments, from within, across the world, but still having private-public enterprises that bring them together. Once you go back round that circle, you find you call it fascism again; so, it's one and the same thing. That's exactly what Mussolini did, when he put laws over the restrictions of certain corporations, but they were on board, public-private. 

Back with more -after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about fascism and socialism. You have to look into the history of Mussolini who really was supposedly called the first fascist and the society he presided over was fascist; but, if you look into his history, he was the chief editor for the Italian socialist newspaper for years before he was called a fascist. It's one and the same thing, as I say: you go round in a loop of socialism and you end up at the end with fascism.

They love “isms” - "ism" really means a doctrine, of a doctrine. Really, authoritarian systems are all, technically, fascist in their approach to their main topic. The topic is and their objective is control, complete control over the rest of the population. That's societal control, actually birth control, you might say, because they're all into depopulation, down to a manageable level, especially getting rid of the ‘inferior types’ and bringing in the ‘superior types’ and breeding them up. Now they've gone one step further, of course, by the use of science and genetics. That's why the big thrust was on for genetic research, not to cure anything, the way to get rid of bad genes is to let them die off, they don't want to cure you of diseases, if you inherit any, and therefore they'd have the good stock left. That was put out plainly by Charles Galton Darwin, the physicist, the grandson of Charles Darwin, in his book The Next Million Years; and many others have reiterated on that topic from the top, because they all go along with it.

We've heard them talk about the need to use tranquilisers on the public, sedate them; Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited, he's up on Youtube and different other sites as well, with his old lectures, his old talks he gave at Berkeley and his television conversations that he had with some well-know people, talking about this very topic. Overpopulation was one of his main concerns too; and of course we know that Julian Huxley, I read from Julian Huxley's book, on air, to show you that he was right along with this agenda. These guys were totalitarian, authoritarian; and, basically, fascist or socialist - you can take your pick, it doesn't matter what you want to call it, it's one and the same thing.

And for many years now, we've watched the blending of public-private partnerships; years and years, before 9/11 came along; and in Britain, they had Prince Charles come out and announce the need for more and more public-private partnerships. You see, public and private, what they're really saying is private corporations and your government, that's what they mean (which is fascism, that's fascism). You tie that in with what they're doing to the public and where they want to take the public; and look at all the changes we've had, the massive changes we've had, even prior to 9/11. They tried to bring in the ID cards, before 9/11, in some European countries, with the live active chip in it as well. They tried that in Britain but people rejected it, there was demonstrations against it, because nothing was happening; the Cold War, we were told, was all over and the capitalists had won, everything was going to sail along. So, they shelved that and they had to get something going because terrorism would be the answer.

Government, remember, for centuries, has validated its existence by telling the public that 'you need us to defend you'; and, for centuries, certain families at the top of the tree, royalties, would point the finger to their cousins across the water and get you up to go and fight for them. That was the old way of keeping you in line, it killed off the excess population, according to them; and they profited very well from it. They never lost, because they never killed the kings and queens when they won, they made little agreements, shook their hands, had a party and went home; and, no doubt, split their profits.  

That's how it has always been; today the very-very rich use governments to collect money for them, it's a substitute for war, they do it through taxation and laws and those at the top always ensure that the corporations, the big international corporations, go unscathed through thick and thin. We saw this with the banking bailouts, where the very rich were rewarded for raping and pillaging a planet and the tax payer has to pay for it all. They won't change the system technically, they'll do a few minor adjustments, to keep us all happy, but the same old system will go on; and we have to foot the bill, every time. However, to keep government strong, they've got to have terrorism.

In a world society, remember, you need an enemy; and the Club of Rome (a big think-tank) was given the challenge of finding an enemy to unite the world. They came up with the idea of saying that mankind itself was the enemy of the planet and came up with 'global warming'. Then they called it 'climate change' because the warming theory's kind of fallen flat, but they changed to 'climate change' and repetition works, everybody's prattling on about 'climate change'. Therefore, that's how they validated it, plus there's terrorism everywhere. We saw this in George Orwell's "1984", in the novel (you can also get the black and white television version, or a movie version, with Richard Burton and John Hurt in it, it's done very well). Perpetual war; and a few people, a few of us knew at the very beginning, that, under terrorism, the guise of information and data collection would expand, that was the intention of it, in the first place, until everything becomes terrorism and anyone can be checked out by any authority. There's more and more expanding and multiplicity of authorities now than you even count, you can't count, there's so many, so many departments, all given access to your personal data. Just like the Soviet Union, because, after all, the Soviet Union and China (it's still called “Red China” by the way) they are authoritarian governments that use these techniques; and anytime they want someone, they can simply punch up their number and find something that you’ve done wrong.

You can't help doing something wrong today, or illegal, because there are so many laws on the books. Recently, in fact, I watched the British version of “Cops”, the propaganda ‘Hurrah Hurrah’ for the police. A propaganda series they have in Britain, where they lock-down cities, with their Interceptor cars, they use all this military terminology amongst each other on the radio. They have supercomputers in all cars, they don't even have to read number plates, because the computers, on the highways do it all for them, automatically; and three teams of police from different areas, working on the same city, were having a competition to see who could give the most tickets out, the most charges laid and the one that was running behind, without charges, the guy was asked what will you do? He says I'll use my policeman's nose and you watched how they managed to get charges laid, for irrelevant things; even antagonising the people to say something, so they could arrest them. That's the modern society, that's a police state, when they compete, when police departments compete to hand out tickets.

You know, the KGB in the Soviet Union, once they started using computers, simply had issuances every month for statistics and quotas and they had to go and fill those quotas, torture people and kill them, because they had to have so many that month. That's where it's all heading, I kid you not; I kid you not.

You have to go into the understanding of Game Theory, and I've talked about this before, where I've given links to very good documentaries on the Game Theory, this Rand Corporation idea, that really is world wide, with every government using it, where they have everyone numbered. They have your routines and your patterns of your behaviour figured out and they're watching you daily now, with the Internet and your email and your phone conversations, to make sure you're following your pattern, your predicted pattern. Anything that's non-predictable and anybody who's non-predictable is a threat to this system and control freaks must make sure you are perfectly predictable. And it goes much-much further than that, because they use economists and crazy people in fact; you ever wondered about schizophrenia, how people who are more emotionally-based, maybe right brain based will have emotional topics in their particular delusions and so on?

When you go into the top scientists, even the guy who came up with the idea of Game Theory, Mr. Nash, who truly was a paranoid schizophrenic; but he was also into mathematics and economics and all the top governments use economists, to do with their data collection, because they use mathematics to predict how societies will go, including every one of you, according to the groups and subgroups that you belong to and associate with. Therefore, when they go off the deep end, you should see some of their books in fact, I have some of them here, by the top ones; and there's nothing human in it, it's all statistics and graphs and numbers and quotas, again and quotients as well. They try to rationalise and figure out the future with mathematics, the same thing that Bertrand Russell was hyped on about; he said the perfect language that he understood was mathematics. What he was referring to was the fact that he was doing the stuff that Rand is now doing, before Rand was doing it. Incredible, and people are looked upon, the general public, are looked upon, not as people but as objects, objects. When you're given a number, instead of a name, you're an object, it's part of the depersonalisation process, for those who will handle you, especially the bureaucrats. It's well understood, by historians, that the bureaucracies that ran the camps in World War II, for Germany, like IBM that was involved and brought the Cardex system out, used the numbers for this very reason, the bureaucrats found it easy to control and do things with the people, because they were not people anymore. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about those who are used by the ones at the top, to bring in more assured system of control and they use people who, technically, are more left-brained in their make-up than right brained: mathematicians, guys who love statistics. People who, if they become psychotic, can sound to someone who's not informed, maybe even logical, the way they try and spin things together, because they don't go off into such emotional tangents. But they're used and, in ancient times, they used to get wise men or seers or witches, like the ‘Witch of Endor’, who were often classified as mad. They used to say that the demon that possessed them made them mad; but regardless, they were all classified, basically, as mad, not just eccentric.

Today, it's no different, it's no different whatsoever, because they pay people very-very well, like Mr. Nash, to come up with these amazing programmes to predict society and predict, it's all to do with predictions you see, control freaks are terrified of something outside of their control, so the predictions that come in from these guys at the top, that they can utilise and use, to maintain control are very-very important. You go into these particular mathematicians and economists’ books and the ones who are into the Game Theory idea, which is still on-going, by the way, they've upgraded it, before they were using Kant and different people and they'll tell you that. They reel off one philosopher after another and what you find is they have no minds of their own; they can't think of anything original, they have to take previous philosophers and use their theories, for maybe a generation or two, then add it to someone else's theories. It's always attaching theory to theory to theory, that is left-brained again, because they have no imagination, they can't think for themselves. Therefore they can only regurgitate what's been said in the past, even if it's craziness that’s been said in the past, they regurgitate it and try to make it work in the present and in the future, it's astonishing. And they feed all this data and all our data into their massive computers; and now they're all labelling everyone, in different categories; you see, you're not a person, as I say, you're depersonalised when you become a number. IBM used this in World War II, that's why the Nazi Regime could have bureaucrats making decisions, the bureaucrats never went to the camps; they just dealt with numbers. These were people but they were numbers, they depersonalise them by using numbers; therefore, they're not really saying to eliminate so many people, they're saying eliminate these numbers, it makes it more palatable to them.

It's the same thing with us; we've had social insurance numbers, SIN numbers (they're called SIN for a good reason) and they call them social insurance programmes, not services, programmes. What do you think a programme is? You're in a social programme, whose social programme? We never question; but, as I say, you should go into the books by some of these present-day London School of Economics and others’ books to do with Game Theory and the updated version they're now running everything on today. Fascinating: run by psychopaths and, basically, left-brain schizophrenics; nothing changes.

Here's an article here; and before I go into this article on ID cards, which is astonishing again because it breaks out in the US and Britain and elsewhere at the same time, everything's in unison now, we're all global, as they say. You'll notice during hostage-taking: the negotiator that tries to negotiate with the hostage takers, tries to personalise the victims, the hostages, by saying and they'll use their names, that's how you help to personalise, you put a name to the face that's under the gun, hoping that the hostage taker will see them as a person now, not as a target or an implement, to be used in bargaining. To reverse that decision: you simply use a number and take away the name, it's the same thing; think about it.

We're being run by scientists and supposed experts in a totalitarian regime that has told us that this is just the beginning, if you think it's bad now, as we go into this wonderful world of equality and happiness and drastically reduce our population and our consumption and all the rest of it, until we're happy to get a drink of water, that we'll pay dearly for, because it will be owned by a global corporation. 

From the BBC, it says: 

ID cards 'could use chip-and-pin'  

Tuesday, 7th April 2009. I'm reading this because I've got another article on the US on the same thing, at the same time. It says: 

The UK's ID cards could be fitted with chip-and-pin technology to tackle identity fraud, the head of the agency responsible for them has said.  

I can remember watching a documentary in Canada, CBC, 1998, by Wendy Mesley; and she went through this whole ID card with the active chip in it, at the time. It was already done then, it was a voluntary basis, 1998. These ID cards are just a rehash that they're giving out now of the ones they tried to bring in Britain in 1998. It's the same ones; they're already fitted with the chip. You know, with a totalitarian regime, you cannot negotiate. Neither can you ever say you've won any battle, because they'll always come back again, these boys at the top have an agenda and nothing is going to put them off. Asking them nicely is not going to do it. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the ID cards and how they never give up, because, years ago I mentioned the fact that the ID card was to be eventually used as a bank card and for everything else that you do, with an active chip. They never change their plans, these guys at the top, why should they? Because it's a must-be, it's a religion with them, it's a must-be; and here they are reintroducing the idea. You see, now that they've got the card out, step by step, you accept one card, you accept the next one; and in '98, as I say, they already had discussed on Canadian television, the whole card with the chip and using it with your bank machine as well. There's nothing new under the sun here. Now, here's how they're going to sell it to the public: they say "there's no technical obstacles to the idea" - in other words, it's a done deal. This is the head, the guy who makes them.  

He said this could allow ID cards to be used in cash machines and help online consumers "assert their identities".  

There you go: to help you assert your identity, not for them to control you. Remember what Russell said: eventually you'll all be given a sort of ration card and the government will dish out credits per month. And every month, it'll start off at the same level, you can't save it up; and if you're a bad boy, they simply say ‘no’ and you try to pull some money out and nothing comes out until you go back to being a good citizen, under their authorisation of citizenship. Here's the BBC rehashing the same thing, talking about the fact they're putting these things out etc: 

Just half of the cards meant for non-EU nationals were issued in the scheme's initial months, it has also emerged.  

Then they go on and on about the fact that they started off with foreign nationals, they probably started with welfare folk as well, because they always do that, people who can't speak up for themselves, 'who cares?' - that's the attitude that people have. Then they go up into the general population and once we're used to the idea. You see: it's ideas that the public must be trained to get used to, that's all it is, just ideas. And I'm going to put a list of sites up, at least the links for them, tonight, to do with the pin ID cards and you can look them up for yourself for the ones for the UK and the US especially, because there's a stack of them going on, in fact there's a group, it says: 

511 Observes 30 Day Vigil Over Fusion Center Identity 

The 5-11 Campaign, a grassroots privacy organization opposed to the federal ID, declared 30 days of vigilance over identity legislation with connections to Information Analysis Centers (IAC), or what is now commonly known as Fusion Centers. 

"Fusion Centers", you see? This is in the US. 

Based on reports that fusion centers are targeting 3rd party voters and those who pose Constitutional challenges to the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence gathering efforts, we are aggressively opposing any legislation that would secure our private information for national to international data aggregation. This may include voter ID.  

Etc, etc, etc. There's a whole bunch of links, at the end of this article, which I'll also give you a link to; and you can look them over for yourself. Some organisations tried to fight it in the US and you should maybe get in touch with them and get your voice out there, because it's coming, it's coming. This is a world-wide campaign, to get us all into the global grid, where we're just numbers; and under the world global authority or government (or governance as they may call it) we'll all be called to answer for our petty crimes one day, we'll all get our turn for being rehabilitated in the system.  

Getting back again to the use of drugs, drugging the population: I've always said, you know, the big Pharma companies are part really of the Military-Industrial Complex, the same as all the big high-tech industries are part of the Military-Industrial Complex. People don't realise that warfare takes many forms and there's nothing new whatsoever in using chemicals on populations during warfare, when you realise the populations of the world are the problem, according to those who know better, you know, the elites, those intelligent ones. We're the problem, then of course they would use drugs on the population; and that's why Huxley and others advocated drugging everybody. Huxley said “Most people are unhappy anyway, what's wrong with making them happy with drugs?” But of course they mean authorised ones and these drugs are specifically meant to target specific areas of the brain. Also, remember: with the eugenics programmes, and it was written a lot about by Margaret Sager and others, who are hailed today as heroes, that they'd have to get rid of those with bad genes and those with emotional disturbances were classified as having bad genes. Here's an article, another one from the BBC that ties right in with this, it's all a big accident of course, but it says, from 7th of April 2009: 

'Sedation link' to birth defects  

Hundreds of girls heavily sedated in UK care homes during the 1970s and 1980s may be at risk of having children with birth defects, the BBC has found. 

The BBC has found it, really? Is that what the BBC is supposed to do, they're supposed to find? The governments know this stuff, they have all the data on it, so did the scientists that authorised all this, so did the Pharma companies, before they issued the drugs. It says: 

Radio 4's Today found 10 ex-residents of a children's home run by the Church of England in Gravesend, Kent, have had children with a birth defect.  

This is only one of them, this is only one place, there's stacks of these, all over the UK and the world. Britain is exactly the same. It says: 

They were given massive doses of tranquilisers and other drugs while being restrained as teenagers. The Diocese of Rochester says it will co-operate with any future inquiry.  

One childcare expert said hundreds of children may have been drugged in the care system across the UK throughout the 70s and 80s, 

Well, they did it across Canada too, across Europe and across the US; they're still doing it. 

potentially subjecting them to the same health risks as those learnt about by the BBC... "Using drugs to control the behaviour of children was perfectly acceptable as far as their own professional understanding at that time went." 

It hasn't changed, what they've found out here, it says, that many of the children these young women eventually had, have massive birth defects and they all had respiratory problems, that's common, they have learning difficulties. Some of them are born blind and many of them were cleft palates and micrognathia, which is a receding lower jaw. And these drugs, by the way, are still being used commonly today, not just in homes, but across general society. So, I'll put that link up as well and you can read it up for yourself.  

Another interesting thing too is that as we amalgamate the planet, and we've all seen articles, most articles, even this one here, is a form of predictive programming. We get taught: you train animals, step-by-step, to your intended target. If a dog's there to go a certain place or up a ladder, you train him by putting the ladder near him, first of all, don't make him walk on it, put it on the ground and so on and so on; and then gradually put it up a little slope and up, up and up. They train us the same way, so these articles are to get us to accept the first step; then, they give us the second step, the third, the fourth, the fifth and suddenly, we're in the cage.  

The US, we know and Canada and Mexico have already made overtures to amalgamate part of their army, in fact, it's really kind of done, special units have already been formed and they're working together, have been for years in fact. Here's Britain, basically, the head of Britain, for the Forces, saying they're amalgamating with Europe, they're all at their disposal for the European Army. That's from the Mail Online April the 7th 2009, and it says here: 

Now all of our Armed Forces are on offer as part of an EU 'catalogue' 

Britain is willing to provide all our Armed Forces to fight under the EU flag in future wars, a minister has revealed. Europe Minister Caroline Flint 

This is the woman who helped ram through the EU Constitution and hadn't read it. 

said that every operational unit of the British Army, the Royal Navy and RAF will be on offer as part of an EU 'force catalogue'.  

It's called an EU "force catalogue". So, everything's amalgamating across the world, this is incredible coordination, we’ve got to understand: these guys who meet at the G20 don't plan anything, the bureaucrats do it all in advance for them, they just go there and sign and have great big meals. It takes years to get all this kind of thing in play, the groundwork set up, negotiations and then agreement after agreement signed, sealed and delivered. Then, the infrastructure's set up for it to work. This is only one part of it, of the whole of the Globalisation agenda. Every country is like a mirror image of the other countries, with their anti-terrorism, their amalgamations, public-private partnerships, data collection and banks insuring them. See, we are already global; and the fact is, you see, this war has been on the public for hundreds of years and they didn't know. Gradualism, gradualism and one agenda only; an agenda that knocks out all competition, all competition. An agenda that pretends it's so liberal it'll stand up for every group - until its usefulness is over - and then it goes on to the next target and the next target and the next target. Now, you're all under authoritarian governments, very-very simple, Fabian, very Fabian.  

Now, I'll go to the callers, because there are some callers on the line here and see what they've got to say. There's Aran from Pennsylvania, are you there Aran? 

Arran: Yes, hi Alan, how you doin' tonight?  

Alan: I'm hanging in here, as usual. 

Aran: Thanks for taking my call. It's funny you know, Gordon Brown's calling for a New World Order last weekend; and you know, I go to work and I hear people's conversations and nobody talks about it.

Alan: No!

Aran: I was at work the other day and I was listening to the Alex Jones show and they were talking about that and I turned off my player and I hear guys over in the corner talking about movies they just watched and they were just laughing, having a good time, not even really being concerned with any of this; and I find it difficult to have conversations with these people as you know you start to wake up. 

Alan: Yes. Well, that's the difference, you see, when you're awake, it can be terrifying for some people, I know that, they tell me, to be amongst people who obviously have something wrong with them, but what you're seeing are the casualties of incredible warfare. Any creature that is not cognisant of its environment and changes within its environment within its environment that will affect it is technically doomed; and what you're seeing is the fall-out of intense indoctrination and psychology and the use of incredible media and entertainment on their minds, to reduce to them to the state they're in. They have no idea and they have no care, they truly are domesticated to the extent that they can't recognise danger when it's around them. 

Aran: You're right, I try to tell them about it and they just don't want to listen, or they laugh at you, you know. 

Alan: That's right. Even cattle, I lived next to a farm at one time and the cattle, that are called domesticated animals; they've been so inbred that they create a specific domesticity in them. Even the night before they were carted off to the slaughter house, and there were no signs of it happening, the trucks hadn't arrived, they'd be making one heck of a noise, all night long. They sense something; but humans don't, most humans don't even have that left in them anymore. 

Aran: It's gone and another thing is with these kids; my niece, I just found out she got the HPV shot and she's only 11 years old; 11 years old and they’re getting these shots already. 

Alan: That's right. 

Aran: That's ridiculous. 

Alan: Eventually, once it becomes common place, they'll get it much-much younger, this is just to introduce the idea and again, we're trained step-by-step and once we've done it long enough, it's no big deal to have them get the shot when they're two or something. 

Aran: That's crazy. I want to say, I really enjoy your show and I really like hearing your blurbs, do you do those anymore? 

Alan: Once in a blue moon, when I get time, I can do that. Most people think I just come on the air and do an hour here, but really, my whole day is tied with other things too. Even to do with this and answering emails and running off to the store, or whatever, there's things you got to do; so just this alone takes so much of my time up, it's amazing. Then you're uploading until maybe 01:00 in the morning, 02:00 in the morning, to the sites. 

Aran: OK, so, one more question. I was reading on your website the question and answer thing and one question talks about the three monks that set themselves on fire in the Vietnam era; and your answer: the last sentence says "Only those who know (as opposed to believe) have no fear of casting off the physical body". Do these monks; were they able to project their consciousness outside their body while they were still alive through the meditating? 

Alan: There are techniques, there's no doubt, and we know about them, they've been demonstrated many times. There are techniques to literally avoid all pain whatsoever; and there was one guy from India that was a leader of the Hindu community, politically, in fact, and he had cancer of the throat and he could actually put himself in a state where the pain would literally leave him altogether, for long periods of time. So, it's possible for them to do that, it's really a mind over matter thing; but, again, too: there are also people who come to the stage of realising that life itself, what is life? Is life slavery? Are there really happy slaves? If you're not a happy slave, what do you have to lose? And of course, that's what governments are terrified of now, when they talk about suicide bombers; suicide bombers, generally, are people who have been throwing stones for years against tanks and who have nothing to lose, you know. In other words: what's your value of life to yourself? is the big question each one of these people will come to, including the monks that set fire to themselves.  

Aran: Well, thanks a lot Alan, I appreciate it. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. 

Aran: Have a good night. 

Alan: And there's Tim from Indiana, are you there Tim? Hello? 

Tim: Hey, hello. Hey, how you doin' man? 

Alan: Not bad. 

Tim: I was just going to comment on almost what you were talking about with changes in your environment. Me and my buddy at work, we actually talk a lot about like real things; so, it's kind of nice to have somebody to really talk to. Anyway, about five years ago, where I live at, I work in Kentucky, one of the biggest cities in Kentucky. And about five years ago, the city had put these steel barriers up and they put them all throughout the city and they said they would use them to protect people from crossing over the median, if there was an accident. Anyway, long story short, where I work at is on the outskirts of town and I noticed that all over the city, supposedly where they were going put these things, they only put them on the outskirts of the city. So, about two months ago, there was like two big barriers on the outskirts and I'm thinking like 'wait a minute, what's this about?' Then I had a eureka moment: they're actually building barriers in case they shut the city down. 

Alan: I'll tell you, hold on, we'll come back on this, because I know quite a bit about this! 

Tim: OK. 

Alan: I'll get you - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and we're talking to Tim from Indiana, about the big barriers that are going across alongside highways and roads, in the US and Canada, in fact; and they have been doing this since around 2000-2001, they sped it up, even on rural routes. Of course, the idea is, eventually, when any catastrophe, or any crisis, or even if a whole area is ordered to move or evacuate, they'll have you going one way only and you can't get off the road. Part of that was discussed back in the '70s and '80s, when they said that the people with SUVs would be a problem, because they might try and get off the roads and go cross country, when they saw that there was danger on the road that they were taking / being forced to take. That was part of the push of getting SUVs off the road, believe it or not; that's what was really behind that. Hello Tim, are you still there?

Tim: I’m still here.

Alan: Go ahead.

Tim: It's funny you say that because we were talking about that movie ‘I am Legend’, where they kind of like block off the city. So, during this eureka moment I had, it was like you know what, if that happened to me, or whatever, maybe I could get people together like hey, let's all get our cars together and like push these things down, then go; and then, my buddy said if you do that they said that they would shoot people if you try to do it and if there's too many people doing it they would probably bomb us, I said I guess you got a point. So, we had a good conversation about that; but it's kind of messed up though because like, looking at it, you're like if they really did this, then you really are trapped and it sucks because it's like, you know, what do you do? 

Alan: Yes, and they'll have the armed helicopters overhead and all that. 

Tim: Alright, well that's all I have man, so I'll let somebody else get in. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. 

They've thought of everything you see, they've been making their plans and their war games for many-many years and now we're seeing the stuff implemented. Before 2001 happened, in fact, if you go along major highways, you'll find, in Canada and the States, where you have intersections, there's often holes at this very site near the barriers. That's for the big gateposts that they're going to put in, the collapsible gates that they can just stick in those pre-existing sockets and unfurl right across the road. This was planned years before 9/11. 

And there's Sheldon from Arizona, are you there Sheldon? Hello?  

Sheldon: Hello. Hi Alan, first time caller, I think you're a very-very sharp researcher and really polite individual and I just heard you talking about 9/11, which was exactly what I wanted to ask you. Have you had the chance to check out the research Dr. Judy Wood has done on the 9/11? 

Alan: No. 

Sheldon: Well, she says that - she's a highly credentialed scientist out of South Carolina - her information is that a hurricane was headed towards New York City on the morning of 9/11 and that directed energy weapons brought the towers down and she's got all these photos of these cars that instantly turned to rust, after the towers disappeared. What are your thoughts on that? 

Alan: No, I don't believe it at all. I think there was so many, again, Psy-ops programmes that went into effect after that to discredit the original exposés of 9/11. The BBC had the head of MI6 on, right after, in fact the day of 9/11, the Mossad had a spokesman on the day, saying that they'd warned, weeks before, the US Government what was going to happen on that particular date and it did happen. Planes definitely went into those buildings, at the top anyway (the Pentagon is a different matter) but definitely the towers; it was planes that hit those two towers. Now, whether the guys were actually on it that they said is up in the air because even the CBC documentaries in Canada, talked to different people, who were supposedly on the planes that day, who were still in their original countries, and one of them was a taxi driver. So, I don't know where the CIA got their faces from, but planes certainly went into the towers to start off. This was a must-be operation and a lot of fantastic stuff came out afterwards, trying to discredit or create what they called conspiracy theorists, so anyone talking about the agenda is lumped in as a conspiracy theorist, so the more bizarre and fantastic they can make it, the better. There's no doubt, to me, and to pretty well everybody who's watched that and grown up watching demolitions occasionally on television, that a demolition job was done, as they came down like decks of cards. That was obvious.

Well, I hear the music coming in and from Hamish and myself, Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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