Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#299)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 15, 2009:

Planners Know and Joke on the Ways We Croak:

"Predictive Programming Through Education,
Subliminally Implanting Each Generation,
For Adults, Aerial Spraying Just Now Introduced,
In Combating Global Warming (Future Use),
While Children Taught Since 2001
Sprayed Metallic Particles will Block the Sun,
Grow Up Thinking Sky Mess is Normal,
Scientific Indoctrination in Classes Formal,
Catastrophic Side-Effects We May Observe,
Bewildered Death Throes of the Herd,
Those Who Know Branded Delusion
By Media Catering to Confusion,
War is Waged in Full Enactment,
There is No Complaints Department"
© Alan Watt April 15, 2009

Wednesday 15th April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 15, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 15th of April 2009. 

For newcomers: look into website, where you can download hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past, where I try to fill in the blanks they give you in the media to show why things are really happening; and to really prove to you that we're being guided along a pre-determined path, planned by people a long time ago. Inter-generational planning, with big Foundations at the top, that are unelected by any peoples that tend to tell governments what to do. In fact, many of the government members are members of these Foundations themselves, in fact the Foundations put them into politics and it’s been that way since before you were born. And I go into the eugenics background of them, which really raised its head with Darwinism, which was just an excuse for what the elite already knew to themselves - that they had the right to rule the lessers, as they say. And by using the terminology and the propaganda, and the spin of science, they could convince the whole public to go along with it and be managed in an appropriate way; this freedom nonsense just had to go. So I try to give you lots of documentation from their own writings, to show you how it has been done so far and where it's all going. 

Also: look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download for print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

You can also buy the books I have for sale at and that keeps me going; there's discs there too and other things. Or you can donate; and for those who have the discs burned and passed around, there's lots of people don't bother with computers, I don't blame them, but they play them on CD players, they can also donate or buy my stuff [listed above].

Yesterday, I mentioned, at the beginning of the show, that we're like mushrooms. People who grow mushrooms, commercial growers, keep them in the dark and feed them manure; and that is what I'm going to talk about tonight, to show you how the techniques of indoctrination, inter-generationally, work. And: how they're working on different generations all alive at the same time, at different levels; and how they prepare the young ones for the world they'll grow up into and for the massive changes they will experience, which were already planned years ahead. And how they'll adapt to those experiences because of their initial indoctrinations into the ideas at primary schools and elementary schools and how the older generations are by-passed in major events and never really know what's happening (they’ll say they'll die off soon enough); they always go for the youth.  

I've mentioned before that Beria, the head of the NKVD, that became the KGB in the Soviet System, at a Comintern meeting (I think it was 1934), said that they had it down to a perfect art in his day; that was without the internet and television: the intergenerational indoctrination / scientific indoctrination that could upgrade each intake of students, just a little bit ahead of the previous year's intake, into the changes that they would grow up and experience and accept in their lifetime. Today, it's much easier and it is truly a perfected science.

Just this morning, again, I walked out and there's all the spray, most people are oblivious because the older folk have no memory, they wait for the media to tell them what to think about. I'll be back with more on this topic, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing how perfect the indoctrination systems truly are; and Lord Bertrand Russell - and I've read his stuff on the air - from his own books, talked a long time ago (along with the Huxleys, both of the brothers), about scientific techniques of indoctrination and how perfected they were, back in the 1930s; and how even more they become perfected with the use of technology and even "the needle", as Mr. Russell said that would be used to create a compliant and pretty dumb population.  

Managing people is quite the task, if you want to rule them, you must make them think they're free. You give them an idea of what freedom is; and today it's a commercialised idea. I've gone through the whole culture creation business of Bernays, in the past, and how he and others basically created definitely the United States culture of the 1930s / 40s / 50s / 60s etc; and how even his nephews took it over (in fact, one is still running the culture industry in Britain today) and that becomes your reality, that becomes what you think as free. In fact, some people have actually said to me that they're free because they can go shopping anytime they want to and buy whatever they want, that's what they thought freedom was.

Really, it's an elastic idea, as most things truly are; words tend to cement ideas in our minds and that trick in itself is a way of being used by the propagandists who understand your logic and how you'll come to their conclusions. Again, written in great detail by Lord Bertrand Russell and others who were into this; and they worked with Tavistock and the big heavy think-tanks that had the agenda and the task of learning how to control millions of people across the world. The Council on Foreign Relations took that up, in the 1960s, when they had their international meeting, held in London, to decide if Britain or the US culture industry should create the world culture for the global society, as far back as that; and they decided that the US should do it. Along with that came a standardised education system and that was the task of Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous, who became the first C.E.O. of UNESCO, where he talked about scientific indoctrination, not to free children across the world but to make them manageable, where they'd fit in with this pre-planned agenda.  

Now, getting back to the spraying, for instance, in earnest, the spraying was done in earnest and frequently and pretty-well daily, the aerial spraying since 1998, I can remember the day when the aircraft came in, lots of them. They were half the height they are today and sprayed all over the skies and it stayed there all day in a criss-cross pattern, getting wider and wider and they've improved their sprays now, they’ll still last a long-long time as a spray, as a line across horizon to horizon; but they tend to blossom out much faster and merge with the others until you get this whitish mush above your heads. Now, that was done with no fanfare, no bellowing of media to the public, it was done hush-hush, even though it's right above your heads and this proves the point, it proves the point, as Lord Bertrand Russell, and then Brzezinski said in his own book, parroting Russell. He said: Shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves, they will expect the media to do it for them. The media has become an arm of your intellect now; you expect it to tell you what you should really know for your own well-being. Instead of looking for yourself, watching your environment and coming to your own conclusions, you'll disregard your own perceptions, if the media doesn't mention it; and most people are oblivious to the spraying, even when it's thick above their heads.

How do they introduce it to the public, because, eventually, there will be enough people who will start to see it and ask questions, mainly word-of-mouth; and how do they deal with that? Well, again, they by-pass first of all, the older generations, who are so dumbed down and trained to listen to the media for everything. They can't even go outside without listening to the Weather Channel where everything's a crisis; a millimetre of rain is a crisis.

And: they go for the youth, to prepare them for the world in which they'll grow up into, where they'll be massively-sprayed and they'll think it's normal. In the meantime, 10 going on 11 years after the first spraying, they start to introduce the idea into the public's minds, with little articles but they always put a president or a prime minister's name at the top, to grab your attention. Here's how they introduce the idea: ‘They might consider spraying the atmosphere’. This is one of many articles that have just come out over the last few months. This is called the preparatory phase of induction into memory, most folk will never reason this through; but it puts an idea / a possibility into their minds, so when they eventually do catch on that they're getting sprayed, they'll think 'Well, I saw this coming'. No, they don't even know they've been sprayed for 10 years already but the children have been taught this since 2001, in their sciences classes. This is from the Mail and it's the 9th of April 2009. 


There's your first thing that grabs the attention, see how it's all placed this way, Obama, Mr  

Obama may fire pollution particles into stratosphere 

I guess all by himself eh?  

to deflect sun's heat in desperate bid to tackle global warming 

This is all over the science magazines too; it's a hand-out you see. 

President Barack Obama is considering a radical plan to tackle global warming by firing pollution particles into the stratosphere to deflect some of the sun’s heat.  

The controversial experiment was touted yesterday as a possible last resort to help cool the Earth’s air by the president’s new science advisor John Holdren. 

Right away, you're given the premise and you're given your opinion, your conclusion: it's to stop global warming, so you won't argue or think any further than that you see. You won't ask 'Is this the real reason?'  

"It’s got to be looked at. We don’t have the luxury of taking any approach off the table," said Mr Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology. 

Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology, outlined the idea of shooting either sulphur dioxide particles, 

They've had those all over the newspapers and science magazines, as I say, for months. 

aluminium oxide dust 

Which is already analysed, I've got my own analysis here too from labs on the same stuff we've had for 10 years - and barium. 

or specially designed aerosols into the stratosphere - the upper level of the atmosphere between ten and 30 miles above the Earth's surface.  

And then tell you again what your conclusion is to be you see: 

It is hoped that this would cool the planet by artificially reflecting sunlight back into space before it can be absorbed.  

Even though more than half the scientists in the world are saying we're in a cooling phase, so that's not the reason they're doing this. Then it says: 

Naval guns, rockets, 

and all this nonsense, even hot air balloons, all the rubbish, see they've already been doing it 10 years with jets 

have been put forward as possible ways of firing the agent into the air.  

Now, here's the part you should be concerned about, apart from the fact they've been lying for 10 years and lying about this, because, as I say, they're already doing it, they have been. 

Mr Holdren admitted the scheme could have grave side effects 

Well, what would that mean, eh? They don't go into that. What would the "grave side effects" be of putting barium, aluminium oxide and other metallic particles into the atmosphere? Well, let me think now, we all breathe don't we, hmm? And do you know, the illnesses from these very substances have shot up in the last 10 years; strokes and everything. See: people with no memory, they can't remember what they read. People with no memory can't remember what the sky used to look like; and about 10 years ago, when all this started, there was article after article about the incredible strokes that were happening and signs and symptoms of strokes and even ads on television to tell you the signs and symptoms of strokes. Suddenly: people coming down with strokes, which you would get if you absorb aluminium oxide and barium. Pneumonias galore - all kinds of allergy problems - I discussed allergies yesterday, how it's up 40% plus over the last few years, multiple allergy syndromes, people becoming allergic to everything, again, side effects of these particular particles. But of course they're not saying that they're doing it, no, they are thinking of doing it. That's how they're getting the older generation acclimatised to the idea. Then this goes on and on about having to really take this seriously, to combat climate change, which is the weather, you know. And a little bit saying: 

Opponents fear that tampering with the atmosphere's delicate balance could have consequences that would be even worse than global warming.  

Well, no kidding, no kidding; but it'll also depopulate the planet pretty fast too, won't it? 

I've also, over the last few years on the radio, talked about the decline in animals and birds and I'm living in the country. Last year, the moles were coming out the ground, after it rained all June and July, with heavy spraying and they were coming up out of the ground and dying, because of the stuff that was coming down from the spray. There's a massive absence of birds; I can walk through the forest and hardly hear a tweet and sometimes I hear no tweet at all, in the country.  

Back with more on this - after these messages.

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. That was from the Mail Online, that article I just read; and this is the preparation of almost subliminal messaging to the adult population, who have no idea it's already been going on, most of them. And they'll flip through that with the same care that they flip through everything else, as they're bombarded with data, but it will implant in their minds the possibility of this coming up in the future. So, when the media decides to tell them it's being done, it'll seem quite normal to them; but, meanwhile, let's go to the children, you see, because - after all - you always treat every generation differently and young minds, who are going to grow up in a vastly-changed and drastically reduced population too, in the world, have got the scientific indoctrination and it's very precise, to build the utopia. In fact, this website I'm going to read from is for teachers and they have a magazine, it's called Edutopia, a mixture of education and utopia, there's that word again. Whose utopia, hmm? Whose utopia? Go into utopian thinkers and you'll find every name I've mentioned in the past at the top, all the eugenicists were utopian thinkers, for their utopia. What have the children been taught to do with spraying and the adults haven't a clue. They're just getting introduced to the idea that it might eventually happen in the future.

There's a book that is taught in all schools now, it's:

Science 1: Essential Interactions

and it's published by Centre Pointe Learning, published in 2001; and then it goes into, you see most parents would just flick through this: 

Chemistry. Earth. Earth science. Ecosystems. Educational issues. Heat. Life Science. Physical Science. Physics. Space sciences. Interdisciplinary approaches. 

Which means it's ideological, whenever you see "interdisciplinary" that means they're bringing all the politically-correct ideas and all the sciences together, because they're all on the same road; and I've discussed this road many times. And you scroll down it again and you see the usual subjects but mixed in with little political pieces of import - the importance of water etc, etc; and you go down to Unit 5 and then you go into, again, you can actually see how they're teaching it: 

10. Ecological pyramids

11. Case study: pesticides: poisons in the food chain 

Well, they are poisoning the food chain because this stuff was coming down that they've been spraying for ten years, it's all through the food too you see; and your water supply. 

12. The water cycle

13. Case study: choosing a waste disposal site 

Blah, blah, recycling, all the politically-correct stuff... 

16. Acid in the water cycle

17. Inquiry investigation: environmental models

18. The carbon cycle

19. Case study: solutions for global warming 

"Solutions for global warming" and you go into that and they talk about, well, the stuff that they're just telling the adults about now: firing off different things and spraying them across the sky with aircraft, particles of metals and so on into the atmosphere. Since 2001 they've been teaching the children this stuff, at school. They're just now letting the adults know that they might do it in the future. You see how it works? See how they work in scientific intergenerational indoctrination; and this book is for Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.  2001 they've been teaching the children so they'll grow up thinking it's all quite normal, if anybody was to bother to ask them, their parents won't stop and say 'What's that in the sky?' It would never occur to their parents, it wasn't on the TV, maybe then the child would say 'well that's just them spraying the metallic particles to save the world, daddy or mummy'. That's how it's done; simple isn't it? However, most folk are having such a great fantastic time playing themselves they're oblivious of any reality, completely oblivious.  

Going back to the Mail one, for the adults, Obama, like Obama is going to stand there, with a giant cannon right? How ridiculous but that's to grab your attention; and you look to the right of it and here's how they blur scary data with fantasy and rubbish, right next to it: 

Shocked Russian surgeons 

This is a mainstream newspaper. 

Shocked Russian surgeons open up man who thought he had a tumour... to find a FIR TREE inside his lung 

There's the kind of rubbish, that's how they make everything into a strange fantasy, until you take nothing really seriously; but the Obama may fire pollution particles into the stratosphere is going to sink into your head in a kind of dazy Disney-type way. That's how it's done; quite something eh?  

There's another report on the United Nations Millennium Development End Poverty 2015, I'll put this link up as well and you can spend your time (or waste it, whichever one which), but you can go through that and you'll find how they talk 'well half the world's poor is going to die in a few years because of bad water'. That would fit right in with their agenda. How long have they been throwing the tax money of the West at the Third World, supposedly? Because it doesn't get there, you know that, otherwise I wouldn't be reading this article of what's going to happen in 2015. They don't intend to save the world's poor, since Kissinger made a war on the Third World countries or “A population problem”, as he called it. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix; and just before I go onto the callers, I'm going to read a little article here, it's from Wired Magazine and called: 

Danger Room: 

Soldiers Blinded, Hospitalized by Laser ‘Friendly Fire’  

March 30th 2009 

An American soldier was blinded in one eye and three others required medical evacuation out of Iraq in a series of laser "friendly fire" incidents,  

To cut a long story short: they've got these brand new lasers, this kind of green type and they can cause permanent eye injury; and the idea was to give them to the soldiers, they're mounted on vehicles these things, to flash people, flash on-coming motorists, the Iraqis that means; and sort of dazzle them until they'd stop. Supposedly they've been using them at distances of 75 yards and blinding each other, the soldiers that is, in the process. Then it turns out that these incredible lasers that were developed, I remember Britain was talking about using them in the 1970s. They could actually, basically scan this across a battlefield with on-coming troops and you could wipe out a whole battalion, you’d literally burn out their retinas. So, they're using them on the Iraqis, to basically make them stop their cars, confuse them etc; and it tells you at the bottom, as I say, that they thought it was 75 yards away they could use them for and it's actually 1,460 metres, anything under that you have permanent retina damage but it's ok to use it on Iraqis. 

I was thinking today about how do people stop what's happening in the world and to themselves, because nasty things, you see war isn't just over in Iraq. There's been a war going on at home, everybody's home, for a long time, everybody's nation, because those who run the world always were Globalists you see. And under the guise of socialism, with their own definition of course, and they give the working people another definition, exactly the same way as the Soviet system was run, Communism, because it's the same thing really, just slower and Fabian. They always make war on the public of every country because, at heart, they are always international, with a belief system that the intellectual superior, more-evolved type have the right to rule the silly masses, to rule them properly and make it all tidy and nice; and on the way, they must reduce the population, that's been one of their manifestos since the beginning, into a manageable quantity. To fit in with what they call nature, they're very good with nature, Albert Pike, the pope of Freemasonry talked a lot about nature, saying he did not apologise for it. What he was telling you was he did not apologise for his stance and the high Mason stance on superior man and inferior man and the right of the superior to rule the inferior and to plan their lives for them. That's really what it's all about and we're already there.

I've got many other stories I could read but there's no point, you know this kind of stuff. I mean, there's an article, I'll put the link up, from the EU Observer where the EU parliament say that the local politicians, the national politicians are not telling the public they're being run totally / completely and all their laws and decisions are not being debated through their national parliaments anymore, all the real decisions are made at the EU Parliament. Well, what's new? And this is what they want to do to the Americas as well, with the United Americas, give this remote parliament that just dictates down to the public, that's what you've got you see is dictatorships and plutocracies at the top and we're all being managed and most folk have been trained, through scientific indoctrination, to accept being managed. Not to have any idea of self-determination on an individual, local or national level, we have been taught and we have been domiciled, we've been domesticated till we accept simply being told what to do by experts, exactly what Lord Bertrand Russell said they would make happen, it's happened. 

I'll go to the callers now and we're got Aran from Pennsylvania, are you there Aran? 

Aran: Yes, I'm here, thank you for taking my call Alan. You’re absolutely right about everything you say: the effects of these Chemtrails and modified foods and everybody I know, including myself, has allergies or asthma and if you run into somebody that doesn't have an allergy, it's kind of strange. You're so accepted to think that everybody has allergies and it's just crazy. Not only the people, the pets: my dog has allergies out the butt, lumps all over her body and she chews so much a quarter of her hair's gone and you could scratch her till she bleeds and she'll just keep wanting more. 

Alan: Everybody's got allergies now, our immune systems are being shot and they knew this before they started spraying us with these particles, because Teller, who came up with the idea in the 1950s, also wrote in his papers what the side-effects of these particulate metals would be; and it's exactly what we're getting. As I say, it ties in with strokes, because barium and aluminium oxide, especially, aluminium oxide is used to treat minor wounds, it causes blood-clotting and many other side-effects too. It also heads into the brain, as does the barium and the barium will bind to certain enzymes and cause clotting as well. They’ve known this and people are getting blindness problems from it too, that's standard with these things; and the mainstream articles from the Lancet and all the other journals from medical sciences, all admit that asthma has sky-rocketed again in ten years and they're just totally confused as to why it's happening. We never used to get adults diagnosed with asthma; it was always the children. 

Aran: So, you know that they're spraying on us, obviously they're not immune to it, what do they do because obviously. 

Alan: I'll tell you what they do, because Teller also suggested it: naturally, the big wigs at the Pentagon and the White House didn't want their own boys to get sick you see (and their own families) and they discussed high-tech ways of literally chelating, not the kind of stuff that you or I would get access to, even if you had the money, way beyond that, because they classed it under bio-warfare techniques. They already had methods of it, it's almost like kidney dialysis, they have high-tech methods of rapidly detoxifying the body that you or I will never have access to, but all these top politicians and so on, and their families, are given access to treatments. 

Aran: It's disgusting what they do to us, I can't even imagine doing that to people - it’s just horrible. It's hard for me, even though I listen to your show, it's still hard for me to believe that there are people actually out there that could do that. 

Alan: That's right, and that's why they get away with it, because they understand how we think. It's no different you know than when you were rounded up in World War II, by the Soviets or the Nazis, it didn't matter, and they'd line up whole streets of people, take them off into a field and just mow them down, ten at a time. Everyone went to their death thinking 'This can't be happening to me, people don't do this'. That's how they had their last breath, that's what they were thinking. 

Aran: It's really going to be hard to tell the kids any different, because you talk to kids now and you try to tell them about it and they say: 'Oh, my teacher didn't tell us that; so, you're wrong, the teacher's right'. 

Alan: That's right. If you notice too: most teachers now are much younger, they keep the young ones, and they tend to move or push the older ones out, because they want the children to bond more with what they see as 'youth', you see. Anything's that's not in that 'youth' category is somehow obsolete and irrelevant; and, again, this was all discussed by Bertrand Russell, because he'd had the first major experimental schools, under a royal charter, in the 1920s, where he tried this intense Pavlovian indoctrination on the children and it worked perfectly. 

Aran: It's just sickening. 

Alan: It is; and you know: the worst thing too, just like everything else in the system we live in, what can you do, what can you do? I mean: they've gone like a military strategy for your water, for your food, they've altered your food; they're spraying you with poisons, knowing it's killing you. They've made most of us pretty well, most of us infertile, since the 1950s onwards in the Western World, definitely the males. They knew this too, I've done article after article about it. Full-scale war was declared on us a long time ago; and they're not happy yet, there are not enough of us dead, we're not dying fast enough. Now they're trying to encourage us to think along the way of even euthanasia. We're dealing with monsters at the top, which are worse than a million Hitler’s or a million Stalin’s or Lenin’s or any tyrant, in fact the whole lot combined down through history. They're far-far worse because they're dogmatic in their religious belief that they have the right and the duty to do what they're doing to us. 

Aran: Like you said, they're hitting us from every angle. We went to the grocery store today and my wife was looking at these apples and she said 'These look really good' and I'm just thinking yeah, but they're full of pesticides. 

Alan: And they've altered everything we eat too, what's in it?  

Aran: You can't even get yourself healthy, even if you wanted to.  

Alan: Again, you know, what's interesting, if you're always aware of what's going on and you have memory, you know when things kick-off, the asthma, the strokes, the eye problems, the skin problems, the multiple allergies started exactly ten years ago, with the regular spraying. It was the same when they brought in the modified food and put it into the public. Suddenly, there were incredible health problems with people with ulcers and massive acid and reflux etc; and prescription drugs that had been carefully dispensed for years, suddenly became widely available to the public at the same time, acid reducers. They knew what was happening, from the very beginning, they knew this; otherwise they would have kept it all under prescription. They made it freely available and those acid reducers are some of the most fast-going drugs every day, great sales in all these stores now, all the Pharma stores. They know what they're doing and what the effects are going to be. 

Aran: Yeah, and like you say, everybody around you has it, nobody has any memory of when nobody had allergies. 

Alan: That's right; and that's why it's a good idea to collect old paper books from the 1950s onwards or even before, if you can, with the statistics, the medical books and they'll give you data, even the rarity of many cancers and all of this kind of stuff and incidents of autism - very-very rare, one in many-many multiple thousands and now it's about 1 in 5. 

Aran: Look at the Amish; I'm in Amish country here - no autism there. 

Alan: And it doesn't take a rocket scientist, that's the very thing you see, you use your own observation, what's changed? What has changed? The inoculations are sky-rocketing, the autism is skyrocketed, the asthma, the strokes and all the rest of it, the skin rashes, all the different problems started with the spraying, the stomach problems and the physical effects to do with the modified foods started when they gave us modified food. It doesn't take rocket science to figure it out, it's basic detective work. 

Aran: Well, Alan, thank you for everything you do in a world where you don't know where to find truth. 

Alan: Yes, and everything that's presented, even a lot of the stories they present for the first time in mainstream always have a 180 degree spin to give you the wrong conclusion!  

Aran: Right. I'm sure it takes a lot of time and all this research to put it all together, to give to the public where they can understand it. When I do my own research it just takes hours and hours and you drive yourself crazy with everything. 

Alan: I know. 

Aran: So, I thank you a lot; and I have one thing, if they ever do shut down the web, or if you ever decide not to do your show anymore, are your books still going to be available at the same address?

Alan: I'll try, I'll put something up and let people know if that ever happens. 

Aran: OK. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. And who knows? I get cyber attacks all the time as well and the computers are always crashing on me here; and they are using cyber attacks, I've read the articles from the Pentagon, they're using them on people who don't go along with the spin. There's Jason from California, are you there Jason? 

Jason: Yeah, hi Alan, how are you? 

Alan: I'm hanging in here. 

Jason: Alan, I have a question: I was reading your book Cutting Through Volume 2 and on page 60, you mention something called the Definitive Desdemona Fixed System and I want to know where did you get this type of information from? Because you laid out the alphabet and you said what each letter has, you told what meaning it has, but where have you got the information from? 

Alan: You'll get it in old Rosicrucian books or Freemasonry books. Almost everything to do with Freemasonry today, in fact all the stuff to do in fact with even Atlantis and even aliens were put out there in the late 1800s by Masonic groups and publishers and there are many rehashes of the same stuff today; in fact, lots of people are making their money off them. However, they did use a lot of the old Catholic demonic terminology, to do with the demons and Kabbalah, because you understand in the old Kabbalah, the true Kabbalah, the old idea, in old times, was to call down each star; each star, technically, was a god or a demon and they gave them names and whatever purpose you had in mind, you called down a 'specialist' in that area. If you go through even the Talmud and Kabbalah, you’ll find the speciality of each particular demon; but that's also another code as well. They can actually use the terminology with the meanings in a sentence and therefore, if you understand how to read it and forget all about demons, you're actually reading a code. In other words: a demon stands for a particular area of science, or technique, or purpose; and it's a very-very deep subject, it would take me years to discuss it with you. 

Jason: OK, are you suggesting that I check out books about Rosicrucianism? 

Alan: The old stuff, the old stuff was much better and don't get sidetracked by the astrology; the astrology, again, is coding and the same with demons etc. It's all to do with coding for the intellectuals amongst them to understand; that's what they mean, the rest of the public, even their members in the lower orders are the profane, they don't understand what it's really saying, you see. The books are all out there and if you go through searches, you'll always come across the same terminology. Also, read Shakespeare; you'll find all of this stuff in Shakespeare's plays.   

Jason: OK.  

Alan: Back in a moment - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we'll go onto Z in New York. 

Z: Hey Alan, can you hear me? 

Alan: Yes. 

Z: What's up man? How are you? 

Alan: Not so bad. 

Z: Listen: I was shocked this morning by the amount of Chemtrails in upstate New York; I mean layers upon layers of just giant fluffy beautiful lines, so 'natural' you know what I'm saying? Extremely natural. I was also surprised by, I don't know if you noticed, but there's some planes now that are flying now pretty low and they leave these giant fluffy trails behind and they go across the horizon in less than 45 seconds. 

Alan: That's extremely fast ones, that's right; there's more people seeing them, even people I know who are flight crews are seeing them on their passenger planes. 

Z: And the trails that they leave behind are so thick that they actually leave a shadow on the bottom of the  

Alan: That's right, you know what that is though? That's the shadow that's coming through on the layer below, because the barium cuts out the light and you'll see that. Sometimes you'll see coming through a cloud a different type of spray, with a shadow, it's like a black line going through it and that's the shadow, very good when you see it at sun-down, very evident then. 

Z: So, I'm here for, you know, it's a campus community, a lot of students, very smart kids, studying all kinds of stuff. Not a single soul looks up; nobody finds it interesting; nobody finds it shocking, or at least relevant; nothing, nothing whatsoever. You know I'm walking around like a crazy person; I'm just like looking up all the time. But, this is my actual reason for calling: I started re-reading The Next Million Years by Darwin and what shocked me a little bit is that he mentions four revolutions and then he goes on to mention like six or even seven. But, the first one is fire, second is agriculture, third one is the city and the fourth one is science. 

Alan: That's right. 

Z: What's interesting is that the first four actually increase population drastically, but the fifth one that he foresees is actually running out of natural resources like gas, Peak Oil kind of stuff and he says this will dramatically reduce the population. And right after that: the sixth one is new forms of energy. And I'm just reading this crap and I'm thinking to myself that this is so obvious, once you see the big picture. 

Alan: It's a laid-down agenda and Darwin did not dream it up! 

Z: Oh, I believe that, yeah; and I was reading a book a long time ago by Ben Bova, a science fiction book called Orion. You night have read it too. 

Alan: I think I did, years ago.  

Z: About this guy who goes forward in time and his arch enemy Ahriman goes backwards in time, or is it the other way around? But, basically what they go about explaining is how fire, they go through the invention of fire, they go through the invention of agriculture and things like that. So, I find it interesting that he would write about that kind of stuff too. 

Alan: Yes, because those guys are paid by the Futurist Society to write those particular books, it's predictive programming, we enjoy those books and we're having an idea implanted in our head that'll familiarise us with the real events as they happen in our lifetime. This is an old technique that they actually said they'd use. 

Z: Thanks Alan, you're doing a good job, see you later. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. Yes, I read that book the Culture Wars and how the Pentagon runs it, and how they implant these ideas and how they even said that novelists were very important! Well, that's it from myself and Hamish, in Ontario, Canada: goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.   


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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