June 3, 2009 (# 334)


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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 3, 2009:

Carbon Trading's Jumpin' Jack Flash -- He's a Gas, Gas, Gas:

"Con-Schemes of Plutocracy Always Pass,
Now the Winner is CO2 Gas,
Making a Fortune Trading Taxes and Debit,
Which No-one can Prove, That's to Their Credit,
International Corporations Making Profits Galore,
Paid by Little Consumer, Taxed Silly and Sore,
World Government Fascii is Surely Risen
As Each Nation-State is Turned into Prison,
The Planned Society Comes into View,
The Mass to be Peasants Ruled by the Few,
A Rich Intelligentsia, Idealism of Eons,
Use Fabian Governments to Re-Order the Peons,
No More the Rich Cultures of Variety,
As World is Standardized into Single Society"
© Alan Watt June 3, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 3, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 3rd of June 2009.  For newcomers to the show, you can look in to cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Now, amazingly enough, after all the complaints the people sent to Yahoo, they’ve resolved the problem which they couldn’t explain.  However, supposedly, it’s resolved for the moment.  I still suggest the people look through all my other sites.  Remember you can go through the .com web site and there you’ll see all the other sites I have and choose a site to download from.  They all carry the shows, the archives and so on.  That will spread the bandwidth across all the different servers and give them less reason to play games with us here.  So go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download as many of the shows as you wish because history is made at the time and it’s lost very easily when shows are simply pulled off the internet.  This is all coming down bit by bit as the world authority takes control of the entire internet structure.  They’ve got the people hooked on it now and they hope to start to implement their policies of control and keep the people now hooked on it.  Eventually, you’ll get regular media taking over as the cloud system comes in and they’ll transfer most people over quite happily… without even noticing, really.  They’re in the process of doing that at the moment, in fact, because the first dibs, first big picks, for the big bandwidth space, etc for the new system goes to the big, regular media.  That’s all been decided. 


You can also too, if anything happens to my other sites, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu because you can also have the same audios to download PLUS transcripts written in the various languages of Europe for print-up.  That’s a good idea too.  Always keep that in mind. 


Those who keep me going, there’s not too many people do keep me going here.  Thousands and thousands listen but it’s like the regular media, they turn me on and there you are and that’s as far as they think about it, really.  I don’t take any offers from advertisers to pay me.  Most people do.  That’s what Patriot radio runs on.  The advertising you hear on this show goes to pay for the show.  It pays for the satellite broadcasting.  It pays for the technicians and equipment, etc that RBN needs to keep going themselves.  So you the people keep me going and it’s up to you to maintain that if you like what you’re hearing.  You can send donations on my site through PayPal or you can send personal checks within Canada and the US to me.  Those who simply want to write to me, you can write to me [listed above].


And we’ll see, as I say, what happens with the next attack.  I already know that they have higher agencies dealing with Homeland Security snooping into my affairs, as well.  I’ve had some notification from one of them.  You got to understand that the big system of what the internet, for instance, to do with ICANN.  ICANN itself was set up BY Homeland Security.  It’s still run by the NSA, for the whole world.  The NSA is not national.  It’s international.  It always was.  Right now, they’re snooping around not only to me, in fact, but to people I know - even to those that help me do what I’m doing here… by sending me stuff, etc - inquiring about me.   If they can’t get a legal way, they’ll find some other way to get AT you.  So I always expect the worst and carry on regardless.  Back in a moment after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is an interesting system.  Really, it’s very, very old.  It’s where all your reality comes from.  It’s done through intergenerational training and conditioning from birth by people who understand these sciences going along a policy, set out a LONG time ago, to bring in a world socialist system.  A system that really was mentioned THOUSANDS of years ago by Plato in his Republic and taken up in the 1700s by the burgeoning eugenics groups that really came to the fore later with Darwin.  Out of Darwinism came… along with Darwinism, in fact, a good friend of Darwin was Karl Marx.  In fact, Karl Marx dedicated his 4th or 5th edition to Darwin because he said that validated the whole concept of socialism or communism - depends which word you want to take.  Socialism is a slower process to get into communism, where government itself takes over ALL affairs of humanity including the economic system.  They also had it written in to their manifestos that there would be a SUPER WEALTHY ELITE, a guardian class, that would bring up people to be winners to join them, allow them up there, bring them up, help them up, in fact, and they would be a form of Samurai Class according to HG Wells, who belonged to the Fabian Society, and George Bernard Shaw, who wrote Man and Superman.  The Nazi regime basically picked up on all of this and ran with it.  So did the communist or the Soviets in Russia.  Believing that man was an animal that could be trained intergenerationally into a higher being, a perfected being, something that the scientists and the social behavioral psychologists and specialists would shape.  


Along the way, in this system where they give us a wrestling match.  That’s what, really, politics is:  a wrestling match that we MUST believe in between this party and that party.  In democracy, of course, you don’t really vote a new party IN, you vote the last party OUT… you’re so sick of them.  That’s why we keep doing it, you see.  We never see beyond thatThe same agenda carries on regardless of who appears to be in power.  I say ‘appears’ to be in power because everyone goes in with a mandate from a master and you’re never told who the master happens to be but you can certainly find out when the same policies have been prattled on about from the big foundations and their leaders for many years before the new politician comes along and spouts off the same stuff.  That tells you who his masters are. 


It was no different from Tony Blair or Mr. Brown.  This is the complete Fabian society.  It’s the CONTROLLED SOCIETY, THE MANAGED SOCIETY, which does believe in eugenics; it does believe in depopulation; it does believe in the eradication and the sterilization of what they call the unfit.  Believe it or not, you have to read all their books to find this out.  It’s all throughout their writings.  George Bernard Shaw who was a co-founder of the Fabian Society, and remember, it was to infiltrate government SLOWLY and SLOWLY and then in 100 years - that was the end of the millennium - it would take over.  That was the idea.  And to regulate all finance, all economics and all citizens.  Bernard Shaw, in that movie - I’ve got the link up there somewhere - to do with the Soviet Story, you’ll see him, an old movie reel of him, saying that when we are in power, YOU, the people, will have to come to US and validate and explain why we should keep YOU alive.  See, the whole purpose in this state is to SERVE the world state… happily.  That’s what George Bernard Shaw wrote about in Man and Superman


His partner, HG Wells was trained by the grandpop of the Huxleys, Sir Thomas Huxley.  He was trained, picked up and trained for his career as a propagandist for them.  They were also part of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations.  HG Wells wrote about that in his Modern Utopia.  It’s a boring, boring book to get through but it’s ALL in there including, he said, we don’t have to kill them all off at once… all the inferior types and the defective types and those with physical hereditary disabilities.  They’d simply sterilize them and let them die off.  THESE ARE THE HEROES OF THOSE WHO CREATED THE UNITED NATIONS.   That’s why the United Nations Charter and all their mandates are identical with the Fabian Society and the Royal Institute for International Affairs. 


Once and a while they’ll get politicians who are so eager to get up there they start to believe in their own publicity.  That’s a no-no for anyone in the entertainment industry and that’s really what they are, these politicians.  They’re entertainers in the wrestling ring for the public to boo or cheer, depending.  The media, of course, will give you the good ones or the bad ones.  Once in a while, they’ll pick someone who’s a willing fool - lots of ambition, greed, etc - bring them to the top, get them to put in a lot of very unpopular laws and then throw them to the wolves.  Before they throw them to the wolves, they’ll make it up in the papers to show you what they’re really in to. 


Now they could pick ANY politician and clean out their closet and put it on public view but they don’t.  So you know that when they do it for one person, this person was a willing fool.  They were set up to do something very unpopular and then get thrown to the public to keep the farce going that the public have some sort of say in something.  We have no say whatsoever.  I said weeks ago that Jacqui Smith who was in charge of the British Homeland Security, basically, the Home Office, who’d rammed through so many unpopular policies that she did NOT come up with.  She was told by her masters.  I said they’ll throw her to the wolves.  I knew because they were already exposing some of her private… basically, crookedness, crooked affairs, like diddling the tax man and so on and claiming so much money for herself on her expenses.  But they ALL do that so why did they pick on her?  Because once she’s out of the way, everyone will just go back to sleep again thinking, I guess things are okay.  No.  All the laws that were passed when she was there will stay on the books.  Whoever takes over will carry them on just the same way.  They won’t go in to if it’s a guy, they won’t go into his closet.  That’s what happens.  They pick people like this and bring them down after they’ve served their purpose.  It says here…. This is from The Telegraph. 


Jacqui Smith: an ignominious end to an inglorious career

By Philip Johnston, Politics - The Telegraph

June 2nd, 2009


Whitehall sources tell us that Jacqui Smith is to step down in a reshuffle expected next week. Let’s face it: she will hardly be placed in the front rank of Home Secretaries. There will be no litany of notable holders of the post that begins with Peel, proceeds through Churchill and Jenkins and continues with Smith. As the occupant of one of the great offices of state, Jacqui Smith’s two years as Home Secretary have been a lamentable failure.  (Alan:  Then it goes on to try and explain why.  As I say, believe you me, if she had been groomed to really stay up there, she could have ripped of the public 1000 times over and the media would never have given you a whiff of it.  That’s how it really is… in the real world.) 


Now, we’ve all heard about the big GMO business and the chemical industry that go along with it.  It’s all part… I’ve gone through some of the histories of some of them.  They’re all PART of the big military-industrial complex.  About a year ago, I read about THOUSANDS of Indians killing themselves because they were losing their farms, literally, to United Nations organizations.  The World Trade Organization, The World Bank, etc that puts them all into debt.  Tells them, of course, gives them loans they can’t repay and brings in up-to-date farming.  In other words, chemical farming.  Then they have to go cap-in-had to their masters and get the GMO seed because the terminator gene was to ensure they could not save the seed from every crop.  They have to go back to the masters every year.  This is at the same time, of course, that Evelyn DeRothschild and Co. were taking over these farms as the guys were killing themselves off.  Thousands of suicides.  This is all worked out in advance.  This is an article from Global Research to do with India. 


Biopiracy, GM Seeds and Rural India

"Over 100,000 farmers have committed suicide..."

by Priya Kumar

Global Research, June 2, 2009


The reality for the average Indian remains the same: agricultural cultivation and the ability to farm is the bedrock of rural living. With its historical practices, values, and communal sentiments of respect, cultivation and the practice of farming has embedded roots. (A:  Basically, the roots of the country.) Farming for Indians is not only a source of income – it is a source of culture and identity. Since the late 1990s however, Indian governmental officials have wilfully compromised this sentiment for the ‘bright lights’ associated with the West.


After over a decade of trade liberalization and free market reforms (A:  Now, this was RAMMED on them through the United Nations… trade liberalization and free market reforms.  (A: In other words, globalization.  Allowing foreigners to come in with the pharma businesses, the chemical businesses and the agri business.), mainstream economic development has left rural India to fend for itself. Amidst great levels of industrialization and growth, the vast majority of Indians have been left behind. Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for some 70% of Indians[1].Considering the fact that only 1% of Americans and 2-3% of Europeans derive their livelihood from agriculture, this is a huge level of dependence[2].  (A:  So 70% of them in India DEPEND on agriculture.)


India’s desire to become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the adoption of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPs) specifically has compromised the livelihood of farmers. With the adoption of such neo-liberal policies, the sovereignty of rural India has been threatened. TRIPs in particular has created a gateway for agro-business (A:  Foreign ones, of course.) conglomerates (A:  To come in.) to engage in biopiracy and GM seed monopolization, effectively marginalizing rural communities.  (A:  Etc, etc, etc.  This goes in to the next one to do with the massive carbon tax scam that happened in India, again, from the United Nations and its London boss.  Back with more after these messages.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing some of the problems that India is having.  You know, whenever they claim they’re going to help third-world countries, I really gag because they’ve destroyed so many third-world countries.  They’ll always reap profits out of it as they’re doing it but it’s through the United Nations now. 


The United Nations is such an amazing organization that very few people speak about.  They read about it all the time but they don’t really know exactly what it is.  They think it’s some kind of negotiating place.  That was the propaganda that they used when they set it up.  Where different leaders would go from different countries and settle their differences.  In actual fact, it is a super government…SUPRA-GOVERNMENT.  It’s ABOVE government, but it’s also a PRIVATE CORPORATION.  This strange negotiating place also has a World Bank under it.  It’s going to be the distributor of all currencies for the planet.  That’s what it’s deemed to be.  That’s what it was set up to be.  It also has a department to deal with every facet of your life in every single country.  Most of the laws that have been passed through your books, in every country, for the last 30 years, have come initially from the United Nations, this PRIVATE organization.  You see, in reality socialism was never decided.  It was never deemed for the public.  Socialism is to be a world run by experts, therefore it would be privately owned.  Democracy was to go OUT after it had been USED to con the people.  I’ve read about that before, even from the Club of Rome. 


Here’s an article here, bringing in the United Nations and one of its great cons as well, from The Mail Online. 


The great carbon credit con:

Why are we paying the Third World to poison its environment?


(A:  It tells you about this place in India.)

In the fields around this giant chemicals factory in Gujarat, the barren soil smells of paint stripper and the water from the well makes you gag. So why has it been given tens of millions of pounds of taxpayer-funded UN ‘green reward points’(A:  Number one, what’s the UN doing getting money from us and dishing it out anyway, this private organization?  This about that.), which are traded hungrily on the financial markets at huge profit? (A:  So these green reward points are carbon trading points are TRADED by the big boys and they’re raking in profits.  Well guess who’s paying for all that?  You boys at the bottom.)


By Nadene Ghouri

1st June 2009

[emphasis added to article]


Farm worker Radha in the cotton fields beneath Gujarat Fluorochemicals: she claims her plants have been affected by chemicals from the nearby factory.


The farmers, faces wizened and browned from hours in the harsh Gujarati sun, lower a bucket into a well. It’s a solid-brick cylinder 100ft deep. The sun is high in the sky, beating down on the scorched earth. In the baked fields, maize and cotton have been planted. But none of the crops look very healthy. Leaves are wilted and tinged brown. Nothing has been watered for months.  (A:  etc, etc.  They’re giving you the usual visual stuff.  And then they draw it up and it smells again, like paint thinner, basically.  And the water all around that region and this factory smells the same way.  This has happened all over India, by the way.  Most of the fresh water wells are all poisoned now, thanks to the United Nations and all of its great scams and schemes.  They’re not stupid at the top.  Always keep that in mind.) 


‘We can’t irrigate our crops with it,’ she says. ‘It’s the water of death. It kills most crops we put it on.’


(A:  Then it goes on down the page to try to explain what’s actually happened.)


But this is much more than a tale of big business versus poor farmers in the Third World. GFL (A:  This is the factory.) is part of a worldwide carbon-trading scheme, centred in London (A:  The City, of course.), which is supposed to be helping to save the planet from global warming. On paper the scheme, which was ratified under the Kyoto agreement and supervised by the UN, looks like an efficient way to cut global carbon emissions. However, a Live investigation has exposed a series of major failings and loopholes in the scheme.


Four years ago, GFL installed technology to reduce the greenhouse gases it produces and was given a vast financial reward by the UN (A:  What the heck are they dealing with this in the first place?  This is a negotiating group, supposedly.); a UK company was also given considerable sums for investing in the project. However, far from being a flagship green factory, GFL stands accused of poisoning the local environment.


Our own extensive tests by an independent laboratory showed dangerous contaminants in the land and water around the factory – chemicals that match those pollutants produced by GFL. Interviews with the people living nearby reveal their livelihoods and health have been severely affected. We found that the auditors who were supposed to verify the carbon savings were paid for by GFL (A:  So the inspectors are GFL.), a stipulation of the scheme, and they checked only for greenhouse gases, caring little about other pollution.


In a further ironic twist, we discovered that GFL used some of the money it gained from the UN to build a factory making Teflon and caustic soda –both processes are massively polluting.


Meanwhile in the UK, one of our biggest industrial companies is able to claim it has off-set its own pollution by supporting GFL (A:  Well, they never fail at the top, eh?  One massive con after another and all these greenies thinking we’re going to save the planet by global carbon taxing.  They’re fools, eh?  They’re fools.  So many fools, you know.  You always got to have fools to follow and to make something work.), yet it remains oblivious to and unconcerned about the serious accusations being made against the Indian factory.  (A:  This is only ONE across the whole of India.)


These hypocrisies aren’t isolated to GFL. The UN carbon off-setting scheme is filled with similar examples of companies with poor environmental and human rights records being financially rewarded.


As you dig below the surface it would appear that the UN programme – with backing and finance from Britain – is as polluted as the questionable companies it chooses so generously to reward.  (A:  I’ll be back with more of this con game after these messages.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about the con game of carbon trading, basically.  It’s a fantastic scheme because you’re trading INVISIBILITIES across the planet, nothings really, huge bags of air, in a sense.  It’s too outside of the concrete way of thinking that we have to even comprehend.  That’s why they’re doing it.  It’s a wonderful scam.  Beautiful scam.  It will also regulate trade.  See, they don’t want new businesses coming up from the bottom.  They’ll get hammered with carbon taxes.  That is the socialist way.  Remember, government is to control everything eventually.  That IS the Fabian mandate.  To STOP you people coming up that haven’t been authorized


In the middle of the City of London is a large anonymous-looking building, home to the European Climate Exchange (ECX). (A:  Now, I should say at the beginning of this, too, last year, it mentioned that European Climate Exchange Commission HANDED out to the big multi-billionaire international corporations MILLIONS OF POUNDS worth of FREE stock IN this carbon that they could exchange amongst them.  They were trading it already before it even started and making PROFITS off it, believe it or not.  It’s all a big racket.) About 98 per cent of the carbon-emissions trading in Europe is done in this office (A:  98%.  Billions go through there.), with more than 25 million tons of carbon traded daily.  (A:  Can you believe this?  25 million tons of NOTHING is traded daily.  This is better than the stock market.  That was also a casino, a con game, regulated and run by a few at the top.)  Last year this market was worth £80 billion worldwide, and it’s set to grow to £97 billion this year, despite the recession.


Chief executive Patrick Birley meets us in the glass-panelled reception. He points out where climate protestors camped on the doorstep during the G20 protests in March.


‘I care just as passionately about saving the planet as they do,’ he says. ‘But the difference is that I believe environmentalism and capitalism can converge.’  (A:  See!)


Inside his office the trading screen flashes with yellow, red and green figures. In the office next door, traders bash the phones doing deals for clients all over the world. It’s no different to any other busy trading floor, except no one here is selling an actual commodity. (A:  Isn’t that beautiful.  It’s worth billions of pounds and there’s nothing there.  [laughing]) Here traders sell our planet’s future (A:  And you’d better believe they do.  ‘Our planet’s future.’) in the form of carbon credits. (A:  Because that’s going to bring us ALL down, all of us down, under a multitude of laws.)  These are part of international attempts to limit greenhouse gases, and each credit represents a ton of CO2.  (A:  Utter farce.)


Companies that cut their emissions gain credits. If, on the other hand, they exceed their quotas, they have to acquire credits. The credits are traded on markets such as the ECX and have become such an established part of the financial world that trading involves Europe’s biggest banks (A:  Of course, they do.), including RBS and Barclays. Until the global slowdown, carbon was one of the most profitable ‘commodities’ (A:  Of nothing, remember.), nearly doubling in value between 2007 and 2008.   (A:  THANKS to the greenies, eh?  Thanks to the greenies.)


Who owns the greenies and all these organizations?  Who are the people at the top?  Remember the Soviet system, that other socialist system that we’re now copying.  The NGOs.  ‘Soviet’ meant ‘rule by councils’, NGOs that supposedly were amongst the people but the leaders were appointed by the POLITBURO.  In the West, the Fabian system, the big foundations, the parallel government, you see, appoints them and funds them to DEMAND that government do something about this and that.  The government guys come out, only too happily, because they were waiting for the demand.  They both work for the same bosses.  That’s the reality of the world we live in.  That’s it.


This article here… remember Kofi Annan?  Remember we had Boutros Boutros-Ghali - so great they named him twice - at the United Nations?  Then we had Kofi Annan.  Well, he’s still at it yet, even though he’s out at the United Nations.  He’s still pushing this greening agenda.  This is the chant, the mantra they’re indoctrinating all the youth with today because they MUST really believe in it to save the world to bring in this wonderful socialist, organized society.  This is what he says in the newspaper here, the Telegraph.co.uk. 


Kofi Annan: 300,000 people die every year from climate change. Nonsense.

(A:  The journalist James Delingpole says NONSENSE.)

 By James Delingpole, Politics

June 1st, 2009

[emphasis added to article]


“Three hundred thousand people are already dying every year as a result of global warming, according to the most comprehensive report ever on the human impact of climate change,” it was reported last week. The claim was made by a think tank called the Global Humanitarian Forum set up by the extravagantly-besuited ex-UN chief Kofi Annan.


You knew it was a nonsense. I knew it was a nonsense. But what we needed was an expert to come along and explain in proper scientific terminology exactly why it was a ludicrous farrrago of unmitigated tosh and drivel. And now one has. Step forward Roger Pielke Jr, a political scientist at the University of Colorado, Boulder who specialises in precisely the area covered by the report: disaster trends. (Hat tip: Climate Depot)


Pielke was in no mood for taking prisoners. The Global Humanitarian Forum’s report, he says, is “a methodological embarrassment and poster child of how to lie with statistics.” And he adds:


“The report is worse than fiction, it is a lie.”


Pielke goes on to explain why. The GHF report was based on analysis done by a group - Geo Risks of Munich Re - he had worked with earlier this year at an international workshop of climate change and natural catastrophe losses. At this workshop it was concluded that:


“Due to data-quality issues, the stochastic nature of extreme event impacts, the lengths of the time series, and various societal factors present in the disaster loss records, it is still not possible to determine what portion of the increase in damage may be due to climate changes caused by GHG emissions.”




“The quantitative link (attribution) between storm/flood loss trends and GHG-induced climate changes is unlikely to be determined unequivocally in the near future.”


In other words, all the world’s experts in the field (including the report’s authors) concluded that there is, as yet, no quantifiable correlation between “global warming” and natural disasters. Indeed, they believe there is probably no connection whatsoever.


The report, he says, is based on a “very strange” comparison of earthquake and weather disasters in 1980 and 2005. “The first question that comes to mind is: why?”


Then they go through all the different reasons for it and so on, including a lot of the areas where there’s been floods and people lost their lives.  This is because they’ve built places in floodplains.  They never used to.  That’s happened in places in the US, as well, as local government - who’s corrupt anyway - takes bribes from the big contractors and deregulates land for BUILDING.  The same has happened in Canada alongside rivers.  Then when you get the first big flood, away go the houses and it’s a disaster.  You don’t build in these areas.  They’re doing that now.  He goes through all the reasons why.  Then he points out why Kofi Annan and his prattling on with all his hype and nonsense and the reasons behind it.  What are the reasons behind it?  What are they really? 


Well, remember the Club of Rome, one of the PREMIERE think tanks - that’s how it’s billed, a ‘premiere think tank’.  I’ve quoted this before, from their book The First Global Revolution written by the 2 founders of the Club of Rome itself.  Alexander King is one; he’s still on the go… and Bertrand Schneider.  They were given the task by the big, globalist elite to find a way to make a WAR situation WORLD WIDE.  Because under war, they said that humanity came together, accepted massive authority from the government, government could expand over different areas - that’s what they do in war time - and the people will accept it.  They’ll even go in to rationing if need be, etc, etc.  So what would unite humanity and that would allow humanity to be mastered by experts?  Here’s what they said in their own book that was written in the 1970s. 


“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, (A:  came up with the IDEA that pollution) the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like WOULD FIT THE BILL.” 


I’ll read that again for the hard of thinking.


“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, (A:  the IDEA…WE CAME UP WITH THE IDEA that pollution) the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like WOULD FIT THE BILL.” 


So, the purpose was to find an enemy to unite them, right. 


“All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it’s only through changed attitudes and behavior (A:  Behavior modification, right) that they can be overcome.  Then the real enemy (A:  they said ) is humanity itself.”


That‘s exactly the ploy they‘re using today.  That fits right in with that other article I just read from Kofi Annan.  They’re still at it with this hype… and making a killing in profit along with it and suppressing brand new small businesses at the bottom because they don’t want a growing small business economy in this new world order.  Margaret Thatcher talked about that.  Too untidy.  Not so easily controlled, you see. 


Now, since 2001, going along with this whole agenda, you think about ALL the things that are happening.  We’re trying to save the planet at the same time the world’s suddenly going into a state of world wide terrorism and the suspects, Al Qaeda, have morphed into white people and blue-eyed people and all kinds of people according to all the PR put out by the top characters that run all the police and military establishments and the security establishment.  The spooks, in other words.  The SPY community.  So EVERYONE potentially is a suspect, therefore EVERYONE’S got to get searched, poked, prodded, have their cavities searched and all the rest of it, wherever they’re going, ALL of their mail monitored, their phone calls, faxes, and email, etc, to keep the world safe AS we’re getting hammered with global warming nonsense to change the world again.  


A new society, supposedly, will come out at the end of it.  That’s what it’s all about.  A NEW SOCIALIST SOCIETY where you have a world authority, ONE SINGLE WORLD AUTHORITY, and that’s what the United Nations was SET UP TO BE.  A world authority.  THE world authority eventually being in charge of all the world’s food, in fact, and the administration of doling out the food to each nation or ‘state’, as they like to call it, or ‘region’ with the intent - in their own charter - to reduce the population by not upping the quota, the nations would have to implement policies to depopulate.  I’ll guarantee you, they’ll set up a certain figure and after 2 or 3 years, it’s ‘well, we don’t have enough food, we’ll have to cut it even more.’  That’s how they plan to bring down the population.  IT’S IN THEIR OWN CHARTER.  The speeches are up there by their Ministers of Agriculture, etc, etc, AT the United Nations. 


As I say, meanwhile, everyone according to Kissinger when he defined what terrorism was, in a speech in Europe, he says, ‘what we mean in America by terrorism and terrorists,’ he says, ‘terrorists are those people who will not go along with the new world order.’  What I’ve just explained to you IS the new world order.  A world run by experts and MASSIVE government… FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE.  That’s what it is.  The FABIAN system.  Born in London, England. 


This article here is from The Register.


Britain leads world in police state survey

Gold medals for snooping, spying and surveilling


By John Ozimek

Posted in Policing, 1st June 2009

[emphasis added to article]


(A:  They did a survey to see who had the most police state and where else would it be.) 


A recent survey from internet security consultancy, Cryptohippie, suggests that the UK is setting the pace in at least one area (A:  There’s many areas, even the carbon trading is based in the City of London.  The City is sovereign, remember.  It’s a country within a country.) - though being classified as the West’s most repressive regime when it comes to electronic surveillance might not be a title that this government is entirely happy to wear.


This result emerges from Cryptohippie’s recently published Electronic Police State 2008 (pdf). (A:  I’ll put the link to the PDF and the survey on my site at the end of the show.)  This is the first in what are intended to be a series of annual reports that will audit the "State use of electronic technologies to record, organize, search and distribute forensic evidence against its citizens".


The audit focusses on 17 factors, ranging from requirement to produce documents on demand, through to the extent to which states force ISP’s and phone companies to retain data, the blurring of boundaries between police and intelligence work and ultimately the breakdown of the principles of habeas corpus.


A simple five-point scoring system is used for each factor, with results totalled to produce an overall score. Some 52 major states are looked at, with final ranking apparently influenced by two quite different factors. On the one hand, states that are simply repressive are likely to score highly – and they do. The top four places in the survey are occupied by China (A:  Remember China, according to the United Nations, is THE model state for the world.  The model state we’re ALL to copy.), North Korea, Belarus and Russia.


However, electronic policing also requires some degree of technological sophistication – so it is not surprising to find the UK dropping in at no. 5 and the US at no. 6. France and Germany arrive a few places below that.


This result echoes warnings issued repeatedly by Lords and the Information Commissioner – most recently in an official report last month – that Britain is slowly sleepwalking toward becoming a surveillance society. (A:  It’s not going towards it, IT IS ONE.)  Equally predictable was the government response that it takes all such criticisms seriously and needs to strike a balance.  (A:  They said that every year since they started it… years ago.)


However, as both Cryptohippie and other government critics have argued, the government response is disingenuous, relying on a rejection of straw men, rather than engaging with genuine fears.


The report expands on its subject thus: "The usual image of a "police state" includes secret police dragging people out of their homes at night, with scenes out of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s USSR. The problem with these images is that they are horribly outdated. (A:  Now, remember this part.  See, they WANT you to think that, that’s how it is.)  That’s how things worked during your grandfather’s war – that is not how things work now.


"An electronic police state is quiet, even unseen. All of its legal actions are supported by abundant evidence. It looks pristine."  (A:  What they mean is to the law court.  They can set you up for anything depending on the data and how they rigged the data together and in what order.  That’s why it will work.  Then they’ll raid you just like Nazi Germany.  And the people around you in your street will think, ‘well I guess he did something wrong.’  That’s what they did in the Soviet system.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix and I’ve just got time for a caller.  I’ve got Sam from Sydney, Australia here.  Are you there Sam?


Sam:  Hi Alan.  How are ya?


Alan:  I’m hangin’ in as always by the skin of my teeth.  [laughs]


Sam:  Hang on in there man.  You’re doing good work.  Where do I start… this global warming thing is such a scam and they’re just marching forward.  I should really just go out there and do polls and see how much trouble… in trouble they are.  There are so many people that think it’s just a scam. 


Alan:  Yes.  I know. 


Sam:  They’re there.  There are still a lot of people that think it’s real but…


Alan:  The problem is, they literally were bypassing the adults all together before the public even heard of this and indoctrinating children in kindergarten for years to make sure a generation will grow up thoroughly, true believers, to be the new green police.  That’s happening at an increasing pace all over.  This is propaganda indoctrination. 


Sam:  It’s amazing how much they indoctrinate the kids at all.  I don’t know if you’ve seen this thing that’s been on the web in terms of toys.  What type of toys they’re making for our kids.  There’s this guy that’s… he’s not by no means… I don’t think this guy has anything to do with the truth movement or anything else.  He’s just reviewing toys and you know, they’re quite funny.   Some of the toys he reviews are failed toys.  You look at these failed toys and you just think, what were they thinking?  In fact, he actually says, what are they thinking?  Like the Pez gun.  Now this is something I remember from my childhood.  They made like a Pez dispenser in the shape of a gun where you basically had to point this gun into your mouth and shoot… shoot a Pez into your mouth. 


Alan:  That’s right.


Sam:  What is that teaching kids?  The amount of sexualized toys… some of these toys you just look at and you just think, WHAT IS GOING ON?  That it’s molded or in the shape of a human genital. 


Alan:  That’s right and there’s no mistake whatsoever.  Watch a day of children’s cartoons and you’ll see what they’re being indoctrinated with.  Every story… remember these authors are paid to write these stories WITH these little spins in them of environmentalism, the greening, how the older folk are bad, how they’ve destroyed the planet.  You’ve got Al Gore out there talking to young children - I’ve got it on my site - where he tells them, ‘you know things your parents don’t know and it’s up to you to take over,’ basically.  They’ve bypassed the adults completely.  The adults don’t even know what’s going on.  They have no idea of what’s going on. 


Sam:  That’s interesting.  I think anyone that’s got any time to actually go into the YouTube channel and just type in ‘failed toys’ and this guy comes up.  Just go through some of the toys like the Tarzan toy or the Dora the Explorer toy and this Pez gun.  I showed a friend of mine, an Italian friend who… it’s funny.  This Italian friend of mine who I spoke to about the new world order and the elites.  He thought I was completely crazy.  Thought I was completely crazy until I found… I started talking to him in terms of the Mafia.  He’s like, oh yeah the mafia.  I’m like, well have you heard of P2 in your country?  He’s like, oh P2.  Yeah his grandfather was one of the journalists involved with P2, it turned out.  This guy’s thinking I’m crazy cause I’m talking about the illuminati.  It just turned out to be basically semantics. 


Alan:  That’s right.  It’s all semantics.  Exactly.  That’s why they always use the word ‘illuminati’ to make it sound ridiculous.  In fact, it’s the same darned thing.  Every one and any one of these organizations is technically ‘illumined’ because they’ve been brought in to the secrets.  That’s what it really means.  They know the light.  The rest of the people are still in the darkness and by God most folk still are… unfortunately. 


Sam:  I think there’s a lot more people that know about them now.  There’s probably a lot more misinformation but many people are waking up… so that’s good news.


Alan:  They better wake up REALLY fast now and start taking over the lives of their children again because the indoctrination they’re getting in schooling and all the authors that are paid to write the books on environmentalism are going to do us all in. 


That’s the end of the show, I hear the music coming in, so from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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