Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (# 308)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 28, 2009:

Sick, Low IQ? Ah, the WHO Got You Too:

"Remember the Last Free Shot You Got,
They Said it Might Work, and Then Might Not,
Said, In Winter, Prevention is Good,
Tell You in Spring You Misunderstood,
Got the Shot, Came Down with Flu,
Ah! Defective Genes, Problem is You,
Big Pharma Operates by Causing Hysteria
And Promising Protection from Mumps to Diphtheria,
Now They have All Governments On Board,
Price of Their Potions, Like Rockets have Soared,
The W.H.O. is the Conductor of Panic,
Orchestrating the Hype from Bombay 'Cross the Atlantic,
Their Name in Each Story of Impending Disaster,
Psychologically Imprints Them as World Health Master"
© Alan Watt April 28, 2009

Tuesday April 28th 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 28, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 28th 2009. 

For newcomers: look into  website, where you can download hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past, where I try to give you short-cuts to understanding the higher realities of life, because there are higher realities, not the down-below media indoctrinated reality that most folk live in with trivia and crisis and all the rest of it. I try to get above that, by using academia itself and big Foundations and governmental departments and use their own records to show you how the world is really run; and it is managed, we are living in a completely cradle-to-grave-managed system, which is simply in the process right now of standardising the whole planet into the one system. It isn't just 'no child left behind' it's no country left behind; and eventually they’ll have their standardised cloned type Borg world - which makes it much easier for those at the top to rule. 

Also, look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download for print-up; and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

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And you know, sometimes you get bombarded with mail, when something is getting pushed in the mainstream and people fall into it, because we're given one panic after another, since we're now living in the era of crisis creation and crisis management - that's part of big global management techniques - the creation of crisis is perfect. Remember too: all the big think-tanks, years ago, talked about the necessity for finding substitutes for war, because only in war time do the public really go along and sacrifice, food-wise and every kind of way you can imagine: ration cards, ID cards, security. We do what we're told, in other words; so, there have to be many wars on things - threats from somewhere, you see. Big Foundations, like the Club of Rome, looked through all the possible threats they'd used before and they thought global warming would be a good idea, climate change, man was the enemy of the planet, the planet was the enemy of man and therefore man would have to succumb most of his rights to save himself; that was what they dreamed up. They also went through all the other scenarios too: pandemics, plagues, all kinds of threats, substitutes you see, for war, so we'd allow ourselves to be managed. But, mind you too: it was also to make massive profits from the public, because the world is really run in a different fashion from the way that we think. We know, for instance, that the politicians at the top are front men, they're chosen and trained long before the public even get their names to vote for; and the big lobby groups go along with them, hand-in-hand and I'll go into that tonight, to show you how it works. Back - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. As I say: we're given these panics to follow every so often, until we're living in an era of one panic after another; but I've gone into the precursor of the United Nations, which was called The League of Nations. When they set up the League of Nations, at the end of World War I, they also set up a department that would become the World Health Organisation; and one of its mandates was to have everyone on the planet vaccinated for everything and they wanted over a hundred years span to build up the health services into authorities. That would take a lot of training the public; well, you see, intergenerationally, for a hundred years, we've been trained now. We do what we're told: when you walk into a hospital, ‘you take these jabs’, ‘you'll need this, you'll need that’; and they even try and tell you that you can't leave without inoculations - they lie to you all the time - but that works with most people and that's what they're after is most people, you see. Because under democracy, which they like to think is mob rule - you see, the mob does what they're told, without thinking - and the elite guide them. Therefore, it's always a minority who know what's going on and they're forced along because they say ‘What's wrong with you, everybody else is accepting this?’ That's how simple it is, in democracy, to rule the world. The mob never go anywhere, they go where they're pointed by the 'experts', without really reasoning it through and never catching on they're being lied to; it doesn't dawn on them - why would the media be there to lie? The media, they think, is some sort of holy institution that's been there when they were born; and they grow up watching these same faces stare at them, night after night, and obviously tell them the truth, how could anyone lie for 40-50 years to them? As you grow up, like grandma and grandpa looking at these people, that's what they look like to you; that's why they keep them on the staff for 50 years, to make you familiar with them, it's part of your family. They're there every night at 6pm to give you your reality.  

This hype about swine flu is just one of the latest farces; and I actually have a recording of the head of the World Health Organisation, talking to al-Jazeera about it - and he's blowing up all the statistics and he has nothing to back his lies up with, except the hype, because, as I say, it's panic creation; and don't believe for a minute the World Health Organisation is some kind of independent body that looks after you. The funding they get is primarily - apart from governments and all the rest of it - from big Pharma companies - so, creating crises is fantastic. I read yesterday some articles from a newspaper about the stock market sky-rocketing with all these anti-viral drugs, it's fantastic business, panic and hype. And the last farce with this swine flu, I even gave links before, months and months ago, to the CBC documentaries done in the 1950s, when this swine flu, supposedly, came out; and it started at Fort Dix, I think it was, when a soldier came down with it. Now, they'd just been inoculated with this experimental vaccine, so this is where it, supposedly, broke out. The next thing you know, the World Health Organisation have got their drums out and they're banging away there, hype and terror and fear and the big Pharma comes in with inoculations and then people started dying of the inoculations. That's also when the Lou Gehrig's Disease brought down some of the athletes, that's how it got well known. The fact is, it was related to the vaccines and now it's common with different vaccines, even some people who get the flu shots come down with this thing. So, it had to be shelved and they had millions and millions of government-ordered stock that was paid for by the tax payer, that was all shelved and here they are at it again.  

People don't know that everyone benefits, right down to your local doctor, with all these crises to do with medicine and preventative medicine. Here's an article from the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Washington DC and this was a release they gave out on November 3, 2004. It says: 


See now it's all prevention which means big money for stuff that probably won't do anything at all. 


Then it goes on to show you how much they're paid for all these inoculations they give (per doctor) and how Medicare is really ramping it up. If they can get over 70% of their patients inoculated against everything, they get these massive bonuses paid to them. If they don't get 70%, they don't get the money; so, that's why they're all pushing for every new inoculation that comes down the pike. It's incredible - and you think they're there to help you? It’s all money and greed. These guys themselves that give you the jab, you know, are given very little in their education about even how certain diseases work on the human body. However, they're taught a lot about how to conduct business nowadays; they didn't used to get little business courses included in their time, now it's a big part of business - and how to interact with the Pharma companies, because that's where their business lies really: big pay-offs. I'll put this link up, at the end of the show and you can look at it for yourself. Also, there's another link here; and you can really go into this in detail, this particular article and many more, on this site, it's called Medical Control Ploys, excellent site; and it gives you some examples, it says here: 

"Developed by Chiron (Emeryville, CA), the hepatitis B vaccine--which racked up over $2 billion 

$2 billion. 

in worldwide sales last year--was licensed to Merck, which subsequently licensed it to SmithKline Beecham.  

See: they all profit from it. 

Biogen also played a role in developing the product and still receives royalties on its sales from both Merck and SKB, as does Chiron." 

Then it says here, this is the part here, November 2006, from that article I read just previously: 

Based on an average patient list of 5,000 people, if 70 per cent of under-twos have ALL their jabs the practice 

The GP's practice. 

gets a £2,655 bonus. 

This is Britain as well. 

But if 90 per cent of toddlers are fully immunised the bonus rockets to £7,965. Surgeries are paid another £822 if 70 per cent of under-fives have all their jabs. If 90 per cent of under-fives do this, then the practice gets a bonus of £2,465. And if fewer than 70 per cent of children are vaccinated, then doctors get nothing. 

So, this particular place, as I say, Medical Control Ploys, gives you the US, Canada, Britain and so on and how they're all in on the same racket and what the GPs are raking in on every panic that's created on the people, who go there trustingly, trustingly, never knowing that the stuff is pretty well useless. It's not only useless; it's very detrimental to your immune system. It says here: 

"Vaccinations are now carried out for purely commercial reasons because they fetch huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry......There is no scientific evidence that vaccinations are of any benefit, but it is clear that they cause a great deal of harm."---Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p130, 132, 134.) 

Now, I've read articles in the past, to do with jabs that were given that were potentially useless, in fact, I even read the article by the inventor of the present flu inoculations, from Australia, who said himself that it was useless, it was useless. If you notice too, in today's papers and yesterday's papers, they're telling you that the Center for Disease Control is telling you that the current flu shots that most folk went and got, because it was free, didn't stop any of the flues that broke out this year. It never does, they always tell you this in the spring and it won't stop the swine flu either. So, what good is it? Maybe we should be asking another question; what is it really doing to us? What's it really doing? Think about it.  

Here's an article from the Wise Up Journal, which has also got an article included there from the Irish Examiner. Now I've done talks on many shows about autism, I've given statistics for it sky-rocketing, with the early shots that the children get and how the new autism starts around the age just about 18 months / 2 years old, right after they've had their jabs, their first main set of jabs. The child is developing normally, it's starting to say "dada" and "mama" and all that kind of stuff then suddenly it goes quiet; that's the new autism. Then, they came out and tried to blame the patients, the victims and say well they had, basically, the wrong type of mitochondria in their DNA structure; so, it was their fault really, they're flawed. No, they're not flawed at all, you see there's a whole variety, we're not all exactly the same and we can all function perfectly well, if we're left alone; but once they hit you with some of this kind of stuff, if you have particular DNA structures, you can be severely damaged. And they know this; and they've lied for years about it and yet now, here's from the Wiseup Journal, it says: 

The article below from the Irish Examiner stated that the government was willing to pay parents for a vaccine the state promoted (as they do with most corporation’s vaccines) that damaged children. A government unit was established to handle this problem, yet if you speak with Government employees about the warnings raised today by parents whose children stopped talking after receiving vaccines they will tell you - as far as I can tell - there are no doubts on the safety of vaccines.  

So, here they are with their double-speak, you see. 

With statements similar to “as far as I can tell” it takes legal responsibility off of them as they are simply informing you of “their” belief/opinion/spin of the information they are willing to admit having read.  

I'm going to go into this article because now they're admitting it you see, although they're trying to say it's only a small group that, well, become defected. Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, getting to the bottom of some of the rackets that go on with those who create panic. You know, there are actually Foundations dedicated to getting everyone vaccinated? And there's various coalitions etc, all well-funded, to get their propaganda through all media. You don't notice it most of the time amongst all the other trivial media but it really sinks into your subconscious, as they program you, you're constantly being programmed and you're unaware of it. Then, when they come out with the big scare tactic again, they always do it every 30-40 years, after the last lot killed a bunch of people, I mean the treatments that is, for something that generally didn't exist, they try it again; they have patience these boys. Thalidomide came back out, did you know that? Remember: it had all the children that were deformed because their mothers were on it when they were pregnant. And they brought it out a few years ago, back again, with a different name and they said it might be a possible deterrent for breast cancer. They never give up, they never give up, you know, there's always a buck to be made; and if you were silly enough to take it while you're pregnant, 'well hey, they’ve warned you'. Everything that they're caught at they fight and keep it quiet for years, years and years and years by pay-offs and the lobby groups have personal contact with the boys at the top of your governments. So, here they are, Ireland is doing this, other countries were doing it quietly too. It says: 

The name of the government unit is telling, 

The government section on this. 

the Vaccine Damage Steering Group. 

The Vaccine Damage Steering Group, isn't that amazing eh?  

With a name like that it is no surprise it steers parents to “no-fault” compensation. The article below was published in July 2007 and the submissions deadline for parents with vaccine-damaged children was one month later. 

This is an admission that it caused it. 

The issue makes you think, maybe the public should not trust bureaucrats and corporations. Do western societies trust bureaucrats running their country financially? Do western societies trust them with their children’s bodies and minds? But rest assured if you ever do discover vaccinations limited the potential of your child’s intellect (you won’t notice a few IQ points) or long term immune system [problems] and the government are ever forced decades later to partially admit to ruining your child they might pay you a few month’s salary. But if you refuse that pay-off and if you live long enough you might have a little higher chance than no chance of suing the corporation who manufactured the vaccine and you could get more money, but I doubt it.  

I'll give you the link too to the Irish Examiner at the end of the show. Go into my site and you can read the rest of it too. A little bit more, it says here: 

A STATE-APPOINTED group charged with drafting a compensation scheme for vaccine-damaged children 

Now remember too: autism is an extreme form of it, Attention Deficit and all these new things we've had over the years are all just sub-categories of the same thing; and you know something? They know this at the top; they've always known it - at the top. 

The Vaccine Damage Steering Group was established by the Department of Health and Children earlier this year. Five years ago the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children recommended that a no-fault compensation scheme be established 

That means if you take the payment then you shut your mouth and you don't talk to the Press again, that's how they do it. 

Members of the Vaccine Damage Steering Group include representatives from the Department of Health and Children, 

These wonderful agencies. 

the Health Service Executive, 

That's the government. 

the Irish Medicines Board and the State Claims Agency. 

And they still want to bang more of this stuff in you; and the public have been trained over the last few years with their free flu shots. They always create a panic, as winter's setting in, and tell everyone to get it and they unfortunately roll them up there, in their wheelchairs and everything and oxygen tanks, all thinking they're going to get the flu. And they've found time after time, every spring they tell you a truth, they tell you the truth, it didn't work, it was the wrong flu combination; and then the other studies that have been done will show that there's no difference at all in the numbers who were vaccinated and non-vaccinated who got the flu. So, why do they keep pushing it every year? Because it's incredible, it's an incredible windfall for these boys. Coming plagues are wonderful, they've all these drugs that may - or may not - help you. That's their legality out of it again and they get governments to stockpile the stuff; what a great business, what a great business. Fear is tremendous for selling; fantastic.  

That's why I'm not going to even go in to this nonsense with the swine flu. As I said before, the side-effects of these inoculations are incredible. The Lou Gehrig's Syndrome was the one I was trying to think of earlier, that came out, really big time, seven-fold actually it went up with the inoculations for the last swine flu inoculations. People were dying with it, that's why they had to stop giving out all the shots and the US Government was left with millions of unused shots because people were dropping dead. That doesn't stop them though.  

I read once from Jacques Ellul, who was an expert in many fields of psychology you might say and world management and he talked a lot about propaganda. He said every medical show you see on television, fictional or otherwise, but mainly fictional, is nothing but propaganda, to give you a false impression of what it's really all about. Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix. I'll try also and find that CBC documentary, as it goes through the last big farce of the swine flu, giving the history of it too; but isn't it amazing it broke out in a military unit, a base, where they'd just had inoculations? It didn't happen before it; and one of the soldiers died, apparently. Then comes the big Pharma, immediately. Do you know how long, they'll tell you this themselves, this is the astonishing thing, when the SARS outbreak came, they said it would take maybe 2 to 3 years to find, possibly find, a vaccine that would work. Well, we're still waiting for it in Canada; this is what you always get, 'we're still waiting for it'.  Isn't it weird that as soon as something breaks out, the Government's throwing millions immediately at the Pharma boys and the vaccine manufacturers, to find something? We'd all be dead before they came up with it, if that's the case, going by their own doctrine and what they tell you. However, they've got all this old stuff you see that they can throw together and - maybe, maybe - it'll give you some protection. If you sell any product, I don't think 'maybe' is good enough. 'This spade might dig a few times, it might dig a couple of holes before it breaks, maybe' - you wouldn't buy it, right? Or: This garden tractor maybe will work and maybe it won't - do you understand this is the greatest business to be in? Because people, when you get them in fear of their very lives, you've got them, you've got the sale, right there. And the politicians, you think there's no corruption in politics, look at the lobby groups surrounding every major capital city, right opposite their government buildings. It isn't the ordinary citizens that are getting access to politicians every day - it's the heads of these corporations. We used to call that Fascism, a term that doesn't mean anything to an ignorant population anymore; and they're dumbed down and ignorant by design. Carroll Quigley said, in his own book, the system they're bringing in is a form of feudalism, where the top executives and CEOs of corporations, international corporations, will be the new overlords; and here they are dictating to governments and governments happily comply. Authorities you see, they start off as private businesses, then they spawn off the side line called health agencies services and then they become authorities. Now they're telling us what to do. 

Last night, I mentioned how many crises we've had, since they started off the Twenty-first century. It was fairly quiet before that, not a lot happened all at once; then, suddenly, it's terrorism everywhere: we're getting orange alerts, like Star Trek Enterprise; red alerts, all the rest of it; possible atomic things coming into New York harbour, all nonsense put out by Psy-Ops operations, to terrify the public. Then you find there's going to be terrorism everywhere and everybody's scared and we lose all our rights and freedoms, we're all to carry ID cards; warfare scenarios, the rationing that's still to come. I told you that years’ ago: in a wartime scenario, they won't be happy until there are people, refugees, moving within countries. That will come, I guarantee you, see they've got the ration cards all printed up; they've got your ID cards all ready, a lot of them already have them. You've no privacy, you have to say where you're going before you leave the country, if they allow you to leave, never mind get back in. It was all to get the people moving, you see; now, food's another one, during war time. This article's from the BBC news April 27th 2009: 

Science cash 'to beat food riots'  

Pallab Ghosh  

Oh, gosh. 

Science correspondent, BBC News  

Food riots are a real threat in some developing and emerging countries unless funds for agricultural research are increased, says a UK scientist.

See: an expert's talking here. 

Prof Douglas Kell says investment in the UK alone needs to be increased by £100m if farmers are to produce sufficient food to meet global demand.  

Now, about a month ago, I read an article from Britain where they're encouraging people to start backyard gardens for the coming food shortages in Britain; but here they are talking about farmers having to export stuff, to meet the global demand! You see, it's double-speak here. He said: 

"This is happening now," he told BBC News. "Last year, in Indonesia and Mexico, there were food riots." Prof Kell leads the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.  

No kidding. 

He envisages further unrest if there is not a major effort to develop agricultural science.  

So, they want more money put into it; what they really mean is they want more authority, to be up there with the Pharma boys. 

"This makes it sound rather dramatic but if I have to choose between 'yes' and 'no' - the answer is 'yes'".  

His warning follows a statement made by the UK government's chief scientific adviser, Professor John Beddington, in which he said that demand for food and energy would jump 

Would jump. 

50% by 2030 as the population topped 8.3 billion.  

They're always using figures and projections that are never true; but it's never stopped them since the 1700s, it works every time. Remember that article too and that link I put up before from the Council on Foreign Relations, it's actually from Chatham house, their headquarters in England and it says there that they have whole teams working on the coming world-wide food shortages. They've had them going there for 15 to 20 years working on this; you never even heard of it until recently. You see, it's all planned this way, that's why. This is the age of crisis creation; and with pandemics coming along, or at least the threat of them, you're going to start to see them moving people, just like New Orleans, that was the big one to get you used to people getting moved out far-far away from their home, thousands of miles, in some cases. You'll see people getting moved out of cities, partial movement of cities; refugees is what they want until we're in a real warfare scenario, you see, because, remember all of this is a substitute for war. They need war scenarios to keep control over people, especially the totalitarian-type control that they really desire, and have the public comply. The public only comply when they fear for their lives and they've been trained that the government's there to help them. The same organisations that are creating the fear, they are the abusers and the abused always go back to the abuser for help; perfect, isn't it? Perfect. 

This is an article here from Maclean's Magazine, this is the same magazine, I remember, when ‘The Big Trio’, they called them, ‘The Three Amigos’ decided when they had free-trade negotiations, the president of the US, the prime ministers of Canada and Mexico, when they talked about who should be put in charge of this amalgamation, who should be president of it. All the newspapers, including Maclean's, said this was the man for the job and they gave us the Mexican president; and a few months later, the Mexican president absconded from his country with the Treasury of Mexico. Do you remember that folks? Do you remember these things? It was a few years ago, not long ago; and they couldn't find him anywhere. This is the man that the president of the US and the prime minister of Canada said was the man for the job and Maclean’s said that; so, here's Maclean’s talking about something else now - so, you know where they come from - they're very good with their predictions. And, by the way, the president of Mexico was found: he was living in Ottawa or Montreal, for a year before he was found and then he went off to live in Ireland. We found out from a Swiss programme that was trying to trace the money through the Swiss banks. Getting back to this article, in Maclean's Magazine, it says here: 

Canada's Spy Agencies 

A state worthy of the name has no friends - only interests. - French President Charles de Gaulle, 1962, paraphrasing Britain's Lord Palmerston, 1848 

Then it goes on about: 

The agency's name is absent from the address board in the lobby. But on the fifth floor of an unassuming office tower at Ottawa's Billings Bridge Plaza - right beside a local Zellers - are several sub-offices of the Communications Security Establishment, Canada's most secret and least-accountable spy service. 

It's really part of the NSA. 

"Communications Security Establishment?" asks an Ottawa directory assistance operator. "We don't have a telephone listing under that name." The faxes that the CSE sends do not carry a return fax number. Its letterhead address is the anonymous sounding P.O. Box 9703. 

Then, they go into what it's all about. I'll put this link up at the end, on the site, rather than go through this thing because a lot of it's propaganda; some of it is misleading as well, but the fact is, this is only one of many agencies that every country has that spies on their own people. It's not just to spy abroad, that's to throw the scent off what they're really up to; it's all part of watching us and they're paid millions of dollars and there's no oversight, no oversight to what they're up to. Any politician that had the guts to try to find out would be stopped and he would told it was none of his business; but that would never happen anyway because there's not one with enough guts to find out what they're really up to. Politicians are a different breed and they know what questions not to ask; that's how you rise up in politics: what questions not to stick your nose into. However, it's quite an interesting article, to show you some of the things they're been up to in the past. 

I can remember when the US and Canada used to compete for Russia's order of grain every year, because the Soviet Union couldn't feed itself. We fed them, our greatest enemy (supposedly), we fed them to make sure they could keep threatening us. And I can remember when it used to break out that Canada had been listening in to some of the CIA, who were all listening in to the meetings between the different boards for the government and the Soviet diplomats. They were listening in; it broke out in the papers at the time. First and foremost in spy agencies is the economic system and those who own the economic system; that's what it's all about. Everything else they do is just simple total control over every citizen; that's what they're really all about - their own citizens. Everything is different from the way it’s presented to the public. So, I won't read it, as I say, but I'll put the link up for you to go through; it does show you the kind of funding that they get and how, basically, there's no oversight, no oversight at all. Because, you see, there's a real government but it's not the one you elect - and there's only one real government and it runs the world - and that's who these boys at the top will report to, not to your prime minister or your president. That's how it really-really works.  

Just before I go onto a caller, I'm going to mention the scare that happened with the plane that went over New York. This came out today, this article 28th of April 2009, from Voice of America. It's interesting: this article broke out in the Indian press in India, before it was admitted to here, or anywhere else in the West.  

A U.S. presidential airplane escorted by a military fighter jet flew low over southern New York City early Monday, startling some office workers still scarred by memories of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.  

It was very low you see; a couple of hundred feet high. 

People fled from several buildings in New York 

They fled, right? 

as the presidential 747 and the fighter escort flew low over the Statute of Liberty in what federal aviation officials later said was an approved photo opportunity. 

Now, they had informed everybody in New York State in government and the police but they didn't tell the public, hmm? Boy, they must laugh at the public eh? But, the strange things was, someone in Ottawa saw it the same day, just before this, so, this plane was up in Canada, with the fighter behind it; and this was a very credible witness. We're the last to know what's really ever-ever going on. Now, we'll go to the phone calls and there's Adrian from Seattle there; are you there Adrian? 

Adrian: Alan, how are you? 

Alan: I'm hanging in here. 

Adrian: Same here. I just wanted to bring up: last week, on April 20th, I sent you a link about an article in the AP and it reads "AP Impact: tons of released drugs taint U.S. water". They ran this piece briefly, just for that day, nothing else was said about it; and then Front Line ran a piece on the disappearing water ways and how they're becoming so polluted and then nothing else was said about it. Now, one of the drugs that were listed was Lithium; it's being released and the EPA monitors these drugs but says nothing because, what's the word? It's "negligible" about what it could be doing to humans. And you know, I told this to a few people and they said ‘oh wow that's crazy’ and then nothing else. Then all of a sudden, fast-forward this week, now we're talking about swine flu. Now, I'm really urging callers, I mean listeners, to really do their research on this and research possible filtration techniques, because, from the way this article sounds, it's not going to stop, they're going to keep - and it's 271,000,000 lbs of pharmaceuticals in water ways. That's a lot of pharmaceuticals that we don't know about; they only list a few on this page. You can find the link at the Free, it's originally an AP news report and it was on April 20th for anybody who is interested. 

Alan: There's also been articles in Canada about the same thing, to do with even Lake Ontario, where they get a lot of their drinking water from for Toronto; and that came out about 2 or 3 years ago with high levels of oestrogen and different things and all these different Pharma drugs in it.  Let's not get thrown off either, remember, these guys are spraying us every darn day for 10 years and that stuff’s all coming down. Most places get their water from open reservoirs that collect the stuff; and they know exactly at the top what we're getting and what it's doing to us because it's intentional! 

Adrian: Well, it could explain that apathy you know, when you try to explain all these strange lines and diagrams in the sky that are drawn everyday; the apathy that you get and when you explain it to people. Now, we all know about Soma. 

Alan: There's nobody home, there's nobody home when you see the eyes and it doesn't register, they can look it, it's like a war zone sometimes in the sky, it doesn't register with them; there's nobody home. Which means on these particular people: the drugs are working very well indeed. 

Adrian: I just urge everyone who is listening to first of all research this article, do their own tests on water, if they can and help us all out and tell us what they find and some good filtration techniques where we can cut down some of the stuff from getting into our systems and those of our loved ones. 

Alan: Yes, and you got to pay the right money for them too because the low cost things they won't go into the chemicals in any great detail; you have to be willing to put your money up to get a really good report. And I'll tell you another thing too: it's hard to get an independent report today, because they've all been given the word; they don't want the public to know what's going on.  

Adrian: Even if we did get the word, how many people would actually listen? 

Alan: I know. Thanks for calling, Adrian. I'll be back after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I'll get back into this medical ploys article here, it's incredible, it says here:  

"In calendar year 1999, the US federal government purchased approximately $600,000,000.00 worth of vaccine.

The federal government.

This amount has generally represented one-half of the monetary outlay of vaccine in the U.S. Therefore, the total amount spent on childhood vaccines is approximately $1,200,000,000.00 annually in the U.S."--CDC (2000)  

It's incredible, that's $1,200,000,000 annually in the US; and it says here that, basically, because it's climbing as they keep pushing more and more drugs. It says it used to be $10 for the average child to get their early inoculations in 1975 but it climbed  

to $385 in 2001 

Because of all the propaganda and promotion and good lobbying. 

The cost of vaccine purchase in the year 2020 following recommendation of 7 additional vaccines is estimated to be $1225 per child  

And on and on it goes. It's the greatest business to be in and this site lists all of the big companies and what they make off these scares; it's incredible, it's incredible, what a business. And you don't see guarantees that anything works; it would be fantastic if you could do that in other businesses eh? You're guaranteed to become wealthy. It says: 

"TO ENCOURAGE HIGH VACCINATION RATES, FEDERAL OFFICIALS GIVE GRANTS and other financial incentives to state health and education agencies, or withhold them. In 1993, the Clinton administration launched an “Immunization Initiative,” and Congress authorized more than $400 million for states that enforced mandatory vaccination by using social security numbers to track children from birth. Simultaneously, a grant program rewards state health departments with up to $100 for each fully vaccinated child."----Barbara Loe Fisher 

Incredible! And what they've got on the waiting list, to get approved, is astonishing, it's never ending, now that they're on a roll you see; and they're already pushing governments to do mandatory booster shots for everyone all through their lives. And governments, I have no doubt, being what they are, will pass that too; and if you think you've got no immune system now, and if you think that this total allergy syndrome that everyone's coming down with is bad at the moment, you ain't seen nothing yet.  

Remember, there's a big plan at the United Nations for world depopulation; how do you think they'll do it? And they've already sterilised most of us, according to their own official reports; we've gone through this many times, all the different stuff that's been put in our food, how they even knew particular artificial oestrogens that were attacking women, while the male child was in the womb and most male men are 85% sterile, with only about 5-6% motile sperm left. It doesn't happen in evolution; it doesn't happen from 1950 and skyrocketed to this day to the present without it being planned that way. Think about it when you see all these scares coming along, if you really want those shots or not.  

From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your God, or your gods, go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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"Government compensation for vaccine-damaged children" by Gabriel O'Hara ( - April 28, 2009.

"Submissions sought on vaccine damage compensation scheme" Irish Examiner - July 14, 2007.

"CBC Flu Archive" [Old documentaries on first Swine Flu Outbreaks, CBC Canada.] (at

"Science cash 'to beat food riots' " by Pallab Ghosh ( - April 27, 2009.

"Canada's Spy Agency from the Inside" Maclean's Magazine (

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