May 19th, 2009 (#323)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 19th, 2009:

Maurice Strong, the UN's King Kong:

"See Video of UN's Maurice Strong,
Who for Many Years has Sung Same Song,
Sustainability, Depopulation, Licence to Breed,
A World Run by Experts Who Know What You Need,
This Man has the Earmarks of Religious Fanatic,
Never Changed Tune, Methods or Tactic,
Tremendous Salary, Though He Doesn't Need Pay,
Dedication Makes Him Put in 12 Hours per Day,
Enthusiasm Unabated Although He is Eighty,
Trained by Rockefeller on Matters All Weighty,
When Not Playing Control Freak, He's at Baca Grande,
Where He Considers Himself Master, Cross-Legged, Dandy,
Spiritually Evolved, Reincarnated in All Vanity,
Only Came Back to Earth to Help Guide Humanity,
Still in Contact with Hidden Masters on Other Side,
God Help the People with Maurice as Guide"
© Alan Watt May 19th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 19th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 19th of May 2009.  For the newcomers listening to this show, look into and on the website you can download as money of the talks I've given in the past where I try and give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture of this system, the one system that runs the world, that plans the future, that literally plans what kind of mentalities populations will have, what their beliefs will be, what they're culture will be, and we're getting actually moved into the global culture that will be not an amalgamation of all the cultures, it's a new type of culture.  That's what's being created right now, by professionals and scientists, and psychologists, ethnologists and all the rest of it.  That's what happens in the real world.  We're basically managed perfectly by scientific indoctrinations, via mainstream media, and through the educational system.  Very important, of course, the educational system.  And even Stalin and others have talked about that.  They'd have to really pay them well in the later stages, the teachers and the staff, same with the police, because they will be very important instruments in enforcing a new type of system at the very end of it.  That's what we're going through today.  Also look into for transcripts of these talks which you can download and print up and pass around to your friends.  They're written in the various languages of Europe.  And you can also keep me going, by going into website, buy the books I have, the discs I have for sale.  That keeps me going, it is expensive here, and everything is going up.  I get hit with incredible taxes here, just for property they went up four times the value of the house.  All the rural houses in Ontario went up in fact at the stroke of a pen, by someone in Queens Park, which is the Ontario Government.  So everything is getting hammered, especially those in the rural areas.  So you can keep me going.  And also, you can send a personal check our use paypal.  Find out how to use paypal on the website.  Personal check is fine from the U.S. and Canada, and you can send them to [listed above]. And that will get to me from the States in about 6 days. 


Today, I was looking at some articles that were sent to me.  One of them was to do with Maurice Strong, and there's a youtube video up, from an interview he did in 1972, I think, after the Stockholm summit, the big United Nations Summit, on the need to have all governments in the world work towards sustainable development and depopulation, mandatory licensing for marriages and so on, and this is discussed in the video.  It shows you how long these characters have been up to their old shenanigans.  And I'll put these links, any links I mention, any stories I read from tonight too, I put up on my website,, at the end of the show.  And you can go and see them, it's well worth it.  Maurice Strong himself has been a big player.  He was picked up by Rockefeller, and personally trained for his role.  And then he was given many positions at the United Nations, top positions.  He was pulled in when Bob Rae was the Premier, that's like the governor of Ontario, to manage Ontario Hydro, and privatize it, and a scandal broke out, when he was still getting a pay from the U.N. and the Ontario Hydro at the same time. But these guys are all crooks anyway.  I'm not surprised.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Many times I've talked about how video games came into being.  And how they were initially used by the military-industrial complex, designed by those boys to train soldiers and airmen into kill, kill without thinking.  Because they found that people hesitated.  Studies during WWII would often find, and there were surveys done right after battles, would find who had actually fired shots and who hadn't.  They'd often ground all the different rifles and do counts.  These were special units designed to do this; collect data, and do statistics, etc.  Even during the American Civil War, they found that very few people on the battlefield had actually fired their muskets; the ones who were lying dead.  Therefore, the military has always had a problem getting people just to kill automatically.  Therefore, they designed the video games, and through repetition and repetition, they learn just to shoot the figure without thinking.  That's why they also gave it to children, as well.  They wanted to create a new aggressive society, and out of that pool of young people, who would grow up, they could recruit them for the military and for police, who will do their jobs without thinking, even the most brutal acts without thinking.  That's why this generation was picked to be given the video games, now they're in uniform.


I have often wondered about the flashing that goes on in television and the video games, because I don't watch much TV whatsoever.  And around the year 2000, when I did switch on a TV set, I noticed that suddenly, within a matter of a few weeks, all of the channels or stations were using flashing in all the ads, and even in some of the programming: flash, flash, flash.  And even the newscasters were using that too, this new flash technique, and I wondered what that was all about.  Well what they've found is that certain bursts of flashes and fast sequences and flashes can set people off into more a hypnotic state.  The TV already does that on its own, anyway, with its sixty cycles turnover, the hertz turnover, but this new technique was far more effective, and someone sent me a link to Derren Brown on youtube.  Now, Derren Brown is a hypnotist, a professional hypnotist, and more so than just that, because obviously, he's been trained by the same organizations that literally manipulate vast societies of people.  He knows the techniques, and no stage magician is taught this kind of stuff.  It's much higher.  He's utterly confident.  He knows what works.  He rigged up a video game, in an arcade, as a special room in the back, so they could interact with this particular machine.  And you see them sitting, waiting for a target to come along, and the guy plays it, and just by putting in the flashes and the bursts of flashes at the right moment, the young person playing it becomes hypnotized.  They then put him in a gurney trolley, wheel him across the road to the place where they actually used for the video game, it looks like an old hospital.  And then, they wake him up inside there, with what appears to be a machine gun in his hand. And then, the characters in the video game, the real life people come towards him, and he panics and starts shooting them all.  Now you just transfer that, now he's under hypnosis, you transfer that to these people who end up shooting people and have no recollection of what they're doing.  Just think about it. 


So I'll put the link up for you to watch, to show you how simply and easily it was done, and confidently.  The way it was done with utter confidence, it's been done many times, obviously before, and Derren Brown knew how to do it.  It's fascinating to watch.  These things actually work.  And remember too, with pulsations and these bursts, etc, when you're watching news or anything at all, they can implant, deeply embed basically ideas and images deep within your mind, that bypass your sensory ability completely and embed these things in your mind.


Science has been used for an awful long time.  Bertrand Russell said it would be via television, etc.  It has been used for an awful long time to get ideas into the public's mind.  And also, there's a guy who was a politician, and also he became a top political writer in Britain, called Peter Oborne.  And there's a video documentary up where he talks about how it really works in politics.  And he tells you that when he went in, he believed in the old ideas that they are there to help the people, and how his mind was changed so quickly when he found out they conspire along with the elite against the people.  He also goes into how news, main newspaper stories, are planned with the collusion of media and the government sometimes a year or more in advance of the story breaking out.  It's called the grid.  And on the grid they have what major stories will burst out in which month, by which paper, and then there's an uproar amongst again the media itself, saying, oh this is terrible.  The public get kind of upset, maybe, I doubt that very much.  However, the governments then pass laws on behalf of what they perceive as an uproar to deal with the problem.  In fact, the idea had come from government in the first place.  All planned, way ahead of time.  The Grid. 


So I'll put the link up on my website, on Peter Oborne with the youtube video, where you'll hear him discussing this.  And he gives examples of stories, too, where this technique has been used.  Everything in the media and politics is rigged.  And I've always said that, the media is an essential arm of government.  Because it's via them that we get what we think, what we think is our reality.  Very, very important.


Now, Maurice Strong, as I mentioned earlier, is a big, big player at the United Nations on behalf of the Rockefeller foundations and others, but he was the guy who did the Rio Earth Summit that elevated all animals and plants above man.  In fact, man is nowhere mentioned.  You're down at the bottom.  And all these things have rights, but man doesn't.  And he also is involved in the Global Warming Scam and everything else to do with the need to reduce populations and have what they call sustainability.  He's a very dogmatic person.  People at the United Nations don't even pretend to play politics with you and humor you.  They simply dictate down to you.  And I have another link to him from his 1972 talk, where he talks about the need to license people for children etc, etc.  I'll see if I can find that and put that up as well.  I'll let you see it for yourself.  And he's still going in his 80s I think.  Just like Kissinger, and all the rest of these guys have been putting in 12 hours a day.  These guys are fanatics, utter fanatics.  They never retire.


Here's an article on the global warming scam, from the, because recently an expedition was sent across the arctic, with the idea of raising public consciousness by showing you how badly it's melting, and here's what happened.  It said:


Global warming explorers in Arctic get nasty shock: polar ice caps blooming freezing


by James Delingpole, May 15


Hurrah! Intrepid explorer Pen Hadow and his Catlin Arctic Survey team are off the polar ice cap and safe and well.  (Alan: They were freezing to death.)  is a huge relief to those many of us well-wishers concerned that they were doomed to die either by frostbite, attack by one of the numerous killer polar bears that stalk the region, or shame that their expedition had turned out to be such a Scott-tastic flop.


They set out to the high arctic 73 days ago full of high hopes. They were going to tramp all the way to the North Pole. (But were frustrated by the unseasonal cold.) They were going to march 1000 km (they managed 434). Above all, they were going to raise awareness of “climate change” by drilling lots of holes in the polar ice cap so as to show how worryingly thin it is, and in how imminent danger of doom. (But their equipment broke in the freezing temperatures and anyway, as Christopher Booker reported the other day, there are US Army buoys which already do this job perfectly well and have found that since last March the ice has thickened by “at least half a metre”).


And now to cap it all (ho ho), comes the still more tragic news that the Arctic isn’t warming up dramatically after all. According to figures from the Danish Meteorological Institute – as posted by Steven Goddard on the inestimable Watts Up With That site – Arctic mean temperatures have barely changed since the start of their records in 1958. The Arctic was in fact warmer in the 1940s than it is now, but cooled between 1940 and 1980.


For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I pray that we will heed the findings of the Catlin arctic survey,” said the Prince of Wales when he launched what he called this “remarkably important project.”  (A: He was hoping too that they'd find nothing but slush.)


For once HRH and I are in complete agreement. Thanks to this expedition’s selfless heroism, we now know that:


1. The Arctic is extremely parky. (A: Meaning cold.)


2. Even parkier in fact than we could ever have suspected.


3. We can put our melting ice cap terror on hold for a while.


4. And our fears about melting polar bears.


5. Drinks all round, I say. Creme de Menthe frappe, anyone?


He says.  So there you go again, lies.  You see, lies and deceptions are used all the time by those who have the big agendas.  It's so important to realize that perception is more important than reality, perception.  That's what they've said at the top for many, many years.  They can give you a certain view of things, albeit foggy, or completely bogus, and as long as it's done with repetition and put across by experts, your perception of it will be completely altered, distorted into what they want you to believe, and you will disregard your own eyes, and believe the perception that's given to you.  I'll be back with more on this, after these messages.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Here's an article from Switzerland, it's called the Daily Bell Archive.  They're talking about the Federal Reserve of the US, and it says here.


Beginning of the End? Fed Cannot Account for $9 Trillion


THE FEDERAL RESERVE APPARENTLY CAN’T ACCOUNT for $9 trillion in off-balance sheet transactions. When Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) asked Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman of the Federal Reserve some very basic questions about where the trillions of dollars that have come from the Fed’s expanded balance sheet, the IG didn’t know. Worse, nobody at the Fed seems to have any idea what the losses on its $2 trillion portfolio really are. “I am shocked to find out that nobody at the Federal Reserve is keeping track of anything,” Grayson says.


Grayson asked Coleman if her agency had done any research into the decision not to save Lehman Brothers, which “sent shockwaves through the entire financial system,” Coleman said it had not. “What about the $1 trillion plus expansion of the Federal reserve’s balance sheet since last September?” Grayson asked. “We have different connotations,” Coleman replied. “We’re actually conducting a fairly high-level review of the various lending facilities collectively.” Translation: Nobody at the Fed knows where the money went. – Money News


Some troubles need to be resolved.  The Free Market Analysis. We saw the interview with Elizabeth Coleman on TV and then again and again and again on It is entitled “Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?” and it is one of the single most astonishing moments (or minutes) ever manifested or preserved in this already-amazing digital era. A century ago, when the powers-that-be pushed through the act that set up the American Federal Reserve – which basically kicked off the central banking era in America and abroad – the kind of technological ubiquity offered by the Internet would certainly have been seen as a major and alarming challenge. Well, it is.


The Grayson/Coleman confrontation has to be seen to be believed, and even then it may not seem quite believable. How could the Fed, in all its monied majesty, offer up someone so unprepared to answer the questions of a single quiet and persevering congressman. Grayson is a liberal, socialist-oriented legislator – a good government type who is fast making a reputation for taking on government corruption. He is pro-regulation, but has not been shy about confronting high profile institutions. He may not want to shut down the Federal Reserve but he certainly wants to make it operate under additional scrutiny. And he makes it clear he believes the Fed needs it. And now Coleman knows it.


During the questioning of Coleman, Grayson asks her over and over if there is a formal accounting available for the trillions in off-book balance sheet activity for the Fed. He asks patiently, and he repeats the question many times. Coleman stutters, makes statements that are obviously evasive and finally all-but-admits that she actually has no authority even to examine the Fed’s off-balance sheet activities. She admits this in a frazzled manner, but only after losing her way so badly that she has to ask Grayson to repeat the question (which he has already asked about ten times.)


What the scenario seems to shows us – and this has already been suggested by the increasingly querulous appearances of Ben Bernanke – is that the huge monetary and organizational powers of the Fed are a thousand miles wide and an inch deep. True, the corporation can create tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air, but such power is not easily shared. Even the heads of large, money center banks are not necessarily part of the very small inner circle of the Fed. It is a group that seems to function almost on a need-to-know basis and its public resources (PR, etc.) are seemingly a great deal less massive than its monetary leverage.


The result is that the Fed is having lots of trouble during this most recent meltdown. First of all this is a most terrible financial crisis and a long way from over – and the longer it goes on, the more the blame is apportioned beyond financial centers and banks, eventually spilling (unlike, say, the 1930s) over to central banks themselves. Second, the available technology means every part of the crisis is playing out in real time with tens of millions watching and commenting. Third, the Fed is not set up as a public entity and its corporate culture is not one that easily provides insight or is amenable to a much-needed advertising campaign.


But it boils down to this, it's just a secret institution.  Very, very, very secretive, and it has been since its beginning and its foundation.  And really, we'll never, ever get to the bottom of anything with institutions of this size, they're so well protected.  And there's lots and lots of politicians that will cover up for them too, because they know where their bread is buttered.  This is the world in which we live, but there's a caller from Texas.  I'll take him first before I go on with the next article.  Rex, are you there?


Rex: Yes, speaking.


Alan: Yes, go ahead.


Rex: Hey Alan, I was just listening to your last little bit there, and it amazes me that you never resort to any kind of wild tirades or dramatics.  All you do is speak the truth, you know, just very plainly, and that's all it takes to condemn this world.  It's just simple truth, you know. 


Alan: Simple truth.  It is simple, yes. 


Rex: It is the harshest judgment that I can imagine, you know, brought down upon this thing, this civilization that we have.  You know, I just wanted to say something, something I've been sort of struggling with and suffering with for a while now, and I seem to have come to some kind of Catharsis on it, and that's this whole notion of, you know, nothing is real. 


Alan: I tell you, hold on, I hear the music coming, and we'll go into that, exactly, it's a good topic, after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Rex from Texas, on the unreality basically.  How everything is technically unreal in this system that we're born into.  Are you still there Rex?


Rex: Yeah, I am here.


Alan: Yeah, go ahead, and tell me what you were talking about.


Rex:  You know, I was just going to say that I've been dealing with this for a while now.  And you know, it seems to me that we find ourselves in this matrix as you say, and it is an artificial construct, you know, it's an artificial creation, and you know, because we're sort of, you know, it's just like we're completely submerged into this bubble, you know.  We start to doubt whether or not there is a reality out there, and by reality I mean there's a truth out there, a truth that's good and profound, and selfless.  And I see so many people that, they're aware of all the things you're saying.  They understand what you're saying, but they just, they turn to nihilism, you know.  They turn to liquor or drugs, you know, they just fall apart.  They see how flimsy the reality offered is, you know, and they sort of just go to pieces.  But I would just like to offer to them, if you can find your way past, you know, all of this, you know, the Fox News and the MTV and just the emptiness of all of it.  If you can just step into nature for a minute, there is a reality out there that is good and means well.  Life is still a gift, you know. 


Alan: It is a gift.


Rex: And life is precious, you know.  And that just tells me that these people, and I use that word loosely, that are tinkering with, you know, the code of life, and doing all these unspeakable things, including abortions, and genetic manipulation, they're incredibly arrogant.  And they have profaned something that is extremely sacred, you know.


Alan: And the main thing too is, you see, they've been training the public, intergenerationally to also believe the same thing.  And we do.  When we do come to that conclusion, we're conquered, because they at the top then can do whatever they wish with us, and we will say, well I guess they can, we're nothing special after all.  That's what we believe.


Rex: And they have made us into what we are.  At a point, you know.  It doesn't....and another thing you always mention, about the higher powers above you, you hear all these guys talking about the, you know, I don't know, the reptoids or whatever, that engineered us, you know.  I don't care what higher power is above us, anything that would impose itself on our experience here is a manipulation.  It's an over manipulation, and it is not the creator.  I don't care how powerful it is, I don't care how mystical it seems, that is not the creator.


Alan:  That is right. They have to use sciences.  They have to use, as I say, long-term indoctrinations, intergenerational changes; that's not a god.  These are scientists, and they have no more right to decide the future of the world and who lives in it, than we do with anything else.  That's what we have to understand.  They are not better than us.  Remember what Russell said, they'd train the public to obey scientists and to believe they were, the experts were in charge.  Well, they're not in charge.  No one put them in charge.  No one voted them in charge.  They've just put themselves there gradually through indoctrinating the public, and we have to put them back down in their proper place.


Rex: You're right, you're absolutely right, you know.  And there's a whole host of manipulations going on in this world right now.  And you know, people are starting to fear the manipulation, and what I would say is that this life, you know, and I'm not just speaking of human life, I'm speaking of life across the board.  Life is creation.  Life is so brilliant.  Whatever generates, you know, this thing we call life, what we are, it is so brilliant, so loving, that no matter how far the darkness goes to squelch it, some part of it will still remain.  Something will overcome, and ultimately, however dark it gets, don't lose heart.  Don't lose faith.  Because there will be a time in this reality where life it just comes into it's own, it overcomes all.  Do you know what I mean?


Alan: It has to overcome, but again, it takes people who know the histories, to pass this on.


Rex: That's right.  We cannot sit by, and just rely on, you know, an external god, or you know, whatever the New Agers call it, 2012.  Whatever external thing you're hoping, you know, is going to come down and save you.  Nothing is going to save you, you know.  The reason you have the capacity for faith.  The reason you have the capacity for compassion, empathy.  Those are the tools that life has provided you, and you know, we are the way in which life overcomes the darkness. 


Alan: That's right.  When you see how the other side have done it, as I say, it's taken them millions, they have the money you see, they went first to take control over the money supply.  Pike talked about that.  They'd become masters over the masters of the world.  Then they used that with their foundations and their scientists and their media to propagandize the general public.  So they've done it all through the use of sciences and hard ongoing work.  They never let up.  And we can fight it back the same way, we never let up, and we counter their propaganda by showing logic and fact and truth.


Rex: You know, I just read somewhere that 20% of the human genome has been patented.  Commercially patented.


Alan: That's right. 


Rex: Where they own it.


Alan: They own it.


Rex: I can't think of a more petty evil, a more despicable thing, for anyone to, you know, when they were claiming the rights to mountains and mines and rivers, and all the natural resources, now they're taking our water, you know the water is theirs.


Alan: Yeah, and the food.


Rex: So, I can't think of a more despicable arrogance.  You know what I mean.


Alan: It is.  It's utter godlike arrogance.  They truly believe they are godlike because they have all this power to do what they wish, and...


Rex: I'll tell you what, this is going to happen.  These men are blinded by arrogance, and they are going to pull all of it crashing down on their heads.  I mean, that's a matter of time.  The sad thing is, the sad, you know, I watched a clip on youtube about the people living in Gaza, that are suffering this atrocity right now, you know.  Their babies are being murdered, you know.  We have to, we have to, we can't just sit by and live through this and expect a god to come and save us.


Alan: No.


Rex: We have, we have got to, you know, do something to show our opposition to this thing.  We have to oppose it.  We have to.


Alan: Yes, I keep telling people, that this big eating machine that we have over in the Middle East, that's finishing off and standardizing the last of the Muslim countries into the New World Order system, that's all coming home.  And all that compassion that you didn't use, didn't use on those who are being eaten up across there, there'll be no compassion for you when the machine is eating you up back home.  And so, if you don't cry for others, who's going to cry for you, that's the bottom line, and we've got to have compassion for other people too. 


Rex: I see, you know Alan, I see a lot of good people in this world.  Whether or not they're woken up, you know to the true ultimate nature of this evil that runs the world or not.  You know, there are a lot of very good people in this world.  And I see them speaking out, but they do sort of have blinders on.  They don't want to acknowledge the depths of the depravity, you know what I mean.


Alan: The depths are, as I say, if you cannot cross that last line, there's a last line you must cross, and that's when you realize through your own investigations, and the evidence that you uncover, it's there.  That you have been purposely being killed; you have been poisoned.  They are killing you off.  They've been doing it since you were born through inoculations, there is no doubt.  They have purposefully been sterilizing you, and the evidence is all out there.  I've gone through much of the stuff myself on the air.  What are you going to do with people who have already put these plans into action?  They're not just talking about it.  These guys are the executioner.  The ax is coming down. They cannot pull it back now, it's halfway down to your head.  How do you negotiate with people who technically are cool, very cool, cold-blooded planners and murderers?  These are the guys who plan to take out countries.  These guys have statisticians in there who will actually project the killing rate per country etc.


Rex: I would stop you there and just try to remind you that their strength and power is that they rely on the decent people who maybe are still asleep, yet they are decent.  They would never give their consent to this knowingly.  You know, their strength depends on the little sleeping servant, to sort of pay the taxes and do the bidding.


Alan: They always say that people give power to the beast; now it doesn't matter if they're conned into it or not.  The fact is, you cannot, you cannot give your power to slaughter people to any beast.  And these guys at the top, remember, as I say, they literally plan, they plan the killings way ahead, sometimes many years ahead of what they do.  And then they go home, or they go out to the opera or something.  We've got to understand what we're dealing with here.  These are the top psychopaths.


Rex:  Yes they are, and you know what, they offer order, and they offer a path to people who are so terrified and so scared of what's coming.  They offer them, you know, this golden path to heaven, and these people just unsuspectingly, they walk down it.


Alan: That's right.


Rex: And you know, I would say that our job is not to protest.  We can't rationalize with these people.


Alan: You cannot negotiate either, because they are so firm in their convictions, like that video on Maurice Strong, you'll hear him talking about it.  This guy is just as fervent today, 30-odd years later after that video, still doing the same work.


Rex:  Why, Alan, that's a big question of mine.  Why would a 90-year-old man pursue, you know, well into his last days, why would they do that?  Do they know something that we don't, is there something they have that we don't?  I mean obviously there is.


Alan: They belong to the most fanatical religion ever devised.  What you are seeing is a religious devotion.  Nothing else comes close to it, it's a religious devotion.  There's no doubt on that.


Rex: It's very strange.


Alan: But thanks for calling though.  You made some good points.


Rex:  Thank you Alan, and thank you for everything you do.  And I'd like to just tell, I'm sending you a donation, it's in the mail.


Alan: I appreciate that.


Rex: And I would just like to say to everyone, I tell you what, once all the lights have gone out, you will be alone in the dark with the monsters, okay, so Alan Watt is a light.


Alan: Well, thanks for saying so.  And call again.  Yeah, we're really in bad times, and we've got to understand what we're facing.  These guys are cold-blooded, calculating murderers, when they introduced all the techniques to sterilize people.  When they introduced the soft-kill diseases for the Western World, the fast-kill for African and third world.  That all came out after Kissinger declared that the greatest threat to the state was overpopulation.  They went into action.  They don't just sit and talk about things.  When you hear things like this, they mean it, and they go ahead and they do it.  They implement it.  Now there's Jeff from Colorado there.  Are you there Jeff?


Jeff: Yeah, Hi Alan.


Alan: Yes. 


Jeff: Just a suggestion, by the way, to increase the amount of contributions. When I was making money, when I donated, it was a minimum of $50, and I don't have that money nowadays, and I really feel cheap throwing you $10, and I think psychologically, if you had like a tip jar there, you know, like a $2 maximum, a paypal bing, bing.  I tip bartenders all the time, and I can tip you.  In other words, donate is so heavy.  But anyway, there is a little rift in my family, I know you don't like to get preached to, but you brought up in your three books, the trinity, and I am a member of a "cult" and we rejected the trinity.  We know that Jesus is the son of god, not god.  And my brother who's a freemason, and a preacher, he was going crazy.  And why did you have that trinity mentioned, and the council of Nicaea in that one picture.  Why did you bring that up in that first book in connection with the Masons?


Alan:  Basically, the trinity was a pre-Christian idea, and it goes into Gnosticism, which never died by the way, Gnosticism didn't die out at all.  It survived for centuries in other areas, but the pre-Christian Roman Empire already had their prime trinities, and the had the Alma Mater as well for the Mother, which they brought from Persia, and many of the elite inner circle that created Christianity, or took on Christianity to be one of their religions, belonged the to the Mithraic cult.  Mithraism also kept going for centuries afterwards and Constantine himself was a member.  Now in ancient mystery religions you always have three times great, just like Hermes Trismegistus, and so they always have three times great, meaning three aspects of, or three certain types of abilities or talents or skills.  And so even when they put it into the Christian era they had to disguise it once again for the inner members.  Now Christianity when it first came out, you've got to understand it was another, just another minor Jewish sect.  And there were many small Jewish sects at that time, you had the Essenes and different ones who had many Egyptian mystery religion parts contained within.  And they had their Pythagorean indoctrination, you had to have so many years of silence, etc, and poverty before you're allowed in to even eat with the brothers.  That was all the way from Pythagoras.  The Catholic Monasteries, some of them, adopted those same Pythagorean standards.  So you're really looking at inner, religions within religions all down through the ages, and the trinity has always been part of the mystery religion.  You'll also find the same trinity if you understand what the "ka" and the "ba" have to do with the body of the mummy.  If you understand those three things, you'll understand the journey of soul, you'll understand what the purpose of soul is, and you'll understand the completion of when it merges with spirit.  Spirit, Plato went into what spirit was, that comes to you as the genii, and when it merges with soul and body, you have completion, you have the real trinity, which is body, soul and spirit, all in the one person.  That's called perfection. 


Rex: Huh.  You know, I'm a born again, and we believe, that's exactly, I'm born again in the spirit.  But I look at the Trinity that Jesus is god, almost like gang graffiti from creeping in.  And the Freemasons, they like to say they're everywhere and they're behind it all, and I said, they look like that same graffiti.  You know, I'm an accountant, and I, you know, I don't trust anything, so I frequently say, I'm 70% sure about this, I'm 80%, I'm 50%, how sure are you about the stuff you talk about?


Alan: Pretty well sure, because in fact, even now I get nothing but confirmation, over and over again, from other articles I read, old books, etc.  And to be honest with you, some of the very rare history books, which do exist, have so much in it that's kept from the mainstream, kept from schools, etc, that simply bolster all of this up.  History is always written, as you know, by the winners, in every era.


Rex: I hear the music.  Well, thanks a lot Alan.


Alan: Yes.  But you hang in there. We'll go into this kind of topic maybe more someday, because it's a quite interesting topic.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I'm going to rush through a few articles here before the end of the show.  And one is from S.A. News:


San Antonio to get Air Force cyber command


WASHINGTON — Lackland AFB in San Antonio is being selected by Air Force officials as the headquarters for a new cyber command, an official close to the selection process said late Thursday.


This was printed on the 15th of May.  So this is to do with cyber warfare.  It isn't just country to country, etc.  It's to do with attacking those people who are becoming problems on the internet, but it's already going on actually, and I've talked about this before.  There's an article, it was printed on the 5th of May on the BBC.  It says:


US needs 'digital warfare force'


The head of America's National Security Agency says that America needs to build a digital warfare force for the future, according to reports.


Lt Gen Keith Alexander, who also heads the Pentagon's new Cyber Command, (A: That will be put up, the one from the previous article) outlined his views in a report for the House Armed Services subcommittee.


In it, he stated that the US needed to reorganize its offensive and defensive cyber operations.


That's running full-steam ahead.  As I say, they've already been doing it, because I can get the hits on my firewall, and it tells me who's been hitting me.  And mind you, there's not a firewall that you can purchase, the public can't purchase, because since '95 it was made law that every computer and every device of communication out there must be accessible to government agencies.  So they must be able to go through any firewall you can purchase.  That's the law.  So they do, they do go through it, and now they have been frying people's hard drives and everything.  I know that for a fact, because I know some people that's happened to already.  I've had computers all go down in the same day, different ones.  So you know that you're being targeted, if you're saying something that's true.  If you are affecting people's lives, you will be attacked.  There's no doubt about it.  If you're not attacked, then you're saying mainstream stuff, even mainstream conspiracy stuff.  They don't mind that, mainstream conspiracy stuff.  That keeps you going round in circles forever anyway, and you never do anything with the information or if you do, it's so off the wall it sounds crazy to people who hear you. 


And let's see, what else did I want to mention tonight?  Now the health authorities that just scared the bejesus out of everybody in Britain, to do with the swine flu, are now scaring the bejesus out of them, and telling them that maybe there's a heat wave coming this summer.  They don't know yet, but maybe there's one coming, and people have to make sure they have fair weather friends they can call on for aid in the event of a heat wave, etc, so that the health authority, and that's the word they use, the authorities, you see they've become authorities, are talking about even doing home inspections, just in case that your house is too hot.  How is that, eh?  How is that?  Makes you think, doesn't it?  First they come into Britain to inspect your refrigerator, just to get you used to having inspectors coming in and running your lives, and now they come in to see if your house is too warm, and they'll tell you to drink more water, or something like that.  You can't do anything, you see, without an expert telling you.  That's what Bertrand Russell said; it's already happened.  And in Sweden, this article was from the  They've now gone into gender based abortion.  I'm not surprised; Sweden runs the world in so much of this.  They've been Socialist forever.


Swedish health authorities have ruled that gender-based abortion is not illegal according to current law and can not therefore be stopped, according to a report by Sveriges Television.


So everything is rolling ahead as planned, and that's it for tonight.  I can hear the music coming in.  So from Hamish and myself, from a very, very, very wet Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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