June 11, 2009 (# 340)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 11, 2009:

First Corrupt, Then Destruct:

"All That Was, Doomed for Destruction,
Enter New Society, Scientific Construction,
In the Meantime Dysfunction, Mayhem, No Joke,
Binge-Drinking Women Emulate Stars Snorting Coke,
Each Time You Think We're Pushed Far Enough,
Culture Industry Doles More Degradation from Above,
Where are the Songs Giving Social Cohesion
And Hope for the Young, Purpose and Reason,
Been Reduced to Baseness, Get it Today,
Hedonistic, Sadistic, We'll All have to Pay"
© Alan Watt June 11, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 11, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 11th of June, 2009.  Newcomers should always go in to the cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and youíll find hundreds and hundreds of talks Iíve given in the past where I try to give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture of the system, the one system, that runs the planet and its myriad of arms and specialized departments which all work with it, as they guide us in to this planned, socialist new world order.  The dream of Fabians, really, for an awful long time, and many other agencies as well.  Also look into [listed above].  These are the other sites and if Yahoo gets yanked again, you can always go in there and find all the audios and shows, etc.  Itís a good idea to pick one or the other anyway and get used to using them because that spreads the bandwidth, it gives the servers less chance to bitch about anything back to me.  As I say, theyíre all standbys.  Itís good to have the standbys.  Donít forget about this one; itís also got transcripts as well as the audios and you can print up these transcripts in the various languages of Europe.  Thatís alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  Very good site. 


I always should say at the start and I always forget and that is, that basically the listeners bring me to themselves by buying that which I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can see what to do if you want to buy anything; itís quite simple and also, you can donate to me as well.  The donations trickle in and they keep me going with all the expenses I have here.  And thereís a lot of expenses, believe you me.  For those who simply get the disks passed around that others have burned for them and play on their CD, you can get in touch with me [listed above].


As I say, thatís what keeps me going.  Iíve had all the offers, as all the other hosts do, to take portions from the advertisers which would keep me in an incredible state of luxury, to be honest with you, if I did.  And I donít.  I donít do that because then, to an extent, youíre compromised.  Youíre compromised as to what you can say, etc and then you have to bring them all on as guests.  All youíre doing then is listening to an hour show, really, an hourís advertising.  So I keep it the way it is.  If I go under, I go under.  Iíve done an awful lot to change the whole Patriot idea, the system.  Iíve taken them out of the dark ages and shown them the big picture and luckily, everyoneís followed.  That was the whole intent of it.  To get them to follow, to break out of the navel-gazing that they had for so long, and realize the whole world is going under this totalitarian, new world order system.  Thatís quite an achievement, believe you me. 


Everything has to change in this new system.  Every thing and Iíve said this before, the Club of Rome came up with the idea, back in the 1970s to blame global warming.  They were looking for ideas to unite the planet and they said that global warming will do.  But under the auspices of global warming, governments would have to change ALL of society, regulate it ALL, from birth to death, cradle to grave.  Back with more on this after these messages. 


I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Discussing how a long time ago one think tank was given the mission to find a way to unite the planet.  A mission where under some guise of threat or something that the public would see it as a time of warfare.  Under warfare, we all do what weíre told.  We allow governments to expand and to intrude into our lives and basically take over and become the real bossÖ right down in to the family unit.  So, they looked for something that would cause that and they said they hit upon the idea of global warming.  ďThat would fit the bill.Ē  Thatís from their own book.  Thatís exactly what they said.  Of course, now that global warming tends to be pooh-poohed because itís been cooler than everÖ Where I am now, it has been frost every morning and thereís still a fire on at night, believe it or not.  But that doesnít stop them so theyíre calling it Ďclimate changeí which is just changes in the weather.  This agenda, and you always find this with these guys because itís a global agenda, they canít alter them.  They canít alter something and have all this mass of followers, all these other think tanks, all these other foundations, all these NGOs working with them, they canít have them all trying to catch up so they STICK to their agenda regardless what happens. 


As Iíve said before, this agenda is intended to, eventually, come right down to PURE eugenics.  Who should live and who should dieÖ because weíre all costing the planet in CO2.  Weíre poisoning the planet and thereís so much energy used per person, etc in their lifetime.  This is how theyíre trying to rationalize this utter nonsense.   Remember, eugenics is behind it, at the top.  Theyíre very open about it.  In fact, Iíll put a link up at the end of the show, on my site, on the wonderful animal lover David Suzuki who was pushed by the World Wildlife Fund and all the biggies, all the big foundations, etc.  He is a professor, himself.  Heís a geneticist.  In this old, old video, youíll hear him talking to his peer group when he was younger.  This is when he was working on finding ways to sterilize, interestingly enough, the fruit fly.  He calls the people MAGGOTS.  The general population, maggots.  He says, most people are just maggots.  He says theyíre not happy to move out of stage 9 or 10 maggots, they stay down there.  There are some who want to get on.  They become the fat maggots, he says.  So I guess he was already being picked up because of his eugenical views, by the big fat maggots.  Iíll put up the link at the end of the show for you to see for yourself whatís really IN these characters that are presented to us as such wonderful people who care about the planet and nice little furry animals. 


Getting back to this particular article here.  This ties right in with what Iím saying too.  This shows you whatís going through academia.  Youíve got to understand academia is very important to get the whole agenda through.  Itís the easiest thing to brainwash those in academia.  They smell whatís politically correct.  They all look for a good future for themselves and a nice fat paycheck and they ADAPT very quickly.  All studies that have been done - Iíve read some before - show that those in the middle and upper-middle classes adapt quickest to politically correct changes because they donít want to be the oddball in their peer group.  This is from Stiftung Mercator, Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities in Essen (KWI).


The great transformation 


The impact of global climate change is not limited to specific areas of our lives. With its social, cultural (Alan:  Social, culturalÖ remember), economic and psychological implications, climate change represents a shift towards a new era, which concerns all levels of the global community: markets and mindsets, global cooperations and democracy. (A:  Everything. )  To embrace this complexity and to discuss the core issues of Climate Change as cultural change the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities in Essen (KWI), Stiftung Mercator in cooperation with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy will host the international academic conference.




8 - 10 June 2009 in Essen, Germany


Theyíll have follow-ups.  Of course, theyíve got all the biggies there preaching about global warming and all the social engineers there, across the planet from the big foundations to ENSUREÖ this is where theyíll lay down the format, really, for the rest of the world to copy. 


The whole new Fabian system is being brought in with massive government worldwide, eventually under world government, one world government.  Where theyíll rule you from birth to death with the planned, sustainable society.  Sustainable means whatever figure should be born in a year will be bornÖ and no more.  Thatís what itís all about.  Thatís what itís all about.  Itís a political agendaÖ wrapped in scientific nonsense.  Thatís what itís about.


Now hereís an article, too, from The Telegraph. 


EU security proposals are 'dangerously authoritarian'

(A:  Have they just noticed?)


The European Union is stepping up efforts to build an enhanced pan-European system of security and surveillance which critics have described as ďdangerously authoritarianĒ.


By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels

10 Jun 2009


Civil liberties groups say the proposals would create an EU ID card register, internet surveillance systems (A:  Thatís already here.), satellite surveillance (A:  Thatís already here.), automated exit-entry border systems operated by machines reading biometrics and risk profiling systems.  (A:  Thatís already here.)


Europe's justice ministers will hold talks on the "domestic security policy" and surveillance network proposals, known in Brussels circles as the "Stockholm programme", on July 15 with the aim of finishing work on the EU's first ever internal security policy by the end of 2009.


Jacques Barrot, the European justice and security commissioner, yesterday publicly declared that the aim was to "develop a domestic security strategy for the EU", once regarded as a strictly national "home affairs" area of policy.   (A:  So now itís international.)


"National frontiers should no longer restrict our activities," he said.  (A:  Well, once again, theyíre international.)


Mark Francois, Conservative spokesman on Europe, has demanded "immediate clarity on where the government stands on this".


"These are potentially dangerous proposals which could interfere in Britain's internal security," he said.


"The chaos and division in Gordon Brown's government is crippling Britain's ability to make its voice heard in Europe."  (A:  Well, itís impossible to get your voice heard in Europe since each member of the European Parliament gets about 40 seconds per year to say something.)


Critics of the plans have claimed that moves to create a new "information system architecture" of Europe-wide police and security databases will create a "surveillance state".  (A:  Thatís a surveillance Europe, basically, but that was always the intention of it.  They donít just sit back and say what will we do next?  This was always the intent of it all.  Remember, Jacques Attali wrote in MillenniumÖ and he works at the United Nations.  He was a key mover for the European Union.  He said that the world theyíre bringing in will be a world where there is a NOMADIC groupÖ The nomadic group are the highly-sought-for employees, technological type employees, who will move across the world, office to office, theyíll never really have a home, but theyíre well paid, living in the life of luxury, but theyíll work for the big corporations, etc.  Theyíre not a laboring class; theyíre an intellectual or a technological class.  He called them the Ďnomadsí.  You jump back 80-90 years, and HG Wells, - because this is the same agenda, they never change it - in his book, A Modern Utopia, said the same thing.  That theyíd have to show ID cards, etc but there would be this transient, moving class of workers who moved where they were needed.  Thatís the only reason you could move, is if the big boys at the other end put your name in and said you were needed.  The rest of you will be STUCK INSIDE THE BORDERS of your existing countries as you, basically, go down inÖ production and numbers, put it that way.  One way or another as they get rid of the inferior, old-man types.)


Critics of the plans have claimed that moves to create a new "information system architecture" of Europe-wide police and security databases will create a "surveillance state".   (A:  Well, itís already here.  Yesterday, I was trying to explain what the Soviet Union was like.  I said, well, you know you needed ID cards and permits to travel and you had to obey guys with machine guns, etc at checkpoints and blah-blah-blah.  I said, in fact, itís exactly as we are NOW across the Western World.  See, we are now the Soviet Union.  Perceptions are incredible.  If you just simply DONíT say the word, people will never get it.  If you donít say Ďcommunismí, Ďsovietismí, people wonít click.  Even though itís exactly the same.  Thatís why the media avoid these words.  Theyíll describe it all but they wonít use the word.  Because if you use the word, you go, bingo and youíll say why is this?  YOUíRE supposed to all think this is all normal.  Yeah.  Normal.  The NEW normal.  The children think it is.  Theyíre getting trained at school, have been for ages, to go through checkpoints.  Back with more after these messages.)


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve given talks in the past on Bernays and how they basically CREATED the 20th century American culture.  These were all relatives of Freud.  Of course, they had a much bigger agenda at work, a planned agenda, believe you me, they knew where they were going.  Itís amazing, too, one of the descendants of Freud is still doing the same stuff for the British government and for big organizations in Britain, helping to update the culture as they go on to the next phase and the next phase.


People never think that their culture is controlled.  They think they ARE the culture.  Yet, every country in the Western world has a DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE.  The Department of Culture, if you look in to it, you can get a grant if you want.  If you want to write a book, for instance.  As long as you say and fill in the forms saying youíre for Ďradical changeí and you must specify what kind of radical change; if it falls in with the politically correct radical change areas, youíll get the grant.  Theyíve been doing this for 60 years. 


Thatís why youíll see so many messages in little, rotten movies they make for television.  CBC in Canada is fantastic for doing that.  Britain does it all the time too.  Iíve talked about Americaís cultural cold war, where the CIA RAN all the Ďleftyí groups in the US during the Cold War.  They still run it today.  The idea was to drastically, again, reduce and alter societyÖ as we knowÖ to blend with that of the Soviet Union, eventually.  But they have to go utterly radical with it and the thing was, too, to destroy the concept of what a MAN was and what a WOMAN was.  That was essential. 


The music industryÖ remember what Plato said?  He wanted musicians licensed 2300 years ago because of the POWER IT COULD HAVE OVER THE YOUNG, to change them.  Theyíve always understood the power of music, for instance, therefore, naturally, they have RUN music.  They triedÖ this particular group that wanted this world system understood perfectly well that to bring in a brand new system, you had to destroy EVERYTHING, EVERY  THING that would remind people of an old way.  Any alternate way had to be eradicated.  And, theyíve done a darn good job of it. 


How did they do it?  Well, monkey see, monkey do.  Simple as that, you see.  Much music has had more and more Oscars, or whatever they give them, for the jobs theyíve done in helping destroy societyÖ and all the organizations before them.  Plato mentioned the fashion industry goes hand and glove with it.  Drama, the movie industry, BIG part of it.  Of course, as I say, promiscuity has been promoted until people are basket cases when they get older.  They canít bond with anyone.  They run off and see psychiatrists.  They have all these therapy groups.  They just canít figure out whatís wrong with them.  Thatís the job thatís been done on them. 


Women definitely had one MASSIVE job done on them.  Men did too.  Women definitely.  They were told they could run out and Ďhave it allí.  Well, no one can have it all.  Of course, in the real world, too, you canít just work your way up there and become successful any more than the men can.  You try and work your way upÖ youíre BROUGHT UP if youíre chosen to get up there.  Otherwise, you end up in a mediocre position for life. 


Hereís monkey see, monkey do again.  This is from The Telegraph. 


Women could overtake men for cocaine abuse

(A:  I donít know if people in the West understand, in Canada and America, understand that Britainís a basket case with alcohol now.  They have all these groups of women going across the channel for holidayís getting absolutely, terribly drunk and behaving terribly.  Youíll see the photographs in many of the newspapers of themÖ and how they suffer for it eventually.  Everyone suffers.)


Young women are now on a par with men for abusing cocaine after a sharp increase in those taking the Class A drug.


 By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor

10 Jun 2009


One in 15 women aged ten (A:  TEN) to 25 admit they have taken the drug after the proportion increased by a third in just three years.


The sharp rise has sparked concerns that young women will soon overtake their male counterparts for cocaine use.


'It echoes patterns seen with alcohol abuse where there has been a rise in women binge-drinkers and will further fuel evidence of a growing "ladette" culture.  (A:  They get absolutely sloshed.  They go out in gangs looking for men and one-night stands and so on.)


Cocaine is seen as more socially acceptable (A:  Listen to this now.) and glamorous as high profile celebrities such as Kate Moss, Jodie Kidd and Amy Winehouse have been exposed for alleged involvement with the drug.  (A:  See, all that stuff is promotion.  Everything you see is promotion for the drug.  Amy Winehouse, remember, came out with that awful song where she says, they tried to put me in rehab and I said no, no, no.  Thatís in the song.  Her whole bad-girl image, you see, is an inducement for young females who are not so wealthy, not so rich, who admire these so-called STARS to emulate.)


Even opera singer Katherine Jenkins has admitted to taking cocaine a number of times several years ago but has since spoken out against drugs.


Yep.  Nothing is by accident.  Iíll be back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Cutting Through The Matrix.  Hereís an article which shows you how laws get put on the books, basically, and the public start to accept something.  As I say, we ADAPT so quickly to everything and we donít think very much about anything, to be honest with you.  We simply adapt and we donít ask why and we definitely donít complain to the authorities and say no.  We just accept.  This article is to show you how far something that was introduced not long ago, as acceptable and how itís being used for different things now.  This is from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 


It starts off with a loaded gun going to school by mistake, actually, a different article all together.  However, when you scroll down through the story - Iíll put the link up too - it says,


6th-grader takes loaded gun to school in Penn Hills

High school student who wouldn't stop using cell phone Tasered


Thursday, June 04, 2009

By Eleanor Chute, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


At Penn Hills High School this morning, Chief Burton said, a student was walking up and down a hallway, using a cell phone. School policy permits students to have cell phones but not to use them during school except in emergencies, Chief Burton said.


A Penn Hills police officer told him to put the phone away and go to class.


"The kid refused to listen," Chief Burton said. "The officer took him by the arm and said, 'You have to go to the office.' The student resisted (A:  Now, this is their side of it.  We donít know yet.), pushed the officer (A:  They always have to say that for a reason for charges.). The officer, defending himself (A:  Right?  From this young student.), took out his stun gun and did a drive stun."


Chief Burton said a drive stun involves pushing the Taser against a portion of the body and squeezing the trigger, thus immobilizing a portion of the body, such as the leg. (A:  Or the whole body, obviously.)  He said this affects about a 2- or 3-inch area.


While on the floor, the student was still resisting (A:  He was probably writhing all over the place.) and was placed in handcuffs, Chief Burton said. The student complained of a headache and dizziness and was taken to Forbes Regional Hospital.


Since when did they start giving electric shockÖ I call it electrocution.  Letís start calling it what it is here.  Do you understand?  They WANT us to use the terms Ďtaserí, etc and a Ďdrive stuní and all this nonsense.  What youíre seeing are people being ELECTROCUTED.  It doesnít sound quite so nice does it?  But itís more accurate.  But, since WHEN did they start electrocuting students at school?Ö who disobey a command?  See, now itís being used for compliance.  It was supposed to be drawn and used if the officer was in fear of his life.  Now itís simply being used, Ďoh, the guy is giving me some cheek, take this sonny-boyíÖ ZAP!      ELECTROCUTION. 


The public, again, chew the grass, chew the cud, watch TV and adapt and adapt and adaptÖ until theyíll see people getting zapped in the street for goodness knows what reason, if thereís any reason at all and theyíll think itís all quite normal.  Maybe youíll get zapped when youíre standing in line for your groceries and you havenít brought your own recycled plastic bag with you.  And theyíll think thatís normal too.  Quite something.


Last year I mentioned an article from Italy.  Italy being under the EU and they set a president where they banned ALL home schooling.  At least the Prime Minster told the truth.  He said, we canít have any child NOT in the system and being given the SAME INDOCTRINATION as all the rest.  Thatís the reason for trying to ban it.  We know that Hillary made that - when she was running a while ago - she made that a big thing too.  She said that she would ban home schooling.  In this socialist, Fabian agenda itís ESSENTIAL that no child can come up with an alternate way of looking at things, or a different indoctrination or education.  So here theyíre doing it in Britain, now.  This is from The Guardian.co.uk.


Get tough on home tuition to weed out abuse, says review

(A:  Now the very title is meant to give you the be-all and the end-all, the start and the end, the alpha and the omega.  Get tough on home tuition to weed out abuseÖ so your conclusion is given to you right away.)


Opponents question independence of review and accuse author of advocating 'extraordinary invasion of the family'

(A:  Whatís left to invade?  Hmm?)

Polly Curtis guardian.co.uk, Friday 5 June 2009


The government will be advised to crack down on home education to ensure it is not being used as a cover for child abuse or for parents to avoid (A:  Well, look what theyíre doing to children in school.  Theyíre electrocuting them.  Like that last article, I guess thatís alright.  [laugh]  What a world, eh?) educating their children at all, in an independent review that has angered families that home-school their children.  (A:  Now, listen to this, AN INDEPENDENT reviewÖ weíll get to who really was behind it.)


The inquiry into home education was ordered by ministers in January to investigate whether home education is used to conceal "child abuse such as neglect, forced marriage, sexual exploitation or domestic servitude".  (A:  Hereís a world Fabian society training us all to be servants to the state.  Theyíre such HYPOCRITES arenít they?)


Sources close to the review have confirmed that its author (A:  Of this independent review.), the former director of children's services at Kent county council, Graham Badman (A:  How can you dream up these names?  Graham BADMAN.), is looking "favourably" at proposals that would require parents to register their children with their council when they are born (A:  Thatís an essential.) or when they move to a different local authority.  (A:  When you register something, YOU SEE, itís no longer yours.)


Campaigners claim the move would fundamentally undermine the responsibility that lies with parents to ensure their child is receiving a good education (A:  Who defines what a good education is?  A good indoctrination by the state, is quite easy to define.), and allow the state an unprecedented intrusion into family life. The review has sparked a furious row between home-educating families and social services (A:  Social services wonít be happy until they rule the roost across the county, in every country.  They can have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE THEM.  Thatís standard with all government agencies.) departments in local authorities, which say they need extra powers to prevent the few but serious cases of child abuse.


The government estimates that around 20,000 children are registered with local authorities as receiving home tuition, but the real number could be closer to 50,000 because parents are obligated to inform the authorities only if they withdraw a child from school, not if they have never been to school.  (A:  So, theyíre going after the whole kit-and-caboodle but thatís no surprise to listeners to this show.  No surprise whatsoever.)



Now, Iíll go to the callers and thereís Vince from the UK, Iíll take him first.  Heís long distance.  Are you there Vince?


Vince:  Hi.  Alan.  Just backtracking slightly.  This is about the culture creation issue.  You say nothing happens by accident, it all comes from the top down and itís all controlled.  I donít know.  I have a bit of aÖ I canítÖ I do understand what youíre saying like in terms ofÖ. Yeah, itís massively controlled.  Thatís obvious. 


Alan:  Iíve seen it working.  Iíve seen it working in Britain.  Iíve seen people at the top, who came from Eton sitting with tweed suits, in their 40s, 50s and 60s decide who would be the top musicians, the top 10, top 20, 40 for the next month.  I saw that YEARS ago.  I met the big producers who help do the stuff for the BBC, bringing in the social themes that would go with it. 


Vince:  What Iím trying to get at here isÖ nothing and everythingÖ I just think that that is likeÖ itís not leaving a lot of hope for us is it? 


Alan:  Thatís exactly right.  Itís not meant to leave you hope.  In fact, Bertrand Russell says they would eventually create, during the big change to allow the change to come through, theyíd create a massive APATHY amongst the people.  That was published in his own book. 


Vince:  Yeah.  But what aboutÖ do you really think a band like the Sex Pistols just came down from the top whereÖ?


Alan:  No.  What they do isÖ Hereís what they do. 


Vince:  I know the Monkeys were manufactured in the 60s and theyíre manufacturing everything but the Sex Pistols, do you really think they were manufactured?


Alan:  Oh yeah.† Because you got to look at what the image was.  They said themselves eventually they would push an image of NIHILISM.  Hopeless nihilism.  When you get guys screaming and screaming and screaming and you get guys who ultimately O.D. because they want to die, THATíS CALLED NIHILISM. 


Vince:  But donít you think that nihilism is just a reflection of whatís happening in the world?


Alan:  NO.  Thatís the biggest nonsense out there.  Now, there are some groups that will go their own way.  They wonít get TO the top but theyíll become well known because even though their albums arenít pushed that much, because they do so much touring, there will be occasional group here or there.  But the big boys themselves that suddenly come out of nowhere and are PUT there with their image, believe you me, theyíre made up on the spot in some studio.  Theyíre picked out of line-ups and they say, youíre now a band; hereís your 4 hits youíll have over the next year.  Then you take your cash and you run.  Thatís it. 


Vince:  Absolutely, but do you really think that every band that exists has been created in that way?


Alan:  Not every band.  What you do when you change the culture to one thing, say rap for instance, you put out the first rap artist because the rest of them copy, you see.  That becomes the new thing.  They can smell it in the wind; this is to be successful.  So a whole bunch of small ones come up and do their own thing and they basically copy.  Just like when they brought out rock.  People copied the ones that were given to them to emulate.  So thereís lots and lots of ones down below them.


Vince:  Do you really think that rock, symbolic of a Masonic thing, like a symbol, likeÖ isnít rock just from rock and roll?  Rock and roll just comes fromÖ.


Alan:  Well, you start off with Pop.  Pop is the father, you see.  Rock is the foundation.  Rock is the foundation for it.  In the rock, in the old legends, you always have the iron, the sword is in the rock - King Arthur - do you understand?


Vince:  Do you like rock music?


Alan:  Whatís that got to do with it?  Iíve played lots of rock music.  But you pull the sword out of the stone and then from there on, you go into Heavy Metal, which is the sword and from there on, you just go down and down until you have Rap.  You Rap it up.  Thatís the bottom level.  Itís wrapped up. 


Vince:  Youíve explained that before.  I understand what youíre saying. 


Alan:  Literally, when you look at the albumsÖ look at so many of the albums - not that the youngsters who pose KNOW what theyíre doing, theyíre told what to do, how to stand - and youíll see all of the Masonic stances, the flashing of the symbols and so on.  Theyíre simply managed by the guys in charge of them. 


Vince:  Yeah.  I know what youíre saying.  Okay.  Iím going to leave it there and listen to the rest of the show.  Thanks a lot for listening to me.


Alan:  Okay.  I remember talking to Jerry Marsden and different people who started off very early on, before I was up and going, and these guys really were real genuine guys.  They sang nice songs.  It was traditional.  It was acceptable with all age groups.  They worked their way up in the clubs and they got a few hits and so on.  Then Jerry said the same thing.  He said since these pros came in with their agenda, itís just plummeted and the culture went down the hill.  Everybody then knew what was going on.  Thatís how it really is. 


Thereís Derek from New Hampshire.  Are you there Derek?


Derek:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Yes. 


Derek:  This is a great show.  Iím going to have to remember, what is itÖ the 11th, you said.  I have to burn this thing and pass it around to my half dead, half awake family who canít seem to break out of that.  The music, they need the music still.  They need movies.  To go back to Amy Winehouse, I mean even the name WinehouseÖ and sheís singing about rehab. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  And sheís always drunk when you see her on the little much music stuff.


Derek:  I noticed, too, she brought back the beehive hairdo.† They can bring it around to the schooling and everything.  My mate, the mother of my children, sheís really in to Amy Winehouse.  She thinks itís good music and liberating and everything.  She also thinks itís nice and whatnot to go out and have a good time, drink some alcohol and itís like sheís entitled to it.  Now Iím having a serious, not all-out war, but just trying to discuss taking my child out of school.  Heís in first grade.  I pick him up.  Heís in a line.  Heís not allowed to walk out of the line.  If he does, he gets reprimanded.  Itís just a shame.  We have a daughter too, so Iím going to try and keep her out from getting in there.  Itís a real shame to have to go through this at home.


Alan:  Absolutely.  And yet you have no choice because the indoctrination at school, like Bertrand Russell and others have said, is so perfected, that the scientific indoctrination they have at school is so perfected that the child becomes an utter stranger very quickly and youíll never get through to them. 


Derek:  I know.  It started with my mate.  It seemed like we were at the same level, we were into the Sex Pistols.  We met.  I kind of grew out of that because there was other bands out there that werenít getting pushed that did have a better message than the Sex Pistols, you know, they were number one.  Number one punk band.  But yeah, it is a hard thing to step to that, okay, yeah, they are controlling us through the music. 


Alan:  Theyíve always been doing it.  I could do whole shows on it and its history.  I think it was Johnny Rotten, wasnít it too, that also ended up killing himself overdosing. 


Derek:  Sid Vicious. 


Alan:  Sid Vicious, what a life he had and his mother and all the rest of it.  They were ALL in to incredible addicted lives with the hard stuff.  That was getting promoted for the people. 


Derek:  I know.  They had the Ramones over here.  They had the Ramones.  If you look at their emblem, itís not their emblem at all.† If you break down their name, itís RAM ONE.


Alan:  Yes. 


Derek:  But Alan, Iíll let you get on, but thanks for taking my call. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Back in a moment after these messages. 


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís sad when you find out that everything, really, is controlled.  There were some groups out there that tried to do their own thing and they had talent and so on, but whenever they went in a different directions, theyíd get hit.  I think the one who called was Vince and I think thatís Vince from The Clash and heís written before.  I know things happened to them when they tried to do their own thing as well.  They come down on you.  If that is Vince and I think it was, Iíll get back to you on that.  I still got your book here, by the way.  Weíll go now to Andrea from New York.  Are you there Andrea?


Andrea:  Hello Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Andrea:  Hi.  In terms of culture creation, I was thinking about Marcel DeChamp.  I looked up his urinal on Wikipedia and he called it Ďthe fountainí and a group of experts, panel of experts, apparently in 2004 said it was the most important, most influential work of art of the 20th century.  [laughs]† I think that he was a Freemason.  Was he?


Alan:  Yes he was. 


Andrea:  The whole cubist movement.  Thatís interesting donít you think? 


Alan:  Yes.  Oh yeah. 


Andrea:  Because of the cube.  Was that the symbol of the perfected manÖ in Freemasonry?


Alan:  The cube, again, is the Ďashlarí, the perfected man.† Everything is geometry in their system and thatís how they lay out the streets in capitals and Washington DC is fantastic to study.  You got the Cabalistic tree, youíve got everything in the road plans of Washington DCÖ of this wonderful Christian country, as people keep saying.  Itís a very, very old agenda and people came IN to the United States before it was the United States, and intergenerationally worked to prepare it for its future.


Andrea:  Right.  Incidentally, I called a few weeks ago.  I was talking about this building in Manhattan, the Red Square.† I sent you some pictures.  Did you get them?


Alan:  I go them the other day.  Yes.  [laughs]  Quite amazing.


Andrea:  Okay.  Well, Iím glad you got them.  Itís pretty strange having a building like that donít you think? 


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  Itís even more strange that no one seemed to mention it all through the Cold War.  [laughs]


Andrea:  Well, it was built in 1989.


Alan:  That was at the end of the Cold War.† Itís interesting too, itís got the name Einstein all over the place, at the top. 


Andrea:  Yeah.  What does that mean?  What do you think heís saying with that?


Alan:  Well, Einstein gave manyÖ most of Einsteinís talks were not on science.  It was actually on world politics.  Einstein himself called it World Zionism.  World Zionism, it literally is nothing more or less than the Fabian scientifically controlled society.  Thatís what he meant by it.  That the scientific elite had the right to rule the people and decide for the people of the world. 


Andrea:  This was Einsteinís idea? 


Alan:  CP Snow did interviews with him.  Itís well worth reading the interviews on Einstein by CP Snow. 


Andrea:  Do you know of a person called Popha?


Alan:  Yes.


Andrea:  Who is that?


Alan:  Iíd have to go in to it later.  This is the end of the show and the musicís playing. 


Andrea:  Okay.  Bye.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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