Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (# 314)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 6, 2009:

Sexualized Society, Sterile Variety:

"Promoted Variety, Sterile Copulation,
Yet Elite Still Hype Overpopulation,
Big Daddy UN Says with a Frown,
'We've Got to Bring Their Numbers Down,'
Using the Dictum of Thomas Malthus,
Under Guise of Right to Choose,
Pretended Champion of All Women,
While Male Spermatozoa Hardly Swimmin',
Blaring Their Agenda for All to Hear,
Yet Never Asking for Volunteer,
How to Make Their Plan Accomplish?
Check Sperm Under Scope in Petri Dish"
© Alan Watt May 6, 2009

Wednesday May 6th 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 6, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 6th 2009. 

I always advise the newcomers to look into because, on that website, you'd find hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past, where I try to show you the histories that lead up to the present time, the histories of the foundations and the organisers, those with money, power and influence; and how, basically, they shape the future always. They predict the future and they make it happen, they bring in the future, which they plan; and we're simply living through a script, generation-by-generation and I use the documentation to prove my points, written by many of the elitists themselves and those in the big foundations, those who are on the world stage. They call them actors on the world stage at the United Nations, they actually call them actors; and they are actors because most of them are just front men who have been picked and trained for their positions and they're told what to say and what to do while they're in power. That goes for politicians too. That way, of course, you can always command the future, when you always make sure that all the top boys in every country, presidents, prime ministers, are trained for their particular part, the part they will play in their term; that's as simple as it can be and that's how it really-really is and the older you get, the more you see the blurring of faces and names, because, technically, they are irrelevant. It's only important that we believe that they're all very-very real and very-very individualistic; and they're nothing of the kind, because it doesn't matter which party you vote for, as Professor Carroll Quigley said, back in the 1960s, in his own book Tragedy & Hope and his other one The Anglo-American Establishment, both must-reads. He says we always have the top people in all parties and he said then, too, this parallel government had already been running the United States for 60 years; and, of course, Britain for an awful lot longer.

Therefore, is the website to go into for details and the histories of this big organisation, this world organisation now and you can also help keep me going by donating to me, the PayPal buttons are on the site. You can send personal checks, from the US and Canada, or Western Union, from abroad, although that's kind of expensive. 

You can also look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download for print-up, written in various languages of Europe. 

Those who simply get the discs burned and passed around, because they're not on computer; and I always say I don't blame them, you can write to me [listed above].

And, boy, what a roll we're on. You know, I used to read a lot of philosophers' books to get an idea of, because, you see, the big institutions, and government too, the big think-tanks, they pull in the resident philosophers. They always have philosophers, special ones that they bring in from the top universities to advise them on, really what it is, is formula, because, like Plato said, he said that people work on formula. Anything that you’ve made people do in the past, anytime in the past, even ancient times, if you understand the formula and present it in the same way again, the people will behave just the same way, they'll adapt to it. If it's worked before, it will work again; and it's true, it's true, we work on formulas. We're run by scientific socialism, on behalf of the fascists.  

Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about how philosophers are used, by the big think-tanks, to come in and give them histories, past histories, they always use history to see how people behaved and how they reacted to certain changes; and they wanted to know the formulas of how the changes were implemented on a public who then go along with it. Of course they studied religions and religions have always been the best method really for controlling people, making them behave specifically for really a tyrant-type system, totalitarian system. For an example of that, just look at the feudal system across Europe, where you had a king at the top of every country, you had his overlords and then you had them all the way down to the lords and barons; and then you had the peasantry that were bought and sold with the land. They were really slaves, they were called serfs, it sounds better in the history books than slaves; but that's what they were, they were slaves. And all produce was made by the slaves; any excess, meaning most of it, was taken by the lords and passed upwards and other stuff was exported by the guys at the top on behalf of the king. That was the old commerce. Again, the churches themselves were always on the side of the kings.

They understand how populations accept authority and how we react to frightening news like wars or someone's going to invade us from 'over there'. That was used for century after century after century, what amazing propaganda, even in olden times; so much so, in the middle ages, like when Britain was a war with France, one of the many wars with France, because that was always their best bet, you know, they had this thing going between France and England and both populations were kept in check and keep taxes coming in, to save them and all that kind of stuff. So, they had this little deal worked out between the British monarchy and the French monarchy. At one time, a ship was shipwrecked on the coast of England and the peasants, the serfs, actually hung, they hung two monkeys, thinking that these were Frenchmen, that's how good propaganda was back then. They couldn't read or write, there was no TV, and they just heard these stories about these monstrous French people.

We go on from there and we look at the World War II posters about the Japanese. Every World War II poster, for propaganda purposes, in the US and Britain had this picture of this guy with the little slit eyes and kind of rabbit teeth and that was the standard portrayal of a Japanese person. Always dehumanise your enemy, it works in every time; and of course, at the moment, you've got militaries abroad there who get into the swing, in fact the youngsters are taught that they're rag heads, you call them rag heads you see, as you dehumanise them and they're just dying to put that uniform on, rather than just play video games, and go over and actually kill 'rag heads' as they call them. And that's accepted in the military, that kind of terminology; always dehumanise the enemy.  

Getting back to philosophers and so on, Jacques Ellul, who was quite a deep thinker; and he could certainly lose a lot of people in some of his books, went into the whole thing about 'what are you and what do you want?' and he said, in every generation, you'll want what everyone else wants in that generation, because it's all promoted to you, that becomes your wants. You'll actually think they're needs, because everyone else will have what you want; so, you've got to have it too. We're all run by commerce - and I've gone through the histories of Bernays and all the big marketing boys who use the psycho-analytical techniques to control and to make whole populations do things and want things and wear things and even behave in a certain manner; and they can do it perfectly, in every era. That's why they hate individuality; and I've gone into the whole Fabian system, how the world would be taken over with branches of the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations, same thing and its various Far Eastern / Pacific Rim groups it had, as they bring up this global system, bring it together. And how they created a League of Nations first and then a United Nations, all with the same agenda, both with the same agenda, one transformed into the other; and when you tell people their plans, they can't believe you, because all they've been taught about the United Nations is how wonderful it is, as it goes into help feed the hungry, like some big charity, and it's nothing of the kind, that's not what it's about. It's a front organisation that works on behalf of the big foundations that set up the United Nations, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, like the Rockefeller Foundation. In fact, Mr. Rockefeller gave the UN the land to build the UN buildings on, in New York. It used to be the largest kosher slaughterhouse in the area, so it's been well consecrated for its task. And when you tell people that one of the prime reasons the United Nations has is to basically depopulate the world, they can't believe you. They can't put together the propaganda images of the people being fed by them across the across the world with depopulation. But, of course, they're too lazy to go into all the different foundations and umbrella groups under the United Nations, to see that most of them are actually into population control and what they call ‘family planning’ or ‘women’s health’, it's all the same thing; many different names for the same thing.  

This really took off after Kissinger put out that particular dictum, back in the 1970s, to do with depopulation and the fact that he claimed, on behalf of his masters of course, those who he worked for, that the greatest threat to the state and the world was overpopulation; and then they really went into action. Here's an article here that's from BNET, from 1994, and it says: 

Cairo Conference 

You see, it's one of the many UN conferences, 

Cairo Conference reaches consensus on plan to stabilize world growth by 2015 - 

Did you know about that? 

International Conference on Population and Development 

See, they always mix a good word with another word that sounds pretty good: 'population' is alright; 'development' is ok.  

includes related article on United Nations' studies on urbanization 

Against a backdrop streaked with controversy and under the intense spotlight of unprecedented world media attention, the international Conference on Population and Development reached consensus 

Now, remember, it really means population reduction 

--despite some widely divergent viewpoints--on a worldwide strategy to curb global population growth over the next 20 years and achieve sustained economic growth and sustainable development. 

Sustainable development, it's like 'weapons of mass destruction', they parrot and parrot it until the people parrot it without realising what they're actually saying, sustainable development. 

At the heart of the work of the Conference--the fifth UN global meeting on population issues 


--was, in the words of UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, 

So great they named him twice. 

the "search for an equilibrium between humanity and its environment and, ultimately, the means to sustain life on earth". in that light, he felt the widespread public attention to controversial issues debated at the Conference was "essentially encouraging", since it helped raise consciousness  

See, they call it ‘raising consciousness’ or ‘public awareness’, meaning: propagandising the public, without them realising it. 

of important issues and mobilize public opinion [into] significant action. Such critical matters could not be considered "without causing ripples and even some storms", he said. 

Convened in Cairo, Egypt from 5 to 13 September, the Conference adopted without a vote a 16-chapter 

16 chapter! 

Programme of Action, calling for action to stabilize world population growth at below estimates of 7.5 billion by the year 2015 in the context of sustainable development.  

Now you really know what sustainable development means: population reduction, reduction. 

In its preamble, 

Now, they go through all these legalities, because every great charter has got a preamble and that's where you'll find all the nitty-gritty stuff and the terms they'll use and the meanings of the terms they use, you've got to know their meanings

the Programme states that the Conference represented "the last opportunity" in the twentieth century to collectively address the critical challenges and interrelationships between population and development. The Programme of Action, according to Dr. Nafis Sadik, Executive Director of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) 

There you are: the United Nations Population Fund. 

and Conference Secretary-General, had the potential "to change the world". 

Delegations from more than 180 countries, 

Did you know about that? You sent a delegation off?  

which included a number of Heads of State or Government, were joined at the Conference by thousands of participants from non-governmental and other  


grass-roots organizations, 

Thousands of them, all paid by who? The big Foundations that they work for. There's only a handful of the real ones, the real foundations that fund all the other ones, you know who they are.  

intergovernmental bodies 

What's an intergovernmental body? Well, these are the NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) that now have official status as an institution belonging to your government, people that you don't vote for. 

and the media--an indication of the importance attached by the people of the world to a meeting convened for the people of the world. 

Four previous UN population conferences  

Now, they just don't go there and talk, they make agendas remember and they make them work, they put them into practice. 

have been convened at the global level: Rome (1954); Belgrade (1965); Bucharest (1974) and Mexico City (1984). The first World Population Plan of Action was adopted in 1974 and was reviewed and supplemented at the 1984 Conference by a set of recommendations for its further implementation. 

What do you think implementation means?  

Mindful of the need to continue to consider population issues at a high level, the UN Economic and Social Council in July 1989 called for the convening of an international conference on population. The General Assembly, in 1992 and 1993, stressed "the need for comprehensive national population policies  

Which are all breaking out in the paper now, about how they must reduce the internal populations of countries. I'll be back with more of this, after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing you that big international meetings take place, well-funded heads of state attend it and relevant departments of government attend it and yet people think it doesn't concern them. Now, I'm talking about population reduction; and even in this article, Boutros-Ghali, or, as he likes to prefer it, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, he said himself that they couldn't rely, they couldn't rely, was the term, on some kind of law of nature, to allow wars, disasters, famine, disease, to regulate the world's demographic growth. In other words: that's not enough, they couldn't rely on it, I mean, that was a good thing, according to them; and that's true, in their own writings, they say that: wars, disasters, famine or disease to regulate the world's demographic growth. Therefore, they must implement policies, government policies, internationally; and make them work. For those who wonder why the western world is experiencing infertility since the 1950s, maybe the penny will drop. And I've gone through the Bisphenol-A and all the other stuff they put in your food, in your water bottles, line the babies food cans with and so on and so on; and I've given the links to the CBC documentary on The Disappearing Male, to do with the fact they knew about this stuff in the 1800s and what it would do to the foetus in the womb, especially if it was a male. But you'll still think it's all coincidence and they won't make a big deal of it on the television box, so it doesn't really matter to you, does it? 

That's really what the UN is about: it's to be a world front government that does - undemocratically, remember - what the big boys want, because it's not a democratic institution. And the world they're bringing in is to be one of regulation. Remember what Huxley said, who was a member of all these various organisations - Aldous and Julian Huxley - they said that the world they'd bring in would be a form of scientific dictatorship, where the experts would guide and rule over the people and have policies enacted by government departments; well, that's what we're living through. We saw Bush put in the terrorism act, that was the set-up, the physical set-up for what was to come; it didn't matter if Bush stayed in office or not, they already had Obama lined up to come in and take over. Now the machinery was set up for control internally, the same with Blair in Britain and Brown takes over from him. And they go into the next part of it, which is a completely internationalised system, of totalitarianism, basically, because, you see, the peasants at the bottom are just so dumb and stupid they can't rule themselves; that's what the big boys have always said, therefore, it must be done for us and by those at the top, using force and intimidation.  

Here's an article here, from the Virgin media, it's from May the 6th, today:

Post office ID card role discussed  

I mentioned yesterday, the pilots are, again, the first ones to be forced to take new ID cards; but here it goes into the public, you see. 

Post offices and pharmacies 

And pharmacies, you see Pharma is a big part of this control mechanism, because, you see, big Pharmas, the biggest Pharmas are owned by the same international bankers. Remember that the Rothschilds are only one family who have two or three big Pharma companies under their belt, the first one being Bayer. It says: 

Post offices and pharmacies 

Remember they're going to drug the public, if they're not already doing it. They have been doing it, in fact.  

Post offices and pharmacies could act as enrolment centres for the Government's ID card scheme, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said.  

This is the front woman for Britain, for the homeland security stuff. 

Anyone who wants an identity card or biometric passport will go to their local post office or pharmacy to have their fingerprints read and stored along with a face scan.  

I mentioned yesterday how we pay for our chains.  

The card will cost £30 

For the public. 

and the shops will charge another £30 to collect the data, 

There's £60. 

which will be stored on a Government database.   

So, post offices and pharmaceutical companies are working for the government, simple as that. They're going to use one, Manchester, to get the idea across to the public; we get used to things with familiarisation, as you ‘boil the frog’. 

Greater Manchester has been chosen as the launch area for the £5 billion scheme with thousands of cards likely to be printed from this autumn.  

Anyone who wants a card can sign up for information alerts at  Ms Smith is meeting Post Office managers and pharmacy trade groups to discuss the plans. 

It's amazing, down through history, when you go into who owned the money systems, the gold and the trading routes etc. They called them merchant bankers in those days because they owned the merchant lanes for traffic, they owned the ships and the systems for transporting all of the stuff. They owned the insurance companies, the old early insurance companies, they owned them as well; everything was rigged. They also owned, all down through time, always owned what you can call Pharma, the Pharma industry, the drug industry, from even in the days of Egypt. It says here: 

"The companies interested in working with us to deliver the service will play a key role in ensuring the public can apply for an ID card or passport simply and easily," she said.  

"While private companies will clearly benefit from the increased footfall from offering this service, their customers will benefit from being able to quickly provide their biometrics while they are out doing the shopping. 

Isn't that nice? It’s so convenient ho-ho-ho! Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just discussing how the ID cards are being introduced in Britain; and it'll be the same everywhere else, because everything happens from Britain spreads out so quickly now, now that we're all in it together, as they say, we're all in it together, one of the favourite slogans of world wars. But that's how they're introducing it to the public; and you'll pay for it. It's strange that, you see, if they make it free, you’re kind of suspicious but if they get you to pay for it, you think well I'm sort of in control, it's mine, even though all your data is for the government. And these idiots will go into their local pharmacies - or post office, where the people who work there live amongst them - and give all their data, that's how gullible people are today. I've heard people in lines at check-out counters being asked by the tellers for personal info; and they just parrot it off, they're so used to it, think nothing of it. Everybody's sitting listening, stand around listening to them.  

Last night, it was funny, because I was thinking about how Bernays, he brought in American culture; but not just him, remember, he was maybe the top of the tree at one point and his nephew now is still running Britain and they're all related to the various top psychiatrists that came out to change the world that were promoted from the top, like Freud.  I was thinking of one thing I saw to do with McDonalds, McDonalds, the fast food mush stuff that they sell; and how in the 1960s and 1970s parents were sending off their children to these holiday camps for McDonalds and different ones too. And you saw the children, like 200 of them, sitting parroting off the songs from McDonalds, being taught them. Do you realise, that's them bringing up customers for life? Total conditioning, at 5 and 6 years of age; I couldn't believe it that number one, the parents had been that brainwashed to allow it; and I thought this is a marketer's dream, where they can get a hold of the children and brainwash them to eat this horrible goo. Of course, it makes perfect sense, because the marketing systems are part of government, according to Lord Bertrand Russell, who said they were bringing them on board, Madison Avenue on board, in the 1950s, actually in the 1940s, but they did bring them in the 1950s, big time. And the press, as I've always said, has been compliant; and before I go to the phone calls, here's a little article here about how the press is complaining now. The press that kept us all in the dark, because they're also an essential arm of government, to give us our reality. And it's from the Independent, this article's from the 4th of May 2009. 

The many-headed serpent that threatens freedom of the press  

The British news media has never been so restricted, beset by the laws of an "authoritarian" government, greedy lawyers 

Well, there's nothing new in the lawyers. 

and dwindling editorial budgets, according to one of the industry's most important representative bodies.  

The Society of Editors has submitted a dossier of evidence to Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, claiming that "meritorious" articles by local newspapers are increasingly being suppressed because of the danger that legal action would bring ruinous costs.  

Then it goes onto all the different things that they can't talk about anymore. So, that's them complaining basically; but the same media, that's kept us in trivia, utter trivia, for many-many decades is complaining, so it's quite a joke, isn’t it. 

Now, we'll go to the phones now and we've got Amber from Victoria, are you there Amber? 

Amber: Hey Alan, how are you? 

Alan: How you doin'? 

Amber: Pretty good, have they been making the rain out there too? 

Alan: Yes, I got heavily sprayed, this is like last year, where, last year, they spray heavily in the morning, it would turn to that eggshell white mush and then it would start raining. That's what I've been getting here. 

Amber: Exactly, yeah, that's actually why I called. I've been noticing a kind of pattern. I heard one of your other callers talk about it, Rachael, who was saying it was like spraying and spraying and spraying for days in a row and then it rains. 

Alan: That's right. 

Amber: And it's like I wake up in the morning and it's funny: I see the sun and they start spraying and spraying and spraying and, after a while, you can't even see the trails anymore because it's just so white already. And it's just like a haze; and then, it blocks out the sun. 

Alan: It blocks out the sun, it's like an eggshell white, you don't see definable clouds anywhere.  

Amber: I've never seen anything like that before; well, not in the past, just now. 

Alan: But that's how bad it is; I mean, the public have no idea what's already been done to them - and is being done to them - they're into their i-pods and their text messaging and they stare at the ground and they're quite happy, most of them. 

Amber: I try to provoke them to look up, when I'm walking, just try to catch someone's eye and try to get them to do what you do. But what you said about international totalitarianism: it's quite true; it's the way that we're all set up, it's also different from country to country, continent to continent, the way that we are controlled.

Alan: Yes, in fact, I’ve read articles, and I have some more here, to do with the military: they go into different countries, they also bring in different anthropologists, especially specialists with ethnic groups, religions. They bring them in so they can study and use their own cultures against them and how to actually alter their culture, by using their cultural thinking.  

Amber: Yeah, and then one culture can look at another culture and say 'well, you know, they've got it ok, yeah' but we're just as controlled as them. 

Alan: We're more so. 

Amber: It’s just in a different way.  

Alan: Actually more so, because they keep telling us we're free. 

Amber: Yeah, it's like a card trick, like a David Blaine of just a thin illusion of that we do have a choice. Like, you know: 'I am stuck in this 9-to-5, whatever, world but I couldn't get out if I wanted to; or, I could do this, if I wanted to'.  

Alan: What you find is you've basically up to five choices, but it's all confined within an area; and this is how everyone is. You really have about five choices and they're really laid out for you, you're only allowed to move within those about five choices, that's what they give you. Mind you, they tell you, in old movies, that anyone can become president, ha-ha-ha!  

Amber: Right, yeah. 

Alan: What a joke! 

Amber: And the population control and the fact that people should be outraged at the fact that anybody's even talking about it, like why is there studies and why is somebody else deciding if it’s ok for me to live? 

Alan: The reason they don't think about it is because, you see, they've all had about 20-odd years, or more, of wildlife indoctrination, where they slip all this stuff in and you're left, really, with a formula in your head. You haven't reasoned through it, but you think, 'Well, I guess they're right, there's too many people and it's endangering wildlife, there's too many of us'; and again, through dehumanisation, and that's the technique that's been used heavily, through media, through movies, is dehumanisation, until we don't have the respect for life anymore and we don't respect life, it doesn't matter what they target, they always target something to create controversy, because all publicity is good publicity for them. Once you devalue the baby's life, then you go into the elder’s life, that's already happened, both of them; and then you start going for the middle group and we accept it now, we've come to believe they're right, there's too many of us and it's all through indoctrination, intergenerational propaganda. They can make us believe anything; but we don't stop and think 'well wait a minute now, the elite themselves said they will survive, they will still have families, because they have the right to do so, being superior' - and they say that in their own writings. Until people realise they are no more superior, or have no more rights than anyone else, then nothing will happen, it will continue.  

Amber: Absolutely, yeah. 

Alan: Thanks for calling in. 

Amber: Thank you. 

Alan: And stay out of the clouds there, if you can. Now, I'll go to Todd from Florida, are you there Todd? 

Todd: Hello. Thanks for taking my call; I have a couple of quick questions, if I may. Number one is: a couple of days ago, I was looking at the local newspaper here, I do so, on occasion, just to look at the propaganda that people are being fed; and I'm in a very rural / country area and, apparently, they just opened 10 new FEMA centres, within about a 200 mile area, east-west, in the rural area that I'm in. And that seems very extreme to me. And their excuse for opening these 10 FEMA centres is some thunderstorms that we had, back in March. So, in the past 6 weeks, approximately, all of these centres have opened; and I just wondered if you could comment on that. It seems like kind of a really big sign that something is coming quick round the corner, you know what I mean? 

Alan: It is coming down; Britain's doing the same, they're opening 7 what I think they call 'Titan' jails, also emergency camps across Britain, at the same time; and they are going to use weather warfare, they're already using weather warfare and the public don't know it's being going on for years and they will, definitely on the coastal areas, start to hammer them eventually, give us more crises because, if you look at the United Nations plans for the human habitat areas, they've said they don't want people around the coast of countries, they haven't said why they don't want them round the coastal regions, but they don't want them around the coastal regions. One way or another, they're going to start to force them out and weather warfare is a perfect technique, because they can do it very-very meticulously now, it's not difficult, it's not rough, it's very precise; and, I'm sure, that will come. It's also to do with the upcoming riots in certain populations, in certain areas, for the future, because they expect these riots to break out about 2010 - 2012, according to their own think-tanks at the military. They're getting everything prepared in advance, it's as simple as that, simple as that. 

Todd: Yeah, I guess it shouldn't surprise me, I mean, it just seems pretty absurd, but everything else that's going on is pretty absurd. Could I ask one more quick question? 

Alan: Go ahead. 

Todd: I wanted to ask about a possible, or just get your take on, a solution to everything that's going on. Do you think that if a few - I hate to put a number on it - but maybe a few million people around the world would become more self-sufficient, like you always talk about individuality and if we would grow our own food and dig a well and have our own water supply, things like that, would that have, would that cause any ripples, would that cause any problems for the agenda?  

Alan: No, no, I tell you it wouldn't; all you can do is do those things for yourself, as we're allowed to, because we know from their own plans, they're going to eventually take over all water supply, all growing of all foodstuffs, because in their interdependent world, you will not be allowed to be independent in any one area for life. It means you're going to be totally dependent on their system. So, they're going to take all those rights away from you. And remember too: in Agenda 21, there'll be no private property allowed eventually; and that's a simple thing today, with the economic crisis and then upping the taxations and property taxes plus persecuting people because they have a bent down-pipe, or something like that, or claiming they're on watershed, they can put you under in no time at all. Therefore, all we can do is use the free time that we have to sustain ourselves, as we live; but, eventually, I'm afraid, they're already moving to take all those rights away from us now. 

Todd: Yeah, I'm taking steps to become more self-sufficient myself. 

Alan: You certainly will be healthier, if you're growing your own food there's no doubt you're going to feel and be a lot healthier. 

Todd: I think that's true. Well, Alan, thanks for taking my call and for answering my question; have a good night. 

Alan: You too, thanks for calling. And there's Mark from Wisconsin, are you there Mark? 

Mark: Yeah, I work in a small town, from time to time, you drive into town you know there's a masonic sign on the borders on each side of town. They ripped out the middle of town, put in a traffic circle, put a phallus in the middle of the traffic circle; and, in anticipation of people being annoyed about their streets being torn up, they put on the construction signs "We're all in this together". 

Alan: Ah-ha! [laughter] - I don't know if you saw it in the movie Brazil, about a future society, in the movie, you'll see that sign everywhere "We're all in it together". 

Mark: [laughter] it's kind of funny! Hey, I want to tell you when I went in to vote for president, I put you down for president! 

Alan: Oh, there you go. 

Mark: I wrote you in for president, I hope you're not upset I made your VP Mickey Mouse. 

Alan: Well, I think Obama set a precedent by being the first foreigner to be allowed in as president! 

Mark: You don't need a birth certificate, Alan, come on! 

Alan: Well, we're all one now you know, we're all global! Hah-ha! 

Mark: Oh, yeah and then I'm walking out at the polls, Alan, and, I'm not kidding you, I just about trip over this table and it's full of syringes, so you can get vaccines that lower your IQ by 5% and vote on a fake voting machine; and, you know, I literally live in Orwellville. 

Alan: It's becoming incredible but they have conditioned the public so perfectly, who, honestly, they go through their entire lives never having an original thought about anything, I'm not kidding. 

Mark: Hey, I wanted to tell you this quick story: I heard one of these more militant guys on patriot radio saying that he graduated in his class 13th of 33 and he said that twice, so I figured it was masonic code. Anyway, his name keeps popping up on the ADL list of huge anti-Semitics; and people don't know that the ADL is Masonically-chartered too, so they're batting the ball back and forth until they can get their hate laws installed. 

Alan: That's right, the B'nai Brith got their Charter from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, that's who granted the B'nai Brith their Charter; so, you're quite right. And all their office towers are put down, you'll notice in the phone books, as lodges. 

Mark: Right, right, sometime could you go on how they radicalised certain sects and nations because I understand Columbia University was writing textbooks for children that would measure the distance between a sniper and an infidel .Do you know anything about that? 

Alan: I haven't heard that; but I know it’s in a lot of video games now, an awful lot video games, blatantly and I'm surprised they're doing that. 

Mark: Are you interested in growing a garden this year? I started an heirloom seed website and I wondered if you wanted a garden this year, I could send you some seeds if you wanted. 

Alan: Certainly, if I can get it dried out, you see, last year they gave me rain, I'm not kidding, spray in the morning, rain for the rest of the afternoon and day, every single day, June and July, it had the same form, there was spray in the morning, rain and the ground was so soaking even the blueberries just turned to mush eventually. But, this year, I hope, I was thinking of asking the air force if they would give me a break and I'll try and get the garden in this year, because I've got the cultivator ready and the whole thing. 

Mark: I'm surprised the weathermen don't have to call the air force to find what the weather's going to be! 

Alan: I'm sure of them get their orders from the air force now. 

Mark: [laughter]. All right then, keep up the good work, talk to you later, bye-bye. 

Alan: Thanks for calling, bye now; and here's the break coming up, so, I'll take Antonio, after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, going to Antonio from Toronto, are you there Antonio? 

Antonio: Good evening Alan, my name's Antonio. First I want to say thank you for having the courage to be out there and educating and informing me and waking me up; but I guess an observation is it feels pretty - what's the word I'm looking for? - hopeless, when so many people are just walking around wounded, stuck and not being able to wake them up even when you put information in front of them. 

Alan: That's what Brzezinski said, Brzezinski - remember - wasn't a genius and knew all this by himself, he was relying upon governmental studies taken over decades on population control, of the mind, basically. He worked for NASA, he worked for the NSA, he had access to all these departments; and, in his own book, he said this, "The public truly will be unable to reason for themselves shortly, they'll only be able to believe what's told to them by mainstream media", their favourite talking heads; and so you're quite right. So, you go up armed with the information that's legitimate etc but you get that stupefied look, they're just not interested but they would immediately start parroting about it, the same topics, if Mr. Mansbridge came on in Canada and told them the same thing, they'd believe it and start talking about it then. That's how it works. 

Antonio: I know and even within my family, my friends, even when I present information, I really feel hopeless; and the scary part is: I can see the hand about to close tightly, this whole flu incident. I see them spraying like animals, it's just crazy lately; and it's just too funny, I’ve asked people "Do you look up?"  "No. Chemtrails, what's that?" It is just sad. I guess a question I have is that it parrots one of your previous callers. I too have been getting in supplies and trying, living on my own and sustaining myself. I guess a question is being in Ontario, any particular area that you think would be the least to take over that area or? 

Alan: You have to always look into what's planned for an area. Actually, the only way you'll know what's planned for an area is to go to, generally it's the Shriners, who deal with, they know all the planning for the next 20 years, because they all have hands in it; and they're the guys to ask what's planned for a particular area that you plan to move in, to rent or work the land, or even buy a bit of land, they'll tell you. 

Antonio: Got it.

Alan: That's how it really works in the real world. 

Antonio: I know, after I've been using their own system to get the information I need, you're right. It's true, it's true and they're so compartmentalised they don't even know they're doing you the favour. 

Alan: I know, but that's why they have these boards across at the beginning of every town in Canada, or village even; and that tells you who rules your school board, your local council; your planning departments, all of those Masonic symbols there. That's who does your voting polls, it's always Eastern Star ladies with their little badges behind it. 

Antonio: I know, I know, I've being doing research and I've looked and I just can't believe they truly do have their tentacles in every part of society, everywhere. 

Alan: That's right, it's like Stalin said: "I don't care who votes for whom, I only care who counts the votes"! And that's really how it is; but don't let that stop you; you must look after yourself first and do what's right for yourself. 

Antonio: I do and thank you again and you're still in my prayers, god bless. 

Alan: Take care of yourself. 

Antonio: You too. 

Alan: Well, that's it for tonight, from Hamish and myself in a very heavily sprayed Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your god or your gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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