May 11th, 2009 (#317)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 11th, 2009:

Tyrants Sneer, the Future's Here:

"Success Assured by Dialectic,
By Using Three (Not 2) Prongs for Hat Trick,
Banker-Capitalists, Soviet and the Nazi
Create Socialist World, Dreamers' Patsy,
Ordered Society as Ought to Be,
Everyone's Monitored, Screened, I.D.,
Each Brought Up to Know His Station,
School-to-Work, Under Observation,
All Personal Decisions You Lazily Hate
Will be Made by Departments of the State,
Political Correctness is Safe Way,
Learn TV Slogans, Repeat and Say,
If You're Good and Obey All Rules,
You'll be Left Alone in the Company of Fools"
© Alan Watt May 11th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 11th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 11th of May, 2009.  I always suggest for newcomers to look into website, and you can download lots of talks I've given in the past, where I try to show you a different perspective on reality by using the material put out there by Big Players and foundations and in the business world, the establishment if you like or the elite as it's often called, and to show you that truly we're conditioned into perceiving things in the way they want us to.  That's why we go along with everything, and that's why we're so abused.  And that's why too, things never work out for people at the bottom.  Never work out at all.  The masses never get anything except suckered, and robbed, and plundered every so often by the banks, put into wars.  And I try to show you the big agenda the elite have in store for the world.  And it's their utopia they're working towards, actually they've got us all working towards it too.  But we won't be around to see it, or participate in it because apparently we're too inferior.  We don't have the right stuff, the right genes.  And these guys at the top truly are, they've been living for thousands of years, with special breeding, they truly believe in special breeding, and special genetics, etc, etc, that's the history of what kings and queens, etc. are all about, special breeding, the royal blood.  Also look into for transcripts of these same talks, these audio talks.  And you can print them up, they're written in the various languages of Europe, and for those who want to support me as I say, go into, order the books, the CDs, the discs, etc.  Or you can donate through paypal, or personal check in the U.S. and Canada.  For those who just get the CDs burned and passed around to them to play, you can get to me by writing [listed above].


Reality, what is Reality?  Reality is our conditioning, and we have different conditioning according to the different classes we live in, or we're born into.  We have different conditioning according to the countries we're born into as well.  In the past, it was very, very simple to keep people, vast amounts of peoples in different countries under control, by the use of religion, which went hand in glove with the king and queen system, and an aristocracy, and for hundreds and hundreds of years, it was kept in place that way with the two of them working together.  However, around the 1500s emerged the New Societies, the New Intelligentsia, if you like, an upper middle class that had evolved through merchandising and merchant banking, which got more and more powerful and they along with what they created, which is really fraternities, early fraternities.  They thought they could use science to overtake religion in the old system.  The sciences really took off in the 1500s, that's when Bacon and all these characters started to really go into the sciences and started to write about them, and then quite shortly thereafter, we find that, and I'm talking about shortly in a time span of a couple of hundred years, because that's nothing at all in history, you find the sciences exploding with the Industrial Revolution.  Along with that came the massive wars.  One war after another getting worse and worse and worse, because Science had come to the fore.  Now those who run sciences run the world.  We'll be back with more of this after this break. 


I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about reality, and it's interesting too that Professor Carroll Quigley, the historian for the CFR at one point, and who gave us an alternate view of history from the records of the CFR, in fact he said they were so important, they'd been so important for about a hundred years already, even before they were called CFR, because the groups existed already in the 1800s, he said they had so influenced history, in all Western countries, that they deserved to be known by the public.  That was his rift with them, he thought the public should know how important they had been in designing the world that they lived in in the 1960s, and where they were going with it into a global system, he was all for this global system.  He also basically hinted that they'd been behind all wars, right through the 1800s, because war and conflict always has a resolution.  And out of that comes new, a new system, a new treaty, a new governing system.  That's what comes out of wars.  And he said himself, one of the main purposes of war is to alter society.  All conflicting parties, it doesn't matter what side you happen to be on, are altered.  You come out of it with a new system, a different governmental system, or a more powerful governmental system, and that's what's called Socialism today.  Bureaucracies just expand like crazy, and take over different functions that were held by private individuals or corporations during wartime.  And he also mentioned too, that they'd written the histories, the history books for the people from the Western World, therefore we get a completely slanted view of history.  The idea being we would come to the right conclusions by reading their books, and think that we know it all.  It never dawns on us that we're being misled.  It was the same when the Rockefeller foundation hired Durant, Will Durant, to do this mammoth task of writing basically encyclopedias of History, and touring the world and gathering data.  And Durant said himself at the end, that it was slanted, that was the point of it.  It was to make you think that man had just evolved through different stages of life by happenstance and conflict and wars, and just stumbled along, and the only possible hope was to allow ourselves to go under a scientifically run world system, the same system that his friend, Bertrand Russell was talking about, a scientific dictatorship, which is really what we're going into now.  We're actually under it now in fact if we look at any media, you'll see the experts being put in front of us every day, on newscasts and documentaries.  Every topic there is, there's an expert to tell you how to think about something.  So much so that Brzezinski said the public will shortly be unable to reason for themselves, well that's happened.  We have experts to do it for us, never dawns on most people that there's an agenda, a political agenda behind whatever these experts say. 


And getting back to the past too, you see, as I say, the big merchant bankers who were a conglomerate, a long, long time ago, were also protected by a massive society, a religion if you like.  You hear about the Rosicrucians loosely, but do you really think a person like Rothschild could come into a country, any country, with five sons, and take them over, and be left alone, if he truly had ripped off the aristocracy, legally or otherwise.  He'd have been done in so fast.  The Rothschilds already had fleets of ships, before he took over the Bank of England.  It was a massive organization backing them.  And that's the key to it, you see.  Every big corporation ever since then, is really part of the one and the same system.  Today it's called the military-industrial complex, it's also an economic complex, it's all tied together as one.  And nothing will happen, one without the other, and that's the reality of it.  They bring up people in history to be front men, and they go down in the history books as inventors, or like Mr Gates there, who just managed to take everybody else's patents and use them, and no one would touch him.  Why would no one touch him?  It was the same reason no one would touch a Rothschild coming in to take over the bank of England, because it was a massive organization, using all kinds of methods to make sure no one would touch him.  That's why.  The same with Monsanto, as it spreads its GMO food, all over the planet, no one will touch them; in fact, every judge knows to vote in Monsanto's favor.  It's a must be, as they say, because there's a bigger organization, making sure that everything goes smoothly.  That's the real world.


Over the weekend, I watched a disc sent to me, about something that happened in Britain.  Britain is so full of scandals, and occasionally they'll throw one your way to keep the public happy.  It was about two or three brothers in the 70s called the Kray brothers, they were going in the 60s and the 70s, who were both homosexuals, but they were gangsters, and they ran these sort of pedophile rings and all the rest of it in London.  And this Channel 4 exposé, was about what happened with the Kray brothers, they were very famous at the time, because they got charged and let go, because ministers, British lords, members of the aristocracy came forward to speak up for them, because they were all involved in it, you see, they were using the facilities, etc.  What was interesting was at the end, under the Freedom of Information Act, you'll see a journalist going in, and going through what he's allowed to say from the Home Office.  The same Home Office that's the Homeland Security of Britain today, that's supposed to serve the British people.  And they had all the other names whited out that no one was allowed to talk about.  They were never charged, but they obviously had all the data on them, because these British Lords are still alive today.  You see, that's the real world, there is no democracy.  Never was.  There's only what they call the establishment. 


And the establishment lives completely differently than the rest of the world, or those they rule over.  This same lord type establishment have the biggest shares in all the military-industrial complex machinery of Britain.  The Pratt, and Whitneys and all the rest of them.  All the big corporations that are to deal with war.  These are the same lords who get the boys in parliament to pass bills for housing for the people, and then they make sure that they happen to own the land that the housing schemes will be built on, and then it's jacked up ten times, twenty times, the price.  This is standard procedure in the real world, and it's always been like that.  Always.  And places like the Home Office are there to make sure they are guarded from the public, from the public.  And in that Channel 4 exposé, I might find it and put a link up.  They show you the newspapers with the stories all ready to go and then the lawsuits come in from the biggest, you know crown corporation in Britain, and everyone backs off immediately, because you know you've had it.  You will never win.  In other words, the Crown is against you.  That's the reality of the world. 


Reality is very strange thing as I say, we're indoctrinated from birth, because our parents were indoctrinated from birth.  And all you have to do is train one generation in the new system, and they will teach their children, and then you put the supporting infrastructure around them for schooling, you make sure that they have the proper marketing media to the age groups as they group up, and they'll never catch on that most of their reality is bogus, or is conditioning them to serve the system.  Here's an article, just a little article here, just to show you what I'm talking about in a simplistic way.  This is from the Guardian newspaper.  Ministry of Defence, now here's the military in Britain.  Now we know about this in the U.S. because it's been admitted they were behind G.I. Joe and so on.


Ministry of Defence hopes new toy action figures will help image

• Action Man forerunner was 'too politically correct'

• All three branches of the armed forces represented


7 May


A range of realistic action figures based on the modern British armed forces was launched at RAF Northolt, produced by the toymaker Character Group.


The toys fill a gap left by Action Man, discontinued by Hasbro three years ago, and ruined, according to Character Group boss Jon Diver, by the plague of political correctness. "He went from an iconic military figure and being very popular to an extreme cyclist and being very unpopular," he said.


The armed forces worked closely with the company on the design of the toys and an initial nine figures are going on sale, representing all three branches of the armed forces and wearing the insignia of the Royal Marines, the army and the RAF.


The Ministry of Defence denied the range was a blunt recruitment ploy, but hopes the toys will help to burnish the armed forces' reputation, as well as generating a stipend in licensing revenues.


So children of course have always had this.  They never realize the little toys they're given are all for a purpose, and that the military are involved in it.  And they're playing all these different games, etc.  And they want to grow up and be like those guys, because that's all that's in the video games.  These are the winners, you see, guys wearing all this gear.  They're superior than those in the city street, as they say.  I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about how the military complex is involved in so many aspects of our lives, but it's on behalf of those elite.  The ones I was talking about earlier, like the scandal involving and around the Kray brothers, there was only one scandal, but there was many, many, British lords involved in it.  And there's the Home Office protecting them as I say, so much so, that under the Freedom of Information they basically resealed it, and said they will not release those names until the year 2050, or something.  That's how things are.  It says it on it.  They protect their own.  There is no such thing as a common justice across a land.  Never was.  Never was.  And the way that the elite see the people is for a different function.  They don't see a society where they're just part of it.  The people have, in the past, were always there to serve the elite.  That was their purpose.  That's what peasants were for.  To those at the top, and we've seen it through many articles that I've read, here in fact, on this show.  They claim there's just too many people left, they don't need us all now.  They don't need us to till the land and farms because now they have intensive farming, they don't need so many people.  They don't need us to work their factories because their factories are all being worked by people in China. 


So what are they going to do with the people?  Well, they plan to take down the population, over a period of time.  In the process, intergenerationally, they'll move them into the cities, that's under Agenda 21 at the United Nations.  There will be no private property, that's in Agenda 21.  No private transportation.  It's in Agenda 21.  And you'll find a whole new method of keeping you in line, because there will be electronic cash only, and that will be used as a weapon as well.  If you're bad, or you're politically incorrect, you'll be punished by withdrawal of your money or credits or whatever they happen to call it at that time, maybe your carbon footprints, who knows.  And you'll be unable to pay your rent, or even get on a bus.  And during that period too, they expect a lot of riots, breaking out, because obviously the cities will be incredibly overcrowded, they already are.  I've read before, how back in the 50s and 60s, they were talking about urban sprawl.  In fact, that was one of the first things I saw on television, from satellite, was a program on urban sprawl. And I thought, well, sprawl is a nasty word, and urban sounds not to bad, but urban sprawl, they put it right in your head from the very beginning, there was just too many people, and they were sort of untidy or something like that.  The idea being that they didn't want people spreading out from the cities.  Therefore, laws were passed.  They could only rebuild on existing lots, even where buildings were.  They can only knock down buildings and build new ones.  But immigration was to go up in the Western World, massively, into those countries.  And you know what happens if you're not building more and more houses, you're rapidly overcrowded in the big cities.  And it appears as though you're overpopulated.  Meanwhile they've been making it harder and harder and harder to live in rural areas.  In fact, under Agenda 21, if you're not necessary to that area, then you won't live in it.  And they are moving people from the rural areas.  The taxes across the Western World in the rural areas have been jacked up so much it's just incredible.  They don't want you in the country.  They want you crammed in the overcrowded cities, while the elite themselves of course, don't live in those same cities.  They will have their own special high-tech smaller cities built elsewhere.  They already do.  They're building quite a few in China for them. 


Therefore, the future is already planned and mapped out.  Intergenerationally.  And that's how they work, Fabian style.  That's how they can always pull it off.  They've talked about the coming riots.  The think tanks for the military for Britain and the US talk about the coming riots.  They're so sure they're going to happen.  They're so sure because they're going to cause different kinds of crisis, such as food shortages down the road.  The Council on Foreign Relations, if you go into their website, especially the one at Chatham House in England, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, same organization, have had teams working on the coming food shortages, for years and years.  You can go in and look it up.  They're so sure it's going to happen.  Meanwhile people are getting sicker and sicker and sicker with the GMO foods, as they also pump more and more injections into people, and we watch their health plummet.  You have juvenile arthritis now, you have massive autism.  You have all kinds of aging diseases that are now hitting young people.  And it's no surprise to those at the top, because they don't call it a crisis.  They don't tell you why it's happening, but they don't call it a crisis, which means they know what is causing it, and therefore it's not a crisis, because it's planned that way.  Some with the fertility rates plummeting and the sperm count plummeting.  All within the same time period, 50 years.  Here's from the Mail Online.


20th March 2009

One child in 60 'suffers from a form of autism'


(Alan: This is what it's come to, 1 in 60)


Far more children have autism than previously thought, a study of British school pupils has found.


Researchers now believe as many as one in 60 children has some form of the condition.


(A: And I think that's the music coming in, yeah I think it is.  So I'll read this article when I come back from this break.) 


I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about how people are getting sicker and sicker, and remember some of us have been reading these kinds of statistics for years, and quoting these articles for years, but it's never a crisis.  They just tell you about it, and leave it at that.  Isn't something that's a big mystery worth investigating?  Wouldn't it be?  Well, I'll tell you one thing, if it was out of the control, and not planned by those at the top, it would be investigated big time.  Incredible money would be thrown at it to find out what the problem is.  But they know what the problem is.  That's why they're not investigating it.  It says here:


Researchers now believe as many as one in 60 children has some form of the condition.


(A: Now I've mentioned before that attention deficit and so on are just branches of autism, that blossomed after the 1950s.)


The disturbing findings, which are due to be made public within weeks, mean that up to 216,000 children in the UK could suffer from an autistic condition, although many have not yet been diagnosed.


The research could have a major impact on public services in Britain with many more youngsters potentially needing a lifetime of special care.


(A: That's all they care about, the economic fallout.)


Autism covers a spectrum of developmental disorders which affect a person's communication and social skills.


Families caring for severely autistic children say their lives are devastated by the condition, and looking after sufferers of autism and related disorders already costs the nation £28billion a year.


The latest study, by academics at Cambridge University's respected Autism Research Centre, involved thousands of children.


Controversially, it showed autism rates were nearly twice as high as the figure of one child in 100 which is currently accepted by the National Autistic Society.


It also surpassed the one in 87 figure revealed by research among south London pupils three years ago, which was published in the Lancet medical journal.


Cases of autism have significantly increased over the past 40 years.


(A: Isn't it amazing everything really started at the same time.  40 years ago you saw your first bubble boy, the guy that was totally allergic, a baby, he was allergic to everything.  Hadn't happened before.  What had happened during that time?  The massive inoculation programs is what started.)


Cases of autism have significantly increased over the past 40 years.


In the 1980s, for example, a study found only four in every 10,000 showed signs of childhood autism.


The Cambridge study, led by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, states clearly that the apparently higher rate found recently is down to better detection and diagnosis. (A: Yeah, sure.)


The outline results of the professor's research have already been revealed at a major international conference of world experts on autism, although they have not yet been formally published.


All these experts that can't tell you why, eh.  Or why it's blossoming either.  But then again, you don't want the public to know the truth, do you, about anything really, because if the public knew the truth of what's been happening to them for a long time – well, maybe they wouldn't do anything about it, when I think about it.  I should really pause before I say that, because you think they should do something about it, but most of the public will never do anything about anything that's done to them.  Unfortunately the elite know that too.  What can you say?  What can you say? 


There's another article, now these links I'll put up on website at the end of the show.  There's one here from youtube, and it's on last year's protest that was shown at the SPP protest at Montebello, Quebec, when the police were caught as the provocateurs, they were actually caught by people in the crowd, trying to get riots started.  There's a youtube video up.  I'll put that up and you can have a look at it if you want to.  Here's another interesting article too I'm going to put up.  It's about, it's called:


The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich the EU

9th May 2009

From the Mail Online


The only reason I'm going to mention this article at all, is because I've mentioned before the video that's up, it's called The Soviet Story, and it shows you in the story too, how the propaganda minister for Adolf Hitler, before Hitler came to power, was promoting Adolf as basically being a counterpart of Lenin, in that same category.  And they were both Socialist Movements, and I've read before articles from other authors, Solzhenitsyn and so on, from the Soviet Union, a dissenter, who wrote quite a few books showing what the Soviet Union was all about.  He himself said the same thing, he told the Soviets once he was kicked out, he wrote this in the West, and published the newspapers in the West.  He said, you in the Soviet Union don't realize that the West has fed you from your creation.  He says, in fact, the Western Banks financed you from the beginning. I've gone into the history of the Nazis and how the big cartels that were formed, the umbrella groups like I.G. Farben were funded by Bayer, which is a Rothschild Company, Baxter laboratories, and I talked about them recently, they're still in scandals, and Ford, G.M., ITT, all the big boys were involved in creating the Nazi War Machine.  Couldn't have happened without them.  And during WWII, they planned to have a Fourth Reich, because they knew they were losing.  It would be done through basically industry, and also pushing for an amalgamated union for Europe, a European Union.  Interesting Report.  Now what you're really seeing, remember, there was only one group funded and set up the Soviet Union.  This cartel, this brotherhood, we'll call it, of banking fraternities and the globalists, those who believed in global society run by experts, and all eugenics.  All eugenicists, all of them.  They funded the Soviet system.  They funded the Nazi system.  And we're on the Third Way today, Mr Toffler's Third Wave where they've come together with capitalism for the new system that the world is to be run under.  They couldn't lose.  And in the dialectic, you must have oppositions, or what appears to be oppositions, but in reality, they're not really oppositions at all.  In any argument the point is to get people arguing about the same topic, then you're both on board you see.  That's how simple it is.  Therefore the Soviet system, and the Nazi system, were just parts of the same system being pushed in the Western World, to make it all come together from all different areas of the planet, at the same time.  Mr Bush called it the New World Order.  That's exactly what it is.  That's what Adolf Hitler called it.  That's what Lenin called it.  And he did, he called it The New World Order.  So here's this report:)


The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich the EU


(A: The Economic Union)


The paper is aged and fragile, the typewritten letters slowly fading. But US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 is as chilling now as the day it was written in November 1944.


The document, also known as the Red House Report, is a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. There, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for Germany's post-war recovery, prepare for the Nazis' return to power and work for a 'strong German empire'. In other words: the Fourth Reich.


(A: Then it goes into how it's basically set up, and how Cordell Hull, the US Secretary of State, he had that report all the time.  It says:)


They would set up a network of secret front companies abroad. They would wait until conditions were right. And then they would take over Germany again.


The industrialists included representatives of Volkswagen, Krupp and Messerschmitt. Officials from the Navy and Ministry of Armaments were also at the meeting and, with incredible foresight, they decided together that the Fourth German Reich, unlike its predecessor, would be an economic rather than a military empire - but not just German.


(A: Not just German.  In other words, doesn't matter, you see, they're all working on the same plan.  It says )


The Red House Report, which was unearthed from US intelligence files, was the inspiration for my thriller The Budapest Protocol.


(A: But they're actually using the real document.  It says here, that:)


The industrialists gathered at the Maison Rouge Hotel waited expectantly as SS Obergruppenfuhrer Dr Scheid began the meeting. Scheid held one of the highest ranks in the SS, equivalent to Lieutenant General. He cut an imposing figure in his tailored grey-green uniform...


(A: Etc. etc. etc.. What's interesting is, as you scroll down here, they go through all the big, high corporations.  They mention too I.G. Farben, and all those boys.  And they mention, they would work, again, over a long-term period, to create a European Union.  Have you ever looked into the guys who set up the European Union, because it's well known they were all Nazis.  Why aren't they prosecuted?  Why are they let to go to do this?  Because the big foundations that created I.G. Farben and the Rockefellers and all these families, and the Rothschilds, are all part of the same organization.  That's why.  It says here that they had liaison agents within parties, they established control over Germany after WWII, and that's true, Germany led Europe in Industry after WWII.  It says:)


The exported funds were to be channelled through two banks in Zurich, or via agencies in Switzerland which bought property in Switzerland for German concerns....


The Nazis had been covertly sending funds through neutral countries for years.


(A: This was all known at the time, mind you by intelligence services in the U.S. and Britain.)


Swiss banks, in particular the Swiss National Bank, accepted gold looted from the treasuries of Nazi-occupied countries.


(A: And as you scroll down again, it keeps going into this, they wanted this European Union.)


By the winter of 1943 (this fellow) was transferred to the Ministry of Economics. Ohlendorf's ostensible job was focusing on export trade, but his real priority was preserving the SS's massive pan-European economic empire after Germany's defeat.


(A: It's a long article.  Long article.  And as I say, the main part is near the bottom, where they go into the creation of the European Union.  It says:)


That same year the six members of the ECSC (A: They started the forerunner, which became the Economic Union.  Because the ECSC, they were all Nazis) signed the Treaty of Rome,


(A: They signed it.  They set it all up, these guys.  These Nazis signed the Treaty of Rome) which set up the European Economic Community. The treaty further liberalized trade and established increasingly powerful supranational institutions including the European Parliament and European Commission.


What a surprise.  Why are they telling us this now, eh?  Because it's all over and done with and nobody cares.  That's why.  The Revelation of the Method.  They always do this.  They show us how they did it, when after, years after, when no one cares.  Quite something, eh.  Quite something.  It's how it's always done.  Just like they released the other British lords involved in the porno rings and the gangsters of London, with the Kray Brothers.  That would about be released in 2050 when no one cares, because everyone is dead who was involved.  That's how it really works.  We never know what's going on. 


Pierre Trudeau.  Pierre Trudeau, who was the Comintern leader for Canada, that’s the Communist International, in 1952 he led the delegation from Canada to Moscow.  That was known by all the press at the time.  Decades latter when he ran for Prime Minister, not a single newspaper mentioned that fact.  Not a single one.  People used to wonder why he was so pally with old Fidel Castro, it's because Trudeau was involved with helping with the Revolution there.  The media all knows this stuff.  They know it.  Internationalists all.  Remember what Carroll Quigley said, he said the Council on Foreign Relations, we don't care who we bring in as members, we have Fascists, Communists, we have everything, dictators and so on, but they're all working for the same World Order.  That's how it's done. 


Now there are some callers there.  I should really try and get them in.  There's Amber from British Columbia.  Are you there Amber?


Amber: Yeah, Hi Alan.


Alan: How are you doing?


Amber: I'm pretty good, how are you?


Alan: I'm hanging in here.  Hasn't been a great weekend for me. 


Amber: Yeah, we actually got a break from spraying today, I think.  Which is rare. 


Alan: Yes.  They'll be refueling somewhere.


Amber: Yeah, I guess they'll have to.  I have a couple of questions in regards to the sample you got done of the spraying.  I'm going to hang up to listen to your answer, but when did you get that done, and how did you go about getting the sample in?  Who did you bring it to, and how much did it cost?


Alan: You have to take it to an independent laboratory, and you have to tell them to do the full spectrum analysis too, or they'll only look at certain things.  And you can pay up to $500.00 or up to $1000.00, depending if you also want to go into microbes, etc.  But for basic chemical analysis, you can pay maybe $500.00, but the problem in Canada is getting a lab to do it for you.  You can actually get some in the U.S. that will do it for you, and cheaper too.  The stuff here had aluminum oxide, the stuff that was sprayed here, barium, other trace elements too including I think even arsenic.  So they're all metallic particles, which goes along with the whole idea that Teller put out there in the first place of spraying the air with these substances, and then you could also use HAARP on top of it, and alter the weather quite simply in fact, and that's from the inventor of the H-Bomb.  That's how long ago he came up with that idea.  And they've been doing it since 1998, steadily.  The were testing it out once in a while in years gone by, over the last, since 1950 onwards, but since 1998, that's when all the major countries started spraying pretty consistently, and often daily on the general public with this stuff.  And that is when the weather manipulation really kicked in.  But you also have to go into the treaties signed on weather warfare at the United Nations, I think it's 1978.  It tells you all the things they could and they admitted to being able to do with HAARP and weather control back then.  So it was all done and tested, and obviously it worked, or it wouldn't be in a treaty.  And they've been spraying us like crazy.  And I've also put up links on my show before, last year, two mainstream reports where a place in the States was sprayed by stuff that was yellow, because it was even cadmium that was in it as well.  So, it's ongoing, but nothing will get done.  It's the agenda. 


I'll be back with more after these messages.  I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we'll go to Shawn from Utah.  Are you there Shawn?


Shawn: Hey Alan, how you doing.


Alan: Not so bad.


Shawn: Oh, good to talk to you again.  Yeah, I just had a question about the Soviet Story.  I don't know if I can find it online, I found a link to buy it.  I didn't know if it was worth buying.


Alan: It certainly is.


Shawn: Okay. 


Alan: I've never promoted anything before, but I've seldom seen a documentary that at least puts more of the truth out there than this one. 


Shawn: Oh, okay.  Well, you know, the little money I have, I like to give to you, so.


Alan: Yeah, it really does have a lot of details in it.  It does show you the double dealing.  It shows you how the West likes to be conned, and how the West even misportrayed the great heroes of the Soviets during WWII.  It shows you the massive slaughters and the mass graves, that were going on right up until the end in the Soviet Union. 


Shawn: Oh, okay.  Well, I'll spring for it then I guess.


Alan: And also remember too that Mr. Putin actually had made a demand at the EU that this not be shown, this film.  So that's enough for me!


Shawn: Right, I saw some stuff about that, and so it made me more intrigued.  Well, I'll pick up that documentary, and keep sending what I've got your way.  I encourage everybody listening too, because you're invaluable as far as what you say, and how you put it forward is just amazing.


Alan: Well, we've got to do it while we've got the time, because I'm telling you, I can see the time coming fast now, where we're not going to be able to do it.  In the new cloud system they're bringing in, they're giving first dibs for all the bandwidth to the big regular media boys.  Then it's going to be the biggest sites out there, in other words, approved, authorized sites only.  So they're going to really put guys like me off.  There's no doubt about it, you know.  And that's maybe only a year away, two years away. 


Shawn: Well, Alan, thanks a lot.  I just really appreciate you, and take care of yourself. 


Alan: You hang in there too.


Shawn: Yep, okay.


Alan: Bye Now.  And there's Ray from Wyoming, are you there Ray?


Ray: Hello, Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Ray: This is Ray.  I'm just going to give you a little history of my quest for the truth.  I'm a 53 year old guy, that when I was about 18 to 20, just like this world doesn't make sense, so I started following politics here in the U.S., and it just didn't make any sense, seeing that every country that the United States helped either turned into a Socialist State or a Dictatorship, or whatever.  And then of course, the next logical thing, not that I'm a great, I mean I don't have any college education, but I says, well, we'll follow the money.  And I started reading about money at the Wall Street Journal, this is independent study.  You know, I subscribed to it, and came up with the money, and that didn't seem to make any sense, but I said, it's got to make some sense to someone.  You know.  And then eventually I ended up in Birch Society, and read some of those, and checked their facts and everything, and of course that led to other things, and the thing is, that you become ostracized by society, but exactly as you say, exoteric and esoteric, it's to prepare you for this, and that television is the worst instrument that there is for that.


Alan: Absolutely.


Ray: And the thing that I would like to say, and maybe have you expand upon, is that so many people in the world have this feeling that something's wrong.  They don't know what it is.  They don't want to listen to another point of view, or open up their mind.  And even if you present them with the facts, and it's been my study for my life to try to find the truth.  And certain people such as you and other people have done that.


Alan: I'll have to go now, because the music is playing, but call again, and you're dead on with what you're saying.  You will be ostracized.  From Hamish and myself, in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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