Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (# 311)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 1, 2009:

Putting Dent in Non-Event – Fill in the Swill – Sue the WHO:

"The World is to Sink, Like the Titanic,
Stampede the Herd, Whip Up the Panic,
Throw Sense Out Window with Logic to Bet On,
Creating the Fear of Old Armageddon,
Begging to be Saved from Invisible Forces,
By the Pharma Priests Owning Medical Resources,
Put Us in Slavery, We Don't Mind the Cost,
Take All My Possessions Before All is Lost,
If You're Sane and Catch It, Drink Lots of Water,
Don't Panic Like Pigs Led to the Slaughter,
Rest for Three Days, Sleep Like a Child,
You'll be Surprised, Symptoms are Mild"
© Alan Watt May 1, 2009

Friday May 1st  2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 1, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 1st 2009.  

Newcomers should go into and on the website you can download as many of the talks I've given in the past as you wish, where I try to at least give you what I understand as being short-cuts to the big picture, because it really takes years of research into a lot of truthful stuff, a lot of iffy stuff and middle-of-the-road stuff, before you can actually get a picture of what's going on because all information is tampered with and all information tends to bring you to predetermined conclusions, by those that write the stuff; and, since history is made up of authorised writers and historians, it's no surprise that we're always kept in some degree of confusion. So, I try to bypass that, show you the big picture, show you how politics is a scam and how we've been living through an agenda for an awful long time. An agenda by what's called the Parallel Government, as Professor Carroll Quigley called it; and he should know, since he was the official historian for this parallel government, the CFR, as it's known in the United States.  

Also: look into for transcripts of these talks which I give; and they're written in the various languages of Europe. You can print them up and pass them around to your friends. 

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And remember: personal checks are fine and acceptable from the US and Canada.  

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I started off this week, by going into the art of crisis creation; and how, for an awful long time now, really since 2001 especially, and the year 2000 in fact, when they started off the phoney Y2K, that was the start of the crisis creation, one crisis after another, because, you see, the twenty-first century was designed to be the century of change. That was the real meaning behind the marketing strategy of 'change is good' that was picked up by politicians, it was actually written for them, by the marketing companies, on behalf of the Foundations that hope to bring their whole new scientific era and scientific management of the entire planet into reality. That's what this century is, literally, all about; and by using their own documentation, which you must do, you can eventually prove your points, you can prove that we're living through a script. You can go into other sites that will mix space aliens with it. Some of the sites, unfortunately, even in patriot radio, which has a name for this, make an incredible killing, I mean profit and it's a killing, off of catastrophe and pending gloom and doom etc. And I even noticed some of the old-timers that vanished in Y2K, after fleecing the public by selling everything under the sun, are now back, doing their rounds in the present crisis to do with supposed flu. Again, like Rothschild said "You make your money when blood is rolling in the streets, or at least the threat of it"; and the world, unfortunately, in this system, is full of sharks that get into every area and even those that are trying to be honest. I'll be back with more on this topic, after these messages.

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and we are Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to bring perspective back on reality, to show people that billions of people can truly be managed by a few at the top, who have control of the media and who have a thousand front organisations that appear to be, to the public anyway, official organisations; but they're actually Non-Governmental Organisations, owned by foundations, private foundations that finance them. And the foundations in turn, are owned by the private bankers, the international bankers, the ones that lend to Federal Reserves etc - that's how the world is truly run - and they have an agenda, an agenda that Aldous Huxley, the brother of Julian Huxley, wrote about in Brave New World and gave many talks about it. I have links of Aldous Huxley talking on my website, in the archive section; and I've also gone through some of the writings from the books put out by Julian Huxley, the brother, who was the first CEO of UNESCO as well. And they were very blatant about the world they were bringing in, it was a scientific-type of dictatorship, where the elite, the 'natural aristocracy', the intelligentsia, if you will, would run the world the way they think that it should be run. And this idea of individual sovereignty, having human rights etc, individual rights, would simply have to go; and there's no better way to do that than to create crisis and then, from a single source, which is the United Nations, pass legislation that's then signed into law by all the member countries. Then, total authority is given to - supposed - specialist areas of scientists within the United Nations; that's what we're living through right now. 

To start off the show: I've been reading from People For Preserving Our Western Heritage that have a lots of quotes down; it's a very good, because it's handy to have references like this when you're explaining to people what's happening. And I'll simply repeat some of these sayings; we have to repeat things, even to ourselves often, to remember them. And remember, the marketing companies use this strategy on the public; they teach their members that if they want to get something across in advertising, they must repeat it. Because they've done all the studies and tests, it works on every ethnic group across the planet, they must repeat it a minimum of 8 times, before the public start to pick up on it and parrot it themselves; that's a fact. That's why you had "weapons of mass destruction"; that's why you have "global warming" then it's changed to "climate change, climate change, climate change" - repetition; simple. Here's one quote here; we've all heard about the scam for global warming - and it’s truly is to take over most facets of your life, including population reductions, sustainability and, eventually, who will have the right to breed and all the rest of it; and in their own words, this is what they say, this is Stephen Schneider, Stanford Professor of Climatology, the lead author of many IPCC reports. That's the International Panel on Climate Change, as they're calling it now, rather than "global warming": 

“We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public’s imagination … 

"Imagination" - right? 

So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, 

For the public because we're all very simple. 

dramatic statements  

Terrifying statements. 

and make little mention of any doubts …  

Never say that they might be wrong, you see. 

Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective 

That means lying and getting what you want.

and being honest.

That’s Stephen Schneider, Stanford Professor of Climatology etc etc. 

Sir John Houghton, who was the first chairman of the IPCC at the United Nations, said: 

“Unless we announce disasters no one will listen.” 

Well, that's true, you see, if we don't see disasters, we think its all nonsense; so, they've got to create the perception of it; and here's exactly what Paul Watson, who was a co-founder of Greenpeace said about that. Remember we saw them all in their little boats and there's these big ships towering above them as they - supposedly, supposedly, according to perception - were out to save the world and save the whales. See, it was all to get power, to give them a political force and say in public affairs, that's what it was about, so perception is better. Paul Watson said this: 

“It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.”

And what do we all believe? Well, we saw the little boats, these little dinghies buzzing around these massive ships and we thought 'what brave people, trying to save the world in that little rubber dinghy' and it's all a con, for take-over for your rights in every aspect.

A thousand points of light, you see, a thousand points of light, as Bush said, President Bush Senior. He was talking about all the NGOs that are working and taking power from the public, from democracy and riding over democracy by the new system, where we will simply obey experts.  Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation, said this: 

"We've got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy." 

The end justifies the means doesn't it? Any means possible, to get the end justified. Then, Christine Stewart, who was a former Canadian Minister, that's the appointed minister or politician of the Environment, for Canada: 

"No matter if the science of global warming is all phoney, climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world." 

Well, you have to understand what they're talking about justice and equality, it's not what you think it is; but here she is validating lying. Even if it's all phoney, she says.  

Daniel Botkin, another adviser, along with Al Gore and all the rest of them: 

"The only way to get our society to truly change is to frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe."

- emeritus professor Daniel Botkin 

These are names that pop up all the time in the media, with pandemics and everything else, they're still at it with everything you see, "Fire, fire, fire". And then Mr. David Rockefeller, whose Foundation funds hundreds of these other NGOs and other foundations:  

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis." 

That's what he said at the Club of Rome, he's the executive manager of it and many-many other big propagandist think-tanks. It's an on-going agenda, we've got to understand it's panic, panic, panic: Y2K, then we had 2001; the next thing we know we're at war with the whole of Islam, supposedly, and millions of people across the world want to destroy the western world and America especially, according to Bush Junior. Now we're under martial law across the planet, experts are running our lives, we're living in police states, it's getting worse all the time, we've got no rights left, they've given themselves the legal rights and signed it into law that they can snoop on anybody, at all times. We have no privacy, we're told we have no privacy whatsoever in any of our communication; and then we got robbed, raped and looted by the bankers, as they bring in the IMF to its full stature, that was all planned. Everything's planned and they always know what they want at the end of it; they know before they begin it what they want; and they get it. Then we're getting the tax payers to bail out the same banks that looted us in the process and everyone's forgotten, in no time at all, as they hit you with the next crisis which is no crisis at all. Crisis creation, as they stampede the herd along a certain path where we might wake up at the end and say 'Where on earth are we?' because you won't recognise the new totalitarian system. It's so amazing that crisis after crisis can make people forget so quickly, even older people, how it was just ten years ago; the vast transformation. We're living through crisis creation now.  

Here's an article here, if I can bring it up, this here is from Christopher Booker on the Mail Online; and this is a good article to read, because he goes through some of this himself. Sometimes we need other people who seem to be official from mainstream to say the same things as I'm saying. This is a technique; they know we're liable to listen to so-called authoritarian figures. That's why they present them to us and we grow up watching them at 6 o'clock every night, 'daddy would never lie to you'. From Friday May the 1st: 

Pandemic of panic - After salmonella, bird flu, the Millennium Bug... should we actually be scared this time?  

As Mexico City, the third largest in the world, grinds to a halt, the EU's health commissioner warns European travellers not to fly to anywhere in North or Central America unless their journey is absolutely necessary. 

In Britain, where £50 million worth of face masks are on order, government ministers go into full crisis mode, 

This is the politicians, in Whitehall, where they run the country, they're  

holding emergency meetings in a Whitehall bunker 

In a bunker, in a bunker right, all to make it seem so terrifying. 

and telling us they will soon be sending a leaflet on the dangers of Mexican swine flu to every home in the country.  

No expense spared, to keep the hype up you see. 

As BBC presenters. 

Now, the British Broadcasting Corporation is truly the top, the premier propagandist on the planet, they've had more experience than any other station and it's a government-owned mouthpiece. 

As BBC presenters roll their lips round such words as 'pandemic' and 'Armageddon'


we are gravely warned that this new flu strain could be as dangerous as the famous Spanish flu which, at the end of World War I, killed 50 million people. It may be that swine flu has killed 159 people in Mexico itself - - although it is still not certain that it was the cause of all those deaths.  

No, it's 77 now; and I'm going to go through this article - because it's very important what he says - when I come back from this break. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to keep things in perspective, as we're assaulted on all sides - but mainly from the top - with massive propaganda, to create fear, with an object in mind, of course, and that's to get us to realise that we're so weak and puny and tiny and helpless nowadays, as opposed to our forefathers, that we need to be guided by scientists, who are the only ones who can fight off all the invisible things that we can't see. It's a kind of repetition of how priesthoods, in ancient days, and not so ancient at all, sometimes, they'd fight off all kinds of unseen threats on our behalf and we had to pay them handsomely to do so and obey their every order. It's the same technique that's used with the white coat scientific priesthood that's supposed to run our lives today. This article's from Christopher Booker and I'm reading this from the Mail Online. He's talking about all the panics that have been created in the past. He says: 

More cases may emerge among the 10,000 unfortunate Britons stranded in Mexico by this emergency, and more cases in Britain itself in addition to the three announced yesterday. 

But are we sure that this extraordinary crisis is being kept in perspective? Don't we have the sense that we have seen this kind of panic before, which eventually turned out to have gone way over the top? 

Now, it's true enough, everybody that's come down with the flu has been told to stay at home and treat it as normal flu and it's over in about three days, drink lots of water, don't exert yourself, take a couple of aspirin etc.  

The moment which more than any might have set off a severe attack of déjà vu came when the BBC  

The top: the British Broadcasting Corporation again. 

Today programme wheeled on an expert 

I like how he says it they "wheeled on an expert" 

from the World Health Organisation to tell us that '40 per cent' of us in Britain may catch swine flu - while another unnamed expert was quoted predicting that '1.2 million' Britons could die.  

Now, get back to perspective again and to that article I read from at first, with all the quotes to do with crisis creation and using fear and panic, to get what they want.  

It is not long since, in 2005, an even more senior WHO official was telling us that, any time soon, a worldwide epidemic of Asian bird flu could kill '150 million people'. The actual death toll from bird flu to date is around 200, 

World-wide; now, remember: the regular flu kills off thousands and this guy says: 

barely double the number already dead when that hysteria was at its height.  

Only here and there in recent days, as Mexican flu rages through the headlines, have a handful of voices suggested that we should keep some sense of proportion on what is happening.   

As California's governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declares a state of emergency because 60-odd Californian schoolchildren have contracted Mexican flu, without any so far dying, it is pointed out that normal flu strains cause 36,000 deaths in America every year. 


When a Scottish couple are rushed into an isolation ward after returning from their Mexican honeymoon with swine flu, Michael O'Leary, the boss of Ryanair, asks: 'Will the Edinburgh couple die? No. A couple of Strepsils 

Which you can buy at any candy shop. 

will do the job.'  

Ha-ha-ha! Now, remember: perception becomes reality. The guy from Greenpeace: it's what the public believe, right? Why do they believe? It’s from television. Rushed to emergency, give them Strepsils which you suck on, lozenges, sugar and honey.  

I have a particular reason for having cast a cautious eye on the familiar sight of the 'scare machine' being cranked up in recent days. Two years ago, with a noted food safety expert, Dr Richard North, I wrote a book entitled Scared To Death, a detailed account of the chief scares which have regularly held us in thrall in recent decades.  

Again and again since the food scares of the 1980s, we have seen these waves of hysteria rise and fall, over everything from salmonella in eggs and Asian bird flu to the Millennium Bug which was supposedly going to bring civilisation to a halt at midnight on December 31, 1999, as half the world's computers crashed and planes fell out of the sky.  

I can remember that too and it’s true enough, a lot of the patriot guys made a killing in selling everything for this non-event. 

That particular panic cost an estimated $300 billion, before it was discovered that the countries that hadn't spent fortunes on sorting out their computers fared no worse than those that had. One of the benefits of analysing a whole series of scares is that it shows us how consistently they follow an identifiable pattern, from the moment when they begin with some scientific confusion 

That's how they all begin: some scientific conclusion. 

to the time when it eventually becomes clear that any genuine threat had been inflated way beyond any relation to reality. In all sorts of ways the current panic over swine flu is already fitting into that pattern, displaying features familiar from scares which have long since run their often highly expensive and damaging course. 

The last occasion when our Government was panicked into sending a health warning to every household in the country, for instance, was in 1987, when Edwina Currie sent out such a pamphlet, Don't Die Of Ignorance, warning us of the terrifying threat of Aids.  

That's true: we're supposed to all be dead of AIDS by now too, that was the World Health Organisation thing.  

No one can doubt that HIV/Aids has remained a serious problem, to date responsible for some 18,000 deaths in the UK. But back in the late 1980s we were being solemnly warned that, as early as 1990, we could expect the death toll to reach a million. Compared with the 9,000 people who die in NHS hospitals every year just from MRSA and C.difficile, 

These are these bugs that you go in and catch in hospitals, supposedly they can't get rid of them; but they can do it, in fact, it was the ex Soviet Bloc. I might do a programme on this, to tell you there's another alternative to it, which they won't tell you about here.  

I'll be back with more on this, after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix with this article from the Mail Online that's pretty good, by Christopher Booker, going through all the terrifying scary scenarios of the past and how they all fizzled into nothing, except laws were passed that took away more rights and made more authorities, gave them more power and that's what they're after now for the World Health Organisation: power, over every country in the world. And it's nothing to do with your health, even though they're called World Health, remember, World Health Organisation; their priority is sustainable living for the planet, World Health, you see, Organisation at the United Nations.  He goes on about how:  

9,000 people who die in NHS hospitals every year 

I'm surprised it's not a lot more, because of its awful conditions in Britain now.  

... from MRSA and C.difficile, 

Which are those resistant bacterium that plague hospitals in the western countries but not in the old Soviet Bloc, because they used phagocytes to kill them off, by simply spraying the walls but they won't use it here because we must be kept in panic and its good for bringing down the population as well.  It says here: 

It was Edwina Currie again who, in 1988, set off the panic over salmonella in eggs, which was supposedly going to kill thousands of people because the bacteria were somehow getting inside the eggs they ate for breakfast. Few headlines greeted the Government's admission four years later that salmonella was not getting inside eggs after all, and that whatever else had caused a temporary rise in salmonella poisoning, it wasn't eggs.  

See: the media loves the hype to terrify you but they give you one-liners, years later about the little bits of truth, you see, because it doesn't bring headlines, truth.  

In 1996, when the greatest food scare of all exploded over BSE, 

That's the bovine problem with mad cow and all that. 

front-page headlines greeted the admission on Newsnight by the Government's chief scientist John Pattison that the death toll from CJD

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

caught by eating beef could within a few years reach 500,000. A year later, however, scarcely any attention at all was paid to Dr Pattison's confession that he had now revised his figure downwards to just '100'  

From half a million down to 100 

(indeed, it now seems highly likely that beef was not the cause of CJD at all),  

Do you remember all that hype? They showed the same cow going across the farmyard, day after day, ad nauseam, to make you think that every cow was coming down with this thing. Now, that cow could have been given an injection in its spine to make it stagger, it could have had an accident, that happens as well; but, no, seeing is believing. What was it he said at Greenpeace there? "It's what the public believes important, not what's real”, you see?  

Again and again we have seen this pattern repeating itself, from Sars and dioxins to the confusion between different types of asbestos, costing literally hundreds of billions of dollars in law suits alone. The one lesson which comes out from them all, loud and clear, is that our modern world has become far too prone to getting these supposed threats out of all proportion.  

Of course we should expect our governments to be watchful and prepared to meet any genuine threat to our health and well-being.  

Well, I wouldn't, because I know what the governments are all about. 

But as history painfully shows, we have become far too quick to overreact to dangers which too often turn out either to have been wildly exaggerated or never to have existed at all.  

Too many people seem to have a vested interest in talking up these panics beyond what the evidence can support, from scientists dependent on promoting scares for their funding 

And that's true. 

to politicians who recklessly use scares to show their concern for our welfare. 

It's actually to get more power in governmental positions and authorities over the public. 

We in the media, it is only fair to add, are far from blameless in this respect. What this latest panic should be telling us, in short, is that we should learn to be much more careful not to talk up scares 

Talk them up, exacerbate them. 

beyond what the evidence is there to support. Stick to the facts, keep everything in proportion and don't give way to speculations which, a year or two later, may make us look very silly indeed. 

And you can tell the way that this is going into action, you see, from the World Health Organisation and all the treaties every country has signed, the World Health Organisation wants to have total authority over the world; and remember: they're not their to help you. Their major goal is sustainability and depopulation down to what they call a managed society for their century of change, where reason and science will guide the world, and not people with their silly little ideas and ideas that they're actually free and sovereign and have rights. That's the bottom line; that's the bottom line, very-very simple.  

There is an article here too, actually, I'll go to the callers first, because there's Rachael from North Carolina, who's calling here. Are you there Rachael? 

Rachael: Hi, yes. Thanks for taking my call. I saw an article today about how the pig farmers are now scared that the humans are going to be giving their pigs the swine flu! 

Alan: That's right! 

Rachael: They were worried because there was no Tamiflu for the pigs, only aspirin! 

Alan: I think the one for the pigs is called Hamilflu. 

Rachael: That's funny; but the reason I was calling is because, you know how you've been talking about these sustainable communities? Well, I saw thing last year, where they were going to have a 9/11 Truth meeting and they were going talk about new ways to build cities and we thought, of course, since it’s 9/11 Truthers that they would understand and they would start moving away from relying on the system. So, it would be like building wells and that kind of thing and growing your own food and having community type stuff. But, when we went there, we realised it was put on by the Sierra Club and they showed a film called Sprawling from Grace, Driven To Madness; and basically, what it was about is, I swear to god, they had over-population, how we're just destroying the planet, how Bush went to war for oil in all these countries and it's all our fault and how we're sprawling out in our suburbia and then all of our cars were just sucking up all the resources of the planet and how we can’t be so selfish and how we have to, in order to be free, we have to give up our freedom. And we basically have to move into these cities where, they call them like mini cities or sustainable communities, where, basically, you live and work in the same place and they made it all fashionable-looking, like you can go get a coffee and then get on this little train and then you go like two miles and then you're at work. And it was just like, I mean, the whole thing was just so ridiculous and then I was reading this book about, basically, global governance, by Henry Lamb, and he was talking about how they've already set aside like a 106.45 million acres of designated wilderness so that we won't be able to go there, basically, these little human habitats will be strewn out throughout this huge wilderness, where only these wild life managers and researchers will be allowed to go. Because, I'm sure, you know these rulers of ours will be sprawled out on their estates out there; but, you know, we'll be packed into these cities, basically.  

Alan: That's exactly right, that's exactly what they've planned, absolutely. You know that David Brower was the first executive director of the Sierra Club and this is what he said: 

"Childbearing should be a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license. All potential parents should be required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing."  

Rachael: Yeah, and I want to make this clear to people because I think that they actually let this guilt get to them and they actually feel like it's our fault and I want people to know that we haven't cashed in on gas or natural resources, the only people that cashed in on this gas and oil, that they destroyed all of this land for, was these rulers, because what did I get out of it? I got to get in my car and go to work and be a slave every day so I could pay this tons of taxes and there's ridiculous fees up the whazoo for everything I buy and I literally have to slave my entire life for them; and then they cash in on me driving my car, which is a joke because there's millions of different ways to build transportation without relying on this. 

Alan: Of course, you're quite right; they blame the victim. 

Rachael: And then, the other thing is if you watch thing by John Perkins, you know, Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man, he talks about how it's basically, he was one of these guys that would go in, he was in a private company called Chas. T. Main or whatever. He would go into these countries and totally work with the government of that country to, basically, sell out the whole country and what he would do is: 'ok, we'll give you a loan from the IMF and we'll build all this technology for you, like roads and power and everything’ but then none of the poor people who are living in these countries would benefit from any of it and then they would end up with these huge loans that the people have to pay back and then the people wouldn't be able to pay it back. So, then they'd go in there and say well, we're going to have to take your resources. 

Alan: That's right, that's how it works.  

Rachael: And they would totally pollute all of these countries and take the whole place down and then we go in there with our factories and say oh ‘you'll get one dollar a day and we're saving you because, you know before, you couldn't live without us’. But, in reality, they were totally sustainable by themselves. 

Alan: Yes, exactly, they were sustainable and even that man who's doing that, he did that his whole life remember, without conscience and now, at the end of his shows, his lectures, he talks about sustainable development and how we're all one world. He's now working for the foundations doing the same thing, in a sense, in another, roundabout, fashion. 

Rachael: Right, and I got the sense you know that he thinks that now we're going to like forgiving him, like he's doing some great thing and I'm just thinking, you know what, you have sold out so many countries, so many people, you've destroyed so many people's lives I hope you got a plan 'b' for absolving yourself from all the sin. 

Alan: What he's actually doing is the next part of the plan, is to go into sustainability and he's trying to get the citizens all on board to go into the next part of it, which is total world domination by the same technique. It's very-very clever. 

Rachael: And it was complete crap; now he's got all these New Age type, he's like a Shaman or something and it's just like 'come on, you know'. 

Alan: Yes, I saw that on documentaries; yes, I know, you can pretty well tell who's taught him and he's working for the foundations again. 

Rachael: Well, I mean, I think it's so sad that people are actually being fooled by this, because, I can see that these people that were putting on this show, they really actually felt they were doing something right because they cared about the environment, you know?! 

Alan: That's right! 

Rachael: And then here it's like, no, you just don't realise that first of all, obviously this population control is all over that video; and just this whole guilt-ridden tyrannical agenda is just so out of control. 

Alan: Yes, and you're always left, you see, mankind has caused it himself, you're all to blame, all you people out there - as you say, you've worked all you life - you are all the cause of this; and the best of it is the big foundations, who own these big corporations, are the guys who are now blaming us, the workers, for it. They still own the world's resources, these same guys that caused it. Look at the Rockefellers and how many mountains have they destroyed? How many oil fields have they sucked dry over the years? And they run the biggest foundation of all for sustainability. 

Rachael: I was actually thinking back when I was a kid, because this has been going on forever, but even with religion, I mean, they're just out of control, with their control and the manipulation with that. I remember, in second grade, they handed out these envelopes and I was literally 9 years old and they said well every Sunday, you've got to give some of your, whatever you make as a kid, you know, you just make an allowance. I made $1.50 and they wanted part of my money every week. So, I chucked those things in the trashcan because it didn't have my name on it. Would you believe that they dug it out of the trashcan? They brought me up to the front of the class and had to like humiliate me and go like 'you have to use these, you have to give this money, this is, you’re so selfish, you don't think of anyone but yourself’ and this is like the same kind of 

Alan: The same technique, same technique. 

Rachael: The same technique at work and they make it like 'Well you're not only hurting yourself, you're hurting us, you're hurting the whole class, you're hurting everyone in the world' you know. 

Alan: You're anti-social; the message is you're anti-social. 

Rachael: Like there's so many mechanisms they've got in place, whether its religion or the work place, or politics, or whatever, where you're just like, you're in this kind of group think. If you try to wiggle out of it, you're somehow hurting everybody else or something and it's just like when you realise what these people have been doing for years, it's just like. One question I do have was: you know how like with the Bolshevik Revolution, Rockefeller went over there and tried to get Trotsky and Lenin to overthrow the Tsar and everything. Well, wasn't he already working with Rothschild at that time to take over the planet? Why would he try to step on his toes? 

Alan: Oh yes, there's no doubt that Rothschild, the British Government and elements in the American Government and the big banks, were all funding the same project. In fact Trotsky was caught at Halifax, Canada, on his way over with the money to start to kick-off the Bolshevik Revolution and it was President Wilson sent up a special courier with an American passport, that would allow him to continue out of Canada, but Customs actually had Trotsky in prison for a couple of days during that, while they waited for it and he went over there with millions of dollars, in cash and gold and that train went up through Germany eventually and that's what kicked off the revolution. It was all planned by the West.  

Rachael: Well, how come, I guess they were all working together, so, it wasn't like Rockefeller was going in there and trying to take over what Rothschild had? 

Alan: No, no, you see, again, Weishaupt talked, in the 1700s about the creation of philanthropic organisations, these are the foundations which the same big bankers would front and the Rothschilds Foundation is the one - in fact - even that book The Cultural Wars, it's now admitted, it's all declassified stuff from the CIA. They used to go to Rockefeller for cash handouts at times, he worked completely with them with Government, with the CIA. He was in on everything that was happening all through the Cold War. How can that be? A guy who runs banks galore and Federal Reserve branches, and Chase Manhattan was part of it too, how can this be? Well, you see, we don't have democracy, you've got this parallel government and Rockefeller's a part of it, being a foundation holder and he founds thousands of NGOs; he alone. Plus the Rockefeller Foundation now also, I think, runs, I think it's the Carnegie Foundation, or the Ford, they took over the management of the other one. You have Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller basically run by the same panel. 

Rachael: Right, well, I don't even understand how anyone thinks they have any, that there's any democracy when you write to your congressman and (a) you either get no response or you get a canned letter that says the opposite of everything that you've basically said. So we have to vote people in that we have no idea about them; we have no idea what kind of stuff they're going to be voting on. And then, even if you give your opinion, they're not going to follow up, they're going to do what they're going to do. 

Alan: Of course, because there's only one agenda and they're told their agenda before they say ‘we’re going to put you into politics’; they're told what it's going to be. 

Rachael: Right, and so it's like somehow we're supposed to think that we're represented; but, at the same time, there's no avenue, even with all this new technology, there's no way to maybe take a survey of what your constituents think and maybe vote that way? There's no way to do that? 

Alan: No, because there's no reality to politics, they're not there to serve the people, never have been; but thanks for calling, I'll be back with more, after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix; and it's very true, we get very indignant when we really start to wake up, when we realise what's happening and happened to us; and now we the victims are being blamed for all the problems that were started up by the big moguls that now run the foundations and give us the guilt trips. It's beautiful; but don't worry because, Huxley said himself, Aldous Huxley, in his book Brave New World, he talked about the soma drug that would all make you happy. In fact, he said in his Berkeley lecture that we'd come to love our servitude; and, lo and behold, and I'm going to show you how predictive programming works, if we can rush through this, and also remember the links for these stories I put up on website, check them up. This is from the BBC, the master propagandist really for predictive programming; it's how it leads you through into an idea and leaves you with the definite possibility it's going to happen:

Lithium in water 'curbs suicide'  

Now, they give this to manic-depressives remember, lithium. 

Drinking water which contains the element lithium may reduce the risk of suicide, a Japanese study suggests.  

So, here's the format see?  

Researchers examined levels of lithium in drinking water and suicide rates in the prefecture of Oita, which has a population of more than one million. The suicide rate was significantly lower in those areas with the highest levels of the element, they wrote in the British Journal of Psychiatry.  

Now, that's completely combined with control of the mind, for population control, mind control etc. 

High doses of lithium are already used to treat serious mood disorders.  

This is them building up how good it is. 

But the team from the universities of Oita and Hiroshima found that even relatively low levels appeared to have a positive impact of suicide rates.  

It says here they were thinking there could: 

be a cumulative protective effect on the brain from years of drinking this tap water. [from tap water] 

And they build it up and build it up throughout the story and stop short of suggesting that lithium should be added to drinking water; but then he goes into: 

The discussion around adding fluoride to water to protect dental health has proved controversial - criticised by some as mass involuntary medication.  

In other words: they've already done it you see, to help save your teeth, so this is them using your logic and guiding you to conclusion. 

In an accompanying editorial, Professor Allan Young of Vancouver's Institute for Mental Health said "this intriguing data should provoke further research. "Large-scale trials involving the addition of lithium to drinking water supplies may then be feasible, although this would undoubtedly be subject to considerable debate. Following up on these findings will not be straightforward or inexpensive, but the eventual benefits for community mental health may be considerable."  

So, they’re going to do it folks; but the way they've written this article is simple predictive programming, leading you through how wonderful it is and they're giving you the idea and then telling you if they put in the water; and, after all, we're already putting fluoride in the water and we've got over that controversy, so what's the big problem of adding this to the water, for brain health, right?  

Sophie Corlett, external relations director at mental health charity 

Again, a Foundation, non-governmental organisation, 

Mind said the research "certainly merits more investigation. "We already know that lithium can act as a powerful mood stabiliser for people with bipolar disorder, and treating people with lithium is also associated with lower suicide rates.  

"However, lithium also has significant and an unpleasant side effects in higher doses, and can be toxic. Any suggestion that it should be added, even in tiny amounts, to drinking water should be treated with caution and researched very thoroughly."  

And I'm sure they'll bring lots of experts on to justify it and say it's all perfectly safe. They want a drugged Soma population; but why not? World peace is absence of all opposition, according to them. 

From Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your god, or your gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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