Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (# 301)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 17, 2009:

The Course---Better Swerve than Elitists Serve:

"A World on Course to Regimentation,
Political Correctness -- Zero Toleration,
Cumbersome Democracy to be Ended,
Individual Freedoms Forgotten, Suspended,
Science Priesthood have Us in Training
As Obedient Servants Under Their Glorious Reigning,
These Superiors Say Man is Animal,
Under Brilliant Instruction, Infinitely Fashionable,
Fabians, Hammering World Upon an Anvil
'Til We're All Reformed, Docile, Tranquil,
They've Made it Clear, No Negotiation,
Solution to This Situation?"
© Alan Watt April 17, 2009

Friday 17th April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 17, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 17th 2009.  

For newcomers: look into and, on the website, you'll find lots of previous talks I've given which might give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture of the total system in which we live today. I try and show you, by using the documentation and the books written by the big boys involved in think-tanks and world associations, where they're taking us and why and the excuses you'll be given along the way. You'll never be given the truth, you're always given excuses, you never tell the children the truth; and we, supposedly, are the children. 

Also: look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download and print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

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Yesterday, and this last little while, I've gone on about the fact that we're like mushrooms, it's a good way to introduce the show, because we're kept in the dark and we're fed manure, basically; and that's the job of the press, the media and politicians of course too. There's nothing comes out of a politician's mouth that doesn't go through a PR representative, to fashion it for the minds of the public, nothing they say is not written by the scriptwriters, there's very little spontaneity in it, I should say. That's how we're managed today; this is scientific management. Big agendas are at play, they've been at play your whole life in fact, going back to before the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations, was established.

You must look into the world organisations, those who ruled an empire in the 1800s and decided that would be the nucleus for a World Order, a planned society, where a scientific high bureaucracy would serve those who already had proven their Darwinian worth, by accumulation of power and wealth and holding on to it for generations. That became the League of Nations, under the pretence to stop war; and yet, those guys who formed the League of Nations, and later the United Nations, and who are players in it, said themselves they needed world wars, to bring the people of the world to their knees, to accept a United Nations governmental authority. Not just an authority as such where we're all sort of happy, multi-cultural, but a planned, organised society, run by rational thinkers they said, meaning: the elite intelligentsia themselves, scientists and what's happening in our lifetime is simply another phase of this, as they ramp it up; and I'm going to go into this when I come back from this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing that we're kept as children for our whole lives. In fact, Bertrand Russell, one of the big promoters and planners of this world system in his day, Lord Bertrand Russell, a man who actually taught, went over to China, to teach the introduction of Communism in the universities, on behalf of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. He said that techniques would be used on the public, of which they'd have no awareness that would bring them to conclusions, scientific techniques. He also advocated bringing on board Madison Avenue, which were the largest marketing companies in New York.

Marketers understand psycholinguistics, their manuals are full of how to use terminology, to attach to emotions, to make people do things, like buy things they hadn't even thought of before; and make them want things, right down to changing their behaviour.  I've through Bernays and how he was used, from government, right down to help create a good part of the phase of American culture, for a particular time. He didn't give up then of course, it's continued since, because those at the top are Globalists and they've had this utopian dream of a planned / organised society, where those who are the natural aristocracy, as it's called amongst themselves, should have the right to rule completely, totally, the lessers. That's the general public, therefore, everything that's given to the public, media-wise, if it has any truth at all, it will always be spun 180 degrees to give you a different conclusion as to why things are happening. Simple techniques, simple techniques; and they work, unfortunately.

Now, when you're kept in ignorance of major things that are happening, things that are unthinkable - and that's the key to it - it's very easy to make you believe anything. In fact, Russell said we could bring up children to believe that black is white: isolate them from the rest and teach them opposite meanings of words and let them merge with the mainstream and there'd be incredible conflicts, as arguments would break out. We can be taught to believe anything and we are.  

Yesterday, I mentioned an article, one of many articles, that they're feeding us gradually; see, we learn through osmosis, as Jacques Attali said, we don't reason things through, we get little bits given to us, to make something familiar, the idea must be familiar, and then through repetition and then the build-up becomes concretised as a fact, in our minds and we accept it without question, like ‘global warming’. Why even bother going into the fact that so many of the top scientists are against this nonsense of global warming and I've gone through the agenda which states, and you see everything is banked upon global warming and the belief, the whole future of control has been banked upon as believing it, that's why so much will go into it. And I said, a while ago, I said I don't care if we're up to our necks in snow, the mantra of global warming will continue regardless, because it's a must-be, that's the main plan: to change and organise and control the world.  

Remember: I went through the history of the Club of Rome, a massive think-tank, well-funded by the other big Foundations, like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and the Rothschild Group etc. And their job is to come up with ways to direct society along into this controlled society and find excuses to do it. In their own book, the First Global Revolution, the founders of the society admit that, back in the 1970s, they were given the task of finding a substitute for a war, because, during war time, we all pull together, we do what we're told, we're all on the same path etc for survival and government can expand bureaucracies and be very intrusive and we accept it. Therefore, they would use a war technique but what would the enemy be, in a global society? You'd have to find enemies within, therefore we have terrorism everywhere, that's standard; the Soviets tried that one. And they also said that the climate would be rebelling against humans, meaning mankind was the enemy, that would tie in with their eugenics and over-population nonsense that they were going to feed us and they have fed us to now.

Remember, down through the ages, even during the industrial revolution, people like Malthus in Britain - a top economist for the British Government and the British East India Company, a big international corporation - wrote books about how to bring populations down and use them just like animals. Breed them up, when you need them for the factories and war; breed them down when they're in the excess etc; even how to control their minds through diet. Poor diet: you get very poor thinkers, how to keep just enough strength, so they could do the work but not rebel. These were sciences; and the same people behind today's wonderful New World Order are simply the descendents of the Malthusians and those with Malthus of his day. As I say: we're never told the real reasons for anything. It's amazing to me, even now, once in a while they'll disclose something new about World War II, that was keep secret and classified until another generation's grown up and couldn't care less, it doesn't matter to them what's disclosed; it's always been this way, many things are never disclosed.

I've gone through articles to do with our governments of the US and Canada and Britain testing gasses and chemicals on their own populations, from their own sources and declassified information. Once again, no one cares, no one cares that in 1948 flying fortresses (bombers), given permission by the Canadian Government went across Saskatchewan for ten days at low altitude, spraying various chemicals on the population. It took them 50 years to declassify that; and of course, during that time, they studied the population cancer rates, this, that, the other you know. In England, the Royal Navy unleashed gasses and chemicals off the mainland and Norwich got soaked in the stuff, cadmium, highly carcinogenic. Meanwhile, they'd got everybody worrying about the Russians. 

The articles have been appearing about the global warming, global warming, global warming etc., the mantra, the constant mantra from these, again, supra-organisations that have been tacked upon governments, as though they're official, to do with climate change. How can anyone be in charge of the climate? Do you realise how ridiculous that is in itself? And these masters, these masters are telling us how to live our lives and that they want to spray this, all these weird ideas of spraying stuff into the air, they've been doing it for ten years. Two years ago, I put photographs up on my site, with the yellow rain I was getting in March, yellow rain. I don't even get buds on the trees here till late April, where I am, so it wasn't pollen. I know what it was; but, silence from the top, utter silence. And most people, you see, because they're not told by the media, will notice things and dismiss it, or look for other reasons that will fit in with your logic. Remember: we're like computers and those guys who rule our lives and give us our data understand our logic and our program; we'll come to the right conclusions. 

Here's an article, one of many articles actually, over the years; and I've already given TV links before, where they've discussed yellow rain, white rain, all the rest of it; and the chemical analysis, it's always the same: the same as I got here, for the stuff that they're 'thinking of doing in the future', they've been doing for 10 years by jets, you can see them, if you watch early in the morning. This is from Wales in the UK and it's from a Flintshire town 25 August 2008. It says here: 

A MYSTERY white substance that fell on parts of a town in Flintshire has left residents baffled.  

People in Connah's Quay are at a loss to explain the so-called "white rain", which has been likened to talcum powder.  

Now, I mentioned a few weeks ago, as the snow starts to retreat here you have months of concentrated snow getting thinner and thinner and then you have this white candy cane / candy floss type spidery stuff all over the place, then it turns into white powder, it's all over the place; this year it's the same. So, here you are, they're getting this in Wales and it says: 

has been likened to talcum powder. 

That's what it looks like. 

Residents in the Golftyn area of the town contacted the Leader

That's the newspaper.

on Friday after waking up to find the strange residue on their cars and washing. One York Road resident said: "I was really concerned at first because I thought it could be corrosive or dangerous.  

"The only way I can describe it is white rain. It looked like someone had thrown a flour bomb but on closer inspection it was definitely a strange kind of residue. "You can see it everywhere - it's all over the cars in the street and it has covered our clothes washing.  

They put their washing outside to dry. 

"I've lived here for most of my life and I've never seen anything like it before. I think it might be some kind of pollution from local industry."  

See: there's your logic at work, what else could it be? It could never be coming from the sky could it? They couldn't be doing it deliberately could they? That's the last thing people will think of, because, like Brzezinski says, they expect the media to tell them, they actually expect the media to tell them.  

Cllr Macfarlane, who represents the Golftyn ward, said: "I honestly can't explain it. We have had some localised examples of this kind of thing in the past, but I wouldn't like to say what caused this.  

I like this, this guys knows!: 

"If people are concerned then it's something that needs to be looked into." 

No kidding?! You know, back in the 1960s, they were testing the stuff out with a polymer, because Teller (the inventor of the H bomb) came up with it, a polymer is a mixed substance, almost like a polyethylene type molecule film. I'll go into this, after this break, because it's very important to see how far back this goes. 

==- BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the fact that they have been spraying for a long time, ten years now, pretty well daily, across the US, Canada and Europe, all of Europe and it's even in India now too. And it's how they lead up to it, you see, we always live in the past, they give us a fake reality, they're getting us used to gradually, now, the idea that we're going to be sprayed in the future. To save the world, you understand, that's the excuse we'll be given, even though it's bogus science to do with global warming, since all the top scientists say we're actually in a cooling phase. So, what's the real reason eh? Well, Teller, you see, talked about (and he wrote papers on it, for the Pentagon), it's available, the ability to literally cover the entire globe with a polymer-type spray from aerial craft, that after a few years would be perpetual, you'd keep it up in a certain dose, there'd always be an element of it in the atmosphere, it might even take a 100 years or 200 years to get rid of, once you got it started going. This polymer could be used to do basically different functions at the same time, simultaneous in other words. Weather control was one of the easier things to do with it; and they have been using weather control now for quite some time. 

Another factor was bacterial or viral warfare, they could use the polymers and attach the viruses etc to that, if need be, for times of war. They could also use it in conjunction with the HAARP type technologies, the Tesla equipment which is all up and running and there's even little CBC clips up there, I've got them here myself, where you'll see the one in Alaska but they have many other ones across the world; and they are in use. You can pick them up on shortwave radio, as they pulse away 24 hours per day now.  

Another effect of the HAARP, in conjunction, apart from the weather, is that they can also alter the frequencies, or affect the frequencies in the human brain, very simply in fact. It had already been tested in Teller's time. And people do complain of incredible tiredness at times when there's heavy spraying overhead; and, once again, if you tune in the shortwave radio frequencies you'll pick these things up, the loudest noises on the shortwave band. We first found out about this when, in the 1970s, in Riga in the Soviet Union, a tower there was pulsing away. At that time they called it the Woodpecker, it was a very primitive one and every ham or shortwave radio enthusiast across the world was getting knocked off the band, that's all they heard. Even then, there were accusations from major governments about using it for weather control; so, it has multiple functions. 

Now, I've read articles too about calmatives: we always think of simple tranquilisers for calmatives, they want to try and use them in crowd control etc. There are also electronic calmatives and HAARP itself has been tested, it can also make you very calm or very aggressive and angry, or very depressed and suicidal, depending on the exact frequency they pulse out there.  

It's all about control, always about control. In the 1960s, when they were testing this out and then in the 1970s and 1980s, hundred of articles came out - mainstream media, like these 'Oooooh' articles to get you all fascinated, remember, that was the big UFO phenomenon time, when they were testing all these advanced aircraft. And they were calling it 'angel hair'; (there was even people putting out songs, calling it angel hair!). It always left the reader bewildered and fascinated this stuff that was coming out the sky - angel hair - and then, of course, Psy-ops is in on it (Psychological operations), to give you the conclusion it must be aliens. There were always UFOs seen in the vicinities - that was the rubbish they were putting out at the time – from, again Psy-ops. It's the greatest way to divert the fact that your governments are testing stuff out on the public; beautiful, it works every time.  

A few years ago, when the helicopters tried spraying some places like parts of British Columbia, at low level, the same articles came out then, from Psy-ops obviously, saying 'oh these helicopters, some people', never said who, 'some people have reported they change into saucer shapes and back into...' – you see how they completely discredit the information? It's the sort of stuff we lap up, we love this kind of stuff, we run with it; it never dawns on us we're being conned and that governments are spraying stuff on you. You see, you might object to realise that pretty-well deadly chemicals are being sprayed upon you; and in yesterday's article, I mentioned, from the newspaper report, when they were talking about they were thinking they might have to start spraying the atmosphere, to save us all you understand, there could be dire consequences, but they didn't go into the dire consequences. Well, if you're breathing in these chemicals: aluminium oxide, barium, there's even cadmium in some places. There's a link from a TV show, mainstream, where one place in the US was dosed with a spray and cadmium came up along with aluminium oxide and the barium. You are going to go downhill physically and that's why the allergies are all up 40% in a few years, multiple allergies; that's why adults are now regularly, commonly, being diagnosed with asthma. We're breathing it in, that's why; and you can't tolerate it for too long, you start going under. I'll be back with more on this topic and the why's of it - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt. This is Cutting Through The Matrix, just recounting some of the past events to do with aerial spraying and the fact is they're acclimatising the people's minds to the fact that they're going to spray, so, people will adapt and adapt through little bits of information into being quite normal without ever reasoning it through for themselves. That's how it's done, through increments, little possibilities, things to come, and in reality it’s already been. Those in the high medical professions are well aware that something drastic is happening to the health of the public, because they see the symptoms all the time: massive bronchial problems; massive allergic responses to 'something', never mind all of the emotional mayhem and fall-out from it too, or the fatigue. Poisoning will do that to you; and this is a must-be operation, a must-be operation, nothing will change it.

If you realise - and here's the key to something - for all those who are stuck at different levels on the ladder of understanding: every step on the ladder will give you a certain perspective and, out of that, you'll reason what you must and can do. As you go up to the next level, you'll often dispose of that and say 'my goodness it's much worse, until you're on a higher level. If you can cross the barrier and look up medical statistics to with depopulation, sterility, to do with the creation of fast-acting take-downs for Third World countries, that came out after the order put out by Kissinger, when he said that the greatest threat to the State was over-population and big plans went into action - into action - not thought about but into action; these guys do it.

However, in the Western world, the idea was take down people slowly, through disabling agents, because, when you are disabled, you're not a good specimen for mating, no one will mate with you when you're out of action and suffering from, for instance, chronic fatigue, because depopulation is at the heart of all of this, down to the manageable society, by all and every means possible. Now, remember: everything that you see in the media today is about regimentation, regimentation, uniformity, standardisation. The dream of the Fabianists since their creation and even before they were called Fabianists, the dream was regiment the planet, by those who had the abilities and the natural right to do so, the intellectual groups, the scientific groups.

Today, our lives are run by supposed experts and Bertrand Russell wrote in the 1940s and '50s, he said we shall train the public that they can't do anything, or even think for themselves, without the advice of an expert. They've give us propaganda for fifty years to make sure that this is so - mission accomplished - and because they're so far ahead with this now, they can tell us ‘The department of this says that … and this is going to happen’ and we all follow suit.

Regimentation comes from the word regime, the regime, there is a regime, there's not a democracy - there is a regime. It's an internationalist regime of intellectuals belonging to high societies and Foundations and organisations which are all interlinked and the Foundations for the inter-linking were set up centuries ago, by very wealthy people who already ruled a good part of the world, in the good old days of the British Empire and nothing has changed. All that's changed now is, now remember, the same Club of Rome that came up with the idea of a war and they said in their own writings, after looking at all different things, even UFOs, would that work with enough propaganda and Sci-fi etc, would we believe it? And they said well we might but this is even better: man is at war with the planet, therefore man must be controlled and everything that he does must be controlled, to save the planet. They said that would fit the bill, “global warming would fit the bill”; that's in their own book. And from that big think-tank, it was passed down to the other ones who could implement it into society, through academia, through the media, through magazines, science journals etc, the mantra started. That's how they do it, that's how it's done; and I had an article today, I was going to read it, I thought no, I won't read the article, because it's a handout by one of the big environmental organisations attached to the US Government and it's just pure propaganda of repetition, because that's how they get it across to us: repetition of 'global warming' and we are 'polluting' and 'greenhouse gases' and all these terms which mean utter nonsense, you see. It's a must-be because they're going to regulate every individual's life, including the life to come, if there will be any for you. That's all part of this big eugenics programme.

Regimentation, look around you, look at this administration in the US, I won't even say the guy's name who's supposedly the head of it, we all know they're front men put in for their particular task, at that particular time; they're interchangeable. Then the Prime Minister of Britain comes out with the same thing: mandatory, compulsory, voluntary service. There's double-speak for you. And then we come to this article in Canada: 

Youth called to serve 

This is from the National Post April 11th 2009. 

Youth called to serve. 
Justin Trudeau's proposal has fans across the spectrum

Now, remember, this is the real meaning of socialism, it's a regime; regimentation. It says: 

Katimavik, a federally funded youth service organization, was founded in 1977 by Senator Jacques Hebert while Pierre Trudeau was the prime minister.  

Here's a psychologically-prepared statement, because, see, Pierre Trudeau was one of the first highly-PR publicised guys to be, where the whole PR industry went in, the whole technique of Hollywood to create an image for Canada. Before that, it was kind of staid conservative old men. So, they got this guy, who was a millionaire already, who was actually the leader of the Communist Party; you think Communists are working people? They never were working people at the top. Pierre Trudeau led the 1952 Comintern delegation from Canada to Moscow. He became Prime Minister later, because the big Foundations - and he was a Rhodes Scholar too, for a world government remember, from Britain, from England. They wanted to put him in you see; and when he got in he said we said we'd do it, we'd do it anyway we could. What he meant was, you see the Communists always said they'd lie to everybody, through any party and use any party to get in power and he said that on the media.

He turned Canada upside down, along the whole internationalist agenda; but his whole image as a young / youthful guy, with this big wide-brimmed hat that he got specially made for him, to give him the image, to get him spinning in front of people, like he was dancing, and all this kind of stuff, pure PR, Hollywoodism got him in. Because the image stays there, even though, when he left office, Canada was bankrupt; we had no debt before it, after he was gone: poom! So, these sons of these people, because, remember too: they're into eugenics, they always have been, specially selected wives and all that, even though his wife did have an affair with Mick Jagger and all that stuff that was up at the time, he did have his sons. Here's Justin Trudeau, his son:  

Justin Trudeau gave a speech in Toronto this week at 8 o'clock in the morning, in a basement conference room of a downtown hotel, in front of 45 businesspeople strewn between a dozen half-empty tables. Neither the dim setting nor early hour were uplifting, but the rookie politician, 

They've got to give him a job, right? 

with his gift of earnestness, did his best to inspire the crowd. 

"If any young person wants to serve their country -- typically between high school and university for a year -- they should be given the opportunity to do so," Mr. Trudeau said, promoting his plan to create a nationwide battalion of teenage volunteers. 

Where have we heard this before, recently?

Remember: the Fabian Society is part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR is the American brand of the same organisation, they are the same organisation. Eugenics, sustainability, depopulation, the right of the superior to rule, everything down to the minutest detail; and the world they said they were bringing in is on their own websites, go and look at their founders, is a world where you will serve the world state, serve, serve, serve, serve. Serve, comes from the word serf which fits in with the historian of the CFR Carroll Quigley, who said in his own book Tragedy & Hope that they're bringing in a new feudal system; well, you see they had serfs in feudal times. And we are told as much as the peasants, when it comes to truth, of the Middle Ages, as any reality today, true reality that is. So, there's your introduction of it to Canada, so they get a young offspring. Remember: Pierre Trudeau too, he was best pal of Fidel Castro; why not? Because international socialism is nothing to do with helping the working poor, but they certainly use them and they get them to vote for them.

Regime, regimentation, standardisation, don't forget it. Anyone who has a slight notion they still have a nation is truly living in a previous century, beyond and before the twentieth, because this organisation was already running all of us, from the beginning of the twentieth-century, Carroll Quigley also admitted that.

What kind of society are they bringing in? What is it exactly they're bringing in, apart from regimentation from birth to death; and again, through phases, as they bring in the new creature, you know, the enhanced type that will give them no problems. They'll be very efficient, genetically. What is it? What do we have to go through in the meantime? What we have to go through in the meantime is total intrusion, total intrusion into every facet of your life, with political correctness, a term that is a direct translation from the Russian / Soviet term they used, because they were always giving them new politically correct directives, which they must follow, that's what we are fed today. 

This is from the University of Delaware: 

Students Required to Undergo Ideological Re-education.  

Think What We Think...Or Else: Thought Control on the American Campus 

April 2nd 2009 

In the fall of 2007, the University of Delaware's Office of Residence Life employed mandatory dormitory activities to coerce students to change their thoughts, habits, and values to conform 

Conform - regimentation. 

to a highly specified ideological agenda. Following FIRE's 

That's their magazine. 

campaign, which called the attention of the national media to the Orwellian program and outraged people from all over the political spectrum, UD President Patrick Harker terminated the program.  

It won't stop, by the way, they never stop, they simply come at it from a different way. 

This documentary - produced by FIRE and Free to Choose Media - explains the program's invasive thought-reform activities, the horrified reactions of students and faculty, and FIRE's response.  

And I'll put these links up on my site, after the show  

Here's one of them for instance: 

Please Report to Your Resident Assistant to Discuss Your Sexual Identity? It’s Mandatory! Thought Reform at the University of Delaware. 

That's the kind of world you're supposed to go through. Where's your choices here to say "No, get off my back, get lost, get lost"? I know if they had tried that when I was younger, they'd have gone out with a bloody nose. Some sort of pervert. Listen to this, October 31st 2008, same place: 

A female freshman arrives for her mandatory one-on-one session in her male RA's dorm room. It is 8:00 p.m. Classes have been in session for about a week. The resident assistant hands her a questionnaire. He tells her it is "a little questionnaire to help [you] and all the other residents relate to the curriculum." He adds that they will "go through every question together and discuss them." He later reports that she "looked a little uncomfortable."  

"When did you discover your sexual identity?" the questionnaire asks. "That is none of your damn business," she writes. 

"When was a time you felt oppressed?" 

"I am oppressed every day [because of my] feelings for the opera. Regularly [people] throw stones at me and jeer me with cruel names....

Joking back.

Unbearable adversity. But I will overcome, hear me, you rock loving majority."[1] 

She is not playing along like the other students, and the RA confronts her using his "confrontation training".  

I've read about this through many other universities, using confrontational training. 

but it isn't working. He becomes so appalled by her resistance that he writes up an incident report and reports her to his superiors. After all, this is the University of Delaware, and the school has a zero-tolerance policy for anything remotely resembling "hate speech." 

Having an opinion, or a dislike of something, or feeling uncomfortable about some perv touching you is now called "hate" you see.


Now, remember the Fabians and all Socialists and Soviets have the same idea, so did the Nazi regime too. Man was just a Darwinian animal who could be re-fashioned many times into anything the masters wanted to and this is all part of this. That's the world regimentation is bringing in, whether you like it or not.

Democracy? These boys and girls that push this totalitarian regime have used the term Democracy for an awful long time to get what they wanted; but, now you see, gradually, gradually, the parallel government, as Mrs Thatcher called it, and Carroll Quigley and others, and the Club of Rome, in their own book, they said that democracy has to go, it's too cumbersome, we can't get done what we want done, because people will argue, different factions will say "no". Therefore they start getting rid of the idea of democracy; how are they doing it? Under the guise of world at war: terrorism everywhere, hate speech, yah-dee yah-dee yah, climate change. What they're giving you is a world authoritarian system, where you obey, to make it nice, clean and tidy, you understand; it's much more simple for them when you won't even think of saying "no" or you'll have no memory of anything like 'hey, I've got rights' - that has to go as well.

Everything you see on TV and every bit of the media is totalitarian - cops in England with special battalions who go in amongst the regular cops with massive batons and knock people down and kill them; how do you relate to that and converse and debate? Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and I'll try to take the phones; an hour always flies in and there's so much else I'd like to say. There's Rachel from North Carolina, are you there Rachael? 

Rachael: Hello. 

Alan: Yes. 

Rachael: Hi, I love your talk tonight because I love the topic of Chemtrails and, basically, out here in Durham, North Carolina, they spray non-stop, it's like every day; and even at night they spray. And then, basically, for the last two days they've stopped. So, it's like night and day, it's completely different. And I had these people coming into work, two ladies came into work today and they're like: "My eyes are burning". I'm just like: for the last two weeks we've been sprayed non-stop and you're wondering why you've got asthma problems and your eyes are burning and you just have no concept, so to one of them I just straight out said: that's because you've been Chemtrailed for two weeks straight. And she, of course laughed and everything but it's fine, you know, it's just ridiculous; I just can't believe the fact that they do patterns in the sky and nobody gets it, it's just bizarre. And now they're doing these little arcs and stuff. 

Alan: Yes, and there's different kinds they're using, you'll see them squirting half the sky and stopping again and starting it up, there's different kinds but some of them are, there’s different mixes they're using to get the mix just right for different purposes. I hope they don't give me a recurrence of last year: it rained every day during June / July. It was a clear sky every morning except the planes would start and then it rained 2pm every day and it was a wash-out. 

Rachael: That’s what I was going to say too: after they do this huge spraying, it rains non-stop and then you're just like now it's going to be a couple of days of clear skies and then they're going to start spraying again and then it's going to rain. It's just like the same pattern, over and over. 

Alan: At night time, I used to observe the stars all the time, I love astronomy and it's called global dimming now, you see the brightest stars now, for the last few years, but you don't see the Milky Way, it's just blotted out in this dark mush. 

Rachael: Well, anyway, I wanted to talk to you about something else that was very funny. We had our insurance company come into our company: basically, to tell us that they were raising our rates deductible from $1000 to $2500 and then he was saying that they have a plan, because they don't want to have to raise our rates next year, they don't want to have to raise our premiums that are deductible so the way that they planned on doing this was that we should be more healthy. They said that we should try to not use our insurance and that that would be the way to keep it down and the way that they were going to do this was implement a plan called Highway To Health. And what they would do was: we could sign up for it and they could collect statistics on us about our weight, height, everything about us and then they would create a plan for us on how to be more healthy. 

Alan: Really? Isn't that nice!  

Rachael: I thought it was great that they cared so much about us. 

Alan: I'll tell you: I used to, I lost all that when I left my home and my mother, you know; and I'm glad they're bringing it all back. 

Rachael: I think it's hilarious, ok we're not going to talk about all their poison in our food, our water, the sky, all the ridiculous amounts of ways they're trying to kill us and now I'm supposed to be paying this middle man so I can go to the doctor, which, when I go to the doctor, the only thing they tell me to do is go buy Sudafed. 

Alan: Yes, or get a flu shot. 

Rachael: Right. 

Alan: I know, this is the big brother system and, again, medicine is now becoming the authority and we'll be lucky to get it if we're maybe the wrong genes or not part of the good gene pool. 

Rachael: Ok, well, thank you. 

Alan: Thanks for calling and I hear the music just coming in; sorry about the other callers, I'll try and get you next week. So, from Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, where they're still spraying at it and you can taste in your mouth, it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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