Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#294)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 8, 2009:

The New Lair of Tony Blair:

"Michelangelo Blair Wants to Rebuild the Vatican
So Men can Hang Loose, Sneakers and Cardigan,
To Do Away with Tradition, Truth or History,
From Petty Politician to Whom Truth is a Mystery,
Fabian Tradition, Infiltrate then Destroy,
Psychopaths Never Learn, Still Little Boy,
Moral Relativity, Religious All-Inclusion,
Think You've got Truth, He'd Say it's Delusion,
Ego-Arrogance Personified, He Surely is a Dope,
Wants Catholic Church Reorganized, Tony Blair as Pope"
© Alan Watt April 8, 2009

Wednesday 8th April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 8, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 8th 2009. 

For newcomers: look into and, on my website, you can download hundreds and hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past, where I try to give you as much information that's possible, at least, that someone gleans over their whole life, I try to put it in there and show you the shortcuts to understanding the big picture of what appears to be chaos to the general public. I try and give you the big picture and show you that we're really being guided towards a particular plan, an actual end of a phase of society, as we move into a new phase of a new type of society. And I give you the links on the peoples and the organisations who set up this particular Parallel Government, as they call themselves, a long time ago. 

You can also look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

You can also keep me going, by purchasing that which I have for sale on website; I have books and so on there. Or you can donate, or you can send donations and remember too that PayPal is fine and so is a personal cheque, from the US or Canada, send it to [listed above].

As I say: we're on a roll now and we will really see this speed, this Fabian type system, speed up. We're already seeing it speed up, as they've got us all punch drunk with changes; but there are so many changes to come, that's part of their strategy, for centuries in fact. They took their time implementing changes inter-generationally; but now they're on a roll and they can't back off now, because we're not allowed to have any breathing space. If we have breathing space, we will object when they try to move us into the next part of the new society - it takes them longer to get us going again. Therefore, they get us punch drunk, one punch after another until, supposedly, we're trained, in the Pavlovian style; and they really do use Pavlovian techniques and massive psychology and sociology and anthropology as well. They have specialists in anthropology - and in different ethnic categories as well - to guide the whole world along into their vision, this Fabian vision of a controlled society where we'll all be upgradeable, literally upgradeable. We already are, through the techniques that they're using; but eventually they want to interface us, in different ways, with computer and so on and give us little chips in our heads, to make us perfect little obedient happy citizens who will work forever, without rewards. And we won't need rewards, in fact, our reward will be serving the world state, because that was written down in the manifesto set out by Cecil Rhodes, that joined with the Lord Milner group, the big bankers, and the Rothschilds and became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which most Prime Ministers / Presidents are members of, the CFR; and all the ex Prime Ministers / Presidents that make up what they call the Parallel Government.  

And I'll be back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about how the world is planned; and very few people in the general public are able, because of the war on their minds, that happened from birth really, they're unable to really understand what's happening in the world. They are very confused, they want to believe the media; they want to believe there are real valid reasons for having wars across the planet, on-going wars. We forget that the one in the Gulf started with the first Gulf War and it's still going on. And they want to also believe that there really are nasty terrorists that suddenly, very-very suddenly, after centuries and centuries of peace, suddenly want to destroy the Western world; and we don't want to believe that we are the cause of it. We don't want to believe that our big corporations, that, again, are part of this big New World Order system, have been looting these countries for a long time. We don't want to believe that we are under an agenda, run by a sort of Fabian style society, with the big bankers, world bankers. These are not your average bankers on the street corner, these are the big boys, the families who lend to whole nations and have all nations in debt. So, we want to believe what the media tells us, even when it doesn't make much sense. 

People don't really mind having all their rights stripped off them, as long as they can play in their routines and this is what the psychologists at the top know. We all have these little routines: we come home from work, we turn on the television, or whatever, or go onto the computer, you play your favourite games or watch your favourite television soaps or whatever it is you're into, or sports; and as long as you can do your little routine, they can take more and more away from you but leave you the space to do the routine and you'll carry on you see. It's a very simple technique and the big boys, of course, have big-big plans for the planet, massive plans for the planet.

Centuries ago, in fact, before they were called the Fabian Society, they vowed to destroy all existing mainstream religions and bring in their own; and they do have a religion of their own, and their religion is also based, apart from their own particular idea of deity, on their self-deification. Those who are the most advanced intellectually and have proven, by centuries, that they can accumulate wealth, do special breeding, get mated up with the right kinds of spouses, for the right kind of offspring, and have held onto their wealth, for centuries. That's the proof, by the Darwinian Theory, that they are, they have the right, because they have proven survival of the fittest; and they talk about this amongst themselves.

They use many-many front organisations, many front organisations; and, as I say: all the big Foundations that finance the Non-Governmental Organisations, that eventually will be the new form of democracy, the NGOs that we don't elect, are already advising governments but they're paid to do that, by the Foundations that are just the fronts for the bankers, to funnel money to them. And they know where they're going.

Christianity, definitely the Catholic Church, was the first target in the 1500s and it's been speeding up since then and all the Protestants, as always, look back and said yes, the Catholic Church deserved it, until it was their turn. They've been brought down piecemeal, over time as well, until it's a wishy-washy happy affair. Christianity is the sort of thing you go to have a good sing song and wave your hands in the air, very charismatic. That's allowed, because it's positive thinking and the Masons push positive thinking. In fact, all the positive thinking books that came out at the start were by high level Freemasons. Don't look at the negative, look at the positive; that way you're dumb, happy and stupid, basically. That's what they want, to control society; don't look at the bad things. 

Eventually they turned their sights on Islam, Islam had to go. Islam is an old religion but it's also a way of life, it's totally interwoven with the peoples' way of life; and they're using every excuse under the sun today to destroy it. Although they pretend it's nothing to do with the religion, they pretend it's for other reasons. But, believe you me, you wouldn't find any problem from the Middle East, or coming over from the Middle East, if it wasn't for what the Western allies, as they call themselves (NATO) have been doing to the Middle East for a long time. To make sure that the whole world would be under a form of martial law, about thirty years ago they started to open the floodgates to immigration, from these very countries, because you see, in a chess game, you set the board up, and your moves up, way-way ahead in advance; and therefore, they had to bring in the very people who, one day, you'd attack their homelands and stir them up, in their new countries, as they naturally would be stirred up and then point to them and say 'look, there's problems within our midst, every country has to go under martial law'. If you hadn't opened up the floodgates and it was basically the native peoples who were there, in their own countries in Europe, it would be very hard to declare martial law. They'd all say well 'what's your problem, it's all the same culture, we’re all the same people?’. That's how you do it, that's called Geopolitics and its Geopolitical strategy.

Now, these guys who leave politics, who are placed into politics, all the names we've never heard of, that suddenly became Prime Ministers and Presidents, they come and go, they do what they're told, as Professor Carroll Quigley said. He said that we always make sure that the top ones are always ours, meaning the Council on Foreign Relations; and he wrote that book in the 1960, he said this system had already existed for sixty years in the US; so, it shows you how far back the Parallel Government goes. Margaret Thatcher reiterated that, by saying that she now belongs to The Parallel Government, made up of ex Prime Ministers, Presidents and high-level bureaucrats from all countries that all know each other, they all work together, in this common purpose. What is the purpose? It's the one purpose: a socialised world state, with masses of bureaucracy, running the lives of every individual, from birth to grave; at the bottom, the reduction of population, by any and all means possible. Because the elite, you see, believe that the lessers will outbreed them, according to the laws of Darwin, the lessers have to go, they're obsolete; they have not evolved enough. If they’re allowed to carry on, they might bring down the elite. This is all written about in their own books, they've very blatant about it over the years and more so even in recent months, with articles appearing in mainstream BBC and other newspapers saying they've got to reduce the population fast, in places like Britain.  

Mr. Fabian, Tony Blair, the man who pretty-well takes the credit for getting Britain to go to war, this fake war that they started; and declaring martial law on the entire British people and with the loss of all privacy and the roll that it's on now, it's going to get worse and worse for the successor who's also a Fabian, both Blair and Mr. Brown are members of the Fabian Society. Once they leave politics, they don't just go and stay in the Royal Institute of International Affairs / CFR, they also get put into other places, because the Fabians were meant to infiltrate everything, from within, and tear it apart. A big hoopla happened when Mr. Blair joined the Catholic Church, after leaving office; and everybody in the conspiracy [field] 'oh, you see, it's really the Catholic Church that’s behind this' ha-ha. No, that wasn’t what it was about at all, because he immediately took it upon himself, funded by big Foundations, to start to create interfaith societies, within the Catholic Church. Now, remember, to belong to this great global new government, you cannot, as a religion, claim to have exclusive truth in your religion. If you do, they'll be at war with you; anyone who says yeah all religions are fine, that's why they created the New Age, all religions are fine. You know: Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and all the rest of the different ones, Krishna altogether and they pray to them all; no exclusive truth. You see, Fabians can't allow anyone in any group / any society to believe in what they want to believe in; even when they're not out pushing it on other people; because Fabians are completely intolerant. And it's so amazing, under the guise of democracy and liberalism that they always use, to gain steps, to gain a few steps ahead in their agenda; they're the most intolerant of all, and Mr. Blair, who's now in the Catholic Church, making sure that everyone can come in it and the Catholic Church has no exclusive right to truth, is now telling the Pope to change this Catholic Church. Can you believe this little psychopath? This little psychopath, whose ego is higher than St. Paul’s Cathedral, is wanting the Pope to change it all; and advising him how to do it. This is from the Mail Online, you have to understand too: these guys look at the whole of society as one homogenous mass, not individuals, just like toy soldiers, or little peasant societies on a model scale; and they want to reorganise it all, that's how they see us all, utter psychopaths. From the Mail Online, April the 8th 2009, this is what Mr. Blair says: 

Pope is out of step with Catholics because of his views on homosexuality, says Blair  

The Pope is out of step with ordinary Catholics because of his 'entrenched attitude' to homosexuality, 

That's the tack he's taking, he doesn't give a darn about homosexuals. 

Tony Blair has declared. The former Prime Minister said the Vatican was far less tolerant on gay rights and was resisting adapting to modern life.  

I think the Catholic Church has had more than its fair share of scandals to do with gayness and paedophilia over this last while. In fact, one Bishop, in the States, was murdered, because he spoke out against it; he had his throat cut, from ear to ear. He was a friend of Malachi Martin. 

Mr Blair, who converted to Catholicism after leaving office, 

It didn't take him long, eh, to get on the high horse? 

suggested it was too afraid to change its trenchant views because it could lead to a complete overhaul of the faith. 

Well that's what, of course, Mr. Blair is after, but once it's homosexuality, it's on to the next thing and the next thing, until you won't recognise it, it'll be like Hinduism and then he'll be pleased. I'll read more of it, when I get back from this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. I'm reading an article from the Mail Online, to show you the little psychopath Mr. Blair, the Fabianist, remember, the Fabian Society have two main emblems: one is a turtle, or a tortoise, moving slowly, slowly, inter-generationally towards a particular goal; and the other one is a wolf in sheep's clothing, infiltrates from within, appear to be one of you and destroy from within, you see. So, he became a Catholic and now he's using the political correctness, to foist it onto the Catholic Church and my goodness, I guess being appointed as Prime Minister, being put in there by the big boys really went to his head, because no he thinks he should tell the Pope what to do, this novice Catholic and it says here:

Mr Blair, who converted to Catholicism after leaving office, suggested it was too afraid to change its trenchant views because it could lead to a complete overhaul of the faith.  

You see, that's how Fabians see society: they want to overall everything into the way that they want it to be. They're completely intolerant of any other way, completely intolerant. 

He also controversially implied that the Catholic Church should reform itself in a similar way to how he reshaped the Labour Party in the ‘90s. 

He completely altered the face of Britain when he was in; and he got us all through this martial law stuff, where everyone's being watched and monitored. You can't go anywhere without cameras watching and listening to you and your phone calls, this is what he calls success, that tells you where he's coming from. He's telling the Pope, the Pope should just reorganise it all, the same way he did the Labour Party in the ‘90s; that tells you the man doesn't believe in any God, at least not the one of the Catholic Church. That's the arrogance of the psychopath, the utter arrogance of a psychopath, you see. He'll use any means at all to achieve his end; but he himself and he'll lie and the whole bit, because, after all, if you really believe in Catholicism, you’d have to believe in the God who laid it down and what you believe; and they do believe, those Catholics, in the Catholic Church. It doesn't matter what anybody else believes, that's their right to believe what they want. 

That's Mr. Blair for you, as he trots along, doing all his different jobs and telling people how to live and how to behave and how to alter themselves and how to come into modern day mainstream. I wonder what he'd tell Jesus Christ if he saw him, eh? What would he tell him? To wear a suit and put on a red tie perhaps? Get his hair cut? I've no doubt he would; and become a member, a card-carrying member of the Party.  That's a good example of the psychopathic personality that's hired and trained to do exactly what he's doing, as he was hired and trained before they made him a Prime Minister of Britain. And yes, he was made the Prime Minister of Britain; he over-ruled everybody's objections to go into Iraq and Afghanistan. He overrode everyone, because it was a must-be, a must-be, to get the whole world, the Western world, into this war, to change every country, that was why; and he's a complete universalist, internationalist. He doesn't believe in nations. The Fabians wanted to hammer the world into the shape that they thought it should be and that's on the stained glass window of the Fabian Society, the founders hammering the globe on an anvil into the 'proper' shape and that means everyone else in it too, on that little globe, you see.  

Now, I've talked before about how the modern police, again, have been brought up on a generation of video games and their heroes are all guys in black and these games just kill, kill, kill. Now they have the authority to be tough men, they're not policemen anymore, they're enforcers, enforcers, they even call their cars that in Britain now, enforcement cars; and so out of that generation, just like the military, you have these ones who want to kill and use force and just like their heroes in all the movies they watch, steroid men. Well, in the G20 meeting, there was a newspaper vendor, a seller, coming home from work and he just happened to walk in the wrong direction, it was his normal direction actually, going home; and the Guardian newspaper got a hold of some video footage, I'm sure there's more to come, where you'll see him walking in front of the police and the police are coming up behind him, with dogs and all that. There's one, I don't know if you call him a policeman or what you call him - thug - comes out and whacks him on the back of the legs with these truncheons that are meant to cripple, that's what they're meant to do, they're specially designed; and therefore he didn't go down right away. I guess he wasn't moving fast enough out the way, you know 'snel, snel', that’s the new order you get, snel. Then this guy just jumped him on the back, through him to the ground, the guy came down hard on his chest and that wasn't the first time they put him down, apparently, there's more videos to come from other people who were there; that was the second time they did it. Anyway, he died; he died, so they're going to have one of these wonderful open enquiries, where all these ex cops that are put on the enquiry board will do the investigation. The post-mortem in fact, the autopsy was done by a physician from the Home Office, that's as high as you can get in Britain for the cops and anti-terrorism. Their own outfit did the autopsy on the guy and said he died with a heart attack. Amazing eh? Just amazing; we're under incredible tyranny and these are only shades of things to come on a much bigger scale, because the modern policemen are not policemen at all, they're thugs I'm afraid; they're a brotherhood, a fraternity and they're trained to be paranoid about the public.  

I think the music may be coming in; it is, so I'll be back after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing how the police have certainly changed from services, they used to be called police services and they were responsible to the public for their actions. Little towns used to hire them and they could fire them too but you can't do that now, you see it's all federalised. They're a brotherhood, a fraternity, trained to view the public with suspicion and to actually prey; they're predators upon the public. They're given quotas of tickets and all the rest of it to do; and they're rather hostile to people nowadays, you can't go up and ask them the time. Don't wear a camera, whatever you do, because they'll search you and be rather nasty to you, asking why you’re taking pictures. I don't think you're allowed in Britain now to take pictures of policemen, that's what they've told different people and they have videos up on Youtube where you'll see the policemen coming up and saying that. They all think they're the law now, as they strut around, with their new-found authority, from the government.  I'll put the link up from the Guardian, where you can see the video of this man being killed, obviously; and I don't know if it really affects people today, because we're so jaded with so many movies, 30 years of really horrible movies, they can't tell the difference between fact and fiction. Slaughter is nothing; we live watching that, people get off on watching that in the movies. So, I guess that's all part of the Bernays training techniques that's been used on us, to desensitise us all; tough.  Anyway, Ian Tomlinson is dead and they'll have their little enquiry and it'll soon be forgotten; there'll be nothing much will come out of it, because, after all, it's just one person amongst the masses and what does that matter in today's Fabian society? 

Now, they give handouts to the media all the time, massive handouts and the media complies, they're happy to have the thing written for them, propaganda, it saves the journalists having to do much thinking and they simply print it into the papers. And they're always keeping those who they've trained to support them, all the different groups, the greenies and so on, they're always promising them wonderful futures and wonderful things to come; and this is from the BBC news too, April the 8th.  

Prime Minister heralds 'green economy' Budget  

We have a green economy, a green economy budget. I heard this, back in the 1970s; they were talking about the same kind of stuff, electric cars and all that. 

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is promising this month's Budget will plot a "green" route to economic recovery.  

Maybe we're all going to grow vegetables?  I guess you'll have to get permits for that. 

Trials of electric cars, a roadside network of vehicle-charging points and incentives for environmentally friendly carmakers are among planned measures.  

Well, I'll tell you what the real story is; and I said this years ago on radio. When I was young, I went in to see how cars worked and found out how old the internal combustion already was and I thought, with the speed of changes in every different field, why is it we're still using the same engine, basically, as we did in the late 1800s? And it became evident to me, after reading the different agendas coming out of the United Nations, and the Globalists (they've always been around, publicising themselves), it was evident to me that they would eventually phase out cars, because in a totalitarian society, where you want everyone to live in Agenda 21 (look into UN Agenda 21), we'll all be crammed into these overcrowded cities and it says right in it (in the UN's Agenda 21) there'll be no private transportation. The idea is not to give you substitutes really, this was always a red herring, it's to phase all cars off the road; and they'll also use the purse at the end, because Fabians said that they will use money primarily as a controlling factor on society. 

Here he is, Mr. Brown, promising a green route to economic recovery, which is all rubbish; and do you realise how much energy it takes to produce electricity and then to recharge these batteries and all the rest of it? It's phenomenal, way more than the cost of creating gasoline; and you can't go terribly far, but that would also suit their agenda, because they don't want you travelling terribly far. They want a Sovietised system, where you need a permit to get outside your own little region, or area, that's coming too, by the way. So, this is the nonsense he's telling his followers: 

Mr Brown told the Independent there was scant room for further fiscal stimulus.  

No kidding, the same guys used this crisis, like Hilary Clinton said in the US, can use this crisis for the greening agenda; they always create the crises, because they need them. 

Instead, he said, the Budget on 22 April would be "a job creator, a quality of life improver, and an environment-enhancing measure".  

Well, it will create jobs - for those who work in the welfare departments, there's a big need for them now all over the western world.  

Mr Brown told the newspaper: "It is not just what we do to give real help to people and business now, 

They're a help to business? They've strangled business for 30 years. 

but about setting a path for the future as well. "We always take into account both what we need to do now and what is the best future for the fiscal position,"

Then he goes in and there's a blurb there, tied in with one of the green environmental groups, I think it's Greenpeace. Greenpeace is not an elected group; we don't elect these people to advise politicians but this is what they're now calling the new democracy, the NGOs, you see, pretending to speak on behalf of the people, are heard by the politicians. That's the only ones the politicians will listen to; after all, they're all run by the same bosses, the bankers, who run the Foundations that fund the NGOs, that's why. 

Now, I'll go to the calls now and I think, if I can get this up, my satellite just keeps falling tonight. There's Derek from Philadelphia there; are you there Derek? 

Derek: Hey Alan, can you hear me? 

Alan: Yes, I can. 

Derek: Hey, hey, well, very interesting show tonight, like usual, I was actually thinking, while you were talking, about the whole idea of Masonry and Master Masons, as they call themselves. Well, the entire story of Masonry, with Herod and Kind Herod and Solomon, I guess it was, was that they were actually all slave masters (!) and the whole point of Masonry or the low level Masonry, I guess, is to become the third level Master Mason and do you want to talk about that a little bit? I'd love to hear what you think. 

Alan: You drive up to any town, throughout Canada, or any of the British Commonwealth countries, and the first sign you'll see, the first sign is a big sign and it has all the different Masonic outfits in that particular town, or city; and it's telling you right there, who owns and runs the bureaucracies and the system in that town or city. They're very handy, even though they don't know very much, they are a fraternity and, of course, they're sworn to help each other and keep secrets from the profane, those outside their organisation. And they do promise to help each other up the ladder, promotion wise, giving business to their own businesses and so on; they'll direct the business to them. 

Derek: It seems to be almost the entire structure.  

Alan: It is, it's everywhere on the planet, everywhere on the planet, you have a lodge and the tiniest village will have a lodge in fact.  

Derek: Yes, well, the entire structure seems to be based on slavery, the entire idea, from its conception, is that the slave masters and I guess the elite Masons in their own little lodges, or whatever they do, they see themselves as Herod or Solomon, little Solomon’s running around! 

Alan: That's right. You've got to understand too, in ancient Egypt, the bureaucratic class called themselves slaves, but they were very-well rewarded; they'd called themselves servants or slaves, it doesn't matter, they're slaves to their god or their system, but they were very well rewarded for being so. Of course, they all believe they're on the right track to improve society, but they never ask who's designing this new society and if there's any nefarious purpose to it. So, the lower Masons are very handy; Pike and others have said that they're no different really with what they know or don't know than the outer profane. They don't know very much at all, but they do help to keep this system and structure running and they'll go along. They actually get directions from the top, that tell them, basically, how to think and even which way to vote and all this kind of stuff, really, it's kind of hinted at and hints, when you’re given that by a Grand Master mean more than just a hint to take; if it's a word from the wise, as they say, you listen to what they tell you.  You'll notice too that the chipping programme for all children is being pushed by all Masons and they have it on their sites, their websites. They call it the Masonic chip, or something, they want all children to be carrying these ID chips etc. They also are the ones who are behind the finger-printing of all children as well and so on. They also take credit for giving us the present educational system, that's in their documents, from Masonic websites. Well, look at the education system: it's a social engineering programme and that's obvious, you know.  

Derek: Well, it's totally Pavlovian as you might say. 

Alan: Yes it is and I've talked to Masons that came out of it and went through some deprogramming, guys who were up there, you know; not terribly high, 32nd Degree, and they tell you that, after a few years, they cannot believe how differently they now see society as how they saw it: very tunnel vision like, when they were in Freemasonry itself and when they were active Masons. 

Derek: Well, those things that you do in the Temple when you're a Mason, they probably go back for a much longer time than people think or say, those rituals they do and what they're doing there, you know, maybe on a spiritual level. 

Alan: Yes and Albert Pike said it's not necessary that they understand the emblems and symbols, during their training in their Degrees, it's only necessary that they think they understand what they are. They're being hoodwinked as well. 

Derek: Well, it's kind of obvious, almost, because they even have the death symbols of what will happen to you if you give out the secrets to any of the profane or someone who's not associated with masonry at all. Even the common, least intelligent person, would be able to see that these symbols, to kill other people, that's really what it's all about. 

Alan: Well, it's also incredibly arrogant, because when you've got a bunch of 32nd Degree Masons talking amongst themselves, they really do believe, that's how stupid the ego of ordinary mortal man is, they truly do believe that they are superior and that they are more intellectual and that they do believe that they have acquired wisdom. And they do call the general public the profane to each other, in a derogatory fashion, you know. 

Derek: Well, I'm sure they believe that too. Which is kind of sad, in a way how sick they've become but I mean, that's just who they are on the inside, I guess they're attracted to those rituals. 

Alan: Well, let's be honest too: what kind of man would join an organisation where the only thing that he knows about it, is that it helps you in your career to get up the ladder, or to get out of trouble, etc, etc. It also helps you to bypass petty bureaucracy, you do get a lot of help, that's all they know about it; and then they take their oaths and they're told they won't understand certain things, they're told not to ask questions about higher Degrees etc.  If you were to ask them 'what am I joining?' they'd tell you 'Well, I'm not allowed to tell you'. What kind of fool would join and give a blood oath, his life oath, staking it all on an organisation that will not tell him what its main purpose is?  

Derek: You say it very eloquently, Alan, so I'll hang up now. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. The volume's very low in the callers, I can just make it out; and there's Ken from Massachusetts there; are you there Ken? 

Ken: Alan, I spoke to you on Friday, toward the end of the show; and you suggested I call back on Monday; and I apologise I didn't get back to you sooner. I was calling about the Metro newspaper. 

Alan: That's right. 

Ken: When I was at work, I came across an advertisement and I immediately thought of you; and this was put out by Clark University, in the Metro newspaper and it's: "Wanted Change Agents" and it's an advertisement for an MBA Programme and it's an MBA “Masters And Business Administration And Social Change”. They've got a blurb, they have a brief description; and it includes Non Profit and NGO Management and it says "A generous scholarship is available". And just in the venue that it's in, I'm thinking about it, the Metro, I'm sure you're familiar with it? 

Alan: Yes. 

Ken: It's globally-distributed and I don't know if it's syndicated out, they have like localised editions, but it's all over the western world, and Asia, as well; and you look at the articles and it's green agenda, every other article. 

Alan: And global governance. 

Ken: Exactly and a good smattering of gun violence articles and it struck me, because it's freely-distributed paper. 

Alan: Yes and there'll be money coming into that from various sources that they'll never tell you! 

Ken: Exactly, and it strikes me it seems like it's kind of following a Soviet model. 

Alan: Yes, because that's exactly what the Club of Rome, the premier think-tank for strategy, the ones that came up with this greening global agenda and the people at war with the planet and therefore they had to change their ways, they said that they looked at all the systems and they favoured the Collectivist system, meaning the Soviet system, to run the world. 

Ken: And it's just striking, considering the state of the economy we're in right now, and it’s like you would actually pick out an ad to be distributed as "generous scholarships available". 

Alan: Yes, it's part of their agenda and this is also with the different organisations that also work with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that are heavily funded. They are training what they call young leaders for future positions, to control and guide society; and so that's what they've been doing for quite a few years now. They pick them out, they test them psychologically, to see if they're malleable, and they programme them to be future leaders and these are the ones they'll eventually present over you as CEOs or bureaucrats or politicians. 

Ken: The Greening agenda that you've been discussing, has been pushed for quite a long time, I mean, I'm a bit younger than you. I'd estimate I'm about ten years younger than you; but I remember when I was in primary school, in the mid 70s, and that was around the time when they were pushing Metric big time, at that point. I remember even being introduced to Soy; I was in third grade and they were telling us about Tofu, solar energy. 

Alan: Yes, hold on, I think I hear the music, it's very faint and we'll come back - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Ken from Massachusetts, about the Metro paper that is all over pretty well the planet, with all their politically correct / greening agenda and their global governance and all of that kind of stuff that they're pushing. There are so many, again, that goes back to an article I read, maybe a month or so ago, when the big boys at the top talked about using all kinds of media and how they already had for a hundred years, to promote their agenda. It's just another part of it and it's in everything actually, it's in everything that you watch, everything, even in comedies, you're being programmed along this particular agenda, with little buzz words, catch phrases and Lenin said We shall win by slogans, repetition of slogans and it's so true, until the public start to parrot them themselves. Hello, are you still there Ken? 

Ken: Yes, if you'd think it would be worth doing, I can just go into the advertisement, just as I was listening, I was looking over the description and it really says quite a bit. 

Alan: We've not really time tonight, we've got another caller to take but I know what you're saying. I've seen similar ads in different newspapers as well and you'd be amazed how many universities are teaching courses in global governance and all this kind of stuff, they have been for a few years; and they're bypassing the older generation who don't even know what's going on! 

Ken: It's like I said: I recall thirty years ago, a lot of this stuff I was being exposed to; and I would say when I was in a public education system and in some ways pretty good, as public education systems go, they covered a lot of things that I’m surprised they did.

Alan: Yes, but the fact is they called themselves change agents years ago, even when they were for the education system; there were books out for teachers where they actually stated “You are now change agents”. Their job was to socially-engineer society, step-by-step into this world society, where there's no rights or wrongs, its moral relativity. If you have a fixed opinion on something, or a true belief in something and it doesn't blend in with the agenda, then you'll be stigmatised and we've lived through it all happening.  Thanks for calling and I'll go onto Patty from Illinois, if she's still there, before the end of the show. 

Patty: Hi Alan, can you hear me? 

Alan: Yes, I can, go ahead.  

Patty: Hi Alan, how are you doing? 

Alan: I'm just hanging in, as always! 

Patty: Yeah, me too, despite the spraying. I'll just add quickly to what that caller was saying: my daughter-in-law is trying to get her certification and become a teacher and she is from Russia; and she's just shocked, she said it's just like 'I'm doing the Soviet system completely', she said all the studying and the testing that she has to take, the questions, it's all politically-correct, it's all socialisation, it's all collectivism.  It's such a lot of the Soviet system, she said it just shocked her, she said it's all here in America now. 

Alan: It sadly is almost every part of it. The Soviet system was the second great experiment and they're using that for the entire planet. Mr. Gorbachev, remember, was the President of the Soviet Union, when it was the Soviet Union; and even while he was still the President of the Soviet Union, they'd opened up and passed their little charter for his greening agenda, when he would come over to the States and start spreading world socialism across there as well. He's heavily funded by the big Foundations too. 

Patty: And now, everything is going green, you can't open a newspaper or anything without it in there, on the cover, everywhere, clothing, they even have a whole line of clothing for girls! 

Alan: Yes, but thanks for calling. 

Patty: Well you take care, Alan. 

Alan: And you too; and from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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