Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (# 304)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 22, 2009:

The Bandit Bund of the International Monetary Fund:

"Escalating Drumbeat of the IMF
Repeated Ad Nauseam 'til We're Deaf,
Scary New Seer, 'The End is Nigh,
Unless You Leave to Us Who'll Lend, Who'll Buy,'
World Merchants of Mammon Rule Earth's Waves,
Levelling Globe into Masters and Slaves,
New Winners They'll Raise, Others Demolish,
Sole Power of Purse, its Magic Astonish,
Experts Say Sacrifice for Bright New Day,
Tune Doesn't Change, Peasants Always Pay,
Now Taking from You Almost All You Earn,
As Your Fathers Before, and Never Learn,
Each One Knows Within What Must He Do
-- To Slay the Beast That's Devouring You"
© Alan Watt April 22, 2009

Wednesday 22nd April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 22, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 22nd 2009.  

I always suggest that newcomers look into website where you can download hundreds of talks I've given in the past, where I try to go through the histories of the big power movement that rules the world, basically, and how they got us to where we are today and where it's supposed to go from here. And we truly are, if you've studied the books written by 'the experts', those at the very top, that belong to this big global society, they really are on target and they know where they're going and they've almost pulled off this particular part of it. They train the public generationally to accept the next part and the next part, until it all seems kind of normal, as we go through it all in fugueish entertained state. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download, print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe.

For those who like what they're hearing and it makes sense to them, they can help support me, by going into website, buying that for which I have for sale there and it's different from what you'll generally get handed to you. I try to show you how everything is used, including your language; and all languages really have the same science to use within them. Those who understand our minds, understand how to put terms across to us, how to phrase things, they understand the logic and how we use that language, just like a computer and we come to the desired conclusions, not by ourselves, we've actually no option but to go there if we simply stick into the language that we're given, we're guaranteed to come to the conclusions that are presented to us.

You can also donate as well by using PayPal or personal cheque in the US and Canada at website, you'll find the buttons; or, for those who - and there's lots, there's hundreds of discs get passed around to people who don't use computers, they play them in players, CDs, they can get in touch with me by writing [listed above].

And, hopefully, that will keep me ticking over. If not, then I'll be off to do other things, simple as that, because time is really flying and people are moving out across the world who are in touch with me, who really know that anything that was to fight for has almost pretty well been destroyed. Not only that, they can't get cooperation from people to stand up for basic rights, even their own rights. They can't even find people who will be indignant about things, unless they're hit in the pocket personally but then they just bitch to each other. 

A long time ago, I read different books on the air by some of the earlier people to come forward who were chosen at childhood to be authors. I've mentioned in the book Cultural Wars (or America's Cultural War), how they say in there that novels are just as important, perhaps more important than non-fictional works and you’ll often find some of these big players like HG Wells that we've had in the past, other ones, the Huxleys, were presented with information and their job was to write stories around that information for predictive programming purposes, because you're persuaded through fiction, which is coupled with emotion, and movies in fact are very good, rather than non-fiction, it works very well. That's why the culture industry guides us into a predicted future.  

Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing how reality is given to the people. You'll find the big Foundations that I talked about, were already on the go, under different names. Carroll Quigley talks about this, in Tragedy & Hope, that even up until World War II many of the top politicians in Britain didn't know the real names of a Society that had already been running their system as a parallel government since the 1800s. It blossomed into the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations. It also has another arm, it has many arms in fact, one of them is the Trilateral Commission. They also set up the Institute for Pacific Relations and the Institute for Pacific Studies, which were really just another CFR part to amalgamate the Far East and they started that up before World War II.

It was the same boys who have taken credit for drafting up the concept for an amalgamated united Europe and they came out on television in Canada, with an ex assistant Prime Minister as their spokesman, saying that they drafted up the same one for the Americas and that we should go into it feet first.

As I say, it goes way back into the 1800s, and to a very select society, it goes much-much further back in fact; but, within them, they had created a society, their own financial moguls that became international bankers, long before that, because that was one step in taking over, a world society, and running it the way they thought it should be run, not in an untidy self-directed way that it had been up until then and that is exactly what Mr. Rockefeller said at the Rockefeller Foundation, after one of the big meetings that he had too. He said that it was far better that an elite intelligentsia and bankers should rule and guide the world, rather than leave it to different countries, individual auto-determinations.  

In the 1800s, they literally picked, they created special schools and picked students who were hungry for attention basically and who were hungry to get up into an upper class, like H.G Wells. They gave them certain training, they told them the whole social agenda that they would participate in and how they would use the power of words and fiction and non-fiction simultaneously, to shape more movements that they would again set up, to prepare the minds for up-and-coming young people. The whole idea being that democracy, you see, was just a ruse, that would be used for a while, by the same group, to take power across the world, take over countries, under the guise of democracy. In ancient times, remember, Rome plundered through a good part of the world, saying they were bringing civilisation to it; that's the type of thing that was used with the British Empire too.

Today, it's globalisation and standardisation, which was always really the objective. UNESCO, the whole United Nations complex and idea was born out of this group, it's a front for them in fact. Remember, the United Nations is not a democratic institution and yet every law, every law, social and legal and even building codes comes from the United Nations and has for most of your life; and it's signed into law by all the countries that have signed on in their treaties to the United Nations. That's why they have to get UNESCO in, to give a global standardised indoctrination, which is another term for education. After all, if everyone's going to live in the same Plato's Cave, they've got to make it look the same everywhere you go. 

The idea of global governance is an authoritarian system that Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, who belonged to this group and many others associated with it, because it has many-many branches, specialised branches. He said we're raising up people to be guided by experts, until the average person can't do anything for themselves without the advice of an expert. That was part, a big part of the agenda. He also termed it, he said, if this is going to be a world dictatorship of a kind, he would far rather it be a scientific dictatorship. And that's exactly what's been used on the public across the whole planet, scientific dictatorships, where academia and the prostitutes, and there's lots of prostitutes in academia, after all, if you want political correctness and you want to get up the ladder, you've got to really smell which way the wind's going in academia, to get all the big grants. And you get professors on board and they become the experts and they get their faces in the papers and we're taught, trained from birth, to believe whatever gobbledegook we're told. Remember: we're never ever told the real reason, the real reason for any major thing, never, ever, that's a standard, a standard, for the last few hundred years, never ever told the real reasons for any major thing that happens in your life.

The advisor to President Wilson, Mandell House (they called him Colonel but it's an honouree title he just borrowed), who was go-between for the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the US and told Wilson what to do, he said the same thing. He said there's always, for everything that happens, a very good reason, and then there's the real reason. Well, the real reason is never given to the public; it's very much like Freemasonry and Albert Pike said about the degrees and initiations and the oaths, he said it's not necessary that the candidates understand the symbols or the terms, it's only necessary that they think they understand the symbols and the terms. That's how the world is truly run.

Since everything that's happening today with globalisation, sustainability and the war against overpopulation, which again is conjured up and goes back to the days of Malthus, where, in a Malthusian economical system, on behalf of those who rule, they should only breed up the public as far as the public's usefulness to the system is concerned and cull them down when they don't need so many people. In other words: they've already judged the reason for living, for existing. The only defence, ironically enough, that people had before that was religion itself that gave special rights, unassailable rights, to human life, at one point, even though they went round it and royalty could have their henchmen and chop their heads off and all of that, they had to give some kind of lip service to even the peasant at times. And all that's gone now, because they don't need that cover anymore.

They're training people across the world in the same system - that we're just freaks of nature, of countless evolutions, spontaneous evolutions; and that some evolutions are more advanced than others in the human gene pool. Of course, those at the top, they believe they have the right therefore to rule us; and they've been training us to believe this too. We’re the only species on the planet where you have to train the victim to acquiesce to his own destruction and demise, until you'll beg them to put you out your misery and you'll ask for forgiveness for destroying the planet and breathing the air. George Orwell put that in his book Nineteen Eighty-Four, he said it's not enough that you'll come to love Big Brother, you'll believe it, you'll really-really believe it. He said then, once you believe it, then we'll kill you. You see, that's total power, conquering to the very end. 

I've gone through talks before where they said a hundred years ago or more when they said they would use every tactic at their disposal to bring this agenda, this globalisation, of a planned society, run the proper way you see, the proper way, the way it should obviously be run, by those at the top, where we just do what we're told, let the peasants do what they're told. They wrote extensively about the different phases they'd have to go through, they had fifty-year plans for one part; a hundred-year plans for another. Look into the United Nations, you'll still see different on-going hundred year plans and fifty and ten and five year plans. I've talked about food and how they'd use food as a weapon and I'll leave some links at the end of my show on my site; and this is by, appropriately, John Rockefeller: 

The Disappearance of Food: The Next Global Wild Card? 

This is from, guess what? The Futurist, you see they run the Futurist societies, where they pick the hack authors and say 'build a story round this, these are the items to put in the story; give them a hero or something, so they can follow it and make it interesting; and a few chases in there and some sex'. They write all your novels but they also write the predictions of what they’re going to make happen and they will make it happen because, you see, Five Agri-businesses that belong to this society, own the world's food supply pretty well today. They own all your governments as well, so: 

The Disappearance of Food: The Next Global Wild Card? 

By John Rockefeller 

The term “food security” is still an abstraction for many of us living in modern market economies. 

This is from Vol. 43, No. 3, 2009. He says: 

In these countries, consumers’ food costs have been driven down by efficient, centralized production and distribution.  

Then he goes on to say what's going to happen. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===  

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, going through an article written by a Mr Rockefeller for the Futurist magazine, where, again, they give you predictive programming and they get all the greenies on board with what's to come, always thinking it's for a different reason etc and through crisis management etc. We're living, you see, in the age of crisis creation and the power of nightmares, they create the nightmares and all these nightmare scenarios that could possibly hit humanity. They have to have a war, and enemies you see, to control the whole planet, that's what governments have always used in the past; and for the reasons for taxing you and for the reasons of building up massive armies that they'll turn on you, always, down through history, under the guise of protecting you from some other enemy you see. And now, like King Lear, they're driving back the sea, you know, with his sword and his staff and his sceptre, with all kinds of imaginable and unimaginable scenarios that they're going to defend us from, all the experts you see and they've got a scientist for everything, on the payroll, who looks into his crystal ball and invents brand new terms and then it's repeated and repeated and repeated ad nauseam until, like Lenin said, we learn by the use of slogans and we just parrot them off and it becomes a reality to us.

If you'd asked a person in the middle ages what would happen if you kept walking across the flat earth, they'd say eventually you'd fall off, because that was the experts' opinion in those days and they always give us the proper things to believe in, we get trained properly to believe properly and it works. It is science that runs the world, all kinds of sciences, interdisciplinary sciences, they even have Foundations, many Foundations, all stemming from, really, a handful of the main Foundations that fund all of them. They run all the social systems of the world and economics of the world too; and academia, and branches of academia. They even have Foundations that do nothing but makes sure that every other branch of science is on board; in, as they call it; interdisciplinary sciences. They have a social-political agenda; and then how can you ever have a truthful argument or a display to the public on anything, if there's already a pre-existing social political agenda? You can't. So, be careful what you allow into your mind, you guard, you are the guardian of your own mind; no one else is. 

Getting back to this Futurist piece of predictability here; because, really, it's just a reiteration of the Royal Institute of International Affairs sections, massive section they have on the coming food shortages, because, you see, the UN said, when it was set up, that the Department of Agriculture at the United Nations, would eventually rule all the food supplies of the planet and be responsible for dishing out your quota, to keep the populations down, you understand. Rather than go through the whole pabulum that this guy is spouting out, as I say: it's just a copy of the RIIA's site, because they have a whole section and god knows how many hundreds of people just working on that part alone, that part alone. I'll put this link up on the site, to let you see how it's done, through repetition, you see, repetition, like they say, is essential, until it becomes fact, at least in our minds.  

When we go back to Malthus, Malthus was the first guy, an economist, on behalf of the British corporate system, to come up with graphs. Graphs were very-very impressive; and according to him, in about one hundred years, from the time that he wrote his Malthusian gloom and doom of overpopulation of the peasantry, they would have all been living five stacked on top of each other. It never happened but it was great-looking on graphs because people can't understand graphs; that's why they keep using them. Few people will do the math even given in a graph, to see if it's even true, just the logic itself that they're using, to see if it's true. Here, it's from the BBC, Britain is the master par excellence of propaganda, has been for hundreds of years, hundreds of years. 

BBC News Wednesday 22nd of April 2009 

'Deeper' recession ahead says IMF  

You're going to hear the term International Monetary Fund daily now, because after all, it was set up at the end of World War II, to, eventually, be the distributor of all monies across the world; but also the ones who will tell every country how much to tax the people, how much to produce, how much to cut back etc. That's what it does; and they've decided, since they created the last crash, to bring it up you see, that was the whole purpose of the crash, to bring in this century of change, this new era of them handling the money supply of the planet. It really is social engineering, because everything is economics in your life, everything, it is all you've been given. If you control the money of the whole planet and the distribution of it, and what taxes where, from one country to the next, by the way and you own the world. The same group, as I say, through the UN Agriculture Department, own the food of the world and they're after the water supply of the world. Do you understand this is war? So, there's a wonderful graph, I'll put this link up too and it says

The economy is about to decline by 1.3% in 2009. First recession since World War II, the IMF says. 

Back with more - after these messages.  

=== BREAK === 

I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going through the pabulum, as the predictive programming that is dished out to us from every direction, all from international quarters mind you, to get us used to the idea of globalism, globalism and the planned society and sustainability etc etc. All the stuff that was written about, hundred of years ago, that they’d do. We're living through a script you see, that's all it is, one script for this century for change but they never explained to the public, although they would explain to academia what the changes would be, it is the total transformation of society across the world, with purpose in society etc, being decided by those who the best mental prospects of finding one. And it goes on to say here that: 

In January, the International Monetary Fund 

As I say: you're going to hear this term more and more and more. You know with the United Nations, you've hardly heard of them, you didn't hear much about them before Bosnia; and when Bosnia broke out, I said to people at the time: you're going to start to hear the United Nations almost daily now and NATO daily and sure enough we did. That's how, through repetition, something is built up in our minds, that we don't even realise it's happening, we don't think through it or reason through it or ask the why's, it's repetition, it's a technique that's used that becomes like gravity, you think it's always been there, it's a natural thing in the natural order of things. Same with the IMF and you’re going to start hearing them dictate more and more to you, because that's what it was set up to do in the first place and, believe you me, the IMF has sunk more Third World countries than battle ships have fought at sea and sunk each other, by its tactics. Because, it's not there to help you, it's there to conquer, as part of the warfare strategy. It says: 

In January, the IMF had predicted world output would increase by 0.5% in 2009.  

That's when they were being built-up as the good guys; but now that they are the authorised good guys, it says: 

It now projects that the UK will see its economy shrink by 4.1% in 2009, and by a further 0.4% in 2010.  

They're wonderful with the points here, eh? The guys who can't get anything right, since they keep changing their minds every three months, these experts. 

But other major economies are predicted to shrink even more, with Germany declining by 5.6%, Japan by 6.2%, and Italy by 4.4% in 2009.  

The prospects for the advanced economies are not much brighter in 2010, with an overall forecast of zero growth.  

Here's the holy of holies: Mr. Olivier Blanchard, the IMF chief economist, he says: 

Some countries face serious balance of payment problems. 

No kidding? No kidding? Everybody's up in hock - to the World Bank, their Big Brother. Then they go on to give you what could be the bright light that saves us all, maybe, possibly, which falls in exactly with the books that Brzezinski and Kissinger and all the rest of them were pushing out last year and discussing on major world media.  

Only a recovery in developing and emerging market countries will propel the world economy back into positive growth in 2010, albeit at a relatively weak level of 1.9%.   

Once again, these guys, the technocrats, that were born long before us, they're still going yet, across the planet, Brzezinski's, Kissinger's and all that, tell us a year or two years ahead of time, so this guy's now telling you now, see how it's repetition. This tells you there's a plan already made, obviously, since the Kissinger's / the Brzezinski's are always right. Then you couple this with another BBC one about the US that comes out at the same time, and it's quite interesting what they say there: 

UK government borrowing at ... 

This is about the UK actually; they go into the US as well.  

UK government borrowing at £90bn  

Then it goes on:  

The recession and financial crisis pushed UK government borrowing to a record £90bn in the last financial year, official figures have shown.  

It says:  

It's more than all the governments combined in Britain for the last 300 years. 

That's what they're telling us; and then we have the one as well from Bernanke, the guy in charge of the US Federal Reserve right now, who's also got an article out. They're talking about the US is partly to blame for it all etc etc and another great chart he's got as well, to show you the future of the US system; but he also mentions too that the US, even though it's going down the tubes, it'll have to throw a lot of its tax money at other countries, these emerging nations. It ties in with this other one that I just read there; this is on-going propaganda, all working together across the world. When you see coordination like this, don't you realise there's a plan here working? When different financial institutions, supposedly, in different countries, plus the IMF, for the whole world, all say the same things at the same time, they're all on-board, as they say; consensus management. Once again, getting back to the Foundations, do you know they actually have consensus-managing and building Foundations, that's all they do; go round and build consensus, so as they're all on board with the same agenda. Full-time, hundreds of staff, some of them have got thousands of staff, full-time employees for each Foundation, for each part of their world agenda, Parallel Government. No one votes them in, yet they have members in politics, in every country, in the bureaucracies in every country; and have members at the heads, the CEOs of all the international corporations and the military-industrial complex. The planned society; planned society.  

Before I look into the callers, I've got to read this article here, to show you, because I've gone into how generation by generation, they give you the appropriate culture for the purpose of the generation.

In my grandfather's era, and into my father's era even, the only entertainment people had at the bottom level, no TV or radio, maybe a bit of radio, was brass bands, militarised bands that played in parks, because, you see, Britain was falling away from, this was the end of the open, the open / forcible, aggressive type of Empire rulership. Now, they're into the more manipulative system and using money management etc and their own Foundations, to do the same job. So, they raised many-many generations that were poor and who would see these smart men in military uniforms playing, marching bands, marching sounds and tunes. That was their reality; and guess where a lot of them went? There was never a shortage to become smartly-dressed like those guys and get a pay cheque and have some respect for the first time in your life.

Then, after that era, as they pretended they were bringing in a world democracy, a world democracy, a fairer, juster system, they gave us the opposite. Peace came in, peace and love, peace and love, along with another social agenda of the total destruction of the family, which HG Wells had written about in the late 1800s they'd do, in his book about free love, financed by the Milner Foundation at that time; and financed too by the Astors, from their big Foundation they ran, the Fabian Society. All planned-out; and here we are, living through the last part, as they debase society to the very last step because they're an international society and I've read articles before, from the Royal Institute of International Affairs and from their own magazine, Foreign Affairs, saying their big problem is how you get police and military to be loyal to their employers in an international system, where the old tribal flags etc are gone and where even the coherence of a society is gone. They were been working on that for a long time, so they gave a debased culture and lots and lots of entertainment, where the only guys who win are a brotherhood who wear black outfits, military outfits and carry big weapons and have lots of backing by the legal system, therefore they join it, so they give us those guys for this time in history.  

The Mail online, someone's saying something that really matters and this one here is from Lauren Booth 19th of April 2009: 

Wake up and smell the pepper spray. These 3,609 new laws are to control us, not protect us. 

I was outside the Bank of England during the G20 protest, not far from where passer-by Ian Tomlinson died after being assaulted by a police officer. The police presence was as excessive as it was provocative. The Metropolitan Police's Territorial Support Group (TSG) are the aggressive offspring of the disgraced Special Patrol Group of the Eighties. 

See: everybody wants to be 'special' forces today. These guys who wear the uniforms, grew up playing video games where you just kill, wearing these outfits; now they get to wear the outfits and kill. 

When policing events, they are issued with ‘Nato’ helmets, 

NATO, that's part of the UN you see, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which has a camouflaged swastika if you look at it, very stylised.  

flame-retardant overalls, stab vests, gloves, balaclavas and boots. All carry the standard batons, pepper spray and cuffs. 

Now let’s try to remember the last full-on riot in Britain that resulted from a political rally? Ah yes, the Poll Tax riots almost 20 years ago. 

That's when Thatcher was in. 

But the police are still authorised to use Tasers and firearm-trained TSG officers carry pistols or sub-machine guns. My God, when did we accept that armoured cars, special snatch squads 

That come and kidnap you. 

and armed police were the right level of policing for protests against Government policy?

How did we sleepwalk into a situation where our movements, all of our electronic data, even our DNA, is stored on a massive central database?  

In fact, it was easy for Blairites to con us into accepting the 3,609 new offences they have created since 1997. They tapped into our fears and prejudices so we simply ignored the repeal of our rights.  

That's true, it was so simple. 

Anti-terror legislation was not too subtly as being aimed at evil, dastardly Jihadi-types - not ‘us’. 

Presumably this legislation was intended, then, for people such as my friend Farukh. Farukh is as Brummie as Spaghetti Junction and Tony Hancock. The only difference is that he is a Muslim. I was on the Viva Palestina convoy with him as he delivered aid directly to grieving, injured, homeless families in the Gaza Strip. In Britain, he is a care worker who helps to rehabilitate young offenders back into society. On his return from Palestine, Farukh was held for six hours at a UK airport. Ever since, his work place, bank manager and other work contacts have received regular visits from Special Branch officers asking about his political beliefs and lifestyle. Last week he told me: “They’re putting untold pressure on me and it just won’t stop.”

I have been shoved and filmed time and again by aggressive police officers for attending meetings such as the alternative Labour Party conference in Manchester in 2006, organised by Stop The War.   But for Muslim Britons who go on marches, raise money for Palestinian charities or dare to express political views of any kind, the consequences are far more serious. They are monitored, put under pressure, harassed at airports and overtly threatened. I am not likely to suffer the horrors of extraordinary rendition, but Farukh is.  

Then she goes on again to talk about the fact that these laws are affecting everybody and everyone has slept through them as every right you ever had was taken from you and now you're in a police state; very simple, you're in a police state. This ties in with an article here from the Guardian, by Ken Macdonald Friday 17 April 2009. He says: 

We need to be on the same side as the police, and they need to be on the same side as the law. 

We always thought that policing by consent was the British way. Our constables were simply citizens in uniform. Not for us the weapons, masks and boots of the continental riot police and their political masters. If you wanted a difference between us and the rest, this was it: no policeman in Britain would ever go about his business with his face covered. This was a style of policing that minimised the risk of violence and abuse. It was a philosophy that, to this day, keeps the majority of our officers from bearing firearms. It is an approach that has overwhelming public support. 

It is also an approach that has sometimes been undermined in practice. Yet the disgraceful conduct of the Special Patrol Group in Southall in 1979, those out-of-area officers waving their £20 notes in mining villages in the early 1980s, even the scandalous organised perjury of the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad could not completely destroy a bond between people and law enforcement in this country.  

Then he goes into what it's come to now, where the cops have even had their lockers checked and their lockers have included stashes of: 

... illegal weapons, including coshes and knives, 

And so on, because they all think they are Special Forces now and the public are fair game. Where did they get that notion from? From their governments, that's where they get it from; and this is a society that was deliberately created and the generations that they would take these particular guys from, to recruit from, because this is the last push for a controlled world society and all force, any force, will be used to accomplish it. See: we're being taught now to simply jump and obey, that's the message; you obey the experts, you do what you're told. If you notice, they've used democracy for a hundred years to get what they wanted at the top, including the right to take over other countries that did not have those systems of governments. Now the word "democracy" is gradually filtering away and you're being trained to jump and obey the masters. That's the planned scientific dictatorship; you know, the way it ought to have been, fixing nature, as they'd say in the high organisations. That's what it's about and it's going to get a lot-lot worse.

There's so many articles, as I say, on these particular topics that I could go on forever but there's no point, you get the message, you get the message; you know where it's all going. 

Now, I'll jump to the callers now and try and get some in; and there's Kyle from Connecticut there. Are you there Kyle? 

Kyle: Hi Alan. 

Alan: Hello.  

Kyle: How you doin'? 

Alan: I'm hanging on here! 

Kyle: Yeah, I mean, its continuous rain where I'm at. 

Alan: Same here; same here: spray / rain, spray / rain. 

Kyle: Just like Blade Runner! 

Alan: Yes, isn't it, that's why it was in that movie, I think every scene you saw it was raining all the time. 

Kyle: I mean, you really can't grow anything when everything's soggy wet or bone-dry. 

Alan: Hang-on, because that's a good topic for food management and control isn’t it! We'll talk again, when we come back from this break. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Kyle, from Connecticut there. You remember last year too, June and July, every single day, there was two months, they would spray in the morning, the morning would start off nice and almost normal and then they would spray like crazy; you would have rain from 2PM right through to 6 or 7PM at night and again every single day, the whole of June and July, like clockwork. And I think they're going to give us a repeat of it this year too. 

Kyle: Yes, it's like they can turn it on and off within an hour. Rain, sun, whatever and that's their goal, it's to control everything. 

Alan: It's control, in fact, if you go over the history over the last 10-15 years of the farming in Canada and the breadbasket of the US as well, they were either getting flooded at the same time every year; or, they were getting nothing but drought every year; because they can also make clouds disperse, I've watched them do that too. You'd swear there was a storm coming and then you're hear the jets and before you knew it, they were spraying their stuff and the clouds would disperse, they can do either. However, if you want to control society, you do it again through food and weather warfare is ideal, it's an ideal weapon!  

Kyle: They're tying to pass this Bill where they'll control every food service in the US. 

Alan: That's right, that's right; and again it was a guy from Monsanto that pushed it through, because they will be authorised eventually, one day, to be in control, on behalf of the UN, of the entire food supply of the planet. 

Kyle: I mean, so we won't even be able to eat what we want, we'll be eating each other, like in Soylent Green. 

Alan: That will no doubt come, I mean, that guy who wrote Soylent Green worked for the Futurist Society; he was given the story to write and the name of the book was Make Room, Make Room. It was actually a warning against overpopulation in the future! 

Kyle: Yeah, like their term cradle to cradle. It's just like ashes to ashes, dust to dust. 

Alan: Yes and that's how they see us all. 

Kyle: Yeah, survive on each other. And I was listening to your blurb from the 27th: I would encourage everybody to listen to that on your site. Hamish's birthday is coming up. He’s going to be 17! 

Alan: Yes, that's right. I'll have to have a do for that one! I'll have to put a tent up to keep it dry! But thanks for calling. 

Kyle: Thanks Alan. 

Alan: There's Matt from Chicago, are you there Matt? 

Matt: Good evening Alan, happy Earth-day. 

Alan: How you doin'? 

Matt: OK, how are you? 

Alan: Again, I'm shrinking with the rain! 

Matt: Last week we exchanged emails back and forth with regards to a book you recommended in your Cutting Through series, the Will Durant series, Historic Civilisation. You mentioned how the Rockefeller's funded him and weaved in his social conclusions, which is what you said. Could elaborate on that?

Alan: That's right. What they did was put massive money out to different authors to write slants on history, to guide the people to think they were evolving in a specific direction; that was the whole point of it. And at the end, Durant was found dead in his hotel room with his wife and you can find the letters out there, I have copy of it because he sent that letter to the Prime Minister of Britain, the president of the US, one to the President of the Soviet Union, saying he was terrified of what he'd done, because the way he'd written it was to give people no hope for the future, to make them absolutely apathetic for the future; and that's how they found him and his wife dead in the hotel room. Whether they were killed, I don't know but they did get the letters out, that's official. But thanks for calling. That's the end of the show and there's the music; so, from Hamish and myself, from a very wet Ontario Canada, it's goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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