Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#298)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 14, 2009:

Fear Tactics Working--Elites Smirking:

"World Rulers Fearfully Praying
People Stay Oblivious to the Spraying,
Dying of Allergies, Intensified Fears,
Though They've been Sprayed Over Ten Years
With Metallic Particles Suggested by Teller,
H-Bomb Inventor, Scientific Feller,
In Conjunction with HAARP, He did Find
Could Make Populations Pliable, Dull of Mind,
Easily Led in Confused Disorder
Into Regimented New World Order,
Punch-drunk with Crises, We've Become
Accepting of Tyranny Since 2001,
Those Still Conscious Notice Lately
All This Horror Under 'Peace and Safety' "
© Alan Watt April 14, 2009

Tuesday 14th April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 14, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 14th 2009. 

Newcomers I always guide into and, on the website, you'll find hundreds of hours of audio talks I've given in the past, where I try to give you, or fill in the blanks between the little bits we get in the news, to tell you why things are happening, the real reasons why things are happening; and I try and use documentation from those who help to manage this Brave New World / New World Order system that's plainly coming into view; and in fact it is all set up. We're always told after the facts, that's how it really is, in real life, we're kept as mushrooms in the dark and fed you know what. 

Also: look into for transcripts of these audio talks. You can print them up and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

For those who want to keep me going, you can purchase what I have for sale on website. There's books there and discs and so on, videos, or you can donate to me through PayPal, or through personal cheque (US / Canada), that will keep me ticking over. 

And: for those who get discs passed around to them and don't know where to send anything [listed above].

We get up in the mornings nowadays and for those who are still awake, who have natural sensibilities of noticing the environment, will see the increasing spraying that’s going on, the spraying in the sky. This morning, they started early, they start very early now in the summer, or when the summer's coming in, spring / summer and they go at it early in the morning; and these trails eventually form this awful mushy pale colour in the sky, this pale mush, polymer types. This has been going on now for ten years, ten years; and no government will mention this to the public. The nearest they've come to it, as I say, is in Ottawa, where the politician for Sudbury talked in Parliament and asked what was going with the aerial spraying and the Minister (that’s the politician in charge of defence) said they didn't have to answer that, to politician's requests, because of reasons of national security. Every country is on board and I get photographs everyday sent, I got stuff from Los Angeles this morning and it's exactly the same as the sky I've got here, as they start their spraying and continue and you watch this polymer-type mush spread across the sky.  Remember: this stuff comes down and it's such a farce too, because we're getting more and more little inserts into newspapers, to get us used to the idea that they're going to, they're going to shoot up particles of metal into the atmosphere, to try and stop global warming. Well, guess what? They've been at this for ten years solid, solid; and most people haven't a clue, because they have been so domesticated, like Brzezinski said they would be, in his own book Between Two Ages, because they can't reason for themselves, they do expect the media to reason things out for them. If the media tells them not to think about something, or doesn't mention it at all, then it can't exist, even though their eyes see it, so they ignore it.  

Back with more on this very topic - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, leading into tonight's talk with the aerial spraying that's just intensifying. It's so ridiculous, because I was wondering how they could do it and keep even the pilots quiet but it's not difficult keeping pilots quiet, especially military pilots, because all you do is give them another ribbon, kick them upstairs and say they're in a special unit and of course they can't disclose anything to the public for the rest of their lives and they give them a fake reason for what they're doing with all the spraying. And I'm sure they're probably told it's to save the planet: ‘You know, the world is in trouble and you guys are the only thing that's standing between saving humanity and them all dying off. Well, of course there'll be side-effects to some of this stuff’ - and they're given some fake statistic of 2% of the public dying with all the chemicals they're adding; but they'll say that's acceptable, there's nothing else they can do. And that'll be good enough for them; that's how simple it is in the military. Now they're in a special unit you see, they'll probably end up leaving the Air Force into a sub-category, one of these side categories where they bring drugs into disperse amongst the population, they'll fly them over and they’re given clearance etc. That's how the real world works; and it's no coincidence that we're always getting reports now of these mysterious illnesses and allergies that are just sky-rocketing, everyone's got massive auto-immune disease and multiple allergies to everything, suddenly, suddenly. This is from the same bunch of people who say that Darwinism believes in evolution where nature changes over millions of years; but suddenly everyone's got autism, all children are getting autism or some degree of it or Attention Deficit which is only a degree of autism, in some form or another and we're all getting allergies, our immune system's just dropping off. 

This is from the BBC, this is the sort of propaganda they give to you; and the spin they give to cover up the lie is interesting too. This is from today's BBC and it says:- 

"Rise in multiple allergy patients"   

by Sue Emmett  

Then they go on to: 

"My eyes puffed up, I went head-to-toe bright red, with severe stomach cramps and chest pains" - 27-year-old Kirsty Speed on her multiple allergies. 

Specialist UK clinics have told the BBC they are seeing a significant rise in the number of patients suffering from several allergies at once. They are also finding symptoms are becoming more severe, causing acute pain and in some cases even death.  

See: they know darn well that all the spraying is causing it, it's not to do with saving us from global warming. I've gone through this before with the barium in the spray and the aluminium oxide and the other metallic particles, dreamed up by Teller. Teller was the guy who invented the H-bomb and he wanted to become very famous, by using HAARP technology, combined with global spraying of metallic particles across the world. He also said it could affect the moods of people, make them more calm / more easily-managed. That's where Brzezinski, who worked with the NSA, got his idea for the Technotronic Era, where he said that methods would be used to control whole populations across the world and they won't even be aware of it; Technotronics.

Getting back to the story here, to get the spin you see. You see, they announce to us what becomes obvious through talking to people and hearsay and neighbours and people who are coming down with things. They announce the obvious and then they spin it off to give you your conclusion. It says: 

Many of those afflicted are reported to be children. 

They're also getting more inoculations that any generation before, at an earlier age too.  

Staff from specialist clinics in Liverpool, Cambridge, Cardiff, Birmingham and London are among those to confirm the rise.  

Everybody knows it. 

Dr Jonathan North, a consultant immunologist in Birmingham, said: "We used to say that 15% of the population had an allergy of some sort,  

Now, that's probably 1990s statistics, because it was much smaller than that in the 1970s and 1980s  

now the figure is nearer 40%.  

Suddenly, just suddenly mind you. 

"As well as the well-documented increase in prevalence, the proportion of complex/multiple allergy cases is increasing."  

That's where they're allergic to everything. 

The reasons for the rise are not fully understood.  


One of the theories, which I think makes sense as regards food allergy, is that we now have a far wider range of foods available and children are being exposed at a much younger age," said Dr North.  

Well, I've been talking my head off about what they've added to the food as well, never mind the GMO stuff. 

Symptoms more severe 

Dr Shuaib Nasser, a consultant in allergy for the Cambridge University NHS Trust, has also noted the growth in multiple allergies  

Well, I hope so because he's a consultant. 

and is concerned about the increasing severity of allergy symptoms, which can be fatal.  

See, more of us are just dying off with it. 

For asthma and hay fever patients, Dr Nasser says the period of suffering is also getting longer.  

Now people who are older of course, it doesn't say this in this particular article, but I read it from another one, people in their 30s and 40s are getting asthma for the first time, because they're breathing all this crap in that's being sprayed on them daily. 

"We may think of some allergies as being simply inconvenient but there are patients who die from allergic disorders." Hay fever is not just a runny nose. Patients develop asthma and are admitted into hospital." 

Dr Nasser has been running an investigation into asthma deaths.  

Every country in the world is collecting national data on all this stuff and they have been for ten years, since they started spraying because they knew what would happen, they knew what would happen. 

"We have found that asthma deaths peak in July and August.  

That's when the heavy spraying is and it starts coming down faster. And here's what he says: 

"We know that the reason they peak is due to environmental allergens, fungal spore levels." 

Well, we never had 40% with allergies before, quack! Ha-ha! And here's the other part of the spin: 

Climate a factor  

See how it ties in with their spin. 

According to Dr Nasser, 

Who works for the government, of course. 

climate change is largely to blame.  

Climate change, even though we're in a cooling period supposedly, from a warm period. 

"Global warming is causing an increase in fungal spore levels as well as pollen, so this is something we are going to see more of. 

You know why? Because they're going to spray you all the more. Look up folks, it's a great time to see it when the spring and summer's there; look up every morning, get up early and sit out the back and look at the sky. You'll see them go at it and criss-cross that sky like a chess board and you'll see those horizon-to-horizon trails. That's not how condensation trails work: condensation trails disappear at a hand's length, if you were to put your hand up to the end of that jet that you see in the sky. These things stay in the sky all day long and they spread into this polymer mush. They did develop polymers by the way, that's also declassified from the governments, for bacterial and viral warfare purposes, to carry down chemicals or viruses and bacterium to the ground. They've had that since the 1950s.

If you're wondering why there are strange wispy things that turn all over the sky, that's polymer, you see. They form circles around the sun, like a rainbow, you’ll see that when they're really spraying heavily; but we're not supposed to know. And the mainstream boys, you know, the people that you've grown up watching, the guys that they hire and keep there for their life until they're falling off their chair, because you've grown up with them, they're like a daddy to you, they stare at you from the television screen every night and tell you everything you need to know, they're not going to tell you. That's why they pay these guys and keep them there, it's like part of the family isn't it?  

As they start to disclose what becomes obvious to people, as they start to hear of people dying around them, or they start dying themselves, it's global warming that's causing it folks! Isn't that wonderful how they can spin it and give you a conclusion that falls in with their agenda? Hmm, isn't it? Even though we're going through a cooling period, not a warming period; and I've spoken ad nauseam about it, from all the different reports that have come into the contrary of global warming; incredible. Mushrooms, we're mushrooms.  

The whole world is becoming global, because it was set up to be global a long time ago; and the public haven't a clue. Not only they haven't a clue, they've been domesticated to believe that experts should run the world, that's exactly the system that Carroll Quigley talked about, back in the 1960s: a new feudal system, where the natural aristocracy, the intelligentsia on behalf of those who run the economic system, will manage us all, in a perfect fashion. You know, this self-determination business with individual rights just has to go out of the window, it's too untidy and it's not so productive for the boys at the top. Remember too what Charles Galton Darwin said in his book, the big eugenicist, in the 1950s, the Next Million Years, he said:

There's always been a form of slavery; we're simply creating a more sophisticated form of slavery.

These guys don't say these things without it being fact, not at that level, or Kissinger either. They do it, they're in the know, they're part of the managerial class - we're being managed. You ever thought about voting? Under democracy, it will tell you the only thing you're allowed, as a citizen, that's very important, is to vote. You are legally giving your right to someone you don't even know, all you get is a PR image of some totally unknown person, a person generally who's never even managed a Tim Horton donut store, to run the country supposedly. When you give them that right, you're giving them absolute right to do with you as they wish to, by the creating and passing of laws. Think about it: it's a legality and they can do as they wish to you once they're in and they do, every time, every time and we never learn when the next front man is put in front. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, dispelling the clouds of spray on top to give you the truth, the truth that eventually leaks out here and there, from different sources and the truth is evident, self-evident to anyone that can look around them and up at the sky, something people used to do all the time. They didn't wait for the weather station to tell you what to wear that day, you went outside and looked; it was that simple. Most folk don't do that now, because the media's there to do all your thinking for you; god help you. 

Now, I will sometimes look at these stories and I will save them to the desktop and I'll put my own label on them, because of the farce. You see: a headline is meant to instil, basically, the conclusion in the headline and then they go on with the story. You've already been given an idea or a conclusion, sometimes with a question mark at the end of it; and this is how it's done. Never mind the last story of course, when they spun it into global warming, that's why you're dying off and coughing your lungs up and having these strange multiple allergies, nothing to do with the spraying of course, or the fact that they're changed all your food, by design, deliberately, in secret and so on. Remember: eugenicists run the world and I've read articles in the last few days and weeks and months, they've come out openly talking about having to bring down the population on the planet drastically, as they keep showing you the same old photographs of a city in Bombay.  

This is from the BBC 13th of April 2009, here's their headline, remember the BBC is a department of the British Government, that's who funds it and runs it; it was set up as a propaganda tool, from the beginning: 

UK society 'increasingly fearful' 

Now, I've mentioned before: whatever happens in Britain's happening across the Western world at the same time. Britain is way ahead in propaganda, it's had centuries in propaganda and diplomacy than any other country and how to manage masses of people across the world in its Empire. So, I put my own little line on this and saved it to desktop as:

Fear tactics working

Because I mentioned before how they call us a herd and under the Pavlovian doctrine it's hard to get the herd moving in a new way of thinking and doing, if they've grazed too long without ever much happening to terrify them. Once you start stampeding the herd, you can bring in rapid changes, one after another; it takes a little while to build up momentum. Once it's done, you can bring in all kinds of social changes and we're punch drunk, we just go along with it. So I put, yeah, the fear tactics are working. Since 2001 we've had nothing but terror, fear, oh my god, ships are coming into New York harbour with atomic bombs, this is from the Feds, stuff like this; utter rubbish. We're all going to die of some bacterial warfare that's going to break out, die, die, die, die, until we're tied and labelled like animals, we have no privacy whatsoever, actually cattle in a barn have more privacy than we have today; but it's all for our safety they tell us. So, here's the spin: 

UK society 'increasingly fearful'  

It says, from the British government's main private corporation of propaganda. 

A charity is calling for a nationwide campaign to protect the UK's mental health after a survey suggested people were growing ever more anxious.  

I wonder why? Why is that? What's changed in the last few years?  

The poll of 2,000 adults for the Mental Health Foundation found 77% found the world more frightening than in 1999.  

Now, let me think: 1999, along comes 2001 and what happened there to change it, what was it now? They put the whole world on action alert at the same time, following the same omnibus terrorism bills and so on and so on. Now, remember: the Mental Health Association is to become an authority; it already is, in reality. So, it's a double spin in here. 

The charity described a "culture of fear" in which the media and politicians fuelled a sense of unease.  

Well, no kidding, no kidding. That's all we've had is masses of propaganda and red alerts, red alerts, Star Trek Enterprise. 

But one sociologist said the campaign risked becoming a "self-fulfilling prophecy" making people more anxious.  

There's your dialectic. 

The report, In the Face of Fear, 

That's what it's called: In the Face of Fear. 

found more than a third of people say they get frightened or anxious more often than they used to, while 77% thought the world had become a scarier place.  

While the economic climate 

They love the word "climate" don't they? 

was seen as part of the reason for the increased levels of fear, the charity said it believed there were other factors at play.  

The report said "worst-case-scenario language" sometimes used by politicians, pressure groups, businesses and public bodies around issues such as knife-crime, MRSA, bird-flu and terrorism can have a detrimental effect on people's wellbeing.  

No kidding? Like Pavlov didn't come out with this back in the early 1900s. They actually used his techniques in the Soviet school system. The one that FDR's wife, after she came back from visiting Stalin, and visiting Pavlov, that was her hero, she said:

The children are so well-behaved, there have no spontaneity when they're going to school buy they all walk quietly.

and she loved the order of it all. Hmm, order, order. 

Back with more - after this message. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, showing you how propaganda works, where the obvious is stated, because the world is the way it's supposed to be, it's designed that way and this article is going around the issues, rather hit them straight in the face, because you're not supposed to know why you're becoming terrified you see. That's how propaganda works; we're being trained like animals, to come into a New World Order where we'll have authorities running our lives from birth to death, in every facet of life, including eventually sterilisation, mandatory etc. You know, the tidy planet that the control freaks have desired for a long-long time, Plato talked about it, he was a fantastic Fascist; and they all study Plato, every one of the big boys mentions it in their biographies, they love Plato.  

To get on back to the story and it says here, from the BBC, talking about how the crisis creation is working; and it says:  

Meanwhile it said devices to reassure people such as CCTV 

That's these close-circuit television cameras. Listen to what they have to say, they: 

"can actually make people feel more fearful, sensing that high security suggests risk.  

That's what it's supposed to do. It also makes you fearful knowing you're getting watched all the time. Remember George Orwell where there was cameras everywhere; and in the movie, it was even well done, in the John Hurt / Richard Burton movie, where you had to put on a bland face all the time, so they couldn't read from your thoughts: Thought Crime. It's all meant to intensify it, agitate you; but they could also have spun it the other way and said that ‘people would feel more safe with cameras’, see, somebody at the BBC missed an opportunity there.  

Fear of crime continues

This is it…

to rise even though crime rates have fallen in the last decade". 

I've mentioned before, perception through propaganda, your perception becomes reality, you'll believe the lie; that becomes your perception, you'll ignore your own senses, you'll ignore the facts; they give you your conclusions. 

Fear of crime continues to rise even though crime rates have fallen in the last decade". The survey found variations - geographical as well as generational - among the 2,000 adults polled.  

And believe you me, these polls will go much-much deeper than the results they're giving us here, because they keep the pulse of the people in mind every day, as they manage us into the next step and the next step; and they have psychological units working at the very top, to manage our minds. 

Londoners were nearly twice as likely to feel anxious "a lot of the time" than those elsewhere in the country. Younger people also consistently reported greater fear than older people, 

That's because they're into the Internet reading all these terrifying articles. 

while women were more than twice as likely to report experiencing anxiety than men. 

The report also drew on research by the Office of National Statistics 

That's all you have now is offices of national statistics and we're run now by statistics; again, that was in the Orwellian story '1984'. 

which suggested that those diagnosed with anxiety-related disorders tended to be single, divorced or separated and earning less money. 

What it means is your life becomes meaningless, because they've destroyed the family unit, by intention; and I've gone through the articles by the big boys, the Huxleys and HG Wells and all the rest of them, who talked about the necessity to destroy the family. Of course, they've used the culture industry to do it; and radical minority groups, well-funded by the big Foundations. Fact. Fact. Fact. 

These apparently increasing levels of fear needed to be addressed, the foundation argued, 

Foundation you see. 

as those who suffer from anxiety were much more likely to experience other problems such as heart disease, gastrointestinal troubles, asthma and allergies.  

Here they spin it off again; see: it's your anxiety that's causing this massive increase, remember the last article I read? Isn't that a coincidence that they tie that in with it too? Nothing to do with the fact, nothing to do with the fact that Canada found out, in the mid 1990s, by a leaked report from Britain, that the Canadian Government, with Monsanto, had signed a secret agreement and had been using the GMO vegetables on the Canadian public, without their knowledge, for ten years already. And believe you me, they had massive databases of information collected on all the physical effects that came out since; and there were / there are physical effects, with the massive doses of pesticides, never mind the fact you've got everything except what they'll tell us in your vegetables All the different genes from god knows how many different creatures, put together by people who work with warfare departments, making your food on a genetic level. Eugenics and depopulation.  

"The modern world will test our resilience again and again and people need to know how to process their emotions better to prevent harm to their mental and physical health," said Mental Health Foundation chief executive Dr Andrew McCulloch.  

"A mental health promotion campaign that shows individuals how to look after their own mental health 

Ha-ha, ha. 

will be of immense public benefit, 

You see, they want to get involved in managing you at a personal level; and remember too what both of the Huxley's talked about: what's wrong with medicating and sedating the public, after all (in the 1950s, they said) after all, they're not very happy anyway.

They're going to gave a big / massive campaign, to help you manage the stress as the governments tell you you're on red alert, red alert, orange alert, yellow alert, yellow alert; plagues coming, this coming, asteroids coming, all kinds of utter nonsense, as they spray you like bugs, everyday, alter your food and take over the resources of the entire world and strip you of every right that your ancestors fought so hard, for hundreds, if not thousands of years, to gain; that's what's happening, that's what happening.  

Democracy - democracy is a wonderful word, as I say; and under democracy, that the UN pushes and all the big boys push, but never practice, is the right to vote, that's all you have. That's why if you're on the voting list, or they come round at Census time, and they say are you on the voting list? You say No. But you must be on the voting list. ‘No’. Why must you be on it, you see, why do you think the Soviet Union and other countries made it mandatory that you vote? You're legally giving the power for who you vote in to do whatever they want with you, whatever they want with you, or your children or anything else for that matter. That's a legality; it's a contract, that's why they want you to participate in the scandal, the con game, because they never listen to real democracy. They do all their polls and surveys, or do give the people a vote who keep objecting to the fact they didn't want a European Union, they got ran over anyway. When all the little cities around Toronto did not want to amalgamate, they eventually gave the people the vote, people said, over 70% of them, almost 80% didn't want amalgamation, so, local government said 'well, you're getting it anyway'. Ireland went against the Lisbon Treaty; Lisbon's the place where it was signed for the Economic Union that makes it into a superstar dictatorial state basically, this EU government. And what did they do? Ignore them, even though they can't go ahead unless every country agrees, so what did they do? And here is from the Telegraph, an article by Bruno Waterfield from Brussels 12th of April. 

Five hundred and thirty staff from the European Commission have already begun training to build a "shared diplomatic culture and an esprit de corps" for the EU's putative External Action Service (EEAS).  

Irish voters blocked the Lisbon Treaty, which provides the legal basis for a new Euro-diplomatic corps,  

In other words: they couldn't go ahead with anything, because someone voted against it, that's democracy you see.

when they rejected the renamed EU Constitution in a referendum last June.  

What did they do? They go ahead and create the Commission, as though Ireland had said nothing. 

The disclosure that the Commission has simply pressed on regardless and begun training the euro-diplomats infuriated Irish politicians. Ireland is expected to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in October. 

Why bother? Why bother? They're over-riding you anyway. You see: democracy is a plastic thing, it's only a con for the public; there's an agenda at work and nothing is going to stop this agenda. Voting against it is not going to stop it either, it's been in the works long before I was born or you were born or your grandparents were born; and asking them nicely is not going to stop it, you all know that. And this is what they do when you vote against it - they go ahead anyway - that's their type of democracy. They're defining democracy, democracy means it's always in their favour, always; and they never back-track on their plans. It's like 'global warming': when the Club of Rome dreamed up the whole idea, to strip everyone of their rights under the guise of 'global warming', we all had to be kept safe, so we have to give up all our rights and come together, to work together, in what they call Positive Freedom, the term coined by the philosopher at Oxford, Positive Freedom, we'll all work as though there's a war on something. It's the only time we work together, towards a big idea, a big idea, that's what it means, the Big Idea, Positive Freedom. It means really that you have no individual freedom at all, unless you're working with the team.  

Ireland is expected to hold a second referendum  

blah, blah, blah... 

Declan Ganley, an Irish campaigner for a "No" vote, said: "It is cause for serious concern that, by implementing the Lisbon Treaty, EU institutions are manifesting outright contempt for democracy." 

Of course they do, they always do that. Haven't you learned when people voted against, and countries voted against joining the EU, it was rammed down their throats anyway. ‘You'll be left behind if you don't join’, that was the big cry; you'll always be ‘left behind’. They used that in Canada, when they were signing the Free Trade Negotiations for the first part of amalgamation into the US and Mexico: 'You'll be left behind; you'll be outside the Trading Bloc'. When they did the NAFTA, same thing: 'You'll be left behind', oh go for it, go for it. And if you go "no" they disregard it anyway and go ahead.

See you're under a managerial dictatorship; that's what they mean, that's what Quigley meant when he talked about the system being a new feudal system. It was much tidier in these elitist minds when it was a feudal system: a serf was a peasant serf, all he knew was what he had to do, nothing else outside his little few acres of dirt, where he grew all the food for the ones above him, for his masters; all clean and tidy, everyone knew their place in a feudal system. And that was the term that was used, 'mind your place; mind your place'.  

Margaret Thatched talked about the parallel government that Quigley talked about, the Council on Foreign Relations, also the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the same outfit, that was born and brought into being to bring this whole world agenda, this feudal system into being. Because democracy, with people having all different kind of opinions was too cumbersome and too slow, they said. The Club of Rome said the same thing and said they favoured Collectivism or Communism, that's what that is. They can get things done when they bypass democracy; and you know what they want to do, they've got big plans, they've got to hurry it up, democracy is just to slow. We'll argue with them, we resent giving up rights and so on, so they bypass it.

This article says:

Staff are being discreetly trained, "without being too obvious", on 59 courses with the help of foreign ministries from 17 member states, according to EU sources. The training aims to foster a "specifically European dimension of diplomacy" 

Meaning a brand new type of dictatorship, that's what that means. 

and to "create a sense of common European purpose" 

You see, it's not good enough, I've mentioned this before, and it’s the same thing with eugenics. Your duty will be to serve the world state, that's the only reason you will be born and you will not be born if they don't need you. You see that the whole idea of, a hundred years ago, if you asked the average American "Why do you exist?" they’d look at you with a quizzical look, no one thought about it, you were, you existed, 'I am that I am, therefore that's all there is to it'. "I think therefore I am". Now you need a purpose to live, do you understand that? You've got to have a purpose that fits in with the world agenda. That's what it's all about, regimentation, common purpose. So, here you are, you see, it says: 

...and to create a sense of common European purpose for the new service. 

“Service”, get used to that word folks, it's all over the place. 

Ireland is one of four EU member states - the others are Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany - which have yet to ratify the Lisbon Treaty.

Why bother folks? They're going ahead anyway, that's signs of things to come, regardless.  

Under the EU's founding rules, no treaty of this kind can come into effect without the unanimous approval of all member states. 

Well, I've just read the fact that they've gone ahead anyway and created this Bureau, ha-ha! What a farce eh? Democracy, democracy. That's why they tried to create Republicanism in the US; and that's why Franklin, when asked what kind of government have you given us, that's very telling right there, remember, all these Masons created it. He said a Republic, if you can keep it. Interesting eh? Very interesting.  

Now, we've all heard of this massive nonsense about piracy, piracy off Somalia and I’ll put a link up to another side of the story, to tell you what's going on there, because you see, the seas there have been getting pillaged by the EU fishing fleets and now the Scandinavian fishing fleets, for ages, they're cleaning out the oceans there. And these guys started off as fishermen, they were so sick of being plundered, they were fighting back. So, I'll put this article up, this link to Democracy (that fancy word again, that meaningless word) Democracy Now, to give you another side of the story; it's very interesting.  

And just before, I’ll try to link up the satellite again to see if I've got callers, you can't tell, it takes a minute, sometimes because it goes down; but I'm also going to put a link up for what's coming as well, the cheaper way to go in schools: they're hiring bouncers from nightclubs to work in schools now, to control the students. Bouncers, you know the guys with no necks and so on.  

I think the music's coming in, so I'll be back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix and I'll take Miles from Norway, if he's still there, is Miles there? Hello? 

Miles: Hello. 

Alan: Yes, go ahead. 

Miles: Hello Alan. First of all: thanks for your show, you do great work. It's pretty early here, or pretty late, depending on how you think about it. I have a question for you. You have talked about Freemasonry and you've talked more explicitly about the various levels; I was hoping you could talk a bit more about higher levels and how that plays into the global leaders and their associations and I guess the levels that go beyond the 32nd and 33rd Degree.

Alan: 'Life begins at 40' and keeps going up; and you'll always see the old symbol they use of the serpent eating its tail, it's completed the 360 degrees. You don't get into the higher orders until you go up through the ranks of Noble Orders; and only then will you be picked, if you're essential to work on a higher level in the system and you've been proven you can keep secrecy, you must keep secrecy. The whole training programme all through it is a selection process, to see who can help manage the system. That's why even a lowly local village newspaper manager that just gets advertising out on community events will be brought up quickly to the 32nd degree; you can do it in a week, by the way, if they want you up there. 

Miles: How should we think about people like Albert Pike who was, I guess he was a 33rd or 32nd? 

Alan: He was way above that.  

Miles: Oh, he was way above that. 

Alan: And it wasn't just one person, not one person wrote Morals and Dogma - you can actually see the different mentalities, in different sections, on topics where in one section he's all for the people. Other sections you can tell there's a despising of the profane, as they call it, they despise the ordinary people; so, you'll see there's different categories, and one person in his day could not have learned a whole bunch of languages, including Hebrew, Byzantine, Greek, Latin etc plus all of the Kabbalah and the ancient philosophies of Greece and Rome and so on, Mithraism etc. 

Miles: At those higher levels, is it mostly about the ability to demonstrate that you can keep a secret or is that plus some other esoteric spiritual component? 

Alan: You must have elitist qualities, psychopathic-type elitist qualities; and, gradually, what they do, when they bring you up the ranks, it's first, gradually bring you into atheism and then they introduce, subtly, a new religion to replace it and, eventually, if you show abilities to follow orders - and they swear oaths to this - they actually say that they will reserve all moral judgements and immediately obey the order by a superior. That means anything that would be immoral to you; you must disregard and follow that order. So, the higher they go, they truly believe in world management, which is a Platonic idea, updated in Alexandria Egypt in the Second and Third-Century, and neo-Platonism, where they came out with a world that should be ruled by what they called the Natural Intellectual Aristocracy. The same thing that Aldous Huxley and his brother Julian were advocating and all the other big boys advocate. In other words: a world managerial class, which is what we have today.

Miles: It might take a little bit longer. 

Alan: We can't really go into it all, there's a lot more to it, of course, but it's a very old system and the histories of it. Thanks for calling; I hear the music coming in.  That's it from a very sprayed Ontario Canada, which fits in with a very heavily-sprayed L.A. and a whole bunch of other places across the US and Canada and the world, from Hamish and myself: it's goodnight and may you god or your gods go with you.   


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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