Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (# 309)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 29, 2009:

W.H.O. Chan Does the ConCan, Chicken from Ham:

"Swine Flu Renamed Mexican Flu,
Israelis Complained, Pigs are Taboo,
Farmer Association is Offended Too,
'Cause No Pig of Theirs Came Down with Flu,
Now Mexicans Admit Only Seven have Died,
Does That Mean the W.H.O. Experts All Lied?
But Truth Doesn't Matter, it's Panic They Need
To Rise to Authority with Big Pharma and Greed,
Crisis After Crisis, We're in Training to Obey
Each Crisis Expert and the Spiel They Say,
How to Stay Rational? You Ask with a Frown,
Anchor Reality as it's Turned Upside Down"
© Alan Watt April 29, 2009

Wednesday April 29th 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 29, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 29th of April 2009.  

I always suggest the newcomers look into website and you'll find hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past, they’re for free, so you can jump at it, everything free is good, apparently, these days; and I try and give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture of the system in which we live.

Most people really don't understand that their whole life is pretty-well planned, at least their culture, the culture is getting upgraded all the time into the global society, you don't notice it, because it's very insidious, but it comes at you from a thousand different angles, from different media and little snippets, even in your fictional shows, your comedies etc.

I try to show you how we're managed, basically; and how, really, very good psychology is used from all the media experts, to make sure that you get your proper downloads and think the way that they want you to think about things. They guide us to our conclusions in a very simplistic easily understood formula really.  

Also look into where you can get transcripts of these talks, to print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

You can also order the books from Cutting Through The Matrix website, that keeps me going; or, you can donate through PayPal; personal checks from Canada and the US are fine, you can cash them here. 

And for those who simply get the disks burned and lots of people do get disks burned and passed around, to play in their CD players, because they don't like computers and I do not blame them at all; then, you can write to me, if you want to order anything or donate [listed above] and I'll be glad to hear from you.  

I've been going into the techniques and the techniques that are used on the public and especially since 2001. Remember, this is the “century of change”; this is the century of change that was described back in the twentieth-century, the coming twenty-first century was to be The Century of Change. It was never explained to the general public, who were kept well-entertained all through the latter part of that era, with trivia and various other things but not so many crises and 2001 came along and we've had one crisis after another that wasn't designed to hit just one country but was really designed to affect the whole planet because this is the century for change into a global planned society where experts will rule the world and part of the problem they had is that it was not quite standardised. What's happening today is the standardisation of one system across the entire world. It makes it much-much easier for the big boys to manipulate and manage. The age of managers, world managers; the age that Huxley talked about and Russell talked about, as they said in their own books, as far back as the 1930s, that they would train the public that they couldn't think of anything to do by themselves without getting the advice from experts and that's what we have today. Lenin talked about it long before them, because they were all trained by the same Globalists, the big boys who were dealing with economics; economics also entails cultures, ethnic groups etc. They were always the experts on bringing in the global culture. The International Monetary Fund - that was set up at the Bretton Woods agreement - basically, is to take over the economics, entire economical system of the planet. 

Back with more - after this break.  

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the fact that all we're going into is the next phase of a huge plan, much of it designed during and before even World War II; and we can go back into the history books and find the big discussions, to do especially with the new economic system that was hoped to be brought in, well, they didn't hope, they knew they could bring it in. The founders themselves, like John Maynard Keynes, said it would take, he wouldn't see it in his lifetime, it would happen in the next century and we're living through it of course. 

Since 2001 - and I've gone through this before - we've had one crisis after another, it's just incredible we survived this long, for millions of years, apparently, it's a wonder we got out the caves, with one crisis hitting us after another at this speed. Suddenly-suddenly, we have, apparently, Islamic extremists wanting to destroy the whole Western world, just suddenly you see; and a guy called Bin Laden, that Bush himself said, after the inquiry, that he didn't care if he was alive or dead, it didn't matter anymore. But it was so important beforehand, when he was pushing through the anti-terrorism bill, which stripped everyone of their rights basically, and brought in multitudes of laws, to bring in this new system. And that was done simultaneously across the whole planet; and then they had some of their 'Star Trek' red alerts and orange alerts and yellow alerts and all the rest of it, with fake propaganda from Psy-Ops operations. And of course, all the things that were going to happen, never happened at all; but it didn't matter because the whole idea is to get the public in a constant state of panic.  

And I thought at the time, being a person who doesn't watch television, when they were bringing in the Weather Channel, I could understand hypochondriacs, who are so scared at dying and living, that they buy all the gadgets and gizmos out there, because they're scared they're going to die of something and even if they get the cure for something, or what supposes to be the cure, they're onto the next disease before you know it. It's just an incessant search for a cure for everything and they buy all the stuff and there's people make millions and millions of dollars every year off hypochondriacs. It's the same thing with the fear business; and the Weather Channel came out and - suddenly - everything that was going to happen, if we had 2mm of rain, it was going to be a flood; a little bit of snow, that wouldn't pass your ankle, was going to stop traffic across the nations and stuff like this. Everything suddenly became a crisis and I said to myself, at the time: who would pay for this? Who would pay for a channel to sit and listen incessantly to weather as some kind of ‘weather-chondriac’? But the whole intention of course was, as I say, to make everything appear; because perception is all that matters, when you're controlling peoples' minds. You make them think it's a big scary world out there and - lo and behold - we have all these big Foundations that work together to bring in the global society, the planned society, mind you, it's not going to be a nice happy world family, it's to be a planned society where we're ruled by them. They're on a march, an incredible roll and they have instant access to all media, to give us new panics, new fears and the United Nations is a big umbrella group really, for all of the front groups for these foundations; and they came out with all the climate change and carbon taxes and the planet's melting and yah-de-yah-de-yah, incessant fear-mongering because, as I say, this is the century of change. We are the herd and once you get the herd stampeding, you can give them crisis after crisis until we adapt, being the most adaptable species on the planet, you see; as Darwin said, we adapt until crisis after crisis is normal. This nonsense with the so-called “swine flu” is the latest one and we're just getting over the fact we were looted, utterly robbed blind, by the same institutions that are going into the IMF, the big-big international bankers and all the other bankers, robbed blind. Every country on the planet was looted and then we had to bail out the robbers with our tax money and your great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren, if you bother having any, are supposed to pay off this debt, to the robbers. However, they've taken your mind off it suddenly, with another big crisis, the swine flu, the swine flu, utter rubbish; utter rubbish.  

I've got a link actually from al-Jazeera, where you hear one of the guys from the World Health Organisation - their job is to cheerlead the panic - every time there's a panic, cheerlead it you see. Oh ‘the plague is coming’, ‘the avian flu is coming’, ‘everything’s coming’; and of course, the whole idea is to build themselves up to their proper position as they were designed to be and that is THE global health authority.  You'll hear this guy spouting a whole bunch of facts off, which are actually all lies; there's nothing to back up the statistics or anything else. And it's coming out now, that it's all lies, utter lies; but it doesn't matter, you see most people never listen to shows like this, they listen to mainstream media. They've been trained, like Brzezinski said, in his own book Between Two Ages, the public will be unable to think or reason, without listening to the media. He's talking about the mainstream media; that's like it makes it official. The mainstream media is privately owned; but, he said the same thing, he said the public will come to depend on the media to do their reasoning for them; that has happened. It doesn't dawn on people that they're being lied to, or managed, through propaganda and agencies that are all interconnected, to make sure they all get the same propaganda, because they must all live in the same Plato's Cave.  

Here's some quotes here: I've read these quotes before, it's from People Preserving our Western Heritage. This is from some of the top leaders in the United Nations and their umbrella groups that all are fronts for the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford, Carnegie etc Foundations. These are the ones who are the technocrats, as Carroll Quigley called them, they work behind the scenes and have more power than any president or prime minister, because they're not responsible to the public; but they wield true power and get things done. It says here: 


Maurice Strong, Maurice Strong was picked up when he was a young man by Mr. Rockefeller and trained for his position. He's been in a whole host of United Nations top leadership positions, still is. He's also a founder of the UN environment programme; you see: you've got to use the environment and sustainability, it's through all of their hype and fear-mongering. He says: 

Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” - Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme 

Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Population Studies, another guy who's written so many books about coming ice ages and coming warming ages and all the rest of it, he blows with the wind, whichever works, whichever fear strategy works best. He says: 

“A massive campaign must be launched to de-develop the United States. De-development means bringing our economic system into line with the realities of ecology and the world resource situation.” -Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Population Studies.

He's talking about sustainability; and the guy above him, as I say: Maurice Strong is the guy that gave you that Earth Charter, on behalf of Mr. Rockefeller 

Here's Michael Oppenheimer, Environmental Defense Fund. They're all funded by the same Foundations: 

"The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another United States. We can't let other countries have the same number of cars, the amount of industrialization, we have in the US. We have to stop these Third World countries right where they are." 

And you think everything's happening by chance and coincidence?  

Professor Maurice King - and I think he was one of the founders of the Club of Rome: 

“Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, 

Think about it “...the deliberate quest of poverty ..." Remember how they see poverty: if you've no poverty, to get rid of poverty, you eliminate poor, the poor people, for sustainability. 

“Global Sustainability requires 

That's how he starts off the sentence: 

“Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption 

"reduced resource consumption" - That's what you're hearing now, all over the place" 

and set levels 

“Set levels”, that's to be set down by law. 

of mortality control.”  

Death control; it means life control as well. 

- Professor Maurice King  

These are big players in the global system.  

David Foreman, co-founder of Earth First! 

Another, one of the many front groups that are all funded by the same Foundations. 

“We must make this an insecure and inhospitable place for capitalists and their projects. We must reclaim the roads and ploughed land, halt dam construction, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness millions of acres of presently settled land.” 

Read up Agenda 21 at the United Nations, it's up there for free. That's the plan, Dan: get you all into the big overcrowded cities, as they bring the population down. 

“Complex technology of any sort is an assault on human dignity. It would be little short of disastrous for us to discover a source of clean, cheap, abundant energy, because of what we might do with it.” - Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute 

Thousands of institutes, a thousand of them are funded by five; they fund a thousand front ones. Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing you and giving you some of the quotes from the Technocrats, those who really have the voice, the new democracy, you see democracy is a new type where big powerful NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) that are funded by the big Foundations, that's the international bankers, are running the world in the direction that was planned a long time ago, an awful long time ago. There's so much history that it would take you weeks to go through it and that's like full-time, 24 hours a day; but these are the real people, these are unelected people remember, who are not responsible to the public. However, they have massive lobby groups and every politician knows to bend an ear their way when they come, because they're given 'the nod' as they say. They must listen to them, because they are the real rulers and the politicians know it, they know it, that's why they have some of these characters advising presidents and prime ministers, we don't elect them. These are the thousand points of light that Mr. Bush referred to, when he gave his New World Order talk, "I see a thousand points of light". Foundations - as front groups you see, that guide the world; every facet of society. Before I go off this site, it says here, here's David Foreman, co-founder of Earth First!: 

“My three main goals 

And this is echoing all of them, they're all the same. 

would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, 

We're in the billions now, they want 100 million 

destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with it’s full complement of species, returning throughout the world.” - -Dave Foreman, co-founder of Earth First! 

And back to Maurice Strong, this little guy who's just like Kissinger, he never gives up, he's still on the go and puts in 12-14 hours a day. 

“Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class - involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing - are not sustainable.” - Maurice Strong 

The guy who gave us the Rio Earth Charter - that basically gave every animal and insect rights and took all the rights from the people - and that became law, by the way. Did you vote in it; did you know it even went on? Of course not, because it had nothing to do with democracy as you know it. This is the kind of stuff that's really-really going on and these are the guys who tell Obama what to do and they tell Brown of Britain what to do and every other prime minister what to do. That's why they're all on board on the same agenda; if there ever was democracy, it was hijacked at the beginning. Crisis–crisis-crisis. 

Now, I'll put all these links up at the end of the show, on my website and the audio clip that you can listen to, where the guy from the World Health Organisation gives you all these fake statistics and so on and hypes up, through hysteria, the panic that's now being parroted across the world. And it's a planned panic because all the big boys in the medical associations in every country are in on it. Remember: this gives them more power and every institution loves getting more power, because they're all meant to be masters, eventually, to guide our lives and tell us what to do; that's what services turn into: authorities.  

From the Wise Up Journal, the 29th of April: 

Mexico confirms ONLY 7 deaths due to ‘swine’ flu which is really the bird flu   

You know that common flu across the world kills thousands every year, it always has. It says: 

You’ve heard the World Health Organisation and the media screaming about thousands of “suspected”, “probable”, “maybe” cases of “swine” flu and a whole lot of deaths numbers that might maybe be the “swine” flu. They also throw in how this or that flu killed so many million in the past and how our over populated world (in their opinion) is due a culling. Sure makes you forget about the banks sucking nations dry and other problems.  

Isn't that true? They're just right on time, everybody's forgotten, see how quickly the media can literally focus you on something new and you forget you've just been raped, the planet has just been plundered. Ha-ha! And they're giving us a bogeyman, to distract us, which also serves the other purpose, as I say, of elevating the health services up to their proper master positions of authority.  

Ignore the hype and focus on the facts, there has only been 7 confirmed deaths in Mexico. 

And who knows, being Mexico, if the labs are even true or not, or correct. 

The Mexican Health Minister said 159 people are now believed to have died from the virus out of 2,500 suspected cases. However amid confusion, Jose Angel Cordova told a news conference that only seven of the deaths had been confirmed 

Ha-ha! It’s quite something, eh?!  Again, from AFP / Manila Bulletin 29.04.09 

Mexico revises confirmed flu death toll down to seven. 

Officially. It says here too in this bulletin, from the AFP: 

Under sharp questioning as to how such a discrepancy could have occurred, Cordova said - to some confusion - that 26 proven cases of swine flu had been detected, of which “seven corresponded beyond any doubt to deaths caused by the new virus.”  

Ha-ha-ha! And another little thing that's interesting here is the hype to do with even the name "swine flu" because it's not swine flu at all and I'll explain this, after this break, back in a moment. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going through the hype and pandemonium that's been whipped up with the hysteria; and of course the massive profits that are being taken by all the drug companies, as they peddle their wares to governments, who give, again, the 'wink and the nod' and little smirk and buy it all up, at tax payer’s expense, knowing that it's pretty well junk. Even the Tamiflu and all the rest of it has been tested in other countries and it’s killed some children as well, highly toxic but it didn't stop the flu; but that doesn't matter, you can't stop a good con in the middle of a panic.  

Here's an article here from Routers, I call it Routers, not Reuters, because it's actually owned by the Rothschild family - most media comes from them - and they route your news to you. It says here, this is from today: 

Pork industry wants "swine" out of flu 

The name "swine". 

What's in a name? U.S. pork producers are finding that the name of the virus spreading from Mexico 

Even that's misleading, "spreading from Mexico" 

is affecting their business, prompting U.S. officials to argue for changing the name from swine flu.  

At a news briefing, Homeland Security Secretary 

Now, why are they involved? Homeland Security? 

Janet Napolitano and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack took pains to repeatedly refer to the flu 

Now, you've all heard, see, they're trying to make you think it's the H5N1, it isn't the H5N1, the so-called coming deadly bird flu, that's killed less folk than the average flu does every year. It's an H1N1 virus, a common one. 

"This is not a food-borne illness, virus. It is not correct to refer to it as swine flu because really that's not what this is about,"  

Of course it's not what it's all about 

Vilsack said. 

Israel has already rejected the name swine flu, and opted to call it "Mexico flu." Jewish dietary laws forbid eating pork. 

The Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health also objected to the name, saying the virus contains avian 

Which is bird; you see: all flues go through the birds; that's standard, always has been, that's why they come every year, with the migrating birds, from the Far East and so on, that's standard virology. So, you could say they're all bird flues. 

The Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health also objected to the name, saying the virus contains avian and human components and no pig so far has been found ill with the disease.  

And there is growing sentiment in the farm sector to call it the North American virus -- although disease expert Anthony Fauci told a Senate hearing the "swine flu" designation reflected scientific naming protocol.  

Ha-ha! Doesn't it get more and more confusing, eh?! 

For U.S. pork producers the swine flu name has hurt, forcing government officials into the position of stressing that American pork is safe to eat and that other countries should not ban imports.  

Now, getting back to the previous thing I talked about, just to tie this in together with the quotes I was giving you from the top technocrats. Remember, they said that meat you see wasn't sustainable. Do you remember they hit, first of all, the cattle industry, with the so-called Mad Cow Disease, I think they found two; and they pretty-well killed off all the livestock in some countries like Britain, with flying teams that came in like SWAT teams and helicopters onto farms, shot everything and flew off again, leaving the farmers with mountains of carcases. Then we had different things to do with the fish industry, there was some scaly thing hitting the fish a while back etc. And last year, because of this same flu, by the way, H1, they killed thousands of poultry in British Columbia and other places in Canada, even though there was no danger, it was a normal thing that they carry. Now, tie that in with the book that Mr. Newt Gingrich was handing out to the Congress: The Third Wave, by Alvin Toffler, another big UN boy and propagandist for Futurism, where he said the future that we're bringing in, in that book, he said the future we're bringing in will be a vegetarian world. Think about it; the big boys will tell you the truth, it's just your inability to believe they're actually doing it, that's why you put it all down to coincidence. That's what Toffler said: a vegetarian world and it must be so, he said, in that book, that every Congressman was given. And you think about it: what's Newt Gingrich giving this author's books out to Congress? He's giving them their marching orders, you see, these guys all want to climb the ladder, that's what politicians are all about. So, they get their marching orders, they know what's now politically correct and what the positions are for their masters you see; and they obey their masters. If you want political correctness, watch how politics works, amongst themselves; watch how bureaucrats operate, they're all politically correct and they get reprogrammed all the time with new political correctness. That's what George Orwell was talking about in his book Nineteen-Eighty Four, based around the managerial class that was to come. 

That's some of the hype there, to do with the so-called pig / bird / common flu; but it will do wonders, because you see they want to have all these emergency tests for cordoning off cities and stuff, this is all part of training the public, that's how you train them. I believe that the governor of New York was talking about doing that; in fact, it's on right now, apparently. Some of the medical people in New York have sent me stuff sent to them by the Government, talking about this practice lock-down, practice; but the public don't get told this - practice - we're being trained, you see. And I've gone through the real procedures from all NATO countries, that includes the US and Canada, from a programme that was done years ago, by I think it was, the British version of Man Alive, I think it was called, where they had to get a copy of the supposedly publicly-available brochure / booklet on what happens in a true epidemic / pandemic or a nuclear war; and every country’s signed onto this. The idea is they lock-down that area that's supposedly infected, or contaminated; and anyone moving from that area is to be shot on sight, that's the real procedures, the real stuff. Whole groups of people panicking and trying to leave will be gassed from the air, with C.S. gas; and further things will be done. Now, of course, they've got the neutron bombs they can bomb local larger groups with and get rid of them. And even that so-called publicly-available brochure, that was supposed to be available in all post offices and libraries, this team, this investigative team, had to apply to the government to get it. When they got it they showed you it on TV and half of it was blacked-out, ha-ha! That's the real plans, you see, that's the real plans.  

I've also got the websites for the Department of Health for Britain, it's the same in every other country, to do with pandemics, I'm going to put these links up, you can go through the procedures that they're talking about; but, my god, are they been really pushing themselves up to the top, because you know what they're telling even the professionals? “Wash your hands, wash your hands”. And some of it's misleading too, because it used to be “wash your hands in hot water” now they say “warm water”. I would think they'd want it to spread, if you're just using warm water. And even though they use alcohol in surgeries and all the rest of it, to kill off bacterium and viruses, these little swipes, because you see people caught on with the SARS thing, they were buying these little alcohol wipes, that you can buy in packs, because they knew that contamination is often from door handles in shops and all the rest of it and they would carry it around, to clean their hands. They say they don't work you see; well, how come it works in a hospital but it doesn't work outside eh? They would want something to spread you see; you can tell, you've got to use your logic and it’s not difficult to figure it out. So, I'll put a whole bunch of links to do with how they're going to control all of this; but they even have equality and how to deal with the dead and mass burials and all the rest of it, I'll put that up as well. How the herd will be culled off in the real thing, whenever they decide to really bring it on, but this isn't it right now.

There's also an article I'm going to put up, to do with mind control and it's the military use of mind control weapons that was done in 1998 by Judy Wall; and what's interesting is there's a lot of actual circumstances where mind control weaponry has been used and documented by the Military and the public have been let in on it. It goes in through the Psy-Op weapons used in the Persian Gulf War, the techniques they used:

Mind control with silent sounds

what they call

cloning the emotions

Of the people, the target. The method of

System delivery and applications.

Some of the official denials and even stories that come from the military, which actually affirm the stories. They go into the

KGB Psychotronics

because the KGB were using it. In fact, during Waco, I can remember, on Canada CBC, they showed a professor from Moscow, who was brought over with his gadgetry that they were going to use at Waco, those that were holed up in their home. And this stuff did work, it could alter your emotions, it could make you very petrified, it could actually make you very lethargic and tired and suggestible, it depends on the frequency they use; but, apparently, they didn't bother to use it, they wanted a good show for the public and say this is the first bunch of religious people we're going to wipe out now, let that be a lesson to you all. That's really what that was about; so they killed them all anyway.

Back to this article: 


And it goes through the methods etc. It also has an article here: 

Global Mind Control 

To do with the big towers and all the rest of it; but, one interesting part of it, it's very interesting, is that when they're using these silent sound techniques, they talk about the level of confusion it creates in the victims. Whole bunches of soldiers were giving themselves up and one officer was trying to give himself up to one of these little flying drones. Now, the guy, in his right mind, this was a high ranking officer, would know, why would you have your hands in the air as this thing is circling around you? Well, you would, you see, if it was beaming out messages to you. And it goes through how the brain is affected, and it's documented, by using electroencephalographic machines that can actually tell that's there's changes in your brain as these machines are used on you; and they can use it on vast areas. It says they can give: 

emotional states-feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness. This subliminal system doesn't just tell a person to feel an emotion, it makes them feel it; it implants that emotion in their minds. 

I remember reading some of the studies of Pavlov; and Pavlov said the same thing, you see, we see things from a different way from these psychopaths at the top. They look at the results; ok, when you have fight or flight for instance, what happens to you? You know your pupils will dilate and all the rest of it; your bronchioles constrain, yah-de-yah, your heart starts pounding, you're pumping in adrenaline etc. What they thought was if these are the signs of stress, for fight or flight for survival purposes, well, let's find a way to induce those symptoms and then the person will feel a real fear there. It's coming at it from the opposite way; and it works. They knew that back in Pavlov's time, they knew it back then it would work and now they have the ability to use it by many different techniques. Remember: Brzezinski, now he's an NSA guy, who, in his own book, puts the fact that technotronic weaponry would be used on the general public, without their knowledge and that they'd be guided to the conclusions about things without any idea of how they arrived at them. He mentions how it could control their moods; very simple to control your mood, whole masses of people. I'll put this link up as well; and it's quite fascinating to go through it, as to the symptoms that were noted during these big test usages, during the Gulf War 1 and then the so-called 'Iraq War' as well. That's a great testing bed, you see, they're still using it. Last week, I went through the fact that they used that direct microwave thing and literally wiped out a whole bus of people; that's an experiment, to see how it worked on real people. That's what they do in warfare, because who cares? No one cares, they've no rights over in Iraq, you see? The conquered people have no rights; who's going to miss them? There's no inquiries, that's where it's all tested. Massive confusion they can give you.  

So, we're living in an age of miracles and wonders, as Paul Simon said in his song; and most of the public haven't a clue what's going on. This is the century for change and we're to be run by world managers, world managers; and it's happening, as we live, as we live. 

Now, I'm going to have to try and 'punch up' my machine here, that's shutting itself down automatically for some strange reason; and maybe I'll take callers, once I get it back up. Here's another article, to show you how propaganda works. The BBC, remember, it's the British Broadcasting Corporation, set up as a propaganda arm of the government; it's run and owned by the government. From the beginning, even when it was radio, it was set up for propaganda purposes. It led the field, using radio, on how to alter people's behaviour - literally - by using short stories or continuous serial stories. People started to tune in everyday, they'd rush back home to be there at that time to listen to what happened to the hero as he was left hanging on the cliff from the previous day. Behaviour modification; and they worked with Tavistock, from the beginning, on mind control of the masses, through the delivery of information, be it false or fictional, it didn't matter, and making people change and modify their behaviour. You'll find that George Orwell talks about that in his biography, because he worked for the BBC, during World War II; and he said my job was to convince the British housewife that the rotten, cheap, throw-away types of meat that were available to the British public were actually better and healthier for them than the healthy steaks etc that they could perhaps get, if they could afford it, before the war; propaganda. Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix and we'll go to the phones and we've got Stefan from Germany there, are you there Stefan? 

Stefan: Hello Alan, I've got some questions and the thing I wanted to know is isn't it one part of behaviour one could pose a threat to the movement you're describing be, in a sense, more irrational than we are now or how would you describe a formula to pose a threat, if you understand me? 

Alan: You mean, how is the rational being used? 

Stefan: No, what I mean is: we are programmed to think in certain ways. Is this some kind of rational approach? 

Alan: Yes, that's right, you see, they understand the formula; that we are just like computers in that respect and this is taught in Psycho-linguistics etc. If you are programming a computer, you should be able to ask the person who programmed that computer, an actual programmer, what the answer would be to any question that that particular computer must arrive at, because he's done the program. He understands its logic, he understands the language it's based on; and he understands how it must arrive at that particular answer. We're the same: we arrive at an answer that we must come at. It's the only one we're guided toward, by using our own logic and rationale and this is used against us by those who know how to use it. 

Stefan: This is what I mean. If this is so, then wouldn't it more intelligent in a way, to be more irrational? 

Alan: In a sense, it would; but, there again, when you're kept on a roll of crisis, the people really don't have much of a time to wade through. Again, Brzezinski, see, we've been trained for a few generations, trained in this technique, to expect the media to tell you what to dwell upon. See, they'll rush through media but they won’t say, stop or think or worry about this, they'll leave it hanging; and some very important things they just go through and give you no comment. If they don't comment on it, it's out of our mind right away, except that the initial download that stays there. The reasons why are not given to us and we don't ask ourselves, we expect the media to do all the asking for us; and that's what Brzezinski said, he said we expect them to do our reasoning for us. We've been trained this way now you see.  

Stefan: I understand that. Then, my second question: how would you describe a formula to pose a threat to the movement you are describing? 

Alan: You must use logic and data, the facts, to expose it and you must put it across in such a way that, again, by using pure logic and formula, to make it stick in the people who are hearing it; and allow them to start using their own logic, maybe for the first time on a very heavy topic. They cannot believe; number one, you see, most people would rather believe the media than cross the line and say 'my god, we're actually being lied to on a massive scale'. It's unthinkable to come to that conclusion that people are actually lying deliberately in a coordinated effort to deceive you that they'd rather. Normal people are like that; psychopaths can figure it out right away. They see the con in everything; so, that's the difference, ordinary people are too trusting and we've been trained to be trusting, because of our tribal instincts, to listen to those in authority.

Thanks for calling, that's the music already, so for the rest of the callers, please phone in tomorrow, I'll try and get you then. From Hamish and myself - in Ontario Canada - it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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