Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (# 302)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 20, 2009:

Death by Stealth -- Allergic to Food:

"New Nature's Bounty Looks So Good,
Problem, We're Allergic to the Food,
Fruit and Veg. Not What it Seems,
Pesticide-Laden, Foreign Genes,
To Save the World We Must be Willing
To Eat This Stuff That Does the Killing,
Governments and Monsanto on Same Boat
To Push This Weapon Down Our Throat,
Which Swells and Closes, Puff and Wheeze,
Terminated by This Novel 'Disease,'
We're Weak and Dumb, Under Hypnotism,
There'll be Pills for Oral Allergy Syndrome"
© Alan Watt April 20, 2009

Monday 20th April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 20, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 20th 2009.  

For newcomers: look into you'll find hundreds of hours of talks I've given, trying to fill out the histories of the big institutions and the movements that work together to bring in their form of a managed utopia.  I try and give you lots of shortcuts to understanding what's really happening and why certain announcements come into the newspapers, it's not because things happen spontaneously, it's because it's time to get another part of the agenda out into the workings of the public, through administration and policies and all the rest of it. Plus: I try to go over the books written many years before these policies were ever heard of by the public and the think-tanks etc, using the actual books they published themselves, for themselves mainly, knowing the public wouldn't read them, because nothing really is kept secret from the public, if the public wants to look for it. The media itself fills in an intermediate position; their job is to feed little bits of data to you in a certain format, so that you'll think that everything that's happening, the road we're on, is all quite natural. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks which you can print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

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Today, I was on another show, in British Columbia, and talking to people who were probably politically-active, I'd say; and who think they're informed; but, really, most people who just get their stuff from the general media never really realise that whatever debate you're given, to debate amongst yourselves that is, both sides of the debate is passé, it's over and done with by the time you're given the topics to even argue about amongst yourselves and that the agenda already was formulated years ago and that they've been implementing these very things that we're still debating at the bottom. That's how the world is really managed. And I was explaining to the host that global governance, they're using the term governance, not because it's a happenstance word, it's because governance means a rule by experts, not democracy. Experts will rule the world, and I mean rule, not serve, the peoples, it's to do with rulership of the natural aristocracy, those who have proven their wealth and held onto it for generations and have accumulated it and who really are called The Institution, the Dominant Minority, as Huxley called them. With all their minions of servants in academia, who train the next batch of hard workers, along a specified predicted pre-scripted course, they give them the reality for their generation. They start them off early, even in kindergarten, programming them for the changes they will find quite normal in their lifetime. It's almost like a form of Plato's Cave, being upgraded all the time, for each generation. That's how the world is managed, you see, that's true governance; your reality is governed all the time. And I'll be back with more on this topic - after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. Just before I go on with tonight's topics, I should remind people too that lots of discs are burned and passed around and lots of people download stuff and never look at the site; and for those who end up getting discs and wonder how to order or how to donate, you can write a personal cheque if you want, you can order [listed above].

Years ago, I talked about how a dominant minority, who already owned a system, and an empire at one point, now it's a much bigger empire, of course, it's almost the planet, how they never share or give up power and how they always project, just like long-term business plans and that's how big corporations run, they go 50 years or 100 years for investments and their plans are written ahead. Geopolitics, everything is factored into them. It's the same with running the world; now, remember, the UN was set up to be, basically, a parliament of the world, eventually THE parliament. And all of its branches would be brought up to their full power, the IMF, World Bank etc and dish out the money or the credit to the entire planet. It goes on and on, every law that comes down the pike to your nations, comes from the United Nations, initially, and signed into law. Standardisation: the first plank was centralisation of government, in every country. The next plank was to tie them all together, through treaties; and, eventually, to amalgamate them into blocs with parliaments, sub parliaments that then would become under the dictates of the world parliament. Written about, a hundred-odd years ago: the parliament of the world; the parliament of the world. Shelly wrote a poem about it, in the 1800s and Truman used to quote that poem in every major speech that he made, "When the guns fire no more" etc and then it came down to the Parliament of the World, big-big dominant minority group behind it all and they rule us and they give us our realities from generation to generation. 

I've also said too, and I've quoted from articles that were written in the 1960s and 1970s, to do with a coming information age that would be given to the public that was already used and built up by the military-industrial complex. Brzezinski talked about it, in his book Between Two Ages, now he was up at the NSA at the time, so he should know. It has many purposes but one of them was never to free the people, it would be used as an incredible tool of data-collection and using, like television and repetition of different topics, or the same topics or phrases, again, it would used to condition the public into their opinions, until, really, they'd be addicted to it, they could never do without it. That's the intent, because you will go cashless eventually and it will be used as a form of social approval and disapproval, if they cut you off the net: you won't be able to do your banking, get money to pay your rent etc. Bertrand Russell talked about this sort of technique to be used in the future and it's coming now. 'Cloud' will come in and that will take over and be THE one for the planet and everyone will rush into it thinking 'my god I don't have to worry about spy ware or viruses or upgrades, it's all done for me, out there somewhere in the big cloud'. And the Cloud, eventually, will be censoring your emails and actually popping up windows to tell you 'are you sure you want to use this word, this politically incorrect word in this email?’ Then it might give you a little list of fines or punishments etc etc. This is all planned, folks; that’s how you do it. Also, you see, they could never ever have allowed Bill Gates and Microsoft Windows to take the world lead. Bill Gates: everything parted like the sea for Moses, everything parted, to allow this one corporation to be the main guys who deal with all info for the internet age. No one could go against them and sue them, everybody stayed clear; why is that? It's because you cannot allow free competition when you have total control and you plan to keep total control. Anything in technology and science must be under the NSA and the military-industrial complex; therefore, Bill Gates is part of the military-industrial complex; was from the beginning, very simple, very-very simple.  

Those who studied the Soviet era said the same thing, or found the same thing; they said that those who will win the future will be those with the highest technologies. It's a war of sciences, therefore, you could never give it to the public and allow interlopers to come in with their own systems that would bypass the military-industrial complex, it would defeat the purpose; quite simple. It's the same with everything because, in war, you look at food, water, energy, everything, that's all part of modern warfare. When they go into places like Iraq, the first thing they do is they blow up all their ability to sustain themselves; water plants/ purification plants; food factories; crops, if need be; everything, that's all under warfare. Which also means that those big corporations who are pushed to the front, and have big political clout, who are telling us ‘oh we all have to go GMO / Green’, are part of the military-industrial complex. No competition you see, one way and that's it; and again, just like Moses, the Red Sea parts and they just skyrocket right through there, nobody touches them. No judge in any country will go against them for what they do. If you're caught with some seed that's blown on your land or a bird's pooped it out, and this is literally in the Canadian records, you're guilty of having their seed, you will be punished. They won't be punished for contaminating your fields with their seed. Military-industrial complex - big plans for us and bio-engineering our food, because food is also a weapon, ultimately. 

This article here - and remember, I sometimes quote sites too that I'm sure are in the greening, part of the whole agenda, so you must always discern for yourself; but you find little bits here and there that are worthy to speak about at least - and this is from the Union of Concerned Scientists, about the GMO crops. Now, I've already read articles before how the GMO crops, this saviour of all mankind, is putting countries under because they're failing in Africa, they're failing all over the place; and elsewhere, there's one third less yield that they're bringing up. So, here's the Union of Concerned Scientists. It says here:  

Evaluating the Performance of Genetically Engineered Crops 

It says that for years, the biotechnology industry has trumpeted that it will feed the world, promising that its genetically engineered crops will produce higher yields, the promise has proven to be empty, according to Failure to Yield.  

A report by Doug Gurian-Sherman released in March 2009 says: 

Despite 20 years of research and 13 years of commercialisation, genetic engineering has failed to significantly increase crop yields in the United States, 

Actually, it's gone down a third but I'll get into that. It says it's

the first report to closely evaluate the overall effect genetic engineering has had on crop yields in relation to other agricultural technologies. 

What they mean by “traditional technologies”, not splicing in the genes. It says: 

The study reviewed two dozen academic studies of corn and soybeans, the two primary genetically engineered food and feed crops grown in the United States. 

Actually, it's all through everything now. 

Based on those studies, the UCS report concluded that genetically engineering herbicide-tolerant soybeans and herbicide-tolerant corn has not increased yields. 

I'll tell you what it has increased though, is an awful lot of poisons, it's in the plant, it's in every cell of the plant and you're eating them, they know this. 

Insect-resistant corn, meanwhile, has improved yields only marginally. The increase in yields for both crops over the last 13 years, the report found, was largely due  

Any increases, this is it: any increase at all that was there, in any area, was largely due  

to traditional breeding or improvements in agricultural practices. 

In other words: they're telling you that traditional stuff works, we all knew that; but this part of the military-industrial complex has got incredible powers. Remember: they signed a secret deal with Canada, the Canadian Government, the elected government ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, they kept it secret from the public for ten years that they were feeding us this stuff; it was in the carrots and it was in everything. And they were watching the health of the people, not telling us and, by a fluke, we found out, from a leak from Britain, then it was blasted all over the news here and it came out in the mainstream papers: yes, they signed secret deals with Monsanto. That's military-industrial complex; well, who's the enemy here? Hmm? It says: 

The UCS report comes at a time when food price spikes and localised shortages worldwide have prompted calls to boost agricultural productivity, or yield - the amount of a crop produced per unit of land over a specified amount of time... biotechnology companies maintain that genetic engineering is essential to meeting this goal, 

Of course they will. 

with Monsanto currently running an advertising campaign in the United States that warns of an exploding world population 

You see it's all part of the same system? Overpopulation, we are the only solution; we are the saviours, as we're all dying off of weird cancers etc. Everybody's allergic to everything now too, so the killers themselves are saying ‘we're the saviours, we've just got to do more of it, that's all’! 

I'll be back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Union of Concerned Scientists, to do with the failure, as far as yields go, with the GM crops. It says here: 

Monsanto currently running an advertising campaign in the United States that warns of an exploding world population and claiming that its "advanced seeds significantly increase crop yields". 

Which is untrue, it's a lie. Australia's having a heck of a time, because you see: the old seed that was hybrid through hundreds of years of people splicing things together and so on, just splicing, normal splicing, ended up having good seeds for localised areas, for the climate etc, dry periods and wet periods. This stuff [GM] doesn’t, it can't do it, like one shoe fits all, it doesn't work across the world. That's why the same big boys, the military-industrial complex by the way, are hoarding all these hybrids from all the world, grabbing them and taking them off to that place off Norway, to store for the future. See, food is a weapon and you're going to see it used that way over the next twenty years or more. It says: 

The UCS report debunks that claim, concluding that genetic engineering is unlikely to play a significant role in increasing food production in the foreseeable future. 

Everything's put forward today through fear, fear, the Terror of Nightmares, remember that video, the Terror of Nightmares, the fear of Nightmares. They use this scenario to get everything through in this global agenda and it all works together at the top.  

The biotechnology industry has been promising better yields since the mid-1990s, but the "Failure to Yield" report documents that the industry has been carrying out gene field trials to increase yields for 20 years without significant results. 

I disagree there; I think they've had fantastic results because folk are sick and dying all over the place. How much pesticide can you swallow in your life, hmm? Incredibly potent stuff, I've seen them use these particular chemicals along the railroad tracks and along where electric poles go across. Nothing will grow there, it's mud for years, everything dies. This is the stuff they spray on their herbicide-resistant crops; it kills everything off, except the one that you're going to eat. Well, guess what happens with plants - they soak up the moisture from the ground - guess what it soaks up with it? It doesn't take a great detective to figure out what's going on. So, I'll put these links up at the end of the show. 

Last week, and many times before, I've talked about the increasing official statistics, it's probably worse, to do with people getting asthma. Asthma's normal now you see, everything's becoming normal; all these diseases are suddenly normal. They get asthma in their 30s and their 40s and they’re allergic to everything; I read an article last week, multiple allergies people are getting and it's normal now and doctors are telling them that, the young ones getting churned out, you see, they're being upgraded too for a new era, they don't know the past, or statistics in the past for diseases, so they think it's all normal we're all keeling over with all these diseases, it's quite normal. This article here is from the Mail Online 16th of April 2009: 

'The tiniest piece of celery can leave me gasping for breath': Rising number of children allergic to fruit and veg. 

I wonder what it could be? Why suddenly? According to their theories of millions of years of evolution, we're adapted to the food we eat; could it be that the food has been altered? No! 

By Daniel Martin. 

Soaring numbers of children are being diagnosed with allergies to fruit and vegetables. Doctors have seen the numbers rise by as much as five times 

Five times! 

in some areas of the country, putting children at risk of asthma. Experts  

You know this big new priesthood.  

Experts fear the rising tide of intolerance to fruit and veg could be the new peanut allergy, which affects one in 50 children. 

Symptoms of the new phenomenon - known as 'oral allergy syndrome'  

I love how they just make up these things out of the blue, they must have Merlin the Magician there, going through his old books, until we're all parroting it: 'Oh what's wrong with you, you like death?' - 'Oh, I've got oral allergy syndrome' 

- include swelling in the mouth and throat, which in the worst cases can lead to severe breathing difficulties.  

It can also lead to death, when you can't suck any air through! 

The syndrome is linked to hay fever, a seasonal condition. But because fruit and veg are consumed all year round, the effect is more debilitating. 

No kidding? We're allergic to our food suddenly. Oh where is Sherlock Holmes when you need him? We need a rocket scientist to figure this one out. 

Dr Pamela Ewan, an allergy consultant at Addenbroke's Hospital in Cambridge, said cases or oral allergies to fruit and veg were rising, particularly among children. 

Well, what have they had more than anyone else? Well, they’ve had all these special inoculations that they start off with, as soon as they're out the womb. What do injections and inoculations do? They alter your immune system and your immune response to things. OK, could that be a factor? Could it? Secondly, could it secondly be that the food itself has been altered, hmm? Let's get the best detectives on the planet to try and figure this out, shall we? Hmm? 

'We have seen a big rise in the number of cases in the past four to five years,' she said. 'It is a bit like the peanut was the epidemic of the 1990s. 'I think fruit and vegetables are becoming the epidemic now.

“fruit and vegetables are becoming the epidemic now”!

In terms of numbers, fruit and vegetables are the new form of peanut allergy.'  

She added: 'We think fruit and vegetables are healthy, which they mostly are, but you can be allergic to them.  

I'll go on with more of this particular topic, after this break.

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about, you know, the suddenness of everything, everything's sudden today, isn't it? We suddenly have autism across the planet, just skyrocketing; and we suddenly have allergies to all these foods, and fruit and veg, after they've all been genetically modified and soaked with all kinds of weird chemicals, made by the military-industrial complex, because that's who runs the big chemical agencies. However, to go on with this article here, it says; and I'm glad it's a specialist now, most doctors who aren't really too bright get passed off to be specialists in allergies, it's an easy job, because they haven't got a clue, outside of the few things they can look at. So, they tend to get side-lined off into that, so they'd never come up with any astonishing documentation on anything. Here's one here, telling us: 

'We think fruit and vegetables are healthy,  

Here you are: folk, they can’t breathe anymore 

which they mostly are, but you can be allergic to them. Early on when we first picked this up, it was passed off as not being serious. It began with fairly mild itching in the mouth. 

Itching in the mouth eh? 

'But now we are seeing people who are getting really severe throat closure, a significant swelling at the back of the throat which can impede breathing.'  

Well, yeah, it can kill you. 

Figures are hard to come by, but in south Wales, the numbers being diagnosed have gone up from one for every 100,000 of the population to five - in just six years. 

OK, what's changed in six years? Hmm? 

Muriel Simmons, chief executive of the charity Allergy UK, said: 'What is happening is that people who have hay fever also react to fruit and vegetable items.  

So it's your fault, so you're really prone to hay fever, there's your spin by a charity, no doubt another Foundation, you see. Then they go on to say: 

'At the moment, birch pollen is very much around, and people with this allergy may have trouble with apples, pears, tomatoes and celery because of the cross reaction with the pollen.  

Well, it never happened before six years ago, huh? Ha-ha! 

'This doesn't happen to everyone but, with 25 per cent of the population having hay fever, up to that number could have oral allergy syndrome. And that would make it all year round.  

So, we're looking for perpetual allergies now. They'll probably turn round eventually and say the same the thing when you end up with autism or ADHD with inoculations. 'Well, you see, you had defective genes, otherwise, you know, you'd be like all the other ones out there'. They'll blame you; but they certainly will not go into the cause of it because they know at the top, above this class here, they know what's causing it. It's sky-rocketing, up 40-odd percent, that's what I read last year, 40-odd percent, in a couple of years. It's a mystery isn't it? Isn't life just a big mystery?! Ha-ha! 

Before I take callers, I want to mention something here about how we go through this Punch and Judy show as a House will go into Congress or Parliament, or whatever, waving the left hand sign corona or the right-hand sign, you know it depends what particular party they're playing with; and they fulfil their part of the agenda. Bush junior was sent in to help bring in his daddy's vision, his daddy who announced the coming of a New World Order, in 1990, then 1991, both of them on September the 11th, which is a coincidence, of course. Then, younger George, his job was to react the way Göring suggested, a strong stance on terrorism from within and, before you know it, you're all under suspicion and you have no rights whatsoever, you're basically under martial law and they couldn't hit you with more things at that one time because they wanted to standardise the planet, the US was financing the take-over of the Middle East, doing all the work, providing the manpower, supplies and so on. So, they didn't want to give you it all, all the carbon taxes at the same time; and then, when George was ready to move out, then they bring down the economy, because it was right on time to bring in the IMF and the World Bank and bring them up to their proper position, as it was designed to do, according to John Maynard Keynes who designed it, at Bretton Woods, he was the main architect, as they like to call it, the Mason behind it.  

Obama's in now and he's signing all the international laws that were postponed during the Bush era, only postponed, to make George look good and let him get away with having his war on terror, to implement the machinery to control us all; that was his job. 

This article here is from the Telegraph, it says "US", I love how they collectively put you all in, all you people who had a vote on this right?! 

US declares greenhouse gases are threat to public health 

This is a legal declaration remember; you remember the wars on things? The wars on terror, the wars on drugs, the wars on poverty, that always have an opposite effect? 

America has signalled a fundamental shift in its stance on global warming 

Fundamental shift you see. 

with a declaration from the Obama administration that greenhouse gases are a threat to public health. 20 Apr 2009. 

The statement issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency is expected to pave the way for new regulations of cars, 

Now, I've gone through Agenda 21 for the UN, it's all on target. 

power plants, building sites and factories by identifying carbon dioxide and five other gases as pollutants. 

We all breath out carbon dioxide folks; and this is not about the factories; the factories are primarily now in China, where the working class is. It says: 

Environmental groups applauded it as a landmark decision  

The environmental groups, all set up and funded by the Foundations, owned by the World Bankers, the parallel government, as they call themselves. So, their trained seals applauded the landmark decision  

that would allow Barack Obama to meet his call for a low carbon economy but industry groups warned that the so-called "endangerment finding"

"endangerment finding"!

 could cripple the struggling US economy. 

Well, they couldn't hit you with all that when Bush was in, as I said. We might get ‘ticked off’ and pull some troops back from Iraq or somewhere. They had to wait until Obama came in, that's just how they play the game, it's all a one party system. Then it goes on: 

America is the world's biggest producer of greenhouse gases but, under the Bush administration, Washington consistently downplayed the threat from global warming and stalled the EPA finding. 

Now, I've gone through the whole history of global warming, including the guys who dreamed up the idea at the Club of Rome and they printed it in their own book The First Global Revolution, go and get it, read up for yourself. They were looking for a way for controlling all the public of the planet, uniting them in a common war and they picked on the idea of global warming. They dreamed it up, that think-tank, founded by the big Foundations and they are a Foundation themselves.  

The EPA decision, which is subject to a 60-day public review, does not automatically trigger new carbon rules 

It's all going to hit you, in the pocket. 

but will allow the government to push ahead with regulating greenhouse gases under federal clear air laws. 

This is as they're spraying you like bugs everyday with some darned air force that won't take recognition for doing so. Do you realise we're living in Disneyland? And they're using old guilt techniques to make us think we are the problem; we are the problem. Religion ran worlds for thousands of years with guilt and they're using the same techniques: 'It's all your fault, you breathe, you have to heat yourself, you're the problem'. That's why they always use what's worked before and this green agenda is a religion that was set up to be so. Gorbachev talked about it, in his own book, he said We're creating a new world religion' and it would be based on a form of earth worship.

Every religion has its high priests you see, well they're supplied to you, these experts who can look at the sky and diagnose, to the molecule and the thermal unit, how much global warming there is. They don't need their crystal balls, these guys are experts; Merlin’s all. 

The EPA said rising levels of greenhouse gases "are the unambiguous result of human emissions, and are very likely the cause of the observed increase in average temperatures and other climatic changes". 

Rot! Because all the other scientists and even NASA itself said that the earth is in a cooling phase, but they won't back off and I've said that before. If you're standing up to your neck in snow, this must-be will go ahead and they'll tell you you'd better believe you're living in global warming, because there's no other plan, this is the plan. It will serve its purpose, until they no longer need to use it or the excuses. So: 

... man-made pollutions a cause of global warming as "compelling and overwhelming". The EPA also said that exhaust emissions from motor vehicles contribute to climate change.  

The agency's action was prompted by a Supreme Court decision in 2007 in which the court said the government could restrict heat-trapping gases under the Clean Air Act if the EPA found them to be a danger to public health and welfare. 

Stop the spraying; we'll be a lot healthier, stop altering the weather. I’ve got a link somewhere to do with owning the weather, the first one was very good, it had all the clips from the US Military talking about owning the weather and it's been taken down, I think. There's another one up there but I'll see and put the link up tonight and you can see it for yourself; they own the weather. But this article just goes on and on, getting the public ready, you know and it brings on all the big Foundations, these gurus, these Merlin’s: 

Joe Mendelson, global warming policy director 

Did you know we had a global warming policy director? 

at the National Wildlife Federation, 

You know: the one that Prince Phillip's into, the guy that said we had to depopulate the planet you know. 

described the decision as "historic and a game-changer for climate policy that will have political and policy repercussions domestically and abroad". 

Ho-ho, oh boy, is it ever! Your life is going to be ruled from birth to death, through this environmentalism and 'saving the planet', because, as the Club of Rome said, if we make the people think that they're the cause of something, which they've picked as global warming, they can rule you and everything you do, everything is energy, everything is energy and it'll all fit right in with the depopulation agenda, which is out in mainstream newspapers now, bringing down the population by all and every means possible, even though it's already been dropping since World War I actually, and now with the Western countries. Immigration is the only reason it seems to be overcrowded. This is how it really works; this is how it really-really works. Plato's Cave, they give us a new one every time; and most folk just parrot what they're given, never question it; but the worst thing, of course, is grabbing the children, grabbing the children and the initial indoctrination, as Bertrand Russell said, will ensure they'll never break free of their conditioning for their entire lives. Ideology and policy is being taught now in kindergarten, political ideology, to children.  

Now, we'll go to Sean, in Utah, are you there Sean? 

Sean: How you doing tonight Alan? 

Alan: Not bad, under this sprayed and very rainy sky! 

Sean: Oh. Good to speak with you again; and going along the lines of the population, the population control, I'm looking at Foreign Affairs from October 1972 and this chapter here, they talk about the book “Limits to growth”.  And they say it's sponsored by the Club of Rome, of course; and I own that book, The Global Revolution and it is a fascinating book. It's really interesting to see what they say, just about how, even back then, they were projecting and like you always say, they have everything covered. They've thought out every scenario and it's just interesting that they say; if I could just read a sentence here: 

The fearsome growth of population, increasing at a rate that doubles every thirty years 

Sean: and this is in 1972, but it says right here that: 

Aluminum 31 years 

Sean: It has a timetable for all these  

natural gas 22 years. 

Sean: I just though that was interesting, it even mentions even with the braking effect of birth control that we're still, basically, we're done for. 

Alan: These guys literally said in that book that they looked around for a way to unite the planet, under a warfare technique, with a common enemy and they picked man himself as the enemy, they said that if they could convince man that they're causing atmospheric changes, that would fit the bill, that's the term they used: that would fit the bill

Sean: Right, that's exactly it, I've read that over and over and it's just; but I thought this was just an interesting psychological mind-trip that they played here. 

Alan: It also tells you, it shows you too how long they've set up the machinery, we have, we've been living with the machinery in motion for this particular time now, it's been rolling thirty years, a steady-increasing drum beat into global warming, climate change and pollution etc, because that's the agenda for controlling all our lives. You see, whenever we even hear about things, or start to hear the things in a conscious fashion, it's already implemented. They've conditioned us and prepared our minds to accept it. 

Sean: This is a good one though Alan: it says the Club of Rome, an international invisible college of 70 scientists and specialists, so that's just admitting right there that. 

Alan: That's what they used to call the Rosicrucian Lodge, it was the invisible college. 

Sean: That's just amazing! 

Alan: Yes, eventually a world run by experts who will be scientists. 

Sean: Well, I appreciate your work Alan, I'll be sending a cheque along shortly and take care of yourself and keep fighting the good fight. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. And there's Rico from Toronto, are you there Rico? 

Rico: How you doing Alan? 

Alan: Not so bad, not so bad. 

Rico: I was calling you about Friday, because I'm in Toronto right? So, Friday, I'm driving down going to see my friend, borderline Markham, and it's maybe about 7 so the sun hasn't gone down yet. I just see a plane with a big Chemtrail and I look up at the sky when I came off the highway and I just saw lines everywhere.  Everywhere and it was a plane still in the sky, like spraying, it was crazy; and today my sister comes in and says my friend works out about four times a week and she says she's always tired. She says she works out about four times a week and she's always tired, you know what I mean? Just like, where's that coming from? 

Alan: I get that a lot, a lot of people call me over the years and Chicago was getting heavily sprayed there last year and everybody that phoned me was just lethargic, they'd have to go to sleep during the day at times. That's one side effect of the spray; but I also know people in Air Canada, the flight crew, who say major spraying is over all the cities across the world now. Major cities, that's where the worst is. Hang on, I'll be back with more, just hang on, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, Rico has another question, are you still there Rico? Hello Rico? 

Rico: I almost never watch TV right? Well, last week, for the little holiday that they had, I went to go visit my sister, in Montréal, so I was like watching TV, just for a quick second and this programme was coming on and they were talking about television and stuff like that and the guy said something that was so disingenuous like, goes like “The TV camera lens reflects the truth” and I was like that's not true, the lens reflects whatever you want it to reflect for your agenda.  

Alan: That's right. 

Rico: You know what I mean? 

Alan: It is very true. It's also, you see, they're conditioning the public, it's very true, that's what Brzezinski said, that through various means of media and technology, they'd convince the public to expect that the media itself will do the reasoning for the public and it's true, we don't think through or reason ourselves. It's like Wag The Dog movie, an excellent movie, it shows you how cons are done with television etc and the famous statement there is “See, it must be true, it’s on TV”. So, it's quite right. 

Rico: After you mentioned it, I checked out that movie Brazil and I don't even see that as a comedy, it just seems like, 

Alan: Real life now!

Rico: It's just not a comedy you know. It was scary, scary, when they put him in the pentagon prison and they were just watching him and he literally like went into his mind to escape the nightmare. 

Alan: It was telling you that was the only escape you have, because the ultimate goal, just like Nineteen-Eight-Four, is to conquer your mind, if they can conquer that last bit of spirit and will in you, then they believe that they have total control, that gives them an incredible kick.

Rico: Well, I just wanted to bring those two points up and I'll be listening in / calling in again, so, thank you very much Alan.   

Alan: Thanks for calling. And there's Ronnie from California, are you there Ronnie?  

Ronnie: What's up Alan, how you doing? 

Alan: Not so bad. 

Ronnie: First off, I definitely thank you for your search for truth and all the research you’ve done and everything you've done over the years. I got some bad news I guess, let's put it that way, I really don't think there's any going back, I think we’re in the system and it’s over, the battle was fought and it's done, I don't think we’re ever going to.  I think the New World Order will succeed, I mean I think they've already succeeded. 

Alan: Yes, I know, as Albert Pike said, we never begin a premature revolution, it's likening it to a garden or a farm, you've got to prepare that field in many different ways, before you plant the seed and that's what they do: they prepare our minds for generation to generation and there is no opposition, no real genuine opposition. You see, you can't go back to the past, because they've already taken all of the institutions away from you, so you're right. 

Ronnie: And the more it's coming out, and the more I'm seeing this and I've just discovered this amazing thing, I've never seen it before, it's on i-tunes and the CFR they have podcasts, the actual Institute for International studies, or whatever, they have podcasts.   

Alan: It is the end of the show though, but actually, right enough, there are podcasts you can listen to, from the CFR. But from Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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