May 20th, 2009 (#324)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 20th, 2009:

Teen Pregnancy, Pause and Look at the Cause:

"National Health Service Complains Young Girls Acting Like Tarts,
Made So by Culture Industry, Staffed by Tweed-Dressed Old Farts,
Yes, Old Etonians and Aristos Plan How Culture is Made,
As They Plummet All Morals, Destroy and Degrade,
Pre-Pubertal Sex is Pushed to the Fore,
Weaned on Much Music, 'twixt Violence and Gore,
To Bring in the New, Old Values Must be Nixed,
Promoting Children All Rutting, Heteros and Mixed,
Intergenerational Fabianism Transforming Society
Into Non-Bonding Culture, Destructive Variety,
They Then Scream of the Fallout of Such Behaviour,
Demanding Abortions, Self-Appointed Saviour,
They'll Lead Us All to Solution for the Fertile,
Mandatory Laws to Make the Young Sterile"
© Alan Watt May 20th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 20th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 20th of May 2009.  Newcomers should look into the website, and peruse the archives section.  You'll find lots of topics from hundreds of shows I've given in the past, where I try to give you the shortcuts to understanding.  I try to bypass all the distractions and fakery out there.  There's a lot of fakery too.  And why not?  After all, we're supposed to all get led into a New World Order, and there's a lot of effort being put into confusing people who are seeking the truth, to throw them off the path, to get them into outer space, and the outer limits, and they can get lost forever.  Therefore, they're not effective in waking people up to what's really going on.  Also look into for transcripts of these talks which are written in the various languages of Europe.  You can print them up.  Lots of people prefer to read off paper too, and I do as well.  I don't like reading off the screen, off the internet.  And you'll find you'll retain things much easier too, without that light in front of you, by reading off paper.  For those who want to order my books and discs, you can go into website.  You'll see how to do it there.  Remember that personal checks are welcome from the U.S. and Canada.  There's other methods of payment as well.  You can also donate through paypal, and that does keep me just about ticking over in these very expensive times.  And I'll know, I'll know when it's time to just jack it all in, when people stop sending anything in to keep me going.  It's expensive doing just what I do.  And remember, I don't get paid by the advertisers or the TV or radio stations.  I've never asked for a penny from any show that I've appeared on, and that way I'm not compromised.  I'm not forbidden to speak about certain topics, and one way or another, in commerce you definitely get compromised, especially if you've been backed by certain advertisers or whatever.  And they do pay well.  They pay the hosts very, very well to bring up their products, etc.  But I've gone a different route, so therefore the advertising here on this show goes to the station to pay for the time, to pay for the engineers, the equipment, etc, the upgrades that they need, and all that kind of stuff.  So it's up to you to keep me going.  For those who just get the discs burned, from people with computers to play on their CDs of my talks, you can get in touch with me [listed above].


And as I said at the beginning of the show, there is a lot of disinformation being put out there, in all eras by the way.  Much of it has been rehashed today, all the old Masonic stuff with the mysteries.  Remember what Weishaupt said, the greatest way to get people into the order that he was establishing was to create a great mystery that didn't have an answer, but that didn't matter.  The people who joined were looking for an answer they'd never find; just get them in.  Well, the same technique is used to distract people off the path of understanding, by churning out, and well financed, by the way, at the top, because counter-intelligence does all this stuff, well financed books that appear across the world in all major book stores, and it's meant to get you off into la-la land.  Remember what Hitler said, the greater the lie, the more people will believe it.  I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  The Matrix is the big world system in which you've been born into.  It's a complete system, with many branches going off into different corridors, and it's designed and planned and run by people who are experts in human behavior.  The knowledge of this science is very, very old.  And you'll find some of the major players in history, and even in ancient times talked about it, as I say, Plato liked to talk about control of the masses.  And he put a lot into his book called the Republic, but many other of his peers at that time, the aristocracy of Greece, who were all trained in Egypt, learned these from the Egyptians, this technique of controlling the masses, and how the masses truly do think.  It's not difficult to understand how the sciences work.  And even people like Adolf Hitler made it known in his own writings what he thought of the public, and how they would grab onto big lies.  This is something that he said.  Now this goes back, tie this in with a lot of the books that are out there to keep you running in circles and pointing figures, and go off into outer space and so on.  He says here, this is from Mein Kampf, the book that Hitler wrote:


In the big lie, there is always a certain force of credibility, because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily, and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds, they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie.


That is what he wrote, in his own book, Mein Kampf, page 134.  Then he went on to say,


What luck for rulers that men do not think.


Now who taught Adolf Hitler these sciences?  As I've said before, psychopaths innately know how to manipulate people.  In fact, that's one of the, you might call it, a talent they have, a gift they have.  They intuitively know how to manipulate other people into doing work for them, and getting their work done for them by manipulation of people.  And yet, to get them to describe what they're doing to people, would be hard for them.  They do it instinctively.  But someone taught Adolf Hitler.  Someone taught Adolf Hitler for instance, deportment and oratory.  It's in the history books, how he called the best orator and deportment manager over to Germany to teach him how to stand and pose in front of the audience, just like Billy Graham, in fact, same techniques if you watch them, where the hands go up together, and he lifts his eyes to the ceiling to God, you see, and the emotion comes out and the crowd are swayed.  These techniques are archetypal, as Carl Jung would have called them.  They're almost innate within our genes, you might say.  It pulls something out of us, and we all recognize it, and when it's coupled with emotion it has the proper impact.  It's used all the time, and therefore it's nothing at all for counter-intelligence to always churn out people.  And I've mentioned this, in the book called America's Cultural War (The Cultural Cold War), where they ran the American culture, the CIA ran it, it's now declassified, right through the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc, of course they still do as well, but they gave that era of American culture to the general public.  They hired hundreds of novelists, even third-rate ones and made them very, very famous.  Even poets.  And I've read from the book, it's well worth reading, it's kind of overdone in flowery speech and so on to pad the book, but there's a lot of good facts in there as well.  So be very careful what you read, especially that which fascinates you.  It's a science which is well understood.  They can really, truly fascinate you, and you're off in la-la land before you know it.  Counter-intelligence, well financed as I say.


Now, this article kind of falls in with this, because it's from the, the 15th of May 2009, and I think there's a link to the youtube clip on this as well, but it said, National Health Service. Now, remember, the U.S. is going to get its National Health Service; that's been on the works, on the cards for a long time, and that's one of the reasons that they put Hillary in New York for a while, and told her to sit pretty for a while, and they'd eventually pull her into the next administration.  Because everything is pre-planned you see.  And it's a must be, because in the Fabian system all services must become authorities.  That is the New Government System, it's all done by authorities.  It's post-democratic.  This is the term that they're using at the top, themselves.  It says:


NHS viral video (Alan: I guess that means, really catching on.  And it says:) on teen pregnancy banned by YouTube


A Grainy, unbranded clip posted to YouTube by NHS Leicester appears to show teenager giving birth in schoolyard.


A hard-hitting NHS viral advertising campaign (A: So this is part of an advertising campaign by the National Health Service, as they try to shock and awe people.  The same NHS that told everybody to panic, because of the swine flu, and so on, you see.  So it says it's part of an advertising campaign by them:) about teenage pregnancy has been banned by YouTube for showing what appears to be a schoolgirl giving birth in a playground while being watched by students.


The video clip, posted by NHS Leceister, was unbranded and appeared to be real footage shot on a mobile phone and posted on YouTube, the hugely popular Google-owned social media website.


This footage, which was blocked by YouTube after just 24 hours on the video sharing website, (A: And the ones who put it out there, the NHS said it:) was designed to target the hard-to-reach teenage demographic.  (A: I like how they word, it eh.)


"We know this film is hard-hitting but so are the numbers of under-18s getting pregnant in Leicester," said Tim Rideout, (A: I've heard his name before, so he's probably trying to get a name for himself.  But what a name, eh?)  Rideout, chief executive of NHS Leicester City. "Nearly half the city's wards are classed as teen pregnancy 'hotspots'."


Rideout added that traditional marketing, such as leaflets and posters, did not get the teenage sex and pregnancy message across to many of the target demographic. (A: One thing here too is, remember, so they're also using youtube as marketing.  Again, manipulation in other words.  Always remember that, everything that's out there has a message to manipulate you, to come to a certain conclusion.)


The clip is still viewable at a supporting campaign website… (A: And it's got the link here, and I'll put all these things, all these links up at the end of my show on my site,, which you should look into and have a gander as they say, a little look.  What gets me, it says here, the clip is still viewable:) …which from next month will also host an online "docu-drama" (A: These docu-dramas are like make believe, like actors and actresses, it says:) featuring "local actors tackling common myths and frequently asked questions on relationships, sex and pregnancy".


Last September, YouTube tightened up a range of its community guidelines governing the type of videos it would look to police more vigorously.


In a blogpost relating more directly to content that incited violence, YouTube said: "If your video shows someone getting hurt, attacked or humiliated, don't post it."


Last July John Whittingdale MP, chairman of the Commons culture,


(A: You see, I've told people forever, I was stunned ages ago, years ago, when I knew that the Soviet Union had a Department of Culture, and then I looked into Britain, and lo and behold, the government had a Department of Culture.  I looked at all the other countries that joined the United Nations, and they all had a department of culture.  And big money was pumped into the departments of culture.  And the departments of culture chose novelists, etc, to write certain topics with politically correct topics, involved in the storylines.  They picked down-and-out artists that would never, never feed themselves in a million years, to paint Picasso type pictures, because the in-thing really was to degrade the human body.  That was part of the agenda.  It's an actual agenda, folks.  Nihilistic art it was called.  Bertrand Russell talked about the creation of nihilism and how they'd use all the arts to do it, and then apathy would follow when there's no beauty left.  Interesting isn't it?  Getting back to this article.)


Last July John Whittingdale MP, chairman of the Commons culture, media and sport select committee, (A: Member of Parliament, right?) criticized YouTube in a report looking at harmful content on the internet.


Now, let's get back to the main story here.  Here they are, whether it's real or not, the NHS is trying to get a shocking thing across to people, to what they call is a hard-to-reach demographic audience, the teenagers.  There's nothing easier to reach than teenagers, because turn on your TV and watch what they've been pumped full of for the last 30 years.  Much music and sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.  They never ever, how come they never look at what's motivating all of this, and the culture that's been devised?  Culture is devised not by young people at the bottom from the grassroots; culture is devised by very old people, well educated, in tweed suits, sitting around tables at the top.  So is the fashion that you wear.  So was the ideas of hanging zips off your cheeks, and pins, and little brass balls in your tongue.  That all came from the top, not from the bottom.  I can remember, years ago, watching a team of these very same people, people in their 50s and 60s, male and female, in tweed jackets and coats, or skirts, sitting around a table, picking the top ten and twenty hits that would be for the coming month in the hit parade for music.  People who would never listen to that back home, they'd listen to Mozart, etc.  And so is the fashion industry, hand in glove, creating all of your culture, including all the sexual parts.  Back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just to finish off from the last topic I was on about, it's almost impossible for youngsters to believe that everything around them, including the way they're taught to dress and so on, what's the latest thing in fashion, is designed on purpose by very old people working with those in the music industry, etc.  I mean Plato talked about it.  He talked about the musicians should be licensed because the effect they could have on the youth, so they understood this all along, and they're using the music now, since about the 50s onwards, big time to change society.  And they've been very successful.  Plato also mentioned the fashion industry, he called it industry, and how it also works hand-in-glove with it too, you see.  So therefore, people who understand the arts, use the arts against the people, who think it's theirs.  They think it's theirs.  Those guys running about with the baggy pants, with the crotch to the knees, literally think it's theirs, somehow it's theirs.  They go into stores and buy the stuff.  It never dawns on them that someone designed this, and it wasn't one of their own.  Amazing eh?  So even the clothes for rebellion, they decide.  What do you want to be, a skinhead?  We'll sell you all this stuff.  Do you want the baggy pants?  We'll sell you that stuff, you know.  Even your methods, or your dress for rebellion are given to you, the authorized dresses for rebellion.  That's how tightly controlled everything is. 


It always gets me when they go on about the teenage pregnancy, etc.  As I say, just look at what they're fixated on, night after night on much music.  Is it about philosophy?  I can remember in the 70s, when the word came down, from the top, again, those who owned the music industry, that all songwriters should start writing songs that were gender-neutral, and for sure as could be, right after that, you never heard anyone saying he or she or a woman's name in a song.  It was all gone.  You have no idea that everything is manipulated, and no one thinks about it.  Control, control of society, to control the culture, and guide the culture along a path they don't even know they're on.  And Fabian style, step by step by step, they lead you to where they want you to be.  And you'll never even realize that that's how you got there.  You think it's all just fun.  Everything is out there for fun and just money.  That's what you want to believe. 


In Britain and across Europe, there's been massive scandals with the politicians, rigging their expense accounts, but it's no surprise.  As I say, the psychopaths graduate into politics and then are vetted by those who own the system.  And the systems truly are owned as I say.  And if they show the right psychopathic qualities, but they have the ability to follow leadership, then they get in, and they have no consciences.  And they rip off the public left, right, and center, by padding their expense accounts.  Even the woman who's in charge of the British version of Homeland Security, has been in all the major newspapers.  She's been doing it with about three different houses, and ripping the taxpayers off for thousands of pounds.  Here's an article from the BBC, and it's also on Wise Up, The Wise Up Journal, and I'll put these links up, remember, on  This is to give Americans and Canadians an idea of what's coming, when they give us a new parliament for the Americas.  Because it is on the cards, by the way, it was discussed during the Free Trade negotiations, the precursor of the NAFTA negotiations, a new parliament for the Americas.  They even debated if it would be in Montreal.  And we have to join Europe; but we've also to have a similar set-up as them, where they have Brussels.  And this article says here:


A BBC Newsnight report from February 2008 (posted on youtube) on how Members of the European Parliament abusing “expenses”. At the end of the report BBC tries to make out that the MEP document under “lock and guard” only relates to MEPs from “poor” states and British MEPs are of a different non-criminal breed.  (A: This is how they try and portray it.) The news from May of 2009 was saturated with by reports of British MPs and MEPs (A: That's European politicians.) scamming thousands of Euro and pounds from their “expenses” paid for by the public. This scandal has been around a long time, will it be used now to expose selected MEPs at election time? (A: And that's true enough.  If there's a few they want rid of, they'll just point the finger at them.  It's a good time to get rid of any ones who won't go along with it.  And it also says here:)


Joke elections




(A: The Members of the European Parliament, right.  And it's a big mystery how these guys get to be Members of the European Parliament.  Everything is very secretive about this big Mammoth that runs the whole of Europe now, this big giant conglomerate, almost fascist type system.  A system where apparently the top guy said a couple of years ago, that anyone who criticized the European Parliament or any of its decisions was guilty of heresy.  That was in mainstream papers, heresy.  But it says here:)


MEPs have as much power as employees of a business have with a suggestion box. The only directly elected members for the EU, MEPs, have no authority to propose or amend laws. (A: And that's true.)  They can only make suggestions to amend laws and their votes in parliament are just a show, their votes are not legally binding. In a western democracy people have the freedom to enjoy the illusion at election time.


And it's a fact, the legislature runs the government.  Back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just discussing the European Parliament that is to be the model for the Americas, too.  And how highly secretive it is, where you have this legislature group, and then you have the executive group, and most of the laws, I think, are simply passed via the executive.  And the politicians themselves, are just there for show, literally for show, because they can't amend any laws or whatever.  They can only suggest things, like a suggestion box idea.  Suggest, that's all they can do.  But they're well paid for the moment, because they must keep the illusion up that somehow there's a democratic institution at work, when we know there is nothing democratic about it.  In fact, the European Union, once it was set up and running, disclosed in the late 90s that its history, and that from its very inception, which was prior to WWII, by the way, and its set up for the bureaucratic institutions, and interplay between different countries, 1948, it said right there, in their charter, the public must never be told the truth that this was leading to a European Union, and they must not be told the truth until it was up and running.  And that's exactly what they did.  It was never a democratic institution, ever, and it isn't now.  See, this is post-democratic, this is governance, where you simply are ordered to do something by a government directly, or its agencies directly, and you obey, or you are punished.  That's what governance is all about. 


Before I go to the phones, I'm going to read this article here, to show you.  Now I've said before, warfare takes many, many avenues to reach its victory.  And one of the oldest techniques is water and food.   We know that all our food have been GMO, modified, without our consent.  We were never asked our consent about anything, especially here in Canada, we were the guinea pigs for all the GMO veggies for ten years, before it broke out in Britain that we were being the guinea pigs, and then it was a big hoopla in Canada, and the government admitted they'd made secret deals with Monsanto and others.  Secret deals.  The elected government had secret deals with corporations to test the population of Canada out as the guinea pigs.  And everyone has come down with problems, massive allergies galore.  The same as other countries that are using it.  And everyone's got stomach problems, but here's an article here from The Globe and Mail, from their Science section, it says here:


Meet – and eat – the modified Atlantic salmon


(A: And this is from today's date, the 20th, 2009, by Oliver Moore)


It looks like a normal Atlantic salmon, and the fish’s creators say it tastes like one, too.


(A: Well, of course he will, if they're the creators.)


But this is no ordinary fish that Aqua Bounty Technologies has produced.


Tweaked with genetic material from chinook salmon and an eel-like creature called an ocean pout, it reaches market size twice as fast as normal Atlantic salmon, the company says. Aqua Bounty has spent more than a decade chasing U.S. regulatory approval, which Food and Drug Administration officials have reportedly said is coming “soon.”


It would be a watershed moment – there are currently no genetically engineered animals approved for sale as food anywhere in the world – and opponents are predicting a wave of consumer outrage.  (A: I'm not.  I'm not.  I don't think the general public, the mass of the general public won't care.  It says:)


We don’t have that same level of negative reaction [as in Europe] at present but I suspect it will come up when food animals are approved,” said Jeff Hutchings, a professor of biology at Dalhousie University and a member of the Royal Society of Canada's expert panel on biotechnology. (A: You see the Royal Society, I've got into the history of that before, how it was set up in the days of Francis Bacon, came out of Rosicrucianism, and it was Freemasons who staffed it all.  Still the same today, to guide the future, you understand, through science.  And we all obey the proper aristocracy, who are scientists, you see.  So the Royal Society of Canada is just a branch of the one in London.  So they're all for it.)


The Massachusetts-headquartered company, which has operations in Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, has not applied for approval in Canada. But trade law could force Ottawa’s hand following U.S. approval, making it irrelevant whether the Canadian consumer wants these fish or not.


(A: So there you are.  There's democracy in action.)


Under current Canadian law, GE foods do not need to be labeled.


And again, that's democracy in Canada.  We're told nothing in Canada, except obey.  Be good.  Be a good citizen.  That's the definition of a good citizen, you obey every law that comes down the pike.  That's all it takes to be a good citizen.  And it's a lie that they haven't been modifying the food.  Because I watched a few years back on a public broadcasting little documentary on the Canadian fish industry, the Ministry of Fisheries, the government's department, and they had these little troughs, running through a factory with fish going through them, and there were men and women along the troughs, and they just picked the fish up, every so often, put it against this little, it was almost like a pen, something the size of a pen, on a little post.  Touched the fish to it, and put it back in the water.  And what they were doing is injecting into by insufflation, that kind of Star Trek injection technique, ecoli, it's amazing, they use ecoli to carry deep into the tissue of the fish whatever DNA modificational material that they have.  And what happens is the fish's natural cells die off and regrow, the DNA ones take over, and literally reengineer the fish.  That's what they've been doing for years.  And I just saw that in a little off-the-cuff, Sunday afternoon, rainy afternoon public broadcasting documentary on it, or I would never know.   So they lie about everything, this isn't the first one.  This is not the first one, at all.  It's just another big commercial company whereas the first one was maybe government-run.  Quite something, eh. 


And as I say, why would they go to so much trouble to bring in people who initially, remember all these guys who deal with genetic modifications, worked primarily in departments of governments for warfare purposes.  Now they're making your food.  And they've already admitted, they can make plants for instance grow any kind of drug they want to.  They create different kinds of vaccines and so on.  And they put bacterium, parts of bacteria they're taking out and putting in veggies, etc.  Do you think they're doing all of that just to get a bigger potato?  Because that doesn't seem to be what it's for.  In fact, they even admit, that even though they're pushing it, and pushing it, that we all must go GMO to save the world, the crop is 1/3rd less eventually, than regular, than the regular unmodified crops.  So what's the real deal going on?  What's the real purpose behind it?  I don't trust them at all, because food has always been used for warfare, and remember, going back to people like Arthur Koestler, who was again one of these novelists initially, who was hired by the CIA and MI5, it's actually declassified in that book, America's Cultural Cold War, that he was one of them.  He was picked out of obscurity, and he talked about the need for world peace, to lobotomize part of the brain, of most people.  Not the elite, because they have to retain their survival instincts, but the general public wouldn't need it because the state would be making all their decisions for them, much like today in fact, isn't it.  But he said, they have all the means to do it.  Bertrand Russell said the same thing.  He also worked for the same group, by the way.  And that's also declassified, MI5 and MI6, and Russell also said the same thing, that they had the ability to put it in their water or in their food, or use the needle he said.  Well, they're using all of these techniques.  It's astonishing really.  Well anyway, I'll go to the phones, because I think there's one been hanging on for a while.  There's Eric from North Carolina.  Hi are you there, Eric?


Eric: Hi thanks for taking my call, Alan.


Alan: How are you doing?


Eric: I just want to say, I honor your way that you run your program with donation system.  I wish more truth people would do the same, and exhibit some integrity.  I just want to talk about sustainable living, environmentalism, the Green agenda, and it's the emotive propelling it, one of them, is compassion.  The elite would know this, and have to cultivate compassion.  I think of Gandhi, JFK, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and what type of world would it be if they were up (on strings? garbled.).  The eugenic war, totally attacking our biology, and then Tesla technology, chemtrail, cell phone towers, TV, it's really amazing.  I just watched Sean Hannity vs Jessie Ventura, and Sean Hannity can defend Bush to an absolute tee.  Where he can be smug.  It's really incredible.  I mean defend Bush to a tee.  He even quoted the 9/11 Commission and he disregarded the Bush/Bin Laden relationship.  One guy told me about, you know, Tesla tech, and microtechnology, and if they were frying us, bugs wouldn't exist. And I said to myself, I remember you talking about frequencies being able to kill certain bacterium, they have the code, and I'm sure they can easily dampen a part of the mind, and it's incredible, the system is projecting.  One thing it doesn't integrate is knowledge of the man.  And schizophrenia is being projected.  And the incredible, ironic thing, is I could diagnose myself with schizophrenia.  They have language and law.  And I was curious, do you think the elite are mummifying themselves and I'll listen to your...


Alan: Well, the elite definitely, they are exempt from what they're spraying, I'm sure of that.  And I often wondered.  I thought about ways of proper chelation, and then someone sent me an article from a company that literally has a portable blood chelation device, very similar to the type you would use for people with kidney problems, dialysis, only it's portable.  It has filters, replaceable, and you can wear it on your arm and you'd never know you had it on.  And I thought, this is probably what the elite are having themselves.  But it takes me back too, to a journalist who was with Lady Diana for about a month, traveling around with her from party to party.  And in his newspaper column, he said that he stopped the party at one point, they were all stunned at a question he'd asked them.  He said, you all seem to be so promiscuous in this class, with all your parties, and you could see how they were just pairing off and all the rest of it.  And he says, aren't any of you afraid of getting HIV or any VD?  And they all stopped and looked at him like he was stupid.  And the reason being obviously, is you see, they have the true antidotes to all of that.  They don't, they're not worried about all of that, because they won't get anything.  There are things that really work.  It's a higher level of science, that's not given to the public.  That's the key to it.  At the top there, they definitely have a much, much higher, higher level of science than we'll ever be allowed into, and you can tell just by the technocrats, the age of them, still trotting around the world into their 90s and just as dedicated, putting in 12, 14 hours per day, as they were when they were 20 years of age.  They have no aging diseases.  They don't come down with the chronic arthritis, or any of these problems.  They just simply don't get it.  Well, it's because you see, the higher levels of sciences are used for these particular people. 


I can remember, if you read into the old Rosicrucian Manifestos, they made it quite plain from the beginning, that those who joined them, and served them well, would be given life extension.  And remember, too, that many of the members in those days were into what we would call science of their day, under the guise of alchemy.  They certainly had sciences, and they had their own code that they would never disclose their secrets to the general public, of science, of actual science and treatments, or weaponry either for that matter.  By that method they would gain power over kings and queens and governments, because they would need those people to create their warfare weapons, that's how they get power. 


So, as I say, they're tampering with everything, and here's an article here that's interesting too, because you see everything ties together at the right time.  I always say this.  Everything comes together at the right time.  The Bush regime was set up to start the next war to end Islam basically, and also to change the entire planet into this new obedient system where we're post-democratic, and we have troops forcing us along, making sure we feel very apathetic when you get searched at stops etc, or airports.  All that kind of stuff.  And in comes Obama to take over.  And he puts the entire world socialist agenda through, now that the machinery to enforce it is all set up.  And the other day I was talking about G.M. and Ford and so on, and how they're really cutting back, and how mind you, it's no surprise, because they were talking about setting up in Russia, they were already setting the plants up from two years ago, and China is the other place as well.  So here's the timing of this. 


This article here is from the MailOnline. 


The end of the Great American gas guzzler as Obama gets set to unveil toughest U.S. policy ever on fuel efficiency. 


President Barack Obama will unveil new fuel efficiency standards today in an effort to limit the release of greenhouse gases by cars and trucks.


The announcement is the result of the administration’s work with states, businesses and (A: Listen) environmental groups on a deal. (A: Now did you vote in any environmental group?  Did anyone see an environmental group up for your vote when Obama was running?  Well, how come environmental groups are consulted on this?  I've told you before, they're just fronts for the big foundations.  They work hand-in-glove with government, and they demand from government those very things that government want to pass, and all the laws.  That's how simple it is.)


California, 13 other states and the District of Columbia have urged the federal government to let them pass more stringent standards than the current requirements.


(A: Did the people demand it, no.  Who demanded it?  The NGOs.  Non-governmental organizations that are into environment, who work for Rockefeller and the foundations.)


The states' regulations would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in new cars and trucks by 2016.


Officials said today’s announcement moves toward the 30 percent goal by 2016, starting with model years 2011 and beyond.


The proposal is expected to coordinate two separate standards for fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, aiming for cars that achieve higher miles per gallon and have lower polluting air conditioning systems.


They're going to put you in these little microboxes, these little box type affairs that get blown over in a wind.  That's what's coming.  I'll be back with more on this topic, after the following messages.


This is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just to finish this article, before I go back to the phones.  It says here that:


Environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council (A: Now does that sound something like what Rockefeller would set up?  Natural Resources Defence Council.  A non-governmental organization.) says it has discussed the upcoming changes with the White House in recent weeks. 


How come they can have a chat, a tete-a-tete with the White House about what they want?  It's because they're authorized to you see.  This is really what they meant when they did talk about democracy.  They said that those who belonged to the biggest, well financed groups will be the new democracy.  But for the rest of the public, you're living in a post-democratic world.  You just do what you're told by the authorities.  The Soviet System has been copied completely, because if you asked anyone who lived in the Soviet Union, they had lots and lots of non-governmental organizations for just about every part of human existence, and the Politburo appointed the leaders of them.  And those leaders would demand, on behalf of the people, that they want this law passed, and that law passed, and the government would have to oblige them, and then they would say, the people have spoken.  Well, it's the same technique, you see, that's used here.  Perception is prevalent over reality.  Perception.


Now we'll go to Sam in Australia.


Alan: Hello, Sam.  Are you there?


Sam: Hi Alan, how are you?


Alan: Not so bad.


Sam: I was just calling up to talk about the increased defence spending that a lot of governments are doing.  I don't know if you saw the recent, the Australian government has just released defence papers saying what they project over the next twenty or thirty years, and it's a pretty significant build up, for us, in anticipation that the American military might is pretty much going to deteriorate to a point.  But it's interesting, all this money that they spend, I don't know if you've made it over to the international press over there, but we just had two biker gangs running amuck, pretty much in an airport, an international airport in Sydney, for 15 minutes, with no cops.  It was like 20 guys just basically running around, beating the hell out of each other, with bollards, one guy eventually died, and in the wash up they found that there was no CCTV footage, that should make use of any prosecutions.


Alan: Amazing, eh.


Sam: It's amazing, with all the money that they spend.  I'm not sure if you saw the APEC conference that was held here, where like a comedy team from the ABC actually dressed the guy up as Osama, put him in a limousine, put Canadian flags on the car, and just waltzed on in.  It's amazing, they have all this on footage.  You can google it and have a look.  But it's amazing, the guys are running down, and they're just being given, with all the money they spent on APEC, and you know scaring the entire city to sort of stay away.  These guys just walked in with a guy, dressed as Osama.


Alan: Yeah, I know, but you wonder too, how much of it really is purpose-made distraction for the public.  But this defence budget, is a lot of it going to your navy? 


Sam: Yeah, that's right, a lot of it.


Alan: Yeah, because the U.S. Navy will be declining.  You're right enough, and you'll have to take over. 


Sam: Oh, $18 billion a year for a country that's...


Alan: They can always get cash for that, can't they eh?  But they can't give you a good health treatment.  Thanks for calling in, Sam.


Sam: Thanks, Alan.


Alan: And from myself and Hamish in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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