May 27th, 2009 (#329)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 27th, 2009:

GMO Corn to Beans, the Method is the Means:

"What if the Military-Industrial Complex Should
Control the Entire Industry of Your Food,
Promising Abundance, Manna from Heaven,
While Their Real Motive is Food as Weapon?
Forty Years Ago, Great Meetings, Oration,
World Leaders Discussed Depopulation,
Third-World to be Taken Down Fast,
First-World Countries to be Left 'til Last,
Gradually Succumbing to Crippling Disease,
Sterilized, Media-Guided with Ease,
Ponder the News, in Your Mind Mull
Statements by Philanthropists Advocating a Cull,
Illness and Suffering, No Consciences Prick
The Guardian Class as Vast Peoples are Sick"
© Alan Watt May 27th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 27th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 27th of May, 2009.  Now there's always newcomers coming into this show, so look into website, you will be redirected to the site, and that's okay, all the stuff is on there that you need to know.  The audios, going back for years, that I've put up there for you to listen to for free, and you can download them to your heart's content, where I go over the big, the big picture, filling in the blank spots, to show you the world is in actual fact a predetermined system, run by a very few people really, but they do have a thousand organizations or more, that deal with every facet of your social life.  And a long time ago they bypassed any idea of democracy, in fact, they had no intention of really giving the public democracy at all, and really NGOs and big foundations had been working, putting politicians into power, politicians who are members of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and the Council on Foreign Relations, the Fabian Society, etc.  Putting them into power and really reorganizing government from within.  That was the Fabian technique, and they've pulled it all off.  They have a world society coming into view, but what they call themselves, a New World Order, where specialists will literally guide us from cradle to grave all through our lives.  Experts.  And we'll have no choices to make by ourselves.  So go into, as I say, you'll be transferred through to, and you can download as many of the archive's audios as you wish.  Also look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download for print up, and they are written in the various languages of Europe.  Those who support me, financially that is, and there's not an awful lot of them, I thank you very much, and I think it's time that other people joined in, and kept me going, because I do have to put up other sites.  I've got trouble with yahoo at the moment.  Some big shot at the top has leaned on them to lean on me, and the .com site basically is stuck at around 6.5 gigs, even though I had under 10 gigs on the old plan, I'm on the new plan now, which is unlimited space, and they can't figure out what's wrong supposedly.  I can't upload to it.  It's taken them since Friday, and they still haven't fixed it.  But I've got a little birdie telling me that bigger powers are at work behind this, and I'm sure a lot of people know that cyber security is well in action today.  Well in action.  And those that have been saying the truth, and there's not very many of them, will definitely get attacked, and you've got to try and keep ahead by keeping up, or putting up new websites.  It's the only way to keep ahead of them at the moment.  Eventually, of course, we'll all get pulled down, and you'll be left with space aliens and stuff like that, and outer limits. 


You know, there is so much happening now, that it all basically adds to what I've been saying for many, many years, and that is that the public are treated as children.  We're never really told the truth about anything.  We're given fairy tales, really, fairy tales as excuses for things, and I remember reading from a man who was a true expert on the mind, many, many years ago, and he said, that in politics for instance, when they give an excuse to the public for some major change, if there is even 1% of plausibility to it, the public will accept it.  Even though 99% is against it, we will accept it, and that's what's happening today with the excuses we are given for everything.  Back after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Before I go on to my talk tonight, remember for those who simply get discs burned, and passed to them because they don't use computers, you can get in touch with me, if you want to donate or buy the books I have on the site, at, you can write to me [listed above]. And that will be greatly appreciated, because the costs as I say, are kind of going astronomical at the moment, as I put up and get set up new sites, to at least fill in the gap, should I get pulled from yahoo, as I say yahoo definitely has been leaned on, and they're leaning on me, and supposedly they can upload to my site without problem from their end, but I can't do it from my end, and they just can't figure out why.  Maybe if they punched in the proper codes, the access denied would be removed, and I'd be able to do it myself.  And it's paid in advance by the way, and it's unlimited disc space, etc.  So it's up to you to keep me going, and those who donate, your donations are greatly and very needily appreciated. 


Last night I talked about how various doctors' associations now are trying to get a moratorium going on the GMO foods, because of all the problems that it's causing, and it's well known to cause, because the physical problems have been appearing in the general public for years now, including the diabetes, etc.  We're being biologically altered, just like they've altered the fish and everything else out there.  Very, very simple.  We're allergic now to everything, and that was known at the very beginning the massive allergy problem to do with these GMO crops.  Here's an article going back to August 2000, August 13th 2000, and it was in the Observer.  It's a


Special report: what's wrong with our food?


(Alan: Now remember, this was reported back then.  All this was known back then.)


by Antony Barnett, public affairs editor


A health warning was sounded last night over the dangers of eating soya after two senior American government scientists revealed that chemicals in the product could increase the risk of breast cancer in women, brain damage in men and abnormalities in infants.


The disclosure, which sent shockwaves through the multi-billion dollar food industry, came after the scientists decided to break ranks with colleagues in the US Food and Drug Administration and oppose its decision last year to approve a health claim


(A: Now these guys were working in the Food and Drug Administration, and they broke rank with their colleagues, because the politically correct way to put this thing across, the PR that the public was to get, was to try and suggest that it reduced the risk of heart disease, but these guys knew their tests had proven the opposite.  And they weren't prepared to lie.)


They wrote an internal protest letter warning of 28 studies revealing toxic effects of soya.


In an interview with The Observer, one of the scientists, Daniel Doerge, an expert on soya, said: 'We have very real worries that this health claim will be used by the industry as an endorsement of much wider health benefits to soya beyond the heart. Research has shown a clear link between soya and the potential for adverse effects in humans.'


BSE and other health scares related to meat have led to rocketing sales of soya-related products in Britain. But it is not just vegetarian foods such as tofu that use soya. It is a key ingredient in products from meat sausages and fish fingers to salad creams and breakfast cereals.


It's also, soya flour is now in pretty well every candy you can buy and in chocolates and everything.  So they knew this kind of stuff was happening back then.  So why has it been promoted from the top?  Why have Presidents just signed it through executive order into law that you must have this kind of stuff?  Why have prime ministers done the same thing?  Why is it a must-be?  Well, it's a must-be because of what I was reading last night, the effects it has, it's bringing down the population.  It's helping to cause infertility.  That's a prime mandate for those who rule the world and all the big foundations that guide us along. 


At that meeting, I mentioned a few days ago, at the Billionaires Club, they call themselves the Good Club, with the Rockefeller, Gates, etc, they talked openly about depopulation, and bringing the population down by two-thirds, these great philanthropists.  And they mean business.  And guess what, it's part of government policies across the planet.  That's why, rather than reduce the stuff, they're pushing more and more G.M. crops on the public.  That's why, it's quite simple.  These guys really mean it.  In every report they have at the top, they're always on about overpopulation, overpopulation.  Malthusian concepts.  And they fudge figures since the day of Malthus.  Malthus churned out charts galore.  And according to him, 50 years after his first chart was brought out, the people in Britain would have been standing 5 feet deep on top of each other.  It never happened.  It was all fake.  But they mean business.  You see, they're all eugenicists at the top, and according to them, everything runs on economics, and if you don't have a purpose to serve this economic system in a post-industrial society, there is no place for you.  You're simply a useless eater, as Lord Bertrand Russell called them.  And they really, really do mean business. 


All this anti-terrorism stuff that was pushed upon the world immediately following September the 11th, 2001, in a coordinated effort with every country on board at the same time, took years to plan in advance, to have all countries on board, and put in the exact same anti-terrorism laws, worldwide.  That takes years and years of planning.  And it's real purpose, remember, is to control society as they really take it down into the new.  That's its real purpose.  And for a totalitarian regime, world regime, it's essential that everyone must be 100% predictable.  Therefore, they must have daily data on everything that you do.  That's the real meaning of totalitarianism.  That's what it's all about.  Remember, Kissinger gave a speech over in Europe, I think it was Germany, when he was asked what did they mean by terrorism, what was the U.S. definition?  Kissinger said, that according to the American definition, a terrorist was anyone who opposes the New World Order.  Remember, their earlier Fabian writers, PR writers like H.G. Wells wrote back in the 1920s, that many would die fighting the New World Order.  He called it that too.  That's the words he used.  This is an ongoing agenda, hidden from the public, as they're entertained, as they're given trivia, more trivia than any previous generation ever had access to.  Hundreds of TV channels and stations to play with.  But they're told nothing about the truth.  They're treated as children.  They're kept as children.  And the media out there, the media's job, up until now, has been to keep you as children, by giving you lame excuses for everything that's happening.  And never telling you to ponder this for yourself, because like Brzezinski said in the 1970s, shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves.  They'll look to the media, to give them their thoughts for the day, basically.  And that's been happening.  There are some children out there that will ask the obvious questions, that adults won't.  They'll ask why all the time.  Why?  When something makes no sense, they ask why. 


You know, I used to wonder when I was small, because that's when in Britain, the processed foods were coming in very, very quickly when I was small, and mothers and families started to eat more canned food.  And really there was only two main canned companies, and that was Heinz and Campbell's.  And I thought, this stuff obviously is the same across the planet.  These companies are supplying how many millions of families with these foods.  And there was something about it that put a question mark in my mind.  Never mind the money and the power to get to that status.  Never mind the incredible advertising, it cost an incredible amount of money, and of course they were putting the various MSGs into the foods that penetrate deep into the taste buds, to make you addicted to certain tastes.  So much so that children growing up in that era, eventually wouldn't even eat homemade soup that was full of nutrients, etc.  They liked the canned stuff, that's what they were used to, because it gives you an instant hit.  They put it in all candies as well, they do the same thing.  And I've said before too, that in a totalitarian system, that had to bypass any ideas of democracy, you could never truly have free enterprise on a large scale.  Because everything would have to be underneath the control or within the control of the rulers.  That goes with all food.  That's why you've seen the food agri-businesses, which I'm sure are all one in reality, going for the entire food of the planet, and I'm sure the big boys at the canned stuff are part of it too.  Back with more after these messages.


I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about how in a truly controlled society, you couldn't have free competition, especially when it comes to technology.  Food, who owns the food, obviously?  Since it's a warfare technique, food has been used all down through the ages, as a weapon.  And therefore, who did make these big corporations a long time ago.  Is it just coincidence that John Kerry, remember married, out of all the people on the planet, he was so desirable that the heiress of Heinz married him.  Is there something in common somewhere, with all this processed food?  And you'll think, well, what's wrong with that?  What's wrong with processed food, they're just businesses?  Are they really just businesses?  Are they really? 


Here's an article going back to January the 7th, 1998.  And it's about an experiment that was done on children in the U.S.  It says:


MIT to Pay Victims $1.85 Million in Fernald Radiation Settlement

By Zareena Hussain

Associate News Editor


MIT and Quaker Oats Co. (A: Everybody loves Quaker Oats.  You all think it's run by Quakers, it never was.  Never was.)


MIT and Quaker Oats Co. agreed last week to pay $1.85 million to children at the Walter E. Fernald State School who were subjects of nutrition studies (A: They called it nutrition studies, listen to this.) during the 1940s and 1950s as part of an out of court settlement. The students were fed breakfast cereals (A: Quaker Oats, as a deal with, they knew, Quaker Oats company knew what they were doing. And so did definitely MIT.  MIT is a big government player.  Big front company basically.)


The students were fed breakfast cereals laced with minute amounts of radioactive iron and calcium tracers. Children were encouraged to take part in the testing with promises of gifts or trips to Red Sox games.


(A: Do you realize that people who will do this will do anything?  Do you realize that?  Do you?  Do you realize the government had to be involved in this, and given approval?  Children.)


Fernald had been officially designated as a school for retarded children, although some of the residents at the time of the experiment were not retarded.


Following the declassification of federal records (A: Government records, you have to wait until they're declassified.) on post-war radiation experiments in 1993 (A: That's how long they kept it quiet), a state task force investigating postwar radiation experiments throughout Massachusetts found children at Fernald were used in experiments without the informed consent of parents. A class action suit against MIT and Quaker Oats was filed by former students in December 1995.


A statement issued following the settlement said that the money will come primarily from MIT.


(A: Well, they're funded pretty well completely by the government.  They're an advanced arm, really of the communications industry as well, and the CIA, and the NSA.)


"I look on it as the tuition of 20 students," said Vice President for Research and Dean for Graduate Education, J. David Litster PhD 65, who investigated MIT's involvement in the Fernald experiments and presented his findings to the state task force in 1994. The Institute is not insured for such a liability so the money for the settlement will come directly from Institute funds, Litster said.


The amount of money going to each individual subject to the experiments will depend on the number of people who file claims…


How many of them are dead with cancers, eh?  That will be secret too you see.  I remember reading on the air, an experiment that the British navy had done, on behalf of the British government, department of defence, on people of Norwich, where ships off the coast, opened up canisters of a certain kind of gas, which had various poisons in it, and cadmium was the main one.  Cadmium.  And they sprayed it, using the wind to carry it into the coastal area and across the county.  And then the National Health Service could record the people's health going downhill, quietly mind you, and secretively for the rest of their lives.  I've told people, we don't have to worry about the Russians or the Chinese, when you know what your governments have been doing on you.  It was the same thing in California, San Francisco, years ago, when Naval ships, U.S. Naval ships had done the same thing with types of flu, and let it spread all over the city.  And the things that are going on now, well, they won't make it public, for about 50 years, after we're all dead, with all kinds of strange causes that doctors simply are not educated to diagnose.  Just sudden allergies, and sudden this and sudden that.  And complete immune response collapses, etc, etc.  That's how it's going at the moment with the G.M. foods.  They know what they're doing.  Chronic aging diseases, diabetes type 2 now is treated pretty well solely by insulin.  For years it was treated simply by little pills to stimulate the pancreas and weight reduction.  It worked fine.  What's happened to the bodies?  Back with more after these messages.


I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now, when you go into, although you'll be transferred to the site, I'm going to put up links at the end of this show on genetically modified foods, and a lot of the details.  Even one from Green Peace of all places, where they list all the different types of vegetables that have been modified, and they also show you ways to try to avoid buying this kind of stuff.  It's so difficult today, because we're not given all the information.  As I say it's all done in secretive methods.  We're not let in until after the facts, always.  And some countries won't even label the GM food at all.  And even when it comes to organic labeling, there's a difference between 100% organic and 70% and so on, and it gets very, very confusing.  So, I'll put these links up anyway.  It will give you an idea of what they've been into, and it's pretty well everything that you take on a fairly regular basis as a stable diet.  Even the coffee.  And I've talked about the coffee before, where it was the purchasers who demanded about 8 years ago, 9 years ago, they demanded that the growers start using the modified coffee bushes.  Even though the growers were not complaining about lack of profits or not enough yield, or anything like that, it was the purchasers who are the big stick obviously, who would simply bypass you, unless you changed to the modified ones.  Why?  Why was that so important?  Why was it so important?


It's not just Monsanto and these boys wanting to get extremely stinking rich.  It's not that at all.  They'd love for us to believe that, as I say, if there's 1% of plausibility to something, the public will generally accept it, and ignore the 99% of the alarm bells that are going off.  And that's again, how you treat children.  Give them something that's kind of far out, but 1% plausible.  It's good enough for us.  So, as I say, I'll put these links up on my site, at the end of the show.  Go in and have a good read through them.  It's quite extensive, but it's better reading this kind of stuff, than into the trivia, or watching television, because this might just help extend your life if not save it. 


And, I always laugh too, when things are announced as to come, when they've already been done, and implemented within the public sphere.  This is from the Washington Post, and it's from yesterday, May 26th.  It says:


President Obama is expected to announce late this week that he will create a "cyber czar," a senior White House official who will have broad authority to develop strategy to protect the nation's government-run and private computer networks, according to people who have been briefed on the plan. 


(A: Well, guess what.  It was just last week there, a whole bunch of new regulations and snooping went on.  It was implemented on behalf of the cyber war crews across the U.S. and Canada, and Europe.  So they announce it as though it's still to come.  It says:)


The adviser will have the most comprehensive mandate granted to such an official to date and will probably be a member of the National Security Council but will report to the national security adviser as well as the senior White House economic adviser, said the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the deliberations are not final.


(A: As I say, this is already done.)


The announcement will coincide with the long-anticipated release of a 40-page report that evaluates the government's cybersecurity initiatives and policies.


(A: Now the policy part is important, because you're going to see massive takedown of sites that are deemed politically incorrect.  Guarantee it.  It's already happening.  It says.)


The report is intended to outline a "strategic vision" (A: Strategic vision.  They love these words, strategic, in warfare.) and the range of issues the new adviser must handle, but it will not delve into details, administration officials told reporters last month.


Cybersecurity "is vitally important, and the government needs to be coordinated on this," a White House official said Friday, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "The report give conclusions and next steps. It's trying to steer us in the right direction."


(A: Do you realize, go through the history of the internet.  It was the U.S. and the NSA that had this system all throughout the Cold War.  And by the time they'd watered it down for the public's use, they were in complete charge of it back then, when they first gave it to us.  Because they weren't going to allow anything to get out of their grasp.  So all this stuff about cyber terrorism etc, is utter nonsense.  They can trace anybody, anytime immediately.  They have more information on you and what you've done in the past on the internet than you'll ever, ever remember.  They have it all laid out, dates, times, everything.  Content, you name it.  So what's it really all about?  It's to start taking down those sites who are making a difference.  That's what it's for.  They gave us a few years to play with it.  They want to get people hooked on it.  And now they're bringing in the Cloud shortly, and they don't want the nuisance factors being out there, giving alternate information to the public.  That's what it's all about.  That's what it's all about.  It says:)


The document will not resolve the politically charged issue of what role the National Security Agency, the premier electronic surveillance agency, will have in protecting (A: Protecting) private-sector networks. The issue is a key concern in policy circles, and experts say it requires a full and open debate over legal authorities and the protection of citizens' e-mails and phone calls.


Well, they've already told us they've been monitoring all our emails and phone calls for years.  So there you have your doublespeak.  And it's interesting too, that supposedly Obama, I say supposedly, because I think these Presidents and Prime Ministers simply do what they're told by the higher authorities, when they get in.  But Obama is going full-steam ahead with his plans for pre-arrest.  They call them pre-arrest.  That's what they called it in Britain when they brought out their anti-terrorism bill.  Meaning they can grab you, kidnap you, and hold you indefinitely, it could be the rest of your life, without informing anybody or any relative or anything, where you are, or the fact that they've done it.  On the simple suspicion that you might, you might commit a crime.  You might commit a crime.  That's against, that's completely against the Constitution, but hey, who's worrying about that these days.  It's pretty well been trashed.  And the last part of the trashing is happening right now.  And it truly is up to the public to make a stink about it, if they want it or not.  It truly is in the legal definition.  Anyone can be just snatched off the street, and disappear, on pre-arrest, like the movie Minority Report.  That's why they put the movie out, it was part of the conditioning towards what was to come.  Gets it familiar in your head, so it doesn't shock you when you hear it for the first time.  It will be kind of familiar to you.  Predictive programming.  Amazing, eh?  The U.S. was the only country at the time, when it first started up, to give protection against this kind of thing to the average person.  The first in the world, the history of the world.  Kings and Queens were doing this stuff regularly all down through history, just grabbing folk, shoving them in dungeons, torturing them, killing them.  There was no warrants.  They weren't even necessary.  The U.S. was the first country to come out and give the people rights.  Now you're watching them utterly trashed.  Utterly trashed.  Incredible. 


Now getting back to the modified stuff, and what else is getting used.


MSG as Crop Spray


Currently, the EPA has approved a new crop spray called Auxigro, which contains 29.2% pharmaceutical grade glutamic acid (MSG), for use on crops in the US.  This is despite the fact that the FDA in 1995 proposed that free glutamic acid be labeled due to its potentially deadly affect on individuals with asthma.


(A: Well, it's been rocketing in the last while, and I've been reading the reports of them.  And there's two links on this site to do with this particular problem.)


Note also in the EPA's links above


(A: That's the two, I'll put on my site at the end of the show.)


"The Agency is not requiring information on the endocrine effects on these compounds at this time."


(A: So why, why are they not going into the endocrine effects as well?  It says:)


And also....


"Waivers have been requested for acute toxicity, genotoxicity, reproductive (A: Reproductive, very important.  It's amazing how each thing that they do to public fulfills part of the mission, of reducing the population) reproductive and developmental toxicity, subchronic toxicity, chronic toxicity, and acute toxicity to nontarget species based on GABA's ubiquity in nature, use as a pharmaceutical agent, favorable toxicological profile in chronic and other toxicology studies, and inconsequential exposure resulting from label-directed uses."


Those waivers were granted.


(A: And what they were even wondering, is this:)


We believe that the reason is: it may have been responsible (A: May have.  I think it's partly responsible) for Colony Collapse Disorder that has resulted been devastating bee hives in the US. (A: And elsewhere.) Our theory is simply this:  Bees use pheromones - chemical signals affect nearly all of their most important behaviors.  The one we suspect that is involved here is o-aminoacetophenone.  This particular pheromone is NATURALLY released by the Queen and repels the workers when she feels threatened.  Unfortunately, this compound is found in fermented dairy products as well.  Unfortunately, because dairy is high in MSG - casein was chosen as the food item used to MAKE Auxigro.  It contains hydrolyzed casein.  We suspect since this is agricultural use - that there are probably traces of o-aminoacetophenone still present in Auxigro.  Basically spraying this stuff from airplanes has blanketed the country with the very pheromone that tells bees to abandon the queen.  Not very bright if you ask us. 


The other part of the problem is, the fact is, the bees also are going for the pollen on the flowers, on all the stuff that's modified and it's killing them off as well, because this stuff is soaked in pesticide, partly, that's partly it, and they also make their own pesticides, remember, and herbicides, that's poisonous.  Poisonous.  Amazing, isn't it?


Now, I've talked about the big, big foundations, and how they fund thousands of other foundations, under the guise of charity and philanthropy.  And it isn't until you manage to get someone sneaking into their meetings, you find out they're all about generally depopulation, and so on, and how to manage society as they go through this agenda, these wonderful philanthropists.  And I've gone through the histories of some of the top foundations that started up in the late 1800s, early 1900s, and how they had their own magazines out at the time to do with eugenics, and they had the perfect American family photographs on their journals every month and so on, and these are the same foundations that meet today, still under the guise of philanthropy.  And I've mentioned too, how it's run on the same system as the Soviet Union, because the foundations fund the non-governmental organizations, which lobby government.  And then government says, well we have to act.  These people have demanded this happen, and then they say the people have spoken.  Well, the people haven't spoken, the lobby groups demanded.  That's how the Soviet Union was run.  Soviet means rule by councils.  And every NGO in the Soviet Union, they had their leaders appointed by the Politburo.  Here the foundations simply do it and bypass governments.  This is from the


How the Government funds lobby groups to lobby it for money


What have the following groups all got in common?


(A: This is May 25th)


What have the following groups all got in common?


- Bath & North East Somerset Racial Equality Council

-  Black & Minority Ethnic Carers Support Service

- Camden & Westminster Refugee Training Partnership (C&WRTP)

- Consortium of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender voluntary and Community Organisations

- Gypsy/Travel Education & Information Project North East (GTEIP)

- MOSAIC Black & Mixed Parentage Family Group

- National Council for One Parent Families|Gingerbread (A: They're getting funded by government.)

- North Yorkshire Black and Minority Ethnic Strategy Board

- Pakistan Community Association and Multicultural Advice Centre


(A: And that's only a little bit, and they're focusing mainly on the minorities here.  It's much, much bigger than that.  It's every aspect of social existence.)


You got it - they're all paid for by you, the taxpaying fools, among a list of 286 organisations funded by your generosity this year, thanks to that £80 million super-quango, the Equality and Human Rights Commission.


If the next government is serious about ridding our country of what is now quite a serious corruption problem, it could start with the EHRC, which is not just an expensive waste of money but a menace both to race relations and transparent government.


Many of the groups on the list are perfectly harmless: there’s nothing wrong with them, provided they are paid for by private individuals.


But the dividing line between charity and lobby group is always grey, and some of the charities listed are explicitly political – and even have considerable influence on Government policy. In some cases the taxpayer pays for a pressure group to lobby the Government to spend more money on funding for pressure groups, among other things. Meanwhile the jobs advertised help to fund newspapers, both national and local, which use their editorial power to support this quangocracy and slander any critics as racists or homophobes.


What we’re left with is a socialist negative feedback loop and a system that exists, as it was once said about both the French aristocracy and the Soviet Communist party, solely in order to exist.


That's from the  And that's only scraping a little bit of this kind of racket that goes on.  Every country is doing it.  I used to wonder why during the Cold War, during the Cold War, the Canadian government was funding supposedly radical groups.  Ultra Feminist, beyond feminism, and beyond everything else, beyond even anarchy.  And funding restaurants and coffee houses where they could go and sing radical songs.  I found this out when I was asked to sing at one of them.  And the person asked me to sing something more radical.  I says, well why.  And she said, because that's how we get our funding from the government is to promote radicalization of society.  Go into it and see the grants.  That's a fact.  It's written right there in the government policies on these groups.  They must be for radical change.  Radical.  Well, who's guiding the change, do you think?  It's not the ordinary citizen.  Who's guiding the change?  Who's in charge of this, and where are we all going?  I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I'll try and grab some of the callers here, and we'll go to Chez from South Dakota.  Are you there Chez?


Chez: Yeah, hi.  Thanks for taking my call Alan.  How are you?


Alan: Not so bad.


Chez: Hey, yesterday, and of course today, you were talking about the G.M.O. crop, and I had seen a similar by Jeffrey Smith, you know, they cover soy, cotton, canola, and corn.  But he said the #5, the big one that's in the future is going to be the sugar beet, which is 30% of the sugar.


Alan: That's right.  They've already passed that and it's in production now. 


Chez: Well, see, this is recent, and then I looked it up, and it turned out they've already been doing that in early 2008.  And that's pretty much Michigan's big crop, and it actually points out Monsanto on the thing I was reading.  So that closes a big escape path for a lot of people trying to be natural.


Alan: I know.  The thought of everything that you would do as a person, when you find out, and they're trying to close all the doors, until you've got no option but to eat what they supply you with. 


Chez: Yep.  That's what all those processed foods really do, is like you said, it's one man behind the whole thing, and people don't see that.  Something else, real fast, I was at a lubricants convention seminar up in Duluth last week, and I won't give the company name, and we were talked to by some trend experts, and there's something interesting going on in the diesel market.  It has to do with all this, and you're talking about the EPA and emissions.  Okay, diesel soot emissions are not on the same level as hydrocarbons that gasoline engines emit.  But because they're black, this whole greening thing, it's easier to point the finger at diesel trucks.  Well since 2006, they've been putting these diesel particulate filters, they created a whole new industry.  It costs $2,000 to $10,000 to outfit these trucks now, including light trucks.  They're not attacking the cars just yet.  But diesels are becoming less efficient, right when everybody tells us everything is going to go diesel.  Well, we just found out, that they're choking these emissions off, they weren't bad in the first place, and now it's going to stop transportation companies, and there's only going to be like two or three big transportation companies.  This is another lie.


Alan: That is the idea behind it too, and plus, you know, everything that the trucker has to do to his rig to keep it on the road, including the filters, has to be passed on to the consumer, and that's everything that's transported to your stores.


Chez: Well, you're going to laugh about this.  I'm not too happy about this, but the company that I represent, they acted like, well, they went with the Global Warming thing, even though I get their little side emails, where they're talking about how it's all fake like I believe.  But, they said, hey look, we're going to be the ones to profit from this, and that's such a double standard, even my own colleagues, people at my level talk like that, rather than say, well, you know, we know this is a big lie, we need to fight it.  So even the people in your neighborhood give in when it comes to making a dollar.


Alan: I know.


Chez: So, I'll leave you on that.  I was kind of stressed on that.  I've been watching this.  No one is talking about it.  And, at the end of the diesel, what are we going to do after diesel, you know and they want to get rid of gasoline vehicles, what do you make of that?


Alan:  Well, I guess they'll start phasing all things out eventually.  They've even said in their own reports, there will be sudden reductions in about 30 years of the entire world's population, so they've got it all figured out as they start bringing it all down in fact.  It's all figured out.  It's a time table in fact, a big business plan.


Chez: Thank you.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  For the other callers, please call tomorrow. 


This hour just shoots in, and I never even get through most of the articles I'm ready to read to you, which is a shame.  Look into which is going to for all the links for tonight's topics.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



Topics of show covered in following links:

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"Obama Set to Create A Cybersecurity Czar With Broad Mandate" by Ellen Nakashima ( - May 26, 2009.

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"Notice of Filing of Pesticide Petitions" Environmental Protection Agency (

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"How the Government funds lobby groups to lobby it for money" by Ed West ( - May 25, 2009.

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