June 15, 2009 (# 342)


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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 15, 2009:

U.S. -- Born Like a Rocket, Falling Like Lead:

"Century of Change Means Gradually Reducing Travel,
U.S. Tearing Up Tarmac Roads, Replacing Them with Gravel,
Moving Out Rural Folks, Bulldozing Suburbs to Rubble,
Squashing Them into Inner Cities, Intensifying Trouble
To be Used as an Excuse for More Gov. Regulation,
Answer to Overcrowding is Death or Sterilization,
'We Use Crisis to Advantage,' Cries the CFR,
'Food Shortage or Pandemics, with These We can Go Far,'
Old Ways Must be Destroyed, We Bring in the New,
New Age for Privileged and Helpers, Utopia for the Few"
© Alan Watt June 15, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 15, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 15th of June 2009.  Newcomers look in to cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and on that site you’ll see on the front page all the other sites I have listed.  You should get used to picking one of them as your favorite and downloading shows from there because I have no doubt at all, the way things are going, as the big powers that be start pulling in the reins, that Yahoo will probably go down.  That will be the third time that it’s happened to me.  When it does, therefore, look at the other sites I have and you can bookmark them.  Or you can download from alanwattsentientsentinel.eu which has all the audios plus it has the transcripts and you can print them up for passing around to your friends.  They’re written in the various languages of Europe. 


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Last week I read an article from mainstream media to do with the demolishing, basically, of the greater cities around the US and how Obama is just, you know, now and then he’s considering it, supposedly.  It was presented to the public as some other guy’s idea that just happened to put it in his ear and he’s been toying with the demolishing all the old rural areas around the cities and also the urban areas. 


Remember, these greenies have been going on for an awful long time about ‘urban sprawl’ they called it.  Oh, urban sprawl, too many people, and urban sprawl.  Well, you see, NOW they’re going ahead with their very old plan.  Now that we’re no longer required to man their factories, etc and they plan to reduce the size of the cities and have everyone crammed in to the inner cities and do the greening projects… where the old buildings used to be, the old streets used to be.  The one thing they will NOT mention to you at all is it’s not Obama’s plan whatsoever, IT’S AGENDA 21.  That’s ALL in Agenda 21.  Obama is simply the boy they put in to sign everything in to existence and steamroll everything ahead.  And it’s coming fast.  You should read Agenda 21... fascinating.  They tell you what you’re future’s going to be.  I’ll be back with more of this after these messages.


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just mentioning that Agenda 21 is going ahead under many different guises, many different names and of course, if you really want to find out what it is, look in to the United Nation’s Agenda 21.  IT’S THE AGENDA FOR THE 21ST CENTURY and for what’s to happen and how whole peoples are to get moved around, squashed in to cities and then, hopefully, they’ll sort of die off there.  We know that’s going to be the case because they’ve talked about 30 years of rioting at the Department of Defence and I’ve published on my web site their 90-page report on that, from Britain and all NATO countries, to do with the 30 years of rioting and how the population is just going to suddenly decline.  It’s not going fast enough, but it is declining now, but they want to speed it up so why wait around, just get on with it.  Remember too, in the 20th century and the latter part of the 20th century, in ALL academia - which gets its big grants from private foundations - they started prattling on about global warming because that was a mandate.  It came from The Club of Rome, a ‘must be’.  They all are to be politically correct and adapt to that way of thinking.  They also went on about the ‘Century of Change’.  THAT’S what Obama was talking about.  ‘Change is good’; it was for the ‘Century of Change’ where the whole Fabian Socialist PLANNED society, world wide, IS MADE TO HAPPEN. 


They say that the signs of the times are always with you, they’re always around you… always.  I remember back in the 1980s everyone suddenly decided to complain about the mess all the roads were in, in every country and ever city, pretty well.  There were cutbacks and potholes and all the rest of it and people saying ‘won’t this ever get fixed?’  You’d hear the occasional reply from local governments talking about, well, tax money is just not flowing in; we’ve got so much expense.  What they didn’t tell you is that everything had already changed.  Everything had already changed. 


Your local governments, your city governments were not there to serve the people any more.  THEY WERE ALREADY GLOBAL.  They were giving out millions of dollars in aid to other countries.  Now, that’s all very nice and well but did you vote in your town councils to give away your tax money to other countries?  Of course you didn’t.  Well, who did mandate this?  What kind of organization was set up to do so?  Again, you go back to the United Nations; that’s the big umbrella for all of these internationalist organizations.  That’s also when your Police Chief Associations sprung into being and your local police cop now belonged to the United Nations and that’s where he gets his orders from.  WE WERE ALREADY GLOBAL, you see.


It was evident to me back in the 80s that everything that looked so temporary, as I say, houses thrown up during the times of boom and all these wires across the sky to carry your electricity and your telephones and so on.  They were just hanging there, not even maintained.  It was obvious what was planned because, believe you me, if they needed the people to go on for another 100 years, for any particular reason, either as tax payers or supplying military force, they’d have made sure that the country was up to scratch everywhere else.  When you see decline like that, it’s a planned decline; it’s a takedown.  These guys at the top are very economically conscious.  They never believe in doing something just for the sake of it and doing it well.  No.  They PLAN… they plan obsolescence right down to the week and the month.  Believe you me, they do.  


Therefore, under Agenda 21, everyone is to get moved in to the inner cities bit by bit, forced off the rural areas through excessive taxation and interference from the NEW groups that have been appointed to go out and inspect those homes using environmentalism and various other things to fine them THOUSANDS of dollars per day - which they can’t pay - to get them off the land.  Then, we’ll all end up crowded in our happy, lovely inner cities living on top of each other as they exacerbate the problem by, again, keeping the immigrants flooding in to make sure there’s so many people, that everything is dysfunctional. 


You see, many, many, many, many years ago and it’s been studied.  Every psychology intake does the same study.  They put so-many rats in to a particular cage of a certain size.  The rats are well behaved; they have their little social laws, etc; they follow them… until the population grows to a magic number and THEY CAN’T GET OUT OF THAT CAGE.  Then they become deviant and then they start fighting each other and KILLING each other and so on.  It’s the same with people if they’re crowded in to the inner cities.  There’s nothing more anti-human than city structures.  It’s not meant for people.  It’s meant for people who keep the beehive going, but it’s not meant for people. 


Plato talked about the creation of cities and through the increasing cities across the world, they’d eventually dominate the world.  They were the beehives where culture can be changed so quickly by those in charge and everyone follows suit because everyone wants to belong to their peer group.  What is your peer group?  It’s what’s presented to you as successful.  Very simple.  There’s nothing more ANTI-HUMAN than a city.  Everyone in a city is dependent on the system.  They are INTERdependent for everything they need.  Food, clothing, shelter, heat, everything... they’re INTERdependent.  And they want everyone to be INTERdependent in this new system.  It means you’re TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON THE SYSTEM AND THE GOVERNMENT FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED.  THAT’S WHAT IT’S ABOUT. 


So Agenda 21 is rolling ahead.  Of course, they’ve floated their trial balloon in last week’s newspaper.  Remember, all of the links are on my site at the end of the show.  That one I read last Friday is up already too, where Obama is considering going ahead and literally demolishing all of these cities and the outer suburbs that are no longer required.  He doesn’t say, required by whom.  But then, the people don’t count do they? 


Remember what they said at The Club of Rome… they favored COLLECTIVISM because it was the best way to manage vast crowds of people.  Collectivism is another term for Sovietization… communism.  The Fabian Socialists that were backed by the biggest bankers in the world… look at their history.  It’s only a branch of the Council on Foreign Relations, a specialized branch.  They’re all specialized branches, you see, of the same organization.  The Fabians wanted to introduce ‘collectivism’ in a slower fashion by infiltrating ALL government, altering culture so much that it didn’t matter which side or class you came from, you’d already be indoctrinated in their doctrines.  It could take 50 or 100 years.  Well, they have done it.  That’s what it is. 


When it’s all happening, the people adapt and adapt.  From 2001, we’ve adapted, supposedly, to the world being under vague, shadowy, terrorist organizations.  We’ve got used to presenting ID cards all over the place; cops with machine guns dressed like Nazis, black-clad Nazis.  They changed all of that, remember, the police outfits, back in the 90s.  It was in the newspapers in Ontario.   They even put out squads of them, 4 or 5 at a time to walk down the streets to get the public used to it.  I saw them the first day they wore them in Ontario in a little spud town, a potato town.  There they were, like a bunch of models strolling and showing off their new black ties, black shirts, black jerkins, black military pants tucked in at the boots with the black military boots.  This is happening across the Western world at the same time.  See, we were already international and your governments are just puppets to the internationalists.  Mind you, they always were.


The signs were always all around you.  Always.  It’s astounding, as I say, they can’t fill potholes, but they can always give your money away to other countries, from a local level to a provincial or state level and a federal level.  Amazing isn’t it?  Here’s an article from a Michigan newspaper.  Now, this is the sort of article that is appearing across the country but unless you read all the local newspapers, you’ll never know.  They won’t TELL you it’s happening across the country.


Rural Michigan counties turn failing roads to gravel

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Some Michigan counties have turned a few once-paved rural roads back to gravel to save money.  (Alan:  That’s their excuse, you see.)

June 12, 2009


More than 20 of the state's 83 counties have reverted deteriorating paved roads to gravel in the last few years, according to the County Road Association of Michigan. The counties are struggling with their budgets because tax revenues have declined in the lingering recession.  (Alan:  That’s nonsense because they already have all the taxes that are supposed to go to roads in the first place.  The car licensing and so on, on top of that, is a double tax and a triple tax and a quadruple tax… all for the same thing.  So they lie off the bat, you see.)


Montcalm County converted nearly 10 miles of primary road to gravel this spring.  (A:   This spring alone.)


The county estimates it takes about $10,000 to grind up a mile of pavement and put down gravel. It takes more than $100,000 to repave a mile of road.


Reverting to gravel has happened in a few other states (A:   Really?  Which ones?) but it is most typical in Michigan. At least 50 miles have been reverted in the state in the past three years.  (A:   There’s a lot more than that actually, but they’ll never tell us the whole story, will they?)


That ties in with that story that I read on Friday where Obama is going to push ahead, without mentioning Agenda 21, where houses once stood and streets once stood and families lived, they’ll all be turned back in to the greening program… rewilding… rewilding program.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Last week I also talked about the fact that you never have to fear the communists killing you off - even the Nazis either, in World War II - because your own governments were doing amazing experiments on their own populations.  You see, they were all technically Fabian Socialists already.  Under Fabian Socialism or Communism, they always RESTRUCTURE society and REENGINEER it by killing off a good portion of the public, right off the bat.  The ones that they think can’t catch up to be integrated into a new modern society.  It’s interesting, that Soviet Story - excellent video to get a hold of - because it’s the first time they’ve put out on film version a lot of the truth to do with Communism or Socialism.  Britain’s socialism… completely, utterly socialist.  They call it different names.  Liberal or Labor, it makes no difference whatsoever.  Or Conservatives or Neo-conservatives.  It’s all the same thing nowadays. 


However, they do believe that there are types that can’t evolve fast enough when they take over… or have their next part of their ongoing revolution.  They give you revolutions like sexual revolutions - non-bloody types, different kinds of revolutions - IT’S ALL PART OF THEIR PLAN.  The Soviet Story went in to the incredible horror of ongoing slaughter of different peoples, especially what they did to those in the Ukraine.  Where they literally decided to kill off about 6 to 12 MILLION people by STARVATION and robbing them of all their food.  That’s what they did and they sold the food abroad… to the West, apparently.  There’s lots of footage in that video of this actually being done.  That’s the TRUE aspect of those who believe in evolution, superior types, inferior types… because it’s a DOCTRINE.  They believe it is a science, all based on Marxism. 


Now, Marx, remember, was molly-coddled and kept from his enemies, in London, England where the Communist Manifesto was written.  He also wrote and gave a lot of the future where he talked about the 3 trading blocs that would emerge.  A United Europe, a United Americas then the United Pacific Rim region… under a WORLD GOVERNMENT.  Well, he was no seer.  He was just a guy IN on the agenda. 


Getting back to what I said, you know, you don’t have to fear these other pretend enemies - the West FED the Soviet Union right through its entire existence - to do with what your own people do TO YOU, such as spraying you, for instance, is an interesting thing.  Now, I’m going to put on the web site at the end of the show evidence that the government, especially Canada, IS testing for cadmium and zinc and aluminum oxide and so on, which they’re spraying in the atmosphere.  You don’t do ongoing studies on this unless you’re actually doing it


We had NASA, remember, coming out and saying that we’ve got global dimming now and it wasn’t caused by man-made pollution… at least not through industry or automobiles.  Of course, what’s doing it, is all the particles of metals they’ve been putting in to the air for the last 10 years… and weather modification.   They’re constantly playing with the weather.  That’s old stuff.  That’s already down in the 1970s treaty at the United Nations under Weather Warfare, look at it and you’ll see what they admitted to BEING ABLE TO DO BACK THEN.  Getting back to the spraying, as I say, we have all these places across Canada and the States testing for aluminum oxide and barium and various other… cadmium, etc.  You don’t do it unless you’re spraying the stuff.  Why else would you be doing this ongoing survey, right?


Here’s an article here.  Remember I told you they’ll take 50 years before they declassify something because then most of the victims are dead and the next generation doesn’t give a hoot.  That’s standard in humanity, unfortunately.  I’ve got a PDF here from the government of Canada to do with their spraying over Winnipeg.  They were doing it from 1948 and they started it again in 1953.  US aircraft were given permission to spray this stuff over Winnipeg for quite some time.  Then the Canadian government would study the results on their health down through their lifetime… which is wonderful when you have national health services.  Easy to do.  On page 4 of this PDF - I’ll put all these links at the end of the show on my site - it says,


Winnipeg Atmospheric Tracer Studies


During the period of 9 July to 3 August 1953, a series of 36 atmospheric tracer trials were conducted within the city of Winnipeg and one of the immediate surrounding rural areas.  The results of these trials are documented in a report prepared by Leighton of Stanford University and the Ralph M. Parsons Company in 1953 (15).


Of the 36 trials carried out, results were presented for only 32 in this report.  In the remaining four trials, wind shifts occurred and the tracer material never reached the samplers.


The series of trials consisted of single point releases, two point releases with the aerosol generators spaced 110 to 335 yds apart…


(A:  Now, they’re calling it AEROSOL release.  The other link I’m going to give you too, you’ll see AEROSOL testing to do with the ongoing aerosol spraying by the aircraft that’s been on the go for 10 years.  To continue on this one,)


…and line releases over 1.6 to 5.0 miles.  Seven of the trials were performed in open country 18 miles outside of Winnipeg…


(A:  They let the winds blow it in.)


 …in the region of Stony Mountain, with the remaining twenty-five trials carried out in the center of the city.


(A:  “IN THE CENTER OF THE CITY.”  And what were they using at that time?  Cadmium.  Cadmium.  Back with more on this report after the following break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading from a government-issued PDF and I’ll put the like up for yourselves to ponder and peruse it to see what they’ve disclosed to the public, so far… always, about 50 years after the event.  You see, everyone is dead that could probably sue them.  That’s why they do this all the time.  We won’t know all the things they’ve done to us until 50 years time.  This is standard.  You know, they always say it’s for reasons of national security.  National security… that’s what they always cover it with.  From this trial that was done then, testing this zinc cadmium on the public back in ‘53...  One of many tests, by the way.  They went on for quite some time.  It said,


A summary of the trial results extracted from the original report (14) is presented in Table I.  The maximum FP dosages are expressed as particle min/l of air for each of 32 tests.  Only the highest dosages are reported.  These were obtained from those sampling positions in the closest downwind position to the source.  These dosages represent the integration of all the consecutive 5 min sample particle concentrations over the duration of the passage of the cloud and represent a dosage to which an individual would be exposed if he were at the same location as the sampler.


(A:  They call you… see the sampler is there with all his gear on… but you won’t know what he was.  You’re walking by and they aren’t going to tell you.  See, they want to see how it would affect YOU.  Then he goes on about…)


The safe occupational exposure limits for aerosol compounds such as that FP product used in the Winnipeg study are expressed as mg/m3 concentrations (9).  As previously pointed out, the equivalent TLV-TWA or STEL occupational exposure limits for FP2266 may be expressed as particles/m3 .  In terms of the cadmium sulfide component of this product, these limits are: TLV-TWA 4.25 x 106 ­­­­­particles/m3 and STEL 17.0 x 106 particles/m3.


(A:  Cadmium sulfide is what they sprayed on the people there.  There’s so many pages to this article but it also goes in to BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS as well.  Biological means bacterial or viral.  50 years after the event.  It’s ongoing.  It’s ongoing all the time.  It’s always reclassified as 50 years from NOW or yesterday or last year or whatever.  That’s how it’s done.)


You see, under socialism we’re all working towards the greater good.  Everyone is expendable at the bottom because you’re working towards the greater good.  The few must perish for the sake of the many, as they say… right out of Star Trek.  You’re cogs in the machine.  You’re just numbers.  This is how Stalin looked upon them too.  Same way.  As I say, I’ll put up the links too, to do with the fact that the modern aerosols (which is the aerial spraying) are being tested.  Why would you set up these organizations across the country to test daily doses of cadmium, zinc, aluminum oxide and all the rest of it unless you were spraying it in the air?  It’s quite the setup. 


I remember too, when they put out the articles about 1997, about a year before they started spraying in earnest.  It was mentioned that the government weather stations were putting up these very sensitive areas that were all wired off from the public because they had to be so sensitive they could even catch a photon hitting the ground.  I thought, what rubbish.  Well, now we know what they’re really for.  It was to test for the ongoing aerosol spraying that’s been continuing daily since about 1998.  That’s the reality of it.  It ties right in with the global dimming which ties in with Teller who first came up with the idea of bombarding the atmosphere with these particles back in the 1950s.  The inventor of the H-bomb.  Another sweet fellow that goes down in history as a mass murderer.  That’s the reality of it, but they’ll never tell you the truth.  The job of government in socialism is NEVER TO TELL THE PEOPLE THE TRUTH.  Never. 


Here’s an article here about Italy.  This is from The Mail Online.


Italy revives Mussolini's 'Blackshirt' vigilantes as fears of Fascism sparks investigation

By Nick Pisa

Last updated at 11:18 AM on 15th June 2009


An investigation has been launched after a new Italian vigilante group unveiled a uniform that brought back echoes of the dark days of Fascism.  (A:  Why are they saying this about Italy when I’ve been reading umpteen reports from Britain and other countries who are literally recruiting from amongst the general population and putting them into the same kind of groups?  See how EASY it is to put a spin on something by watching the same thing happening somewhere else.  Instead of saying that the government is recruiting civilians in to be spies and snoops on the rest of the public, you just say ‘vigilantism’ or ‘fascism’ and you think it’s different.  Well, the same thing’s happening across the Western world, isn’t it?  And governments are doing it.  It’s incredible how you can tar and distort the same thing, until you can’t recognize it, just by changing a word, isn’t it?)


But the group became the centre of a political storm when it emerged that their kit bears a striking resemblance to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's notorious Blackshirt volunteer militia. 


(A:  Then they show you a picture of this guy and he’s very smart.  Italians love to dress very smartly.  He’s got a well-tailored shirt on here that’s not black at all, it’s sort of khaki colored or fawn.  His tie is black but so are all our cops.  And he’s got a black pair of pants on.  He’s got the shoulder patches, etc because everybody loves to be militarized these days, with the shoulder patches… even the postman.)


Prosecutors immediately opened an investigation into the group because of the similarity to the black and brown Fascist uniforms worn during the 1930's by sympathisers in Italy and Germany.


The new law, which is expected to pass easily in the Senate this week, allows vigilantes to alert police to public order offences or suspected criminals, but do not have the power of arrest.  (A:  That’s identical to what they’ve given people in Britain… all these want-to-be snoops and spies in Britain.  They don’t have the powers of arrest but they have the power to call the cops and they do the arresting.  It’s the same thing.  Again, you just change the perspective of it by the alteration of a word and people can’t see it in their own backyard.  They can’t see it in their own backyard.  Interesting isn’t it?)


There’s an article here about… and it’s so….  We’ve all heard about corporate socialism when the governments bang, bang at the poverty level and those below poverty level and on welfare, etc under this Darwinistic system we live in where the fittest are supposed to survive.  Then they bail out, down through the years, all the big corporations whenever they’re howling about being hard up.  Or government runs to their aid when a bank goes under or something like that.  It’s called ‘Corporate Welfarism’ you see.  Yet there’s no stink about THAT for the money, the BILLIONS that are thrown at them, there’s never a stink about that.  In fact, the public forget it right away.  THE PUBLIC ARE TOLD WHO TO HATE, you see.  Unfortunately, it’s true that the great unwashed masses out there, like Brzezinski said, can not think or reason for themselves.  They’ve been trained to listen to mainstream media.  They’ll do all their thinking for them and they’ll give them their conclusions.  It’s a basic, basic science. 


As I say, 2001... terrorism everywhere, terrorism everywhere and then we go through all this nonsense about getting searched and all the ID cards and all the rest of it and no privacy whatsoever.  Then we have the banks all looting the public and telling us that money went to money heaven.  Then we had the governments rushing to their aid throwing the taxpayers money - and generations of taxpayers to come - at the same bankers to keep them afloat.  The public’s already forgotten about that, you know, it’s gone.  They’ve forgotten about that.  Then the cars suddenly, that’s it for the car industry.  They don’t tell you, of course, they were already setting up in China and Russia for the last 3 or 4 years, but this last bail out will help them complete their move… because it was no surprise to them at the top.  Then, of course, the public are already terrified and they’ve forgot all of the last umpteen things I’ve just read.  They’ve forgotten all about terrorism everywhere, no privacy.  They’ve forgotten about the banks going under.  Now they’re on to pandemics, you see.  This is the big thing.  Oh, pandemics, pandemics.  So, they’ve forgotten everything.  They have no memory.  The great masses of people have NO memory.  They only think about and ARE concerned about what they media tells them to think about and BE concerned about.  THE MEDIA IS AN ARM OF GOVERNMENT.  IT’S AN ESSENTIAL ARM OF CREATING THE MATRIX MENTALITY.  THEY GIVE YOU YOUR REALITY.
We’re the most adaptable species on the planet. 


This is from theguardian.co.uk. 


America's socialism for the rich

The US has a huge corporate safety net, allowing the banks to gamble with impunity, but offers little to struggling individuals


Joseph Stiglitz guardian.co.uk, Friday 12 June 2009


With all the talk of "green shoots" of economic recovery, America's banks are pushing back on efforts to regulate them. While politicians talk about their commitment to regulatory reform to prevent a recurrence of the crisis, this is one area where the devil really is in the details – and the banks will muster what muscle they have left to ensure that they have ample room to continue as they have in the past.  (A:  You’re darned right they will.)


The old system worked well for the bankers (if not for their shareholders), so why should they embrace change? Indeed, the efforts to rescue them devoted so little thought to the kind of post-crisis financial system we want that we will end up with a banking system that is less competitive, with the large banks that were too big too fail even larger.


It has long been recognised that those America's banks that are too big to fail are also too big to be managed. That is one reason that the performance of several of them has been so dismal. Because government provides deposit insurance, it plays a large role in restructuring (unlike other sectors). Normally, when a bank fails, the government engineers a financial restructuring; if it has to put in money, it, of course, gains a stake in the future. Officials know that if they wait too long, zombie or near zombie banks – with little or no net worth, but treated as if they were viable institutions – are likely to "gamble on resurrection". If they take big bets and win, they walk away with the proceeds; if they fail, the government picks up the tab.


This is not just theory; it is a lesson we learned, at great expense, during the Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980s. When the ATM machine says "insufficient funds", the government doesn't want this to mean that the bank, rather than your account, is out of money, so it intervenes before the till is empty. In a financial restructuring, shareholders typically get wiped out, and bondholders become the new shareholders. Sometimes the government must provide additional funds; sometimes it looks for a new investor to take over the failed bank.


The Obama administration has, however, introduced a new concept: too big to be financially restructured. The administration argues that all hell would break loose if we tried to play by the usual rules with these big banks. Markets would panic. So, we not only can't touch the bondholders, we also can't even touch the shareholders – even if most of the shares' existing value merely reflects a bet on a government bailout.  (A:  Ain’t that the truth, eh?  Ain’t that the truth.  You’ve also got the same thing going on, mind you, with Britain.  Britain is doing the same thing because the G8 Ministers in Britain…  This article says…   This is from theguardian.co.uk.)


G8 ministers endorse global financial regulation


Concerns in Britain that so-called Lecce framework could weaken competitiveness of Square Mile  (A:  They’re talking about the CITY, the city INSIDE London.  The City where all the banks are.  They’re untouchable.  They don’t even have to open their books to government… THAT’S THE LAW.  They’re untouchable.)


Nick Mathiason guardian.co.uk, Saturday 13 June 2009


Finance ministers of the world's most powerful economies today pledged to work harder towards a global financial regulatory framework in a move that threatens to isolate Britain and place in peril the pre-eminence of the Square Mile.


Efforts by France and Germany to create a new international financial supervisory bodies split ministers meeting in Lecce, southern Italy. The so-called Lecce framework could force hedge funds, private equity firms and banks to disclose more information.


The G8 treasury ministers signed up to the framework in recognition that "the breadth and intensity of the prolonged downturn have revealed fundamental weaknesses of the global economic and financial systems".


Deep splits over how to regulate the global financial system were conceded last night and are expected to come into focus when EU finance ministers attempt to reach agreement in Brussels this week.


At the heart of the debate are proposals made last week by the European commission, the EU's executive arm. It called for setting up two bodies to enhance financial market supervision.


The first body, to be called the European Systemic Risk Council, would monitor any build-up of risks in the financial system that would threaten its stability. The commission proposed that the European central bank chair this council.


A second pan-EU body would thrash out standards to be applied to day-to-day supervision of banks, insurers and securities markets. Ultimately its decisions would have binding powers over EU member states.


Alistair Darling is under pressure from City hedge fund tycoons, bankers and private equity financiers to resist what they see as an encroachment of European power designed to weaken London's financial services. Darling is determined to keep control of national supervision of banks because he believes that ultimately British taxpayers have to bail out UK banks. 


Big things happening.  Big things happening in the financial institutions but we know where it’s all going.  You see, when they set up the United Nations, they already had the institutions SET UP to TAKE OVER all that was, under the right circumstances.  The International Monetary Fund was eventually… this went by the guys who set it up at the Bretton Wood Agreement and Dumbarton Oaks is another place too.  You’ll find that the guys who set it up, John Maynard Keynes, he said this is PART ONE of a global refinance structure.  The second part, he says, won’t happen in our lifetime.  Well, he’s dead now.  He said, when it comes in to place, The International Monetary Fund will be risen to its TRUE position as the distributor of the world’s finances… under The World Bank.  Read his own reports.  He put it in his own books. 


Everything just happens to go along with an OLD agenda.  It’s amazing that they never change their plans.  One thing that these guys do, when they print something about the future, you can take that to the bank because it’s going to happen.  You see, too much work and coordination goes in to set it all up TO happen.  Then can never turn from it.  It’s the same with the global warming farce.  They said, this has to ‘fit the bill.’  It would ‘fit the bill’, this whole idea, because it would regulate every individual’s way of living, right down to the basic levels.  It’s the big stick.  They can’t back off now.  If it snowed every day for the next 10 years across the planet, they can’t back off from it.  And they won’t.  You can take whatever they say to the bank.  It always happens.  I’ll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and I think we’ve just got time for a caller.  There’s Eric from California there.  Are you there Eric?


Eric:  How you doing Alan?  I have two questions for you.  I’ve been stumbling over this.  Now, this is off topic if you don’t mind.  When one reaches the 33rd degree, are they allowed to go to the Holy land and view the body of Jesus in a glass casket?


Alan:  No.


Eric:  No.  That’s all false?


Alan:  Yes.  I do know once they get to about the 33rd degree they do across in groups TO the Holy land but they don’t see Jesus in glass casket.  No.


Eric:  Well, I read somewhere where they had to pay like $5000.


Alan:  No.


Eric:  Also, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Nation of Islam or not… and Nassar Ferrar Muhammad?  Did he talk to the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers at any point in your knowledge?


Alan:  Who?


Eric:  Nassar Ferrar Muhammad.  Are you familiar with him?


Alan:  I haven’t read anything that he did.  The thing is too, we don’t know half the people they do meet.  Look at that odd thing that happened when Arnold Schwarzenegger was flown in to the Rothschild estate by helicopter before he was made governor.  We don’t know who these guys meet.  We have no idea.


Eric:  So all these religious organizations are tied in to, no matter what they are, right, tied in to the…


Alan:  Everything, believe you me, was infiltrated an awful long time ago.  They made no bones about this in the early days of Rosicrucianism.  That they would encourage their members to go in to existing religions and work their way up and influence them from within.  In fact, there’s even more recent ones that came out in the 20th century instructing Masons to do this.  Even the Wiccan movement that, really, was created by a higher organization of Freemasonry, were told to do the same things.  Infiltrate the churches from within, be very pleasant, talk about the same things, then gradually alter it.  You’ll find that same technique was being used against the Catholic Church by the Albigensians back in the 1400s and 1500s.  They already had the technique perfected.  You could put 10 people sitting in a little church all talking about God and you’ll never figure out you’re all talking about a different deity.  As long as you use the same terms like hallelujah and etc, the people will never think that this person is actually talking about a different God altogether.  That’s how they come in and once they’re in, they start to question your beliefs… by getting YOU to question your belief.  That’s the beautiful trick of it.  You will think you are coming to your own conclusions… and losing your faith.  The same thing happens in Freemasonry where they invite everyone of every faith.   They’ll tell you that you can keep your faith.  Really, if you are chosen to be an active Mason and you attend all the late night meetings and you’re called and you run when you’re told to attend and you’re very active - you’re an operative Mason - then you will gradually become an atheist.  Then, once you’ve gone through your atheistic phase, you can become a humanist and THEN you’re allowed in to the REAL religion at the top of it.  First they DEprogram you and then REprogram you up to the higher level of perfection, as they call it.


Eric:  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Well that’s it from Ontario, Canada.  From Hamish - he’s the pooch; he’s my dog - and myself, where the mosquitoes are abounding and I need a transfusion, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




Topics of show covered in following links:

"Agenda 21" Document [PDF File] (United Nations).

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Following articles admit to having bases set up to test for these aerosolized particles. Therefore they are aerosolizing metallic particles or they wouldn't be testing for them.
(1) "Atmospheric 'Sunshade' Could Reduce Solar Power Generation" (noaa.gov) - March 11, 2009.

(2) "Effect of Stratospheric Aerosols on Direct Sunlight and Implications for Concentrating Solar Power" by Daniel M. Murphy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (pubs.acs.org).

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"America's socialism for the rich" by Joseph Stiglitz (guardian.co.uk) - June 12, 2009.

"G8 ministers endorse global financial regulation" by Nick Mathiason (guardian.co.uk) - June 13, 2009.




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