May 7th, 2009 (#315)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 7th, 2009:

Scientific Indoctrination for People Persuasion:

"Century of Change, New Civilization,
Well Into the Process of Dehumanization,
An Essential Element, We Must Accept
For the Herd Mentality, Politically Correct,
Poor Lost Animals Gorging Trivia, Mulling,
Agreeing with Experts, Solution, the Culling,
Daily Media Updates, Ideas Shifting,
People Parrot the Press, Need Little Convincing,
No Comparative Memory, Original Thought,
Nor Knowledge How Once Freedom was Bought,
Happy Species, Soon to be Extinct,
Oblivious They're Falling Over the Brink,
Tell Them Why, They'll All Sing,
Depopulation's a Very Good Thing"
© Alan Watt May 7th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 7th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 7th of May, 2009.  I always advise the newcomers, and there's always people coming in for the first time to listen to the show, to go into website, where you'll find hundreds and hundreds of hours of talks that I've given in the past, where I try to give you the shortcuts to understanding the big picture of the system, and it is one system that runs and guides the world, and how it's done.  The various agencies that it uses and the foundations behind it, how it's funded etc, and where they want to take the whole planet, because those at the top really believe in Darwin and his theories of evolution, and they came to the conclusion, even before Darwin, in fact, Darwin was one of their front men, that they were the most evolved of their type, and they deserved to rule the world and decide what lived, what didn't live, what was useful to the economic system, and what wasn't.  And that's why everything is coming together in this 21st Century, the Century of Change as they call it, taught all through academia.  And it's only the general public who are ignorant of what's really happening.  They think it's all this terrorism and crisis and flu pandemics and stuff like that.  But it's nothing of the kind, you're simply going through a planned agenda.  Also look into for transcripts of these talks which I give, which you can download and print up, and pass around to your friends.  Those who like what they're hearing and it makes sense to them, and they can check it out for themselves, because I try not to surmise about things, I try to use documentation put out by the Big Boys themselves, then they can support me by going to the website, and buying the books and discs I have for sale.  I'd have a lot more out there, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm too busy doing this program and so on.  Or you can donate through paypal or personal check from the U.S. and Canada.  And it's on the website, as I say, website tells you how to do that.  And those who get the discs passed around, and lots and lots of people do, because they don't want computers.  I don't blame them.  The computer is the method of bringing the world into this one system, and it's going to be used for controlling us for everything, for purchasing, for everything, as we go electronic.  So those people can actually write to me [listed above].  As I say, you have to help me to keep going, because it is expensive doing what I'm doing.  And I don't ask any of the programs and shows I go on for money.  That way I'm independent, I can say pretty well what I want to.  I'm not hamstrung by people sponsoring me basically.  Those adverts that you hear on this show go to paying for the show, the airtime.  It pays for the station, it pays for the equipment, it pays for the engineers, and so on.  And I don't deal with that at all. 


Going back to this big lovely World Order, we're going into, and most of the people on the planet are oblivious of it.  They vaguely notice there's changes going on, they vaguely know it's something to do, well, it's terrorism, and it's pandemics, and there's pigs flying around in the sky or something, as pigs might fly, because anything is possible these days, isn't it.  Especially when your perceptions are given to you by the experts, and they know how to make you believe anything, and most people do.  In fact, it's too tedious for most people to even try and figure out what's really happening, outside their own personal lives, their own little circles.  They've been trained to leave it to the experts, trained over quite a few generations, on purpose by those who understand the science of the mind.  Back with more, after these messages.


I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Discussing the fact that we're going through the major changes.  I think Rockefeller himself said that we're going through the biggest upheaval, social upheaval, and migratory upheaval too, that has happened, since really just before, or the beginning I should say, at least, of the Industrial Era, where millions of people were turned off the land, and put into the big cities, because the Rothschilds of the day had passed a bill in Europe and Britain, especially.  They had their friends and cousins elsewhere and their brothers, doing the same thing in every country, to get the peasants to stop growing their own food, and grains and so on.  And the Corn Laws were passed, which enabled all foreign countries to dump the cheapest stuff in your country and put you out of business.  Therefore they all moved into the big cities, into these massive, massive slums, and were cramped together.  That was an ideal situation for those who owned the big factories, and it was all planned that way, because people don't like moving off the land, that's traditional.  You get attached to the land, especially through generations of living on it.  And you feel you belong, and that's what people have out of their lives today.  They have no feeling of belonging.  Everything is changing.  Shops go up, they last two or three years, and then they knock them down again.  There's nothing to compare the past too.  And that's intentional as well, because we're being upgraded every year or so, into the new, the new, the new.  This is the time that H.G. Wells talked about in his Shape of Things to Come, where the public would protest the massive changes, happening with great rapidity, and they would not be given a breathing space. 


The Rockefeller himself, as I say, the man who owns a foundation, the family foundation that funds a thousand points of light, meaning NGOs and other foundations.  Many of the foundations out there are simply fronts for the money to get passed through, to throw you off the scent of who's behind it.  And they all have their specialized parts to play in this Non-governmental Organization, but mainly in population reduction, what they call family planning and so on across the world, and at home.  Rockefeller said at a World Bank meeting a few years back, he said, this New World Order will not be liked by people, and he said, but we have to bring it in.  He said that there would be great disruptions, and he said this generation, this generation alive now, he said unfortunately will be the cannon fodder.  The cannon fodder, those were his words for the agenda.  So if you think 2001, 9/11 was just a happenstance thing to kick off the 21st Century, think again.  You see, the velvet gloves are off the iron fist.  And we're seeing force used, and law after law rammed down people's throats across the planet.  Same laws at the same time.  They're not messing around now.  They're not coercing us, and mollycoddling us.  They're not even bothering giving us great political speeches or anything like that.  They're just ramming it all through, because we've been trained to simply obey now, we're into the obeyance stage of this.


Now the internet was put up initially, and owned by the military-industrial complex, who still own it by the way, if you think all these companies are separate and independent, and even the makers of your computers, they're all part of the military-industrial complex, because in their own writings, screeds and screeds of writings, they said that whoever controls all technology and science will rule the world.  That was also the basis for the Cold War.  They didn't give that up and hand it over to free enterprise, because someone would obviously go off in their own direction, and they'd devise a system that they couldn't get into, and really give the public some freedom.  That was never the intention.  The intention was to get everyone hooked in to this emerging system, where it's indispensable for everybody, businesses, individuals, right down to as I say, your personal banking and purchasing, because that's how it will all be done in the future. 


Also paying your rent in the Agenda 21, little manifesto, because there will be no private property.  There will be no rent in the future.  We've already seen government stepping in and taking over mortgages during this last manufactured crash, where you have this strange public/private relationship once more, and houses that were once partially owned by people trying to pay off the mortgages are now owned and rented out by government.  Same thing is happening in Britain and elsewhere.  Whatever happens in Britain, happens across the planet. 


And a few years ago, one of the first big internet censorship meetings was held in Canada for the United Nations.  And they talked about how they'd use hate laws initially as the excuse to bring in censorship.  In the meantime they let everybody play and say their thing, and everybody could let off steam and come from their various angles of reality and put things out, but then they would start to rope them in, you see.  Because at first you had to become dependent on the system which is essential to run a world.  It's not for our benefit as I say.  And Australia, of all places, has been one of the leaders in putting in these implementations that were at first suggested in the first meeting, and then unleashed into their further depth of censorship in their next meeting, and so on and so on.  And I read an article about a month or so ago where Australia was going after certain websites with certain terms and words in them.  Now they've gone a step further and this is from the Register, the 7th of May. 


The Australian Government yesterday broke new records for web censorship by requiring the take down not just of a page containing harmful content, nor even a page linking to harmful content, but a page linking to a link to allegedly harmful content.


The content that the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)


(A: You see, we've all got these coming into view.  They're all set up.)


originally deemed to be inappropriate was to be found on a US site


(A: Now listen to what it was.  Remember there's only one system.  You see, the one system that's coming in now is a collectivist, Sovietized system to rule the people with massive bureaucracies and agencies and force.  And everything that the so-called communistic side, or left wingers or the Council on Foreign Relations, who are often mistaken for the communists, they hid behind them, since they ran them actually.  They had a lot of protests when the old system of individual freedom and rights was still working, and once the left gradually through the Fabian system took over governments from within, that's what they call the legal way, they altered everything into a communistic system.  Therefore everything that's politically correct is part of the old Sovietized Communist system.  You've got to understand that.  Political correctness is communism.  So this site, where the inappropriate data was, listen to this, was)


– Abortion TV.


(A: On the U.S.  A U.S. site.)


The site is political in nature, clearly coming down on the anti-abortion side of that debate – and the page in question features pictures of aborted foetuses.


Before the Communists took over, you see it would be the other side who were trying to stop the abortion issue, because they knew where it was going to go.  It was going to go to forced abortion, and then eventually to sterilization, because they knew who was in charge of these programs, like Margaret Sanger, who loved Hitler.  She admired his eugenics program.  Now she's a saint, a saint in governments.  Now you can go into art galleries and you'll see fetuses in jars of urine.  They show it on television once in a while, this kind of stuff.  But that's okay, because that's dehumanizing the human and the offspring of the human.  It's anti-human, that's okay, that's politically correct because under the Earth Charter you see, we're not an endangered species.  Therefore there's only one agenda, and one side to it.  And you have a generation who've grown up thinking this is the normal side, this is a normal thing because it exists already when they were born.  And they have no idea really what its true program is, or what it's all about.  Remember, going back, and I've read the articles, well actually I read the book from Julian Huxley who worked for UNESCO, at the United Nations, who said, we have to, we must somehow devaluate humanity and get the public to accept it.  Well these guys don't just come up with ideas and sit and hope or send letters off to Santa Claus up the chimney.  They implement them.  And we hear these little implementation deals all the time, little blurbs that are amongst the mass of noise in this aether world that we live in, and we somehow think that none of this concerns us.  If it does concern us, there's a specialist in my area, who's obviously dealing with it for me.  That's how you people think today.  Everything that happens in eugenics and depopulation concerns you.  And you better wisen up to that very quickly.  These guys are not messing around.  They have been bioengineering the public.  They have altered your food supply.  They know what's in it.  Once in a while they'll admit the effects of it, once in a while.  The sterility in the Western World, I've gone through their own data, it's incredible.  It's not a crisis because it's planned.  85% sterility in the male should be a crisis, but it's no crisis because it's planned.  Otherwise it would be, right.  Obvious.  I'll be back with more on this topic after this break.


I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going through the fact that emotive topics are given to people, and a whole generation have been brought up really, thinking it was about people's rights.  And everyone likes to be the victim, especially when it's been drummed into you in school that you were.  And it was nothing to do with that at all for those who organize it.  They love to abuse our emotions, to separate and conquer.  Divide and conquer.  Always for a different motive, and the motive was published in the 1800s, with various eugenicists, and the American Eugenics Society, right through the early 1900s, right in fact through the 1930s.  The real agenda.  And the real agenda was to get rid of all the useless eaters as they call them.  Those who are of inferior stock.  That was the reason, not because they cared about the rights of a woman.  They couldn't care less about one person here and there with their own very real dilemma.  They couldn't care less.  But once you get the idea that life ain't so special after all for humans, and the public accept it, you can then go on a roll with it.  And they have, because now they go after the elderly.  There's now euthanasia clinics in different countries, and that will be here shortly too.  Because after all under the United Nations, they say that their own definition of a good world citizen is a good producer and consumer.  Producer and consumer.  If you're just consuming and a pensioner, you're no longer a producer.  You're a burden on society on the economic system.  That's all money.  They could go to government to squander on some other things, you see.  That's the reality of the world.  But emotions are used to the highest degree because they've worked for centuries on peoples.  It's emotions they want to whip up that they divide being Catholic and Protestant, or between Moslem and Christian or Jewish.  Emotion, emotion, emotion, and they know exactly how to stir the pot and get it going.  Male and female, same thing.  They can even split males down half this and half that, females the same way.  It's no different.  It's a science, perfect science, because people will always pick this or that.  They're always given two choices, this or that, and they're guaranteed to pull half into one side and half into another.  That's what voting is all about.  It's a con.  And it's emotive based, emotion.  Not logic, nor history, nor memory even, is used.  And no one thinks of the ulterior agenda, because they're too lazy to go in to find it.  So this article here, says that it's okay, it's okay to have abortion sites as long as it's for abortion, but not against abortion.  And you can put anything up in the guise of art.  We have corpses hanging on wires for God's Sake, shown around the world now.  Corpses plasticized, and hanging on wires is art.  Again, the dehumanization process that we accept, and it's there for reasons that you don't even know about.  It says,


Back in January of this year, (A: This is the same article) ACMA wrote back to a complainant: "ACMA is satisfied that the internet content is hosted outside Australia, and that the content is prohibited or potential prohibited content


"The Internet Industry Association (A: You see, they've all sprung up, all these things that were ready to go.) has a code of practice for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) which, among other things, set out arrangements for dealing with such content. In accordance with the code, ACMA has notified the above content to the makers of IIA approved filters, for their attention and appropriate action. The code requires ISPs to make available to customers an IIA approved filter."


Despite this, the link continued to be published by popular news site, Whirlpool. In March, ACMA upped the ante, by sending to Whirlpool’s ISP - Bulletproof Networks - an "interim link-deletion notice", warning them that they were in breach of the law – and that failure to block access to the link in question could cost them $11,000 a day.


(A: Boy, do they want them bad, eh.  Anything that's against the Communistic system, they're going to use economics against you, massive economics.  And believe you me, they will, because you see the big international bankers set up and funded and trained the top Communists of their day.  Read your histories.)


Bulletproof pulled the link. This sequence of events was then reported on by Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc (EFA), who describe themselves as "a non-profit national organization representing Internet users concerned with on-line freedoms and rights".


In a report that included the now infamous link, they wrote: "This demonstrates not only that the blacklist targets a wider range of material than child abuse (where the Minister’s rhetoric has been focused) (A: That's how they brought it in.  They've all used pedophilia and stuff, you see, you see, always, always, always) but also that the lines between art, obscenity and political speech are not as bright and clear as politicians would have us imagine... Viewing or possession [of] RC content is not in itself illegal unless the content falls afoul of some other statute, such as those governing child-abuse material".


They added: "Despite the Minster’s (ridiculous) assertions that he means well and we should take it on faith that the filter will be effective and benign, this latest episode demonstrates how serious run-ins with the censors can be, that it does not only happen to purveyors of the ‘filth’ politicians rail against. These sorts of incidents will multiply as mandatory filtering is introduced,


Mandatory filtering is coming in.  I'll be back with more after these messages.)


I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just showing you that there's always another motive behind pretty well everything out there.  Especially when it comes to political correctness, there's always an agenda behind it.  The same agenda, as they dehumanize society.  We've already been debased by the cultural industry, very quickly, from songs they sang in the 50s, and it just plummeted, plummeted, like Prometheus coming down, until literally we have just gibberish put out as music, and it's all debased stuff, if you can make out any words at all.  It's all very, very primitive, linguistically minimal, and debased.  That was by intent as they dehumanize all of society, and get the public to accept it, that's the main thing.  We're the only species that has to be convinced, because we must acquiesce to our sentences that they give us. 


Getting back again to what I said earlier about Mr Rockefeller saying that this generation was the cannon fodder for this massive upheaval, that would be akin to the clearing of the land, into the cities for the Industrial era.  Here's a typical article here.  This is from U.S.A. Today, from I think a couple of days ago, maybe a day ago.  It says:


Economic casualties pile into tent cities


PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Jim Marshall recalls everything about that beautiful fall day.

The temperature was about 70 degrees on Nov. 19, the sky was "totally blue," and the laughter from a martini bar drifted into the St. Petersburg park where Marshall, 39, sat contemplating his first day of homelessness.


(A: And then it goes on and on as to what happens when you're made homeless, and it tells you what it's like.  But it says:)


For the economic homeless, (A: By the way, it says here that in this place alone, Pinellas County Florida, it says there is seven and a half thousand homeless people, and one thousand three hundred children in homeless families, since this fantastic depression that was pulled off, when we were looted on cue by the banks, it says here:)


For the economic homeless, the American ideal that education and hard work lead to a comfortable middle-class life has slipped out of reach. They're packing into motels, parking lots and tent cities, alternately distressed and hopeful, searching for work and praying their fortunes will change.


(A: A typical statement here is:)


"My parents always taught me to work hard in school, graduate high school, go to college, get a degree and you'll do fine. You'll do better than your parents' generation," Marshall says. "I did all those things. … For a while, I did have that good life, but nowadays that's not the reality."


Tent cities and shelters from California to Massachusetts report growing demand from the newly homeless. The National Alliance to End Homelessness predicted in January that the recession would force 1.5 million more people into homelessness over the next two years. Already, "tens of thousands" have lost their homes, Alliance President Nan Roman says.


The $1.5 billion in new federal stimulus funds for homelessness prevention will help people pay rent, utility bills, moving costs or security deposits, she says, but it won't be enough.


"We're hearing from shelter providers that the shelters are overflowing, filled to capacity," says Ellen Bassuk, president of the National Center on Family Homelessness. "The number of families on the streets has dramatically increased."


Pinellas Hope, the tent city run by Catholic Charities here since December 2007, has been largely for the chronically homeless, some of whom suffer from mental illness or struggle with drugs or alcohol.


About 20% of its 240 residents became homeless recently because of the economic downturn, says Frank Murphy, president of Catholic Charities, Diocese of St. Petersburg.


"We're seeing a change in the population. … We're seeing a lot more that are just plain losing their jobs and their homes," says Sheila Lopez, chief operating officer of the charity. "A lot are either job-ready or working but have lost their home because they were laid off, or their apartment, and now can't go to work because they're not shaven, they're not clean, they're living in a car, or they're living on the street."


The charity plans to expand the tent city and build an encampment in a neighboring county, an idea that has drawn objections from nearby homeowners and businesses.


(A: And that's your standard thing, that's your standard problem in every country, it's the same thing.  Those who still have are just ticked off that their value of their property is going to fall, because you've got these tents living next door.  And how New York used to deal with that is to bring in the bulldozers and bulldoze them down.  And when Mel Lazman was the mayor of Toronto, he got the idea from New York, and he did the same thing with a Toronto Tent City.  That's how they get rid of the homeless, you see, they make them move somewhere else.  And that's the standard thing.  It says:)


• In Massachusetts, a record number of homeless families need emergency shelter, says Robyn Frost, executive director of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless. In mid-April, there were 2,763 families in shelters, including 655 in motels because the shelters were full, an increase of 36% since July, she says.


"We have a high number of foreclosure properties, and many of them are multifamily apartments," Frost says. "We were seeing a great number of families being displaced."


• Reno officials shut down a tent city in October after making more shelter space available, but new encampments are popping up along the Truckee River and elsewhere, says Kelly Marschall of the Reno Area Alliance for the Homeless.


The homeless include "a startling number of first-time homeless," she says. "We asked them what industries they were involved in. The majority were talking about construction, the housing industry, real estate. There was a direct correlation to the housing market crash."


• In Santa Barbara, Calif., 84 men and women sleep in their cars, trucks or recreational vehicles in 17 parking lots around the city, says Jason Johnson with the New Beginnings Counseling Center, which runs the RV Safe Parking Program. The city, which allows the use of three municipal lots at night, supports the program, says city parking superintendent Victor Garza. Last May, there were 58 participants and no waiting list. Now 40 people are waiting.


And then it goes on and on about other places, etc who are all getting the same problem.  This is what Rockefeller said, the upheaval.  He said you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.  These people are the broken eggs, and it's going to get worse by the way.  I also said too, in 2001, I think it was that very night on a radio station, I said you're going to see implemented, on September 11th I said, you're going to see implemented everything you see in a war situation, in a World War situation, I said you'll see security, ID cards, eventually ration cards, I said you'll eventually see, they want people on the roads, they want to see refugees on the roads.  Everything that you get in a war scenario is to be done across the world, but mainly in the so-called first world countries to bring them down.  And they know from formula from previous times, as I say, as those who are on the road will be ignored by those who still live in the buildings.  That's standard, that's traditional.  And you'll have an outer class that don't belong anymore.  And then will come the economic solutions to it, and we're already getting that.  Well, there's just too many people.  What they mean is you see, there's too many people for a Post Industrial era.  They've taken the industry out of our countries, by design, and most people who are now homeless and the ones who've still got their homes, didn't even know it was happening.  They sailed right through it, like they sail through everything, without observing anything. 


When the GATT treaties were signed, when years and years and years of negotiations and building up of China, training thousands and thousands and thousands of engineers.  Canada was doing it since the 60s.  Communist China.  And I said, why is Canada churning out all these engineers that go back to China, because they don't have the factories?  Well it's because with GATT and that, they gave them the factories.  They all came from the U.S. and Canada, that's where the factories came from, and Europe.  Long-term strategy, long-term planning, and no one asked the obvious questions, why are you training thousands of engineers to go back to a country where they have no factories?  No one thinks.  And everyone saw stuff suddenly appear on the shelves, made in China, made in China. 


Go into the Marxist doctrine, the Soviet doctrine, they wanted one factory that would make toothbrushes for the whole of the Soviet Union.  They got it.  One factory to make the shoes for them all, they got it.  That was called efficiency to them.  That's what's happening today with us, because the CFR talked about setting up China in the 1930s to be the manufacturer of the planet.  Generation after generation just live through their part of the script, and they're oblivious to what's going on.  They're managed.  We're being managed by experts.  We're brainwashed with an education system that now is run by UNESCO, to make sure everyone in every country gets the same brainwashing.  We're put into the same Plato's Cave, so we can meet people from across the country, across the world, and we all talk about the same cave, because that's all been taught.  We're brainwashed.  Simple.  So were our parents.


Now, I've mentioned how the computer is the big, big stick, because they said without the computer they couldn't pull any of this off, this ID'ing thing this eternal surveillance, Total Information Network, and I keep saying to people, you've all signed it into law, what do you think Total means.  It means all conversations, all faxes, all everything, is kept forever, ever.  Total Information, not partial.  That means you who are listening out there, everybody.  IBM, which is a nice little code for Eye Beam, you see, the eye from Horus, the beam of light from Horus or Ra.  It's interesting too, they also use that little symbology in the Space Odyssey 2001.  For the code name for the computer, HAL, you just go one letter before, and you have HAL which is IBM.  And IBM of course made big, big progress.  They were always into categorizing and statistics etc.  And they made the first Cardex systems that were used. They used them in the concentration camps in Germany, and I'm pretty sure they also had their hand in the Soviet Gulags as well.  And here's a PR, a PR blurb about them from BBC News.  All you get from the BBC News is Propaganda, and they start off with:


From Spitfires to sensors


(A: Now the Spitfire was an aircraft fighter they used in World War II.  It got a bigger name than it deserved, because it didn't win the Battle of Britain, the Hurricane really did.  Anyway, reality doesn't matter.  It's by:)


Darren Waters, Technology editor


The software that underpins billions of financial transactions made every day is being developed at an IBM lab in a quiet part of Hampshire.


Hursley House has been part of IBM's history for 40 years, but its role in technology development stretches back even further.


Walking around the grand surroundings of Hursley House, through the beautifully restored rooms of the mansion, and the more ascetic corridors and spaces of adjoined labs, all you can hear is the quiet hum of desktop computers.


Sixty six years ago and the noise from the main house and grounds would have been the roar of Rolls Royce engines attached to arguably the most famous fighter plane of all time - the Spitfire.


During World War II Hursley House was the base of operations for Vickers,


(A: Now Vickers was owned by Lord Vickers.  Lord Vickers obtained a mass of his wealth, they already had done it, the Vickers family, in the opium trade, when they were dumping bales of it in China, along with all the guys too in the Skull and Bones Society at Yale.  And during WWI, Vickers amassed a fortune because he went into partnership with the inventor Maxim of the machine gun, the heavier machine gun.  It was mounted on a bipod or tripod, and it was water cooled jacket and all that stuff.  And so what they did, because they knew there was a war coming, you see, Vickers would supply all the British and American troops with his model, and they would slightly alter it a little bit for the jacket for the German model.  And they based their headquarters in Switzerland and they amassed millions of dollars.  That was the lovely Lord Vickers.  And they've been in the war industry ever since, as all of these Big Boys are.  IBM too.  And it says here:)


Vickers, manufacturers of the iconic plane that helped turn the Battle of Britain in the UK's favour.


For the last five decades the house and grounds have been owned by IBM and has been devoted to research and development.


Over five decades the work that goes on in Hursley for IBM has reflected the broader transformation of Big Blue itself - from hardware company to software and services firm.


Once, IBM was at the forefront of computer development, these days IBM is more likely to be helping drive cutting edge software solutions, and focuses primarily on development.


(A: But then you have to scan down to see what they're up to.  What really it is when you get through all the PR and so on.  It says:)


It is now at the centre of two key technology developments - transaction processing and pervasive messaging.


"Every time you use an ATM, book a holiday or a flight, you are probably using CICS software that was developed here," he explained.


Tied inextricably to CICS, is IBM's pervasive messaging middleware, called MQTT, that guarantees delivery of data from point A to point B.


We live in a world in which intermittent outages in technology or web access are common, but in the global finance sphere such things are unacceptable.


Testing out applications for pervasive messaging happens in the Emerging Technologies lab; a small set of rooms that houses demonstrations which, at first glance, would appear to be more at home at a school science fair.


It goes on to tell you what more, what they're really into, and it's completely where they're bringing everything together.  They're completely bringing buildings together with chips etc.  It will also interface with this system that was mentioned in Ireland a few months ago, and I read it on the air, where you'll wear a thing on your head, and you'll be able to basically know where you're going and what's in that building, what it sells and all the rest of it.  Total Integrated Networking System.  It's also obviously to do with the final thing.  The product is going to be a brain chip, and I think everyone knows it.  But remember their history.  Remember IBM's history.  Because it made most of its money from basically identifying individuals and keeping records on individuals.  That's for the military complex, for military purposes.  Never forget it. (Long pause)  What a world, and most folk haven't a clue of what's really going on. 


Now, we'll go to the phones now, and we've got Jason from Ontario.  Are you there Jason?


Jason: Hi there, Alan Watt?


Alan: Yes.


Jason: Hi there.  I just want to make a couple of comments to you there.  I want to bring this up with the New World Order and what their objectives are and maybe why they're the way that they are as far as...


Alan: Yes, Hold on, and I'll go into it, and we'll hear what you have to say after this break.  Back in a few moments.  


I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the line with Jason from Ontario, who was going to give us a few pointers perhaps on how he sees things.


Jason: I just wanted to expand on that a bit, before I got cut off, but for the war of humanity upon itself, I just want to refer to, are you familiar with Roger Sperry and the research he's done on the left and right side of the brain?


Alan: I've seen a lot more than him.  I've seen the old stuff too.  This is old, old stuff.


Jason: I'm just looking at how it's kind of a left brain/right brain type of conflict that causes this.  You have what they're implementing now in the New World Order it could be that the left side of the brain is being like say, sequential, directed, very linear in its motives.


Alan: Yeah, to them it really seems quite practical.  And quite logical.  That was the whole idea of the Star Trek, Mr Spock, he always would pick logic.  He was a Vulcan of course, that's fire again.  And these characters belong to these ancient societies that know this kind of stuff.  They believe that pure reason should rule the world and overrule human emotion or values. 


Jason:  And it sort of, kind of ties into your thing you mentioned earlier about how they admired fetuses as art, or the anatomy in plastic.  They see that as an art form where as a right-brained person who sees beauty in an artist, would see that in not the same way. 


Alan: That's right.  It is.  You must remember too, these characters brought in, what they called the Age of Reason, and they wrote screeds and screeds of stuff, about how reason would rule, and the reason they claimed that the world was always in a mess was because people's emotions ruled their lives for them.  Well you see, we are complete human beings with emotion.  If we don't have emotion, we're not a complete human being, we are a robot, basically, we're robots.  And these characters at the top, being psychopaths of course, always look to the practical solution, to them, to suit their agenda, not humanity's agenda.  They see themselves as farmers, and if we're superfluous in a certain era, well you just cull off the excess herd.  That's what you do if you're a farmer.  And that literally is what they want to bring in.  They want to reduce the world's population down to five hundred million people, and they've stated it over and over. 


Jason: Yeah.  You know you have Hitler who was a great admirer of art.  You have all these dictators who have collections that are creating our, you know our...


Alan: Yes, Gorbachev had a portrait done of himself, it's in his home and I put a photograph up one day on it, where there are three photographs of him.  One is him as the Jesus Child with his mark on his forehead.  It's in his living room.  And the other one is him basically as the new Jesus, the new Messiah for the Greening System, the world Greening System.  These guys literally are petty megalomaniacs, but they belong to a very big, big powerful club. 


Jason: Okay, that was basically my point that I wanted to bring up. 


Alan: Yes, you're quite right though.  It's been a very old ancient system, a battle, and in early times, even the early Christian symbols would show Jesus ascending on the cross with a serpent wrapped around him.  If it was just him, himself, it would be emotion, the serpent was wisdom/logic so the two were combined and that meant perfection.  That was the early mystic symbol of it.  If you just have pure, the serpent, you have cold, unemotional reason, and that's hell on earth.


Jason: You do see it through history.  You do.


Alan: Yes.


Jason: Okay.


Alan: Thanks for calling in.  Yes, this goes back a way long time, but anyways, from a very wet Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night from Hamish and myself, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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