Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (# 303)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 21, 2009:

No Defiance to Agenda-Driven Science:

"Guiding Masses Employs Art of Scamming,
Familiarization and Predictive Programming,
Only One Agenda, No Substitute,
This Plan They will Execute,
Foundations' Scientists, No Derision,
Public Opinion's Not in Decision,
Interdisciplinary Sciences as One do Slip
Society Under Scientific Dictatorship,
Hiding Under Their Shadows of Impending Disasters,
We Learn to Obey Academia's Masters,
They Use Crises as Bricks for Their Tower,
Endless Imagination to Hold On to Power"
© Alan Watt April 21, 2009

Tuesday 21st     April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 21, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 21st of April 2009.  

The newcomers to the show: look into and on that site you'll find hundreds of talks I've given in the past, where I try to give you some of the short-cuts to understanding the reality in which we live. I show you how reality is created and I use the books put out by those who give us the inter-generational realities, which just coincide along a particular agenda that was written about a long time ago. Science, and science of the mind is nothing new at all, it's very-very old in fact; and through thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, of using religions, of moving peoples from one place to another, one country to another, which they've done in ancient times too. And they try multiculturalism and all the rest of it; they understand exactly where they're taking the whole planet today. 

Nations were planned to be destroyed in the late 1800s, the 1900s; the twentieth-century basically saw to that through the world wars, that was part of plans written about by big-big / incredibly big well-funded Foundations and they've worked hard to achieve their goal and, pretty-well, it’s accomplished. We're already global / international and now pretty-well every law that comes down the pike comes from the United Nations, demanded of course by the front groups. They have thousands of front groups, who are Non-Governmental Organisations, paid for and funded by the Foundations, the parallel government. And governments listen to them and call it democracy; you see: this is the new democracy, the NGO groups, the funded ones, the authorised ones, who always demand exactly what the Foundations want them to and the governments want to hear. So, go into my site and you’ll find lots of talks on this, using the documents and books written by those in the big planning think-tanks themselves then published. 

Also go into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download, print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

For those who listen into the show, you're probably get fed up and probably skip the first five minutes, because I always say if you want to buy my books and keep me going, you go into website and you'll see where to find them and how to get them. Or, you can donate to me and that might just keep me going. I don't rely upon advertisers, I don't take money from advertisers; the ads on this particular hour go to pay the radio station and the staff for their expenses. I don't handle that at all. So, it's up to you to keep me going, you can also, as I say: pay through PayPal or donate, or you can send personal cheques [listed above].

I was in town today, I try to go maybe once a month, as little as possible, because I don't really like busy places; and Sudbury's not a relatively big city, but it's busy enough for me. Every store you go into now there's little signs going up about banning of certain pesticides, insecticides and a whole host of chemicals that people have been using, for years. And there’s a hand-written note in the hardware store telling us that this is so. This is at the same time as they're banning or making people make sure that there are no weeds in their garden. You find there are not the herbicides.  

Back with more - after these messages. 

===BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about a trip into town, where you see that so many things now are getting taken off the shelves, this isn't new, lots of things have been getting taken off the shelves for years. For instance, it's no coincidence that the bronchodilators and the pseudoephedrines that people took and all of the antihistamines that were freely available from the shelves, no prescription necessary, are unobtainable now, at a time when these problems are sky-rocketing, that's not a coincidence; that's to exacerbate the problem in fact. And then you find, of course, articles about global warming; and I've read so many articles about it, even the one with Bill Gates, where they’re breeding special mosquitoes and, in the article, what was astonishing is that you find all these private corporations already in the business of breeding and genetically-engineering special types of insects. Meanwhile, they're telling us that these insects, with global warming, even the natural ones would expand into different areas where they hadn't been before and could become plagues basically, pestilences. Then you find that all the stuff you'd kill them with, even around your own home, are getting banned as well. Do ever wonder about these kind of things? Is this to intensify coming problems that are planned? Is it? The excuses they took for instance, for taking off the pseudoephedrines from the pharmacies was that children were using mixtures of this stuff to get 'high'- well, there was no problem for thirty years before that. Suddenly, they were using this stuff to get high; the children don't have to make their own stuff, they can exchange their Ritalin in the playgrounds, that's what they do.

When you want a big change in society, you intensify aggravation, as I say, there are weed inspectors in most cities now and towns, they hit people with massive fines if their grass is a certain length over so many centimetres or there's certain weeds there and so on. Meanwhile, they're taking off the stuff you'd use to keep the weeds down. This is deliberate intensification you see, aggravation; and it’s happening across the board in society and people wonder why they get so uptight. They wonder; they wonder why they're trying to repair their homes and buy home products, home power tools and battery-powered tools that work for about a week and are bust. That kind of stuff, aggravation, looks like the real thing, until you try and use it, then the chuck wobbles and falls off with the bearing, or it'll hold the charge three times and that's it. Looks like the real thing; and this junk is allowed to be sold across whole continents, amazing isn't it? Intensification of aggravation; think about it. This is what Huxley and others talked about, they said that a time would come where, because they would collapse all of the old standards, he meant laws as well, to do with quality control etc. He also meant the destruction of the old society and the bonds of culture that held them together, which had to be done to bring in an international culture, not just any old international culture that could develop, but the one that they planned to develop, to serve the masters you see. He said there would be an intense period of aggravation. If you understand how they work these people and they talk about laws of nature and the opposites of the law of nature, to do with Spring and Fall and Winter and Summer; that's how they often couch it, then you can guide the outcomes of the conflicts you see, that's what they mean by it and they do, they do. 

Propaganda is used to an incredible-incredible length today, incredible length. Even the article I talked about last night, Owning The Weather, a pure propaganda piece, on behalf of the experts and the agenda, where they hype up all the intensifying hurricanes. Yet, you look at NOAA's chart and they tell you the hurricanes have been down, actually down in frequency, over the last ten years. They don't mind lying straight to your face these guys, to get their agendas through. It’s the same with Mr. Allegory and all the rest of it: straight to your face; because, after all, this is the big stick to control the entire planet and everyone's way of living. A new substitute for war, when you’ve run out of countries to dominate, when we're all in the same bag together, we've got to have an enemy, common enemies - it's either enemies within, terrorism, or terrorism plus something else, something that every citizen can be pulled up on, contaminating something or exceeding a limit in carbon, or whatever nonsense it happens to be.

James the 1st, you know, had an awful problem trying to get money, extra money and taxes from the British Parliament, even though it was all made up of a different class in those days; but he wanted money for his court and his little wars and things. He eventually got a tax passed and it was called at one point the Fresh Air Tax; that's why, if you go to England and you see the houses that are still remaining from those eras, you often see where windows were and they were bricked off, that's so they didn't have to pay all of the taxes. And they’ve called it the Light Tax, depends how many window panes you had in the window and the Fresh Air Tax, if you could actually open the window; and here, they're at it again with carbon taxes. There's nothing new under the sun; nothing new under the sun, it's a gas, man. 

Here's an article here, that came out in response to a contradictory story, the story being that the Antarctic was melting and half of it was just disappeared one day; and then, they came up and said 'Oh well my god, we forgot to look the other way, it's actually grown in the other direction' you see. This is a sort of bandaged story that came out of The Australian newspaper,, Reuters, it says: 

Cool down ... ice is expanding in much of the Antarctic, experts say  

You know: the white-coated priesthood. I preferred it in Egypt, Ancient Egypt had three classes of priests; they had sub categories, but the main three classes, you had the Lunar, the Solar and you had the Stellar cults. Today we have, oh, whole layers of 'experts', these magicians that tell us things that we're automatically supposed to believe and be terrified of their ominous predictions, because that's how you control people, with ominous predictions. So, it says here: 

Eastern coast getting colder, Western section remains a concern. 

ICE is expanding in much of Antarctica, contrary to the widespread public belief 

Well, where do the public get that belief?  

that global warming is melting the continental ice cap.  

The results of ice-core drilling and sea ice monitoring indicate there is no large-scale melting of ice over most of Antarctica, although experts are concerned at ice losses on the continent's western coast.  

That's why they have to go ‘Look East’ and say ‘My god it's growing over there’. 

Antarctica has 90 per cent of the Earth's ice and 80 per cent of its fresh water, The Australian reports. Extensive melting of Antarctic ice sheets would be required to raise sea levels substantially, and ice is melting in parts of west Antarctica. The destabilisation of the Wilkins ice shelf generated international headlines this month.  

That's when they tried to panic everybody.  

However, because of the contrary reports from other agencies, the picture is very different in east Antarctica, which includes the territory claimed by Australia. East Antarctica is four times the size of west Antarctica and parts of it are cooling. The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research report prepared for last week's meeting of Antarctic Treaty nations in Washington noted the South Pole had shown "significant cooling in recent decades".  

Now, last night, I mentioned an article from Obama, not from Obama, I hate using the terms, I try to dismiss the front men they put in, in any country anymore, because they really are irrelevant, they truly are, there's only one agenda going forth here and that was to do with:  

US declares greenhouse gases that are a threat to public health 

Where the present front man in the US is going along with all the other front men in every other country and ramming through all these laws on carbon dioxide and labelling five other gases that weren't pollutants before, as new pollutants. Amazing stuff these scientists, these priests isn't it? But it's all for control, you see, because I remember, going back, as I say, time after time to the book, The First Global Revolution by the Club of Rome, which is the premier think-tank that comes up with the initial ideas on how to control everyone in a global society. They decided war on something had to be found; and after looking at all things they could have war on, they said man would have to be the enemy, to control the society. Therefore, they came up with the idea of global warming: man was the cause, man was therefore the enemy. They said that would fit the bill; that's in their own book, written by the founders of it. And like all the other Foundations that are funded by the big Foundations, Rockefeller etc, there’s a whole mass of front Foundations on every area of living. They also, the Club of Rome spawns off a couple of other major Foundations and runs them too, like the Club of Budapest and so on. They're after your water and various other things that you need to live. No one votes these people in; they're not governments, so why is it that governments only listen to them? Well, as I say, this is the new democracy, the real democracy they always meant to bring in, after they'd conned the public, through world wars and many other wars in between, that they were going to bring in a fair and just society, they just didn't expound it, the reality of it. You see, democracy is an elastic word, it's meant many things in many ages, many things, and we're finding out now it means utter authoritarianism and micro-management of everyone's lives, birth to death. Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and I'm discussing really how reality is created inter-generationally. They always give us trial balloons of an idea and monitor our reactions to them; and that sinks into our heads, this little idea of a possibility, we don't really think much deeper than that in fact and we're not told to, that's why we don't think deeper, we need to be told you see. The media understands this and those who run the media. It's implanted in your mind and then, a little while later, a little more is added to it and it becomes more familiar, on a subconscious level, and then they bring out laws and so on, or the real thing, whatever it happens to be and, somehow, we're prepared for it. That's what you do, you just prepare the field before you plant. There's a lot of preparation to do when you want to make the herd move in a certain direction all together on the same boat, with the same opinions. It's very simple.  

I can remember reading through the United Nations, and the founders of the United Nations, books. Lots of them were for sale at the end of World War II, from the guys who helped set it up, with their beautiful dreams of utopias and managed populations and so on, where science would be brought to the top; and of course, remember too we've gone into the history of the United Nations, who set them up and the big Foundations that set them up and still run them. And they were all eugenics societies and international money lenders, the big bankers, thirteen families in all, who lend to all nations and it's never been described anywhere how come these thirteen families have the rights to lend to nations, or even why nations have the right on behalf of the people to put us all into debt when they borrow from these guys. It's never explained to us, it's a big mystery, after thousands of years, it's a big mystery; and I'll tell you it's just too complicated for simple old you to understand, it's a science you see. It's more like a séance really, because I think a bunch of spirits must tell them what to do, since no economist can ever straighten anything out when money goes off to money heaven, back to the spirits, time after time.

Getting back to my point though, the world is run by conology, massive conology and it's true what Bertrand Russell said, he said that, basically, there's nothing so arrant, no religion so arrant that it couldn't be made the vast belief of the people by adequate governments' action. In other words: they can give us any kind of reality and we'll always think its normal, simply because it exists. Jacques Ellul backed that up by saying what do you want? A new generation, what do you want? He said, well just look around you, it’s what everyone else wants in your generation. Where do you get your wants from? It's all given to you, that's how simple it is, to get everyone moving along the same track, talking about the same things, as Brzezinski said, given them by the previous day's media. They all think they're the sane because they judge each other by bouncing their thoughts off each other; and since they are all given the same thoughts to talk about, they must all be right, they're all agreeing with each other. Very simple; very-very simple.  

The next step, of course, is to introduce cloned human beings into society and we've had gradual preparation, we've had lots of sci-fi movies and novels and so on about this and they gave us the nonsense with Dolly the Sheep. The intention was never to clone sheep, it was clone people of course, like all experimentation on animals is always about; and I'm sure they've done it long ago. They must introduce it into society and sit back and with the Internet with everybody yapping everyday to thousands of strangers, they can monitor if an idea is taking hold, if it's working. And here's an article that will be going across the Internet with millions prattling on about it and it'll be monitored to see if it's ready or do they need more preparation for the new man coming in. It's from The Independent, from the 22nd of April 2009: 

Fertility expert: 'I can clone a human being' 

Well, big deal, he won't be the first, I'm sure it was done long ago. This is an introduction, familiarity, introduction to your subconscious. 

A controversial fertility doctor claimed yesterday to have cloned 14 human embryos 

And that's pure cloning, copying of people who exist. 

and transferred 11 of them into the wombs of four women who had been prepared to give birth to cloned babies.  

The cloning was recorded by an independent documentary film-maker who has testified to The Independent that the cloning had taken place and that the women were genuinely hoping to become pregnant with the first cloned embryos specifically created for the purposes of human reproduction.  

Then it goes on and on and on and we'll wait and see if this is another hoax, again, hoaxes can be used to familiarise you with an idea. We had that a few years ago, with the Raelian Movement and the race car driver who was some kind of UFO contactee, who was speaking on behalf of eugenicists, apparently, to breed a better stock of human beings, when they claimed that they had cloned a child and it was given birth to successfully and that turned out to be a hoax as well. However, these are just preparatory articles, to familiarise you that it's inevitable and the reason it's inevitable is because, I'm sure, at a very high levels, you see, it's probably been done for years. We live in a different time frame of reality, we're given a different Plato's Cave than those at the top, we're literally, we could even be centuries behind, at this rate, of so-called progress, centuries, we're the last to know. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, mentioning the fact that we're the last to know any real truth about anything, that's how deep this matrix is and that's how far ahead it is too. They can give us a different reality, at the bottom level, while they're so far ahead at a higher level. I've still got articles here, from old magazines in the 1950s, science magazines, where they were testing-out flying saucers, using atomic piles to drive the saucers in Nevada, in the 1950s. US Air Force; and they kept crashing them but they were having a good bang for their buck and doing amazing things with them. So, of course, they came out with the UFO, it must be the aliens because we don't have them a few years later, of course folk didn't remember the original articles. We're so far behind in reality, on every level, medical, you name it, that it really is like they’re living, it’s like a different species in a different time zone at the top. They have a lot of cures for real diseases, but they will not make them available to the public, because, after all, depopulation is the mandate, if you haven't noticed the media over the last few years. So, they could never, in fact, Russell and the Huxleys and all that ilk, the eugenicists that worked for the big think-tanks and Foundations said that they regretted there wasn't another black plague / black death, to wipe out most of humanity. They also said that if we inoculate them with stuff that works, they're going to live longer, it's kind of contradictory to the agenda. You should think about it, what have they been injecting us with, since we're getting sicker and sicker and sicker; and our food is weaponised against us and people can't tolerate the food now, since it's all GMO modified. However, you don't see that happening to the big boys at the top, or the Brzezinski's or the Kissinger's or the Maurice Strong's and all the rest of the old army running around the planet, attending international meetings all the time and putting in 14 hours per day often. They don't seem to come down with the aging diseases; I wonder why? I wonder why?

We're kept in the past: our reality is actually a past era, always, on every topic. Whenever they mention a break-through on something, they've done it long ago or they're working on something and ‘Hope to one day…’ - they've done it long ago at a much higher level, much higher level; and I've noticed that time and time again. The longer you live, the more you see of that. 

We'll go to the callers now and there's Junior from New York, are you there Junior?

Junior: Can you hear me? 

Alan: Yes. 

Junior: Yes, I just wanted to say thank you for all the work that you've done, you're a true spiritual warrior. I've got a couple of questions: I was recently living in South Lake Tahoe, California and the amount of spraying they do there is unbelievable. I would look up everyday and at least 4 days to 6 days a week, there would be, on a blue sky, you could see at least anywhere from 10 to 15 Chemtrails, criss-crossed, and I know that there's a energy vortex there that the Washoe Indians used to use and I was wondering if there's any correlation between the massive spraying, the HAARP and the energy vortices, because I know that these adepts know about the vortices and if they possibly use those to inflict more damage. And also, you say that they - and I believe you - want us to revolt, and they want us to use violence and to have riots, but I'm just stumped as to what else we can do? 

Alan: I know, I mean, really, that's just it, you're getting sprayed like bugs for ten years, and utter silence from the top, and people, the medical establishment understand that all these cancers have gone up, bronchial problems, pneumonias, people are dropping dead of odd things. They know all this at the top and it's only keeping the people happy and sucking their thumbs, as we go through this that's keeping it all going. 

Junior: It's amazing, it's incredible, I would mention it to people on the chair lift, I would say "Do you see that in the sky?" and they're like "What?" -  "Like that huge Chemtrail going across the sky" and they would just laugh basically. So I would just stop all efforts there, once I get laughed at, I quit, you know? 

Alan: That's right, Brzezinski was quite correct when he said, in the 1970s, that techniques of mind control were already being used on public who would never realise it and he said that they cannot do the reasoning anymore for themselves. They do expect the media to reason things out for them and to warn them, they believe it's an extension of their brain. I'm not kidding, they do; and if the media doesn't say anything, it cannot exist, even if they see it, it cannot be important because the media obviously being its guardian would tell them. That's why they can go as far, I used to say that they could eventually do the Beatles one now and give you tangerine skies, you know and no one would notice because if the media doesn't say something odd is happening then the public won't either, they're too scared to mention their own observations, in case they're laughed at.  

Junior: And now they're actually mentioning that they're using Chemtrails, aren't they? 

Alan: They are mentioning it, they've been teaching it to children in school books, since 2001 and their parents didn't know; and now they're trying to get us familiarised, to get the herd familiarised, the one's who laugh at you right now, they're familiarising them with the idea of spraying to come, to come. That's how they're introducing it, they're eventually thinking of spraying the sky and shooting stuff up, but they're not telling you they've been doing it for ten years. What they do mention now is the legality that they should have done at the very beginning; they say that it will have dire and some terrible consequences, they're talking about health in other words. Again, it's nothing to do with global warming, it's used a ruse because, if you go back to the writings of Teller, the H-Bomb inventor, he came up with the idea of doing this very thing, for weather control, for warfare purposes, but also in conjunction with HAARP, where he said that secondary signals piggy-backing on the HAARP, along with this now, basically, magnetic sky that acts like a conduit because it intensifies the ability for HAARP to operate, they said, basically, you could use mind control on the public and they'd be utterly unaware of how they're forming their opinions or where even ideas are coming from. You could also sedate them, make them happy, stimulate parts of their brain, using a certain frequency and make them optimistic or, with another frequency, make them very depressed, suicidal; it's complete mind control, in a sense. That's the real reason for it. 

Junior: Yeah, but you see, I'm just curious if you had any, as other callers have mentioned in certain areas that there is more spraying in areas where there would be known energy vortices. I don't know if you believe in that stuff, but. 

Alan: Well, it isn't just the energy vortex, what you'll find a lot of these places have, they have arrays of the HAARP type antenna, somewhere out in the country, but also there's a place too where winds will sweep and swirl, that's the main thing because they're using the jet streams to carry the spray elsewhere. In fact, that was in their writings of the treaty at the United Nations that they signed on weather warfare in the 1970s, that they could actually bring the jet streams down to the ground, or they could also use the jet streams to distribute the actual spray across thousands of miles, if they lay it heavily across certain areas. Therefore, that area will be, as you say, more of a turbine vortex where winds will meet together, swirl and go off at a certain tangent. 

Junior: I see. 

Alan: That's the strategic value. 

Junior: Right, so that would explain the constant spraying. I had the metallic taste in my mouth for a few weeks and I'm assuming it was from the Chemtrails. Thank you, thank you very much. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. And there's Derek from Philadelphia, are you there Derek? Hello Derek? 

Derek: Hello, can you hear me? 

Alan: Yes, I can.  

Derek: OK Alan, it's good to talk to you again, I hope everything's good; and I wanted to talk about Plato actually. He wrote a book, or maybe he didn't even write it, maybe someone wrote for him but it's about virtue. He invites one of his students, I guess, who happens to be a nobleman; and, basically, comes to the conclusion, after his talks, it's written in a way, I like the way it's written personally, but it's written in such a way that you come to a certain conclusion at the end of his book, the conclusion is that virtue can't be can't be learned. And it's actually Masonry, 

Alan: Yes, it is.  

Derek: They're talking about Masonry and virtue, if you could talk about that for a little bit, that's interesting. 

Alan: Yes, well that is true, they had so-called virtues and that's all through the Masonic books too, it's also through Gnosticism, it took off again under Neo-Platonism in Alexandria, in the 3rd-Century AD, and that's really when the so-called Mystery Schools that were using sciences and an agenda started to really make themselves public, but you're quite right, that's really the start of the public announcement about what we would now call eugenics: inferior types, superior man and, in fact, Plato himself called the ordinary people the Its, he didn't call them humans. 

Derek: Well, he meant that in a certain way that's different than most people would interpret anyway and I'm sure we both can see superficially that’s quite a rude statement to say. But, anyway, I actually wanted to say about how, in Masonry, the whole thing is about learning virtue and you become virtuous and you learn virtue; but, at the top level, I think they realised, just like with the Ten Commandments they tell us to do these things but at the top level the secret is that they don't actually believe or say anything that they tell the people, which is obvious to some people. 

Alan: Well, you see, you have to go back into a precursor, you see Masonry just came out of Rosicrucianism which itself came out of Cathar and Albigensianism and the Bogomils, these were all the same outfits at one point that rivalled the Catholic Church at one point, that's why there was a crusade against them; but they had their own groups and lay people. They also had their own priests who were Perfecti. Now you go back into ancient Gnosticism, you'll find there were Perfecti there as well, thousands of years earlier, it's the same unbroken movement you know; and again, it has all the Platonic ideas and Neo-Platonic ideas of superior man / inferior man. Once you were "perfected" the laws made for man no longer applied to you because you were as a god; and so in High Masonry it's exactly the same. 

Derek: Well, exactly, they don't even believe in a god, that's the first law they get us to believe, which they secretly do not actually believe themselves, which is, maybe they try to portray it obviously. 

Alan: They had to always, throughout time, they had to adapt to the dominant religion, so they could avoid persecution and so they always brought in whatever prevalent, I mean Franklin said it himself, he said “If I am in the Middle East, I'm a Muslim; if I'm in England, I'm a Christian”. In other words he's telling you wherever he is, he'll adopt, at least for appearance sakes, the religion of that country at the time, he has no problem with it at all. 

Derek: Well, I definitely see what you’re saying and, just specifically, people like Franklin you mention a lot and Plato, they're just people, to me personally, that I learn a little bit about internally but it’s hard to even explain to another person as you would know. They seem to be working in the system, placed there perhaps by their god that they believe in, to put these truths out and you know they obviously have to manoeuvre their way through and you said Plato he was going to be killed and stuff? 

Alan: Yes, he was part of a school, under Socrates, that had been raised and gave oaths to cause rebellion and overthrow the established order, by using the youth. 

Derek: Well, it just seems to me these evil people / these demonic people, basically, that’s the only way you can explain it, they're not actually capable of bringing down truth themselves, they just steal little tit-bits from other people, you know what I mean? 

Alan: That's it, they understand the psychology of the masses, you're perfectly right there. 

Derek: Well anyway, I just wanted to bring that up a little bit and you're having a great show, as usual; so, have a goodnight. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. Yes, they're elitists and it's astonishing to read the old books and see just how elitist they were; and it ties in perfectly with what we have today. We don't have the politicians even playing the game anymore, or pretending that they're really speaking for you, or thinking of you, they don't even bother now. We're being dictated to, openly, if you haven't noticed the change then you haven't noticed much at all. We're being dictated down to, by an oligarchy, with experts always backing them on whatever topic, a ‘priesthood’, on whatever subject is backing them; and that's the new authority. We have no say in the matter at all; and just like Lenin said: he said all the services, that's police, medical, everything, children's aid, these will all become authorities, to control the people. He said that 100 years ago and here we are, living through it right now and people are just accepting it because, little by little, incrementally, they've been taught this is the new normal way and the longer that you allow it to go on this way the more normal it will be. Now, we'll go to Elizabeth from Washington, are you there Elizabeth? 

Elizabeth: Yes, I am; hello Alan. 

Alan: How are you? 

Elizabeth: Very well, this is indeed a pleasure. I don't normally get to listen live, in fact, I even had to just come in and dial direct and try and get on. Yeah, but I've just been listening for the last ten minutes and nodding my head along the way. I just wanted to mention there's a really great website called and that has an awful lot of information on it about the Chemtrails and the weather warfare and the literature that they're giving the children in the early science years about the Chemtrails and the US air force 2525. 

Alan: That's right and also NASA put out a documentary that's been shown for children in school, telling them these Chemtrails we'll see more of them because they're normal! 

Elizabeth: Well, that's really what pushed me to make this call today and not sort of sort of shy away as I usually do for many-many times; but, today I actually, I live in a sort of medium size town between two large cities. Both the cities, they get Chemtrailed regularly, obviously; however, where I am, today, I saw my first Chemtrail in action: the criss-cross and then it all merging together. Then, how a perfectly-blue sky, within the space of an hour, had just all melded into the usual streaks; and prior to that, in, at the sunset, I can look out and I can see the HAARP, I can see the HAARP vibrating through. 

Alan: Hold on a minute and we'll go into that, because I was wanting to talk about the vibrations that are coming out now. Hold on, until after this break; back in a minute. 

=== BREAK === 

I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we've got Elizabeth from Washington and you were saying there Elizabeth about the ripple effects you're seeing in the clouds? 

Elizabeth: Yes, at the sunset, normally; and of course it's like the metallic discolouration around the edges of the clouds, at sunset. But, you know, you can look at the sky overall and you can see the clouds themselves rippling with the frequency itself. 

Alan: That's right, I've seen it often. Last year, in the summer, I sat one night, till about 3 in the morning, watching it for a few hours; and it literally was like playing a piano across the sky, just back and forth and it was all timed of course, perfect timing and like a beat and I've seen it during the day too, recently. I've got photographs from California came in just in the last few days, with the same phenomena; and so they're using all this high technology. 

Elizabeth: Really? The guy yesterday that sort of remarked that he felt all exits are closed and it was a done deal. I'm one of those people, unfortunately, in his court. 

Alan: As I say, we're the last to even know what's really been going on, on any level. 

Elizabeth: Yes. I can't get through to anybody anyway. I mean, I've done my DVDs and the only one I've had any luck with at all is something called - it's a history regarding the Bank of England, after Waterloo and going through to the illegal IRS and the Fed and what have you. It's about a three hour long - but one or two people have taken that on board but when I get into anything else, they just. 

Alan: It's unbelievable to them. 

Elizabeth: It really is; and then, the young man that was just talking to you about the Cathars and the Bogomils: I always thought that; well, not always, but just in a couple of recent years, that that actually kicked off the Inquisition. 

Alan: It certainly helped; it came out of Spain, with Kabbalah mixed with reincarnation in fact; and the idea. 

Elizabeth: Would you think those guys might have got something to do with kicking off the actual Inquisition? 

Alan: It was responsible for kicking it off, it took a long time to spread into witch-hunts; before that, it was literally into something the Catholic Church were astounded by, to realise that what they thought was Arianism and the old heresies that they thought were dead, in the 2nd / 3rd Century AD had, somehow, come down through the centuries and was alive and well and very prosperous in fact.  

Elizabeth: Hearsay is alive and well!  And when we talk about Teller, does Teller get a lot of his stuff from Tesla? 

Alan: I'm sure, oh yes, they had to use Tesla's patents etc for the standing wave and that's acknowledged even by the present HAARP technology sites across the world. 

Elizabeth: God help the youths, a very good friend of mine, her grandson, has just been diagnosed with severe autism. 

Alan: Yes, I know; but thanks for calling in, Elizabeth, that's the music for the end of the show and I couldn't get to Dan or Bill; but maybe call in tomorrow and I'll catch you then. From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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