June 8, 2009 (#337)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 8, 2009:

Propaganda Tracks In, You Act Out:

"Monkey See Monkey Do, ain't a Mystery
For Those Who Study Entertainment Industry,
Those Mesmerized by the Glowing Box
Never See Cold Eyes of the Fox
Behind the Screen,
Creating 'Your' Dream of Predictive Future,
Safely Stored in Grey Matter, No Ugly Suture,
All Those Messages You've Heard Say
And Viewed will Come into Play
Courtesy World Inc., Societal Polluter"
© Alan Watt June 8, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 8, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Transcribed by Liam.

Transcriber's notes: a. “ ” or “ italic ” = Alan Watt emphasis    b. “Alan:/ article:/ Paraphrase:/ Caller (named):” = obvious.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 8th of June 2009.  For newcomers to the show, and people, thank goodness, are always coming in all the time, more and more ages, young ages, as they start to ask the right questions: I always advise them to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, but, as you know, I’ve had in the recent past troubles with them.  So people should go into that site regardless, look at all the other sites I have that you can download from.  It’s a good idea for different people to pick their favourite sites to download from; that spreads the bandwidth and gives them all less of a chance to come back at me and say there’s too many people coming through one system; because all kinds of games are afoot at the moment and one day the Yahoo sites no doubt will be yanked once again.  This is the second time it’s happened.  [Sites listed above.]  Remember that alanwattsentientsentinel.eu the European site also has all of these audios to download and also has transcripts you can download for print-up. Some people do a lot of hard work interpreting these particular talks for different languages, and you can print them up and pass them around to your friends.

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And cheques from the U.S. and Canada are fine. They both get cashed in the banks here because they're all owned by the same people.

We're really in a rush as we go into this whole new pre-designed global new world order, in the times of crisis, the century of change. 2001 kicked it off and we're getting rapid changes one after another. We are, as Plato said, the most adaptable species on the planet, so we go through one crisis after another and forget the last one. We forget that our lives have changed, forever, since Sept 2001.

That's what we're told by the big boys themselves, the day that it happened, 'life would never be the same again', followed by various scenarios for upcoming disasters... 'climate change' scenarios, 'terrorism everywhere' scenarios, 'no one is safe' scenarios, we all must be ID'd, watched, monitored etc... Total information network... and so on.

And also we're seeing really through it all, the end of any idea of democracy. Because as I've gone through the Club of Rome's talks, I've read them to you on the air, and the other big organisations, and the United Nations (UN), they've said “democracy is simply too cumbersome to get anything done”. You're learning to be ruled.

I'll be back with more after this break...

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix...

The matrix is the system in which you live, it's your reality that projected into you from your birth to your death and most people never ever figure it out. They go through their entire lives thinking all the opinions they have are true, because everyone else shares them, because you're all getting the same programming at the same time on a daily basis, and they literally die never ever knowing that everything that happened in their life, every major event, was planned that way long before they were born.

I was mentioning, since 2001 we've had crisis after crisis, remember what they said, I think it was McCain or Rumsfeld that said it, he said, 'things will never be the same again', and he meant it, because they had already been teaching for 40 years in academia, especially the Ivy League collages etc. That the 21st century was a century of “change” and they explained to each other what the change was; they don't explain it to the public.

It's a change from a democratic type of system and input from the people, where you couldn't just boss them around and implement plans and so on without the acceptance or input from the public. The new system is authoritarian, completely authoritarian.

And if you look at the history of the UN it's fantastic to see. Do you understand that everyone who works as a diplomat at the UN are just like the bureaucrats in the Feds? They're inter-generational families, they actually have their own schools for their children at the United Nations, where they train their own offspring to be up-and-coming bureaucrats.

They're taught that the world they will inhabit, and the world they will be in authority over, is not a democratic one. They dictate down to the public, and expect you to obey. And if you won't, they'll use force. That's what it was set up to do.

Because there are two definitions of freedom, you have to go into Isaiah Berlin [“Two Concepts of Liberty”], who was also the mentor of Tony Blair and many other Fabian socialists, to understand what they mean by that.

This second type of freedom, as they call it, there's negative and positive, the second type is basically where the whole world comes together, works for a plan, a common purpose, a term first given out by H.G. Wells a long time ago. And you've all heard of the Common Purpose associations in Britain running the country, infiltrating everything and working for the big foundations. Well, under a common purpose in a war scenario we all allow ourselves to work towards some definite (what we think is a) common purpose. An ending where we all benefit. It's always a lie by the way.

H.G. Wells again, a propagandist for the big boys, coined the term “The war to end all wars” for WW1, when they had no intention... he knew darn well what its real purpose was to be.

We're kept in this matrix and since 2001 we've had the terrorism nonsense and it changed from Muslims to blue-eyed blond people to your grandmother. Everyone is a possible terrorist now and you have no rights or privacy whatsoever and we're being dictated to by everybody with a uniform.

We're also getting ready for natural disasters at the same time. Global warming and Co2. Our whole way of life has to chance for that too, so there's a war on that and that came from the Club of Rome in the 70's; they've now put it into effect. And then, after that you had the coming plagues, “Oh my God there's plagues as well that are going to hit us at the same time... My goodness”... So within a few years we've had crisis after crisis. We've been pillaged and raped by the bankers, who got well rewarded for it again... that was another one too, I forgot that one. You just can't keep up with every crisis which suddenly came one after another... because we're on a roll. And I said years ago, when they get us to this stage of crisis after crisis, until we're stampeding, they can guide us so easily. All you need is a couple of guys in the front on horsesand you can steer the steers. That's what you call steers. Yousteer them in the direction you want to go. Theyhave no idea, they're just panicking and going where they're pointedto go. That's what's being used today. Pavlovian brutality... That's what it is. Easy.


Now, I mentioned couple of months ago about the study that came out, I think it was a Japanese scientist who'd successfully... He and a big team working for the Centre of Disease Control (CDC), successfully created a killer flu by taking three of the genes that altered the old flu in WW1 into the Spanish flu, the three particular genes and combined it with a modern strain. Just to see what would happen.

Then of course we have the Baxter laboratory where they inadvertently supposedly in this maximum high security place where you can't move without signing forms going through stages etc. Just inadvertently sent out all these vials of contaminated flu vaccine to different places where they combined the human flu with the avian flu, the killer one. They'd done the very thing we're all supposed to be terrified of.

Then I read the article a week or so ago where one of the top guys for the United Nations admitted that this so-called Swine flu had to have come from a laboratory... because he can tell by the particle types of genes etc. that are in it.

I'm going to go back to an article I read ages ago, just to show you what goes on.

This is from CIDRAP, it's to do with the Centers for Disease Control. It says here, by Robert Roos, news editor, Jan 14th 2004...

article: “One of the worst fears of infectious disease experts is that the H5N1 avian influenza virus now circulating in parts of Asia will combine with a human-adapted flu virus to create a deadly new flu virus that could spread around the world.”

Alan: This is 2004 Jan 14th remember,

article: “It could happen...”

Alan: Blah, blah, blah. Then they give you the lead-up which is supposed to set it in your mind. Then it says,

article: “Now, rather than waiting to see if nature spawns such a hybrid, US scientists are planning to try to breed one themselves—in the name of preparedness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon launch experiments designed to combine the H5N1 virus and human flu viruses and then see how the resulting hybrids affect animals. The goal is to assess the chances that such a "reassortant" virus will emerge and how dangerous it might be.”

Alan: So, they can make these things so darned easily can't they, incredibly easily, very quickly too. And subsequent report I've read on air confirmed they had already done it. They'd done it. They even tell you how they do it. There are two techniques they use, yada-yada-ya.

There's nothing they cannot make. However, they, 'just can't get, with any certainty any antidote' they tell us, which is a lie.

You see what I'm reading here is bio-warfare. Everything in the CDC and all these centres is to do with bio-warfare.

It's disease control. Not eradication. Control. When you make them, you're in control of them.

If you look at United Nations treaties they've signed with all the countries for 50-odd years or more, they do agree that for every step of viral mutation they create in the lab, they must have a 100% working antidote to it.

Do you understand what antidote means? That means they have the antidote to everything that's created.

Yet the regular media gives you the pablum, “They're desperately trying to find an antidote to this pig flu that's suddenly going to mutate in the fall, and it'll be touch-and-go if they can do it”.


We are played in the matrix, played in the matrix. And given cartoons for major media. Because the truth is always along with it, in reports like this you see.

And I've read an article before, from the Porter Down's warfare establishment in Britain where a reporter went in, spent a couple of days with these guys and listened to them talk at the breakfast table about all the ethnic-specific viruses they created where they could target any gene type and kill them all off. They have viruses so advanced they could release them and they'd know they'd multiply so many millions of times and then they'd stop. Just like that. Like a clock. That's how far ahead they are in creating this stuff.

Nothing should be any surprise to us. Because, it all ties in doesn't it ? with the population reduction, eugenics etc.


There's even the regular cartoon media talking about and giving a lot of time to The Optimum Population Trust and other organisations, non-governmental organisations that work with the United Nations, and governments.

We don't vote them in... who are demanding we drastically reduce population... we mandatorily bring in sterilisation controls etc. etc.

These guys wrote this agenda over a hundred years ago.

And when you read through H.G. Wells and the other propagandists for this same agenda, they have never changed their tune on any part of their agenda. Never. They never back off and they never change it. When they say something, you can believe them... They'll do it.


Here's “Old Thinker News”, Dec 19th 2007...

article: “Coercive population control from the mouth of Frank Notestein...”

Alan: Very important person, Frank Notestein. This guy worked for the League of Nations, because their world health organisation also had a mandate for depopulation and then it became the United Nations [UN], and the same Doctor 'WHO' went into action.

And people think theyare there to help them.

Their mandate is depopulation, these guys that want to give you injections. Think about it. Why would the wolf, dressed up like little red riding hood, want to give you an injection to make you healthy when its mandate is to depopulate and sterilise you ?

Read their histories.


This is by Daniel Taylor, 2007.

article: “Frank Notestein (1902 - 1983) was one of the most influential population control activists and demographers of the 20th century. His work led to the establishment of demography as an academic discipline.”

Alan: He didn't start it by the way, Lord Halford did.

article: “He worked as the first director of the population division of the United Nations,...”

Alan: “The Population Division of the United Nations” for the hard of thinking.

article: “...was instrumental in the founding of John D. Rockefeller's Population Council...”

Alan: Who he also worked with.

article: “...in 1952, and was a director of population research at Princeton University. In a paper written by Notestein in 1969 titled "The Problem of Population Control," he outlines a strategy of quickening the pace of depopulation...”

Alan: And that's what I'm going to go into. After the following messages...

I'm Alan Watt, we're cutting through the matrix, trying to show people the histories of the big organisations that work with governments, dictate to governments and are unelected by any of the people in any country. That's always been the way of it in reality.

Frank Notestein, a real winner, a man with a mission, to drastically reduce the population, a man who praised of course China's population reduction policies... called it a model state for all the rest of the world to follow... worked with the Rockefeller Foundation and other big foundations, all dealing with bringing the population down by all means possible.

It says here,

article: “In a paper written by Notestein in 1969 titled "The Problem of Population Control," he outlines a strategy of quickening the pace of depopulation. Notestein admits that economic modernization would "bring the birthrate down automatically."

Alan: It's true enough, and Charles Galton Darwinwent into that in great detail. If you can give people more material goods, they'll postpone marriage or put it off altogether, have fewer children and go for the material benefits instead.

article: “...However, Notestein goes on to state, that more drastic measures must be taken because in his opinion...”

Alan: It's really his bosses' opinion,

article: “...this method would not be fast enough. Coercion...”

Alan: Meaning force,

article: “...and the “institution of a totalitarian regime” are Notestein's solutions.”

Alan: Totalitarian regime, that's why they love (and set up) modern day China. This is what he said,

article: “The need for an early reduction of the birthrate is acute. Birthrates in the past have fallen most rapidly in the context of modernisation and social-economic change. But there is nothing in the European experience to suggest that we must rely solely on gradual and automatic changes in society. One often meets the glib generalisation, particularly in the underdeveloped countries, that it is only necessary to concentrate on social and economic modernisation since it is well known that we can rely on these processes to bring the birthrate down automatically. The argument neglects the time-span required for such an adjustment... Even if we could be assured of rapid social and economic development the lag in transition between reduction of death rates and the reduction of birth rates poses enormous problems of population growth. "

Alan: He [Notestein] continues with this,

article: "...even if successful, voluntary family planning programs cannot be expected to resolve the world population dilemma.”

Alan: These guys are convinced there is one. Don't ever jump into that mist.... Think and do your studies to see if there even is one. Because all their studies, from the United Nations, the same ones that are pushing this crap, are the same people that tell you every year that the populations in Europe have been falling for about 50 years, and that's the excuse they use for bringing in massive immigration.

So, you can't please them by not having children, it's not enough. And they bring in the immigrants, according to Margaret Thatcher and others, because 'there's not enough people getting born in these countries to pay off their debts'. That's the excuse they give for mass immigration.

article: “Even in the more developed countries, and notably in the United States, surveys show couples desiring more children than are necessary for replacement... Thus we cannot rely on the self-interested choices of individual couples to met society's needs. The only acceptable goal is zero rate...”

Alan: Zero rate,

article: “...of growth because any rate of growth continued long enough leads to astronomical figures. Given existing preferences in family size, governments must go beyond voluntary family planning. To achieve zero rate of population growth, governments will have to do more than cajole; they will have to coerce.”

Alan: Now, I've already read the articles recently where, it's in the big papers of Europe and Britain especially, they're demanding this, these big organisations are demanding this. And they're on the boards, they're appointed to the boards of government. They're demanding that the government gets in and literally decides who should have children, who will not and who should be sterilised.

These guys have never changed their techniques or their tactics. This goes way back to the late 1800's. And even beyond, before, when Malthusfirst came out. He was the first propagandist, for what? For the big bankers, because they run on numbers and populations and debt and long-term interest and who it pays off etc. That's what it was for.

Alan: This beautiful winner here, this Mr. Notestein,

article: “The logical target for legal and institutional pressures is the family: pressures to postpone marriages; economic pressures and inducements for married women to work outside the home;”

Alan: This was written a long time ago. They've done it all... right?

article: “pressures to postpone marriages;”

Alan: That's done everywhere,

article: “...economic pressures and inducements for married women to work outside the home; ”

Alan: That was done a long time ago,

article: “...provision of free abortions for all women requesting them;”

Alan: listen to this part,

article: “...downgrading of familial roles...”

Alan: that's the Dad they're talking about really,

article: “...in comparison with extra familial roles; and restriction of housing and consumer goods... Such institutional changes supply motivation for family limitation and the provision of free abortions affords a means. The implications of such major institutional changes go far beyond population control. The family is the basic social unit of society and its major institution for the socialization of the children... to impose more drastic changes on a large scale implies many risks, not least to the regime

Alan: The regime ,

article: “that undertakes them. The price for this type of population control may well be the institution of a totalitarian regime."(2*) [Ed. Hauser, Philip Morris. The Population Dilemma. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1969. pages 145 - 166]


Alan: So they're saying here they'd have to go to war, completely on the family and downgrade family roles.

The man now is out of the picture according to all the cartoons and comedies and so on, and that he's an idiot, he's classed as an idiot in entertainment. Has been for 30-odd years now.

Now these links I'll put up at the end of the show, I've also got a PDF of Goldst—I was going to say Goldstein, I think that's who Orwell was thinking of, this guy Notestein—a PDF of Notestein's work. And you can see how detailed and in-depth... and look at all the organisations that are now in charge of our system, and where they want to go.

I'll be back with more after this break.


I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through the matrix.

You know, down through the years you watch all these organisations at the bottom on TV demonstrate, “my body, my choice” etc. never knowing there's a much, much bigger agenda and the ones at the top really don't give a damn about you or your body. They get you to demand what they want. But they're always demanding it for a different purpose and you'll never ever understand that, because you never look into it.


They've got an organisation up there for everybody to join, and believe you me, like the Pied Piper you don't know where it's really going to take you. You'll think you know, but you'll always be wrong. This is a massive agenda.

I mentioned before how the whole culture creation industry is always programming you to the next step, to the next step, and the next step and the people absorb it. They come to conclusions, which become opinions, but they've never reasoned anything through for themselves. It's all done through fiction. I mentioned too, why would every department in the western world, every government have a department of culture where they dish out millions of dollars every year to authors, movie makers and so on, to write stuff and stories, and to wrap certain particular articles or topics into the story? They pay them to do this, your governments pay them to do it. They only get a grant if they claim they're for radical, radical reform. Radical. Your government demands that. Think about that... think about it.


Here's one reporter who's caught on to some of this. It took him a while mind you.

Mail online. This is from the 2nd of June 2009.

article: [Title] Why do my son's books tell him that all men are useless?
by William Leith.
“Sitting on the sofa, with my four-year-old son Billy, I was reading aloud to him from a book by Anthony Browne. He's our favourite male children's author. We love reading together. For one thing, it's about bonding. My son asks me about the world and I try to explain it to him. It's a classic moment between father and son.

This particular book is called Gorilla. It's about a girl called Hannah who is obsessed with gorillas and whose father takes no notice of her

There he is, the awful man, introduced on page two, sitting at the breakfast table, hiding behind his newspaper. His daughter wants to talk to him, but he's not interested. He's there, physically, at the table. But in all other respects, he's absent.

'He didn't have time for anything,' writes the author Browne. On the next page, the father says: 'Not now. I'm busy. Maybe tomorrow.'

And as I read this out to my son, he looked puzzled. 'Why?' he asked, gazing up towards me for an answer. 'I don't know,' I said.

Later, I considered my son's question in more detail. And I realised that it wasn't just some dads. It was lots of dads. Why?

Why is the dad in Zoo, another book by Browne, about a family trip to the zoo, such an idiot? Not just an idiot, but a grumpy, overweight idiot who tries to make jokes, but is never funny and, what's more, is always on the verge of ruining things for everybody else. He's a greedy slob, just like Homer Simpson. He's more childish than his children, even though he has hair sprouting from his ears.

Then there's the dad in Into The Forest, another book by this author. This one's about a dad who goes missing. He is clearly a weakling. He walks out of the family home and goes to stay with his mum.

A recent academic study confirmed that men - particularly fathers - are under-represented in almost all children's books. And when they do appear, like the fathers in Gorilla and Zoo, they are often withdrawn, or obsessed with themselves, or just utterly ineffectual.

Take our favourite female author, Julia Donaldson. I started with her most famous book, The Gruffalo. The Gruffalo is male and he's also a dad.

His main characteristic is that he's an idiot. A complete fool. The butt of the book's jokes. He's outsmarted by a mouse. Actually, the mouse outsmarts various other animals, too - a fox, an owl and a snake. They're all male. But we never get to know if the mouse is male or female. The mouse is just a mouse.

Again, I thought of my son's question. Why? Why are so many male characters in books such idiots?

I don't think Julia Donaldson is a male-basher. But still, a gentle thread of male idiocy runs through her books. Two of our favourites are The Snail And The Whale and Tiddler. Both are about adventurous young creatures. The snail travels the world on the back of a whale, and is smart and resourceful at every point.

Tiddler, a little fish, also has adventures. But this fish is a bit of a dreamer and eventually gets caught up in a trawler net. Tiddler is lucky to escape. Whereas the snail calls the shots and ends up saving the whale's life. And guess what? The snail is female. And Tiddler is, of course, a guy.

As the penny dropped, I looked at all the other books I've been reading to my son. There's The Selfish Crocodile, by Faustin Charles and Michael Terry. It's about a male crocodile who wants everything for himself, thereby ruining the lives of all the other animals in the jungle. And, then, there's Giraffes Can't Dance, in which a giraffe called Gerald tries to dance and looks like a total idiot.

And something else began to strike me as I looked at these stories - the stories I use to introduce my son to the ways of the world. Not only were they full of bad male stereotypes - deadbeat dads, absent fathers, idiots, wimps and fools - but I have been totally colluding with them. It didn't bother me at all. Until I started to think about it, it had seemed normal to me.

Alan: Have you looked at all the comedies we've seen for the last 30 years, where you see a man in a house who isn't an immature fool, an idiot ? And you think that's just by accident ?

Think back to that previous thing I read by Notestein, how they'd attack the family and the familial roles, It's all been done. There's nothing out there in entertainment you can sit back and enjoy without being brainwashed in some particular “PC” area... Nothing.

Because everything, as Jacques Ellul said, is propaganda run by an industry, a culture creating industry.

Look at the video games your children are playing. They said they'd need a warrior species for about twenty years for the coming riots etc. so they gave us 20 years of video games and these youngsters grew up playing the bad guys, the guys in black who just go around slaughtering people and here we have them in streets now with machine guns and bossing people around. Desensitised to slaughter.


Here's an article from Business and Media institute

article: [Title] “UK Politician Urges Video Game Manufacturers to Include...”

Alan: And they already have, in their games,

article: “...Global Warming Message.”

Alan: Messages ,

article: “Former chair of Parliament climate change committee...”

Alan: Who, no one elected

article: “...recommends climate-themed games to educate 'people about the impact of prolonged changes to our climate.' ”

Alan: See, everything is propaganda and they must get to the minds of the young. Because that's where your impressions are made, 'Men are all stupid' etc. etc... Innocent little stories... And it's by Jeff Poor this story,

article: “In Britain, Lord Puttnam,..“

Alan: Lord Puttnam, I've talked about Lord Puttnam before. That radical environmentalist, but it's really depopulation and eugenics, that's his real vocation.

article: “...the founding chairman of the National Endowment for Science,..”

Alan: So this is no little tiddler speaking here,

article: “Technology and the Arts...”

Alan: And the Arts, that's interesting,

article: “...and a former chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill issued a statement ahead of his speech slated for the end of this month at the Terra future conference,..”

Alan: You see all these foundations that none of us vote for,

article: “...urging video games to be used to spread the message about climate change. “Serious games based upon real-life geography should be vital tools in our fight against climate change,” said Lord Puttnam in a statement. “Educating people about the impact ...”

Alan: Now you see this is propaganda. Don't get confused when they use the words like 'educating people'. They mean using propaganda to indoctrinate people, young people

article: “...about the impact of prolonged changes to our climate in an accessible way is the best catalyst for action I know.”

Alan: In other words, sneaking it in, where they don't know they're being brainwashed, in a game... is okay by this guy,

article: “...British politicians have been actively promoting various ways to curb the effects of so-called anthropogenic global warming.”

Alan: Anthropogenic, man-made. Another Lord,

article: “...On Feb. 4, Lord Turner, the British climate czar,..”

Alan: We've all got one you see,

article: “...told the U.K. Environmental Audit committee that climate laws may be needed to restrict air plane flights and reduce carbon emissions.

Alan: Well, they've also said they want to eventually cancel out all tourism and all travel abroad unless it's essential travel only and it'll be for diplomats, governments, executives of corporations; that's the world they're bringing in. All this stuff about terrorism and the borders etc. is to keep the masses in for the “brave new world”. In the meantime we'll always get our brainwashing...


You know for most people it's always been over, you understand ? They were never here to be saved. Because every day of the week they tune into that TV-box, that was given to them for this very purpose, for utter brainwashing. They're addicted to a completely... and you cannot live in two worlds. It's like a heroin addict trying to get off it and then injecting himself with heroin all the time. You can't do it. Because there's incredible intellect and coordination, and propaganda that's put into everything that you watch.

Especially your entertainment. It's the last place you'll look and think, 'well, I'm being brainwashed'...

No, you are being brainwashed, that's why there are so many messages, in movies, in all your dramas, your soaps, look at what's in the children's cartoons... again, people are paid by your governments to put all this stuff in the cartoons to do with global warming and adults are bad, they destroyed the planet.

You've got to think about it.


Now, another winner here, is Macleans Magazine in Canada. It's been wrong in almost everything it's ever written, although it's really a propaganda arm of the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] and, it goes on about 'Plan B for global warming'...

This is the same Macleans Magazine that had the prime minister of Canada, the US president, all voting for the [former] prime minister of Mexico, during the free trade negotiations, (it think his name was Salinas [Carlos] [1988 to 1994] ) as to be the head of the NAFTA, he was the best man for the job... A month after they printed that, the guy and his family ran off with the treasury of Mexico! Do you remember that, it was a few years back ? The guy that they said, this Macleans Magazine said, and the prime minister and president said, was “the guy for the job”; he would be the head... put at the head of this new NAFTA.

He ran off with the whole treasury of Mexico and the US and Canada had to bail him out by millions and millions of dollars that we borrowed from the IMF [International Monetary Fund] and the World Bank. Remember that ? We forget all these things...

Anyway here they are... 

article: [Title] “Plan B for Global Warming”, Macleans Magazine...

There’s a drawing of Don Quixote tacked to the wall of David Keith’s University of Calgary office; one of Gustav Doré’s famous illustrations showing the ageing knight flying backwards off his horse as his lance bends against the blade of a windmill.

Alan: then they go through all this pablum as they tell you he's into climate change and all the rest of it and he's a scientist figuring out ways to save the planet... But you scroll down and there's only one interesting thing in the whole propagandic blurb. It says,

article: “...When Keith first took an interest in such ideas lumped together under the broad rubric “geoengineering...”

Alan: We're just hearing about that in the public

article: “...as a grad student 20 years ago, they could hardly be discussed in polite scientific company. Even less so in environmental circles, where many viewed any proposal to manage climate change as a threat to efforts to stop it.

Alan: 20 years ago right ? He says

article: “...“It was a freak show,” he recalls. Verboten in mainstream forums, the topic was only debated at secret NASA and White House-organized confabs.

Alan: That's the only important thing in this propaganda piece.

Because you see everything is done in secrecy. All the real stuff is done long before, in secrecy. The planning of now was planned a long time ago in secrecy, and the whole global warming scenario and who they'd even pick to front it was decided a long time ago in secrecy. And here they are with NASA and these scientists, 20 years ago, discussing how to pull it off. Today. In secrecy.

Quite something eh? And all the stuff they talked about was taken from, The Club of Rome, who first came up with the idea of global warming to take control of the planet and get everybody to submit to a new world-type authority.

And these guys literally want to seed the planet across the world with these gasses and sprays across the seas. And guess what? They've already being doing it for 12 years solid. Solid that is, they were doing it before, testing the stuff out, but solidly for the last 12 years.

Yep, done in secret.

And you think NASA is all to do with space programs ? It's the 'Military-Industrial Complex'!.


There's a great article too about the 'cashless society' how they're training the children in different countries to use it..

article: Home of the Impact Cashless Catering Payment System. (CRB Solutions)

A million users in over 1500 schools throughout the UK,

Alan:  It teaches the children to use the cashless system to take iris scans and to take thumb prints. I think they started with thumb prints and so on, and it's being pushed by all governments over in Europe now.

It's amazing how they pick one company, you see ? There's always a favourite company that's chosen in advance to push... and train the children. These children are already used to walking through sensor machines as they go through schools, armed guards and stuff like that, and using their thumb prints.

They're being trained for the kind of world which is [to be] normal to them, as they grow up.

Straight 'Pavlovian' training. And they'll never ask, “why”. Because ? Because it's normal to them. And their parents will never say, “you know, it shouldn't be like this, it didn't used to”...

So, I'll put up these links as I say, on my site at the end of the show.


What I'm trying to tell you is, there nothing out there, nothing out there that is not thought out in great detail, minute detail by think tanks, and the so-called expert scientists and the culture creation industry, all working together in collusion to prepare your mind for every part of the future that's coming.

About a year ago someone mentioned to me about all these, scenario / end of the system movies that are all coming out, there's about a dozen disaster movies. They all had the infertility of males, they all went sterile for some reason... One of them said 'it was a virus that was released' and everybody just went sterile. It's always the same scenario, weather it's a world authoritarian government, very vague, everybody's living in rubble and squalor, the masses. But there's always this high corporation, world corporation living in luxury but way apart from the people, and they have all these black-clad goons with all the armour plating and the big guns to keep everything working and going along. That's not coincidence, Neither are all these pandemic movies that get churned out one after another. Telling you how to behave and respond and this is what's going to happen, and so on. That's not coincidence.


Understand that the whole entertainment system was always used for political purposes... Always.

You know, there were operas written in the late 1700's and the early 1800's. They were banned in some countries because they were all about masonic revolution. Well documented. Not conspiracy theory. It's boasted about by countries like France and so on.

I'll be back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're cutting through the matrix.

And I think we'll just get time to take a caller, there's Ron from Texas. Are you there Ron ?

Ron: Hello Alan can you hear me?

Alan: Yes I can.

Ron: Great. Hey Alan I have a question. I'm wondering... First of all, thank you very much for all the great work you do. I follow you every night / listen to you every night, I've read your book[s], just absolutely fantastic...

My question is, What is the real role of North Korea in the world, are they just a puppet for the United States or for the New World Order ? It seems like every time something's going on North Korea's launching missiles, North Korea's doing this, doing that, trying to scare everybody. And I've also read that his [ Kim Jong-il's] effeminate son [ Kim Jong Chol ] and his masculine son [Kim Jong Un] make huge salaries from the CIA, they live in Europe and... I'm just curious, what's really going on in North Korea ?

Alan: Once again, they must try and validate the entire world's ongoing war. It's like Orwell said, 'the war's not intended to be won, it's intended to be ongoing'. It's constant revolution worldwide and wars can be kind of a front really for revolution and to justify armaments etc. and military might and all that kind of stuff. But you're right, they could have taken out that [Korea] a long time ago. There's no problem about that.

What you do have, curiously enough are the five countries that haven't joined... that are not under the International Monetary Fund [IMF] or the World Bank, they don't have Central banks. Afghanistan was one, Iraq was another, Iran is another, North Korea is another. There are only five of them all together, left. And these are the countries that are all under the gun right now, until they're standardised into the world system. That's really what's going on. I've no doubt at all that North Korea has been used when necessary to do sabre rattling and all this kind of stuff.

It's the same with China. Once in a blue moon, when they've no enemies to point to and they need to justify the military might, and this authoritarian system that's coming in, they get China to rattle their sabres etc.

China was built up by the west. If the big banks decide to flatten China they'll do the same thing there if they wish to. Everyone at the top in China is bought is bought and paid for, and it's the same thing with North Korea.

Ron: Right, just to go on to a sort of different subject... I also read today in Peru, where I've actually visited a number of times... They actually have gone after... it sounds almost identical to what goes on in my country the United States right now. They're after the indigenous people, where they actually attacked and killed hundreds of them for demonstrating. Is this every country now we're going to see this going on, not just in the US but in every country now ?

Alan: It's complete authoritarianism. You can't criticise the government now, you're called “anti government”.

Criticism of any policy at all and they'll call you anti government and radical etc. But in those other countries where they can get away with it, they're simply eliminating any problems. To them at the top honestly, they see it as very pragmatic, utilitarian. 'Just get rid of them', and they do it.

This is the world they are bringing in.

They're also cleansing a lot of Latin America, because they chose during the free trade negotiations that many of those countries would be run on bare-minimum population, so drastic population reduction, but they also have been setting up some countries already since the 80's under the free trade, that's the precursor of NAFTA, to be a bread basket. Chile is one of the big ones, with Monsanto, Archer-Daniel-Midlands and all the other big boys to produce the veggies. They will grow nothing eventually in the US.

Ron: What about Chavez in Venezuela, is he still part of the same scheme ?

Alan: I'm sure he's in on it, there's no doubt. Just like Fidel was.

But that's the end of the show. I hear the music.

So, from Hamish and myself, Hamish is my fantastic dog, in Ontario, Canada... it's good night and may your God or Gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:

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"Coercive population control: from the mouth of Frank Notestein" by Daniel Taylor (oldthinkernews.com) - Dec. 19, 2007.

"Encyclopedia of Population - NOTESTEIN, FRANK W. (1902-1983)" [PDF File] Edited by Paul Demeny and Geoffrey McNicoll (faculty.fairfield.edu).

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"UK Politician Urges Video Game Manufacturers to Include Global Warming Message" by Jeff Poor (at mrc.org) - Feb. 10, 2009.

"Plan B for global warming" by Jonathon Gatehouse (macleans.ca) - April 22, 2009.

"Home of the Impact Cashless Catering Payment System" [UK Cashless Payment with Fingerprinting for Schools] (crbsolutions.co.uk).


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