May 12th, 2009 (#318)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 12th, 2009:

Health Care from Big Bad Bear:

"World State Rises True to Form,
Services Standardized, Uniform,
Pulling Strings as Puppeteers
For Their Hidden Master Superiors,
Every Handout Comes with Strings,
Careful What the Big Man Brings,
Bygone Days, Slave Hung on Tree,
Moderns Run to Hook 'Cause it's Free,
For Those Who See, it's Monotony
As Each Service Becomes an Authority"
© Alan Watt May 12th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 12th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 12th of May, 2009.  Now for those that are just coming in for the first time, you can look into website, and you'll find lots and lots of talks I've given in the past, where I tried to give you a rundown through history to show you the bigger picture, and to give you the little additions that are left out, of the regular history books by those who write them, after all, the victors always write history.  And we were conquered an awful, awful long time ago, in reality, by those who ruled the world through commerce etc, and they've made sure that their minions, the authorized minions write our histories for us, to keep us in the belief that we're just evolving down through time, happenstance, willy-nilly as they say, and that it's like a haphazard course, it's zig-zagging all over the place.  Nothing is further from the truth, because we're guided always by the elite, from one generation into the next generation.  They make sure that their generation will pick up, their offspring will pick up where they leave off.  That's how you run the world, like a big business enterprise.  So go into, and you'll find out how it's done.  And the big foundations and organizations, that are actively and always engaged, full time towards this goal.  Also look into for transcripts of these talks which you can download, print up, and pass around to your friends.  They're written in the various languages of Europe.  Now for those who listen continuously, I appreciate the donations that come in.  You can donate to me through paypal or personal check, U.S. and Canada, at, or you can buy the books I have on the same site, that keeps me going, because expenses are always going up as we all know.  Everything always goes up.  I used to ask relatives, why does everything always go up every year, and then I realized, it's because they tend to look forward to a pay increase every year.  And I thought, well, how come we're no better off than last year, or ten years ago, if we're always getting pay increases?  It's because everything goes up at the same time.  It's all a big joke.  And as I say, you can keep me going by buying that which I have for sale or donating to me.  For those who just get the discs burned, by those with computers, and passed around to those who don't, who play them on their dvds or their cds, you can write to me [listed above].


As I said before, we're not zig-zagging down through time at all.  We've always been managed by those who rule the economic system. And Karl Marx was quite right when he talked about that.  It's interesting to see that coming to the fore more openly today, when even Obama gives talks, hinting at the possibility of euthanasia for the elderly.  He even brings his grandmother into it, saying that she got an operation on her hip when she broke it, after being diagnosed with cancer, and then he goes into a spiel about how, is it really worthwhile helping the elderly like that, and spending so much money, especially since, I think he said 80% of the health budget went on them.  Some fantastic, exaggerated figure.  And he basically leaves you hanging.  In other words, they're talking about euthanasia, and Obama is the man.  Bush came in, playing the right wing guy, that set up the infrastructure for total power, observation, ID cards, totalitarian control, and they send in Obama, who brings in the next part of the World Socialist Agenda.  That's as simple as that.  The Punch and Judy show.  And here's the music coming, so I'll be back with more on this topic, after these messages. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Discussing the big, the big agenda, that's always ongoing.  It's on many levels too, as it's ongoing.  Regardless of the topic, there's people at the bottom, working at the bottom, all over again.  That's called research.  And then you have the ones in the middle, who are a bit higher up, CIA level, and even higher spooks than that, and then they have ones at the top, that have the real answers to real problems, including cancers and so on, and all the rest of it.  Stuff you'll never get at the bottom level.  Because, after all, we've been overloaded recently with articles coming out from the World Health Organization, and all the various non-governmental organizations and foundations talking about overpopulation.  Why would they help you, and make you live longer, when they keep harping on about overpopulation.  You see?  And they're certainly on a roll now to talk, to do about, to put down the elderly.  Remember, as I said before, a good U.N. citizen according to the United Nations, a good world citizen is someone who's a good producer and consumer.  And you simply consume once you retire.  That's how they see it.  Plus, you might start taking back some of that money from the pension, and the government's got their eye on that.  There's a lot of things they could do with it.  That's the real world that we live in.  We're managed like animals, in fact they call us herds in herd management.  That's the terms they actually use now, officially, in some of their departments like healthcare and to do with crisis, to do with plagues, etc, pandemics.  Herd management, it's official.


Now, Lenin said that services would blossom in the Western World.  Services, social services.  Remember socialism is the key to things.  Social ism.  It's not what most people think it is.  It's a planned, organized society.  That's really what Socialism is, where the intelligentsia, the natural aristocracy, will rule the lives of every individual, that's what it's all about.  And they said, these services, like police service, would become authorities.  Health services would become authorities.  Children's aid, is a charity, will become an authority, and we obey them, by law.  Well, how do you get Socialism in, and there are so many ways you can get it in, but you always get the masses to demand it.  One way or another, because it's always presented to the masses as something for free, or for them, to do them some sort of good.  In Britain, one of the countries of Europe that's had so many centuries of being exploited by those who know how to do it very well, they came out with a National Health Service, I think back in the 50s, 1950s or so.  Followed by Canada.  The one who brought it into Canada himself was a eugenicist, far left, Socialist and Fabian, and he really believed in culling the population, but he brought in Socialized medicine.  And initially the socialized medicine, as in Britain, worked very, very well, initially.  And then they came out with all the problems.  In fact, in the 60s, the Prime Minister, and I got this from a very good inside source, in the hospitals, high up at that time, phoned around the big hospitals, telling them that they were going to start to create crisis in Medicine, Medicare.  And they did.  They created one crisis after another to convince us it's all so pathetically limited, in its applications for today, and something has to change.  Meanwhile, the taxpayers in all these countries, where Socialized Medicine came in, they built all these big hospitals.  Now they privatize them, that's standard, with left wing, right wing.  When the left wing comes in, they build the hospitals; when the right wing comes in, they privatize them.  That's the game that's done between the two.  They did that with gas and everything else that you need for energy in Britain.


Everyone knows in the U.S., that it's one of the most lucrative businesses, and Carroll Quigley talked about that in his book Tragedy and Hope.  He's quite correct, he says, it's unfortunate that you don't get people in medicine that do have some altruistic tendencies in them.  He said, unfortunately, since about the 40s, 50s onwards, he says, the rising middle classes were so hungry to gain so much money, the wrong kind went in, and they're the top exploiters of the general public.  And it's true.  That is true.  Incredible riches to be made in the medical field, after all your life is on the line, and anything can be charged.  However they had some sort of modicum of the different tiers of healthcare etc, so you can at least pick something and have some sort of control over it.  When you have Socialized medicine, you have no control over anything.  You just go where you're told, you're a number.  In Canada, when you walk into the clinics here, they literally, you get the card on the wall about three inches big.  They don't give you the part to hang it around your neck, they really should, it's so heavy.  And you get a card, and you sit in your little chair with this card until your number is called.  That's Socialized medicine.  You're treated like scum.


We saw it in the Soviet Union too, they called them factory clinics, where you saw maybe 200 people lined up.  They had the same thing in Britain.  And the whole idea of it, really is to make them into an authority.  If you've noticed, after all these scares about pandemics and so on, it's the Health Authority.  The Health Authority.  It's not a service anymore, it's an authority.  But they want the authority.  You see, under a Socialized system, they are true authority, and they can mandate inoculations.  It's kind of hard to mandate it in a system where people still are paying, voluntarily paying, choosing to pay, for their healthcare.  So they must get it Socialized.


And here's an article here, it was sent round to a lot of medical staff, in New York State for instance, just I think, last night.  And it's New York.  And I think this is the Nurse's Association, SNA governmental affairs department, May 12th.  It says,


Action Alert, Lobby and Rally in Support of Single Payer Universal Healthcare. 


(A: It's going to happen all over the U.S. by the way, because all the Nurses Unions have been told to take part in this, to lobby and rally in support of Single Payer, Universal Healthcare.)


Wednesday, May 27th, 2009. 


(A: In coordination with Healthcare Now, you know Hillary Clinton is going to be in there too.  It's the right time for it, you see.  Obama's in, Hillary's there, it's time to push it.)


Single Payer activists will be gathering all over the country to say healthcare yes, insurance companies no. 


(A: They have no idea that there will be a government appointed insurance company to deal with it.  So it's a complete monopoly then, see.  It says)


Make healthcare a human right.


(A: Now, if they look into the United Nations charter, they say that the guarantee, what they're guaranteeing, the United Nations World Health Organization, is that the basic, minimal care will be available to everyone worldwide.  Minimal care.  You should look into what minimum means, because that's what's going to come out of this.  An awful lot of authority over you is going to come out of this too.  It says:)


Support State Senate Resolution in support of HR676, the Federal Single Payer bill, urged New York state lawyers to adopt a single payer healthcare for all programs. 


(A: And then they have even briefings and all the rest of it, for all the ones who are promoting the rally.)


Endorsed by Capitol District Air Labor Federation


(A: There's your labor federations.) 


Catalystic alliance for Universal Healthcare, Incorporated Faith and Hunger Network, Hunger Action Network, etc, etc. 


All the ones you'd expect to think this is a great thing.  So that's what they're bringing in.  So back to Lenin.  Lenin said, we shall start them off with services, they will become authorities.  And if you go into the League of Nations, it's amazing how the League of Nations popped up at the same time as Lenin took over Russia, the Soviet Union, and this New World Order that he called it was open for the first time to the public.  And the League of Nations, which was the birth of the United Nations, really.  It was the embryo, or egg for the United Nations, even then had a department for population control, a department for medical purposes, etc, and even then they talked about minimalistic healthcare would be made available across the world to the general public.  Nothing changes, eh.  These guys never deviate from their agenda, never deviate.  And whenever you hear that term, the New World Order, it's the same New World Order.  It doesn't matter if it was Lenin or George Bush Sr. mention it, or anyone since, or even Mr Brown from Britain, the Prime Minister at the meeting with the top money boys.  He called it the New World Order too.  It's the same one their all talking about, a controlled society, and you must have medicine at the top as well, along with law enforcement, to control society.  Because they're the ones who will mandate eventually who can give birth to children, who will not be allowed to.  They'll mandate inoculations, that was also what the League of Nations in 1917, 1918 said they'd do.  They'd literally inoculate people for everything under the sun, across the planet.  They never change what's been planned.  They never change it. 


Here's from world net daily.  This is May the 2nd, 2009.


DNA databases prelude to return of eugenics?

Warning issued over 'full genomic scans' on babies


An organization that has been battling Minnesota state procedures in which DNA from every newborn is collected and warehoused says virtually all states do the same thing,


(A: So that's okay then.  See, that's how they do everything now.  Oh, they're doing that in France, so it must be okay.  That's what they do with everything that they put through.  Oh, they're doing that in Japan, so it must be alright.  As if that's the validation for it.  If they were cutting their heads off in China, should we do it too?  It says:)


from every newborn is collected and warehoused says virtually all states do the same thing, and the alarming trend eventually could lead the United States back into eugenics.


(A: It's already there, it's never left.)


The report from Twila Brase, president of the Citizens' Council on Health Care, says, "Throughout history, proponents of eugenics have focused on the reproduction of children, either through encouraging the 'healthy' to reproduce or discouraging the 'unhealthy' from procreation. This focus has been evidenced in history by 29 state sterilization laws … and the horrific Nazi campaign aimed at ridding Germany of the 'unfit'


(A: And I'll be back with more on this article and this topic after this break.)


I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Going through some of the articles I have about eugenics, etc.  They're dead serious about it.  They always have been serious.  And I've gone through the history in past talks about the big foundations all being put up by boys who were eugenicists.  They all believed in that.  That was part of the reason in fact they came to the fore and started to fund lots and lots of non-governmental organizations.  Going back to this article.  This is from World Net Daily.  It says:


This focus has been evidenced in history by 29 state sterilization laws … and the horrific Nazi campaign aimed at ridding Germany of the 'unfit' – the Jews, the physically deformed, the mentally retarded, the 'feebleminded,' the inferior, the epileptic, the deaf, the blind, 'those suffering from hereditary conditions,'


(A: I'll add the gypsies too, they slaughtered a lot of them, because they would not settle down and be part of the society.)


 the deviant 'asocial' and the politically dissident."


(A: Just remember that, the politically dissident.)


The report then continued, "That the focus on reproduction still exists today is more than troubling.


"The authors of a 2001 study 'were struck' by the large number of state government officials who agreed with a specific statement regarding assessment of a child's suitability for future reproduction," the report said. "Nineteen (54 percent) of 35 … respondents who routinely provide counseling to mothers – mostly newborn genetic screening follow-up staff at state health departments across the country – thought it important when giving advice to parents to 'identify children who might be, for genetic reasons,


(A: Who might be, remember)


unsuitable choices for future reproduction,'" the report said.


(A: So these are the councilors that are put in place.)


The concept of "identifying" those who would be "unsuitable" for reproduction is enough reason for parents to be alarmed, and people should start demanding fully informed consent requirements, Brase said.


"To protect every American's right to self-determination, genetic privacy, and DNA property rights, it is time to require informed written parent consent for all facets of the newborn genetic screening program, including storage and use of genetic test results and newborn DNA," Brase said.


Well, it's too late for that, because they've been doing that for about 30 years.  Because they're always way ahead of what the public find out.  Always way ahead.  For instance, here's an example here, here's Britain.  It's amazing how things pop out at much the same time.  The Mail Online, by Suzanne Moore


If the guy who invented DNA fingerprinting is worried, we should all be

11th of May, 2009


How much information does the State need to have about me that I have not freely volunteered? I’d say it already knows a lot more than it needs to. But then so does Tesco.


I have been photographed, fingerprinted and asked all sorts of odd questions without ever having been arrested – though it’s come close.


I have been CRB-checked by my child’s school. (A: They have a parent's backgrounds now.)


My blood was routinely tested for HIV and rubella when I was pregnant. The one little bit of me that they don’t have is my DNA. (A: Well, I'm sorry, but they do have it.  I'll continue)


But surely it’s only a matter of time.


Why should I, an innocent citizen, object to the State having my precious DNA on its database? What have I to fear? Am I ‘against justice’, as Harriet Harman ludicrously accused anyone with doubts about a centralized DNA database of being? (A: That was a politician, who wants this centralized DNA database)


If the police take a DNA sample, even if one is not charged, it can be kept up to 12 years. This doesn’t happen in other countries, not even Scotland. There, DNA can be taken only if you are arrested.


If you are cleared, the profile is immediately destroyed unless you have been cleared of a violent or sexual offense – in which case the sample can be kept for up to five years. What Harman (A: This is the politician in Parliament) is arguing for already contravenes EU legislation and we will simply end up with more test cases in the European courts.


This, alongside the unfeasibly daft voluntary ID card scheme being pushed on the poor people of Manchester by Jacqui Smith, is yet more evidence that Government increasingly regards most of us as potential criminals (A: She just hit the nail on the head) rather than citizens who need serving.


It's amazing how they come to the right conclusion, but they really don't get it.  They really don't get it.  You can actually say something in a conversation, almost like you're daydreaming, but you don't really get it.  You know, you can tell this reporter really doesn't get it.  She's right.  Because she hasn't clued in there's a big, big agenda here.  A bigger, a bigger agenda, going on.  Much bigger.  Now, I've talked about this before, how the big foundations set up the big groups that we get articles in the paper about, the non-governmental organizations, that tend to be incredibly wealthy.  They're so heavily funded.  They have the ear of all media.  And I've talked about transhumanism.  That's all part of this genetic movement you see, to create new superior beings.  And this article that I'm going to read is from  It's called:


Immortality 2.0: a silicon valley insider looks at California's Transhumanist movement.


(A: Everything starts out in California and spreads out across the world like a fungi.)


By David Gelles

Publication: The Futurist


(A: Futurist again, you see.)


January 1 2009


(A: This is page, I think there's about 7 pages to it, but it's worth reading though, because it brings in Aldous Huxley, Julian Huxley, in fact, that's where the name came from, Transhumanism, was Julian Huxley, who talked about the massive cull of the population they'd have to do.  And I can hear the music just coming in.  And I'll go into this article afterwards, because it's very, very interesting.  It ties in with what I've been talking about in the last couple of articles.  Back in a moment.)


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Going through genetics and so on, and how to most people, the articles appear in the newspapers, and it gets lost with all the data that's thrown at them every day.  Most of the data is 99% irrelevant and trivia.  And little gossip things to keep you amazed and amused for a few minutes.  Really, the real stuff is also programming you to think this is all quite natural.  We're evolving you know.  And these guys really believe in evolution.  This character here, this character, Salim Ismail, interesting name, Salim Ismail, gave a talk at this Silicon Valley Transhumanist movement, and it was published in the Futurist, they always have futurists of course to help plan the future.  It says:


One afternoon in late 2007, a Yahoo executive named Salim Ismail stepped up to a podium at company headquarters to talk about what some call "the world's most dangerous idea." An intense man from India, Ismail faced a conference room packed with computer whizzes from the likes of Google, Apple, and Intel and launched into a tirade about the far frontiers of digital technology and the big battle that lay ahead.


(A: Now here is something he's going to say, straight out of the Middle Ages, when it first came out, through the Rosicrucians, through the Cathars and so on, how humanity was left imperfect.  We'd have to be perfected.  And all Masons say that, because they come out of that movement too, whether they know it or not.  And they say that their job was to perfect that which was left imperfect.  The guys at the bottom of these organizations think they're talking about, gaining virtue.  It's far bigger then that.  It says)


"The current system is flawed," he said, pacing the stage. He went on to talk about routers and interrupt systems, hardly exotic material to his audience. But even within this techy sanctum, his message was a bold one. The flawed system that Ismail lamented was not a computer network, it was the human brain. "We need to design a better one," he said.


(A: Now remember, we've already had all these wonderful movies chucked at us, that we guzzled up, like Artificial Intelligence, and so on, all preparing us, predictive programming it's called, for this kind of article)


Ismail's talk, "The Need to Reengineer the Human Brain," wasn't the most ambitious at the conference, a meeting of a local think tank called the Foresight Nanotech Institute. At another panel,


Etc, etc.  What they're going into actually, what they go into is the fact that the human brain itself is imperfect, and the only way to bring World Peace, World Peace is what they say, was to alter everyone's brains, and put in chips, etc. To get peace, because there's just too many unruly people in the world, that are too individualistic etc, and it's the individuals who cause all the problems.  For whom?  Well, for those that rule, and those that would like to rule you.  That's the problem.  There's seven pages on this.  I'll put the links up on my site,, after this show.  Go through it, and read what he says. 


And they really are on such an incredible roll.  What I'm trying to do is give you articles that kind of relate to each other, to show you how it appears in newspapers, and how, subconsciously, people will scan through this same stuff and never really take it in on a conscious level, but it's programming you to accept it actually on a subconscious level.  You think it's all quite natural.  About ten years ago, it came out in articles in Canada, after they told us, because it was exposed in Britain, that we were the guinea pigs for all the GM food, and had been for ten years, because the Canadian government had made a secret deal with Monsanto and others, to test us as the guinea pigs.  They also mentioned, that of course the good part would be, they'd create vaccines.  This was to get the people who were now terrified into thinking, oh well, they're really trying to help us.  That enough should shock us all, that they want to create vaccines in the food, without your consent by the way. 


Here's an article here:


Potato-based vaccine success comes too late


(A: This is a pathetic story, because, as I say, they were doing this ten years ago.  And they even had articles on CBC and documentaries, that they'd altered the potato, and the banana, and made it grow some kind of vaccine in it.  They said for export only, but I don't believe them.)


This is February, 2005,


Genetically engineered potatoes containing a hepatitis B vaccine have successfully boosted immunity in their first human trials.


But the newly-published study missed a moving target - drug developers are now abandoning their quest for vaccines contained in staple foods like bananas, tomatoes or potatoes.


The hope was that the altered foods would provide a cheap source of vaccines that could be grown and administered in poorer countries without the need for costly refrigeration or needle injections. However, developers have changed tack to avoid any possibility of vaccine-laden food straying into shops or markets.


(A: Yeah, I'm sure.)


If this occurred, it could be unwittingly eaten by consumers, with unpredictable results.


Why's that?  It's because you have to get the initial shots first, and these act like boosters.  And if you haven't had your initial shots, it might have unpredictable results.  But we're all safe now, because they're going into other kinds of food, and veggies.  Stuff that we don't eat, to make it all safe.  I guess only the deer now will eat them, who knows.  What is amazing too, is the funding that these people get.  Incredible funding.  Your tax money is thrown at bankers.  Your tax money is thrown at pharma companies.  Your money is thrown by the billions actually at these characters that are into the modified foods.  Without the consent of any of the public.  From the very beginning the public weren't even told it was happening.  We have no idea where our cash goes.  We're never considered in any big decision.  Never, ever, ever.  All you hear at voting time is healthcare, jobs, and pensions.  That's what they talk about.  That's all they concentrate on.  And when you go into this article, I'll put it on the site as well.  There's one in the Wise Up Journal on this very, very thing as well.


The significance of the successfully developed GM food vaccine


A string of news articles on vaccines contained in GM food have hit the media over the last few days. The articles talked about research being carried out to see if it would work. But that is exactly what it is, re-search.


(A: As I said, it's all been done long ago, years ago.)


Current scientists, on a lower level, re-doing the work that has been proven to work at an equivalent or higher level years ago. The New Scientist article below


(A: The one that I just read)


publicly reported in 2005 that Arizona State University’s re-search


(A: And it's called research for that program, researching was done.)


from 2003 successfully created “Genetically engineered potatoes containing a hepatitis B vaccine” which caused human volunteers to produce a “large number of extra antibodies”. The research shows that GM food can be used to pass genetic material to humans and cause changes in the human body.


Well, see.  That's the real reasons behind it, because there are other things they are after.  Changes in the human body.  So you wonder why people are suddenly allergic to everything.  Everything.  You can't open up a newspaper in any country.  Here's an article Mail Online, right here, right here.  And this is from the 11th of May, yesterday.


From peanuts to shellfish... Why are so many adults suddenly getting allergies?


(A: And then it goes into the usual human-interest story.  They always give you that to start off.  That's traditional journalism.)


When Edwina Galloway started to feel a strange knot in her throat after eating some peanuts, she tried to ease it by drinking tea.


But within minutes her throat was constricting and she was struggling to breathe. Her husband bundled her into their car and rushed her to hospital.


Fortunately, it was only a mile from their home in Sevenoaks, Kent;


(A: Here, in Canada, you'd have to make an appointment.  And they'd have you on the books for about two months)


had it been much further, Edwina could have died.


'By the time I got there, I was shivering and shaking as my body was going into shock,' says Edwina, 48, who runs her own administration business. 'It was terribly frightening.'


Edwina was suffering from anaphylactic shock - an allergic reaction which causes puffy lips and eyes, other symptoms such as vomiting and breathing difficulties as the air passages swell. Untreated, it can prove fatal within minutes.


Edwina was immediately given antihistamine, which eased her symptoms. She later underwent tests


(A: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah)


the results couldn't have been more surprising.


'I was told I'd developed (A: She didn't have it before, she's in her 40s, 48 years old.)


 I'd developed an allergy to peanuts and hazelnuts,' Edwina recalls.


(A: This is a common thing now.  It's now normal, something that was unheard of years ago, you didn't get asthma in your 30s and 40s.  You didn't develop the allergies like this on a mass scale, at that age. Didn't happen before.  Now it's normal.  It says here:)


'It was a real shock, as there is no history of allergies in my family, and I certainly had never had an allergy before.


(A: She never was prone to allergies before.)


'In fact, my husband is a vegetarian and so nut roast had been a staple of our diet. This allergy just came on out of the blue.


'Now I have to carry an adrenaline jab with me at all times in case I have a really bad reaction. (A: It changed her life, etc, etc.  It says)


Yet it's not just children who are affected. (A: People who are adults and children.  It says here:)


A report published last month found the number of children with allergies had tripled (A: Tripled) in the past ten years to 40 per cent.


(A: Tripled to 40 per cent.  40 per cent of them have this now.  In ten years.  In ten years 40 per cent have allergies today.  Why is that?  What's changed in that time period?  Well, the G.M. food came in then, number 1.  Did you know that the G.M. food went for everything that was a staple of your diet?  That's why they went, that's really why they went for potatoes right off the bat.  Common foods that are used almost daily.  Carrots, everything.  Then they went on to the corn, etc.  Did you know that even coffee was modified?  Why would they modify coffee?  In the papers, years ago, when they modified the coffee, it wasn't the growers who wanted to do it.  It was the purchasers who have the cash, who are the bosses.  They demanded that all the growers move to the modified shrubs and buy them, or they would not purchase their coffee.  Why was it so important to make something that's drunk daily, by most people, definitely in the US and Canada, why was that so important?  When the growers were not complaining, their yields were fine.  They weren't complaining about the money.  It was a must be, you see.  Getting back to the article it says:)


The charity Allergy UK says that, increasingly, middle-aged and older people are developing allergies for the first time. Like Edwina, they suddenly suffer a reaction to something that for decades did them no harm.


Did them no harm.  Interesting, eh.  And here's another thing too, I've talked about the decreasing sperm in males, and this is happening across the world.  I've got a link on my site in the archives, to The Disappearing Male video.  You've got to watch it. It's from the CBC Canada, the government TV station, with all the data on it.  Here's from Jerusalem.  It's from Yahoo News, this was the 11th, yesterday.  I actually called this, Israeli sperm bank loses deposits, because it's close to the truth.


Wall Street giants are not the only banks hit by diminishing assets. New research for an Israeli sperm bank shows that depositors are 40 per cent less fertile than a decade ago, the Haaretz daily reported.



(A: Just like that allergy one.  Ten years ago, eh?)


Scientists at Hadassa hospital compared sperm taken from Israeli men between 2004 and 2008 with samples taken in the late 1990s, and were alarmed by their findings.


The more recent samples contained 40 per cent fewer sperm cells than those taken 10 years before.


(A: Forty per cent down.  And I'll bet you any of what's left is hardly motile at all.  That's like moving around.  That's what was in that Disappearing Male video.  Then they go on about, they throw you off track, by they call it:)


"It seems that the cause of the change is an increased concentration of oestrogen in the water supply," said Ronit Haimov-Kochman, who led the research.


"The soil is saturated with oestrogen and fruit or vegetables grown in it are also contaminated," Haaretz quoted her as saying.


So anyway.  This sort of stuff is happening all across the planet at the same time.  And isn't it amazing, because it ties right in with what I said at the start, you know.  Eugenics, depopulation, etc, etc.  And everyone is getting sick with allergies.  And we're getting sprayed like bugs, again, for the last ten years solid.  1998 is when it really started in earnest with daily routine flyovers and the heavy spraying.  Could that possibly also have something to do with it?  Could it?  I wonder.


Now we'll go to the callers now, and there's Amber from British Columbia, again.  Is Amber there?


Amber: Yeah, Hello again, Alan.


Alan: How are you doing?


Amber: Good, good.  I called last night, actually I wanted to apologize for, when I asked you how you were doing, you said that you didn't have a really good weekend.  And I just basically ignored what you said.


Alan: That's okay, most people do.  Ha. Ha.


Amber:  Yeah, you know what.  I have a problem, it's my problem, like living in the moment and listening.  Especially when I know I'm going to be on the air.  I'm thinking of maybe what I should say or you know what happened in the past, or what's going to happen.  And it's not a good way to live.  It's something I'm working on.  It's like living in the moment.  And I listened to it after, and I'm like, oh man, he had a bad weekend.


Alan: That's right.


Amber: So I hope your next weekend is like a million times better.


Alan: I hope so too.


Amber: And like, I put a message out in the universe like, that you should have, like good things should happen to you, because you do so much for people and you're so sweet.


Alan: Well, I'm all for that. (Laughter)


Amber: And I just think you should have the best stuff.  So.


Alan: Yeah, I'm all for that.


Amber: But thanks for answering my question last night about that chemtrail sample.  I was also wondering.  I saw your video online on the rain, after all the heavy spraying.  The puddles, there was like yellow puddles.  Was that the kind of sample you took?  Was it like a water sample?


Alan: I took the samples that time too, from the water samples and the puddles.  And I mean this was not pollen, number 1.  It was not pollen.  It was way too early in the year.  I mean there was no buds even on the trees then.  There was still snow in some of the fields, and in comes this yellow stuff.  And you had these puddles everywhere.  What was interesting too, is when the stuff landed in the puddles, it would separate in the water and actually cling to itself around the edges, very, very, very quickly.  It didn't like mixing with the water.  Whatever it was mixed with in the air, with the spray, it had a different chemical than water.  But yeah, that came down here.  And then I put an article up on my site as well, in the archives.  It was a regular television station, in the U.S. where the same thing had happened in this part of this U.S. state, and a man had taken a sample of this yellow stuff that came down, it was all over his truck and everything, and it came up with the same thing.  There was even cadmium in it. 


Amber: So was that the sample that you brought in?  Was it from water? 


Alan:  It was from water, yeah.  I still have jars of it yet, and even some of the stones that were left, were covered in the yellow stuff.  I collected some of them and kept them in jars too.


Amber: All right, I'll let you get to your other callers then. 


Alan: Okay, thanks for calling.  Bye Now.


And I'll be back with more after these messages.


I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going through some of the realities, behind the unrealities that are presented to us, and the farcical ways they present them to us as well.  And how they make light of things all the time.  And very important changes in the people's physiology even, and biology, and they make light of them.  And then they divert you here, and divert you there.  And there's nowhere do you see the word crisis about it.  It's just 40% are developing allergies, and the sperm count in the male is plummeting, just like that, and it's no big deal.


Last night I mentioned how the British system, it's a good system to study, to see how all systems really work.  You see, Britain's had centuries of covering up what happens at the top with their own group.  They call it closing ranks.  When someone's caught doing something that's awfully bad, they close ranks to protect them.  To preserve public confidence, that's what they say.  Preserve the public confidence.  If the public knew what the people were like at the top, they'd have a breakdown, really.  And they've had centuries of this.  Some other countries, newer countries are not quite as good, and occasional scandals will break out.  Other scandals are handed to the public for them to gloat over, because for those who help the upper elite, they'll often throw somebody to the public to devour, just to say, hey we really are, we do care, we like justice.  I mentioned about this video, it was put out by Panorama I think, and it's called The Gangster and the Pervert Peer.  A peer is someone who is a hereditary Lord, you see, they inherit their title; landed peers of the realm they call them.  And I was talking about how this shows you, at the end of it, they show how the Home Office, now the Home Office is the highest sort of law in the land for the whole of the United Kingdom.  That runs all of the police, all of the detectives, all the agencies.  It's over all the intelligence services.  Over everything, and yet they were all told to back off.  Back off from investigations, and they had all the dirty on these characters, and what they were involved in, and they were lords, etc, in bed.  Literally, in bed with gangsters, I mean that physically too.  And little boys.  But it's just one instance of how I'm showing you, really, it's not what they were up to, it's the fact that there's a higher power above parliament or government, or anywhere else, running the show, that can say, hey, to the rest of them, including the whole of parliament, back off, leave it, and they do.  And they tell the police and the security services, and MI6, and MI5, and all the rest of the secrets, back off, and they do.  And they blank out the names for those people still involved, when you go in for access for public information, etc.  Yeah, they'll bring out the stuff, but they'll black out the names, wipe them out, of those who are still alive.  And they actually said at the end, that the public will never be known who all was involved in this one thing.  This was just one thing.  Until about 2050.  That's the reality of life.  You see, the public are kept in Disneyland on everything.  On every topic. On every level.  And that's just a fact. 


One last article I'd like to mention, is how they do throw one of their own to the wolves.  It's generally a woman that rises to the top.  The Mail Online.  I hear the music coming, but I'll just mention this one.  Have a look at it.  This is Jacqui Smith, the one who's done all she could for the Homeland Security, I.D.-ing people, the whole kit and caboodle.  They're going to throw her to the dogs, but they're going to keep her laws on the books, because that's all she was in for.  But now they're telling the public how she squandered her tax money and embezzled money galore on her accounts for three different homes.  Yeah, they throw the lesser wolves.  Never help these guys at the top, they will use you and throw you to the wolves.  That's it for tonight, so from Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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