June 9, 2009 (# 338)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 9, 2009:

Hear the Drumming, Here it's Coming:

"Orwell's Predictions, Dark, Foreboding,
Now are Facts, Stealth Unloading,
From All Media Like Tiny Particles
In All News Blitzes, Predictive Articles,
No Hocus-Pocus, but Repetition
Embedded in Minds with Precision,
Millions in Alpha State Watching TV,
Given Opinions They Don't Consciously 'See,'
Apathy Engendered by Force of State,
In Show of Power, Threatening the Fate
Of All Free People Who Hear Each Lie
From Organized Tyranny, Never Shy
To Say Wrong is Right, 'Work Makes Free,'
World Concentration Camp, Clear as Can be"
© Alan Watt June 9, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 9, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 9th of June, 2009.  For newcomers to the show, I suggest you look in to these sites.  cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I’ve had trouble with them recently.  I expect more in the future as things tighten up.   You should also look at these other sites that I have, just in case, maybe even get used to using them for downloads.  All of these are listed on the .com site.  You might get through for downloads faster, in fact, if you pick one of these sites rather than everybody going in to the .com at once.  And alanwattsentientsentinel.eu is the European site, you’ve also got all the audios plus transcripts written in the various languages of Europe OF the talks that I give.  So it’s a handy site to remember and use. 


Trouble will definitely come.  I guarantee it.  Things are really tightening up.  For those who donate to me, I really appreciate it.  There are a few people down through the years who just keep me going with the same donations and nothing’s too small.  Remember that.  Nothing, at all, is too small.  In fact, if a thousand people sent a dollar, I’d be laughing every month.  It costs more than that to keep all this going.  It’s a 7 day a week job.  Also, people get lots of my talks burned to them, passed around.  They don’t use computers.  They play them on their CD players and some eventually manage to get through to me saying they didn’t know for years how to get in touch.  This is how you do it [listed above].


Things are really on a roll now.  Not through suspicion or paranoid delusions, but because they print all the stuff in the newspapers as they condition the public for what’s coming.  We’re always conditioned in advance. 


As I say, you keep me going.  I don’t ask for money from the advertisers.  Everyone else does.  That’s how they run their shows.  This gives me a freer hand to say what I MUST say without involving or criticizing other people… or being stunted in doing so, if need be.  So you bring me to you and it’s up to you to keep it going.  The advertising on the show pays the station.  It pays for their equipment, for their time, as well, and for their engineers and so on. 


The roll is on a… it’s on it’s way.  Nothing happens by chance.  Remember, China is the MODEL state for the entire world to follow.  That’s according to the United Nations and many of the various NGO organizations that belong to it.  They’ve all stated this from the top.  We’ve all to follow China.  They so much admire its orderly, controlled system… which is still, by the way, communist, apparently; even though they’re the largest capitalists on the planet.  But really, China is in the bag.  It’s owned by the big banks of the West that set it up AND the same organizations that already owned and controlled the West, own China.  Everyone at the top in China is in the pocket of their masters.  Same masters as we’ve got. 


Now, the articles I read, I always put up the links on my site at the end of the show.  So remember, you don’t have to scribble them down, just look in to the site, cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you’ll find them there.  Be back with more on China after these messages. 


I am Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is the reality that you’ve swallowed.  Swallowed as it’s been presented TO YOU.  You never thought it was odd or you never questioned it because it simply existed, as it existed for your parents.  They didn’t think to bother to tell you that there was so much CONfusion in the world and so much control.  They didn’t know themselves, generally.  They themselves had accepted the world as it had been presented to them BY their education, mass media and the very fact that everyone else around them would agree with their opinions because they were all given the Same opinions by the same media and indoctrination… or education


China, as I say, is to be … it IS the model state for the world and I’ve talked to people from the United Nations.  I’ve mentioned before, one woman I knew who was always globetrotting off across the world on behalf of the UN.  She was a teacher and she was always getting 3, 4, 5, 6 months off at a time and then getting back to her job.  She was a very privileged, special person.  One day, after coming back from China, she’d been 6 months there, she got talking to me outside a store.  Because I was UP on all this stuff, she kind of forgot who she was talking to and she says, the thing that she most admired in China was their system of population control.  I let her ramble on for a little bit and then I says, well, what gives you the right to think that should come back here?  Because that’s what she was over there for - with other teachers, by the way - getting taught how to teach stuff in school that the children would soak up… and they were thinking of being conditioned for the future with OPINIONS given to them.  I asked her what made her think that she had the right to do anything about someone else’s population control?  She said, ‘Well, if WE don’t do it, no one else will.’  It was as simple as that. 


This article here is from the guardian.co.uk. 


China orders PC makers to install blocking software  (Alan:  on all computers.)

(A:  They have the usual thing… ) Move aimed at porn sites could have political use

(A:  They always use to porn to start with, or pedophilia or whatever.  That’s why they put so much of it out there.  In fact, that’s the first stuff they made sure everyone KNEW about the internet was that there was lots of porn on it.  That was to get everybody IN to it, of all age groups.)


Jonathan Watts guardian.co.uk,

 Monday 8 June 2009


Computer makers in China have been instructed to pre-install blocking software on every PC hard drive from next month, under a government push to control access to the internet.


The new software, which has been developed by companies working with the Chinese military (A:  That’s IBM and so on… and Microsoft, obviously.), is specifically aimed at restricting online pornography, but it could also be used to strengthen barriers to politically sensitive websites.


China's authorities currently block overseas-based sites they disapprove of, such as those relating to Tibetan independence, or the Falun Gong spiritual movement, with a mesh of filters and keyword restrictions, widely known as the Great Firewall.  (A:  …of China, of course.)


Control over domestic servers is applied through instructions to content providers and search engines, which must self-censor to stay in business.  (A:  That’s all been done with the aid of the Western companies, as we all know; it’s been in the papers before.)


The new software – called Green Dam Youth Escort (A:  Green Dam Youth Escort) – potentially adds a powerful new tool at the level of the individual computer. It updates a list of forbidden sites from an online database, much as network security programs automatically download the latest defences against new worms, trojans and viruses.  (A:  In other words, it’s always updating as they ADD to the list.)


The software, designed to work with the Microsoft Windows operating system (A:  That took cooperation, didn‘t it?), also collects private user data(A:  You see, they’re trying it out there FIRST so that… Remember too, I read an article about a month or two ago, where Australia has already drawn up their BAN LIST of sites and they’re fining people who attempt to even go in to those sites, to read them.)


Optional programs that allow parents to restrict internet access by their children have existed for some time, but this is the first time the government has instructed that every computer be installed with a single centralised system.


China's ministry of industry and information technology (A:  There’s a ministry for everything.  They copied all that from Britain, you know.  Britain has a Ministry of Information.  It’s had it since World War II and probably before.) issued a notice to personal computer-makers on 19 May that every machine sold from 1 July must be preloaded with the software. Last year 40m (A:  MILLION) PCs were sold in China, the world's second biggest market after the US.


According to the Wall Street Journal, the notice says the move aims to "construct a green, healthy and harmonious internet environment, and prevent harmful information (A:  HARMFUL INFORMATION.) on the internet from influencing and poisoning young people".  (A:  The only poisoning to be done is by officially approved propaganda.)


Now, a while ago, years ago actually, I mentioned certain words, on one show, and phrases that would be coming IN TO USE.  I thought them odd when they first appeared in North America and then in Europe.  I said, you know these are straight from the Soviet Union.  It was during Papa Bush’s term a lot of TERMS came out.  In fact, he used the ‘commutarianism’ for the new way.  Commutarianism is, of course, communism.  Commutarianism was also a term used by HG Wells and the Fabian Society who helped outline this new utopia of TOTALITARIAN CONTROL that they were going to bring in.  Under Bush Sr., he also used other terms.  One was ‘anti-government’.  It started to come out in the paper, ‘ANTI-GOVERNMENT, ANTI-GOVERNMENT’.  I thought, that’s an odd term for democracies to use because you always have at least two parties and the other party lambastes the majority party that’s in power.  Their job is to do that, criticize their policies.  They never call them ‘anti-government,’ but that’s what they do: they criticize policies.  So they were BLURRING THE LINE, the distinction, especially FOR THE PEOPLE, you see, who were condemned to the same policies as being ‘anti-government.’ 


At the same time, of course, we had the Waco thing come out when Clinton was in.  The big… these are real shows.  These are real, BIG, legal shows for the public.  The idea that Christianity in the US as having any elevated position was now being burned to the ground, with people in it… on public television broadcast nationwide and worldwide.  That was a BIG statement.  You had all that anti-Christian stuff and so on.  That was at the same time that Margaret Thatcher gave her speeches on the New World Order.  That was the title of her speeches.  She said, the next WAR would be on religious fundamentalism.  She was also referring to not only Muslims and fundamentalism in the Middle-East but she did refer to that, but she also mentioned religious fundamentalism in the Western world as well.  She meant Christianity.  You see, this is the TIME where the old oppositions to the new world order were to be obliterated. 


We already have the emotive terms coming in, here and there, with abortion, for instance.  Now, abortion is designed to get people going… against or for and so on.  People always pick sides.  You’re GIVEN the sides and the debate and you’ll get heated up over the debate depending on which side you choose.  It doesn’t matter.  There’s always a bigger plan.  Of course, the whole plan was dehumanization, as I’ve read before, and taking from the ALTAR of superiority that of HUMAN LIFE… to get it DOWN, as Julian Huxley - the first CEO of UNESCO - said.  They’d have to literally deflate humanity down from its pedestal until we accept of ourselves as simply being another base life form.  That’s the real motive behind abortions and so on.  Now they’re going for euthanasia at the other end of the scale.  I said that would happen too. 


Remember too, when 9/11 happened and even when the previous bombing went off, at the Oklahoma building?  The first thing on the news was these guys running through the forest with oddball mismatched camo gear… before the story came on.  Every station in the world showed the same scenes.  Trying to blame these wacko, patriot types for blowing up the Oklahoma City building.  This was all for a future scenario to set the president for what was to come. 


Here’s an article… and LISTEN TO THE WAY, never mind the content or the fact this guy was crazy.  It says he was a paranoid schizophrenic who was not getting treatment.  Now, you get them through ALL strata of life including secular humanism, believe you me.  Listen to the wording.  This is from The Daily Mail Online.  This is straight out of Orwell. 


Suspect arrested over murder of U.S. abortion doctor was anti-Government activist caught with a bomb 13 years ago

(A:  So, the precedent for condemnation is ALL there.  You don’t have to even think about it.  You’re GIVEN what to think.)

By David Gardner

3rd June 2009


The pro-life activist (A:  So, here he is.  He’s a pro-life activist.) suspected of gunning down (A:  SUSPECTED of gunning down…) an American doctor known for performing late-term abortions compared his alleged victim to Nazi death camp monster Josef Mengele, it was claimed tonight.  (A:  It doesn’t say by whom.)


Scott Roeder, 51, was expected to be charged early tomorrow with the murder of Dr George Tiller, who was shot dead in the foyer of his church on Sunday.


Roeder was described today as harbouring a burning ‘eye-for-an-eye’ hatred for abortion doctors who had been arrested years earlier - armed with the materials to make a bomb.  (A:  He was described as that.  It says, he was DESCRIBED as that.  Remember that too.)


And someone using the name Scott Roeder posted comments about Tiller on anti-abortion web sites, including one that described him as the ‘concentration camp Mengele of our day’ - a reference to the German doctor who performed ghastly medical experiments on Jews at Auschwitz.  (A:  I’ll come back with more to dissect the terminology used here after the following break.)


I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, giving you a lesson, really, in how terminology condemns people.  But it’s not really intended just to condemn this one man, it’s MEANT to COW and condemn a whole lot of people who have nothing to do with it.  Nothing whatsoever.  It’s also MEANT to CONDITION PEOPLE who are outside of any particular faith, to look upon those within the faith with rather suspect motives and intentions.  Nothing out there… nothing out there doesn’t go through psychological censorship, YOU MIGHT SAY, or promotion - one or the other - before it arrives in the papers.  It says here that ‘someone using the name Scott Roeder posted comments about Tiller on anti-abortion web sites’.  Do you know how many people will put up fake names, or someone else’s name on web sites?  Then they say that the guy said that this particular abortion doctor was the ‘Mengele of our day’ - a reference to the German doctor who performed ghastly medical experiments on Jews at Auschwitz.’ 


Here’s an interesting parallel to this because years ago in Canada, in Toronto, there was a doctor Henry Morgentaler who was always being picketed by people who wanted to stop illegal abortions.  They were illegal at the time.  You would find the cops there arresting him once and a while.  He got great publicity out of it.  I knew something was up.  Then one day, I passed and the cops were actually pushing back the picketers because it was decided… no law had been changed.  Remember, the law was still in effect.  They couldn’t do these street abortions without approval, etc.  It was illegal at that time.  Suddenly the cops were protecting this guy and letting him do abortions, even though it was still illegal, because someone in Parliament was going to bring it up eventually to try and change the law.  That told you all you needed to know.  That this was a ‘must be’.  This guy was going to get his way.  But Henry Morgentaler eventually went on television and here’s the reasons that he gave for doing these abortions.  He said Adolf Hitler was an unwanted child and these unwanted children are very, very dangerous to society and therefore, he was performing a service by terminating them before they grew up in to Adolf Hitlers.  That was his excuse.  He was PRAISED and given honors.  I think he got the O.B.E. for Canada, the Order of the British Empire, or something, and many other awards.  Then he was given MASSIVE grants by the government to go across the world and open up abortion clinics, mainly across the third world countries where they get funding from Bill Gates and all these kind of people.  So there’s the other side of it too, you see. 


Here’s where they’re really targeting because now you’re supposed to be all for PRO abortion because… It’s nothing to do with a woman’s right.  It’s to get society USED TO THE FACT that government is eventually going to come in to decide who lives and dies.  Believe you me, that’s the motive.  To continue with this story,


Although police refused to give a motive for the killing last night (A: This is after they’ve said all this about this guy.), Tiller is believed to have been targeted because he was one of only three U.S. doctors carrying out abortions on women who were more than twenty-one weeks pregnant.  (A:  This is how he made his living.)


Chilling details emerged last night about the suspect who is said to have suffered from bouts of mental illness.


Roeder's mental health and anti-government activities were also factors in a custody battle in Pennsylvania, The Kansas City Star reported.


Roeder sued in 2003 for the right to visit a girl he said was his daughter. The child was born in 2002.


But the child's mother fought Roeder's request, saying he would not be a good influence because his association with 'anti-government organizations is ongoing'.  (A:  How many times have they said ‘anti-government’ here?)


A 2005 court ruling also said Roeder had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and did not take medication, 'which may pose a clear and present danger to the minor child', according to The Star.


Roeder belonged to anti-government militia groups, had been convicted of carrying explosives in his car and allegedly befriended a would-be killer who shot Tiller in both arms in a failed assassination attempt 16 years ago.


The factory worker was also said to have been outraged when Tiller was acquitted on abortion-related charges at a trial in March.


Tiller, 67, was serving as an usher during morning services on Sunday when he was shot at the Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, Kansas.


Police said the gunman acted alone, but US marshals have been sent to protect abortion clinics across the US amid fears of copycat attacks.  (A:  I guess from just fanatical Christians, right?)


Some anti-abortion groups moved quickly to distance themselves from the murder, but pro-life hard liners praised Roeder.


And on and on it goes.  On it goes.  The fact is, you see, any real Christian out there or any religious person out there KNOWS that you must always let everyone do what they personally will do.  Because after all, any sin is on their head isn’t it?  Otherwise, you’d be like governments.  You’d be totalitarian… making everyone do what you want them to do.  Think about it.  They know this too, but this is a good propaganda piece.  And because there’s a motive, people take sides and spin off away from the real point and get in to the emotional debate.  That’s how things really work.  That’s how these pieces are presented.  PANELS OF TEAMS work out the stuff before it’s put in the paper.  Back with more after these messages. 


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  That last article reminded me of one I read not so long ago when the HEAD  - the guy of the executive branch of this secretive European Union Parliament - said that anyone who criticized the Parliament was guilty of SACRILEGE.  Now it’s simply “anti-government” in the West but that will come.  It will be sacrilegious as the hidden religion that’s been here for a long, long time.  It’s always been around you with its emblems and symbols; it merges and comes to the fore.  This article falls right in with what I’m saying.  This is from another mainstream article.  Henry Porter's blog from the guardian.co.uk. 


Fighting Nineteen Eighty-Four


Sixty years ago today George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four was published, and this evening, as though to mark the anniversary of Orwell's last book, the former head of GCHQ (A:  That’s the big amalgamated British security forces.  The first head, by the way - you should read Perry’s book - was Victor Rothschild.), Sir David Pepper, slips from the shadows to tell the BBC's Who's Watching You programme that it has become necessary for the government to record all data from phone and internet traffic in the fight against terror.  (A:  My, my.  It sounds just like China doesn’t it?  Ah, it must be a coincidence.)


Pepper, who was, incidentally, born as Orwell struggled over his manuscript in the winter of 1948 – the year the author reversed for his title (A:  Actually it was his publisher that reversed it.  He wanted to call it ‘The Last Man’; the last thinking, sentient man, really.) – makes a case for the total surveillance of society in order to catch the increasingly sophisticated targets. (A:    That’s all you.  You didn’t know you were sophisticated did you?)  "There are plenty of people who will do all they can to make themselves difficult to find," he says. "The thing you worry about most is the attack that you haven't seen coming."


The unknown enemy is cast, very much like the ill-defined threat presented to Oceania in Nineteen Eighty-Four, as a pervasive, cunning and unseen foe that requires total watchfulness and, it follows, the sacrifice of the essential right of privacy. (A:  Remember all the little interviews on the street they did right after 9/11?  ‘Are you willing to give up your freedom and privacy for security?’  Mind you, they didn’t do a democratic poll in it… like a VOTE.  Never do.)  In the programme, Pepper explains the challenges that face his former colleagues at GCHQ with a diagram (A:  They love charts, you see.) that shows how information is carried in discreet packets across the internet, a development which he implies must be met by granting the agency total access to all our communications.


You can see GCHQ's problem, but we should not take the word of a securicrat with a narrow view of how a free society works to be the only voice in this debate. For like his successor Iain Lobban, Pepper's solution to the problem of tracking terrorist communications is mass surveillance, which, if allowed, would give the government enormous powers and would very likely become subject to the law of function creep (A:  ‘function creep‘), as all these measure are. (A:  They introduce it, as you know, and expand it and expand it and expand it and expand it.)  (Last week I reported on how the police national DNA database set up to solve crime was now being used in Camden as a "crime prevention" measure).  (A:  As they simply drag in the youths and take their blood and DNA with no crime involved, just in case they commit a crime in the future.) 


A Home Office memo leaked during the period when the former home secretary, Jacqui Smith, was swooning over GCHQ's megalomaniac plans held them to be "impractical, disproportionate, politically unattractive and possibly unlawful".  (A:  Well, that shouldn’t stop them should it?)  The plans have since been modified so that data collection would be outsourced to internet service providers (A:  Exactly as they’re doing in China right now.  But that’s just a coincidence, isn’t it?), who are, by the way, none too happy about it (A:  Well, they’re not happy at all.), but the key measure of mass surveillance remains and so does the truth of that characterisation by an anonymous official.


A brief moment considering the morals and competence of so many of our leaders must be enough to persuade us that to give such power away would be extreme folly, but that does not stop people like Pepper lobbying for that power in prime time with all his dry, technocratic plausibility. Those who think of Nineteen Eighty-Four as a prediction are in error. It is, as the late Ben Pimlott pointed out, an account of the forces that endanger liberty, most of which can be summed up in the single word: lies(A:  LIES.  L-I-E-S.)


Orwell, writes Pimlott, "offers a political choice between the protections of truth and the slide into expedient falsehood for the benefit of rulers and the exploitation of the ruled. Thus the novel is above all subversive, a protest against the tricks played by government. It is a volley against the authoritarian in every personality, a polemic against every orthodoxy, an anarchistic blast against every unquestioning conformist."


A good thought to remember on the anniversary of Orwell's greatest and grimmest book, as we watch Pepper arguing for all that Orwell feared and all that we should resist(A:  Very well said.  Very well said.  He’s quite right.  He’s quite right.)


NO is a word we’ve got to learn very fast.  NO.  Many will suffer for saying no.  But we’ll all suffer if no one says it.  NO.  We’ll all suffer. 


From voltairenet.org.


   G20 police ‘used undercover men to incite crowds’

(A:  Incite them into violence.)


8 June 2009

by Jamie Doward and Mark Townsend


MP demands inquiry into Met tactics at demo


An MP who was involved in last month’s G20 protests in London is to call for an investigation into whether the police used agents provocateurs to incite the crowds.


Liberal Democrat Tom Brake says he saw what he believed to be two plain-clothes police officers go through a police cordon after presenting their ID cards.


Brake, who along with hundreds of others was corralled behind police lines near Bank tube station in the City of London on the day of the protests, says he was informed by people in the crowd that the men had been seen to throw bottles at the police and had encouraged others to do the same shortly before they passed through the cordon.  (So they saw these cops present their credentials after, AFTER they were throwing bottles at cops… and they were getting through.)


I’ll put these links up, remember, on my site at the end of the show.  Now, here’s an interesting article too.  It’s from The Daily Mail Online.  This is happening across the world, by the way.  Across all Western worlds, all countries. 


Police launch mass DNA screening to catch rapist killer after woman's body is found in park

By Daily Mail Reporter

8th June 2009


Detectives hunting a killer and suspected serial rapist began a mass voluntary DNA sweep today.


Investigators believe whoever raped and murdered Michelle Samaraweera, 35, in a park in Walthamstow, East London, lives nearby.


They have begun house-to-house inquiries and are asking anyone who matches the suspect's description to provide a sample of DNA. 


They did this in Toronto 3 years ago, 4 years ago when a pedophile had murdered… I don’t know if it was a little boy or a little girl.  They found her body eventually.  I think it was in the beach area somewhere in Toronto.  They did the same thing.  Door to door, asking every MAN in the area for their DNA type.  Now, obviously they had the DNA from the body.  They had the DNA of the suspect.  After it was all done and they did all this farce, you see, and collect DNA and trained the public.  This is the new thing, the incoming thing, you see.  It was a training exercise and collecting of DNA.  But they already knew who it was.  All the time.  They always know where these guys are and who they are… because they put them in those areas and they watch them.  They have their DNA already because they’ve been in prison already. 


At the same time that happened, by the way, a little blurb on television in Canada, CBC, showed you this BRAND NEW, totally robotic mechanized laboratory that had been built in Montreal and it could do… You saw these maybe 50 arms come down grabbing little test tubes and moving them to the next place on this conveyor belt.  Enough to do Canada and probably the whole of the US.  They said it was for the hardened criminal only.  I said right off the bat, that’s for everyone in the near future… and I’m right.  So here they are doing the same thing in Britain as they did in Canada and getting everyone used to it… under the threat that you’re guilty if you don’t give your blood to these guys which they keep on record FOREVER, by the way.  They’ve already admitted... well, it will prevent crimes in the future even if you’ve never committed any crimes now, you’d be more scared to try it in the future.  Any kind of crime. 


THIS is the new world order and it IS Orwellian.  This article here is from delawareonline.com, mainstream. 


Virtually everywhere you go… They’re watching


Cameras are creeping up all over to catch crimes (A:  That’s the excuse they give.), but the electronic eyes may be prying into private life.


June 7, 2009

By Mike Chalmers / The News Journal


(A:  It says how he’s been recently downtown Wilmington.)


A traffic camera sent an image of your car to the Internet as you crossed Northeast Boulevard and East 12th Street.


A worker at Downtown Visions watched on a video monitor as you parked at 11th and Walnut Street.


Security guards at one of the city’s big corporations, using their own network of cameras mounted outside their building, watched you walk up to Rodney Square.  So did the Downtown Visions worker. 


Stopping for cash at an ATM on Market Street put you on a few more video screens. 


Want a magazine?  Two dozen cameras hang from the ceiling of the drug store. 


Remember the movie Enemy of the State?  Done years ago.  They showed you how they were all connected with each other BACK THEN.  You never tell the children what you’re really doing, except in the movies and they’re there to train you to accept them when they really happen… which people do.  But this article here is just simply showing you… and training you, that you’re just getting watched.  Now, what are you going to do about it?  What are you going to do about it?  Hmm?


I’m rushing through these articles because they’re very important, these ones.  Here’s an article from The Telegraph.  Listen to this…


Pupils to be taught 'how to think' in GCSE-style course 

(A:  I guess that’s what you get in their secondary schooling.  Although I say, the general certificate for social engineering.  GCSE.)

Teenagers will be awarded the equivalent of a GCSE in "thinking" under new plans.


By Graeme Paton, Education Editor

8 Jun 2009


(A:  Listen to this.)  They will be taught the difference between an argument and a rant and how to separate fact from opinion, it was disclosed.


(A:  Now, listen to this.)  Topics covered in the new course - drawn up by one of Britain's biggest exam boards (A:  Listen how they lead in to this.) - will include debate over the existence of UFOs (A:  So they’ll have a good laugh at that one and so on as they unwind.), a belief in the after life  (A:  Right.  Now listen to this….)  and arguments for and against euthanasia.   (A:  Okay.  Do you spot the odd man out here?  Did you get it?  “debate over the existence of UFOs, a belief in the after life and arguments for and against euthanasia.”   That’s all they’re pretty well saying about it.  They’re being given more conditioning WITH the opinions, at the end, given to them which they’ll all agree on because everything is group-think today.  What do you think is coming down the road shortly?  I’ll say that last word again… EUTHANASIA.  The devaluation of human life starts at one end and once it’s normal, you start on the other.  I’ve read so many articles about this.  So many articles.)


Here’s one here from the Associated Content, AC.  These links will be up on my site.  It’s a little blurb which is miniscule according to some of the studies that have been done in the past and I’ve read them on the air. 


Your Brain Waves Change When You Watch TV - Low Alpha Waves Can Lead to "Mind Fog"

(A:  It’s way beyond mind fog.)

May 17, 2007 by Chris M. Carmichael


If you experience "mind fog" after watching television, you are not alone. Studies have shown that watching television induces low alpha waves in the human brain. Alpha waves are brainwaves between 8 to 12 HZ. and are commonly associated with relaxed meditative states as well as brain states associated with suggestibility.   (A:  Hypnosis.  Now listen again how they word this.)


While Alpha waves achieved through meditation are beneficial (A:  Really, have you met many of these folk who do the meditation?  Peace, man.)  (they promote relaxation and insight), too much time spent in the low Alpha wave state caused by TV can cause unfocussed daydreaming and inability to concentrate. Researchers have said that watching television is similar to staring at a blank wall for several hours.


I enjoy watching television on occasion, and this article is not meant to suggest that people should never watch TV. (A:  Well, I would.)  However, it is only fair that people understand what happens to the brain each time it is exposed to television.


In an experiment in 1969, Herbert Krugman monitored a person through many trials and found that in less than one minute of television viewing, the person's brainwaves switched from Beta waves -- brainwaves associated with active, logical thought-- to primarily Alpha waves. When the subject stopped watching television and began reading a magazine, the brainwaves reverted to Beta waves.


One thing this indicates is that most parts of the brain, parts responsible for logical thought, tune out during television viewing. The impact of television viewing on one person's brain state is obviously not enough to conclude that the same consequences apply to everyone (A:  Actually, it’s most though.); however, research involving many others, completed in the years following Krugman's experiment, has repeatedly shown that watching television produces brainwaves in the low Alpha range.  (A:  It makes you INCREDIBLY SUGGESTIBLE TO THE PROPAGANDA THAT’S GETTING PUMPED IN TO YOUR MIND… especially, remember, when they play.)


You know, mainstream news was at 6 pm.  Then they changed it to another one at 9, then 10, then 11pm.  Some even at 12 now.  People will stay up later and later.  That was done because you’re more tired at the time; you’re more suggestible than ever and you go in to this alpha state.  YOU’RE DOWNLOADED, downloaded with programming and YOU HAVEN’T REASONED THROUGH ANY OF IT… but you’ve adopted all its opinions.  That’s just the simple fact. 


Now, I’ll go to the callers and there’s Tim in Indiana.  Are you there Tim? 


Tim:  Hey, how you doing Alan?


Alan:  I’m just about hanging in here. 


Tim:  Just about.  I’ll tell you.  I was listening to one of your earlier shows, like today, and my jaw hit the ground.  Because I just had a eureka moment.  Remember that show, you had a guest that was asking about… like NASA did something like maybe flying some missile up in whatever and it hit like Saturn or something like that, or maybe even towards Jupiter….


Alan:  Hold on and we’ll go in to that after this break.


This is Alan watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Tim from Indiana.  So you were saying there Tim?


Tim:  I was listening to one of your shows talking about them possibly launching a missile or something.  It contained like 20 nuclear power… or the power similar to 20 nuclear, whatever, power plants and so I just listened to it and I had my iPod on and it went to shuffle and the next song… I have all your shows on my iPod but anyway, the next song is a song by Bjork.  My buddy’s got me listening to that because she has a lot of stuff too… But this song was called ‘One Day’ and it was like on her first album and the lyrics - I’ve got them right here which are out of this world - it said… One of the lyrics of One Day.  “One Day it will happen.  One day it will all come through.  One day when you’re ready.  One day when you’re up to it.”  This is the first verse.  It said, “The atmosphere will get lighter.  The two suns ready to shine just for you.  I can feel it.”  I’m like dang, what the heck… just right after I just listened to that.  Then the eureka moment happened when I started thinking about 2010 in the movie when they show the two suns.


Alan:  There’s another sun in the sky.


Tim:  But then, I even more… so when you were talking about they tell you the truth, kind of, in the movies, like the movie Star Wars.  If you even watch that one, the first one, back in the 70s and when it came out, when Luke was on Tatooine, he’s looking out and he’s looking at 2 suns, right there.  I’m like dang.  [laughing]


Alan:  That’s right.  He was Lucius Skywalker.  The one who walked the sky.  That’s from ancient Egypt. 


Tim:  Yeah.  You think that, man it’s no way, but who knows, you know.  It’s just something.  I don’t know if it really is like that but if you really think about it, I wouldn’t put it past anybody or anything.


Alan:  Well, you’re being programmed your whole life for stuff ahead.  Some of it’s overt.  Other stuff is subliminal.  LOTS of it comes through entertainment because really that’s how most people grow up, having their minds altered through the imaginative qualities that are presented to them.  But they never really understand the occult side of it.  They really enjoy the movies.  They’re fascinated by them but in those movies, of course, they show you the whole future that they’re bringing in.  The warrior class who are, again, hereditary - they’re hereditary through eugenics, etc, special breed, etc - who rule over the rest of the people.


Tim:  I know of another little TV show, like Heroes.  I don’t know if you watch that at all? 


Alan:  No.


Tim:  It’s kind of funny too because, I don’t know who’s writing that show but I guess they seem to listen to your show or they really know, but they talk about…  The second season was all about them creating a virus and this third season was about the heroes were getting rounded up and they showed these guards coming to their houses and picking them up and all this stuff.  It was funny because one of the character’s father, he lived out in the middle of nowhere and I swear to you, he looked just like you.  I was like…


Alan:  [laughing]


Tim:  I was like, what the heck?  You know, they’re running out of whatever but it was just funny.  I was like man… this is crazy.  So, they’ll tell you… if your mind’s not working, you’ll just soak it all in and be like hey, and when it happens, okay, it was supposed to happen.


Alan:  That’s right.  To most people, it will be quite normal.  Whatever it is, it will be quite normal because they’ve all had their programming.  In fact, they won’t think much of it.  They never do in these big things.  I saw a recent magazine from the military.  Someone sent me a picture and it’s about the latest armor for the soldiers and they’re white and they’re exactly the same as the ones they wore in Star Wars.  [laughs]


Tim:  I know.  It’s crazy.  Thanks for everything you’re doing and everybody wake up and donate


Alan:  That’s a good idea.  Thanks for plugging it.  Someone should, yeah.  I keep forgetting.  Thanks for calling. 


Tim:  Alright buddy.


Alan:  From a very wet Ontario, Canada - it’s a repetition of last year, spray in the morning, rain all day and all night - it’s good night from Hamish and myself and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




Topics of show covered in following links:


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"Police launch mass DNA screening to catch rapist killer after woman's body is found in park" (dailymail.co.uk) - June 8, 2009.

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"Pupils to be taught 'how to think' in GCSE-style course" by Graeme Paton (telegraph.co.uk) - June 8, 2009.

"Your Brain Waves Change When You Watch TV - Low Alpha Waves Can Lead to 'Mind Fog' " by Chris M. Carmichael (associatedcontent.com) - May 17, 2007.



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